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1. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

You can follow your furry friend's every move on your phone. Take a look at where your dog has been and what they've been up to. There are monthly, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plans available. You can try risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee. When your dog leaves a safe space, like your garden, you should know. Track calories burned and active time during the day. Set fitness goals. Keep your dog in great shape with the help of the gps. Running through the forest, rolling in the mud, or a dip in the lake are not a problem for Tractive. Dogs can be tracked throughout the USA, Canada and 150 other countries with a WORLDWIDE LOCATION TRACKING device. You can manage all features via the free app.

Brand: Tractive

👤Don't buy! I knew this only worked with a subscription. They said it was free, but couldn't get that to work so they paid for a subscription. I tried to use the device while on the dog or in my hand, but it didn't work. I drove 30 miles through town with it on my dash and it said no history. I still have 1-2 bars of mostly 4G and can make and receive calls, even though the cell signals are weak here. I gave up after 3 days of trying. Amazon accepted the return. The cancellation and refund of the subscription service is a nightmare because of the active website from Austria. You can get a refund within 14 days, but how? They don't allow you to remove your method of payment and only say that it will go away if you cancel your subscription. The only way to get a refund is to request an RMA, however they have a link to request an email address and order number. The order number does not exist, even if they show it in their link of where to find it. I have account numbers, invoice numbers, transaction IDs and 888-349-8884 They don't have a phone number for support or a chat option. We'll see how that goes after I filled out the form. I submitted a request to dispute my documentation because I kept good records and took screen shots throughout the process. They are also off. I gave it a full charge for several hours on Tuesday. After lunch I put it on my dog's collar and he went in and out of the house and around the property with me. The device had no charge by the following morning and never showed any activity online. The battery life of the tracker is less than advertised, with a charging time of up to 3 hours, since it was not in "live" mode.

👤Was hoping for better. I settled on this one after a lot of research. I'm not sure if I'll continue with them. The device is ok but the battery life could be better. There is a It's ok to navigate when using the app. I live in a major city and there should be no connection issues since I live in a major city. The actual tracking of my dog is ridiculous. I showed them the tracking and it showed the dog running through the neighborhood and the dog playing in the other room. It's hard to track your dog if it runs away because of the issues on the gps device. There is a subscription. You save money by buying longer-term, and you can cancel anytime. There is a But... You can't just try it out for a month. There is a I bought a year thinking I'd cancel if it wasn't working. I had no issues canceling it. Your subscription is canceled at the end of the year. Since you paid for the year, they don't give refunds and the device will stop working at the end of the term.

2. Silicone Protective Anti Lost Adjustable Noctilucent

Silicone Protective Anti Lost Adjustable Noctilucent

Your purchase is guaranteed. If you don't like the key finder, you can contact them for a replacement. The size of the product can be perfectly compatible with airtag, after repeated research and testing, the bone hollow shape designed for 2021, any function without interference. The air tags cover is made of soft material with excellent impact resistance and shock absorption, easy to carry, clean, anti-fingerprint, cratch-resistant, and sweat-proof. Simple and novel design can accommodate airtags, easy to use and carry, and air tags 4 pack can meet the mood at different times. Air tag accessories can be worn on your pet collar. When you take your pet to the beach, mountain camping, travel, or shopping, it's in daily life. You don't have to worry about your pet being lost. If the size of the backpack strap is appropriate, you can put an airtag loop in a children's bag or a parent's bag to make sure the elderly don't get lost. Airtag case cover with 4 color and 4 pack Screen protectors are included in the package. A gift for your loved one is beautiful. If you need to consult, please contact them, they will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours, and solve the problem for you.

Brand: Kjglrsqh

3. Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

You can protect your Apple Airtag from your dog by covering it. Is that a thing? The easiest way to find a dog is with an Apple Airtag, it doesn't have to be a new collar. Is that a thing? The location of your Apple Airtag can be seen by using your phone. If your dog is wearing it, you will be able to find them easily. Is that a thing? People who find your dog can use their phone to contact you. Airtag is not included in the dog collar holder. Is this true? The business is owned and operated in the USA. gps tracking is a special feature.

Brand: Pup Culture

👤Water-proof is a relative term. Is it water proof? Yes. It doesn't absorb water. There is a There is a 1” hole in the back of the holder. There is a The thing is on my dog's collar, and it looks pretty cool. Not waterproof.

👤I bought air tags to keep track of our dogs. Our big dog is new and we want to make sure he doesn't wander off. I had been looking for a similar type of tag holder that could hang like a dog tag. I was pretty sure that the kind that slips on the collar would be better for a large dog. The silicone collar holders I found looked cheap and thin. The reviews were not great. I decided to give them a try after seeing they matched our existing collars perfectly. They feel solid, but I don't know if they are durable. I have no doubt that they will hold up to the wear and tear of our dog. The tag fits securely. It is highly recommended to anyone looking for a well made dog collar holder. The holder is on our large 95 lbs dog and on our small 11 lbs dog.

👤If your dog scratches the airtag holder, it may break. The ones for my older dogs are holding up well, the one for my young pup didn't last more than a couple of weeks.

👤Works great! The product was designed so that the air tag wouldn't fall off, I was a little worried. Highly recommended.

👤This AirTag holder is very good for my dog. I like how secure and streamlined it is. I don't have to worry about the AirTag falling out. It stays where it should and doesn't hang down. Highly recommended!

👤We had this on the collar of our small dog for four days before it was torn apart and was dangling from one side. Our dog did not fight or play with any other dogs in that time, so it had to be ordinary wear and tear that caused the tear. This doesn't seem to be durable enough for daily wear by a dog.

👤It was difficult to choose from hundreds of options. I'm happy I went with this one. I have two small-ish terriers who are mostly house dogs. These holders will not get the same wear and tear as a dog who goes hunting or a dog who attends doggy daycare. I have had these for a couple of months and haven't lost an airtag. The rubber is holding its shape. I'm happy. The skinny types of dog collar won't work with the holders. I think the collar my dogs have is about an inch wide, that seems to be a perfect fit.

👤The holder arrived on time. The holder is made of Silicone and I was worried that it would break easily. This is not the case. My dog's collar is a little larger than the recommended width so it was difficult to get the holder onto the collar. The holder was tolerant of pulling, tugging, and stretching. This is how I know it will hold up. The back of this holder is open in order to insert the Airtag, so I gave it a 4 star rating. The back of the Airtag is open and not water resistant, but it is protected by Silicone, which is facing outward. The case will give good water resistance if the dog is outside, but it won't protect the Airtag if the dog gets submerged. This is an excellent product that is worth the money I spent on it.

4. Abbys Apple AirTag Collar Leather

Abbys Apple AirTag Collar Leather

The ability to expand is EXPANDABLE. The collar is perfect for dogs that are 35 lbs. Or more. You can connect to the receiver with ease with the two buttons on the remote. The receiver is black, orange, green, and blue and it helps use the expandability function. Any Apple device is compatible with the Apple Airtag gps dog. AirTag has a more accurate positioning technology called UWB, which is found in the dog collar. If you have an Apple device nearby, the enhanced version of UWB will be able to locate your AirTag to a level of precision similar to a compass. If you're further away, you might be able to locate your phone with the help of my app network and other iPhone users. Water resistance, efficient light weight design for a convenient fit. The lightweight design combines a practical exterior with a soft inside. You can provide your pet with full mobility, but not make them feel uncomfortable. Play time? The AirTag is locked so it doesn't fall off. The Double lock feature ensures a tight fit and will not let the dog collar fall off, so be worry-free when you are at the dog park. It's easy to change the size of dogs. The size of the AirTag pet collar can be different and can be used to fit smaller dogs such as poodles and French bulldogs to larger dogs such as Rottweilers and Great Danes. Medium and large dogs, such as Labrador retrievers, German Shepherds, and beagles, may be suited for the AirTag dog collar. Measure the neck of your dog before buying it. You can track your pets with an unreliable tracking tool. Attachable AirTag holders come with the AirTag dog collar. The AirTag dog collar attachment can be used to locate your pets, as its gps tracking system can track every footstep of your pet. AirTag, pets' unbeatable locating system, reduces your trouble and assures your worldwide tracking of your pet. A built-in case for Airtag is part of the Minimalism design. It is possible for you to connect almost every Apple device out there and help you find your missing pet, wherever it may be, thanks to the Apple AirTags for pets. The AirTag dog is water resistant, so it can swim in the water.

Brand: Abby

👤Almost 50 dollars. It is already falling apart. I have had it on my dog for less than a week. I will return it and get a full refund. It's not leather all the way through. There is a strip of damaged materials around it. Don't buy this COLLAR.

👤I've tried many different holders to attach AirTags to my dogs' collars, but they have fallen off more than once. I have the AirTags for extra protection for my puppies as they are too much to risk. The AirTag attachment looks nice and the collars seem comfortable.

5. Waterproof Airtag Protective Tracker Trackers

Waterproof Airtag Protective Tracker Trackers

There is no negative impact on your Apple Air Tag's gps tracking capabilities from your dog or cat wearing this small loop case holder. Waterproof: The case is waterproof and has no tools required. In their case, your AirTag will be completely protected against water damage, and you will never need to open or close it. Attaching Apple AirTag to your pet's collar will keep you from losing track of your pet. Perfectly fitting the AirTag without any issues. DURABILITY. The material is built for resilience against scratches and impacts and fully protects the AirTag, unlike their competitors products that are made of Silicone. They paid close attention to designing this case with real pet owners in mind. Their case can be used anywhere a key ring can be attached, such as keys or backpacks. The Apple AirTag is not included in the purchase. Excellent customer service for the life of your product! You can contact them at any time with questions or concerns. They offer free replacements. gps tracking is a special feature.

Brand: Uneeq Gifts

👤I like the AirTag holders. You are very cute. They are so thick that you cannot hear the sound of the AirTag when you need to locate them. That is not good. I like the AirTag holders. You are very cute. They are so thick that you cannot hear the sound of the AirTag when you need to locate them. That is not good. They are waterproof and durable. I will change my review if that changes.

👤The only reason I'm not positive about this product is because my dog broke it two days after putting it on, so it's probably not good if you have a dog that's not very hyper.

👤I was a little worried about the durability after reading the reviews, but it was great! My dog can get a little rough when running around and it did fall with the clip buttt that was our fault and the air tag still stayed secured.

👤I bought two of these for my dogs and they work well. They have a nice look, the air tag fit well, and it was easy to put on their collar. They have been wearing them for over a month and they look great. The shipment was on time.

👤It's great for tracking as little as 1 foot.

👤The case worked as expected. I could not be happier.

👤This product has given me peace of mind. I have an air tag case on both of my dogs, and no matter how crazy they are, it stays waterproof.

👤The product is water proof. My dog is a mess and loves to get wet. Despite his desire to get down and dirty, this thing has held up. I like the look of it. My puppy is adorbs.

6. Anti Lost Protective Silicone Tracking Children

Anti Lost Protective Silicone Tracking Children

The color difference of the item is normal because the resolution of the display screen is different. Only the silicone case and protective film are for sale. This product is designed for small pets. The smaller pet collar is better suited by this protective cover. Your pet is too small to shake the airtag. You can measure the width of your pet collar by yourself, and then choose a style according to the size chart they provide. The protective cover fits your pet collar more closely so that it won't shake during use. Air Tag is also protected by the holder, from being falling out, and this air tag cover could be attached to your pets collar to make sure you don't lose your love. Simply put a collar or straps through the air tag holder and you're good to go. It is easy to betatched to the strap of your backpack. The silicone sleeve can fit objects better. The air tag holder is lightweight and portable, no heavy burden is given to the pets, it is made of soft silicone. They have tested this holder many times and it fits your Air Tag perfectly. They will reply to you as soon as possible if you have any questions or suggestions for the product.

Brand: Kjglrsqh

👤I use this item on each of my cats. It is too big for the collar. Would not recommend the air tag being in the holder.

👤These are great for small collars. Very soft. They don't bother my cats. If my cats lose their collars, I will be able to find them if I put the AirTags in them.

👤I put it on my cat's collar. It is perfect. I was worried that it would be too heavy, but she is not having any issues. She likes to hide when it's time for her shot, so this has worked out great for her.

👤I received my AirTags and they fit perfectly. It doesn't seem like it would be possible for my AirTags to fall out. It fit perfectly on my dog's collar. My dog is a toy poodle and her collar is small so it doesn't look bulky. I love them!

👤I have three cats and this is the best, less bulky air tag holder that I have used. I wish all of them were lit up. I'm not sure why a wipe is needed.

👤The small pet collar tag holder is the same as described. The air tag has a flush design that prevents the dog or cat from chewing on it. Highly recommended.

👤I put the AirTag cover on her collar so it doesn't move. She can't talk about it and it doesn't bother her. I like how I can change the colors.

👤We have this to keep an eye on the cat. The range is more like 60 feet. The location is not all that precise when it is within 60 feet. The money was wasted.

👤Good. It's very secure because it fits around the collar more securely than I thought. I will have to loosen my cat's collar because it looks uncomfortable under her chin/cheek. I would rather buy 1 than a pack of 4. I don't know what to do with them. The engraving is covered by silicone which is a shame. When the collar is bent, the hole in the centre is an oval shape rather than a circle.

7. Reflective AirTag Collar Ivienx Accessories

Reflective AirTag Collar Ivienx Accessories

The Apple Airtag was designed for it. The reflective dog collar is not applicable to any other devices. The integrated AirTag dog collar holder is more cost-effective than other Air tags case accessories. The heavy duty dog collar is what you need to keep an accurate track of your pet. AirTag is not included. It is safe and secure. This apple AirTag dog collar has a built-in pocket that is compatible with the Apple AirTag 2021, and it has a secure fit. The AirTag can be easily removed and installed with the help of a screwdriver. The reflective stitching and fully reflective edges improve your dog's visibility at night or in the dark. It's safer for you and your boy girl dog when you're outside. Each Apple Air Tag dog collar is lined with a soft neoprene padding that will protect your dog's neck from irritation when being active. The AirTag dog collar holder is waterproof and gives maximum comfort to male or female dogs. There were no sharp edges or unfold sewing joint. Heavy duty stitching adds strength. The quick release buckle of the dog collar is made of sturdy plastic and can be released quickly with one hand. The D-ring they use is made of anodized aluminum and has an attachment point for your dog leash. You will get a dog collar with an Airtag holder and a screwdriver with the purchase of this product. Medium and large dogs can be accommodated by the heavy duty dog collar. Large: 17-20; X Large: 19-22. If your dog's neck is less than 12 inches, it's not recommended. Measure around the neck to make sure the gps dog collar is comfortable.

Brand: Ivienx

👤The collar is heavy duty and fine, so only giving 1 star. I bought this to hold the AirTag. I bought this collar for one of our puppies because the slip on AirTag holders couldn't hold up in the horseplay. When I saw the seller answer a question about it being able to tolerate dog bites, I thought it would be perfect. The AirTag is attached to the collar by a loop, and I noticed that when I opened it. The back part of the compartment was flat to the collar, but the front part was a flap. I think it is designed so that you can easily screw the compartment closed, but once our other dog realized that it flapped back and forth, she continued to go for it. She removed the AirTag within an hour and the entire compartment was off the collar after 4 hours. The AirTag compartment didn't last a day with puppy horseplay.

👤The other ones on here are not large enough for my dog. This didn't last at all. I don't know how the air tag fell out as I secured it inside the holder with the screw, but my dog somehow got it loose and it is now lost! I can't get a refund or return a complete waste of money.

👤One of my dogs wanders. There are a lot of buildings. The airtags holder has a screw to secure it. When by building, the distance is 45 in open. I wish there was a separate ring for tags and leash on the collar, which is a con. The ring is over 1.5 dia.

👤The collar feels soft for the dog. I was disappointed that the apple air tag fell out. It is easy to put the air tag in and secure but the material holding it doesn't stay tight for very long. I will not buy it again as it only lasted a few months. I bought the air tag because the collar is still good.

👤The threads are so thin that it is easy to tore them.

👤I tried the medium on my dog. Too large per se. It looked like the tracker would come out. Not an option for small dogs.

👤I saw how the collar was used after watching the video. I have a dog that likes to chase cars while on her leash. The collar is comfortable for her. The Air Tag fits securely and I am confident it will not fall out on its own.

👤The only improvement I can make to this collar is to put a small ring next to the AirTag mount so that a name tag, dog license, and a vaccine tag can be put there. It's less convenient to put them on the leash ring.

8. Protective Backpacks Silicone Tracking Cover Accessories

Protective Backpacks Silicone Tracking Cover Accessories

It isdurable and portable. The air tag case is portable and lightweight, and it is scratch resistant, so no heavy burden is given to the pets. Their air tag case has a unique and attractive bones design that is attractive to dogs. It can also be used for other animals. The case glows in the dark, which makes it easy to locate. This air tag cover could be attached to your pets' collar to prevent accidental loss. The air tag can be used to track the location of your pet no matter where they are. It's easy to install, just put the collar or straps through the air tag holder. The airtag case can be attached to your backpack. It's perfect for air bags. The holder fits your air tag perfectly, without any negative influence on the signal function.

Brand: Amerpin

👤I love it, it fits perfectly in my dog's small collar, and it glows strong in the picture, it's not super dark in the room. Still, glows a lot. I love it!

👤I put an Airtag in one of the holders on my dog's harness. It glows in the dark. It does not pull my dog's hair. My sister-in-law needs a dog.

👤I bought the air tag for my dog because I know the chip is only as good as the person who brings him to the vet. When I am out of town and he is babysat, I like to be able to open my app and see where he is during the day. In the event he went missing, I got it. You can zoom in to see the building he is in. Outside or inside.

👤These are too large for our small and medium dogs. They don't hold the tag right to the collar, but if you don't wiggling, it would work.

👤It's great to use on cat and dog collar. The tag is easy to use and it glows in the dark. It's worth the price.

👤I bought the Air tag to use as a tracker for my dog. I bought a luggage tag instead of a dog collar because there was no stock in stock at the time. I had to use my phone to find the AirTag after it came unsnapped a couple of times. She doesn't have a strap hanging down, so she has a Silicone case. It was perfect! Oh. It glows in the dark.

👤I keep this on all my dogs. He is a large dog. They are in place. The AirTag is still on his collar. Really liken.

👤The don glows a little less bright than pictured, but they are great! My dogs like the pull on each other's collar when they are playing and they are protecting the air tag as intended.

9. DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

How to wear a bandana. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact them, they have the answer in the video andVideos section. The DLENP airtag cover is specially designed for pets. The AirTag will not shake when it is hanging under the pet's collar. The fit for pet loop holder is a protective air tag collar holder that can be clipped to school bags, backpacks, and any items that fits its size. You don't have to worry about your pets being lost. Good protection for their pets, kids and parents. The airtag loop is made of soft Silicone material, it is easy to use. The protective case cover can protect your device from damage. You can wash and clean this Silicone cover, it won't change no matter how you knead it. Put the AirTag device to the dog airtag holder and then connect the airtag case to the dog collar. Installation in 30 seconds. There is a cute pink color bone pattern air tag dog collar holder. Before placing an order, please check the product size. If you have any problems, please contact them and they will reply within 12 hours.

Brand: Dlenp

👤My pup seems to like the extra weight. I took my long hair chihuahua off her collar after I saw her hair being wrapped and knocked in the holder. Pets with thick hair should not be alarmed.

👤My cat chewed up cheap material in the first week.

👤It works well on the collar and is flexible to fit around it.

👤Too large. Not for small dogs. There is waste.

👤The case is more secure than the original, and I am very satisfied with it.

10. Whalezon Collars Anti Lost Accessories Luminous

Whalezon Collars Anti Lost Accessories Luminous

The holder is specially designed for small collared cats and puppies. It is lightweight and sturdy. There is a secure case for apple tag. It can hold the tag tight. Attach the tracker device to the collar. It's good to know where your little guy is. Improved all-round protection. Bigger wrapping area and thicker material have been made. They are scratch resistant and shockproof. The tag could be better protected. The Soft Silicone protective case is made of clean Silicone. Responsible for the environment and healthy for your pets. It's easy to adjust. The collar is replaced with a stretchy holder. It's a snug fit on a small collar. Cute gifts for animals.

Brand: Whalezon

👤It was perfect! Before this one, we ordered a different tag holder. Our cat looked like a gangsta rapper when it hung down. The clock face decals were all it needed. The tag is snug against her body. She is wearing a cat collar that fits perfectly. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this to use as a tracker. I had to bring him home with me because he picked me as his person after 8 months outdoors. I have two dogs who have a door, but the cat didn't know how to get back in with them, he would go out side and get scared, and no one could approach him. I can use the tracker to know his exact location, as well as use the find feature to find him. It seems sturdy, the AirTag has not even come close to slipping out, they are light weight and small enough to not bother your pet, and they glow in the dark.

👤We put this product on our cat's collar so she can roam around the neighborhood. She doesn't mind that it's a comfortable material and not bulky. It lets us have comfort that she can play outside and we will be able to find her.

👤I got this for my cat who likes to hop in and out of bushes and such, I take him outside almost everyday. I haven't had an issue with the tag falling out of her collar because she has a 3/8th inch collar. I can't see it on her, she's a king hair cat. She gets matted easily with her winter coat, and this Silicone holder caused her to get a big ol matt. I had to cat out, but that is not crazy for her. It works better than I expected.

👤This is something that I love. It makes him look like he is wearing a bow tie.

👤It fits right onto the collar and has no issues. My cats have been wearing these for months and they have performed exactly as they should.

👤As described. I think I might buy the key chain style.

👤I found this product after reading reviews of similar products that said they were not designed for a smaller collar. It's a great airtag holder for a small collar.

11. Case AirTags Compatible Waterproof Lightweight

Case AirTags Compatible Waterproof Lightweight

The Airtag pet collar case is designed for Apple Airtags, so you can easily attach it to the pet collar, keeping it consistent with the pet strap. They have a variety of colors for you to choose from, perfect for your dog, cat, and small animal collar style. Their AirTag case protects your Apple AirTag and makes it easy to locate your pet. You can use Apple Airtag technology to let other people know you're okay when your pet goes missing. You can put your dog's Apple Airtag in their dog collar holder. You can keep your pet safe by wearing them on your pet. The Airtag pet collar holder is made of soft, tasteless, scratch resistant, fall resistant, fingerprint resistant, washable, and protects your pet's skin, small and light design, will not bring any burden to your dog. The dog collar airtag is a two-way opening design, it fits perfectly on your pet's collar. Make your dog or cat feel comfortable. To avoid falling, easy to run, will not shake. It is easy to install and uninstall, you can wear it in your bag, wallet, backpack, or belt. You can easily keep track of what you want. The Airtag dog holder is made of high strength waterproof material. At the same time as protecting the safety of pets and airtags, let your pet swim, camp and travel in peace. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them and their team will be able to help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Allyag


What is the best product for gps for dogs apple?

Gps for dogs apple products from Tractive. In this article about gps for dogs apple you can see why people choose the product. Kjglrsqh and Pup Culture are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps for dogs apple.

What are the best brands for gps for dogs apple?

Tractive, Kjglrsqh and Pup Culture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps for dogs apple. Find the detail in this article. Abby, Uneeq Gifts and Kjglrsqh are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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