Best Gps Fish Finder Combo with Transducer Simrad

Transducer 24 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Humminbird 410160 1 PIRANHAMAX Finder Imaging

Humminbird 410160 1 PIRANHAMAX Finder Imaging

Choose from a narrow and wide beam for a great detail or a generous coverage area to help you identify fish. Down image: You can get a clear view of what's happening below your boat. You can quickly adjust your viewing area angle. A larger 4.3" color display. An easier to use interface features dual beam and down image.

Brand: Humminbird

👤I put this on my boat. It was in the sun for a day. I can't get the sticker off the screen. I would have taken it off before I installed it. The plastic screen has a sticker on it.

👤You can't beat the price of this unit. It doesn't have gps or sidescan, but you won't get those things at this price point. Most units at this price don't have the down image. You can choose what fish you get alert from.

👤You can check the bottom and the depths, but for marking fish it is not adequate, you can compare the demo with the fish icon on and off, and you wouldn't be able to distinguish why it is marking the fish. The icon is great for beginners, but as someone with experience, you want to see the arcs, not an icon, and the resolution is not good enough to do that. I'm not sure why this unit has so many good reviews. It's okay in my book. It barely has any features, but it has the battery voltage. I bought it because it looked like the lowrance elite 4 that I used to own. I would recommend saving a bit more to get something more useful if it's good for the money.

👤I had a hummingbird that I left on the boat in all types of weather, but it just stopped working this year, and I wanted this to be as tough and reliable as the last one, so I got it. It has proven itself so far. I got another for my boat.

👤The fish finder and mount were missing from the package when I received it. Within two minutes of opening, I took a picture and called Amazon. The gentleman said it happens all the time. This was the second time it had happened to me. The package had cables, instructions, and two screws. My money was returned by Amazon. I bought this from a big box store. The fish finder is bright and has a good screen.

👤This was bought for use on a small boat. You can easily switch between fish alarm and high resolution down imagery. It was definitely a winner for my application.

👤The unit keeps jumping from 2 ft to whatever depth of water I'm in, and it can't get the color line adjusted, maybe it's a faulty unit.

👤I'm not sure how you could hope for more at that price point. The tech works great in my pond prowler. Downside pointed out that it was correct to have to reset the menu every time. It's a win if you want a simple but effective fish finder.

👤There were small holes in the back for surface mounting. I stuck it on with sticks. Being supplied with fixing screws was not the best option. It was very pleased and would definitely buy again.

👤My new Humminbird arrived earlier than I expected and was in perfect condition. It is what I wanted, an inexpensive fish finder for my fishing boat. Thank you! Gary is related to Gary.

2. Garmin Vivid 9sv Transducer 010 02554 00

Garmin Vivid 9sv Transducer 010 02554 00

The 9” color fish finder has a new vivid scanning color that makes it easy to distinguish fish and structure. It supports the traditional and ClearV versions of the CHIRP. It requires a compatible transducer. A high-sensitivity gps system can be used to mark waypoints, create routes and view your boat's speed. The Quickdraw Contours mapping is included. You can connect to the ActiveCaptain app with a compatible phone and receive notifications, as well as access the Quickdraw Community. Included: The STRIKER Vivid 9sv fish finder has a Genuine Garmin protective cover, power/data cable, dual 4-pin transducer cable, tilt/swivel mount, Hardware, and a bumper sticker. Included: The STRIKER Vivid 9sv fish finder has a Genuine Garmin protective cover, power/data cable, dual 4-pin transducer cable, tilt/swivel mount, Hardware, and a bumper sticker.

Brand: Garmin

👤A sealed battery is needed to power the system in my kayak, but it is also well suited for mounting a fish finder and transducer. It's useful for setting up drifts and identifying fishing hot spots. There is no need to waste time working in the water. You can save your favorite spots to return again and again with the gps feature. The Pod should be popped out at the end of the day. The 4” screen is large enough for good viewing and low enough to avoid interference when paddling.

👤A 22 mile trip down a shallow river was completed. I bought this unit because I have a car. I want to be able to see when I am getting into shallow water. The strikers 4 worked well. I was able to see when I was getting into 1.5 feet of water and could pull up my fins and rudder as well as call out depths to my brother paddling behind me. I used this unit to record the river on our trip. The unit did its job since it was so shallow. I know when to slow down because I have changed the color of the depths. Before we left, I used the internet to find out where we were along our trip. Everything was perfect. I tried out the fish finder feature when I got into deeper water, but I don't know enough about fish identification to give an honest review, but the clearvu looked great. I used the split screen with the map on top and the depth finder on the bottom. The screen was out of the way while I peddled. The unit I used with the nocqua battery attack powered it. Our trip took 8 hours and my brother was slow on his paddle board, but the battery powered unit was still running all the time. I probably should have bought the Stiker 4 Plus as I will not use the clearvu much, but I am very happy with it and would buy it again.

👤I bought this as a replacement for a dead bow unit. I have a competing brand in the console and it fit my needs perfectly. I like to use different brands in order to eliminate interference between units. The console unit has a high quality mapping unit. I was able to get the biggest screen for the money. It does not fail in that regard. The screen is bright and clear. It is easy to install. The components needed for a transom mount are included. It has held up well during rough water excursions. The unit was good.

👤I was looking for a 4cv. I had a Lowrance at the bow and steering console. I have to restart the Lowrance units when they lock up because they take forever to boot up. The unit is amazing. I ordered the 5cv a week later. It doesn't take long to start up, the screen scrolling speed is faster than my Lowrance, and the clearvu colors are great. I started mapping my home lake immediately after locating fish the first time I used it. For the price, you get more fish finding capabilities than others on the market. I would recommend the device to any fisherman. I will only buy a device from this point on.

3. HDS 7 Live Transducer FishReveal Integration

HDS 7 Live Transducer FishReveal Integration

Most advanced sieve technology. To get the best view of fish, structure, and the sides of your boat, you need to simultaneously view CHIRP Sonar with StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD. HDS uses a dual-core processor with more than enough speed and power to provide quicker response times to technology, like Lowrance Outboard pilot. The Colorado SoNAR is about color. High-visibility contrast is never before seen in scanning fish finders. A wide range of color enhances the near-photographic image of SideScan, DownScan, Total Scan, and StructureScan HD/3D. When viewing two channels at the same time, never miss targets. Keep favorite high CHIRP frequencies visible for increased target separation in tight schools. Automatic route planning that auto-plots the shortest and safest course based on a boat's draft, beam, and height will make navigating faster. C-MAP MAX-N+ charts are required.

Brand: Lowrance

👤I had to call the Lowrance customer service to get my unlocked gps. I had to stay on the line for more than an hour before I could talk to a technician that could understand what I was talking about. He issued an order number and told me that he would contact me within a couple of days. This never happened. They have not responded to a single e-mail I have sent them over the course of a week. Unless you want to spend the entire day trying to reach someone on the phone, it's not possible. Customer service has never been worse in my life.

👤I installed this item on Sunday after buying it on July 29th. The installation of the Lowrance HDS Live 9 went without incident, but within 30 seconds of starting, the screen froze and I was unable to navigate with any of the buttons. The unit completely shuts itself off and then restarts, only to have the same thing happen again. You just get frustrated with this cycle. I tried to call the Lowrance Service Center and was given a Case Number, but they didn't have the decency or courtesy to return the call or even try to contact me again, and they put me on hold for over an hour. I was expecting more from them considering the rave reviews and beautiful You Tube videos they have produced. The original shipping box has been destroyed because of the installation of the transducer, and I am left with a unit that does note but looks nice while it is shut down. My son was going to buy a 12 inch HDS Live for his boat, but after seeing the issues, he changed his mind and I could not blame him. He would have had a paperweight. It was a waste of time and effort in the installation of the transducer. If there is an issue, don't buy this unit. A disappointment.

👤I give it five stars for the quality of the unit, but if I have a complaint about the maps, they should put them in the carbon unit that I paid less for.

👤Works as advertised. It is a nice unit. You need to purchase maps from Navionics if you want good bathymetry. If you want live-sight, you need to purchase a $1000.00 live-sight transducer and 3n1 transducer, because the fish beeps do not work at all. Not after updating the software. I have read all the instructions. It is configured correctly. It is the unit, not me. It takes about a month for Lowrance tech support to reply to messages.

👤Buy any other brand. These people are bad. We couldn't find the bottom of the reservoir after taking it out for the first time. It was called Lowrance. We were told to update the software. The update was downloaded and installed on the unit. The latest update was uploaded after one of my office wizards found something online. It will be taken out tomorrow to see if it works. Stay updated...

4. Lowrance Elite FS Transducer Preloaded

Lowrance Elite FS Transducer Preloaded

The cover and structure of the Active Imaging 3-in-1 Ready are ready with a new level of refined detail. With support for ActiveTarget Live Sonar, you can see high-resolution images of fish swimming around and responding to your lure. Full networking. Add wireless, NMEA 2000 and Ethernet to the Elite Fishing System to make it a complete system. 7-INCH MULTI TOUCH. The screen is easy to install. C-MAP CONTOUR+ is a rating. You will have more success on the water if you find key fishing areas, like ledges, drop-offs and ditches. C-MAP CONTOUR+ is a rating. You will have more success on the water if you find key fishing areas, like ledges, drop-offs and ditches.

Brand: Lowrance

👤The Lowrance locator is awesome. It's compatible with the new Live Target forward facing sonar which makes it even better. I found it easy to navigate and fine tune for my kind of fishing, which is mainly bass and crappie, even with a little knowledge in electronics. The screen is much easier to see in bright sunlight. The best feature is the plug to link units. I only bought one with a transducer. The old Elite models had two units and a ducer.

👤The lowrance line has features of a high line.

5. Simrad GO9 XSE Chartplotter Transducer

Simrad GO9 XSE Chartplotter Transducer

A display with functions. It's perfect for sportboats, center-consoles, and smaller cruisers, with GO9's gps navigation, radar capability, and more. The C-MAP DISCOVER card has full-featured Vector Charts, Custom Depth Shading, Tides & Currents, and ultra-wide coverage in the US and Canada. Active incontinence 3-in-1 incontinence. The Active Imaging 3-in-1 is a new level of detail with CHIRP, Side Scan and Down Scan. GO9 offers safer cruising and more productive fishing with plug-and-play connection to Simrad radar solutions for powerboats of all sizes. The built-in connection is. You can mirror your display to a mobile device and get access to charts, radar and other functions. More integration options can be found in the NMEA 2000. The GO9 XSE MFD, Dash Mount Kit, Edge Bezel, Power Cable, Sun cover are included. The GO9 XSE MFD, Dash Mount Kit, Edge Bezel, Power Cable, Sun cover are included.

Brand: Simrad

👤The C-MAP card has a micro SD that can be used in a variety of chartplotters. There is a ridge on the opposite side that you can grab and pull on. You can put the micro SD in the Simrad GO9 if you remove the adapter. Lowrance provided that information. Thus far, very satisfied!

👤I really liked the navigation, the down and side scans are ok. There are a lot of fishing hot spots in the gulf with my c-map chip.

👤I have only used dept finder a few times, but I am very happy with it.

👤The box may have been opened prior to my delivery.

👤Simrad, go best bang for your buck. Shipping was fast.

👤If you can use a drill and screw driver, it's easy to install. I have a Simrad Go9 with Simrad HALO20+ and a 3-in-1 Transducer. You can handle this setup if you can do basic wiring.

6. Lowrance Reveal SplitShot DownScan Plotter

Lowrance Reveal SplitShot DownScan Plotter

User's guidance. The anti barking device doesn't work in dogs with hearing problems and they don't recommend it for dogs under 6 months old. Training is required to be effective. It's a feather in the cap. It is easier to find fish. Fish light up on your display with the help of the Lowrance CHIRP and DownScan images. The gps locator The gps plotter makes it easy to navigate to your favorite fishing spot. HOOK reveal "x" models do not include a map. There is a shot of transpiring. The fish finding capability of wide-angle high CHIRP sonar and the high-resolution images of fish-holding structure from DownScan Imaging make SplitShot perfect for anglers who want the best views below the boat. If you want to get the best sonar image every time, you need to spend more time fishing and less time tweaking your settings. HOOK reveal's SolarMAX display has excellent clarity and daylight visibility, so you can enjoy crisp and clear views of your display no matter the conditions.

Brand: Lowrance

👤The internal map of the images shown in advertising. This is a lie for the unit. There is no internal mapping on this unit and no cards that will show a map on it. Nothiing, no down loads. The visual advertisng is false. The box that came with the 5X showed a map of a marine area. Lowrance is putting a lesser model into a box. The instructions that came with this unit are not true. It has a blank white screen with aGPS and you can make your way back to them when you need them. No map! Come on Lowrance, stop the cheap nonsense and tell them what they're really getting. Not happy! Lowrance sent a vague 4 page fold out instructions. If you want to find out how to use the 5X Lowrance, you have to go to the internet and watch a video that someone posted on the 7 Hook reveal unit. I advise you to stay away from cheap Lowrance. I gave up on the 5X and bought a Hummingbird because of the additional problems I had with it. The manual for the Hummingbird covers everything. Never again Lowrance.

👤If you've used fish finders before, this unit is not too difficult. I was disappointed in how the gps plotter worked. I didn't buy it for that. Downscan, Side Scan, and Sonar all work well. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase. I took the boat out today to do some mapping on a new pond, but it only showed a white screen with water temp and speed, but no sonar, down Scan, or anything else. Can't connect to transducer. I'm not sure what to do, I'm unable to locate any information on how to fix this. My rating was lowered to a 1 because it was too soon to be having an issue with a $400 unit. Will change rating if I find a solution. I fixed it! It was a stupid easy fix to get it back to working condition. There is a button in the menu that tells you why it was turned off. I know that I never turned it off, but I didn't know it existed. I said it was an easy fix. I contacted Lowrance six weeks ago and have not received a response.

👤It is not a fish finder. There was no mapping. If you want to plot it yourself, you have to pay an additional fee. It is only good for speed temp and depth. No other details were given. The pictures are not the same. Don't be fooled.

👤I use a hook on my kayak. The unit has helped me find and catch fish quickly. I get about 2 days on the water with a 10ah battery. If you fish ponds and smaller bodies of water, you should get yourself a 32gb sd card. You will be able to make your own charts.

👤I don't like the Lowrance Hook 5 reveal and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It came with everything I needed to get it working but the main reason is that it wouldn't send a signal to the fish finder. The water temperature, the speed, and the return on the signal were all shown. I thought it was because I put it in the wrong place. I moved the transducer but it still didn't come back. The instructions that came with the Lowrance were not as good as the ones that come with the Apple iPhone. I had to drill 8 screws into my kayak to install the plastic holder that I ordered. After placing the Transducer in the water, there was no signal. I went to the best place in the world for trouble shooting, and found out there is an on/off button for the Sonar signal. The mine was turned off. A depth finder has a on/off button. It's stupid. I have a large plastic apparatus attached to my Kayak that I think my Transducer was working well. Someone on the internet was helping Lowrance. If you want to be sure that your signal is working from the factory, don't buy. I would have bought a Hummingbird unit if I waited too long to return this unit.

7. Garmin Fishfinder Transducer Scanning 010 02553 00

Garmin Fishfinder Transducer Scanning 010 02553 00

The fish finder has a new vivid scanning color scheme that makes it easy to distinguish fish and structure. garmin chirp traditional and chirp sidev scanning are supported. You can use a gps device to mark waypoints, create routes and view your boat's speed. It includes built-in quickdraw mapping. wi-fi allows you to connect to the active captain app with a compatible phone to transfer waypoints, receive smart notifications, and access the garmin quickdraw community. The components include STRIKER Vivid 7sv fish finder, GT52HW-tm transducer, power/data cable, dual 4-pin transducer adapter cable, tilt/swivel mount, Hardware, and a bumper sticker.

Brand: Garmin

👤The unit is being advertised in a way that is false. The unit comes with a GT20 transducer that is capable of being used in the 2D traditional sonar mode. I'm finding out that it isn't. Only in Clearvu mode. An upgrade is required if you want Pikachu in both modes. That is false advertising. The upgraded transducer is the Gt22hw tm.

👤I am very pleased with the new Striker Vivid 4CV. The returns are clear. The quality of a fish finder under $200 is comparable to that of high end finders. It is easy to install, set up and use. It is a game change to have the different color schemes for each sonar. The map is as good as it can get for a head unit that doesn't have maps or a sd card slot. They took the way to the next level. Even at speeds of 15-20 mph, it was still mapping the bottom. This is the easiest set up I have ever had for someone who is just learning. The regular Striker 4CV seems to have been made even better by them. I lost a lot of sleep researching this purchase, and I can assure you that there will not be any fish finder with these features and quality in this price point. I could be wrong. The previous Striker 4CV was a bad one, but the new Vivid has a better one. I like the green and red for the sonar because it gives me accurate readings between fish and debris, and I like the Ice Blue for its crystal clear image. At speeds of 40 mph, it kept depth readings. For the first time in my life, I was able to use my fish finder to land fish. The video would be posted here. I was excited to catch a small mouth after a 7 trip skunk and a fish finder inder from another brand. I would never stop being so impressed. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

👤I made a mistake when I used garmin for the 6th time and it started collecting water behind the screen.

👤I've had many lowrance units. This unit is clear and has great detail. The unit works well. It is very easy to use.

👤I use this on my kayak with an affordable LifePO4 8 Amp/hr battery and a simple D.I.Y. rail mount. I can leave the fish finder on and fishing for 9 hours, and still have plenty of charge left. I like the gps "trail" feature, which shows my route for the entire trip, so I can find my way back to the launch area. When jigging straight down, Fish finder picks up my lures under the transducer.

👤The transducer on this is bigger than the ones on the strikers. It is difficult to fish down a8" hole but once through the ice it works great in 80 ft of water. I was trying to avoid seeing that they wanted 86.00 dollars for the true ice fishing transducer, but they did.

8. Lowrance HOOK2 4X Fishfinder Transducer

Lowrance HOOK2 4X Fishfinder Transducer

Included: The STRIKER Vivid 9sv fish finder has a Genuine Garmin protective cover, power/data cable, dual 4-pin transducer cable, tilt/swivel mount, Hardware, and a bumper sticker. The SolarMAX display has a high resolution. The interface is easy to use. Side Scan and Down Scan are options for the broadband sounder. There is auto tuning of the Sonar. The coverage of most fish finder's should be doubled. Basic gps navigation options are available. You can add points, follow trails and navigate to your fishing spots. Comes with a gun. One-year warranty. The upgrade program is five years.

Brand: Lowrance

👤I paid for the unit to be installed. The first time it worked, it failed the following trips. I was sent to JustAnswer after trying to get help from Lowrance. It was a big mistake. They charged me for each text, not for a call. Unsatisfactory! Very disappointed.

👤I installed the Larance hook and from the first day it didn't work and I need to replace it, but the seller said it was late and I only took it out two times. If the seller would do me this way, how about the next guy?

👤When the boat is on a plane, the unit doesn't give depth. In a lake with a very even bottom, depth is unreliable. It's difficult to navigate the menu items and there's not a choice as to how sensitive the fish finder portion should be, as well as a choice of seeing structure on the bottom of the body of water.

👤The unit worked well from the beginning.

👤I bought this for my kayak. It doesn't power up after getting everything set up, mounting the transducer, running all the wires, and setting it up the day before the voyage. Everything is correct but it is dead on arrival. The customer service exchanged the transducer in less than a second. Communication was top shelf. The seller is wonderful and it's a good product.

👤The unit has not worked right from the start. I don't get to go fishing very often. The brand new unit that I use for my fish finder has had issues. It is difficult to use, not user friendly, and has screen issues. I don't recommend.

👤Terrible product! Does not work as claimed. Nothing works on this unit. Don't buy.

9. Garmin Striker Transducer Fishfinder Traditional

Garmin Striker Transducer Fishfinder Traditional

The Clear Vu scanning sonar shows you more of what is in the water around your boat, it gives near photographic images with detailed representations of objects, structure and fish. The power of simple is easy to use and has a water rating of IPX7. The maximum depth is 1,600 feet freshwater, 750 feet saltwater, and the current draw is. Ampere. A continuous sweep of frequencies by Chirp Sonar gives a wider range of information and it is able to create better fish arches. The classic flasher format is ideal for ice fishing or vertical jigging. The display size is 1.9 x 2.9 inches and 3.5 inches diagonal.

Brand: Garmin

👤This isn't portable. I bought it for my kayak and didn't read the reviews. It needs a 12v battery, or you can buy a nocqua battery pack for an extra $90+ with additional cables. The mount can't be mounted to a kayak without additional mounting brackets. The screen isn't waterproof and may get splashed if it is taken out into saltwater. It's perfect for pond fishing. You'll spend more than $200k to get it powered and mounted. I returned it.

👤I would highly recommend this system for boaters who travel. I used it for the first time on a 10 mile canoe trip and I couldn't be happier with its performance. I was able to plot my course on a paper map to get the coordinates of each leg, and then add all the waypoint coordinates into the unit the night before creating a route. The gps unit kept track of where I was, how long it would take to get to the next waypoint, and how long it would take to get to the final destination. Our speed is very important for trip planning. I use two boats, one is a row boat for fishing and the other is a canoe where I mounted the transducer in the hull using a foam mounting piece. The fish finder worked well in both cases and I can swap it between the two. It would not be difficult to permanently mount the unit if I used the same method I use to make it swappable between the boats. You can adjust the base to face any direction. The garmin had no problems in the rain. It held up well. If you don't need to use waypoints or use a fish finder for local lakes, this is probably overkill. If you're looking for a great gps and fish finder in one, this is a fantastic unit and I highly recommend it. A quick note about my setup, I built a battery box. I know there are premade battery boxes that are more compact and hardy than the one I built. You will need to explore power options and be able to wire the unit. I like the flexibility.

👤The interface is very easy to use. It works as I had hoped. There are two points that seem to be ignored. The unit has to be connected to a power supply that has a car battery in it. If you plan to use it in a kayak, you need a power source. The screen/keyboard unit is not water resistant. If there is a chance of rain or spray you need a bag or something to cover it.

👤The gps fish finder is very sensitive to depth reading with tenths of a foot accuracy, and it seems to be working well. The construction details indicate a limited lifetime is expected when compared to my last one which had a really tight screw on the connectors and was very small and soft. The pins are very small and they have a slight chamfer to indicate how to insert the two plugs. The way the "head" unit is attached to the base is very vulnerable. It is almost impossible to put the head unit into the base without the holder being out. These connections are easily disrupted or separated. The system allows for the head unit to be tipped in the base, but it is very easy to remove if any effort is made on the unit. It's very easy to be ripped off by a thief. The screen is invisible in the sunlight, which is not cool, and it disappears very easily. Without the shadow of a bimini, it would be hard to read the display in bright sunlight. My old display of back and white was a pleasure to read in any light. The unit works well, but I'm worried about its longevity.

10. Garmin Striker Dual Beam Transducer 010 01870 00

Garmin Striker Dual Beam Transducer 010 01870 00

The dual-beam transducer with the traditional sonar is included. You can use the built-in mapping software to create and store maps with up to 2 million acres. You can use built-in gps to mark routes and view boat speed. The 4.3” display is bright and Sunlight-readable. Every fishing environment has a rugged design. Transmit power: 200 W (RMS) and frequencies: 50/77/83/200 kHz.

Brand: Garmin

👤I didn't have the chance to enjoy it. The device malfunctioned after only a couple of times, and I won't be able to use it again. I've tried to get in touch with the support of the company, but every time they let me wait for a response, it didn't help with my device. Since I first addressed them, nothing has happened. The product is nice, so it's too bad. Good features and affordable. The service was the worst ever. I'm very disappointed.

👤Great fish finder! It's perfect for my kayak use.

👤The unit is very easy to use and the display has no issues in direct sunlight. I like the automatic night mode for low light use. I am using a kayak.

👤If you use this in saltwater, be careful. I had to replace the power cable after 3 months because the connection melted. The push connections in the back of the unit are not waterproof. After I installed the unit, I coated it with grease, took it off my kayak, cleaned and stored it in a dry place, but I still have to clean the pins periodically. The transducer is flush on the PDL. The unit works well at depths to 120 feet and I have no problems finding structure or bait with it.

👤I bought it for ice fishing. The portable kit came from the same company. The unit did a great job on the ice. I was in 30 feet of water and set the transducer to 200kHz. I have a flasher that I normally use for ice fishing, but I used the graph with A-Scope instead, because I thought that was what I would use on this one. I liked how I watched the fish react to me jigging. The standard boat transducer was used. I'm not sure if I'll buy the ice transducer from Garmin. The one that came with it was very good. It picked up on the fish. The screen is very bright. The screen is large enough that I had no issues with it. I decided to use the portable kit from Garmin for open water fishing. The Striker Plus 4 worked well. I used it on my father-in-law's boat which already has a fish finder. The Humminbird interfered with me but I was able to see everything that the Humminbird did. The mapping feature on the Garmin seemed to do a great job for me. I did not get to map a lot of the lake because it is over 1200 acres, but I did get to look at the map. You would expect the gps to work well. I am very pleased with the device. Plus 4. The 4 inch screen was too small for me. The 5 inch would be better. Since I didn't have enough money to buy the 5 inch model, I had to get the 4 inch model which is larger and more suited for ice fishing. I can use it for open water too, even though it costs less than a new flasher. It is just as good as your standard ice fishing flasher.

11. Garmin Keyed Assist Chartplotter GT24UHD TM Transducer

Garmin Keyed Assist Chartplotter GT24UHD TM Transducer

The 7” touchscreen is bright and Sunlight-readable. There is a GT 24 transducer for high-definition scanning and a high wide CHIRP traditional sonar. LakeV G3 inland maps have up to 1' of a lake in their coverage. Panoptix live Scope is supported. Other units with similar capabilities are ECHOMAP Plus, ECHOMAP UHD and ECHOMAP Ultra. The included components are: echomap Uhd 73Cv With Lakev G3 For U.S., Gt 24Uhd-Tm Transducer, Power/Data Cable, and a Flush Mount.

Brand: Garmin

👤The default maps are basic and non detailed, even though I installed and started up this unit today. There are no depth soundings or distance/measurements in the description. The description states that you can experience unparalleled coverage and detail with preloaded LakeV g3 inland maps, which include integrated Navionics® data that covers more than 17,000 lakes with up to 1' contours. It is very difficult to update this because there is very little data displayed. The Active Captain app says I need an SD card, even though I connected to the internet. I said before I bought it that I didn't need one in the details. If I want to have updated charts, I have to purchase regions. How is it that this thing costs over $700 and doesn't have charts? Next time, I will use Simrad or Lowrance. It is too complicated and cumbersome to use.

👤What unique is the update of this thing that you need an active captain app and an extra sd card which should be between 16-32 gb range and formatted to fat32 format? It will take 20 hours to learn to use this. I like the touch screen product more than the other older model because of what else to buy.

👤I have not counted the 17,000 lake maps in this unit. I know that I would hate to be lost and have to rely on the units maps to find my way home. They are not very advanced. I would consider them a selling point for the company because they offer better maps in a chip that is very expensive. Since they became available, I have used Chartplotters. I have seen many come and go, but this one is pure entry level quality.

👤I installed this on the bow of my new bass boat after buying it. It is easy to install. I would give it a 5 star rating. But. The instructions to register and download maps are very confusing. It was a bit of a hassle to call for help. Everything was easy after they told me what they didn't say. The features and images are easy to see. I like the split screen. I would highly recommend this fish finder.

👤I can help me catch fish.

👤This unit works great for my boat.


What is the best product for gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad?

Gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad products from Humminbird. In this article about gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad you can see why people choose the product. Garmin and Lowrance are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad.

What are the best brands for gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad?

Humminbird, Garmin and Lowrance are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps fish finder combo with transducer simrad. Find the detail in this article.

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