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1. Garmin Venture Receiver Discontinued Manufacturer

Garmin Venture Receiver Discontinued Manufacturer

High-Sensitivity, WAAS-EnabledGPS. Peak performance is provided by the receiver in any environment. The map includes lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, highways, railroads and coastlines. A 1.7-InchH X 1.3-InchW Screen has a 256-Level Color Tft. Usb is compatible with high-speed map downloads. The included Mapsource Trip and Waypoint Manager Software have internal memory of 24 MB.

Brand: Garmin

👤I bought this gps back in 2010 and it is still working. We use it for gps jet skis and it is pretty accurate. I have been very pleased with this product. It has a lot of water exposure. Jet skis get exposed to water frequently because we gps stand them up.

👤I bought this unit to replace my old one. The Geko did everything I wanted it to do, and although it was lacking in frills, it served me well for years. I upgraded the Venture HC because I wanted to be able to use topographical maps, something the Venture is advertised to be able to do. They can't. They can, but they can't. The unit is advertised as having 25 MB of internal memory, however only 23 MB is usable at any time. In my case, Central Florida, with the exception of the East coast, took about 18.2MB, and with a trail overlay that took about 900KB, there was no more room. You don't get to pick the center of the map, and if the trail you're planning to use crosses 2 map sections, you don't get to. You should look at the Garmin HCx, it has a micro SD card slot that allows you to expand the memory. Problem solved. Not! This unit can draw a base map in a few minutes, but it takes a long time to draw a topo map with any level of detail. Not a problem you're thinking about? Think about it this way: if you're on the trail, you want to find a stream to purify the water. You can either move the map pointer to the north, south, east or west. Every zoom step or map pan will result in a 10-20 second re-drawing of the map. If you zoom out 2 levels, you could spend a minute or more waiting on the map to draw, if you pan in all the directions. There is a note about the maps. You can use non-Garmin maps with this product. There are some maps that are even better than the ones on the 24K Topo maps. This thing is not more useful than my 10 year old Geko 101, which you can buy for nothing these days. I returned my unit the day after I received it. A much better interface and a faster map drawing times are included with the included 64MB SD card. All for not much more than the HCx.

👤I got a unit for this game in urban areas. The cheaper units are either in B&W or have a serial interface. Unless you're running Windows 95 on a really old machine, I highly recommend getting a unit with ausb interface. Some new machines have no serial port, so the transfer speed is much faster. The performance of the unit is very good. It was able to get a lock on my house, something Nuvi could not do. If you're moving for a few seconds in a straight line, the position is updated once every second, and the "compass" is only accurate if you do. This is true for all gpsrs that don't have an electronic compass. The unit is small and easy to hold in my hands, compared to the Nuvi I was using before this arrived. It looks like a cell phone in the black case, so people won't give you a second look when you're out hunting for a cache. Waypoint names are 14 characters long and hold 500 waypoints. The ability to mark a waypoint as "found" after which you're asked if you want to go to the next closest waypoint is the main feature of this unit. If you were to search for a cache, you would want to filter out found cache. If you are logging your finds after a few days out, you can view the calendar to see when you found the cache. The main limitations of this unit are limited basemap, no sensor, and no memory expansion capability. There are units that have those features, but they are not comparable to the price of the Venture HC. The price of aGPSMap 60CSx is almost 3 times the price. If you spend more you can get a Colorado or Oregon for paperless caching. You can find free street maps in ibycus USA. It's very easy to install the software that comes with the unit. The map set is on the upper left corner of Mapsource. Unfortunately, there is no topo information. No matter what mapset you're using, this unit won't do routing. The Venture HC can be used with rechargable batteries, but the unit can't be used to replenish the battery. The Venture HC will not draw power from the batteries if it is plugged into a port that is labeled as ausb. I haven't had to refill the batteries after a week of use. Updating to the latest version of the unit's software is fairly painless. It takes a few minutes to get used to the interface. To make screen captures off the gpsr, and to personalize the startup splash screen, garmin has an application. There is a device SDK for application developers. I highly recommend this unit for a low cost entry to geocaching, it has a set of Eneloop NiMH and a protective case. If you have a Nuvi, you can search for Nuvi Paperless Geocaching. You'll need the application GSAK and a premium account with, but that will allow you to view cache descriptions, hints and logs, together with proximity alert and driving instructions to the cache, at your fingertips.

2. Garmin ETrex Summit Handheld Receiver

Garmin ETrex Summit Handheld Receiver

High-Sensitivity, WAAS-EnabledGPS. Peak performance is provided by the receiver in any environment. The map includes lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, highways, railroads and coastlines. The electronic compass and barometric altimeter are used. Usb is compatible with high-speed map downloads. A 1.7-InchH X 1.3-InchW Screen has a 256-Level Color Tft.

Brand: Garmin

👤I'm very pleased with this device. It's easy to use, accurate,compact, lightweight and has a very viewable screen. Sometimes it can be viewed without the backlight, but only with a very low setting on the backlight. I got a detailed topo map of the western coastal states because I wanted a poor base map. The map comes with a software called Mapsource. They perform the same functions but are different. It will take some time to figure them out. Which one you use is user preference, said the person. Mapsource is better at organizing tracks and routes, but Basecamp is better at printing maps. I like having the altimeter because it allows me to measure altitude and barometric pressure more accurately. I live at 1325 feet and have seen the gps altitude range from 1295 to 1345 feet. If I'm standing up with the gps on the floor, it can detect with the altimeter. You need to be able to calibrate it frequently to have reliable accuracy. If you don't want the altimeter, the Venture HC is a good alternative. I think I'd go with the Vista HCX if I could get one at the price I got, even though I'm very satisfied with the Summit HC. The price differential that exists would be worth it if it were not for its superior battery life and extra memory capacity.

👤Some of my problems could be user error, since I'm a novice gps user. I hiked England's Coast to Coast path using this product. It does the job it is supposed to do, but not as easily as it could. I downloaded a set of instructions. I had to contact customer service because the directions weren't clear. They told me how to do it and it was very easy. It takes a bit of punching to get the gps to navigate to the waypoint. Either type in the name or scroll through the list to find a waypoint. I couldn't find a way to go to the next waypoint after the one currently entered. It's not a lot of fun to walk in the rain. The minute you turn the unit on, the trip odometer starts. When you download the trip data later, it breaks the trip into segments showing you were walking and resting. I want to know when to start and how long it will take. The total distance covered seems to be a little short of what my device shows. The 305 is very accurate. Since it helped me get across England on foot, I should probably not complain too much.

👤I have been using my etrex summit for two years now, mainly for bike riding and exploring obscure forest service roads. The unit is easy to use, bright screen, sensitive, AA batteries, perfect fit on bike handlebars, and I have been very pleased with it. The Mapsource and Base Camp software are disappointing. Both programs are crude and run like a preliminary version of software. The topo maps are flawed. Some roads are in the wrong location, roads are listed with the wrong number, and trails are designated in my area. In one place, the map showed a road that was abandoned in the 1960's. The TOPO map is still useful, but I have to carry a paper map with me for verification.

3. Garmin ETrex Worldwide Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Worldwide Handheld Navigator

The navigator has a 2.2-inch color display. Fast positioning and a reliable signal can be achieved with a WAAS-enabled gps receiver. It's compatible with road maps. Topo U.S. 24K, BlueChart g2, City Navigator, etc. The batteries are waterproof to IPX7 standards for protection against splashes, rain, etc. There is support for paperless geocaching and Garmin spine-mounting accessories.

Brand: Garmin

👤I was looking for a basic handheld gps with support for Glonass. My intended use was for hiking in remote areas. If I got turned around, I wanted the Etrex 10 to be an insurance policy. I thought the lack of a detailed basemap wouldn't be a problem. I thought the gray scale screen would work well for me. I discovered that I was wrong on both accounts. I found it difficult to navigate because there were no points of reference other than a small dot for cities. The gray scale screen seemed to confuse me as waypoints and tracks blended together on the tiny screen with a featureless background. I wondered if the etrex 10 was better than firing up my cell phoneGPS without data. I returned the unit because of the issues with the interface. I replaced the 10 with the 20. The experience of the 20 is completely different. The unit is upgraded for an extra $60. The basemap was more than I was expecting. Major highways and state routes can be seen along with bodies of water. These characteristics are present in all of the countries I checked. The Republic Georgia is not the most mapped area of the world. Major cities and towns are marked. When you have a bunch of waypoints in the same area, the color screen helps keep things organized. The Etrex 20 is a major improvement over the 10, based on initial impressions.

👤This is my 4th Garmin, and it has been my outdoor companion since I got it. Within hours of using this one, I dumped the legend. This little guy has been through a lot, from searching for hidden treasure in the mountains to around town. Pick up a screen protectors, the screen doesn't scratch very easily, but it's made of plastic, not gorilla glass like we are all used to by now, and it's still very usable. The unit is bulletproof. The interface is clunky and slow, but after using my wife's Magellan, I think this is fine. The screen is good in the daytime and great after dark, but it's not great in the middle of the day. I knocked a start off for a faulty power button. The rubber power button crack on the eTrex 10/30 units has been seen this year alone, and I have seen other units with the same problem. One of them was mine.

👤I left a review for the poor people who thought the only available maps were from Garmin. This is not true. I downloaded a home made topo of California from a fellow online who has many more available, and if you feel they are incorrect, you can email him and let him know. With the topo that I downloaded, I had access to a motherlode of landmarks. From the road that leads to the halfdome to the garbage cans that are labeled and marked on the park map, you will never find a park map that shows the low key trails. The sd card is useful, but not a must. Map files can be switched between during use of the actual gps unit. I have not yet used it for that purpose. I don't think I could ever need all of the great features. There are obstacles in the water. There is a nearby lodging or entertainment. Sunrise and sunset times. The times for hunting and fishing are the best. Dozens of HUD options, such as elevation, distance to destination, ETA of destination based on speed, compass, and so much more, are available. I keep this piece of equipment in my mini go bag in my car, it's a fantastic piece of equipment. I think the gps has a long way to go before it's obsolete.

4. Garmin ETrex Vista Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Vista Handheld Navigator

A high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled gps receiver is in a waterproof case. The basemap shows lakes, rivers, cities, roads, coastlines and landmarks. There is plenty of room for maps, waypoints, routes and saved tracks in the 24 MB internal memory. Four-way scrutiny for smooth, one-hand operation on a high-contrast, backlit 2.4-inch display. An electronic compass and barometric altimeter are included.

Brand: Garmin

👤The time on this unit can no longer be kept up to date due to a computer error. If you can remember, it is off by 30ft at all times. I have only one problem with it and that is that it reduces its use for the geographic information system. There is a method to shift points later. I didn't know that this was my first gps device. You can receive a signal from multiple satellites while indoors, but outside you can track them all. The screen is simple and the battery life is long, but this makes sense. I can use the Base Camp with theusb cable that came with my house. elevation, marking locations and paths, easy to use button layout, and many more are features that people enjoy. The model is cheap now, which is one of the best things about it. It was $30 when I bought it and it came with a paper pamphlet. I think this unit would be a great gift for young children to have a real device to play with outdoors. They can learn how to use one. Since I didn't need a modern one, I chose this for the price. This unit has a Y2K-like clock issue.

👤I bought the gps unit for the class I was supposed to teach. I am a professional in the field of training and consulting for gps units. I branched off into the world of recreational gps to expand my training offerings, but I usually restrict my gps usage to professional grade equipment. I've used the eTrex series before and this Vista H unit is a nice addition to the line-up. If I were buying an eTrex to use as my sole gps unit, I would have chosen the color screen. The color screen adds more bang for the buck. The little units have been done well by the company. The Vista is light and quick to respond to. The new receiver locks onto satellites very quickly. The internal compass and altimeter are easy to calibrate and turn on. The operating system of the eTrex models is a bit clumsy to learn and I usually need to spend a good 5 minutes re-orienting myself to it when I use the eTrex in the field. The buttons on the unit are not intuitive and it is hard to remember which one does what. I can navigate through the pages/settings fairly easily once I'm in the flow of using the eTrex. If you plan to collect tracks, I would recommend a bit of training before you use the unit. A common problem that users of the device have is that their track log shows a long, continuous line on the map that connects with a straight line. If you used the unit in Phoenix on your last hike and are now starting it in Los Angeles, you can leave a long straight line on your map. The track log is the most important thing. The unit is a great price. I like the fact that I can collect points and lines and add them to a map. The process of adding to ArcGIS is complicated as the first thing to do is convert the gps file format to another format. It's just a matter of trying them out and figuring out what works for you. The model of buying base map data is not useful for a professional. The base map for the eTrex is very basic. If you want more detail, then you must purchase these from Garmin. The base map is only good for one unit. If you own multiple eTrex, you must purchase the same data multiple times. Once you acquire data, it is yours to use as you please. You can't load your own data onto the gps unit. I usually use my Trimble unit for hiking. The unit costs more, but it has a professional workflow. This is not something that is important to most hikers, but it can make a world of difference to those who use gps for search and rescue. You can collect points, lines, and polygons, as well as attributes, and then export the data directly to shapefiles with the Juno. You can load your own data onto it, which is a bonus. The unit is more expensive initially, but it allows you to load whatever data you want onto it and it will allow you to quickly bring your gps data into agis. You can collect user-defined attributes in the field while logging your gps positions. I would recommend this unit as a basic mapping gps unit, but I would suggest spending more to get the color screen. If you're new to gps, invest in some basic training to help you get the most out of your gps unit. You can usually find a half-day training class by searching around the state parks and community college non-credit programs, but there are also online training courses you can find. Happy trails! There is something.

5. Garmin GPSMAP Handheld Preloaded TopoActive

Garmin GPSMAP Handheld Preloaded TopoActive

The design is water resistant and has a button. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the U.S. and Australia. Know where you are with a high-sensitivity receiver with quad helix antenna and multi-GNSS support. Up to 16 hours in the gps mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤I used the garmin gps for my hiking trip around the Grand Canyon and other areas in Arizona. I explored the Arizona desert mountains in a Polaris RZR. I was surprised that it showed the main off road trails. It was pre-installed with the Arizona topo map. The map had all the trails I needed. After clearing the prior way point, I would mark it as a way point. Before starting a new trail, be sure to clear your previous foot tracks. I was able to find my way back to the car because of it. I left the alkaline batteries on for 14-16 hours to test them before I traveled. I set it to satellite mode to maximize battery life. The screen was at 50% brightness. Under the system settings, be sure to select the type of batteries you are using. I used Energizer batteries and they lasted longer. After using it for a few days around my home area, the user interface is straight forward. I watched a few videos to make sure I knew how to use it. I don't know why people give this device poor reviews. The buttons are nice. The screen is easy to see in the sun. A traditional compass and map is required. Be sure to know the area you are going to be in.

👤I read all the negative reviews and felt that the hand-held unit would work the same as the advertised one. After reading about the need to work through the base map and purchase additional maps for areas I frequent, I took the risk. I couldn't get the map to download. I contacted support after trying it on two different computers. I was sent a link that wouldn't open. I followed all the instructions, but was still unable to download the detailed hunting topo map I wanted. I wish I'd saved the money on the unit because I got a refund for the extra map purchase. A good old fashioned magnetic compass would help me with my purpose.

👤I have been using gps units for hiking. I liked my gps. It was easy to use. It was a dream to have file management. It was time to buy a new gps after 12 years of service. I chose the 64Csx because I wanted a state-of-the-art unit with a camera and flashlight. I had trouble getting maps from the website. I was on the phone with Tech Support for 2 hours to get the unit activated and download maps. I was very happy with the help the technician gave me. I am satisfied with the unit. There is a lot of memory to hold the topo maps. I believe it will hold 5000 waypoints, which is more than my old unit held. I don't think there is a limit on the number of tracks. It is easy to use. My old unit was easy to manage. The unit has a trip odometer, map, compass and elevation pages. The gps map 64csx has a rating of 5 stars. It must be with the software. I wanted to download maps from the gps. The gps has to be attached to the computer as an external drive to use the maps. BaseCamp's file management is not intuitive. I would give BaseCamp a low mark. I could write about it. I'm not rating BaseCamp. You can't avoid BaseCamp if they are pairs. Please update Map Source and ditch Base Camp.

6. Garmin ETrex Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin ETrex Handheld GPS Navigator

The purchase of this unit does not include batteries. The device will work with any AA batteries. peak performance in any environment is provided by the high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled gps receiver. It is lightweight and waterproof. The 2.1-inch X 1.1-inch screen has bright back lighting. The buttons are on either side of the device. Stores up to 500 waypoints and 20 routes with up to 125 waypoints per route.

Brand: Garmin

👤The low price offered on sale was the main consideration in making this purchase. I was aware that this was an older model and that it didn't have maps on the screen. I use paper maps and a compass and have a strong memory for details I have studied before venturing outside. It's not clear why 3.5 and 5 inch disks are not included. There is no need for them either. I purchased this to use in Georgia. It's ideal for this, simple, rugged, lightweight. It is not meant for vehicle use. No voice or "turn by turn" directions. The unit arrived quickly and well packaged. I was very excited to get it. I downloaded the manual for this unit online and read it before it arrived. I read reviews on websites and on websites about this particular unit. I followed the directions and tips given to me by reading them, and my unit was able to receive the satellite signals in less than 5 minutes. It's a good idea to know that having a gps won't keep you from getting lost. A person needs to study the materials and learn how to use them. Some of these may be difficult to understand. I figured out how to enter the online waypoints that I obtained. I couldn't figure it out at first. I had to change the location coordinates of the ones I wanted to find after going to the MARK selection. I could change the name of the waypoint. This is not obvious from the books I studied. My thumbs get tired while I enter a lot of information, and the buttons are stdif. A person with weak hands is hard to press. The buttons aren't pressed accidentally like with cellphones. The unit should be connected to a computer with the connection cable. I ordered one. My computer has a serial connection, and there are other options. There is anHINT: There is a parapet at the top. I pulled the flap up, but it was not obvious. This is ideal for people who are active outdoors. It is a great value for money.

👤I was looking for a basic gps unit to take with me. I can find my car again, as well as some places along the trail where I left my campsite. That's right. There are more expensive units out there. I backpack to simplify because I love technology in all parts of my life. I didn't want to buy a complex gps that required the purchase and loading of topo maps onto my computer, and all the headaches and hassles thereunto. Some of the reviews on the pricier, more complex models are available here. I took the eTrex with me on my backpacking trip. I received the eTrex the day before I was to leave. I turned it on, watched a few videos, and was off and running. I made copies of the owner's manual to take with me, but found that the unit was so easy to use that I didn't need them. The owner's manual is very poorly written and I gave it four stars. The basics of the gps unit would have been helpful. I was able to get up and running quickly thanks to the help of a few videos on the internet. My eTrex took a few minutes to find the satellites when I first turned it on. The eTrex needs a few extra minutes to find itself again if you drive several hours before turning it on. Good to know, but not a big deal. This is the unit to get if you want a simple gps for backpacking, hunting or fly-fishing.

7. Garmin ETrex Waterproof Hiking GPS

Garmin ETrex Waterproof Hiking GPS

Up to 12 satellites are used by the global positioning system receiver. It calculates current and average speed, time of sunrise and sunset, and more. You can retrace your path in both directions with the automatic track log. The case runs for 18 hours on 2 AA batteries. It's compatible with optional MapSource software for download.

Brand: Garmin

👤I like the etrex for it's ease of use and simplicity, but it does more than I need, so I can get all that I need on 2 pages. When I hike with other people who also have gps navigators, we get different distance traveled numbers. I don't know if there is some "free wheeling" that occurs until the signal is strong again, because I know in some cases I get a "weak signal" warning. It doesn't take much to get a weak signal warning, something I wouldn't expect from a satellite based device. I still like the unit, but I wish it was more robust.

👤After several years of using the eTrex, I upgraded to a more richly-featured unit from another manufacturer, probably because it was available as a Gold Box offer. The good old eTrex is still being used. The people who designed it were interested in the ball. It can be operated with one hand, it is smaller, and it has a sparse visual display, making it a better alternative to the other unit. The display size offered in a hand-held unit is what I want, and this last element is not desirable in an auto navigation system. The uses of a small-package gps system expand with experience. I decided to row a boat between points in the Sound. The currents were variable in direction and speed and I was always at my back. I always had an arrow pointing me in the right direction when I put the eTrex on the bench. The Underground in London was not operating due to a strike. It was difficult to get a cab. I decided to walk back a mile to the hotel after the theater because I only know what the pattern is with eTrex. Left car in large parking lot came back later with no idea where it was, just backtrack with eTrex. The same story follows poorly marked trails in the woods - get to destination, a bit tired, head back and find confusing trail branches that were not noticed on the way out - eTrex marked path prevents wrong decisions. Cab drivers should be honest in strange cities. My first experience with the gps was with eTrex, and I keep returning to it. It doesn't have the sensitivity of more expensive units, it will take longer to lock on position if one has moved hundreds of miles since last use, and sometimes will fail to acquire signal under dense forest canopy or streets surrounded by tall buildings. In my experience, the disadvantages are not worth it because of its low cost, compact package and outstanding design. For the dollar, the most fun, rewarding, and useful thing I have ever bought, and I have purchased quite a few of them.

👤I bought this unit for my ATV and it is the best. I picked up a mounting unit for the quad at Amazon. It's not like a TOM TOM or a MagellenGPS, but it will leave you a trail back to where you started, and you can save your spots so you can go back again. It tells you the best times to hunt and fish from where you are and when the sun will rise and set so you know when to turn back. I bought it. It has worked out perfect for me because I would not get lost. Also tells you what you need to know. You are going much faster. It takes a little while to get the sattelights, but after that it turns on fast. If you go out, take an extra set of batteries. It remembers where you are. If you get lost, you will be happy to have this unit to get you back. You don't want to land up there with no food or warm weather. This is a must have for me because I am not a survival kind of guy. I hope this was helpful.

8. Garmin Etrex Legend GPS Receiver

Garmin Etrex Legend GPS Receiver

There is 8 MB of available flash memory. Detailed street map, addresses, and points of interest can be downloaded from Metroguide. The smallest gps on the market is in North and South America. Adaptable to be fully-functional for vehicle use. The smallest gps on the market is in North and South America.

Brand: Garmin

👤I've worked on field projects with these units for several years and they are very bad. When they first came out they were competitive, but now they seem outdated. If you're in a forest, don't try to get a signal. I've used half a dozen of them and they all seem to work if you have a clear view of the sky. The screen fragment or freeze frequently, making it difficult to navigate to a waypoint using an arrow. It's hard to see when the screen is working. I had a lanyard around my neck that broke, and I lost the unit before I realized it. Good luck finding a laptop that will accept the connection cable that uses a 9 pin serial port, and you will most likely have to get a 9-pin tousb adapter. The unit loses satellite connections so easily that the battery life is horrible. Avoid this piece of garbage at all costs.

👤I know every person who has a gps. I believe that is a testament to the performance and price point of this model. After buying a kayak, I bought a gps receiver. I wanted a record of our trips so that I could plan future outings, and I wanted to know how long we were spending together. It works well in that capacity, but I also use it in the car and on my road bike. I used the mount to track my honeymoon train trip across Canada, which was stuck in the window of the compartment, and I'm amazed at how well it works in the window of commercial airliners. This model was not designed for use in a car with the greatest display. You have to pay 6 times as much for the better models. The Legend has been helpful in getting me lost on a couple of occasions, and helping me to return to places I haven't been in awhile. After a few minutes of reading the manual, the unit's operation quickly becomes intuitive, and you can often find features on your own. Building a track using the map can become unwieldy and is better done on a PC with the results downloaded to the Legend. I'm sure every user will find things to dislike about this unit, because of its complexity. I could come up with a long list of things I am pleased with, but I am not. These items are not very big. It would be nice to be able to store different screens for later use when using the Legend for different applications. The patch antenna should work best with the unit that is horizontal with the face upward. It is in a poor position if it hangs from its neck strap. The unit would cost more if there was an optional external antenna. The maps are rough. I expect I-95 to be straight, but I think it's terrible that US1 crosses the wrong side of the Florida East Coast railroad in Cocoa. These are not very important points. The price of the accessories is the biggest complaint about the Legend. Adding an additional mount, cigarette lighter, and map CD costs more than the street price of the Legend itself! One thing that makes me happy is that the software is continually improved, and that it is free to upgrade to. Since I bought the Legend, there have been two upgrades. When I first got it, I turned it on after it sat in my hot car in the summer, but a message would pop up saying that external power had been disconnected. I didn't own an external power source at the time. The unit would cool down. I returned it to them and they sent me a new one. Guess what? It did the same thing. The first upgrade included a change to better detect when external power was removed. I haven't had a problem since I upgraded. It's a little disappointing that it had problems, but it's encouraging that the manufacturer was helpful, and that the product is continually improving. I think the Legend is a great performer for the price. The eTrex line has a new model called the Vista. You can go from 8 MB of memory to 24 MB, and add a compass and altimeter, but it's almost twice the street price. I would like to see a model with more memory for downloaded maps, like 16 MB or 24 MB, but without the compass and altimeter. Although there are always minor things one can think of to improve a product, I am very pleased with my purchase of the eTrex Legend and it receives a lot of use.

9. Garmin ETrex Vista Waterproof Hiking

Garmin ETrex Vista Waterproof Hiking

Automatic route generation, off-route recalculation, turn-by-turn directions, and more help navigate you safely to your destination. An electronic compass has bearing information. Convenient download of map data with a mini-usb port. The display has a 20-hour battery life and 24 MB internal memory. The measure is 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches.

Brand: Garmin

👤I'm happy to have finally tried the ColorVista C after nearly abandoning the whole project. After moving to Montana, I bought a new gps for hiking. I don't have a good sense of where I'm going and I can't rely on the trails around here. The Vista C was more intuitive than the Magellan. Even though I had not used a gps for a year, the learning curve was fast. After working out a couple of issues, my Vista C has been great. I've taken it on many adventures in Montana. I don't like city tours, but the gps device helped me find where the taxi was taking me. My quest to learn cross country skiing is accompanied by it. I've begun using it even where I'm confident that I know the trails, to log information on distance, duration, speed, altitude, calculating grade of ascent, and favorite spots where I might want to hide a gift. The Magellan was never a companion like the Garmin has. It seemed to fail on practicalities. It devoured batteries even if I made sure the device was turned off after less than an hour of use on a new set of batteries and put it away, when I returned in a couple of days the new batteries were toast. I like the detail on topo maps for Magellan, but the computer interface as well as the handheld interface were quite frustrating and67531, so the Magellan became a neglected toy. I became lost for about 30 minutes when I attempted to backtrack a trail and was led so far off course that I was seriously lost. The real-time interaction with the maps of the Garmin seems to be helping me develop my internal navigation skills as well. I had a corrupted file on my handheld that caused it to glitch when trying to download to my PC. This has not happened again. The first tech I spoke with at Garmin told me to uninstall all of my handheld files since they represented a week of hiking on the Lake Superior Trail. I spoke with a supervisor who was professional and gave me several good solutions and contingency plans. I didn't have to use the more remote solutions because I deleted the trail on the handheld that was leftover from hiking near my own community. There was a glitch when I stood on a short hill between rock stands. The device credited me with a fast bounce between these sites. It was edited out easily this time, even though it was still downloaded to my PC. I would like to see improvements. There was a thermometer added. 2. There is always a desire for the information to be available more often in order to get a higher level of accuracy. 3. The software maps for this part of the world are not up to date. The Lake Superior Hiking Trail, the Colorado Trail, and other major trails should be included. The Show Profile feature on the PC software should help you identify trail segments. It only shows the whole trail and the AUTOMATIC waypoints, not the landmarked ones. I'm hooked. This investment has earned its cost in peace of mind, freedom to wander away from the trail and be confident I can get back, finding alternative trails or loops and understanding on the map how they meet up in real time as I am out there scrambling.

10. Garmin ETrex Worldwide Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Worldwide Handheld Navigator

You can get easy-to- follow, animated cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates workouts on your watch screen. The phone is compatible with the following: iPhone, Android. The navigator has a 2.2 inch display and a base map. HotFix and GLONASS support for fast positioning is provided by the WAAS enabled gps receiver. It is waterproof to IPX7 standards for protection against splashes. There is support for paperless geocaching and garmin spine mounting accessories. The Polaroid AA batteries are the best for up to 20 hours of use. To estimate time and distance between points, look at high and low elevation points or store waypoints along a track.

Brand: Garmin

👤I'm a simple guy. It is important to not get lost while out in the thick of it. Don't recommend it, have been there and done that. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on helping to prevent that situation again, so I came up with this unit. I don't need it to do anything. Go for a hike, peace of mind that the camp is over there. If you see something cool, mark it and find it again in the future. I haven't fully played around with everything, but it does other things. I only care about one thing and that is what it does.

👤I have used this across the United States. It would be completely irresponsible to only use this device for navigation. This is a supplement to a map. It tells me my speed and distance traveled, which is useful in predicting timing of arrival and helps with navigating via map. I use the waypoint function to backtrack in case of an emergency, but I haven't had to backtrack out. I believe that the company does not support their customers after the purchase. I read a lot of reviews before buying and people on the internet can't figure out the directions. The user manual that you get with it doesn't give a lot of information about the functions of the device. I think most entry level customers will find it confusing and not helpful on the trail. I will keep carrying it until it breaks, but I don't think it's worth it unless you plan to use the trip computer and primitive waypoint features. I don't see any value in what it provides at the current price. I won't be buying another product from the company for a while.

👤This is great for outdoor activities. After the initial setup, I turn it on, clear the current track, reset the trip odometer, and add a waypoint. Since I have it set to record tracks, there's nothing I can do until I get to the end of the trail. I saved the track and then used the backtrack feature to get me back to the car. This comes with a very basic world map with only major cities as landmarks so don't expect street names, banks, gas stations, restaurants, or anything else. It's great for backpacking, hiking, biking and even as a backup for wheeling/offroading.

👤The eTrex 10 is a gem. The rating was five stars. I've been using it on bicycle rides for the past two months. I've read many reviews on Amazon for this product, but few do a good job of telling the consumer. I think the product caters to many different end users, such as boaters, kayakers, walkers, hikers, off-road cyclists, and on-road cyclists. My review was written from the point of view of a cyclist. I'm not going to answer a lot of questions in a review. 1. Is it possible to charge this device using a cable? Is that correct? No. Two AA batteries are used for power. They can be cheap or expensive. If the weather is warm, alkaline work is fine. Cheap ones that have less than 2000 capacity are not good for the rechargeable route. I didn't know they had different capacities. It's true! The batteries need to be charged in a separate device. 2. What do you use the cable for? You can connect your device to your computer so you can update software or move GPX files. GPX files are what the tracks and waypoints are. I use a website called RidewithGPS to create my files. I use other software to convert them. Think of GpsVisualizer dotcom. 3. Is it possible to load maps into this device? Not really. There is a base map with the unit. It is possible to change it with a different map. If you want to add maps to this device, you need to be able to insert anSD card, which is where you would store extra maps. You can't add maps because you can't install an SD card. 4. Can you use this device on long bike rides? Is it good for bicycle touring? > Yes. This is the reason I bought this device. 5. Can this device help one navigate a city walk? Is it an outdoors hike? An off-road bicycle ride? An on-road bike ride? Yes to all four questions. I use a free online service called RidewithGPS dotcom to create GPX files. The GPX files are used to design a route. Some of the routes go through the city. There are various outdoor parks near my home. There are mountain bike trails. Some are 200k rides on the roads. I copy the GPX files into the GPX folder on my device. 6. Is the device compatible with an sd card? Is that correct? No. Not on this device. If you pay more for the eTrex 20x or the eTrex 30x, you will be able to install an SD card in those devices. 7. Is it possible to read this device in the sun? At night time? Yes. I have found it easy in both daytime and nighttime. I have to wear glasses to correct my vision. The screen is small. There are 8. Is the device good for long distance bike rides? Is that correct? Yes. The internal batteries of the gps devices for cyclists will die after 10 to 12 hours of use. When the eTrex 10 uses two AA batteries, they are easy to replace. If you have extra AA batteries with you on your rides, you will never be without an eTrex 10. There are 9. How long does it take to find satellites? It depends. Within a minute, it always cranks up for me. Both kinds of satellites are enabled in my setup. This way it uses more power. 10. Is the user manual easy to understand? Is that correct? It is okay. The manual has a problem with the wide range of uses the device can be used for. There should be a manual for each type of user. Do you want to use the device to mark geocaches? To be a navigation tool? To record where you went so you can retrace your steps? I'm only interested in using the device as a navigation tool. 11. Does the device record pace and distance traveled? Can it be used as a bike speedometer? Is that correct? Yes. You can change the view screen to show how far you have traveled. You can set it to tell you how fast you are going. There are 12. How relevant are street signs when using this device? Maps are not relevant because street signs are. You will have a track with this device and your GPX file. The names of the waypoints are in my GPX file. When the device is working, a scruple shows up in the view screen indicating where I am. I know it's time to make a turn as it moves along the track. I can make the turn without knowing the street's name. I don't look for street signs to verify a turn in the middle of the night. It's nice to see a street sign that matches the title. I can see the waypoint titles in my view screen. 13 Does the view screen scratch easily? Is that correct? Yes. This is a problem. Invest in a screen saver. There are 14. Does this device give turn-by-turn instructions? Is that correct? No. When a map is installed on the device, you only get turn-by-turn instructions. The device doesn't have a map. The eTrex 20x and eTrex 30x models have maps. The units don't use maps to calculate routes. The view screens show the tracks and waypoints in background, not on the maps. You can create proximity warnings with all three units. You can be warned when you get close to a waypoint. This function is similar to turn-by-turn instructions. I have found them not to be helpful. They make my view look cluttered. 15. Is it possible to insert a pre-loaded route? Yes. You can see the answer to Q12 16. What kind of battery life can you expect? Is that correct? You can get more than 20 hours with two NiMH AA batteries. I have had both types of satellites accessed and the backlight on constantly. 17 Does this device have features? Is that correct? No. You wouldn't get 20 hours of battery life if it did. You can see the answer to Q16. There is a new item on the market. What memory does this unit have? Only inside. The device doesn't allow you to install the cards. The eTrex 20x and eTrex 30x can hold cards. The units cost more. 19 What kind of batteries do this device use? AA batteries. You can see the answer to Q1. 20. Do you lose your current track when the batteries die? Is that correct? Nope. Information is saved as you go along, and the route is not calculated during your ride. The track and waypoints are static. When the power goes out, the view screen on your device shows your current location just like it did when the power went out. 21. What file formats do this device read? Is that correct? Only GPX files with a.gpx extension. Won't read the formats. I use one of a few free online converting Web sites to convert the TCX file to a GPX format file after I download my routes from Ridewithpgs. There is a new date for this. Does the device have an audio component? Nope. You wouldn't get 20 hours of battery life if it did. If you pay a little more, you can get the eTrex 20x or eTrex 30x. The proximity alarm in the eTrex 10 won't make any bells or beeps, but the other two units do. There is a new date for this. Does this device have a function? Is that correct? If you want it to record where you went, it will. When you save the file, you can use it to send it to any of the aforementioned companies.

11. Garmin Rugged Handheld Navigator Renewed

Garmin Rugged Handheld Navigator Renewed

The handheld gps is reliable. The 2.2” sunlight-readable color display has a 480 x 320 display area. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Does not work with all brands of batteries. It can take a long time for updates. Leave the unit outside at least an hour before you use it for the best results.

👤The product is nice. Also works with Energizer batteries. It's easy to smudge with fingerprints and you should buy a Tusita protection and screen protectors.

👤My last 4 purchases have been bad, hearing aids, 1 quit, and pickup seat covers wouldn't stay on. I was buying a gps and light bar, but it was hard to figure it out, and the batteries wouldn't last long.

👤Good quality and reasonable.

👤It worked as it was supposed to.


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