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1. Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 Cam Rear Facing

Magellan TN7881SGLUC TR7 Cam Rear Facing

Turn by street navigation. There are over 100000 4WD ATVs. Track recording and community publishing. There are a million points of interest.

Brand: Magellan

👤The display is big enough to read quickly while driving and not too big to block the window. If you want the display to face you and the camera looking forward, you can place the camera separately from the display. The camera has a Sony STARVIS sensor, but it can't shoot at higher resolutions. If you plan on saving your videos, that will be manageable. You might want to wrap the camera in something before putting it in the glove box because the camera sticks out a bit from the back. I might invest in a case. If you're like me, you already have a kitchen drawer full of those things, so you don't need a new one. I ran the cable down to my cigarette lighter because I wanted to use it for smoking. The magnetic mount on the gps allows you to remove it easily and leave the hardware in the same position. There are a lot of options with the software. It's a lot simpler to update the whole unit via the internet than it is to do it with cables. The password is the most difficult part.

👤This unit had a lot of extras for off roading. That is good but what ruined it for me was the inaccuracy of the maps. I tried to find my home address, but the gos couldn't locate it. I didn't know that the gps map data claimed that my home address was in a town 20 minutes away. From the actual town location. Several addresses near me were hit and miss mixing the correct town location with the incorrect town location, even when the locations were right next to each other making this geographically impossible. If this unit could not get simple public knowledge correct, why should I trust it with off road information? It was difficult to enter actual address information because I didn't know how to do it. When I entered the address to my current location, the gps showed the address as being 2 miles from my location, which was incorrect. I wanted this gps unit to work so badly because everything else it claimed it did, it actually did. I couldn't commit to a $300 unit because of its unreliable mapping. The unit should be able to do what a smart phone can do for free. This is not a good purchase for me. It is unfortunate that people like to back this product because research would lead you to believe that it was a good purchase, if I had not been there.

👤This unit has the potential to be a great unit, but it falls short. It works well for most people and has a lot of great features. If I get in trouble, I want to see every trail available to me. If you don't use the trails they supply with the unit, you're out of luck. There are a lot of trails on other maps that you can't see with this device. Satellite imagery would solve the problem of being able to see all the available trails. I don't think this unit is really useful. It has all your maps available all the time which makes it a good backup to carry in cases where you don't have a cell tower or internet.

2. Garmin All Terrain Motorcycle Ultrabright Rain Resistant

Garmin All Terrain Motorcycle Ultrabright Rain Resistant

The display is built rugged and passed the military standard for drop test. You can get spoken turn-by-turn directions through your connected helmet or headset. Direct-to-device downloads and no annual subscription are available for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. There are options for riding on curvy or hilly roads. You can easily manage and review routes, tracks, and waypoints with the help of a navigator. You can record your route with the track recorder and save it for future adventures. You can access live traffic and weather, share routes with other riders, and get phone notifications with the Garmin Drive app.

Brand: Garmin

👤I don't know how many gpss I have used on a motorcycle. I think it's around 10. The motorcycle specific Gps are the first I have tried and they are too small for my liking. I have had it for about a year. My actual use has been limited because of the lack of appeal to ride in our Florida heat and humidity. There are a few observations about the screen. Even in direct sunlight, it is bright and readable. It's better than any of the previous ones I've used. Big plus! The data fields are easy to read, and the speed indicator glows red when you are speeding. The screen on the gps is glove friendly. Maybe this year I will be able to escape from Florida. The screen is a perfect size. The last 3 gpss I used were massive trucks. Big, easy to read, and extremely competent, but bulky. The larger, dimmer screen on the others is not as bright as the brighter screen on this, and the smaller overall size fits into the dash area better. Another plus. The Zumo is impervious to rain. The automotive/truckGPSs I have been using were not up to date. It's nice to no longer worry about the gps getting wet. The standard 1” ball mount was used for the gps. There is no need for special cradles or adapters. I decided to use the previously installed Ram ball and a 6” arm I already had in a big box of extra Ram stuff instead of using the bar mount and arm. The included dock/mount seems to hold the gps in place. You can remove the gps in a split second if you push a button on the back. The cable stays with the mount. The rubber cover for the contacts is included when the gps is not installed. Installation is very fast. Simply clip it back on. It's great if you have a place to securely store the gps. Some people may think that a thief can push the same button and walk away with your gps. The wiring was easy to follow. You need a negative and positive wire. I don't have to worry about messing with the gps because my car is wired to a hot-all-the-time circuit. The map retains detail when you zoom in, which is something I believe will make this gps more useful than any of the newer gpss I have used. I don't follow a pre-determined route on the bike. On the bike, I usually wing it, with only a general idea of where I'm headed, using the gps more as an electronic road atlas than just blindly following a route. You can still see the secondary roads with the map detail turned all the way up. Secondary roads are usually disabled above.3 or.500 miles. If you want to know where that little road you are thinking of exploring goes to, you might be able to see by zooming out, instead of having to scroll around and lose perspective. I prefer to adjust the zoom level myself when underway. The auto zoom seems to work at a useful level so far. I will try it. Time will tell... I just set it manually because I got tired of it zooming in and out on it's own. For the first year that I had this gps, I had a problem with how it handled points of interest. For the uninitiated and non-geeks, custom points of interest are lists of locations that may be of interest to you that would not normally be included with a gps's factory installed POIs. They can be a collection of stores or a collection of stores. The lists can be downloaded from a website, or you can make your own if you want to. The custom POIs were only accessible by digging into the menu system on the Zumo XT. A top level search didn't include custom POIs. I could live with that, but the worst thing for me was that there was no way to make the custom POI icons on the map. It's always nice to look at the map and see if one is close to something. The unit started showing custom POIs after the system update. "Up ahead" in the map settings menu must be checked to show your POIs. This will show the system icons for fuel, restaurants, and motorcycle related POIs, and it can make the screen a little busy, but hey, I'll take it. Speaking of POIs. I have found the pre-loaded POIs to be very inaccurate and frustrating to use. They have sent me on wild goose chases to businesses that were either notexistent or somewhere else. A big deal in a large RV is a frustrating annoyance on a motorcycle. Because of this, I stopped using Garmin's POIs a couple of years ago and now use other alternatives when searching for food, fuel, or anything else. Really? They could be better now. I don't know. I have been burned so many times that it will be a while before I try to use them again. I let the gps show me the nearest gas station for the first time since I owned it, against my better judgement. We went after it was shown to be close to us. I passed a gas station on the way that the gps didn't know about, and it took me about 5 blocks further up the street to a run down old building that was probably a gas station in a previous life. We were checking out an RV park for a future trip later that day, and I let the gps search for nearby RV parks on my phone. It didn't know that the RV park was established. The bottom line. If you need to find a place, don't use the POIs. You can enter the address into the gps by searching for it on your cell phone. The weather radar is connected to your phone through a wireless connection. I haven't had any showers that chase me around yet, but it all seems to work if you have a good wireless data signal. This feature is really cool. I have only used it for short trips, but if it's like any of my other current ones, they will find the address and you can be pretty confident they will get you there eventually, but will also sometimes choose strange routes. Always take a quick look at the proposed route, and always choose common sense over what a gps tells you. This thing is expensive. It's very expensive. It is the most expensive non-marine gps I have ever purchased. I would buy it again in a second. I still think it's great and would not want to be without it. As time goes on, I will probably update this review.

3. Magellan TN1840SGLUC Dual Mount Navigator Rear Facing

Magellan TN1840SGLUC Dual Mount Navigator Rear Facing

7 in. The display has day and night views for easy visibility. There is a trail and street navigation. There are over 160,000 4WD, ATVs, motorcycle, and snowmobile trails in the USA. There are free map and software updates. There are free updates for the USA and Canada.

Brand: Magellan

👤The off road capabilities are good. I give this one star for street navigation, so don't use this for that. When using street navigation, the map details are not good. There is a 75% chance that you will get no results when you search for an address in the street navigation function. It's very useful for off road trails, but when you navigate a trail it draws a green line and you don't have a map. The operating system of the tablets is very difficult to navigate. You have to turn it off if you want it to unfreeze. It is nearly impossible to plan a route or search for anything using the hand held unit because of the cold. You have to do all your mapwork and planning on the companion website which will uploads into the handheld unit when it syncs because the tablet is so sensitive to freezing up. I believe that the lowest specification of the software used to run this unit was a mistake by Magellan. The OS system in the tablets is terrible. The zooming function will not keep the map locked in up North position and the whole screen will spin when you use it. The social media uploading function did not work at all. The first time I tried to enter my information into my Facebook account, it gave me an error message stating that the app was unavailable at the time. I can't get rid of that message and the social media option is dead. You can't use any other functions in navigation heads up mode because every time you try and look at something else, you get a flag notice that says "Do you want to end current navigation?" You can't touch the unit for fear of having to end your route navigation. I wish I had purchased a unit that had both street and off road maps. This one is disappointing.

👤I have a gps device in my jeep. I wanted to replace an old dash cam that was slowly melting in the sun. If you want to mount it on a plate for a U.S. military vehicle, you can use a window suction cup, motorcycle handlebars, or some screw holes on the back. It comes with a bunch of cables, but most of my tech is microusb now. It has a decent texture on the sides, so it doesn't slip out of my hands. The software takes a little getting used to. It has a lot of trails already loaded, and I found a lot of new trails near me. One of the features I like the most is the "Make a Track" function, which allows you to make a track and markers for water crossing or scenic spots. It's neat for me because I'm always finding cool jumps and tracks in the desert and am never able to find my way back to those exact spots.

👤I like the size of the screen and the ability to mark the trails you have been on for later reference, but that is where the good quality ends. The screen graphics on the device are not very good. Most trails on forest service ground are numbered, not named trails, which makes it hard to plan a trip if you don't know the local trail names. A poor help line service is one of the problems I discovered. After waiting a week for a response to my request for help on a setup issue, I was unable to send a picture of the problem to us, it was hard to do for a set up issue. I don't think this system is a good idea, there are a number of free systems that are better that can be used on your phone. The system had great potential but didn't get there.

4. TomTom 1GF0 047 00 Motorcycle Navigation Lifetime

TomTom 1GF0 047 00 Motorcycle Navigation Lifetime

Routes with more hills and more thrills are what you can get with the rider motorcycle gps. Stay safe, stay up-to-date with world maps, traffic, and services. You can get maps, safety camera alerts, and other live service updates via the TomTom riderGPS. There was no computer needed. Tom-Tom's rider motorcycle gps has a rugged, ipx7-certified waterproof design and a touch screen that remains under your control even when you are wearing gloves. The quad-core processor of the TomTom riderGPS increases your overall processing speed and increases your gps's start up speed fivefold. The 4.3" display of the TomTom rider motorcycleGPS's smart screen is bright and sunlight-readable, which makes it easy to switch between portrait and landscape mode. The mounting system protects your motorcycle gps with a specialized mount. The mount is easy to install and protects against drops.

Brand: Tomtom

👤This is a very nice product that is durable and high-quality. Everything here is from my original review, and I stand by it. I've already figured out a lot of the things in the user manual. It's a very good device, and I highly recommend it. I would buy it again. I'm keeping this review at 4 stars for the reasons noted. The quality of the user manual is high and it does a lot of different things. It takes a lot of words and images to explain it all, and that takes a lot of time to read and figure it out, and I think many of these things could be simplified and/or consolidated in logical ways. There is a steep learning curve to figuring out how to use it. The user interface is similar to a product designed in Europe. Things that should be basic are executed in multiple, convoluted steps with abstract symbols. I've given the 550 access to my Contacts and created a few "My Places." When I try to create a route using the basic address/POI search field starting point and destination, it doesn't cross reference the entries in My Places or Contacts. If you want to use Contact or My Place as a starting point, you have to go to the separate My Places or Contacts data sets. It's fine to have separate data locations, but it's simpler to have the search look at the data sets to find the route locations. This is just one example of taking a simple, logical concept and turning it into an unnecessary, multi-step process. I think it's Dutch, but I have no idea why I'd ever see options in another language. It may be German. English is the only language I have designated, and the only map I have installed is US/Canada. The "edit" function in My Places is greyed out when I try to remove weird Dutch or German places. The two German destinations that I created don't show up on my list when I go to the My Places data. One of the sources of data for My Places is My Places itself and the other is a different list of My Places that pop up when you are creating a route. There are more quirks to the interface. I'll figure it out eventually, but the designers need a lesson in KISS.

👤I wanted it to work. The screen is bright and it looks great. It had a glaring issue. I made contact with the display, but the screen wouldn't respond to my finger before I did. As soon as anything gets within a certain distance of the display, it responds as if I actually made contact. It is not usable and frustrating. I don't have a lot of experience with this device, so I didn't find the menu very intuitive. The real issue is the display malfunction. The screen sensitivity was set to the least sensitive setting. It didn't make a difference. The price is awesome, but the device is not. I immediately returned it.

5. Garmin 010 N2036 06 Refurbished Automotive Canada

Garmin 010 N2036 06 Refurbished Automotive Canada

The navigator is easy to use. Menus and maps are easy to see. Notable historic sites and the U S National parks directory are included in the history database. The driver is helpful. Pre-made street maps for the U S and Canada were included in the map updates. Lifetime Map Upgrades are free. The Quick Start Manual was included.

Brand: Garmin

👤I knew I was going to get a new product when I ordered this unit. They are new to me. Once they are proven to function for a few days, they will probably last a decade or more, or they will last until the new technology makes this unit boring. My cars have in-dash gps systems, but I use a different system when I go out. It works for me because I use the program. It's easy to plan a trip on my computer, and I like to save maps. I have a refurbished Nuvi 55. This is an old model. I bought this unit because it was cheap. I wanted to make my driving experience better. I like my new car. For the next 10 years, I will enjoy my new gps. It's a good thing. I don't use my real home address as "My Home" on my gps in case someone takes it. They will have my home address if they know I am not at home. I live at the nearest fire station address.

👤The gps works well. I just took it out of the box and plugged it in. I have never used a better gps device.

👤The box had a manual, a power cord that is long enough, and aGPS. As I am one of those who takes the manual and tosses it out the window, I put it on my weighted mount, plugged it in, and it already had enough satellites to function. I set a location and did a basic configuration. Initially it only showed the road name, but as I turned the numbers started to show up. I noticed that I had enabled a tracking function so I could see where I was. When I hit my first destination, I plugged my home address in and wanted to add Wal-mart to the trip, but I didn't know how to navigate the GUI yet. It was a done deal when I figured out how to do a multistop trip and I was at Wal-mart. The overall size of this gps is what I like the most. It is light and compact, and it was easy to put on my device pad for my dashboard. The photos show that it fits nicely on a pad for a 7" gps. The GUI is very confusing for an average user who doesn't know how to use it, unless you use the arrows on the left side of the screen, or have a very steady finger, and the legacyusb port is the biggest downfall of this gps. I like this gps because it serves its purpose, it is easy to use, and it is a referb so it won't end up as scrap. It was worth the money personally. I had to do a factory reset on the gps to fix some of the issues. It requires you to manually add your own route to circumvent the issue of it preferring major roads over anything else.

👤The Drive 52 unit is a replacement for the 1350 unit. I'd had Nuvi for a long time. This model is a big improvement, and it's smarter than the old one, and it's easy to use. A display with information can be tailored for your needs. Very nice.

6. SYGAV Android 2013 2018 Toyota Navigation

SYGAV Android 2013 2018 Toyota Navigation

Come with a harness and two ac vent clips. The performance of the latest version of the operating system will be more stable and you will be able to respond more quickly. Multi Functions Carplay and Android auto make a lot of fun, easy access to Internet for 3G/4G Network and WiFi, Offline map (it already built-in) ensure you never get lost when weak signal outdoors, it also support Online map. Steering wheel controls and hands-free phone call are not required. 2.5D Glass is widely used for many cellphones on the market, it brings you a visual clearly experience. The interactive interface is redefined to make it simpler to operate. The building is built in DSP. Many users said it beat factory sound. The Digital Sounds Processor with 15 bands EQ can be adjusted as your like and different default styles optional, you can enjoy a new auditory. Support sub output. They strive to provide the best products along with superb customer service, so please feel free to contact them. They have a wide range of stereo products. They strive to provide the best products along with superb customer service, so please feel free to contact them. They have a wide range of stereo products.

Brand: Sygav

👤The design of this unit is top notch and the performance of the system is vastly improved over the previous generation. I installed the external microphone and am very pleased with the call audio quality, people don't notice the difference, this is a huge plus. I bought this unit because of the Customer Support, and I have it installed on my RAV4 LE, but they are planning to include it on my car, but I asked the vendor for the AC vent holes caps, and they provided them separately, but they are planning to include it on This isn't a paid review, but a bad review by others.

👤I have had the product installed for almost six months, but it was actually two different devices. The first one stopped working. I spent two weeks exchanging emails with support who told me to disassemble and re-seat the video connectors. The device was exchanged for a new one which has mostly been working. The connection is very flaky. Sometimes I get into the car with a phone, it's called the Note 20. And it works. Sometimes it will never connect. It is possible to switch the phone off or force the connection. Sometimes it connects to the phone but not always. I have unpaired/paired my phone multiple times. As soon as I power on my motorcycle helmet, I have been spoiled by a 2 second 100%BT connection rate. When I want my phone on the device, my wife's phone seems to connect frequently, most annoying when we're both in the car. There is no easy way to tell it to switch without disabling the phone. After that, we need a restart of the device and usually need to power on and off the ignition. There are a couple feature requests. There is a way to completely turn off the device. I don't understand why they have decided to hide that feature, since this is standard in the operating system. It would be easier to connect to my home internet without our phones taking over. 2. Provide a way to restart the car. Don't understand why that isn't there either. I have experience with the device completely dead or removed and the car runs fine. 3. The home screen should be more personalized. Allow disabling of the default music player. Installation was easy and I am happy with it when it works. There are some limitations to the operating system, but they are all on the internet and have nothing to do with this device. There is some background noise in the speakers, but you don't notice it when music is playing. An audio engineer might be offended by it. I was able to buy a 128G thumb drive, copy all my music to it, and use Media Monkey to play it on the device, even when my phone won't connect, it's a nice feature. The larger screen makes the backups and the camera look great on it's own. If Amazon allowed that, I would give it 3.5 stars. It is still better than the factory original.

7. Garmin 010 01603 00 Zumo 595LM

Garmin 010 01603 00 Zumo 595LM

Premium motorcycle gps for new adventures. The Glove has a rugged design for harsh weather. The Adventurous route finds curvy or hilly roads. Rider alert for sharp curves, state helmet laws, speed cameras, and more. You need a helmet, headset or phone to use the free Smartphone Link app. You can control music from an mp3 player or a phone, but you have to pay for a premium subscription to music services.

Brand: Garmin

👤I upgraded to this unit from the other one. The 595LM is superior to the . The screen is the most important. The 595LM screen is sharper than the 665 screen. I can easily read the screen on the 595LM at highway speeds through a dark motorcycle helmet face shield. The 595LM is a joy to use. The 665 screen has trouble with visibility in bright sunshine. The screen layout is really nice. It tells you what the cross-street is when you approach an intersection. This may sound banal, but in practice it is very useful, as here in California street signs are often either absent or poorly placed. This is the most useful feature on the screen. There is a streaming music function. The 595 shines here. I can use my phone to interface with the Zumo. This allows me to control my phone from the Zumo screen, and also control my phone from the screen. The 665 wouldn't do this reliably. The 595 will and does. Many users tried to get this to work, but it was not possible. The Zumo gives the rider the option to listen to music from the likes of iTunes, or listen to mp3s on the Zumo itself. The control center for the rider's electronics is located at the Zumo. If you open the app on your phone while riding, it will show you traffic and weather data. This feature is very nice. The screen of the 595LM is larger than that of the 665. The unit seems to have a better fit and finish than the , and they have a port that is easy to access, unlike the where it was completely inaccessible while the unit was in use. You can set the 595LM to ask if you want to reset the gas setting tank. This makes it easy to do that. The implementation is very good. I have had no issues with my headset. As I continue to use the Zumo 595LM, I will update this review. Five stars for now. Rbb.

👤I own a number of cars, including a Garmin Zumo 660/BMW Navigator IV and a Garmin Nuvi, and have used them to travel around the globe. I am an experienced user of the gps and can confirm that there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. Its current performance is not good enough to be usable for long distance motorcycle or automobile navigation. It should work at the very least for navigation purposes when the cost is between $800 and $900. It doesn't. I used the Zumo 595LM for the trip pictured below. The gps did not work. I tried to fix the problems on this trip, but nothing worked. I had many terrible problems with the new SD Card I purchased at the suggestion of the Customer Service Tech. The gps is not ready for use. I returned the gps to the seller so that I could buy it again if I had a bad unit. The price to re-purchase has gone up so I decided not to purchase another one and will use my functional 550 or 660. There are problems with the navigation device. "Couldn't calculate the route" error. The biggest problem with the gps is that it always throws a "Cannot Calculate The Route" error. The error would appear randomly and most often when you needed the route. The only thing a gps has to do correctly is calculate a route, and this one doesn't do that. At least three times a day, I would look at the gps and see a large screen error saying "Couldn't calculate the route". I tried to clear the error and look at the map, but the screen was frozen and no inputs could be made. The power button had to be held down for 12 seconds and the gps had to be reset. The gps does not locate the satellites after the first reboot. The second try causes it to return to normal operation and not the route you were following. To get back to the route you were following, you have to press the power button a single time off, then again back on, and then it would locate satellites and give you the option to re-start the route. You miss many turns when you are on a motorcycle at a time when you need to know directions or for an impending direction change. I missed turns at least 10 times on the trip. This is a terrible problem. After having this happen at least 10 times, I called customer service from the side of the road. The first customer service tech suggested that I turn off my trip tracking or breadcrumb function because the gps uses the same memory for route/trip tracking and calculating that it does for keeping trip tracks. This was a huge problem for me because I like to keep my tracks and download them. Within two hours, the same error occurred again after I reluctantly turned it off. The solution did not work for me. I called customer service again. I was told on the second call that some of the SD cards don't work well with the 595. I used a PNY class 10 card. I was told to remove the card and reformat it, then try it again. I backed up my data and then formatted it and tried it again. Within an hour, the gps showed a "Cannot Calculate Route" error and froze up again, while trying to navigate San Francisco traffic to the Golden Gate. After buying a new card, I formatted the disk and then reloaded my data again. The "Cannot Calculate Route" error came up when I wasn't on a trip or a route. The screen quality is 2. The motorcycle gps needs to be bright and clear. The screen is not bright and the fonts are small. It is hard to see and read in the sun. The reflection wipes out the display of brightly colored clothing such as a motorcycle safety vest. There is a display problem in motorcycling because of the bright clothing and Sunlight. Audio 3. The gps could not find the mp3s on the card. I had to hold the power button down for 12 seconds in order to make it work. I had to enter the media player, switch sources to something else, and then save again, and then the gps would not play the mp3's, but I could see them. The play button wouldn't work, but it would show them on the screen. The next step was to change source again, save, change back to mp3 and then save again. The mp3's play would only happen after that. I had to go through all of the steps again after the gps lost power when I stopped for gas. 4. There was a problem with the audio connection on three different audio devices. The audio quality is mono and not stereo and it is very fuzzy. The audio quality would switch to stereo when I checked the box again after disabling the headphones. Each time the gps powered down, this procedure would have to be followed.

8. Garmin Zumo 595LM Renewed

Garmin Zumo 595LM Renewed

The product is certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box with all relevant accessories. Only sellers with a high performance bar can sell Certified Refurbished products on Amazon. Avoid major highways and find routes with hills. Music and media can be controlled from a compatible mp3 player or phone. There are warnings for sharp curves, helmet laws and speed cameras. The free Smartphone Link app displays incoming calls, texts, app notifications and more.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤The assessment is based on the use of the Zumo 660 for a decade. Postives is integrated with Basecamp and import without discernable changes. On routes built under other activity profiles, Zumo 595 switches out of motorcycle mode. Sorts favorites into categories. Live traffic data and access to traffic camera images are provided by the Smartphone Link. There are weather and weather alerts. Sharing a weblink via e-mail is enabled. Text messages are displayed. There is a The calculation is faster without an announcement. Prompts for the reset of the fuel gauge when the fuel stops at a filling station. There is a flap beneath theusb port. Screen sensitivity is adequate but not great. There is a Many features are too small or poorly located. The map display's top bar is too small for gloves. After initially in the top bar, warnings are reduced to small icons in the upper right corner. It was nearly impossible to open on the first try. There is a The Blue Ridge Parkway and Cherohala Skyway have been in place for decades, but Zumo 595 was unable to locate travel on some of them. The roads were the same as 8 months ago. There are illustrations available. There is a The map has preset levels that obscure roads. After wandering through the menus, it was changed. I am very sad! There is a The pre-defined list can't be changed, so the sound can be disabled. Every curve with a sign on it. There are helmet law notifications near every state line. Pointless alerts were frequently repeated. The alert was pointless when there was only one selection. There is a It's terrible to be Adventurous Routing. o Unless you look for once-paved trails. It's positive nor negative and it's displayed larger. The extra space is not being used effectively. There is a The light level is automatically adjusted. Visibility in sunlight is not better. It was worse than the Zumo 660 with a hood. There is a After installation and power-up, the larger-capacity SDHC cards are automatically formatted. What is the max amount of storage? The Zumo 595 is not ready for prime time because it lacks two important features: Accuracy in calculating location and Glove-friendliness. I wish I had known more about it before it was ordered.

👤Disappointed. I had trouble connecting the headset when I got it. I searched for help in the forums. I was able to connect my ear buds but not my helmet after trying the same steps over and over again. The headset connection stopped working when I went to use the device for the second time. I couldn't make an exchange because I was past the 30 day warranty. They told me to go to Garmin for repairs. It's not worth buying a refurbished unit if you have to pay a fee. I own an expensive brick.

👤After using a number of different devices, I decided to upgrade to the Zumo 595lm. It was a disappointment. The battery wouldn't hold a charge. It seemed to be a drag on the operating system. The screen was so dim that it was hard to see. Did you see what happened during daylight? The park is in the shade. I made a mistake buying a map for $100. The map size was so large that it was the only map you could run at one time. It took a long time to load. There was so much detail on the screen that you couldn't see where you were or where the curser said you were. The 595lm was better in many ways than my old Garmin Montana. I am a fan of the device. I use a number of their aviation products which have met or exceeded expectations. This one is not at all.

9. Garmin Motorcycle 4 3 Inch Display Weather

Garmin Motorcycle 4 3 Inch Display Weather

Motorcycle navigation for the road to adventure. Rugged, glove friendly 4.3 inch display is resistant to fuel Vapors, UV rays and harsh weather. Pair with a compatible phone for hands free calling, smart notifications, and easy sharing of GPX files for group rides. You can access Live services for traffic and weather with the link app. The Adventurous route finds curvy or hilly roads.

Brand: Garmin

👤The screen size is nice. It was rugged, dropped on hard asphalt and didn't scratch it. The navigationUI is pretty decent. It won't shut down like a phone. It is weatherproof. The software is terrible. It's very confusing, non-intuitive and overly complicated. If you export a route to the gps, it will still redo the path based on device settings, ignoring any custom route you may have done in the desktop app. You need to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't lead you down the garden path. The new "Incident detection" system is supposed to pair with a phone to send an text if the device thinks you've been in an accident. A fruitfly is about to set off the "detection" on your motorcycle. I rode 9000 miles last month and the on-device popup was on for most of the time. If you don't have a phone or a notification number configured, you can't turn this feature off. Maybe wait for a future update that will fix this. Advrider forums have advice on how to use a rugged phone.

👤I prefer my phone on my body, so I use a gps on my motorcycle. I might need my phone in the event. I have drowned two phones in the rain, and I am separated. I bought this model because it offered new features at a price point I could not refuse, and because my two previous Zumos stopped working. It is a learning curve to use it. My initial preferences made it offer some weird decisions. I will learn. I haven't figured out how to use all of the benefits that are supposed to be offered, but the bluetooth pairing to my phone seems okay. My headset's pairing seems unreliable. I don't understand why it feels like I'm struggling with technology that's 20 years old. Surely a company that creates glass cockpits for airliners has the know-how to make a user-friendly gps that would function more like, oh, I dunno, Google Maps?

👤Great unit. It is easy to install with the equipment. I have run it for close to 5,000 miles and it has performed very well. Over the course of 3,600 miles, it was run side by side with Waze. It did well. It saved me 1.5 hours when I route through central OR. I guess it's finally been figured out by Garmin. That is amazing in and of itself.

👤So far, it's been typical of the Garmin headaches. It feels like a program from the 90s. I have spent 6 hours trying to load a OSM map on here because it's not available in Korea or Japan. The world's biggest gps maker doesn't offer maps for the 3rd largest economy. OSM maps are the only choices. They won't load the Zumo. Changes to 4 stars. An OSM map was finally working on this thing. For the fact that basecamp is a horrible program it's mind incomprehensible, but still minus one star. It's difficult to make a custom route and get it to your gps. I took a trip with my gps. I have two older zumos. This one is nice. I will give it to you. Touch works well for a water proof model. The screen is bright in the sun. That is something off a brand gps can't do, but it is visible in the sun. The zumo is small. Lighter. It feels sturdy. I had a model that was water proof that had contact problems. A friend uses another one that is fat and bulky. They seem to have improved the cradle and power connections. I haven't tested it in the rain. Time will tell. The only complaint I have right now is price. There are no cones on the market. It's demand. I tried a few different Japanese models and they were garbage. Also basecamp. Absolutely garbage. They still haven't fixed Basecamp into a usable product.

10. Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Rand McNally TND550 Truck Specific Interest

Maps navigation software includes Lifetime Maps for the USA and Canada. Audio/Video Speakers have a watt output. Microusb connection The wireless connection is: 3.0 b/g/n. The screen has a resolution of 480x854 and has a touch panel with a 250 lux battery capacity. The performance processor core is a quad-core. +14 to +140F.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤It is hard to see the speed and time on a gps. There is too much on the screen. It is hard to hear the sound of the speaker. It was easy to return because I bought it on Amazon.

👤This is the third map I have owned. I like this one a lot. The navigation is very easy to use and change on the go. It is easier to setup and program a new model. I have an older, noisy truck and the power button can be difficult to use after the unit has been off for a while. I have found that turning it off overnight helps the battery life and charging port work.

👤I have had two of those. The three have been problematic. They seem to last a long time before they are worn out. Developing shorts that prevent charging/powering the unit is an example. Factory resets were required for all three of the failed updates. All three of them experienced successful updates, which deleted location bookmarks. Two experienced updates disabled the ability to export bookmarks, preventing the user from backing up all locations programmed into the unit, therefore causing the user to lose all of that data the next time the unit fails, is replaced, or is updated. The route planning in cities is terrible. The gps doesn't know about many streets, truck stops, and long-term construction zones because the maps aren't kept up to date. Tech support from Rand McNally is useless. They replied to my email with a detailed description of the problem, and then closed the support ticket, marking the issue resolved. I would be on hold until I got an answer. When adding a location bookmark by coordinates, the saved location name includes the coordinates in parentheses after the title I gave the location. It is not a big deal, but it is annoying, and it is worse because the new and improved TND450 didn't do that. The older model of the TND450 has a worse route than the newer model of the TND550. The maximum volume of the TND450 is larger than the maximum volume of the TND550. It was a shame that Rand McNally didn't use testing, quality control or competent tech support. Both the TND 450 and the TND 550 are flawed and poorly executed, but they have a lot of potential.

👤How can a gps unit lose power? The charge light is on but the battery is low. This is my second device by rand McNally and I am very disappointed.

👤The fine line of convenience seemed to have been lost by the man. One version is too big and the other is small. There is no size or value in this one.

👤The volume was very low. I put addresses that the gps can't find. The product is not updated.

👤The gps does some really stupid things. I am used to it from Mcnally.

👤I could not hear the voice prompt because it was so low. Maps were not bad.

11. TomTom Navigation Compatibility Hands Free Smartphone

TomTom Navigation Compatibility Hands Free Smartphone

You can get the latest software updates for your GO 52 via built-in wi-fi, without a computer. Tomtom traffic information is very accurate and can be used to plan routes around traffic. You can get full access to your personal assistant with your phone. You can keep your hands on the wheel and your phone away from you. When you're likely to drive to frequent destinations, you can be predicted by the destination prediction of the go. Road Trips is a world of driving and riding experiences created by the Road Trips Community. You can easily sync them to your navigation device.

Brand: Tomtom

👤I've been using the same gps provider for over 20 years. They lost me today. The best feature of my prior version was that it would alert me to delays on my route and re-route me around traffic issues. I didn't realize that the several different TomTom models I owned were extremely buggy and glitchy, and I had to sometimes pull out a map to find out where it had stranded me. This is the final insult. I just bought the GO 52 and found out you have to use a smart phone to get traffic information. For the last five years, my friends, colleagues, and my kids have made fun of me for using a gps device instead of a smart phone. Do you not know that your primary customer is a person who doesn't have a smart phone and doesn't want to use it for directions? Good. Bye forever.

👤Problem solved. This is my fourth Tom Tom gps and it had a major flaw. You are sent to the wrong place over and over again. None of the other units did this. I was sent to a cemetery by a trip to the store in East nah ston, NJ. I took a trip to the north of the mall. At times, it's difficult to figure out how to get to streets that don't exist. Some major streets were not recognized by it. On the second call, I got someone very knowledgeable that helped me fix the problem. It lost a star for sending me the wrong places.

👤The owner's manual that is available on the product page from Amazon is a crying shame as far as installation into your car is concerned. The document says that this is only a windshield mount. The document states that some of the products from TomTom have an "expanded memory slot with no explanation of how to get to it on the Go 52." Many people say that the TomTom does not have a memory card slot. I read the PDF file the same way they did. This is a device that has a memory card slot. The product is dash mountable. Use the instructions in the box. The mount boss can be clipped on to the back of the car and can be removed. There is a memory card slot underneath that piece. I had to ask myself if there were any instructions in that box that weren't in a 136-page PDF file on how to use this thing. I like to get text messages read aloud. On the other end of the phone is a message. I like that it tells you where to go. I was able to connect to my phone. Time will tell how the traffic and reroute systems work. The only voice that gives street names is a computer voice. There is a definite learning curve to using this one if you are a long time user.

👤I went to my car to set it up after receiving this device. When I tried to connect to my phone, it told me that I had to download thetomtom drive app first. The problem is that when I tried to download the app in red letters, it told me that it wasn't available in my country. I went to the app store on my computer and saw that it could be installed. I installed it there. I tried to use the voice to speak to it, but it didn't get what I was saying right. I had it completely quiet and it wasn't because of background noise. I chose to get this navigation system because of that, so it appears to be pointless so far. I will use it for my job. I'll update this review after I use it, especially compared to Garmin. I took it to work, and I'll stick with it. There are new roads which are shown by the company. The roads are there, even though it isn't showing the names yet. The roads aren't there even with the newest map updates. I returned it and kept with it.


What is the best product for gps for motorcycles navigation?

Gps for motorcycles navigation products from Magellan. In this article about gps for motorcycles navigation you can see why people choose the product. Garmin and Tomtom are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps for motorcycles navigation.

What are the best brands for gps for motorcycles navigation?

Magellan, Garmin and Tomtom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps for motorcycles navigation. Find the detail in this article. Sygav, Amazon Renewed and Rand Mcnally are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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