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1. Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

Garmin ETrex Rugged Handheld Navigator

The handheld gps is reliable. The display has a sunlight-readable color and display size of 220 x 220. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Garmin

👤A lot of the negative reviewers didn't understand what they were buying when they ordered this. This isn't a replacement for your maps and it isn't intended to be. Some of the negatives are positive features. It was large. It's large, but it will take a lot more beating than a small smart phone. The shape makes it easier to hold in the hand. 2. There is no touchscreen. Have you ever tried to use your phone in the rain? Touchscreens are great in warm climates. It is designed for use in dirty environments. 3. The user interface is outdated. This sort of phone is similar to a 2008 cell phone. The layout is easy to set up and contributes to the battery life. 4. AA batteries. The eTrex doesn't have a rechargeable battery like every other electronic device. It's difficult to understand why they think this would be a good idea. If you're out on a long hike/camping/hunting trip for several days, it's unlikely that you'll have access to a charging port, which makes it easier to just pop in two new batteries when the old ones run out. 5. There is a memory capacity. The maps take up the entire integrated memory. You can buy a 32gb card for $6 and download as many maps as you want. There are lots of videos on how to do this. 6. There is no map detail. I haven't encountered any flaws with the maps, so unless you're trekking through Gates of the Arctic, you'll probably be covered on any state or local trails. 7. Inaccuracy of location. The registered location is close to where I'm actually standing. My cell phone is usually off by 50 to 100 feet. It's not the point of exactitude, it's to help you find your way back to your camp, etc. Being off by a few yards isn't a big deal if you're within sightline. There are 8. There are noroutable maps. It operates differently than your phone's map app. You type in the address and it takes you there. It's not clear why people think it won't. There are 9. The features and interface are confusing. I can't believe this one. There are lots of videos and articles on how to use features. I download AllTrails Pro trails into Basecamp and then export them onto the eTrex when I'm ready to go. I follow the trail on the device. There are two more When I go on a non-prepared trip, I use the eTrex to record my track and save it on the device, then I plug it into my computer and send it to Basecamp. Done. If you're outdoors a lot, you're willing to dedicate minimal time to understanding how to use it, and you understand that this sub-$200 gps that will last you for a decade is not intended to replace your $800+ cellphone.

👤The company is abysmal. The product they have created is straight out of the era of the Blackberry. They offer nothing in the handheld market that is close to a modern device. This piece of hardware and software is not good. I will return it. I didn't return the inferior Garmin that I have in my car, and it burns me up. Never again! The screen is tiny, and I have encountered other issues in my brief period of ownership. I need to hike in the desert. The screen is useless. My phone works in the same way with no glasses. - The best tech minds don't work for Garmin. - The screen gets bumped in your pocket and you lose battery life. You can't search for a location by state, it returns zero results. The method to change the order of items in the Main menu is different from the Route Planning menu. - The deleted tracks menu contains all the settings. What? There are no maps. The data is solid, so I give this 2 stars instead of 1 Since my return of this device, I have been using a solution. I wanted a dedicated device just for mapping, I hike extensively off trail. I bought a burner phone at a box store and it works without being activated. I disabled all the apps that I could. I bought and downloaded Gaia for mapping and route finding. You can download maps before you leave. You can get phone service if you don't have to download maps, but it will cost more. I made the device bulletproof by adding a protective case with a backpack clip and an external battery pack. The setup has been great. Gaia is awesome. There are maps on the screen. The hardware and software are easy to use. The accuracy is very good. I have access to a lot of maps. Finally, it's a cheaper option. It's shocking that the company that does this can't do it.

2. Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Augmentation

Add Gps. You can strengthen your Gps signal on any device by connecting via wireless. The free downloadable app provides accurate gps coordinates, position update rate change, and much more. Being able to add accurate gps to your device will allow you to use hundreds of available apps. The Gps receiver has a battery life of over eight hours of continuous use and comes with a usb charging cord. That will stick to most surfaces.

Brand: Dual Electronics

👤It works better than I anticipated. I have an older WiFi only iPad Mini that I wanted to use for navigation but it doesn't have built-in gps. When I connected my iPad mini to the dual XGPS105A via a wireless connection, it asked to download the accompanying app. The app is useful. It tells you the number of satellites you are connected to, the signal strength, position information, and the battery status. I turned it on in the house because I couldn't wait but I was able to connect to multiple satellites with ease. I thought I would have to go outside. With the gps locked and loaded, I tried out some maps. Both worked well. My weather radar map is now location enabled. Awesome. I have taken it down the road a few times now, about 100 miles total, without issue, but I will update this review once I have a longer road trip under my belt. I didn't expect to see the app mentioned in any of the reviews or forums. This thing is special. I can't wait to try it out against other devices, like a newer iPad, windows tablets, and some surveying equipment. I will report back, but so far it's been good.

👤Don't buy anything from AXXERA or DUAL. The unit will work for 25 times, then the internals will short out, killing the battery, but they will sell you another battery. Next year there will be some other name. They changed their names to keep up with consumer fraud. Don't buy anything made by these people. You will be sad.

👤I bought a gps receiver for my Jeep. This product works in conjunction with my Apple iPad and provides pin point accurate gps for any app you are using. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to connect to my iPad via BluTooth once I turn on the puck. This could be my fault. Overall very pleased! It's easy to charge up at home or in your vehicle. Very easy to use. I stuck a piece of tape to the back of the vehicle and it still works.

👤For almost two months, use the dual XGPS150A with my iPad 2. Since the iPad 2 didn't have a gps receiver installed, I decided to use the dual XGPS 150A, which is described in the technical documentation to receive 12 gps and up. The dual XGPS15A is a free navigation app that has a very simple and minimalist design. The dual XGPS150A receiver is small and has Haptics very pleasant. The gps is green. The Bluethooth connection is created relatively fast after switch on, but the GLONASS satellites are not supported, but they are displayed in the app, but they are crossed out. It happens in dense forests on winding roads and in large cities close to tall houses. When you're on foot in New York, Boston, and Chicago, the pressure point is non-tactile, so locating is almost non-existent. The dual XGPS150A would no longer splash water and dirt if you removed the plastic cover and cut a hole in the non-slip pad.

3. Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

Garmin Navigator Touchscreen Display Guidance

The large, easy-to-read 7” touchscreen has a bright, crisp, high-resolution display. You can get a custom truck route based on the size and weight of your truck, and you can see upcoming bridge heights, sharp curves and more. You can view parking information along your route. You can use the Preloaded Truck & Trailer Services directory to find truck stops. Load-to-dock guidance shows potential loading zones or storage lots when approaching your destination. See popular routes used by fellow drivers. You can use the voice assistant to talk to the navigator while keeping your hands on the wheel. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet. If you want to use the ELD for hours of service recording, you need to pair the eLog with the app on your phone or tablet.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This thing is a quality piece of hardware. It's durable, functional, boots up quickly and works well, unlike some gps units I've had. garmin's maps suck. This thing assures me that my maps are current and up-to-date, but they make mistakes all the time. It tries to send me to closed roads that no longer exist. The biggest flaw with this unit is that it doesn't have a "detour" button like previous garmin gps units. If it wants you to take a road that's closed for roadwork, it's as stubborn as a horse's ass, and will not change its mind. The only way to re-route is to manually enter a different route. garmin, bring back the detour button. It's better than not having a gps at all, but it still has some major flaws that will annoy you.

👤I own a lot of cars. I tried it for a week next to my maps and was not happy with the gps. Without the phone app it won't show traffic. When I received a phone call I didn't like the idea of connecting to my phone, it switched from my phone to the gps. That was making me nervous. I like to deal with maps on the internet for $400. It would be perfect if the bridge heights were known by the maps.

👤I took a few to get used to it. I like the fact that I don't need to hook up to a computer and go through a bunch of steps to update. I have been using for a month and it has been great. Don't leave your gps plugged in all the time, that's a tip I learned from the last one. You will shorten the life span of the battery by burning it up.

👤Can't find addresses on the screen.

👤The best gps I have had. It definitely could use improvement. It doesn't connect to a car, RV, or truck's stereo system to allow the sound of directions to be heard through the speaker system. Once you have downloaded the Garmin Drive app, you can use all of the features on it. The gps doesn't have an auxillary plug area. Sometimes it's hard to hear directions when driving. It's definitely better than my previous units. I would give it 4 stars if it was possible to play directions through the speakers.

👤The product was easy to setup. Sell asked about the item the same day. The service is top notch. Will buy from them again with hesitation.

👤Awesome! I needed a 7” screen. Can not go wrong.

👤I am happy with the device so far. It looks good and he is doing a good job. There is a job.

👤If I want to use this garmin, I have to plug it in all the time, and I don't think I'll buy any electronics from Amazon in the future.

4. Te Rich Handheld GLONASS Measurer Calculation

Te Rich Handheld GLONASS Measurer Calculation

Construction engineering survey is an application. instant and precise positioning is provided by the gps system. Measure the area and length of any shape. The large screen makes it clear and visually striking. Satellite signal intensity and positioning precision are shown. Automatic farmland area and length measurement. Automatic farmland area and length measurement.

Brand: Te-rich

👤I was surprised at how accurate the one I bought was. It is usually close to the location. If you are comparing it to the unit, you may have to convert it to minutes and seconds.

👤There is nothing to like about this item. It wouldn't take a charge if it did. It wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged in. I was able to get it to stay on and it provided strange results such as showing tens of feet in movement in "2 point distance" mode while stationary. There is a picture on my desk. The altitude measurement changes while stationary and displays in meters regardless of settings. The selection buttons can be sticky and don't always come back after pressing. Don't spend your money or time on this item.

👤I was trying to figure out the amount of acres I had to give to the farmer. It was impossible to measure the timber because there were so many fingers in the fields. It was easy to calculate the acres with this device. It is easy to set up. I drove the field edges on an ATV until I got to my starting point. It calculated the area and had a map of it. It was saved to the history. It made the measurement impossible for me, and now I don't have to wonder if I am overcharging or not. This device was simple to use.

👤I use it a lot. I used the map to find the boundary stakes.

👤It works well, but do not expect a precise location, probably around 50 feet is as close as you can get.

👤The menu and unit are not accurate.

👤The device was frozen out of the box. I had to open the battery compartment to turn it off. I have to carry a screw driver with me when I use the device. Will be reaching out to the seller.

👤It was easy to learn to use. If I could just find a mount for it.

5. Garmin ETrex Legend Waterproof Hiking

Garmin ETrex Legend Waterproof Hiking

64 MB of Map Source data can be used to add highly detailed maps. It's easy to see where you're going with a sunlight-readable display. English, Spanish, Portugese, and French are supported. Automatic route generation, off-route recalculation, turn-by-turn directions with alert tones. A mini-usb port is needed for fast, convenient download of map data from the entire library of optional MapSource CDs.

Brand: Garmin

👤This item is great for caching. Plug the icon into your laptop or home pc and you're good to go. I also have city maps. I just put this product in the dash clip and go. The battery power lasts about 36 hours on 2 x AA of constant power, which is better than all the others I researched, and it's great for a color screen. I put a mount on my ATV. The screen is small, just a bit bigger than a cell phone screen, which is the only downfall I can see with this product. This screen is hard to see and read if you have bad eyes. The screen color can be changed at night or day to make it easier to see.

👤I've found it easy to learn to use. The controls are laid out well. The color screen is easy to see. It only takes seconds to remember those already established. It's easy to enter new ones with either the handheld ordesktop computer. Detailed maps covering 2 destinations 1,000 miles apart. When I deviate from the route, it calculates my route. It was very accurate directions. The base map is inadequate and must be augmented by advanced maps. The product was good for the price. If you're looking for a handheld gps to use on the road, I recommend giving this one serious consideration.

👤I think this is the best value for a handheldGPS, it is true that Nuvi's have a larger screen, but Vista CX has an additional barometric altimeter and electronic compass, that allows you to determinate North when you are not moving, and it is also true that Almost all was said in previus reviews. The Legend CX had a good screen definition, a memory card slot, battery last a lot, and you can connect it to PC's. A basic map shows all cities in the world, coastlines and greater highways, no more than that, and it's included in Legend and Vista. It's probably a good idea to have a detailed map of your home or travel location. First of all, you have to buy a memory card with at least What is the difference between Metroguide and City Navigator, both of which are managed by Mapsource? , Metroguide costs half as much as City Navigator, you can download data from Metroguide to several gps devices, and City Navigator comes lock, so you can only use it in one gps device. Legend makes routes that are similar to City Navigator, but they can be found on the internet. You can find detaled maps for almost any country on the website of the manufacturer.

👤You can get it cheaper on ebay, it will come in the original box with instructions and accessories, but this one didn't. It took me a while to figure it out. Very disappointed. They had ausb cord. But no instructions?

👤This is a great unit. I wanted to learn how to navigate around a big lake at night. I didn't need this anymore after using it for a year. My wife bought me a city navigator to use when we travel. I upgraded to a unit made for the automobile and it is great. I still use it to mark fishing holes in the woods and on the lake. Highly recommend!

6. Garmin ETrex Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin ETrex Handheld GPS Navigator

The purchase of this unit does not include batteries. The device will work with any AA batteries. peak performance in any environment is provided by the high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled gps receiver. It is lightweight and waterproof. The 2.1-inch X 1.1-inch screen has bright back lighting. The buttons are on either side of the device. Stores up to 500 waypoints and 20 routes with up to 125 waypoints per route.

Brand: Garmin

👤The low price offered on sale was the main consideration in making this purchase. I was aware that this was an older model and that it didn't have maps on the screen. I use paper maps and a compass and have a strong memory for details I have studied before venturing outside. It's not clear why 3.5 and 5 inch disks are not included. There is no need for them either. I purchased this to use in Georgia. It's ideal for this, simple, rugged, lightweight. It is not meant for vehicle use. No voice or "turn by turn" directions. The unit arrived quickly and well packaged. I was very excited to get it. I downloaded the manual for this unit online and read it before it arrived. I read reviews on websites and on websites about this particular unit. I followed the directions and tips given to me by reading them, and my unit was able to receive the satellite signals in less than 5 minutes. It's a good idea to know that having a gps won't keep you from getting lost. A person needs to study the materials and learn how to use them. Some of these may be difficult to understand. I figured out how to enter the online waypoints that I obtained. I couldn't figure it out at first. I had to change the location coordinates of the ones I wanted to find after going to the MARK selection. I could change the name of the waypoint. This is not obvious from the books I studied. My thumbs get tired while I enter a lot of information, and the buttons are stdif. A person with weak hands is hard to press. The buttons aren't pressed accidentally like with cellphones. The unit should be connected to a computer with the connection cable. I ordered one. My computer has a serial connection, and there are other options. There is anHINT: There is a parapet at the top. I pulled the flap up, but it was not obvious. This is ideal for people who are active outdoors. It is a great value for money.

👤I was looking for a basic gps unit to take with me. I can find my car again, as well as some places along the trail where I left my campsite. That's right. There are more expensive units out there. I backpack to simplify because I love technology in all parts of my life. I didn't want to buy a complex gps that required the purchase and loading of topo maps onto my computer, and all the headaches and hassles thereunto. Some of the reviews on the pricier, more complex models are available here. I took the eTrex with me on my backpacking trip. I received the eTrex the day before I was to leave. I turned it on, watched a few videos, and was off and running. I made copies of the owner's manual to take with me, but found that the unit was so easy to use that I didn't need them. The owner's manual is very poorly written and I gave it four stars. The basics of the gps unit would have been helpful. I was able to get up and running quickly thanks to the help of a few videos on the internet. My eTrex took a few minutes to find the satellites when I first turned it on. The eTrex needs a few extra minutes to find itself again if you drive several hours before turning it on. Good to know, but not a big deal. This is the unit to get if you want a simple gps for backpacking, hunting or fly-fishing.

7. Navigation Portable Handheld Temperature Waterproof

Navigation Portable Handheld Temperature Waterproof

There is support for paperless geocaching and Garmin spine-mounting accessories. ? ACCURATE NAVIGATION?GPS dual system compatibility, two star positioning function, speed, distance, 9 sets course reversal/return records. ? ACCURATE NAVIGATION?GPS dual system compatibility, two star positioning function, speed, distance, 9 sets course reversal/return records. ? It shows many important data such as temperature, humidity, time, date, alarm clock, flashlight function, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, IPX4 waterproof grade. 7x 24 hours historical height data/curve recording. The interval can be set to 1200 meters. ? Height target reminder settings, historical height data analysis, temperature and humidity records, 24 hours air pressure trend curve display, and 16 azimuth electronic compass function are included in the ELECTRONIC COMPASS FUNCTION. ? With many function buttons on the side, you can quickly change mode or search for data. It is widely applicable to many uses.

Brand: Alomejor

8. Garmin ETrex Vista Waterproof Hiking

Garmin ETrex Vista Waterproof Hiking

Automatic route generation, off-route recalculation, turn-by-turn directions, and more help navigate you safely to your destination. An electronic compass has bearing information. Convenient download of map data with a mini-usb port. The display has a 20-hour battery life and 24 MB internal memory. The measure is 2.2 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches.

Brand: Garmin

👤I'm happy to have finally tried the ColorVista C after nearly abandoning the whole project. After moving to Montana, I bought a new gps for hiking. I don't have a good sense of where I'm going and I can't rely on the trails around here. The Vista C was more intuitive than the Magellan. Even though I had not used a gps for a year, the learning curve was fast. After working out a couple of issues, my Vista C has been great. I've taken it on many adventures in Montana. I don't like city tours, but the gps device helped me find where the taxi was taking me. My quest to learn cross country skiing is accompanied by it. I've begun using it even where I'm confident that I know the trails, to log information on distance, duration, speed, altitude, calculating grade of ascent, and favorite spots where I might want to hide a gift. The Magellan was never a companion like the Garmin has. It seemed to fail on practicalities. It devoured batteries even if I made sure the device was turned off after less than an hour of use on a new set of batteries and put it away, when I returned in a couple of days the new batteries were toast. I like the detail on topo maps for Magellan, but the computer interface as well as the handheld interface were quite frustrating and67531, so the Magellan became a neglected toy. I became lost for about 30 minutes when I attempted to backtrack a trail and was led so far off course that I was seriously lost. The real-time interaction with the maps of the Garmin seems to be helping me develop my internal navigation skills as well. I had a corrupted file on my handheld that caused it to glitch when trying to download to my PC. This has not happened again. The first tech I spoke with at Garmin told me to uninstall all of my handheld files since they represented a week of hiking on the Lake Superior Trail. I spoke with a supervisor who was professional and gave me several good solutions and contingency plans. I didn't have to use the more remote solutions because I deleted the trail on the handheld that was leftover from hiking near my own community. There was a glitch when I stood on a short hill between rock stands. The device credited me with a fast bounce between these sites. It was edited out easily this time, even though it was still downloaded to my PC. I would like to see improvements. There was a thermometer added. 2. There is always a desire for the information to be available more often in order to get a higher level of accuracy. 3. The software maps for this part of the world are not up to date. The Lake Superior Hiking Trail, the Colorado Trail, and other major trails should be included. The Show Profile feature on the PC software should help you identify trail segments. It only shows the whole trail and the AUTOMATIC waypoints, not the landmarked ones. I'm hooked. This investment has earned its cost in peace of mind, freedom to wander away from the trail and be confident I can get back, finding alternative trails or loops and understanding on the map how they meet up in real time as I am out there scrambling.

9. Garmin Rugged Handheld Navigator Renewed

Garmin Rugged Handheld Navigator Renewed

The handheld gps is reliable. The 2.2” sunlight-readable color display has a 480 x 320 display area. There are roads and trails for hiking and cycling in the Topo Active maps. Tracking in more challenging environments is possible with the support of gps and GLONASS satellite systems. There is 8 gigabytes of internal memory for map downloads. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries. Up to 25 hours in the gps mode with 2 AA batteries.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Does not work with all brands of batteries. It can take a long time for updates. Leave the unit outside at least an hour before you use it for the best results.

👤The product is nice. Also works with Energizer batteries. It's easy to smudge with fingerprints and you should buy a Tusita protection and screen protectors.

👤My last 4 purchases have been bad, hearing aids, 1 quit, and pickup seat covers wouldn't stay on. I was buying a gps and light bar, but it was hard to figure it out, and the batteries wouldn't last long.

👤Good quality and reasonable.

👤It worked as it was supposed to.

10. Garmin Oregon Handheld Certified Refurbished

Garmin Oregon Handheld Certified Refurbished

The product is certified to look and work like new. Functional testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging are included in the process. The product may arrive in a generic box with all relevant accessories. Only sellers with a high performance bar can sell Certified Refurbished products on Amazon. The display has a landscape or portrait view. ABC sensors have a compass, a barometric altimeter and a accelerometer. Ruggedized for the outdoors, it is strong against dust, dirt and humidity. It is water-rated. The activity profiles include climb, hike, hunt, bike, geocache, fish and more.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤Great unit. Primarily used for hiking and geocaching, it fills my needs. The batteries are on par with other units. The unit has a problem with the CHIRP function. Was this a deal breaker because the unit will power off on it's own within a minute of power on? I would have expected a better due diligence on the R&D department and some reasonable testing to find issues like this. I don't think I've ever seen a chirp cache in my area. I paid for this feature and I would like to see it work. The screen dim/timeout is the second issue. The unit should be visible during daylight hours and backlit at night. In order to see the screen, you need to have the back lighting on. Again, not a deal breaker, but when caching you really need to use the screen more if you are hiking. I don't know how this affects battery life, but I'm pretty sure it will. I would have liked to know more about the useage of this unit before caching. It's similar to a smart watch in that it works with a smart phone. It doesn't replace the phone while caching and doesn't function well as a stand alone unit. You need a fully chewed phone with a full range of features to take full advantage of the Geo capabilities. I recommend this unit if the headaches don't bother you. It has a great interface and doesn't want it to look like a kids toy. It's easy to update, it's easy to use and it's easy to upload maps.

👤The Oregon 700 was not as good as I had hoped. The battery life was not advertised. The screen was hard to see in the sun. It was difficult to navigate through the menus. The on/off button was not good and you have to hope you got it right. Press it hard and hold it for a few seconds until it makes a couple of small noises to turn it off. Couldn't get a satellite signal from inside my house, but I could see a message that asked if I wanted to continue. That was done with both gps and GLONASS on. You have to buy detailed maps separately if you want to download them for free. I'm talking about the Garmin in the past tense. I returned it. I'm going to try ONX Offroad on my phone.

👤This works great for me. It's great if you get a re-chargeable battery kit, but it's better if you get a better battery. I took this out on a hike recently and was able to find a number of caches in the area, it was definitely more accurate than my phone.

👤I had a handheld unit that I wanted to upgrade. The company was not supported in the US. Went with this unit after a lot of thought. It does a great job and I use it mostly for geocaching. The unit looked brand new when it arrived.

11. Calculation Measurement Multifunctional Measuring Instrument

Calculation Measurement Multifunctional Measuring Instrument

The area measurement error is 1-2% with high-precision technology. You can set the local time for the area measure on the large screen, which makes it more clear and visually. Measurement features include aGPS area measuring tool of any shape, and measure length of any shape,figure track and automatically calculate price measurement. Sturdy and sturdy design, can protect the area to the fullest extent, with portable design, fits in your hand or pockets perfectly, rubberized case offers a comfortable feeling of grip. There is a wide range of applications. There is a wide range of applications.

Brand: Beva

👤This is a very easy to learn device, it comes with no instructions. It will measure the length of a path you walk or it will measure the area you walk in. You will need to set the time for where you are. Houston, TX is in the United States. The day/month/year and Time of Day will be included in the log files. It's nearly impossible to reconstruct what you have measured if this is wrong. I use this to measure how long a driveway is, how much water a lot has, and how long a road is. I use it to figure out the size of a shop, building or back yard patio, as well as the area of a parking lot. I am very impressed with what it does. It uses gps and compasses for accurate measurements. It's easier to use this for job estimates than it is for actual jobs.

👤I was in need of a land survey after one of my neighbors told me that part of my fence line was on the other side of the property. I found the gps coordinates for the fence line after buying this item. I was able to show my neighbor that he was wrong. I surveyed his 10 acres for big land and it was very expensive.

👤The gps coordinates are way off, it looks good with a bunch of features.

👤We purchased to protect the boundaries of the property lines. It wouldn't depict the correct lat/long. Maybe ours was faulty, but we decided to order a much more expensive model.

👤I measured the parking spots in the empty parking lot. I started at one end point, walked along the parking line, across to the opposite line from the parking spot directly in front, and then back on the other side to reach the original location. The entry for the cars to park is the parallelogram without the ends. The screen moved to adjust for the angles and I arrived at the starting point with a small gap. I don't know if the gap makes a difference or if I had the settings wrong. I hope I can find a way to reset the unit.

👤I plugged the gps into my laptop but it didn't recognize it. I will return if the seller can't give me a solution, because it didn't come with instructions.

👤This one was about a mile off on latitude and longitude. I live at 6000 feet, but it said I was at 6000 feet. It would have been handy to use. I don't think this one is representative of others.

👤It's hard to get mappers with chip shortages. This unit is not perfect. It does the job if you need basic latitude and longitude.


What is the best product for gps etrex 20?

Gps etrex 20 products from Garmin. In this article about gps etrex 20 you can see why people choose the product. Dual Electronics and Amazon Renewed are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps etrex 20.

What are the best brands for gps etrex 20?

Garmin, Dual Electronics and Amazon Renewed are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps etrex 20. Find the detail in this article. Te-rich, Alomejor and Beva are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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