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1. Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

Freedom Distribution Enterprises Invisible Containment

MULTI-FUNCTION SYSTEM The range is decided by you, at 30/60/90/ 150/300 meters. When your pet leaves this range, the receiver collar will give a warning sound and a static electric shock. It is important toFamiliarize your pet with the functions they are trained to do in training mode. Please follow the safety set up video. They offer a set-up video that can be watched on YouTube, written instructions can be found with your kit, and they provide incredibly detailed safety set up instructions. They recommend following the safety set-up system to ensure maximum efficacy of your wireless dog fence and ultimately maximum safety for your precious pet. There is a raining mode. The number 1, 2, or 3 will be displayed on the screen. The collar of the dog is represented by these numbers. The system has two collars. The keys are "+" or "-". Make sure to train your dog on the new boundary so that they know when they have crossed and to return home. Some dogs will take a moment to understand but once they do this fence will be the ultimate safety device. The system shows the distance in meters. Press the blue buttons to select the appropriate size. There will be variation because of other obstacles. Follow the instructions for safe use. The sound, vibration, and shock buttons are on the right side of the transmitter. The higher the number, the longer the function will run. Your new dog fence adopts a 2.4 GHz frequency without interfering with your other devices. It must be tested and set up according to the instructions included in the book. The system includes a transmitter and two receivers for each reflective stripe dog collar. This will save you time and money. Your dog will thank you for the freedom and time spent with you.

Brand: Freedom Distribution Enterprises

👤The training collar has a battery in it. If the power goes out, the backup battery will run and the dog won't be shocked. It should last at least a few hours.

👤It says it would go 300 meters, but I wouldn't even go that far without lighting my dog up. If you ever lose power, your dog will be shocked until it's restored, there is no safety feature to tell it not to.

👤So far, so good. I hate that my dogs will go under our fence. When the recall fails, we bought this to help. It's so far worth it. My pups love it because they get to run without being tied up. When we add the other two dogs, I will be interested to see how it works. Sometimes it sounds like it should, but I don't know if it drops the connection. I am not sure what is happening when I hear the beep, it stops when I hear it. 11/26 - We bought a new collar because we liked it so much. It won't pair. The other collar that came with it has unpaired so it won't pair so much.

👤We tried this with our 9month old puppy and it didn't work, he would sit at the boundary line until the battery died, then he would dart off. It would shock us when we tested it. We decided to send it back and get a second one in case it was the device. After receiving the second one, it was delivered very quickly and I didn't have to return the first one. It seemed to work for the first day, but then it wouldn't work anymore, even on high level, because the "shock" wasn't affecting our stubborn dog. We went to petco about a month ago to buy a dog collar and have not had a problem since. I am waiting for a refund because I am not sure if it was the device or the dog that caused it.

👤The company and their customer service was excellent. I don't know if the amount of trees and instructions on our property were the problem or if we were doing something wrong. We tested the system in multiple places. We weren't getting the results we needed. I hope more people try it out. We will be burying more wire because of the concept of not having to bury wire.

👤There are too many dead spots in my yard to make this work well. I don't think I can let my dogs out with this. It's too late to return it. To make sure it works for you, be sure to set it up and test it right away.

👤There is a variable signal from the base to the collar. The signal is easily blocked by walls. After a few months, one collar stopped working. When the collar is charged, it does a great job of keeping our dog in the yard, but it runs down very quickly. Our fog tests the boundaries and that contributes to the short battery life. I have been pleased with the product.

2. BHCEY Wireless Electric Containment 6560Ft Portable

BHCEY Wireless Electric Containment 6560Ft Portable

The newest gps satellite positioning technology is adapted by the bhcey gps wireless dog fence system. It uses aGPS signal to find its location. It is much more stable than other traditional fences that use radio-frequency signals. The satellite positioning technology provides a much larger signal range and better accuracy than any other similar products. The Wireless Dog Fence System has a strong anti- interference ability. The signal will not be disturbed and your dog will not be warned. If your dog keeps going beyond the set range, a warning will only be repeated three times. The system will turn off after that to keep your dog safe. If your dog is still out of the boundary, the beep will continue. The area can be covered by theGPS Fence System with a range of up to 3280 feet and a warning strength of up to 776 acres. Your dog can be trained outdoors with a safe boundary set. The warning strength can be adjusted for different levels. It will keep your dog from harm by training it for different situations. It's easy to set up. The gps wireless dog collar is easy to set up and does not require boundary wires. You just need to set the shock intensity and radius for the first time, then position the original point after every restart. The dog collar has a battery. It has a high-capacity battery that can work for 15 hours after being fully charged. The high-quality materials of their gps wireless collar make it waterproof and free of defects, which makes it great for use in wet weather and allows your dog to play in the rain. A free 2-year warranty will be provided. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact their customer service team. They are always ready to help their customers and resolve their issues.

Brand: Bhcey

👤The collar is very good for the price. It fits any size dog. It has three different settings as to how loud they are. Even in a rural area, it can be set up.

3. Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Any yard can have a custom fence wire. A combination of a wireless pet training system and custom above or below ground wired design gives pet parents peace of mind that their best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming. The safe zone is outdoors. The benefits of a dual zone pet container system include an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence system, plus 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy duty solid copper core wire is strong enough to stand up to any weather and can be tailored to stop your dogs digging, jumping and end complaints from neighbors. Break Born Habit is fast. Their wireless dog training collar with remote can control up to 3 separate shock collars with a beep and vibration mode levels 1-10 that works wonders to quickly perimeter train your dogs, and the electric shock collar with levels 1-10 get attention and stops stubborn and nuisance behavior fast. There is peace of mind and long life. The 12-hour Electronic Ecollar has a safety shut down switch that stops the shock for humane reasons, and a rapid charging battery station that charges batteries in 2 hours or less. There are safe and effective electronic stethoscopes. That works for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The collar-receiver is waterproof, lightweight, and can be adjusted to fit different dog neck sizes. Dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds are suitable. The perimeter shock scollar responds with a warning tone, vibration and 3 levels of increasing shock intensity to stop your dogs. A dog trainer and electric dog fence solution.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤There was an update on 7/09/18. I am still pleased with the product, but I have noticed a few things. The bottom half of the remote's display is visible on the screen. This began a month ago. The collar is not consistent with the weather. The settings on the collar response can be changed by heavy rain, clouds, and strong wind. Sometimes a poor thing gets shocked. The dog knows how to charge through the line on weird days. I wish there was a way to strengthen the shock through the transmitter. The dog goes across the line when it seems as if it is weak. I keep the remote at a 5 so that I can correct his behavior. Wondering what level of shock he's getting from the fence. Every 3rd night, the collar and remote are charged. I had purchased another 2 systems because I didn't know this system had a training remote and a fence. I saved $80 bucks by moving to this system. I will update around June after we have had our system in working order for 3 weeks. There is a little background on my dog. He's been around for about a year and a half. Rescue. 60 lbs. The mix is a lab/Pitt mix. Came to us with bad manners. If my kids left the space for it at a doorway, the barking wouldn't stop and I would have to use the bathroom again. We are very responsible owners and have the same food, bathroom, and play routine. I was at my wit's end after 4 months. 4 kids, the youngest an infant, are gentle when they make contact. We have a bit of land, but I didn't know anything about these systems, so I doubted my skills as a responsible pet owner. Back to the product. Training. The system was charged for 8 hours. It does have to be charged on every 3rd night, but it's not a big deal since I'm also plugging in phones and tablets before bed. I read the manual and saw improvement in Ruce before I went to sleep. By day 3 he was more obedient, jumping 75% less, and wouldn't cross the threshold of a wide open front door, even with his favorite 8 year old boy playing in his view. The barking took a while. I gave 2 chances on vibration before shocking. It makes me feel bad, but the improvement our dog has shown is remarkable. He heels at my feet and I have to warn him by vibrating. I did not teach him to do that. On to the fence. I spent that week watching videos and reading the manual. I need to research and read the manual. After laying the fence with yard staplers, we tested the collar around the entire yard before burying it. I only had to spend 40 bucks on another 500 ft roll of wire. Only one was used to connect it. It's easy. It wasn't hard to twist it at the connector. The only challenge was burying the fence. It was taxing even though it wasn't hard. We used a flat shovel. He would dig, I would bury, and then switch over and over for about two and a half hours. It worked. The perimiter was set at 2 ft, but the back wall of the fence made it difficult to see. The collar went off at about 6 feet. The problem seemed to have been fixed when I lowered it to 1 ft. I began walking the dog around the perimeter after dropping the flags. It only took 2 20 minute sessions of this before Ruce learned the flags and was off the leash, fetching sticks with the kids, but not bolting after them, strangers, or animals beyond his fence. I apologize for the long review, I just wanted to make sure it was accurate. My dog is free, my family is happy, and I would spend twice as much time burying a fence to have order and freedom in our pet and family time. I will recommend this to anyone who is in the market.

4. Petsafe PIF 300 Wireless Containment System

Petsafe PIF 300 Wireless Containment System

Pets weighing 8 pounds or more can have a wireless radio-fence containment system. It covers an area of up to 1/2 acres. The containment system has an extra collar. The collar fits dogs up to 8 pounds and is adjusted to fit neck sizes 6 to 28 inches. When a pet strays into a warning zone, the receiver delivers safe static correction. The setup and training manual is included.

Brand: Petsafe

👤I bought this item to help train my dog at our new house. This thing has never been reliable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When my dog was standing at the back door waiting to be let in, she started screaming. The collar shocked her and she was nowhere near the boundary. I got her inside to take the collar off and it continued to shock her. I was standing next to the transmitter holding the collar in my hand and it was still shocking. I am angry. This piece of shit was not cheap and I want a refund. Don't buy this product.

👤I was told many times that this thing would work. I had doubts. How was I supposed to trust something I had never tried before? My two dogs haven't been outside since I hooked it up. I am very happy with the purchase. They are easy to clean and take care of, they roll around in the mud and woods, and the transmitter is plugged in under the bathroom sink so you can't see it, and they have plenty of flags. It makes me feel good that I can let our two dogs out to explore without being concerned they will run off. I still keep an eye on them, but it helps put me at ease. Great purchase.

👤The product says two pet containment, but only has one collar. One picture has one collar while the other has two. Don't order this one if you need a containment system for two dogs. Make sure you get two of the ones you order.

👤This is an extra fence for our dog. We already had one like this and wanted to expand it. The extra space was a plus for us because we have four large dogs. My dogs were initially hesitant to go outside of the original boundary of the one unit, but are now starting to understand that the border is bigger because of the addition of the second unit, so they are going farther away from the house to do their business. If you choose to use multiple wireless fence units, make sure the boundaries overlap by a few feet so that the dogs can move quickly from one area to the next without the collar going off. If you want to avoid a full reset of the collars, you need to be within two to three feet of the unit.

👤Our two 20 pound dogs are 888-349-8884 We tried everything we could think of. On the other side of the yard are 4 large German Shepards. It sounded like someone was about to die when they started attacking each other. The Pet Containment System was easy to use. Our dogs are never allowed to go past the safe zone. The potty area is smaller as they used to go out by the fence. I think we have to lower the settings to allow for a bigger area for them. Highly recommend this product.

5. Earlyhights Underground Invisible Electric Containment

Earlyhights Underground Invisible Electric Containment

The Advanced Pet Fence kit includes a powerful transmitter that can cover up to 5 acres and 500 feet of wire that can fence up 1/2 acre of land. Excellent SPECS. The waterproof dog collar can be fully charged in 2 hours and then be off for 500 hours. Your dog will not outgrow their training collar. It was designed to work as an extra large, medium, and small breed dog. Quality first. The advanced electric pet containment system ensures that you don't have to worry about your dog digging up your garden bed or running off to the road. It's never been easier to give your dog space and freedom to run around in your area.

Brand: Earlyhights

👤The fence system was delivered quickly and I was happy with it. I used a trencher to create a full loop around my yard and then 888-609- The control was mounted by my back door and the display showed the complete loop. It took 888-349-8884 Only one of the 2 collar systems will work correctly. The other charges and powers on, but it does not recognize the fence and allows my dog to roam outside without being reprimanded, but then twice shocked him in the middle of the yard without warning. I have removed this collar from use and now have to let my two dogs out separately while using just the one good collar. I would be happy with another good collar. Delivery speed, instructions, simplicity, and faulty collar are positives. The collar doesn't work. The dogs run through it. They killed a cat. There is an update. After speaking with customer service, I was able to reset the collar and get a free replacement. My review is going to be upgraded from a 1 to a 3. There is an update. The whole unit was replaced by customer service. Don't leave it on the dogs. I'm going to upgrade to a 4. Customer service is a 5.

👤It has been updated. The phone line wire gauge is 22 gauge. It's advertised as 18 gauge, which is big wire. It was only about 800 feet. It's advertised as 1000 ft. I needed about 970. I am an electronic tech. I know how wire works. I need more wire to hook it up. The seller sent me a roll of 1000 ft. The new wire is correct and there is more wire on the roll ad than the original. The seller is going to work on resolving the problem with their manufacturer. They were concerned about the quality of their product. If you are looking for 800ft of wire that will probably work with the system, then this may be ok for you, but the packaging will not support 1000ft of 18guage wire. See the picture. I bumped the rating for the care the seller has given but can't give a 5 star because it was not good to go when I got it. It hasn't been hooked up yet. The new wire made the distance as expected.

👤The product is a great value. You don't need to spend a lot of money for an effective product. The product works great for medium size dogs. They were able to help with an Isuzu after a lighting storm. The advice I would give was 1. The box says it comes with 20 gauge wire. I bought a 29 gauge line from Home Depot because I wanted a thicker line. 2. Surge protectors are needed to protect the system.

6. Bousnic Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

Bousnic Training Rechargeable Waterproof Vibration

These shock collar for dogs offer a variety of training modes, as well as a standard tone mode. The nylon collar is 8-26 inches in length and can be tailored to your dog's temperament. The remote for this dog training collar can reach up to 1000 feet, meaning you can train dogs in the backyard, the park, or anywhere else. The remote has a dual channel that can be used to train 2 dogs at the same time. The button sizes and format are easy to operate for pet owners and help dogs learn commands more effectively. A premium training collar for expert trainers and new pet owners is also safe on coats and skin. The collar receiver is waterproof and works when your dog goes for a swim, chases toys around a pool, or plays in the rain. The dog shock collar has batteries that can be charged in 2 hours and last 15-20 days. To make sure customers from all over the world can easily charge the product, there is no adapter in the package. The product can be charged with a phone accessory, the power bank, and the car'susb outlet, which is very convenient.

Brand: Bousnic

👤It can be difficult to walk 3 dogs by yourself. I use the collar to make sure my dogs are on walks. This is a product that does what it says on the tin. The set is well made and sturdy. The remote is easy to use and I like the wrist strap. You don't always have to hold it. The buttons for shock, vibrate, and beep are labeled with pictures that show which button does what. The screen is easy to understand. The function buttons are separate, unlike other training collars where you only have one button to use. The dog you are currently on is displayed on the screen with a button between dog1 and dog2. One collar strap is yellow while the other is black, so you can tell which dog is wearing which. The push of the button on the collar on the first try was the only way to pair the collars. The remote and the collar have held their charge for over two weeks without charging again. I turn the collar off between uses and the remote off when no buttons are pressed. There are no batteries and no need for two separate chargers, which is great because the remote and collar can be plugged in with the same one. The product works as they say it will, thanks to the instructions. Extra instructions with pictures were included that were helpful and I appreciated that. The shock and vibrate functions can be adjusted separately. The vibrate function can be adjusted from 1 to 12. The shock has 12 levels from a light static shock to a huge painful zap. I tried the shock on myself on level 1 and I wouldn't put my dog through anything I couldn't handle. It works and it doesn't hurt. It's similar to when you drag your feet on the carpet and then touch a metal door and get a shock. It's not pleasant, but it's not painful. You can use the tester in the set to test the shock. The tester light will come on if the electricity is coming from the prongs on the collar. One of my dogs instantly responds to the sound of the heels and the sound of the beep. She responded with a yip to the first shock and never needed it again. My other dog is a bit more stubborn than the other one. He didn't respond to the shock until I got to level 5. It probably takes more to get through his thick fur after a level 5 shock. The instructions say to set the shock at the lowest level so that the dog will respond. The push of a button on the remote switches between dogs and always saves the setting levels. I haven't tried it far away, but it works every time. You can change the prongs on the collars. They screw on and off. These are the prongs that come into contact with your dog's neck, short or long haired. It came with rubber covers for each set of prongs to keep the metal from rubbing against my dogs neck. I think the circle on the front of the receiver collar looks great and holds the fabric of the collar firmly to the receiver. The collar strap doesn't have to be taken off to charge the collars, which is great. The red or green light on the collar receiver tells you if they are on or off. I had a hard time thinking of anything bad about this set, but one area that could be improved upon is the fact that you cannot plug in both of the collars at the same time, you have to use the included charging cable. It would be great to have a third splitter on the cable so that all 3 could be plugged in at the same time. Since the batteries last so long, it's not a big deal. The training set is affordable for owners of 2 dogs. I think it's a good idea.

7. TTPet Aboveground Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

TTPet Aboveground Containment Waterproof Rechargeable

It is easy to install. The system includes 650 Ft boundary wire that can be expanded to more land with the purchase of additional wires. You can place the wire on the ground or underground to keep your dog where you want it. Automatic dog training. Once you install the system, the collar works. As your dog tries to cross the boundary wire, it will send a sound and a shock. The closer your dog goes, the more intense the shock will be, which will help you train him back to the play area. Support multiPLE dogs. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs, including dogs with a neck size of 8 inches or more. You can easily control an unlimited number of dogs by purchasing additional compatible receivers. Professional and thoughtful design. The electric fence can be adjusted to control the width of the boundary. If the wire is broken, the wire break warning can be used. When the low-battery indicator is displayed, you should charge your receiver. There is a lifetime warranty. There is a 90-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for each product that you purchase from the company. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact them.

Brand: Ttpet

👤The wire was tiny. It seems to be working well so far. When our dogs run off when we aren't looking, we hear a lot of crying and low moans, and one of them tried to cross it. I don't think we will have any more problems after that. Customer service has been excellent. They offered a used kit to send us for free, so we could buy another one. We will be waiting for that. I'm pretty happy.

👤The setup was easy, but the testing was confusing because the system didn't detect the collar every time. The wire is very thin and snapped twice. I'm not very pleased that I put the collar on my dogs. The system was set at 30 then 10 and never worked again. At one point my dog sat on the wire. I will return the product if I get the same results with the new wire I already have.

👤We wanted an alternative for our old dog to be able to be in the front yard with us, but she tends to wander off. Since our deed restriction doesn't allow fences in front yards, this is a great way to do that. It was easy to set up after a rain storm. The charge stays for a long time and the shock does not hurt her. I like that it has two collars so we can always have one ready for her. She is in the yard with us as we relax.

👤Product worked well for me. I used a twisted wire to get my dogs to walk over it and a heavier wire to finish the last 100 ft. The supplied wire is thinner and cheaper than the ones I used. The fence is buried under 750 feet. At the side of my house and along the road, I created a loop in the shape of an L. The green light blinks when I turn the collars off. The red light blinks. It will be okay, but I saw it a little backwards.

👤So far, so good. It was very easy to setup. We have had it for a couple of weeks and it works great. The 95 lbs Labrabull won't go near the wood fence that he has been jumping on. He is breaking our fence. I love it!

👤It was very easy to install. I have been using for a week without any issues with my fence jumping pups. The wire has held up well for the price. I charge the collars after 3 days. When the dogs are let out periodically during the day, they are taken off when inside. I had a problem with the kit's adapter that was supposed to be used for both collars and the transmitter. After contacting the sellers, they offered a used kit to solve the problem and were quick to respond to messages. Customer service is the most helpful I've ever experienced. The used kit arrived today and is pictured. It has taken awhile, but it is definitely true.

8. SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

Adding a dog collar to a gps tracker is only possible. The SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 and TEK Series 1.5 are compatible. Purchase the Add-A- Dog Collars to expand your TEK Series 1.5 or TEK Series 2.0 system to track and train up to 21 dogs. This collar uses HopTek technology to track and train your dog up to 10 miles away, and it reports the direction each dog is headed, the path they took to get there, and whether they are moving or stopped. This collar is waterproof and can be used for dogs of any size with neck sizes of 10.75" to 23" SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories because of the heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind that they design in the field.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I love it! Well made, durable and works well. Customer support is the best.

👤I loved it! It works well to add to our collection.

👤I don't recommend this product for search and rescue. The screen is nice, but it's not easy to stop and start, and you can't download tracks to a computer for a search report. The system would easily beat out the alpha gps collar if those were fixed.

9. Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

Extreme Dog Fence Grade Electric

The eXtreme Dog Fence MAX GRADE KIT covers up to 25 acres with the widest signal field possible. The wire can be run above ground or buried. Most other inground dog fence systems claim to be water resistant. The eXtreme Dog Fence Collar Receiver is waterproof to 10 feet. The Max Grade Fence Kit includes: 14 gauge-plus 60 mil wire, 16 gauge twisted wire, digital transmitter, collar receiver, training flags, and 10 staplers. The Underground Dog Fence comes with a 10 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on the eXtreme Dog Fence Wire. This fence will protect your dog. They will guarantee it. The fence has been manufactured for more than 25 years and has a reputation for reliability and performance. The electric fence for dogs are made in the United States of America. They are standing by to help you set up your fence, train your dogs and puppies, or deal with any issue that comes up.

Brand: Extreme Dog Fence

👤The COLLAR SUCKS are the most important part of this package. The most brittle plastic you will ever see is used to secure the prongs. The battery was almost dead before mine broke. The battery life isn't convenient and they don't sell replacements. You can get a replacement dog collar for $125. It comes with a new battery. The 2nd collar just took a dump on me, that's 2 in less than a year! My dog almost got eaten by someone else's yard. I'm going to get sued if I do. I followed all the instructions the second time. Double checked.

👤The Max Grade 1000 Ft system was installed. The system is nice, the cable is good, and it is all made in the USA. I was docked one star for the lack of directions in the box and the crappy power surge protector. For my complete review, keep reading. The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Ultimate came with 14 AWG fence wire with a 60 mil jacket, and 50 feet of 18 AWG twisted wire, which is fancy for saying it. The products shown in the picture were all free of defects. The box didn't have complete instructions on how to use the product. Thank goodness for the internet. The manufacturer's website has a nice "manual" with tons of info. It would be great to have that in the box. The box had a few pieces of paper that had spelling issues. They are lazy to proof read and from the USA. The collar I got was perfect. If you are buying a system, be sure you get the correct one, there are three different types and "Active" is the best for 86 percent of dogs. The wire I got was of great quality. The jacket was tough and free of defects. Great wire. The panel is small and easy to remove. If you look online or at their drawing, you can figure it out. If you use their surge protectors that come with the Ultimate system, there is no need for ground wire. One of the reasons I took away a gold star was because of the surge protectors. It is a joke compared to the rest of the product. They could have spent a bit more money to make this thing better. If anyone breaths on them, they will fall out, so be sure to use wire ties and other things to remove all pressure or you will find some wires out. These things are worse than bad, they want to leave rather than stay. The size of this unit is large for its own good. It is what it is. The collar has an electronic thingy. It is ok. It takes a 6v battery. If you want to buy another brand, don't do it because they will include documentation about how they make special ones for it, so you can jack the price up. Again, it is what it is, just know it. If you follow normal battery methods, the negative goes in first with the positive on the cap side, even though the collar is not marked. The battery is in the box. At least it isn't hard to figure out how to install. Either it works or it doesn't. Attach the battery negative side first with a flat head screwdriver. They will lose the other half of the gold star after you get everything hooked up, no instructions on how to program the collar. His system allows you to program an unlimited amount of collars for different pets. I can't weigh in on that because I haven't died yet, so I'm not sure if the battery retains this info if it dies. If you want to program a collar, you need to have the collar in hand and be next to the panel, choose your level and hit the button. It's possible that your collar ships with the highest shock level. I thought it would come on the radio, but who knows. It takes half a day. It depends on how long you run, the terrain you are going across, and how good of a job you want to do. It took me 7 hours a day. I used a shovel to burry 750 feet, so I could not use a machine. I knocked a hole in my foundation to get the twisted wire to my basement where I installed the panel and power. If I had just thrown the cable on the ground, it would have been a lot quicker, but I am so paranoid that things need to be right that I don't care. You know what's best for you. I am happy that this is over, but it works very well. Would I recommend this to a friend? I would like to see the manufacture correct their spelling errors on the few papers they give you and include the real manual rather than making people go online for it. The paper should say that you can go online to see the manual. Please, spend a few more pennies to give us a surge protector with real wire connections. The consumer is not directed at the supplier.

10. BHCEY Wireless Containment 80 1640ft Waterproof

BHCEY Wireless Containment 80 1640ft Waterproof

The upgraded wireless dog fence system is a new system that adopts the more stable and accurate signal source, help to train dogs to shape the habit of living in their own independent space, no more dangerous and much more freedom. The Boundary Collar System will be able to adjust the signal fence distance from 22Ft to 1640Ft. The Wireless dog fence system can be used for dog training at home. Bhcey is a dog fence system that is reliable and safe. It is convenient to establish a safe area for pet activities because it has completely got rid of the trouble of wiring. The receiver will sound a warning sound every 2 seconds if your dog is running beyond the setting range. After the third warning sound, start static shock in a low level. The receiver will stop working if your dogs stay outside the specified area. Recharging and waterproof. The receiver collar has a high capacity battery. The charges will last for weeks. The collar is made of waterproof material, which means that your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain. The wireless design is able to deal with all types of terrain. Multiple receivers can work at the same time. If you need further assistance, please contact them.

Brand: Bhcey

👤The shock did not affect our dog. It works very well.

11. PetSafe Stay Wireless Fence Stubborn

PetSafe Stay Wireless Fence Stubborn

ACRE OF CIRCULAR COVERAGE: Up to 1/3-acre of coverage can be achieved from the placement of the portable indoor transmitter. There is no wire toBURY. A wireless boundary is a great way to protect your pets without having to bury wires. Stubborn dogs can be used. The system has a tone-only mode and 5 levels of static correction that can be adjusted to match the temperament of the most persistent pets. If your pet passes the boundary, static-free return allows your pet to return home. A dog stays and plays. The system comes with a waterproof, rechargeable receiver collar that fits dogs up to 5 lbs and adjusts to fit neck sizes 6-28 inches. Set up your new fence in 1-2 hours. Each receiver collar charge lasts 3 weeks. You can take this portable fence with you when you go camping or travel in your RV.

Brand: Petsafe

👤My dog was saved by a collar. I tried to call my dog into the house after a black bear came into our yard. The bear passed us as we ran to the door and my dog chased it. She only wanted the bear, I couldn't call her back. The only thing that stopped her from getting tangled with the Maine black bear was the collar. I took a picture of the bear on my camera. You just need to turn the collar on to connect it and the battery will last a long time. Before using, read the directions and test them. I didn't like the way my dog was treated and now we are both happy and playing in the yard that is her own. She wouldn't come in the house when she was called, so I lowered the perimeter and she came in once it woke up. The neighbor is not showing up with his dog anymore because of the training device. I had to write a review after the bear incident. I took her to my parents beach. I was able to plug the base in so she could swim and play around it. She couldn't go up on the busy street by the house. I took the dog and collar to a friend's house. The collar needs to be reset next to the base. The dogs can play on the same signal if you go.

👤Two years have passed since we got the pet system, and both of our dogs are breaking through the perimeter. We had purchased the PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs Collar and we fully charged the collar, and I walked up to the perimeter and it told me it was working. My neighbor told me that our dog was hit by a truck and died in the road. My dog died because of a false advertisement.

👤The Giant Schnauzer has the same energy level as the Tasmanian devil and is like the size of a horse. I had to spend the money on this collar after having multiple encounters with our neighbors from her roaming through their garden and playing with their chickens. It was our final option. I wish I would have done it sooner. I started training her for 30 minutes a day. She was on a leash when she wasn't training so she couldn't run outside. I started out with the beeping tone and it didn't seem to bother her. After working with her, I turned the shock level to 2 and then 3. I found that level 4 was perfect for her since she is so stubborn and large. I didn't have to go any higher. She ran back to the house after going past the perimeter a few times. She did not like it. She is acting better now that she won't go close anymore. She is listening and respecting our commands. Positive enforcement is a must while training. No more tension with neighbors and no more stress.


What is the best product for gps dog fence 2 dogs?

Gps dog fence 2 dogs products from Freedom Distribution Enterprises. In this article about gps dog fence 2 dogs you can see why people choose the product. Bhcey and Pet Control Hq are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps dog fence 2 dogs.

What are the best brands for gps dog fence 2 dogs?

Freedom Distribution Enterprises, Bhcey and Pet Control Hq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps dog fence 2 dogs. Find the detail in this article. Petsafe, Earlyhights and Bousnic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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