Best Gps Drone with Return Home

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1. LARVENDER Professional Beginners Transmission Batteries

LARVENDER Professional Beginners Transmission Batteries

If you have questions about the package or drones, please contact them via email, they will try to help you. The Gimbal is 4K 2-Axis. The stable 2- axis camera provides better image stability. The 4K HD camera has amazing pictures and videos which make you enjoy the view from the lens. The video is more stable because of the dual antenna transmission. The drones for adults and beginners can resist 7 level and provide a stable and powerful fly experience. The package comes with one extra 2200mAh battery which can provide about 50 minutes of flight time. The fpv drone can be operated with one key take off and landing button. Even for beginners, the drone is more simple to access thanks to the icons on the APP. If you lose your 4k drone in any situation, the gps and RTH function will automatically return it to you, even if you lose signal and low battery. The 4k drone with gps follow me, point of interest, tap fly, and the camera can shoot stable aerial shots, is connected to the app control. It is easier to carry with carrying case. If you have any questions about the operation, please contact them. Before flying the drone, please check the manual for the operation steps. Calibration steps should be completed before you fly the outdoor drone. They will show you the details if you have any confusion about the operation. Before flying the drone, please check the manual for the operation steps. Calibration steps should be completed before you fly the outdoor drone. They will show you the details if you have any confusion about the operation.

Brand: Larvender

👤A good drone for this price range. The setup is a bit complicated but you will be able to follow the video with the code on the box. We crashed it like 4, 5 times on the first day, but it did not damage the unit. It comes with a second set of paddles, which is always nice. I think this is a good beginner. It is not too expensive compared to brands like DJI. We flew for 30 minutes and didn't drain the battery. I would recommend people to get into this hobby. The video is on a chinese website. I understand that this is made in China, but packaging and the manual are in English. Why don't you just put the same video on the internet? We exported some of the picture we took. The quality is topnotch. A big plus!

👤The effect is quite good and the price is very attractive, it is worth trying.

👤Excellent product. It is very easy to control a drone for the first time and it is friendly. While flying in the air, the drone is stable. The price is very affordable for a beginner like me.

👤It's hard to keep it from wandering off.

👤I watched a lot of videos on the internet. The manual should be read. First flight. The drone went up, reached a height of about 20 feet, was caught by the wind and crashed to the ground. I can't get the camera to come back to me because it was detached after the soft landing. I know it can't be made to last forever, but nearly $200 for about 10 seconds of flight time has me regretting buying it.

👤I gave this a second chance and exchanged the first one because I just got a defect. The gimble never levels out, no matter where you are, and just wonder about, my last flight with in 45 seconds of launch it ignored my controls and flew itself into a tree, and now will no longer connect.

👤The drones look nice and seem to have the same controls as others. They are awful. Does not listen to commands.

👤After a few days of use, my drone flew away. It flew away when I took it off. Y'all need to invest into something good while you are looking for a drone. Gps didn't work and they didn't return home. Buy at your own risk.

2. LMRC GPS Brushless Quadcopter Batteries

LMRC GPS Brushless Quadcopter Batteries

You can choose to save the shots/ video in your phone or just in the card reader, and the operation guide video has been in the card, you can watch it before. The shoulder bag for X11 PRO is very convenient for you to carry. 90 days free warranty is promised by X11 PRO. Brushless motor runs quieter and more powerful, it has a longer lifetime and spare you from motor maintenance. The camera and transmission are 4K. The 4K camera on the drones allows you to take clearer photos and videos. The signal is more stable with the upgraded 5G communication, so that you can watch real time HD first view on the mobile app smoothly. There are videos on APP that show how to start and be a proficient player. GPS advanced function The gps positioning system allows the drones to shoot more interesting things. A central point, a route planning shooting, clicking on the shooting location on the app map, and follow shooting are some of the things that can be done with a drone. No need to worry about losing the drone, when the control signal is lost or the power is too low, the drone will start the return function and automatically return to the take-off location. The return button can be manually pressed when you want to end the flight. No need to worry about losing the drone, when the control signal is lost or the power is too low, the drone will start the return function and automatically return to the take-off location. The return button can be manually pressed when you want to end the flight.

Brand: Lmrc

👤Most were impressed by the support. The seller is very helpful. The design and appearance of this drone is more beautiful than others. The app controls work. So far, the drones perform well. Thank you.

👤It would have been great if both batteries worked. I received a new drone and it seems to be perfect, so I'm going to fly it today.

👤I am very pleased with this product. I was surprised that the value for money arrived quicker than I expected. I would recommend this drone to anyone who is looking for value. The software is getting better. All in all, great.

3. LIMITLESS Camera Adults Obstacle Avoidance

LIMITLESS Camera Adults Obstacle Avoidance

The device and accessories are not included in the sale. Finally fly worry-free, thanks to obfuscation and the long flight range. The obstacle avoider uses a laser to see if there are obstacles in its flight path. The anti-shake cam is from the EIS. The long flight time and flight range allow you to explore more. There is a gps device with an auto return home. LIMITLESS 3 has a PrecisionGPS System which allows you to record your flight. A map shows the distance and speed of the drone as well as its location on the screen. One press of a button on your drone's controller will bring it back to it's exact take-off location. Never say anything about low battery or loss of signal. Limitless automatically returns home to keep your quadcopter safe. If you're planning on recording video, you need a drone with a 3-axis Gimbal. This makes filming very smooth. Multiple angles are possible with dual cameras. The drone has a 5G network. You don't need a 5G capable phone to transfer pictures to your photo album. You can easily share your videos on social media if you just press a button. The flight time is 26 minutes per battery. If you have an extra battery, you'll get 52 minutes of flight time. Want more time in the air? Enter the code into the search bar. The 1806 brushless motor noise reduction fan blade provides efficient power, low noise, extended battery life, and precision control. Follow me on social media. Drop the remote and the drone will follow your every move. Gain control. By using simple hand gestures, the drone will recognize and follow your every command, and even take a photo and video from you! You can learn more about the features of surround mode on their video. Follow me on social media. Drop the remote and the drone will follow your every move. Gain control. By using simple hand gestures, the drone will recognize and follow your every command, and even take a photo and video from you! You can learn more about the features of surround mode on their video.

Brand: Drone-clone Xperts

👤This is the third one I have bought because they are not good. I thought it was the first two, but it was not. The camera is good until you try to use it and the battery is weak.

👤I factor in price point, reasonable expectations, value and so on when I write a review. I'd flown $30 drones from China websites before Limitless. Each time I used it, they crashed and left me feeling intimidated and it was going to be the last. This was a completely different experience, the added weight, the 5G, the gps and so on made flying this effortless and gave me confidence. I used a tile as a landing pad and it worked. When I pressed the button, it landed on the tile. The manual was easy to understand. The customer support was prompt and excellent. I will rate the drone on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best and 5 being the worst. The propellers can be seen in the video. The camera is in low light. Overall, I would give this company 4.5 stars and a great company based in the US. I will update this review if I think of anything else.

👤I was looking for something to do when I found this product. I had a couple of projects that a drone could help with. I purchased this one after doing a price and feature comparison. What a kick. I was up and flying in no time. One button takes off and lands. I live in a forested area and there are lots of trees to run into. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤I bought a Drones X Pro LIMITLESS 3. It was from Dr. Cone-Crone XPERTS. The power of the drone is very impressive. The handling is good. The hover worked well. The main problem is. The company that I bought it from did not support the product. The company doesn't respond to questions about a parts list. I've been trying to get one for 5 days. I have sent them an email. There is no Amazon watching over their shoulder.

👤I can tell you that if you are looking for a great drone without paying a lot of money, this is the one you should look for. I love it. I bought another xtra battery.

👤Pros and beginners alike can all enjoy this drone. If a gremlin jumped out and set it up for you, it would be easier to setup. The camera is rock solid. Laser avoidance works very well and the battery life is what they say. It keeps a safe distance from something in front of it and will not move until you get out of the way or climb above the obstacle. The one with the case will cost you an extra 20.00 dollars. The backpack style case is very nice. You will love this drone. The easiest way to communicate with customer service departments is to leave a negative review.

4. Foldable Quadcopter Beginners Distance Time,Follow

Foldable Quadcopter Beginners Distance Time%EF%BC%8CFollow

Multiple functions, Voice Control, Gestures Control, Trajectory Flight, and Gravity Sensor Control can be activated through the APP. The camera should be used to take photos. The FPV1080P HD camera has a 120 wide angle and 45 adjusted, which makes it possible to capture a perfect shot. Smooth and stable video is provided by the 5 GHz transmission. When the drone loses signal, goes out of range, or runs low on power, it can perform an auto-return, so you don't have to worry about flying away again. It's smart enough to follow you, fly in circles around a point, or automatically follow you. You can focus on your work. The mini RC drone has multiple sensors to make it stable and high quality photos when hovering in different flight environments. It is simple to control even for beginners with one-touch start/stop, emergency stop, altitude hold and 3-speed adjustment. The foldable drone has a modular battery that lasts a total of 15-17 minutes of flight. For 200-240 minutes. It is easier to use. Considerate Design: The portable shape of the gps drone makes it perfect for traveling with, as it can be folded into a compact and portable shape. The batteries are modular and can support 15 to 17 minutes of play. The guards improve flight safety. Considerate Design: The portable shape of the gps drone makes it perfect for traveling with, as it can be folded into a compact and portable shape. The batteries are modular and can support 15 to 17 minutes of play. The guards improve flight safety.

Brand: Podom

👤I'm impressed with my second drone. The more compact folding drones were attractive to me because I wanted to use them for vlog capture during motorcycle and other adventure travel. When space is a premium, my first non-folding drone is too large to carry with me. The length and width of my fully outstretched hand make this drone a good one. The remote adds to the size, but the drone allows for cell phone app based control as well. The connection to the cell phone app, gyro and gps has been reliable for me. It is difficult to pack and travel on 2 wheels. I won't fear treating this guy a little bit. My flight experience has been stable with take off, hover and stability. I need more power, speed and response time for my vlogging needs. I have yet to fly in a breeze. The red tail light on the drone makes determining head and tail easier for me. The arm-tip lights of my first drone were more confusing than this one. The video quality is at a high level, but there are some auto-flight patterns for capturing video footage. At human powered travel speed, waypoint and orbit functions are not shabby. Does not have a protective case. If you are looking for an affordable drone to experiment with and cut your teeth on, I recommend this one very much. This is not a toy. I imagine this guy remaining close to hand for worry free fun even if I graduate to a top-tier drone in the future.

👤Aunque las cosas valen un poco mas recomiendo a Amazon.

👤Se dao uno de los motores.

5. Potensic Backpack Batteries Waypoint Altitude

Potensic Backpack Batteries Waypoint Altitude

The main unit is 45 x39 x 13mm. 2K HD 75 adjusted camera. The drone has a 2K HD camera. The angle of camera can be adjusted by remote control. It's easy to take a 120 FOV shot. Up to 30 minutes flight time is provided by the upgraded 1000 mAh intelligent battery. You can use the drone to film family events and share it on social media. GPS auto return is safe. The camera drone has a double positioning system. When you press the RTH button, the drone will return to your home point. IdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiableIdentifiable Basic modes for beginners to learn are headless mode, altitude hold and one key to take-off. Follow Me and tap flight are available in advanced modes. CONSIDERATE DESIGN The backpack is for outdoor use. The camera drones weight is less than 250g, which is not required of the FAA. Potensic promises a free return or exchange. Feel free to contact them. A perfect gift for beginners, kids and adults to have a stable and easy flight experience.

Brand: Potensic

👤This is a great device. My son really liked flying it. He said it is easy to use and has great features, including a return home feature and the ability to capture video and pictures. He thought it was appropriate for someone to start out flyering. He liked it as a flyer. The older model of the potensic drone was great for him. He really liked the backpack carrying case. The batteries are already charged when you receive the drone, which is a major plus if you are giving it as a gift. The only problem he encountered was that the drone couldn't fly super low because there wasn't enough lift to do so. This isn't a problem for us since he flies it higher. He is thrilled to fly the drone he purchased.

👤I like Potensic. The dreamer pro is my go-to drone. Is any of these quality? No. They are also 1/3 the price. You can't expect to be perfect. I wanted something that I wouldn't mind my kids flying to learn without being stressed out about crashing my $400 dreamer pro. That's where this T25 came in. It isn't perfect, but for the price, it's hard to beat. It looks like a miniature version of the dreamer. The camera placement and feel are the same. The props are fixed and lighter. The case for this vehicle is very nice. There is no wasted space or padding for storage. The blade guards are nice, but I did not install them for this flight. Three is even better than two. The controller is cool. There are lots of lights and information in the center console. If you've flown before, getting it up in the air is easy. You're read to go if you do the magnetic andGPS calibrations. The manual has some issues, but shouldn't be hard to navigate. The live camera view is available on the phone. I missed the direct connect cable of my dreamer pro where you don't have to mess with the internet. It's twice the cost. The park had a breeze. You don't notice it's windy until you're about to fly your new drone. The weather was 6mph winds with occasional gusts in the low double digits. You can see in the video that this is pushing the limits of the drone. The first thing I noticed was how light it was. It gets knocked around by the wind. It made me miss the dreamer pro. Again, double the price. I didn't lose connection because of the solid connection. The video and pics were saved to my phone while I was in the air. They are limited by the internet. The quality would be better if I had installed a memory card in the drone. I plan to swap the card from my dreamer for a new one to confirm this. Will update with new images. The wind was the only issue once in flight. The controls were easy to use. The return to home was correct. I think early morning or sunset flights would be better for this little guy. It was really knocked around by the mid-afternoon gusts. Is this the drone to start your drone photography business, or is it for National Geographic? Absolutely not. Is it a good idea to use the drone to see if your kids are ready to play in the big leagues? 100%. I would rather spend $180 on this and realize it wasn't for me than spend $1,000 on a big dog to come to the same conclusion. A great Christmas present in 2021.

6. DJI Mavic Quadcopter Remote Controller

DJI Mavic Quadcopter Remote Controller

The ability to perceive its environment in four different directions allows it to avoid obstacles even in complex scenarios. 32.0MP sphere panoramas. In addition to horizontal, vertical, and 180 panoramas, Air Mavic Air stitches 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal clear 32.0MP sphere panoramas. You can take it anywhere with you. The 12.0MP camera with Adobe DNG RAW support is ready to shoot. The camera can be stable even during high-speed motion for smooth video and sharp photos. The Mavic Air Intelligent Flight battery can provide up to 21 minutes of flight time per charge. A dedicated remote controller. The foldable, low-profile design makes it easy to hold your phone. The control sticks are inside the remote controller. Fly by phone, shoot a friend, or head skywards for a quick flight using your phone. Shoot an amazing scene and make it look better with just a few taps in the DJI GO editor, and share it with your friends.

Brand: Dji

👤This was a great purchase. I have had it for a few months and have learned a few things. The Fly More Kit is different from the standard drones because it comes with 2 extra batteries and a travel pack, which is designed to hold all of the equipment in one place. The "Fly More Kit" is worth the extra money as the batteries only last for 20 minutes each and take a little while to replenish. The "Fly More Kit" gives you an hour of flying time. The travel bag is free and works well as it keeps all of the parts together. You'll probably want to purchase a memory stick since the drone has an internal 8 Gb of storage. I bought a 128GB version of the class 10 micro sdxc from Amazon and it worked perfectly with my Macbook, Imac and drone. The footage won't look as good if you don't purchase a ND polarizer filter. I wish I would have bought the polarizer immediately after I went a month without it. There is a lot of light that affects the drones. If you're shooting around the ocean. The Cinema Series from the PolarPro is top notch and I purchased it for the Air. The best video and photos can be gotten with a manual shoot. The 180 rule allows you to set your video settings to get the best picture. If you're by the water, you can't adjust the drone to fit within the 180 rule settings. Pro: 1) It is easy to learn how to fly and folds up extremely small. The person shoots 4K video with a 28 Megapixel camera. There are cameras in the front, bottom and rear to prevent crashes. If you are new to drones, this is important. Top quality design and construction can be a problem. The Mavic Air works well on the internet. I was able to fly my drone 5000 feet away, but it does seem to get interference if you are in a city. It is a small issue. The Mavic Pro has an enhanced communications system that establishes a better / more solid connection with the drone, but the Mavic Pro is slightly more expensive and folds up as small. This was the biggest change in my opinion. The improved signal will help the Mavic Pro maintain a better connection. I hope this helps you with your research.

👤I got my MA last year and it was great for the first few weeks. If you get a unit that is good off the assembly line, I am not that lucky. After looking up the issue on the internet and on the forums, I contacted the company and got a Return Authorization number to send it back for repair, at my expense. I had said that the drone only had a small scratch on the hull after it clipped a bush and landed on its back, but that it was fine after that. The same issue had not been solved in the first place. The seller wouldn't help me since he claimed his relationship with DJI was more important than my issue and Amazon left me in the dark because the a-b-c policy had ended. Do your due diligence before giving these people your hard earned money. If you get a good bird out the box, you're probably golden, but if you encounter the need to deal with customer service, take your medication. I love the bird and the whole concept, but their customer service is contemptuous of their customers, which is something you wouldn't find on a front like Amazon. I was wrong.

7. Potensic Quadcopter Transmission Auto Return Portable

Potensic Quadcopter Transmission Auto Return Portable

The foldable brushless motor has Brushless Motor to ensure a smooth and powerful flight. The folding capabilities allow for compact storage. Potensic Dreamer Pro will allow you to record 16MP photo and provide 4K/30fbs video with the help of 3-axis mechanical Gimbal and 1/3-inch SONY CMOS sensor. The dedicated 3-axis camera ensures steady aerial capturing, so you can hone in on whatever you're filming from high in the sky. The video transmission distance is up to 2 km and can be delivered directly from the drone. The control range is up to 2KM, if you connect the phone device with the remote control with theusb cable. It broadcasts on 5.8 GHz for better image reliability. The live video transmission and high-quality cameras allow you to see what the camera sees in real-time. Dreamer can burst out triple power within 0.1 seconds and provide the best performance at a speed of 10m/s. This 4K drone can work at a temperature of 0 to 40, and can tolerate different weather conditions, thanks to the powerful Brushless motor. Multi-function like follow me, waypoint flight, precise altitude flight, auto return, APP control and so on are included in the 4K DRONE. The new function of the circle flight allows you to set the circle direction, speed, and radius. Get ready for the most intuitive flying experience. There is a spare remote control and propellers, a smart battery, 3usb cables, and a carrying case. You won't be missing anything with the extended carrying case.

Brand: Potensic

👤I purchased the Dreamer Pro package for less than $500. The price for a great drone. This is my second drone, so I am still learning, but it was very easy to set up and fly. The box had a good User Manual. The drone is easy to fly. If you remove your thumbs from the sticks, it will stay put until you tell it what to do next. The drone is about video. It comes complete with a 32 gigabyte card so you can use it for video right out of the box. The stabilization works well. The videos are very smooth with no jerkiness, even in a breeze. There are many flight modes for the average user. The Potensic Dreamer Pro is a good option if you are looking for a reasonable price for a 3-Axis Gimbal.

👤I was very impressed with the Dreamer Pro. You should not have to calibrate this drone for 186 miles. I had a serious problem after only 10 days of flying it. I was in a remote area with no power lines and was asked to calibrate again upon startup. I did what it asked me to do. I took off using the auto lift-off. It lifted off to about 4 or 5 feet and freaked out. It began to spin and then broke the camera mount and data ribbon after 30 feet. I tried to correct it manually, but it was out of control. It didn't know which way it was up or down. It was lost. I don't know if this is a one-off issue or not.

👤I decided to increase my drone game. It comes with a nice case that can hold 3 spare batteries, along with the standard accessories. I have a phone that I use for drone use, and it fits in the case as well. If you're a newbie, be careful with the drone because it could do some damage if you lose control. There were a few startup problems for me. There are a couple things that are confusing when you power up for the first time. The standard behavior for most devices is to hold on to power on or off. You have to press the power button on the battery and then press again for two seconds. To turn it off, you have to press and hold it until it powers down. The markings on the props are easy to see, but they are not easy to see on the body of the drone, so you need to put the correct propellers in the right position. It's possible to miss the props on the wrong arms, but they don't sit quite right. I plan on putting a black dot on the CCW arms to make it easier to see. The installation of the props was very easy. The dust cover on the right side of the Gimbal needs to be properly seated, as it caused me to get a "camera is overload" message. When removing the stabilizer, be careful. I was getting a message that the card wasn't put in when it was obvious. I formatted it after removing and re-positioning it 3 times. I found it under the camera settings because there was no clear instructions on how to do that. After taking a couple pictures and a video, and viewing them on my laptop, the drone again complained that the card was not there after I re-inserted it, hope it's just a flaky card and not a problem. The video is clear, bright and smooth, much better than my previous toy drones. The display on the phone is not as good as the one that shows how many satellites it sees. I believe that not relying on the internet will give better video. I can't wait for my first long range flight but I have to keep it close for now. I had to get a replacement for the SD card because it wasn't recognized. When the new drone was powered up, it required a firmware update for both the camera and the drone, but the update started automatically, and things went a bit awry. I had to power both drones and controller down after the camera update stopped at 4% for 15 minutes. The fun started when the camera update was done, but after that the controller and drone wouldn't connect. I tried to submit feedback through the app, but no response yet. There was no indication in the manual. I went to the internet to find a video for the Potensic Dreamer 4K that talked about how to pair the controller to the drone if they wouldn't pair. I thought it was worth a try. It worked. A short video was taken by me. The video was stable even though the drone was shaking. The Gimbal did its job. I have to knock off a star because of the lack of support. June 14th, 2021. I have to knock off another star, but not because of the drone, but because of the lack of support, and spare parts should be available. The drone is heavy. It broke badly when I crashed it and it fell on some rocks. You can't get consequential parts. You can't get a replacement body, landing gear, or camera, and all I could find was the camera. After several back and forth emails with Potensic, the only offer I got was an employee discount coupon, but since the cost of the drone has now been jacked up, I would end up paying more for the "deal" than I paid for the original drone.

8. DJI Mini SE Improved Resistance

DJI Mini SE Improved Resistance

The drone is small and portable, four protective frames protect you from damage, and they are always at your side. Their customer service representatives are available to help. The weight of the Mini SE is roughly the same as the weight of a phone. In the United States and Canada, you can fly a camera drone without having to register it with the local government. The lightweight and powerful DJI Mini SE camera drone is ideal for creators on the move. You can easily capture moments in unforgettable ways with the ultra-portable design. The weight of the Mini SE allows it to stay in the air longer than similar consumer drones. Enjoy up to 30 minutes of flight time with a fully charged battery. Capture the detail with the support of 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos. A 3-axis motorized Gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear ultra-smooth footage. Even when flying along a windy coastline or high above an Alpine forest, your footage is stable because of the upgraded Wind Resistance. The creator templates in the DJI Fly app are easy to use. Any moment can be turned into a social media hit with no editing experience.

Brand: Dji

👤I wanted to use this as a meat slicer. My ham would be cut by these fast spinning props. This product won't slice my meat. Not impressed.

👤I own and operate many types of drones. I like to use the line of drones from DJI. They are reliable and stable. I've been flying them for a while. The Mini 2 and the Mini SE are both clones of the original Mini. The Mini 2 has the same motor as the Mini 2, but it's internet connection is enhanced. It is very stable in a 25mph wind, but you will be limited in distance by the internet signal. The distance can be different. If you fly in a heavily urban area, I don't expect much distance over 1000 feet before your video signal starts to get choppy. In the wide open ocean, I sent it out about 1600 feet. There is a Compared to similar drones, you will only be able to see 2.7k resolution. It is some of the best video I've seen. There is plenty of room for editing in the photos. The automated shooting features of other drones are what this drone lacks. The other drones will cost you more than the $299 price tag. This is a great drone for beginners. There are no sensors on the plane to alert you to a crash. The cost had to be cut somewhere. There is a I would recommend this drone to both beginners and experienced flyers.

👤The phone connected to the controller lost video transmission from the drone. The drone was in the air. The live video feed on the phone stopped working. The RC signal was lost and the drone stopped accepting commands. After that, it started an automatic RTH routine, but instead of returning to the Home position, it landed directly down. It wasn't above anyone else's property. There are major issues with this drone.

👤I was looking for a lightweight/compact drone and I wanted to like this one. I have bigger drones and have been happy with them. If you're a droid user, your phone may not work. I tried a number of things, including the Qcode. Apparently my phone is not supported. One never knows if that is an actual error or a simple bug, given that DJI is awful at providing detailed information and creating intelligent software interface. After messing with it and reviewing videos on the internet, I'm returning it. Not worth the time wasted. This thing is not ready for wide distribution. In 3-4 months, it will be together.

👤I have wasted hours trying to get the remote to calibrate correctly and I have never been able to fly the drone because the controller won't operate properly. I will be returning this and will not recommend it to anyone. I was very excited to get into the hobby of drones and this experience has left me unhappy. It made me think about the whole hobby, if I could only give zero stars.

9. Potensic Camera Altitude Batteries Carrying

Potensic Camera Altitude Batteries Carrying

Flying time up to 18 Mins and longer control distance gives you a more extensive flight experience. There are blisters under the box. 2K, 120 FOV, 75 ADJUSTABLE WIDE ANGLE helps to capture clearly photos and videos. You can get faster but clearer image transmission. Follow Me Mode and dual gps free your hands, while the gps drones automatically follow you, simultaneously capturing all the videos and photos. Potensic T25 drone will fly as you want once you have the Customize Flight Path function activated. The case is made of aluminum. Headless Mode, Altitude Mode and One Key to Take-off / Land make it easier to get to kids or beginners. You could bring it outside. The two long flight batteries have a modular battery of 1000 mAh and a control range of up to 300m. Great for adults. The safe car is returned. When it is with a weak signal or power cut, a dual gps drone will stand still in the wind and automatically return home, with one key remote control back to home.

Brand: Potensic

👤I liked this drone. The learning curve was very fast and it was easy to fly out of the box. The model is very responsive without being overly responsive, which is great since it can be rough on drones in an apartment. I bought other drones that you couldn't fly indoors because they were too touchy, but this one was perfect. The pictures and video are great. This is definitely worth the money. If you're just starting out, this package has an extra battery and a handy case. A great drone at a great price.

👤The Potensic T25 was my first attempt to fly a drone. It was a great experience. It was easy to learn and perfect for a beginner. The camera takes pictures. I was so busy taking pictures on my first flight that I barely had time to take a picture. It has been a thrill to fly. A good investment for a beginner. I'm very happy with my purchase so far. I bumped in to a few things and only scratched up the blades. Nothing serious has happened to it. It is very durable for small accidents. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to fly a drone.

👤I bought this product to look above my tree canopy to spot trees that may have died over the winter. My first flying object. The video is my fourth attempt at flying it. Even though the video is shakey, I am impressed. I could not see the tree from the ground. The advertised battery life is short. The directions through the software help immensely, even though the manual is a little confusing, because it is translated from a different language. After the first flight, the incorrect battery strength on the controller seems to be fixed. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤My husband is my husband. I wanted to give my parents a gift that would be useful. They just turned 80, and we gave them a drone. They were able to use the camera on the first day. They love it! They can use the drone for fun adventures but also as a means of checking the status of their roof after storms when branches fall without having to climb a ladder.

👤I'm very satisfied with the controler, it's easy to follow, and it's also free of charge, so I don't need to buy a top of the line product.

👤I ordered a drone after doing some research. I charged the batteries and controller when I received the drone. I followed the instructions but it wouldn't connect to my phone. I have a new S9+ and it should work. I have tried many times to get it to connect in different locations around my property. I sent an email to the help people and the video link they sent had nothing to do with my issue and the only other advice was to try a different phone. Considering the newness of my phone is not an option. Do not buy this drug.

10. LARVENDER Batteries Quadcopter Brushless Beginners

LARVENDER Batteries Quadcopter Brushless Beginners

The range is about 30 meters. The flight was about 10 minutes. 60 minutes is the charging time. The original charging cable was the only one that could be used to charge the battery of the drone. The Gimbal Camera has a 4K 2- axis. The stability of the 2- axis camera on this drones for adults provides better image stability. The 4K HD camera has amazing pictures and videos which make you enjoy the view from the lens. StableGPS and RTH function prevent your 4k drone from losing in any situation, even if it is out of control. The camera drone can be operated with one key auto-take off and one key auto-land button. Even for beginners, the drone is more simple to access thanks to the icons on the APP. The fpv drone can shoot stable aerial shots with the help of the APP Control. It is easier to carry with carrying case. Powerful brushless motor. The drones with camera for adults 4k can resist 7 Level provide you with a stable and powerful fly experience. The package has two 2200mAh batteries which can provide about 50 minutes of flight time. 30-days money back and free exchange service are offered by them. If you have any questions about the drones or package, you can contact them via Amazon email. 30-days money back and free exchange service are offered by them. If you have any questions about the drones or package, you can contact them via Amazon email.

Brand: Larvender

👤The camera on the first drone was broken when the battery got low. I'm not a professional drone pilot. I have the ability to control one. The customer service team reached out to me and sent me a replacement for the crashed drone. The phone interface is a bit more functional, but it is still hard to understand and follow instructions, and the internet connection is poor. The drone flies alright but needs open sight lines to crash into as it doesn't have collision avoidance and it yaws a lot during control input. Customer service is great.

👤Poor internet connection between control and phone. I almost lost my drone 4 times because it would not respond to the control or the phone from a little over 100' away.

👤The drones behaved as they should after being tested with the remote. It was stable and took good videos. The blue digital screen has a pretty accurate display. The display appears to work as advertised. You can pilot the drone from a very far distance with the help of the physical remote and line of sight piloting. I have an issue with the phone app. There's a lag in real time display on the phone and it's hard to get a signal. The draw path feature on the map doesn't work after you lock to gps. After drawing a path on the map in my location, the drone wanted to fly away into the distance and not follow the path on the map. I was able to turn that function off and bring it home. There is something wrong with the app software. Not impressed by his first time owner.

👤I wish I'd bought this drone. I am familiar with flying these things after owning a drone for the second time. I want to make it clear to start. When I first flew this, it was responsive when I made left turns, but when I tried to go right, it wouldn't respond, so I would try and go left again to correct the flight path, it would be unresponsive. I had the same issue when I flew it twice. I tried for the last time and it was just hovering more than anything. We're not sure at best. I hit the RTH button when I decided that the drone was not worth the risk of crashing it again. The camera broke off and the arm didn't look repairable. I made sure this thing was perfect before I flew it. I don't know what happened but this thing wanted to die from the jump. I wasted about 20 minutes of my life watching this cheap piece of technology constantly try and end it all. I hope Amazon does the right thing and refunds me.

👤It took me a while to figure out how to use the device. I was a beginner and didn't want to lose my drone or damage it. The photos and video footage look great. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The user interface is easy to use and the camera is acceptable at this price. I use it for fishing, and it's perfect for the upper thrower. The flight is very stable with a load of 3oz.

11. Adults,4K Anti Shake Camera,RC Quadcopter Transmission

Adults%EF%BC%8C4K Anti Shake Camera%EF%BC%8CRC Quadcopter Transmission

Up to 30 minutes flight time is provided by the upgraded 2500mAh intelligent battery. The package comes with a battery that will allow you to fly for 60 minutes. There are accessories from the drone backpack. Easy to fly, drones for kids, even perfect 4k drones with camera for adults. Video can be recorded with 4K HD Anti-Shake Camera, which reduces video blur and catches more details, and 60adjustable lens, which lets you see the world from different angles. Up to 20 minutes flight time is provided by the upgraded 1800mAh intelligent battery. The package has an extra battery that will extend your flight time to 40 minutes. An additional set of propellers is included in the product bag, which is convenient for you to replace at any time. The New drone is easy to use and can switch between indoor and outdoor. When you are flying indoors, the drone can stay in the air for a long time. When you are outside, the drones will switch to the gps system for precise positioning. When flying out of the range of the remote control, the battery power is too low or the return button is pressed too many times, it will automatically return, powerful and safe. It is easy for beginners and even little boys and girls to take it under control. 180 days of return or exchange and a free waranty are promised by ZuhaFA. If you're having trouble with your joystick, please try to press it vertically, they will do their best to help you out, and if you have any questions, please contact them.

Brand: Zuhafa

👤The seller will keep sending me emails. I've received at least 3 "Final Offer" emails, offering to pay me $39.99 to remove this review. It's funny. The review is still standing. The product was written about. The first email from the seller said they had updated the software and addressed the issues I experienced, which is cool, but I still have this piece of junk and so do a lot of others. Even if they give me a full price, I'm not going to remove the review. Don't sell cheaply made junk, keep your money, seller. Either they knew it didn't work properly and still sold it, or they didn't know and still sold it. That's really dull. I will never buy another product from them. You are a dime-a-dozen on Amazon. It's ruining Amazon. Since many of the manufacturers offer free shipping, I find buying direct from them more reliable. The review system is great, but if you don't do your research, you will lose money, and roll the dice. So here you go. I added this update and edited the original review in order to elaborate on my experience with this product, which is becoming more typical. I gave up trying to control the drone. I was not expecting much. The "basic flight" part of the machine doesn't work, so we don't know if any of the other features work. The drone is not possible to fly. It won't stay in one place despite my many attempts. I could get it to take off but it would drift in one direction and not respond to attempts to correct it from the controller. Slowing its drift was the best I could do. The blades became damaged and I gave up. I was not expecting much for $50. I thought it would fly. I think I could use it as a remote camera. It's worth something?

👤My son will receive this as a Christmas gift. It was enjoyable for 2 days. It is difficult to control on a windy day. I had to get it from the roof and out of a tricky spot of an oak tree while standing on a ladder and holding a rake. We flew it and the wind the next day. My son was trying to get it to come home, but ended up taking it over the pond behind the neighbor's house because we couldn't tell which direction it was facing. He thought it was over the land, but then he pressed the emergency land button and it plopped into the water. It became trash as quickly as it took Amazon Prime to deliver it after it was torn apart by tears and tears. A return to home button on a drone would have been better for us. The app stopped working after I used it once. There is a I would save you money by getting you another one that has a return to home function.

👤My husband and son love flying. This is the first one we have owned. This is a great starter drone. It has all the features you would want, and you can find them from drones. The instructions are easy to read and the drone is user-friendly. The control board is easy to use. When you take it out of the box, there is no need for any assembly at all. The controls are easy to use. It comes with an extra battery pack, which makes it great because you can charge one while you are playing with the other. A very sweet bonus! I wouldn't use it in the wind or near a lot of trees. I thought I would mention that. This is a nice drone to start with. It's easy to use and it's fun. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try out a stable drone and not have to spend a lot of money.


What is the best product for gps drone with return home?

Gps drone with return home products from Larvender. In this article about gps drone with return home you can see why people choose the product. Lmrc and Drone-clone Xperts are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps drone with return home.

What are the best brands for gps drone with return home?

Larvender, Lmrc and Drone-clone Xperts are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps drone with return home. Find the detail in this article. Podom, Potensic and Dji are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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