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1. Magellan EXplorist GC Waterproof Geocaching

Magellan EXplorist GC Waterproof Geocaching

An intuitive user interface, simple controls and menus, and vibrant graphics make it easy to use. The best screen to use in direct sunlight is a vibrant color transflective screen. A high-sensitivity SiRFstarIIIGPS with three-meter accuracy puts you on top of the cache and makes finding it much easier.

Brand: Magellan

👤We are beginners and have caught the bug. I was tired of using my expensive phone and worried about letting others handle it or taking it into wooded areas to keep track of the gps. We invested in this one and I don't care where they take it. I let the ones who don't mind taking the gps with them into the wooded areas because I'm a bit of a wuss for crawling into those areas. We couldn't do that with the phone, so I had to stand at the edge of the trail and say it was there. I don't think the screen is small, it got even better after I updated the software. You can charge the battery with theusb cable. It's even better because of the new software update. There are some bugs on the website. I suggest you set the background to pure white and leave the back light on for the best view in the sun or shade. The background was pretty. They were annoying. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It got us right on top of the cache, but we couldn't find the one we were looking for.

👤I have had a gps for a while. I bought two because I wanted to take family with me. I like that I have easy access to the cache description, previous logs and hints to refer to as I geocache. I've used it in many places. The maps are not accurate even with programmed updates. The Explorist said I walked on water on St. Thomas. The claim that the gps is waterproof is the reason for the rating of one. I tipped the kayak so that everything that wasn't lashed down went into the drink. The Magellan Explorist GC and my el cheapo yellow Garmin eTrex were there. I found the Explorist within a minute and fished it out five minutes before I found my eTrex. The eTrex was still following the Explorist like a trooper. I replaced the batteries in the Explorist about 10 minutes prior to the dunking, as part of my standard protocol, the back lock and the seal over the charging connector were sealed tight. After taking the unit home, opened the charging seal and let the water evaporate. I think I'll go back to using my el cheapo eTrex so I won't have to suffer future disappointment like the Magellan Explorist. I will write the company to let them know that the product is not waterproof. I attempted to get their attention by sending another note via email regarding the problem I encountered and also posted on their FaceBook page, but they did not respond. I am realist. I know the response may not be what I want, but a response is expected and disrespectful to the consumer. I received a response from Magellan after I posted on Facebook. My faith in their customer service has been restored. The damaged unit was returned and replaced with a new one at no cost to me. Many of the geocaches I pursue are water based and I still wish the unit was waterproof. Time will tell how the unit holds up. I appreciate the capabilities this unit provides.

2. Magellan EXplorist 100 Resistant Hiking

Magellan EXplorist 100 Resistant Hiking

The TrueFix technology has a 14 parallel channel. Stores up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes, and five track logs. It's easy to use a one-button control. The shell has a 2.3-inch, grayscale LCD and rubber-armored, impact-resistant, waterproof shell. It's 2.1 x 4.6 x 1.3 inches.

Brand: Magellan

👤I read all about it before buying the 100. I visited several websites that suggested you should get more gps. I would have to agree with my wife and I having found 3 benchmarks and 1 geocache. The gps is supposed to do what it is supposed to. It is possible to lock onto satellites outdoors. I had no issues with it keeping the lock in the forested area. I think the compass chip is missing for a person starting out. This means that when you are standing still, trying to find that treasure, this unit won't accurately tell you where you are. I was looking for a cache but never found it. If it had a compass chip, you could navigate fallen trees and still have a good idea of which way to go. I like this unit. You have to manually enter your destination. That is not difficult. I suppose it's important for some, but for the beginner, it wasn't worth it. My wife and I have been looking for different finds with the same set of batteries, and we were only at 1/6 of the way down. If that is the case. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten one with the compass chip in it because I like this unit.

👤The unit is very basic. You have to go towards a dot before you can program it. This unit is good for the price because it is not capable of having maps placed on it from a computer. It's not as accurate as everyone says it is, and they say it's an amber type. It is a bright orange color which was a pleasant surprise. If you are into hiking or involed in some types of programs, it is a great benefit to have the ability to change the units' datums.

👤I bought this for my dad to use at his hunting cabin, which is on the edge of his own 40 acres of forest and ravine land, with 300 surrounding acres of state land. He didn't need it, but he found out that giving his cousins and friends a motorolla hand held radio kept him from having to go find them more often. He sits on the deck with his radio and talks them back to the cabin. He taught them to follow the arrow on the magellan and find the easiest way through the forest if they got lost.

👤We wanted to start a game. It is easy to use and6753167531, even67531 for67531, even67531 I wish it had a download feature so we could have coordinates downloaded from the website instead of entering them manually, but we didn't know any better at the time. We wanted something inexpensive because we weren't sure how much we wanted to spend. We love it. This baby will work for us for now, and maybe down the road we'll get a nicer unit. It's worth the money.

👤I've used this on cruses around the world. I can see how far away major cities are from home. If you leave the ship and walk through the town, it will show you where you are. If you get lost. You can find your ship again if you walk in the direction of the beginning. It is enjoyable. It's important to keep fresh batteries in it. All your saved stuff is gone if it goes dead. The battery monitor should be checked every month.

3. Magellan Meridian Color Handheld Navigator

Magellan Meridian Color Handheld Navigator

The Quadifiler Helix antenna is waterproof and has superior tracking in harsh environments. The backlit 120 x 160 display is easy to use. It uses a technology that can be used for accuracy to within 3 meters. Map of North America and unlimited expandability are included in 16 MB of built-in memory. The rubber armored construction is waterproof. It can run for up to 13 hours on 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Magellan

👤I decided to use my software and buy this unit since I loved the previous model for a few years. When I tried to use it, it seemed to work well. It was marked from 2002 with an antique version of 4.02. The unit refused to download my software until I upgraded it to v.5. I tried to install v5.34 from the CD or v. 5.40 which I downloaded, but it kept freezing and wouldn't accept the firmware. Tech support is not open 24/7. I was on hold for 3 hours. The "tech experts" who were trained in Britain and Pakistan, walked me through the same steps to fix the problem as if they had never encountered me before. I got the same guy twice. I was told I'd get a call at 7:30 PM New York time the next day. It never happened. After giving up, one of them transferred me to a senior-technician. She said she would call me back within 30 minutes after looking up something. Guess what? It never happened again! I will never do business again with a company named Magellan that gives a sleazy excuse for their work. The "worldwide basemap", which I bought for, only gave me an outline of Panama. This is the worst response I've ever had to ask for help, especially on a brand-new product.

👤I use the old non color screen on my jet ski, it is always on, and it saves battery when the screen blanks out after a minute. I like the old unit better.

👤The price screen is hard to see.

👤A nice package and display. Some clever features for boating, but they don't do auto-routing, the most important thing I need. The straight line GOTO function is a weak imitation of a routing function and will get you to a dead end than where you want to go. I use a gps unit on my motorcycle to get driving instructions and this is just a portable map. The StreetPilot and the V have real auto-routing functions.

👤Excellent. The product was new.

4. Magellan EXplorist Water Resistant Hiking

Magellan EXplorist Water Resistant Hiking

The TrueFix technology has a 14 parallel channel. Stores up to 500 waypoints, 20 routes, and five track logs. It's easy to use a one-button control. The shell has a 2.3-inch, grayscale LCD and rubber-armored, impact-resistant, waterproof shell. It's 2.1 x 4.6 x 1.3 inches.

Brand: Magellan

👤I purchased this device for use. The maps are enough for my needs. I don't use the internal maps since I use this with topographical maps with reference points. This isn't the one for you if you need internal maps or to be able to download maps. If you need an inexpensive gps that will help you locate where you are and keep track of your route, then this one will work for you and is very reasonably priced. It's accurate and cheap. It does the job that was supposed to be done. It's a large and rugged object. It does a good job of connecting to satellites in the open. The feature helps me a lot. Since I can't download maps, I use National Geographic TOPO for my mapping software and can see exactly where I went after a hike. The more expensive mapping software is not needed. It's difficult to set a waypoint. It takes some getting used to for moving around and entering text. It can be hard to connect to enough satellites to get a good fix if you're in a heavy tree or other cover, but it has always given me at least a 2-D fix which is usually close enough for my purposes. I like this unit and recommend it to anyone who needs a good, inexpensive gps for hiking, hunting, or camping and who uses a paper map with the gps.

👤It's exactly what I needed to get a quick accurate gps reading. I had a one several years ago that was accurate to within two or three feet.

👤I decided to buy this one after doing research on the available options in my price range. It's a great starter unit that doesn't have a lot of functions, but the directions on usage make it hard to use. It has a great screen, easy to program waypoints, and a nice size. It can be a bit slow to start and there is no PC connection. It's supposed to be a simple unit and with 16MB it should serve you well. I wouldn't recommend it for driving since it's not designed for that and there are better models out there. If you're looking for a basic model, I would recommend it. The eTrex Legend is similar to the Magellan, but it has better accuracy, channels, and route capabilities. I have not regretted this purchase.

👤The first thing that amazed me about this unit is that it is so small and light that it can fit in the palm of your hand. I bought a Magellan gps unit in 1997 and wanted to upgrade it. Since my first unit, gps has improved a lot. The unit was easy to setup. The navigation buttons are easy to use with one hand, and the onscreen menu system is easy to understand. The screen was clear and sharp, and the backlight was sufficient for low light and dark areas. The maps of North America are very detailed and accurate for major highways and throughways. It got a satellite signal after a cold boot up. It got signal in my condo unit, which is a second story unit. It worked just as well in the car as it did in the house. I used the built in maps to navigate. I'm very pleased with this unit, I'm looking forward to using it for some caching, and I recommend it.

5. Magellan EXplorist 500 Resistant Hiking

Magellan EXplorist 500 Resistant Hiking

16 MB of built-in memory and a waterproof, handheld gps with a data port. There are 8 MB of maps with roads, parks, waterways, and more. Add maps via CD-ROM or Web with unlimited Secure Digital card expansion. A 16-color, high-contrast, backlit display. Measures 2.2 by 4.7 by 1.3 inches.

Brand: Magellan

👤Everything I say is based on my expectations, rather than actual experience, because this is my first gps. There are several excellent reviews here and elsewhere, so I won't get into much detail here. If you're looking for a do-it-all unit, expect to make compromises, since there aren't many units that can offer the same features. I wanted a single gps to fit my needs. I don't care for very precise position or compass info, and I don't care for a good geocache tool. I need to know what street I'm on, see the surroundings, and live on batteries for 8 hours. I wanted it to keep track of the trails I've hiked. There aren't many gps units that fit this bill. Most are made for cars, others for other types of vehicles and are more expensive. Happy with: small, light, and rugged. It's perfect in your hand. The screen was good. Good size, color, and brightness. The battery life is great. I haven't tested it myself, but others' tests seem to be accurate. Very large. I have a 1 gigabyte card that can fit more than one map. The 60 mile circle around NYC is on one map with a limit of 128 MB per map. I was able to fit NYC, Phili, Washington DC, and Richmond, VA on one map. Slow scrolling and zoom are some of the gripes. In urban areas, this is true. It's difficult to scroll around the NYC area. It takes a good 10 to 15 seconds for the screen to be redrawn. The address entry is slow. The interface is unintuitive. I was confused for a while and I'm a techie. Passengers shouldn't be expected to be able to use it as you drive. You can't just download maps since they're expensive and you can't protect your products. MapSend North America v. 3 is not good. It seems to plot a direct path. It thinks that 10 miles in heavy NYC traffic is better than 20 miles of highway driving. My friends' built-in car gps's are fine with this. It's probably a better way to check its directions. You get annoying beeps when you hear route changes. These are usually not needed. Sometimes it will tell you not to leave. On local streets surrounded by trees, in-car reception is weak. I usually get a few satellites that will put you on the right street. You get better reception when you use the open highway or hiking. The car charging cable needs to be plugged in. They're too lazy to create a dedicated charging station. The plug is really funky. The address entry on Mapsend is not good. It uses townships instead of town names in other states. I can't find the right place. Data transfer from PC to the unit may be slower than plugging the card in a reader. Since you won't be transferring large maps often, it's not a big deal.

👤It was difficult to find my first gps. I've never found such a wide range of reviews on any other device. I knew what I wanted. 1. It had to be small enough to fit in a suitcase. 2. It had to have enough memory to last for 5 minutes. 3. It had to be built well. 4. The maps needed to be upgraded with available software. 5. It had to be easy to read. This unit does all this very well. I was scared that so many people were having trouble with the software. I couldn't pass up the $50 rebate on this, even though it almost ran me off. I read the manual before it arrived. It showed how to fix the problems that people were having. The units are complicated. You will have to read how to use these features. I was worried that the display was too small. I was surprised how big it was when I took it out of the box. If you have poor eyesight, any small screen is going to cause problems. If you can't see very well, don't get one of these. The 600 dash models have optional DirectRoute software that works just like the 600 dash models, and it saved my skin last week driving through Seattle. The screen of the Topo3D software has a great resolution. I am happy with the 500. I think it is the best looking portable gps and has great features, just remember to study up before you get it, I think it is the best looking portable gps and has great features, just remember to study up before you get it, I think it is the best looking portable gps and

6. Magellan EXplorist 300 Resistant Hiking

Magellan EXplorist 300 Resistant Hiking

There are features of a barometer, an electronic compass, and a altimeter. A base map of North America. There are three navigation screens plus a map display. There are 14 parallel channels with enhancement. The keyboard has a joystick for easy access.

Brand: Magellan

👤I've been using the eXplorist 300 for a while. I was hiking and my eTrex Legend fell down a cliff. I will get into that later. This review will include a comparison of the two units. Both units and companies are great, they are in the same class and price range. If you want a PC interface, the eXplorist 300 doesn't have one. This unit doesn't have detailed street-level maps like eXplorist 300 does. The points are not an issue for me because I use the unit for hiking. The strengths of the eTrex Legend and the eXplorist 300 are similar. The eTrex has a PC interface. If this is a necessity, I would suggest the eTrex series. The eTrex showed me Average Speed and stopped time, which is a minor strength. The eXplorist 300 doesn't have those two measurements. The eTrex Legend is not as user-friendly as the eXplorist 300. The buttons on the front of the unit make the eXplorist easy to use. The Menu button on the unit can be used to access whatever can't be accessed directly with a button on the unit. Because of this, you are almost always forced to push a button or click a button to do what you want. The ability of the eTrex Legend is not as good as that of the eXplorist 300. Even in the open, my eTrex Legend would lose reception easily. The reception of my eTrex would be intermittent if there were heavy clouds above me. The eXplorist is better at getting it than at losing it. We're at the part where my eTrex falls down. One of the advantages of the eTrex over the eXplorist was that it took only half a turn to remove the bolt from the battery cover, according to a reviewer. I don't think that is an advantage. I had my eTrex on a caribiner attached to my backpack, and all it took was a half turn of the bolt to remove the battery cover from my backpack. I would rather spend the extra seconds to open the battery cover of the eXplorist than the time to open the unit. The eXplorist 300 has a barometric pressure altimeter, a weather thermometer, and an electronic 2-axis compass, which you don't have to be in motion to get a reading. The eTrex Legend does not have those features. The build quality and styling of the eXplorist series are top notch. I think it's obvious that I should get a Magellan eXplorist 300. No matter what gps unit you get, have a great time!

👤It worked well and I use it a lot. The disposable batteries can be used for 2 to 4 days. I picked up some batteries. They don't last as long as disposable, but they save a lot of money as I can replenish them. I always carry extra batteries. I am using a computer.

👤There were maps that were missing. I was told by Amazon that I should return the device.

7. Magellan EXplorist 500LE Resistant Hiking

Magellan EXplorist 500LE Resistant Hiking

The box is bi-lingual and can be used for resale in Canada. Rugged and compact.

Brand: Thales

👤The gps works well, but it comes with very little instructions. However most can be found on the Magellan website, which is where you can find a PDF. If you don't use the backlight, the batteries will run out in 3 hours and you will get a little more time from AA's. I bought all the chargers for the gps, however they have to be plugged into theusb cable, which is a bit cumbersome to attach. I would still recommend this for the hunter.

👤Good for it to be over... It is outdated now.

👤The unit has a great display, is easy to navigate, and has a fast response time. The maps are not adequate for my fishing interests. There aren't many lakes with floating navigation aids along northern Lake Huron. It took me over a month to get the file system and POI's organized and working correctly. I'm not sure what's going on with the "Computer style" filing system, but it appears unreliable, with files mysteriously disappearing, only sometimes reappearing. The support web site is useless, and there may be something about the setup or use of the device I don't know. I couldn't get my computer to recognize the unit because of the problem. I tried everything I could and finally tried their phone support. I finally called their sales number to return it after being on hold for so long. I said I needed to return it or get a computer expert to help me. They got me a computer expert who spent 45 minutes with me. I disconnected the phone line and waited for her to call me, but she didn't and I called again. The person on the line said she would connect me, but I wanted to ask a question, "In what direction is theusb cord going out of the connection to the gps, across the unit or out away from the unit?" I left the unit. She told them to reverse it. I did and the computer recognized it instantly. Why should a cord only work in one direction?

👤I have owned several different models of the Magellan eXplorist series. The Magellan eXplorist 500LE is the best bang for the buck when compared to other units. I have not had any issues with the unit being recognized by a PC or a MAC. The file system is great, I can set up different routes, waypoints, and geocaches on seperate SD cards and then load the unit for the area I am going to. Very easy. The software that comes with the 500LE is very basic, and the detailed manual is on the CD that comes with the unit. I have found several applications that work well with the eXplorist series. If I watch how I use the tracking and back light features, I can get up to 10 hours of use out of my batteries. I use the optional rechargeable battery in one of my units. I get the same usage. The unit in the eXplorist 500 series is durable and I can trust it.

8. Magellan EXplorist 110 Handheld GPS

Magellan EXplorist 110 Handheld GPS

The eXplorist-110 is a waterproof and sunlight readable gps receiver. A bright 2.2" color transflective screen is the best in direct sunlight. A detailed road network, water features, urban and rural land use are included in the World Edition. You can download and view more than 20 unique characteristics of each cache. The details include name, location, description, hider, size, difficulty, terrain, hint, and recent logs created by other geocachers.

Brand: Magellan

👤I bought this after trying an Explorist GC. The GC was too focused on something I didn't like. This model can be used for that, but it is also good if you just want to get out and hike or walk a little faster. The real manual can be easily downloaded on line, even though it comes with a quick start booklet. There are several customization's that I wouldn't have figured out without the manual. When you first turn it on, it will take a while to find itself if you have gone any distance from where it was turned off. It syncs within a minute after that. It picked up a signal in the house while I was reading the manual. There are no maps to buy and the displays can be changed to suit what you are looking for. It comes with a coupon for access to a website that allows you to download the cache for free, but you can also go that route without it. I am very happy with it. Jim, it's dead. It won't start after almost 5 years. I use the 710 most of the time, but still pull it out occasionally, especially when others go with me. I have always kept it out of harms way. It took a long time to display anything on the screen when I first installed it, and now it is dead. It was still very useful after 5 years. I still recommend it.

👤I bought a handheld unit to begin using a gps device. It appears to be a very well constructed unit, waterproof, crisp clear screens, and easy to use switch. It was easy to set up and download the free software. This unit seems very nice for the price and it's solidly constructed. As well. You'll be happy to buy it.

👤This was described as a great introductory geocaching gps. I don't blame the gps for the fact that I couldn't get the software to automatically upload the files to work. It makes sense for the premium members of the website to have the ability to not have to use software to automatically upload the cache. I found the trail features useful and the gps helped me get to the cache. It can be hard to tell if it is off or just in power saving mode, which resulted in my battery getting drained a couple times.

👤My wife surprised me with this for Christmas. I have never used a gps for hiking, but I wanted one for kayaking. I am very pleased with this model, it is small but suits my needs, I know this was an entry model, but I am very pleased with it. The center button is touchy, and the directions were not very clear, but you can download better directions from the website. I would recommend this product to others, I can't wait to try out the features with my kids, it seems perfect for it. I have used this for almost four weeks now. I wear a lot while walking the neighborhood with the dog and driving to work. I took it out with my kids. We connected a cable to our computer, downloaded the geocaches, and went We found the first one a few hundred feet away, but then we searched for more on the lake. We did not find all of the geocaches, but it was fun for the family. I upgraded to 5 stars because I would recommend this to anyone starting out. Can't wait to look for other geocaches, it's an inexpensive way to get outside. The included batteries have been around for a long time.

9. Magellan Meridian Water Resistant Hiking

Magellan Meridian Water Resistant Hiking

The unit has a 16 MB base map. There is a built-in detail on U.S. cities, interstate highways, major roads, parks, waterways, and airports. Digital memory-card slot for expanded storage. The design is waterproof and rugged. The screen is large and includes a PC interface.

Brand: Magellan

👤I've been looking for a unit for a while. At this level, issues like accuracy aren't the decision point, as the two key players in the market are Garmin and Magellan. I started looking for a unit after going out with friends. I realized what I really wanted in aGPS unit in that single use. To use any unit in the field you're holding it in your hand was the top of the list. The buttons should be easy to use, and the unit should be comfortable. The first thing that came to light was that most of the units are not comfortable to hold and are only used in your left hand. That didn't make sense to me and eliminated all of the Garmin units. I'm off to Magellan! There is a The Map 330 is a wonderful unit and is the most popular of the units. The memory size was something that bothered me. I was worried that I might have to sacrifice coverage area for detail. When I found out that the Meridian Gold had a memory card slot for map downloads, it seemed perfect. There is a And it is. I recommend this box or any of the units from the Magellan line. They're easy to use, have clear displays, and fit in either hand. It's a good thing.

👤I use the gps to know how fast I go, how long I stay, and how to get me back. I don't know much about tech. I was able to use this immediately. The screen is easy to read. The battery life is okay. I get about a day and a half of use before changing.

👤It's a bit of a joke to include the word "waterproof" in the title. The battery and memory card cover is so loose you can see it on the other side. Small hail can get into this unit. The box is called "rugged and waterproof" by the company, but no definition of waterproof exists. This is my first experience with a gps and to me, it seems unnecessarily difficult to use for anything other than "hey look, I'm heading east at 3 mph!" I'll spend the time trying to learn its quirks, but I'm disappointed it wasn't more useful straight out of the box.

👤I appreciate the unit I ordered. I have mounts on my boat and ATV. I forgot to put my old meridian in the garage. My first outing with this unit was a bike ride.

👤I know there are newer ones out there, but my friend had one years ago and I feel comfortable with it.

👤There is still a doubt about the strength of the gold. Accuracy is about 10 feet. Excellent condition and well packaged!

👤I bought a new unit for $200 at Walmart seven years ago. It's been a great device. I bought a garmin with all the bells and whistles, but it wouldn't track under a canopy, and it cost almost $400. The ability to acquire a signal and maintain it was crucial while bushwhacking in remote areas, and I used these units to conduct wildlife studies. After using the garmin for a couple of years, I bought the magellan meridian and was amazed at how well it worked and the big screen was a real plus. It works like a charm after years of being used in all kinds of conditions and subjecting it to abuses. The Map send topo map shows many of the lesser used Forest Service and Blm roads in addition to other landmarks. I always advise people to use a map and compass when hiking off trial and to bring along a Forest Service map and F.S. road map as backup. Even though I'm retired, I'm still using meridan gold because it does exactly what I need it to, even though I've thought aboutUpgrading to a newer model such as the garmin Oregon 450t. I use this unit in conjunction with Terrain Navigator on my computer. I've used a serial tousb adapter which is a bit cumbersome, but I've learned how to use it. I am aware that they have a direct gps tousb connection that has a chip in it. I can't comment on this part because I've never had to contact customer service. I think the color would be great, but it would suck up the batteries faster.

10. Magellan SporTrak Map Waterproof Hiking

Magellan SporTrak Map Waterproof Hiking

A 12-channel gps receiver. Up to 3 meter accuracy is possible with WAAS. The basemap of roads, waterways, parks and more is 2 MB. Additional map downloads have 6 MB of memory. The display is large and easy to read. The Quadifiler Helix antenna is waterproof and has superior tracking in harsh environments.

Brand: Magellan

👤I bought this in April of 2019. It was replacing a model that had been in use for 9 years. The battery compartment wouldn't stay shut without a piece of duct tape securing it. The price was reasonable. Even when new batteries were installed, it stopped working. I have no way to retrieve the coordinates stored within it. I can't afford anything else. I give it three stars, just keep the coordinates in a notebook.

👤In March 2004, I was looking for a cheap and quality gps that used alkaline batteries, a mono display, and could be used out of the box, without connecting the unit to a PC. This was my answer. It took me a while to find it, but it was worth it. I was told that I wouldn't be able to buy aGPS under $400 at Fry's, Best Buy and other stores, and that aGPS with a mono display would not be sold at that price. I don't understand why people use electronics to kill rabbits. Shouldn't sales people know that some people don't need a powerful device and others don't need a simple unit? I only needed a pistol for the job and found it at Radio Shack. There is a The 2 MB of built in maps on the Magellan SporTrak MapGPS is not for disclude airports and other points of interest. I don't expect a gps to replace a regular map, but just to be a strong add on, which will tell me my exact location when I'm traveling. The MapSend CD-ROM is overpriced and the only catch is that the unit has 6MB of free memory for detailed street maps. I don't expect to add detailed maps to my gps anytime soon. I recommend thisGPS to all users who want a simpleGPS unit with good battery life and only need aGPS for freeway, interstate, and highway navigation. Energizer Titanium cells are the best for battery life.

👤I have had this unit for a month and am amazed at the satellite sensitivity. I can pick up a few in my house. I can tell you that this one has replaced all of the previous ones, because I am the owner of three of them. It does take a Masters degree to really know how to use all the features, because it works by itself. The built in map only shows the US and major cities, but there are no highways or anything else. I bought an older version of Map Send from the web for $18 and it has made a difference. I have roads and the gps follows them. I have taken the unit on walks and on bike rides and I can say that it is a great value. The latest MapSend software should be bundled with it. I love maps and this is a great combo in a small package. The screen in full sunlight is super, no problem at all. I am amazed by the receiver's sensitivity. There is an update... I called the maker and he told me that I had a unit with an EU base map. They replaced the base map and returned it within a week with batteries and a carry case. This company gets four thumbs up from me. The product is outstanding, the support is outstanding, and the price is great.

11. Magellan Triton 1500 Waterproof Hiking

Magellan Triton 1500 Waterproof Hiking

The worlds first handheldGPS touch-screen and a full-color display are part of an interactive experience. Customers of the Triton 1500 can view photos and listen to music at night. It's easy to record audio files with the embedded speaker and microphone. Light a clear path at night with an embedded flashlight. Additional maps, mp3 files, photos, terrain are included in the memory boost.

Brand: Magellan

👤The junk causes a computer to have a BSD. These products are obsolete with modern phones, but still warn others of the junk. What would you expect from a Portuguese criminal who got served instant social justice by the Mactan people? May the grifters of Magellan Inc. suffer the same fate as the bamboo spear of justice.

👤I own one for each car and am a big fan of the Magellan gps system. I expected this to be a step up. Several people stated that an upgrade to the fireware made the problems go away. This has not been the case with me. It locks up almost every time it is connected to the computer, requiring me to remove the batteries and plug it in. The basemap is worthless so you have to connect to load it. The unit locks up during the process of reloading. The instructions included with the unit were not very useful and the ones online refer to an earlier version of the software. The connection with National Geographic maps is the selling point. The only map I have been able to get on the unit is meaningless. The obsolete Crossover has a map that can zoom in. The gps works well if it is not connected to the computer. The menu system is not as easy to use as they said, and I am not as bright as some of the other reviewers. This was a big disappointment.

👤Took it out on a 10 mile hike after purchasing it. I noticed it was locked up while I was playing with it. I could either reset it or restart it. It started doing the same thing while hiking. It couldn't acquire any satellites because it locked up. When I got home, I reloaded the software and put new batteries in. I found a lot of the same problems in the forums. This is a design issue for Magellan. The next 30 will be fine, because I got a bad one. I don't want to deal with this again. I sent it back to Amazon. I have a Nuvi for the car, but I got a Foretrex 401 because I love it. The money is the same. Adding a heart rate monitor is a huge plus for trail running. vantage point software is not very useful. I didn't like the idea of spending 200$ on maps. I'm not sure what the documentation is about. I couldn't find a barometric altimeter function in some places. The electronic compass was also mentioned. The compass was useless when I was standing still. Nice looking product. When it works, it's very impressive. It wasn't enough for me.

👤I have had the Triton 1500 and have not encountered any of the problems listed. People say they can't see the screen in the sun, but you can adjust the screen's brightness with a side button to conserve battery. For me, the only way to get it to connect is to restart the gps unit and it will connect. You have to make sure the VP software is running. I have now encountered a major problem. I just bought a MacBook Pro that is running OS X Lion and it does not support Mac. I didn't learn about this until I tried to install it on my Mac. The moral of the story is if you have a PC and are literate in computers, and you have a kid that can help you the first couple of times, it is a good unit. If you are going to have it on for a long time, I would suggest carrying extra batteries. A brand new set can be killed in about four or five hours. The guy that said he has been programming computers since the 60's is a definite no buy, he must have worked for the government in the 60's because nobody had home computers. I put my money on the second one, even though the base maps do not offer a good satellite view, and the new update to vantage point does not offer a good satellite view. I prefer the ones from VP over the ones from Topo for ease of use.


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Gps handheld magellan products from Magellan. In this article about gps handheld magellan you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps handheld magellan.

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