Best Gps for Truck Drivers Commercial 10 Inch

Commercial 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. Garmin Navigator Display Lifetime Updates

Garmin Navigator Display Lifetime Updates

CUBE will ring if you press find and use the app to show last known location on a map. If you leave something behind, there is a separation alarm. Free lifetime map updates and Live traffic are included with the 5.0” truck navigator. Alert for upcoming Bridge heights, weight limits, and custom truck route for the size and weight of your truck. The display resolution is 480 x272. There is an easy break plan with notifications for breaks and road signs to suggest nearby restaurants. Truck stops by brand and amenities are included in the truck and trailer services directory. Control dzl with your voice, and enjoy built-in wi-fi and hands-free calling. This device is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

Brand: Garmin

👤I dislike this device. Disappointed with the navigation. 1. The designated Class truck routes are not shown. 2. It doesn't show the bridge heights. I need these two items in my gps device. The information is on my maps. The reviews of the gps manufacturers were not as good as the reviews of the other manufacturers, and I believe that the information and technology is not available with any gps manufacturers. The database will be very successful if a product is created with it. The fit and finish is what I like. Thank you, but you are disappointed.

👤The features are great, the display is great, and the main part is great. The navigation on garmins is terrible. It will usually bring you a longer way even with the shortest route applied. In truck mode, even with the size of the vehicle entered, it brings you down a lot of dead end roads. There is no need to purchase a separate unit for the better maps. This may be the case in Maine and New Hampshire, but not in other states.

👤The gps works well. I like that you can set it up for doubles and triples, I also like that it works better with my phone, and that it's easy to use with my phone. So far, it is very accurate.

👤This is a good tool for drivers. I was going to be delayed by 2 hours in Idaho due to construction. I was routed around it. It will warn you about accidents, construction, objects in the road, and other things that have been reported to it. The speed limits in Montana are not correct. It shows 70mph for back highways and 65 for freeways, but it has a state border off by about 4 miles. It needs some map updates. It will show you the weather in your route. A gps is not a rule. Use common sense and always read highway signs.

👤I would like to see a version of the maps for commercial trucks. The only way I could use a gps device was with my phone. The product does not recognize new roads or buildings. There is nothing in the new warehouses according to Garmin. That's where the maps come in. In Phoenix AZ, a new stretch of loop 202 going south is open since December, but not for Garmin. I wanted to get on I55 North from Damen Ave but my new $300 gps said "No trucks", which is not true. The navigation system should be less than $75. It is important for Garmin to keep its maps up to date. I spent $300 and updated my maps to be able to find a warehouse that was built more than a year ago. I'm planning to return the gps because it's not very accurate. I'll check out a Rand Mcnally, hopefully it's better than the other one.

👤This gps has gotten me in trouble with taking me down places. If I worked days I would be screwed at times from using this gps sent me down roads with cars parked on both side in residential areas.

2. Navigation Display Broadcast Contains Lifetime

Navigation Display Broadcast Contains Lifetime

If you want to update the map for your gps, please contact them and they will give you a address for you to download. They will send you the map files and show you how to upload them. Voice broadcast speed and the ability to calculate a best route after setting the destination are included in the multi-language navigation. The satnav comes with a high performance processor, built-in 8GB of RAM, plenty of room for you to store maps and materials, and also comes with a car charger and back mount. The 7 inch touch screen has a 800 x 480 resolution. It has a full viewing angle and high brightness (500cd) and can see the map clearly even under the sun. 100% satisfaction, 30 days money back guarantee, and 12 months warranty is offered. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours. 100% satisfaction, 30 days money back guarantee, and 12 months warranty is offered. They will reply to your questions in 24 hours.

Brand: Joganve

👤The manual of How to Turn theGPS On, Download, whatever it needs, has no instructions. I held the button at the top of the gps but nothing happened. I clicked on the USA maps link on the website and it took me to a zip archive of 4.26 gigabytes on my Mac hard drive. It took about 5 hours. What should I do with this zip archive? I have had my Mac plugged in for the last two hours and it just keeps flashing blue lights from left to right. The manual doesn't explain why this is happening or what to do if it happens. The gps didn't seem to have any maps loaded when I turned it on.

👤Works well and for a good price. The touch screen works well. Load times are not very long. The mount works well and stays where it should once it is tightened down. It is possible to use a micro sd card to play music or listen to radio. There are a few games and a calculator in it. It doesn't say street or highway names, instead it says things like "turn right in 100 feet" or "get off the highway in a quarter mile" which can be easier to follow. It can be used to find places you have been to before. The ability to change the route is one of my favorite features. It has the ability to adapt to any mode of transportation you have available. The screen is large and bright. The speaker is loud enough to hear music, but there is an option to plug it into the car stereo to hear it better, but I can hear it by myself. It has worked every time, so far it hasn't gotten confused about where I am.

👤There are a few bugs that you'll have to deal with if you get this device. There is no consistency to the back button. When it starts charging, this device only turns on. The only thing it has is a button. The device won't turn on if it's fully charged. You have to wait for the battery to drain before you can turn it on. It's a good thing this doesn't fully charge, because you may have to turn it off when you finish a trip, like when you finish a book. If you do that, you can turn it on again without waiting if you plug it in. Javascript has to be turned off to visit the website. Be sure to read directions for how to update it. The cups don't work. The device would fall down a minute or so later, most spots it didn't work at all, the spots I found that did work. The device might be too large for some people. I didn't find the turn by turn directions list. This is much faster than my old Garmin, which has a map that expired about 6 years ago. There are free lifetime updates. Some devices don't offer this. The stuff it advertises, of course, is your choice of road announcers, some of which can read the street names.

3. Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

The large, easy-to-read 7” touchscreen has a bright, crisp, high-resolution display. You can get a custom truck route based on the size and weight of your truck, and you can see upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves and more. You can view parking information along your route. You can use the Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory to find truck stops. Load-to-dock guidance shows potential loading zones or storage lots when approaching your destination. See popular routes used by fellow drivers. You can use the voice assistant to talk to the navigator while keeping your hands on the wheel. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This thing is a quality piece of hardware. It's durable, functional, boots up quickly and works well, unlike some gps units I've had. garmin's maps suck. This thing assures me that my maps are current and up-to-date, but they make mistakes all the time. It tries to send me to closed roads that no longer exist. The biggest flaw with this unit is that it doesn't have a "detour" button like previous garmin gps units. If it wants you to take a road that's closed for roadwork, it's as stubborn as a horse's ass, and will not change its mind. The only way to re-route is to manually enter a different route. garmin, bring back the detour button. It's better than not having a gps at all, but it still has some major flaws that will annoy you.

👤I own a lot of cars. I tried it for a week next to my maps and was not happy with the gps. Without the phone app it won't show traffic. When I received a phone call I didn't like the idea of connecting to my phone, it switched from my phone to the gps. That was making me nervous. I like to deal with maps on the internet for $400. It would be perfect if the bridge heights were known by the maps.

👤I took a few to get used to it. I like the fact that I don't need to hook up to a computer and go through a bunch of steps to update. I have been using for a month and it has been great. Don't leave your gps plugged in all the time, that's a tip I learned from the last one. You will shorten the life span of the battery by burning it up.

👤Can't find addresses on the screen.

👤The best gps I have had. It definitely could use improvement. It doesn't connect to a car, RV, or truck's stereo system to allow the sound of directions to be heard through the speaker system. Once you have downloaded the Garmin Drive app, you can use all of the features on it. The gps doesn't have an auxillary plug area. Sometimes it's hard to hear directions when driving. It's definitely better than my previous units. I would give it 4 stars if it was possible to play directions through the speakers.

👤The product was easy to setup. Sell asked about the item the same day. The service is top notch. Will buy from them again with hesitation.

👤Awesome! I needed a 7” screen. Can not go wrong.

👤I am happy with the device so far. It looks good and he is doing a good job. There is a job.

👤If I want to use this garmin, I have to plug it in all the time, and I don't think I'll buy any electronics from Amazon in the future.

4. Rand McNally Navigation Lifetime TND85

Rand McNally Navigation Lifetime TND85

There are maps of North America and free lifetime map updates on the Truck navigation device. Alert for upcoming Bridge heights, weight limits, and custom truck route for the size and weight of your truck. Current fuel prices, weather conditions, and crowdsourced and rated POIs are provided by Sophisticated Connected Services. New mileage and fuel logs are included in the enhanced driver tools. A Dash cam with loop recording and integrated G-force sensor. Usb cable was included. The camera has a video. The technology of wireless communication.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤They didn't do any testing on this piece of junk. The map tells you to go one direction while the voice guidance tells you to go another. I was trying to get onto I55 N in West Memphis when it tried to get me to go left into oncoming traffic instead of taking the ramp on the right. When you are on the interstate, it shows you taking exits when you aren't, and it has to change the route when it learns you are still on the interstate. Even though most were useless, the TND740 always had an alternate route. This thing is a step backwards from the 740 except for the magnet mount, it hasn't fallen off once. I hope they put out an update soon.

👤I have used the gps for a month and it is more than enough. I like the new interface and graphics, but I don't like the fact that it takes more than 2 clicks to get what I need. I love how this is supposed to be a gps for truck drivers but it cares more for cars and RVs than I do. I don't know why they don't ask for driver input on how to better set up the interface, but I recommend the 740 because it's the only one that has everything on the main map. Don't buy this for the dash camera, it's terrible. Invest in a dash cam. Good luck getting anything usable out of the camera after the sun goes down because the quality is subpar. I got a video with my headlights barely visible. The aspect of the tablet is fine if you want to use it how you would on a computer. The dam mountings systems A+ on that interface were fixed. The interface for cars. The B interface is used for RVs. A dash cam. Buy at your own expense.

👤Totally disappointed. There are no current updates for the tnd80 that I have had. I ordered a new tnd. After charging, I registered it right out of the box. I did the update and went on to setup, but it froze up. It started working again after 20 minutes. I went to navigation and it crashed after 3-4 minutes. It crashed before I could get to a destination after 20 minutes. This went on and on. I plugged in the charge and tried it, but it crashed in less than 10 miles after I got an address. I had a heated discussion with a tech after I called, and I am sending the unit back for a full refund. I don't recommend this gps to anyone.

👤The first brick was expensive. It won't turn on if you unbox it. The second one does not do as well as the first one. The directions keep telling me to exit and reenter the interstates. There is a The tablets freeze up constantly. The tablet can't find alternate routes to save its life. I used 35 because I didn't want to take highway 77 in West Virginia.

5. Rand McNally TND750 Featuring Screen

Rand McNally TND750 Featuring Screen

The sixth-generation TND truck is called the TND 750. There is a new design inside and out.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤The gps is garbage. I'm returning it and going back to where I came from. The screen is so small that you can't see the icons or mileage in a glance. It can't say "speed warning", but it can say "peeed warning" and "beep warning". The route is terrible. It wants to make you do a U turn and go back, even though avoid U turns is activated. The 2.0 format is a big swing and miss.

👤After my 740 stopped holding a charge, I purchased the TND 750 on Amazon. I use the gps for two years and I like the motor carrier references on the screen. I rely on my gps and atlas to follow my routes. I assumed the 750 was the updated version and that the charging issues of the 740 had been solved by Rand McNally. No, no, no! The 750 lasted me for a day. It wouldn't charge at all, and I tried different cables and the plug provided in the package. It wouldn't work while plugged in, just kept flashing low battery and shutting off. I had to pay $425.00 for a 740 at the truck stop. I will be returning the junk to Amazon for a refund. Amazon's return policy is very easy to use. Stay away from the 750. JUNK!

👤I am running my 740 next to Gps so I can follow the trails that I have saved because I could not transfer my trail and address book because the 740 says the files are corrupted. My last two 740s were great, but only last 15 months before they stop working. The paper road atlas is a waste of money, and it should be returned to the TND730.

👤I wish I'd checked the reviews before buying it. I had a great little unit, the TND520, for 7 years before it started to get beat up. I thought it was time to retire. I said it was a piece of shit, so let's get the all new bigger model. The battery won't hold a charge, can barely hear the volume when it's talking. The first one I got was replaced by Amazon, but the second one had the same problems. I will not be buying R MCN again.

👤The hardware is still better than the previous model, but I don't trust it more. Routes on alternates are less than satisfactory. I have not run into any problems like others have. It is supposed to be an updated version of the 740. The magnet is a lot better than they said. I don't see it falling even if I hit it. I have been doing this differently and not leaving plugged in the entire time. I had to plug it back in after 7 hours. I still have my car. It is at the end of its life with the battery. I want to test the new one before I start running them. The 750 is more accurate than the 740. Since I don't want to use it's delay feature, I have had to adjust mentally with travels time a bit more. The navigation screen is the same. Unless I want to check for an update, I don't keep it connected to the internet. I have no idea about those features.

6. Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Maps navigation software includes Lifetime Maps for the USA and Canada. Audio/Video Speakers have a watt output. Microusb connection The wireless connection is: 3.0 b/g/n. The screen has a resolution of 480x854 and has a touch panel with a 250 lux battery capacity. The performance processor core is a quad-core. +14 to +140F.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤It is hard to see the speed and time on a gps. There is too much on the screen. It is hard to hear the sound of the speaker. It was easy to return because I bought it on Amazon.

👤This is the third map I have owned. I like this one a lot. The navigation is very easy to use and change on the go. It is easier to setup and program a new model. I have an older, noisy truck and the power button can be difficult to use after the unit has been off for a while. I have found that turning it off overnight helps the battery life and charging port work.

👤I have had two of those. The three have been problematic. They seem to last a long time before they are worn out. Developing shorts that prevent charging/powering the unit is an example. Factory resets were required for all three of the failed updates. All three of them experienced successful updates, which deleted location bookmarks. Two experienced updates disabled the ability to export bookmarks, preventing the user from backing up all locations programmed into the unit, therefore causing the user to lose all of that data the next time the unit fails, is replaced, or is updated. The route planning in cities is terrible. The gps doesn't know about many streets, truck stops, and long-term construction zones because the maps aren't kept up to date. Tech support from Rand McNally is useless. They replied to my email with a detailed description of the problem, and then closed the support ticket, marking the issue resolved. I would be on hold until I got an answer. When adding a location bookmark by coordinates, the saved location name includes the coordinates in parentheses after the title I gave the location. It is not a big deal, but it is annoying, and it is worse because the new and improved TND450 didn't do that. The older model of the TND450 has a worse route than the newer model of the TND550. The maximum volume of the TND450 is larger than the maximum volume of the TND550. It was a shame that Rand McNally didn't use testing, quality control or competent tech support. Both the TND 450 and the TND 550 are flawed and poorly executed, but they have a lot of potential.

👤How can a gps unit lose power? The charge light is on but the battery is low. This is my second device by rand McNally and I am very disappointed.

👤The fine line of convenience seemed to have been lost by the man. One version is too big and the other is small. There is no size or value in this one.

👤The volume was very low. I put addresses that the gps can't find. The product is not updated.

👤The gps does some really stupid things. I am used to it from Mcnally.

👤I could not hear the voice prompt because it was so low. Maps were not bad.

7. OHREX Navigation Drivers Commercial Lifetime

OHREX Navigation Drivers Commercial Lifetime

USA Canada Mexico Maps are included with the free lifetime map updates. If you would like to update the latest map, please contact them, they can connect OHREXGPS Navigator to the Windows PC or use an external card, if the system is not compatible with Mac. The display was clear and accurate for the 9 inch gps navigation system. The professional navigator with large touch screen is easy to use and has a resolution of 800 x 480. Advanced Lane Guidance OHREX TruckGPS navigator, a custom truck route for the size and weight of your truck, plus an alert for upcoming bridge heights, weight limits, and more. There are intelligent voice warnings for dangerous curves, speed changes, speed cameras, railroad crossing, animal crossing, traffic lights, and more. Multiple vehicle modes include car, truck, RV, ambulance, bus and taxi. You can choose from a selection of over 40 spoken languages that will turn by turn Directions, so you don't have to look on the gps screen all the time. It can amplify volume function, which can transmit the navigation audio into the audio of car, increase the volume of navigation broadcast to make it clearer. It makes your driving safer, reduces fatigue, and it's free. OHREX established a professional technician team in the United States, and provide answers to questions. If the satellite signal can't be searched at home, please search it outdoors again. OHREX established a professional technician team in the United States, and provide answers to questions. If the satellite signal can't be searched at home, please search it outdoors again.

Brand: Ohrex

👤It's functional for what it's worth.

👤The touch screen worked well, but it wasn't good.

8. Garmin OTR1000 Navigator Touchscreen Guidance

Garmin OTR1000 Navigator Touchscreen Guidance

A bright, crisp, high-resolution display can be seen on the extra-large 10” truck navigator touchscreen. You can get a custom truck route based on the size and weight of your truck, and you can see upcoming bridge heights, weight limits, sharp curves, steep grades and more. You can view parking information along your route. You can use the Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory to find truck stops. Load-to-dock guidance shows potential loading zones or storage lots when approaching your destination. There are a number of mounting options, including a powered magnetic mount with heavy-duty suction cup, screw down mount and a 1” ball adapter with the AMPS plate. See popular routes used by fellow drivers.

Brand: Garmin

👤On a couple of occasions, I have been able to see the Live Traffic showing areas that have been cleared of traffic. I would suggest a "Trust, but verify" approach to avoid unnecessary re-routing, by pulling up the route on the maps to see if the problem area still exists. I have used this gps for over 50 thousand miles and it is still reliable and useful. The Live Traffic feature has saved me from delays on multiple occasions. The most recent example of how I was able to make an on time delivery is the video I uploaded. The same traffic jam that caused the Amazon Truck to be stuck is the same jam that the gps helped me avoid. I decided to return the atlas maker's gps system and purchase a new one from Garmin after having a bad experience with it on a route to an unfamiliar area. On a second run from the same point of origin to the same destination, but this time with the same car, what a huge difference! I arrived at my destination with a lot less stress in a lot less time because the route was longer in distance, but it didn't take me through small towns. I really appreciated this after the atlas maker's gps told me to take the ramp to the road I was already on at a most crucial time when I was 25 miles away from Rockaway, NJ. I was told to take a U-turn if possible after I was put onto small town roads by the atlas maker. U-turns are not allowed when driving a truck at most carriers, and I would get fired if I did them. The preferred "Trucker Paths" feature of the Garmin is great and I like how it can navigate you right to the trucking dock locations at many destinations. If you're a professional truck driver, you should buy a gps device.

👤Very happy with the gps. I usually don't leave reviews, but I had to for this. It is very user friendly and easy to use. The mount has not fallen off yet and it seems to be accurate. I was debating on getting the bigger screen but I am glad I didn't because I don't think it's worth the money. I also drive a straight piped 379 and the speaker could be a bit louder. I can hear it clearly. 10/10 would buy again and recommend. Upcoming traffic, weight stations, weight limits, and other things are warned by it. This is the one if you are on the fence.

👤I had the new OTR 1000 about 10 days ago. Was bought with points. The map detail is better than my dezl 780. I can see more information with a larger display. I had to pay a one time fee of $4.99 to use a different app on my phone. They use a different phone app to give you traffic and weather data for free. The mount is stronger. It comes with a ball mount and the gps. I refer loads as well as run hazmat loads. The arrival time is the same as my 780. They are using a new type of mapping software that seems to be better than the dezl units.

9. TomTom Navigation Connectivity Smartphone Services

TomTom Navigation Connectivity Smartphone Services

Maps for large vehicles in the USA and Canada are updated regularly. speed. Avoid getting stuck in traffic and know your exact arrival times with the help of the TomTom traffic and services. Jam tail warnings can help you drive safer. With the built-in internet, you can update your map via the USA and Canada. There was no computer needed. The mount instructions are clearly visible on the high brightness and sunlight-readable screen of your TomTom TruckerGPS. Your phone can be used to send and receive messages via the internet. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free calling. Know where to fuel up, take a rest, and service your large vehicle. 1500 plus fuel stations, parking locations, and service centers for large vehicles are included in the details on your TruckerGPS.

Brand: Tomtom

👤Even after all the updates and settings have been set, I'm still being put on parkways and sent down roads with low bridges.

👤This gps will take you on roads where trucks do not belong, and it was bought in June of last year. Will take you to the parkways and back roads. I called customer service to inquire about the issue but they told me to update the gps even though it was up to date. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it. This is not a truck gps.

👤I was taken to a 12' underpass with no warning of the height restrictions. Weight limits have never been listed.

👤I bought this product to replace my old gps. I was very disappointed. The interface is easy to use. When the problems start, it's when you use it. This is the worst gps I have ever used. It was hard to use it in Northern Maine. The roads that I knew I could travel on were the ones that the gps said was a car only route. It would try to take me down roads I wasn't supposed to be on. I thought I set it up wrong. I called the place. They walked me through the process and said that I had set it up correctly. I am not happy with this purchase. The truck business should not have a partner like TomTom. It should be left to the pros.

👤When I use this gps, it takes me to the parkways that commercial trucks can't travel on. I wouldn't give it a rating. I only gave it one star because it wouldn't let me finish the review.

👤Was not like the older Tom Tom. I was off the route for over an hour and a half and the address wouldn't show up in the search engine. Tom Tom's design was poor. Not worth the money.

👤This could have been a great gps. If I had only created an account with the navigation device. You have to have an account to take advantage of the traffic, weather, and other updates. I decided to dump my gps because I was impressed with the trip planners that were on the market, and I was looking forward to using it and getting the planned trips to the gps. You have to have an account to use the app on your phone. I tried to create an account but it wouldn't let me, I already have an account. Password reset failed. I am stuck. There is no phone number or email address to send something to. It's back to me.

👤This gps will take you on the roads where trucks aren't allowed. Will take you to the parkways and back roads. The gps was up to date, but customer service suggested an update. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy a lot of headaches. This is not a truck gps. I also called Amazon customer service. I told them the problem. They don't care. A discounted refund was offered. I accepted it because the gps is useless and not for trucks. I lost $45 because I didn't get a full refund. This is the second time that the description doesn't match the item. It wasn't my fault. Amazon didn't care about the price and only refunded 80% of it. If you don't want to lose money and be angry about wrong navigation, I don't recommend buying this gps. Maybe it's not bad for cars. You can find better gps for cars.

10. Garmin Navigator Display Routing Trailer

Garmin Navigator Display Routing Trailer

There are options for portrait and landscape mode on the large 10" RV navigator. Provides road warnings to help keep you aware of curves and grades. There is a directory of RV parks and services, as well as traveler ratings from Ultimate Public Campgrounds, iOverlander, U.S. national parks, and PlanRV. Control with your voice, and enjoy hands-free calling, and built-in wi-fi for easy map and software updates without a computer. Pre-made street maps for North America have coverage of the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. European devices come with maps of the EU and the Middle East, as well as free map downloads for South Africa, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Brand: Garmin

👤I have been using the RV 760 for the last five years and bought this to replace it. The RV 890 is a big step forward. It's not just a bigger screen. The software has been greatly improved, the user interface is more intuitive, the touch screen is more responsive, and the voice recognition is better. The RV 760 had a smaller mount that would lose its grip in warm weather, but the windshield mount on this thing is a beast. The RV 890 has a bunch of new features, including the ability to use Foursquare, which is a big deal, not because I use it that much, but because their database contains many POIs that aren't in the Garmin database. The ability to plan, save and retrieve multiple routes in advance and the ability to modify the unit's suggested route are two of the best new features. It will take a while to try all the goodies. This upgrade was worthwhile.

👤I have a number of portable and built in gps units, as well as a phone, Ipad and laptop. The unit is easy to read and operate after a reasonable learning curve. I would knock it down form perfect for two reasons. The voice recognition doesn't always recognize my voice. The permanent base was used because the suction mount didn't work in my application. You can plan a trip with multiple stops and pick it up at any intermediate stop. The suggested rest stops are based on time and distance. It has lifetime maps, traffic, and the ability to program from your phone.

👤I have been trying to get maps for this device from Good Sam and RV trip apps. Do not spend money on this device because it does not work.

👤I replaced the rand McNally unit because it was old and not up to date. What a difference there is. It's much easier to use the device. I was a bit uneasy when I approached it. It leads me to what I want to do. Buy this one. I don't have any complaints. None at all. George W. Ensley is a FCC licensed tech.

👤I'm hoping I have a bad unit. I'm a fan of the company. After using it for about an hour, my unit failed. It will not turn on anymore. It's going back. The magnetic interface works fine with the 20mm ball packed in the suction cup mount. The magnetic mount requires a 20mm ball and the dash mount requires a 25mm ball. A really bad shipment. It looked new, but it was a bad shipment. I'll try again.

👤I sent it back after I used it for the first time. RV Life is on a designated tablet. I thought the RV 890 would be more user friendly. The RV 890 is a mid-grade device. I spent hours on the device trying to download something. Routes with no luck. As I searched online, I found that other people are having the same problem. Purchase a nice tablet, download the RV Life app, and save money. You will get a better user interface, online and offline mapping and run your favorite music apps. This is not worth more than $500. Sorry!

11. Navigation Drivers Bluetooth Lifetime Directions

Navigation Drivers Bluetooth Lifetime Directions

XGoDY TruckGPS has specialized in the gps industry for more than 10 years. They offer a 24 hour service. They are real humans who will serve you one to one. The X5 gps navigation has a large screen with a resolution of 800x480, which gives you a better visual experience. You can modify your route according to your vehicle's weight, length, height and width, thus avoiding the roads which have width restrictions or height restriction. The new series brings the upgradedUI which is easy to use and practicable with humanization design. XGoDY X5 VehicleGPS Satellite Navigator comes with free LIFETIME maps of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States. If you want to update maps of other countries, you can email them. Advanced Lane Guidance is available for your convenience. It shows you which lane to take before you approach an exit, turn or difficult intersection. Their truck gps is used for truck driving. It takes into account the height, width, length, weight, and product you transport. It has a low bridge, road sign and no truck. Advanced Lane Guidance is available for your convenience. It shows you which lane to take before you approach an exit, turn or difficult intersection. Their truck gps is used for truck driving. It takes into account the height, width, length, weight, and product you transport. It has a low bridge, road sign and no truck.

Brand: Xgody

👤I drive a charter bus over the road. I have had two other gps units from major manufacturers. I bought the X5 model after several other drivers suggested the XGoDY gps. I've used it for a couple of weeks now and can give you my experience with this unit. The X5 is a very nice looking unit, and it comes in a strong outer case. The screen is larger than my other units. A bright screen with good resolution. The display is not as cluttered with a screen that large. It has an easy to use GUI for the many features of the gps and a nice touch screen. The package included a window mount holder, a plastic fixed base holder with a grip, and a blue carrying bag. It worked perfectly out of the box and had no trouble connecting to the satellites. The settings of the gps unit can be configured in many ways making it a versatile device. The manual has been written by a non-English speaker. It takes a lot of time and effort to find out how to set the gps. If you're over 40 years old, you'll need a magnifying glass to read the manual. I was surprised to find that my unit was adjusted to measure in miles and yards. Setting up the bus specifications was interesting because I discovered that yards and not feet and inches are used for everything less than a mile. I discovered that it could be set for miles and feet with no help from the manual. It is difficult to adjust to this one on the fly. Do you need the sound to stop? It's about three menus deep. The manual is not helpful because I have yet to figure out what "cockpit" means. The learning curve is steep. The gps has a lot ofdoo-dad apps. None of them will assist the driver. There are apps for everything. Keep track of your miles by quarter, not by state. You can find a Pilot/Flying J, Petro, WalMart, McDonalds with just a quick click of a dedicated button. Not with this gps. If you are a bus driver, you will hate the feature of connecting by bluetooth to your cellphone. You want everyone on the bus to hear your phone call. It will not work with your hands-free headset. That means you don't have to turn in your ear. Is it possible to route a bus/truck that accounts for weight limits and overhead clearances? I don't know. Yesterday it couldn't find the camp. Many of the gps units have trouble with remote rural locations. The jury is still out on that. I'm going to use it for another month. I will be surprised if it ends up in a drawer.

👤The X4 Gps I bought from XGoDY did not work. I may have gotten a return due to a label above the power button. I didn't get aGPS lock after 10 minutes. Take a photo of X4 and X5. I swapped positions to avoid interference. I loved the way it looked, but it just didn't work for me. I would like it to happen. I was able to return it without any problems, but they are not available from Amazon. I hope XGoDY fixes this model. I would buy another one if they sold them again. They had a link to a map update website. Yes! They need a dash top mount and an external gps antenna.


What is the best product for gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch?

Gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch products from Garmin. In this article about gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch you can see why people choose the product. Joganve and Amazon Renewed are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch.

What are the best brands for gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch?

Garmin, Joganve and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps for truck drivers commercial 10 inch. Find the detail in this article. Rand Mcnally, Rand Mcnally and Rand Mcnally are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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