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1. Training LUOYMBE Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

Training LUOYMBE Rechargeable Vibration Waterproof

The dog training collar has three training modes, it's better to start at the lowest setting and ramp it up until your dog starts to react. The shock collar is a great training tool to correct bad behaviors for your pets. User-friendly to beginners. The controller has a display that shows all the information at once. The buttons and settings make it easy to use the dog training collar. The controller has a lock switch. IPX7 waterproof training collar can be used in adverse weather conditions. The training collar has a wide range of control up to 2000 feet, it's flexible enough to train your dog indoors or outdoors. The training collar is sleek and comfortable. The shock collar is smaller and lighter than other versions, making it easier to put on dogs. All sizes of dogs are suitable for the collar. The signal light on the collar makes it easy to find your dog at night. The collar and remote can be charged by phone, and can be plugged into a power bank or car. It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge, which can last up to 30 days.

Brand: Luoymbe

👤I was hesitant to buy a shock collar for my dog because it always seemed mean. I decided to give it a try since my dog wouldn't listen when I chase other animals, cars, etc., and it was not safe. I browsed through a lot of other collars before choosing this one because it was less expensive than many others and had good reviews. The collar arrived quickly and everything looked great. I took everything out of the box and started playing with it. Everything is easy to understand. The shocks are barely noticeable when I put the collar around my arm to see how it would feel. I liked that the shocks became impossible to ignore, but did not hurt as I 888-276-5932s 888-276-5932 I tried it on my dog and it worked. When she wouldn't come, I hit the warning button and gave her a quick zap, which stopped her in her tracks. I zapped her when she started running again. She came back to me. Without going into details, suffice it to say that I am very impressed with how quick and effective this type of training is. My girl can be quite stubborn. I have been using this collar for a week now and am very happy with it. When she still doesn't listen, I just use the shocking, but on rare occasions I do the vibrate and she comes running. I learned that it has a bright light on the collar to make it easier to see my dog at night. A fun feature. It has only been a week since I started using it, but there is no doubt that it works well and will last a long time.

👤beagles love to howl I live in a condo and not all my neighbors love their voice as much as I do, but this collar is amazing. It's easy to put on, it has a clicker and 3 different modes, so I didn't have to shock her. The sound mode and vibrate mode were used and it was a blessing. She was able to pick it up quickly, and within a few times she realized that after 10p howling is not allowed. It's easy to use and it's rechargeable. It is very light and easy to put on. I've had ones that are too big for them and don't fit with their collars. This one is not the same. She didn't notice it was on. It was a relief to see how comfortable she felt. I can finally toss my old one and keep this one. It's a very nice color and it's not obvious or intrusive. I have a remote in my pocket in case I need it. This training collar is very good.

👤I was surprised by all the features of this collar. The collar has a short manual with warnings and training tips. There is no risk of accidentally shocking your dog with the shock cylinders if you use Silicon on them. You can turn off all of the features with a lock switch on the remote. The materials are high quality. The cloth used in this collar is similar to the cloth found on pit bull dog collars, so they won't break out of it. The remote is easy to use, with big buttons on the front, 2 buttons on the right, and 3 buttons on the left. There are a few things to note. You can't just charge them and use them, they are straight out of the box. You will need to read the manual. It will take a few minutes. On page 3 "Overview", it shows you how to screw the contact pillars on, but it only shows how the finished result looks without any information about the parts or the process. You need to fix those contact pillars. > The manual says to hold the power buttons for 2 seconds to turn them on, but I had to hold the remote button until the display showed. I had to hold the collar button until it vibrated and showed a green light to switch it off. > This collar cannot be used on aggressive dogs, dogs that are allergic to the contact points, or dogs that are in an unsafe or noisy area. The perfect place is a park or backyard. The manual may be shorter than the review, but you will still get more information by reading it. I might come back and tell you how it goes with my dog.

2. ROJECO Remote,IPX7 Rechargeable Beep,Vibration Shock,Adjustable

ROJECO Remote%EF%BC%8CIPX7 Rechargeable Beep%EF%BC%8CVibration Shock%EF%BC%8CAdjustable

There are three training modes and three channels. The dog training collar with remote has 3 harmless training modes, a vibrating and shock mode, and is able to help correct bad behaviors. A maximum of 3 dogs training is supported by the 1+3 channel design. The range of the dog shock collar can be reached up to 1968 ft in the barrier area. Your dog can enjoy its training time wherever you want. Is it swimming or showering? Don't worry, everything's in control. It is a dog training collar. The training collar for dogs is made of a kind of environmental friendly material. All Sizes of Dogs are comfortable with high quality, durable and light weight. Extra visibility at night can be obtained by wearing a reflective strap. The bark collar and remote can be fully charged in 2 hours. The receiver's battery capacity is 650mAh and can be used for 30 days. The remote can work for 60 days with a max battery capacity of 300mAh. Even if you're a beginner, ROJECO cares and loves your puppy. The dog shock collar with remote is certified by the FCC and other organizations. Do you know? Dogs may have different feelings even if the size is the same. They offer 0-100 level shock mode.

Brand: Rojeco

👤The lanyard attachment to the remote is poor and I would have given this a five if it weren't for it. It took me 20 minutes to attach the lanyard after contacting the manufacturer. Paper clips, curved needles, dental floss threaders, string and florist wire were all tried on. I was able to grab the wire with pliers and pull it through the hole. The rest of the product is good. I like that I can turn off the remote. I only used the shock once when my dog was out of control, because the vibrate mode works well to curve barking by my dog. The bottom line is a great product that provides painless options to correct behavior.

👤The collar works well and gets results. If you are looking for a collar that your best friend can wear for long periods of time, you need to know that it will go to sleep and require you to hit the power button on the collar itself to wake it up. Don't get caught by surprise when your friend gets into trouble and you hit the button, but it is asleep. I give a 3 on sleep mode because of that. Not fond of that option.

👤The German Shepherd is forbidden from escaping our yard by the collar we got. She didn't get phased by the beep or the vibration but she did get her attention. I had to use the shock to stop her. Within a few days, she no longer goes near the fence. I like that it has a band around the collar so we know where she is. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤Our blue nose pit likes to run off into the fields and disappear. He returns with a new collar and no issues.

👤I have a female pit mix that likes to go on walks in the park and doesn't like other dogs. She needs this to understand that her behavior is not acceptable. She has learned that the sound of the noise leads to a strong sound that she doesn't like. She got that part fast, because I only used the shock function twice. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to stop bad behavior.

👤This gets my dogs' attention. She can't do anything wrong or bark unnecessarily if she has the vibration. It has made it easier to train her.

👤It is a good unit, a little larger than I expected. The shock settings bother me. The default setting is 100 when you turn the remote on. I would think that the setting you use for training would be stored and only changed when you change it yourself, but it doesn't work that way. I have only had a week to work with it.

👤The size was perfect for my 9 month old English Mastiff, however, it doesn't hold a charge for very long. After about 2 or 3 hours of use, the device is dead and needs to be charged again. I should have bought a new one for her, but I like the reflective feature and bright orange color of this ine, we live in the middle of a forest, and I like that it has a bright orange color. I wish it would work better. Its a shame.

3. ISPECLE Waterproof Rechargeable Vibration Electronic

ISPECLE Waterproof Rechargeable Vibration Electronic

Extra rubber covers protect the dog neck from direct contact with the shock point, which is better for training. The dog training collar has a control range of 2500 feet and is easy to train your dog in the courtyard, park or outdoors. Dog remote shock collar with 4 training modes of vibration, shock, sound and light help you to correct your dog's behavior. A dog training collar with 2 receiver can be used to train 2 dogs at the same time. The long part can be cut off if the dog neck requirements are not met, and the finger width is the most comfortable width.

Brand: Ispecle

👤I had these for about 4 days in January. They are more user friendly than the other brand I had before. The remote is sleek and easy to use, and the receivers are small and lightweight, which makes them easy to overlook. They seem to hold their charge for a long time. It's great for battery preservation but not so great in a situation when you need to make a noise for your dog but the thing is off. My only gripe. I am happy enough to give 5 stars and recommend friends. After using these for a long time, I realized that even though the collar does time out after a little activity, it will turn back on by pressing one of the buttons on the remote. The only way to turn it back on was to press the power button on the collar. It just goes to sleep. If you don't press the button for a while, the green light will stop and come back on again, but if your dog has it on, you can press the button again. The instruction manual doesn't have this information so it's a learning experience. I have been using the black one about 3 times a week since I bought them. When the black one needed to charge, I used the orange one a few times. All it does is vibrate, won't charge and won't stop vibrating. I cannot get through to the seller. I bought the protection plan through ASURION and am not getting answers from them. Maybe writing an ugly review will get someone's attention. Trying to get help when you have an issue is almost impossible. There is an update on June 1, 2018). The company iSpecle reached out to me and was more helpful than I had expected. They went above and beyond to make sure I got what I paid for and I am very happy with their Customer Service agent Hannah who has been very friendly and consistent. The piece that was malfunctioning was replaced by them. The collar is very useful for dog behavior and I am not having any issues with it. I just put it on and they know what's expected of them. One of my dogs was an excessive barker over everything, but as soon as I put the collar on her, she stopped barking. I never had to use the "shock" option because she responded to the beep and well vibrate enough. This company and this collar are recommended by me. I think my frustration should have been directed towards ASURION. I don't know how the protection plan works. I need to get on that because I agree to be charged for a warranty but there is no information on how to use it.

👤Do you have a problem child? Are you worried that your husband will stray too far from your site at those company mixers? This isn't the product for you. If you have a dog who needs a little guidance to follow commands, look no further! The collar can be trimmed to size. It was difficult to find out how it works as my 16 year old unboxed it and immediately did something with the directions. Who needs directions? Be imaginative! Make your own rules. You can control your neighbor's dog with 3 channels. I haven't had to test this out yet, but it's pretty decent. I have used it to get my puppy's attention when he's being stubborn and not following his command to come in or not go into the road. If he sees me coming to him, he will try to run and that can be dangerous if he runs into the road, so I'm happy. If you decide to use the shock portion, please be sure to know a little about it. This is my first collar from this manufacturer, but I've used them in the past for boundary training, and also with my deafness rescue dog, because roads are dangerous when she can't hear me yell for her to stop. This is an effective training method that doesn't require long term use.

4. Dogtra 1902S Training Collar System

Dogtra 1902S Training Collar System

Seamless design. The strap on the receiver and your dog's neck can be wrapped around the receiver in a sleek and slim way. It is a versatile choice for all occasions, whether for indoor or outdoor activities. IPX9K waterproof is certified. The International Protection Marking system means that the 1902S has passed, because it has two durable receivers that are IPX9K waterproof certified. Products are verified if they can handle a close-range high-pressure liquid spray from 4 angles. The range is 1/3-MILE. The range of this 2-dog training e-collar is perfect for simple to complex training commands. This e-collar is perfect for training dogs and hunting. Precise control. With 127 correction levels, you can find the perfect level for your dog with gradual and precise correction control. The levels can be adjusted precisely with the help of the rheostat dial, and the screen is bright and easy to read. Correctings: There are two different correction types in this e-collar. The first correction type is a Nick and the second type is a Constant. The e-collar has a high performance pager that can alert dogs while training. The right e-collar is needed for you and your dog.

Brand: Dogtra

👤The remote dies 7 months after purchase, after spending $330 plus. We don't use the system for hunting or fieldwork because we only use it to manage our large Doberman in on our property to make sure he doesn't track down any of the neighbors' dogs as they walk by. Dogtra was not friendly when I called for service. They told me that I needed to send the device back and that they would send me another one if it turned out to be a problem. I asked if you could send me a replacement in the meantime. She snapped back, "You have to wait until we assess if it's bad and send you out a refurbished unit." The customer service experience was much better and I was sent a new collar with a return package pre-paid, after I had a collar that had battery issues. They shipped it the next day. I will return to Dogtra as they are clearly not on the same level of quality and service as I would expect from a premium dog collar.

👤The product will change the life of a dog owner. We have two large dogs that love to go outside. Other products didn't meet our needs. We wanted to travel without leashes, using a waterproof behavior system, and one control device for both dog collar. Dogtra met all of the needs. It is convenient to have a charging station. If it's always powered on, the battery will hold a charge for about 1 1/2 days. We take them off at night and charge as usual. It's easy to use, waterproof, easy to change control levels, and visually see. This is a feature that is safe to change control of a dog collar. One of our dogs has a long coat and he likes to run away when he sees a bird. Our other dog needs a stronger prompt. Our other dog has short hair. He is more aware of his surroundings. We use a lower intensity for him. He has a history of bolting and not responding to prompt. Dogtra can be changed to meet the needs of the dog. This is the most important thing I can say. Dog owners need to train their dog to use the device before expecting the dog to understand expectations. The dog needs to understand what the different commands mean before using a physical redirection behavior device. I failed to properly train my dog when I was a first time owner. We only train our dogs inside the house for a couple of weeks. Before being used outdoors, daily training is done indoors. When we moved to training outside, we only used it in our yard. They became so we will attend my children's soccer games. All the fans love our dogs. It was nice to enjoy the game and not have to manage a leash. We invested in Dogtra and I am thankful every day. In public areas, we don't stress about bolting. Dogtra shelled teach their dogs how to behave. The more intense command is rarely needed. Both dogs became less unmanageable after training. Sometimes we don't know the collars are turned off because they are so well behaved. It's a way for dog owners to enjoy a stressless walk. This product is recommended to all adventure dog owners. To any dog owner who is looking for a successful dog training system. You won't be disappointed.

5. Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Wireless Electric Fence Dogs Rechargeable Waterproof Shock Collars Underground Pet Control HQ

Any yard can have a custom fence wire. A combination of a wireless pet training system and custom above or below ground wired design gives pet parents peace of mind that their best friend has up to 10 acres of safe roaming. The safe zone is outdoors. The benefits of a dual zone pet container system include an easy-to-layout dog wireless fence system, plus 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy duty solid copper core wire is strong enough to stand up to any weather and can be tailored to stop your dogs digging, jumping and end complaints from neighbors. Break Born Habit is fast. Their wireless dog training collar with remote can control up to 3 separate shock collars with a beep and vibration mode levels 1-10 that works wonders to quickly perimeter train your dogs, and the electric shock collar with levels 1-10 get attention and stops stubborn and nuisance behavior fast. There is peace of mind and long life. The 12-hour Electronic Ecollar has a safety shut down switch that stops the shock for humane reasons, and a rapid charging battery station that charges batteries in 2 hours or less. There are safe and effective electronic stethoscopes. That works for all breeds and sizes of dogs. The collar-receiver is waterproof, lightweight, and can be adjusted to fit different dog neck sizes. Dogs weighing between 11 and 154 pounds are suitable. The perimeter shock scollar responds with a warning tone, vibration and 3 levels of increasing shock intensity to stop your dogs. A dog trainer and electric dog fence solution.

Brand: Pet Control Hq

👤There was an update on 7/09/18. I am still pleased with the product, but I have noticed a few things. The bottom half of the remote's display is visible on the screen. This began a month ago. The collar is not consistent with the weather. The settings on the collar response can be changed by heavy rain, clouds, and strong wind. Sometimes a poor thing gets shocked. The dog knows how to charge through the line on weird days. I wish there was a way to strengthen the shock through the transmitter. The dog goes across the line when it seems as if it is weak. I keep the remote at a 5 so that I can correct his behavior. Wondering what level of shock he's getting from the fence. Every 3rd night, the collar and remote are charged. I had purchased another 2 systems because I didn't know this system had a training remote and a fence. I saved $80 bucks by moving to this system. I will update around June after we have had our system in working order for 3 weeks. There is a little background on my dog. He's been around for about a year and a half. Rescue. 60 lbs. The mix is a lab/Pitt mix. Came to us with bad manners. If my kids left the space for it at a doorway, the barking wouldn't stop and I would have to use the bathroom again. We are very responsible owners and have the same food, bathroom, and play routine. I was at my wit's end after 4 months. 4 kids, the youngest an infant, are gentle when they make contact. We have a bit of land, but I didn't know anything about these systems, so I doubted my skills as a responsible pet owner. Back to the product. Training. The system was charged for 8 hours. It does have to be charged on every 3rd night, but it's not a big deal since I'm also plugging in phones and tablets before bed. I read the manual and saw improvement in Ruce before I went to sleep. By day 3 he was more obedient, jumping 75% less, and wouldn't cross the threshold of a wide open front door, even with his favorite 8 year old boy playing in his view. The barking took a while. I gave 2 chances on vibration before shocking. It makes me feel bad, but the improvement our dog has shown is remarkable. He heels at my feet and I have to warn him by vibrating. I did not teach him to do that. On to the fence. I spent that week watching videos and reading the manual. I need to research and read the manual. After laying the fence with yard staplers, we tested the collar around the entire yard before burying it. I only had to spend 40 bucks on another 500 ft roll of wire. Only one was used to connect it. It's easy. It wasn't hard to twist it at the connector. The only challenge was burying the fence. It was taxing even though it wasn't hard. We used a flat shovel. He would dig, I would bury, and then switch over and over for about two and a half hours. It worked. The perimiter was set at 2 ft, but the back wall of the fence made it difficult to see. The collar went off at about 6 feet. The problem seemed to have been fixed when I lowered it to 1 ft. I began walking the dog around the perimeter after dropping the flags. It only took 2 20 minute sessions of this before Ruce learned the flags and was off the leash, fetching sticks with the kids, but not bolting after them, strangers, or animals beyond his fence. I apologize for the long review, I just wanted to make sure it was accurate. My dog is free, my family is happy, and I would spend twice as much time burying a fence to have order and freedom in our pet and family time. I will recommend this to anyone who is in the market.

6. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar Dogs

Bousnic Dog Shock Collar Dogs

The Bousnic electric shock collar is perfect for training, simple and effective, it has 3 harmless modes, which can help you train your dog to behave well. The remote has a dual-channel to support training 2 dogs at the same time. The remote training range of this e collar is over 1000ft, which makes it possible for you to train your dog in the backyard, the park, at the beach, or anywhere else. The mini collar receiver is more comfortable for all sizes of dogs. Meas. 2.3(L)*1.4(W)*1(H)inch The weight was only 0.12Lbs. Thin and light. The nylon collar is 27 inches in diameter. The collar is comfortable for large dogs. The remote is designed to be comfortable. It is easy to hold and operate. The Bousnic electronic collar is waterproof and has a built-in battery. You can charge the shock collar with your phone. The collar receiver is waterproof and gives you maximum flexibility during outdoor activities. The battery life of the Bousnic e collar is long and lasts for a long time. It takes only a few hours to be fully charged. You should charge it for 4 hours. The receiver will last for 11-15 days, while the remote battery will last for a month.

Brand: Bousnic

👤I bought it from someone else but the seller didn't check the item before sending it to me, it was broken and chewed up. I saw it and didn't care. Customer service is horrible and shouldn't be used to sell on Amazon.

👤The training collar set is for 2 dogs. There are two collars and a remote. They work well. The instructions are easy to follow and the collars can be adjusted for large or small dogs. The collar can be put on and off with the clip. You should give your dog a break from these around their neck. My dogs only need the beep and the vibration options, but it has a shock option as well, and the shock is adjusted. The button on the side of the dog has the number 1 and 2 on it. A good shock collar is a must. There have been no issues with it so far.

👤I thought it was a great deal. For a month and a half, I worked well. Then stopped working again. It means that it is being charged. However doesn't turn on. I contacted the store. They told me they can't help me. I'm pretty sure that I have a warranty with Amazon. Is it me or has the product quality gone down? Learn from my mistakes and save money.

👤There is no lanyard or clip on the remote, and the receiver is small, but it is a great product. I have to shut it off before I put it in my pocket or backpack when I go on hikes with my pups. I am not able to use in an immediate situation. While hiking yesterday, my dogs spotted a coyote and by the time I got the remote out, it had left a trail of dust. This is the first collar that does not have a lanyard. I will have to return it and look for it again.

👤I got a remote because of the ad. I had a different shock collar that worked well but was more complex. I liked how simple this collar was to use and it will be easy for the kids to use as well. It was exactly as advertised after it was received in the mail. I have tried every shock collar on my arm. This is the most powerful shock collar I have ever owned. I tested on the highest setting. I have a pit bull and I will never have to go above the setting of 5 on her. She listens after the beep after seeing my reaction.

👤I got my sister and brother pups. Had gotten a different brand before. I had these collars for a week now and already love them. These are smaller than the bigger ones. The charge will only charge two things at a time. They have to split it so that they can charge all three at once. I charged them last week and haven't had to replenish them yet. The girl is in heat and the husky heeler is a stubborn breed. The boy and girl are being watched. They came in handy because we are traveling for Xmas. I will give y'all a date in a few months to know if they are still working. There is no strap on the controller. It is worth it.

7. SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

Adding a dog collar to a gps tracker is only possible. The SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 and TEK Series 1.5 are compatible. Purchase the Add-A- Dog Collars to expand your TEK Series 1.5 or TEK Series 2.0 system to track and train up to 21 dogs. This collar uses HopTek technology to track and train your dog up to 10 miles away, and it reports the direction each dog is headed, the path they took to get there, and whether they are moving or stopped. This collar is waterproof and can be used for dogs of any size with neck sizes of 10.75" to 23" SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories because of the heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind that they design in the field.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I love it! Well made, durable and works well. Customer support is the best.

👤I loved it! It works well to add to our collection.

👤I don't recommend this product for search and rescue. The screen is nice, but it's not easy to stop and start, and you can't download tracks to a computer for a search report. The system would easily beat out the alpha gps collar if those were fixed.

8. Training Collar Remote Rechargeable Vibration

Training Collar Remote Rechargeable Vibration

2 channels and a remote control. The receiver is rainproof. The remote control starts in a second. The new upgrade is stronger, smaller, thinner and lighter. For 10 to 120 lbs dogs.

Brand: Cvtayn

👤I put dog sand on her and she whined and spun in circles as she tried to use it. I'm used to other products putting the dog on the ground before she hits the road, but this one doesn't do that. She ran into the road and wouldn't stop. I was scared to taze myself and decided to try on girlfriend to measure her response. She was able to run after me without slowing down. I lunged down the stairs and into the living room. I had to let her taze me or she would kill me. I yelled at her to stop chasing me. She could taze me. After 5 minutes of her trying to taze me after I changed my mind and ran circles around the house, I realized self preservation is real and she was getting mad again. I got tazed and it zapped noise but she said it didn't hurt and I was going to return it. I got a letter asking for my honest review of the product and I couldn't resist a chance to tell the world of the day I didn't think the collar was strong enough. The collar is complicated and you have to struggle with the dog to get it on, it is stuck on because the dog is mad, and they need to swap out the shock device for a new one. The safetytrigger on the bottom is what I like the most. If it could be strong enough to stop a dog from running, it would be very handy. Yes, its set to the full strength zap mode. The vibrate mode almost worked better than zaps, but she was freaked out by the toy, so she asked, "Where's my dog?"

👤The Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs has a vibrate mode that allows our dogs to run around freely, even if they are 150 feet away. The possibility of confusion for the dogs from their invisible fence collar was removed by using these collars on vibrate mode. When people come by or other dogs bark in the neighborhood, both dogs are better behaved after being given a modest vibration of level 4 and a verbal command "Enough". The barking is gone and the occasional barking is more than acceptable. If I catch them in time, I can deter them from eating their waste droppings. The product design worked for our dogs. Control and collar hold charge for a long time. Very, very happy.

👤I have two dogs, a Hyper husky and a hound puppy. We had an old collar for our dog. We got a new puppy and he wanted a collar that worked for both. The reviews are great and the collar is nice, but it is hard to switch between them because the dog has already done something wrong. I don't like the collars. They don't have the snap on collar you have to weave the collar through the buckles so it's not easy to take on and off at night. Trying to find a similar one to our old one.

9. Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

The WaterProofGPS training collar is perfect for dogs over 35 pounds. The system requires a smart cell phone and a free dogtra app. E-collar and gps are all in one. The gps function requires a cell phone to work. The phone must be connected to the internet. Expendable up to 21 dogs. The brush has a bright orange color. 100 levels of stimulation ranging from low to high, Momentary Nick, Constant Stimulation, and Non-Stimulating Audible Tone modes are available. Dogtra's technology filters out interference with other electronic devices. The device is a great choice for long range hunting. Dogtra's dog training collar unit gives you an ability to track up to 21 dogs as well as other sport hunters, create custom Geo Fence, always have precise and up-to-date terrain maps, 3.5-hour rapid charge batteries, extendable enhanced contact points, and refresh. The quality of the gps dog collar is unparalleled in comparison to the cheaper alternatives. Dogtra Collars are used to modify dog behavior. The USA based customer service is reliable and can be reached by phone or email. Positive reinforcement can be achieved by using the PetsTEK training clicker along with your dog's favorite treats. The collar should not be used with aggressive dogs.

Brand: Dogtra

👤A 50 pound pit/Shepard/Heinz dog that was a rescue from the city loves to explore and run. We live in the woods and he has a lot of room to roam. He wanders to far at times and is a bother to his neighbors. We were afraid of installing an underground fence, but felt we had to do something else. We bought the supplies for the underground 1500' fence on Amazon after coming up with a plan. The late spring weather did not allow us to bury the fence kit. I was worried that it would not work out for us. A friend of mine told me that his friend had bought a dogtra collar and was very happy with it. I decided to send the underground stuff back to Amazon after a few hours of research. The path of the underground fence was going to cost more to install than the Dogtra collar. I had a good idea how to use the product after watching several videos on the internet. "Brock" was already familiar with wearing a training collar, but the cheaper collar only worked in a close proximity so when he got out of sight he knew it." He is a very stubborn dog and has no fear of anything. He knows when the collar is on when he gets a tiny bit of juice. We let him outside to test drive the new collar after we setup it. I set up the area around a year ago. The lines are close to the neighbors to the west and east and parallel to the road. We watched his live path as he traveled around and the maps on the internet are amazing. I got an alert on the phone and yelled at him to retreat when he got close to the fence. Brock knows what will come after the beep if he is still wrong. The neighbors to the east are ok with him playing with their dogs. We had to keep him home. He went out of the fence last night. I can see that and call him back. I gave him a mild tickle after he ignored the call, but he came back on a dead run. We work with him every day and the training gets better. The unit is a great alternative to underground fence. The long range is up to 9 miles. The unit will perform well within a couple miles of our woods, but I don't expect that. The app and collar work perfectly with no issues found as of yet and would recommend searching out videos on the internet to learn more.

👤If you're like me, you might be wondering if this collar could possibly be worth $400, and if it works for all that. I am here to tell you that it is worth it. Every time. A penny. I have a German Shorthair Pointer that I want to be able to find when I'm working, but I also want him to be able to wander my fields without being seen, and have the peace of mind that he wasn't going onto roads or other people's property The range works exactly as advertised, the battery life is great, and the shock delivery works from miles away. Everything works offline when I'm out of range of cell service. This collar has made it possible for me to be in my house and not worry about what my son is doing. It was just brilliant. I wish I'd gotten the collar sooner. There are a few notes. The dog statuses can be a little oversensitive, as I have found that 20%- 30% of the alerts for 'pointing' and 'treed' have been inaccurate while directly observing Jeager. I've learned to look for "clusters" of status alert to let me know if he's really located something. 2. This is a sophisticated set-up but as long as you skim the manual, it's pretty easy to use. Don't be a moron like me and throw the manual away because you don't like getting snowed with papers every time you buy something. 3. The "geo-fence" feature can't shock or play a tone when the dog leaves, but you can get an alert if the dog leaves. This has been perfect for me. If you want to teach your dog where the new boundaries are, take your dog for a walk around the perimeters of your fence. If he breaks the boundary, I keep my phone handy and send a push notification.

10. Slopehill Training Electronic Vibration Waterproof

Slopehill Training Electronic Vibration Waterproof

A waterproof dog training collar with 5 training modes, Beep, Vibration, Shock, Light and Keypad lock, help you to teach a dog basic commands and solve uncontrollable dog behavior problems. The electric dog trainer collar has a security lock on it. The electronic trainer collar is waterproof. The training collar receiver is waterproof and offers your pet maximum flexibility. The collar strap can be adjusted to fit dogs from 8 to 140 lbs. The package has a generalusb charging cable that can be used to charge the remote and receiver at the same time. The collar can work 15-20 days after fully charging. You can adjust the static level for your dog.

Brand: Slopehill

👤The dog is still playful, but is no longer a threat to the house. I am eating next to her and she is chewing on a toy. I could not leave her out of her cage unless I was on top of her. I combine verbal commands with sounds. I haven't tried the shock, and I hope I never will. I don't think it would shock because of the rubber over the electrodes. It is disappointing to see so many people on here who say they bought this because they don't know how to handle their dogs. Do I know how to deal with a dog that is big and stubborn? That's why I got one that fits my abilities. Dogs are hug decisions. Many people need to shop a lot until they find a friend. You can't just pick up a dog at a shelter and expect it to work out.

👤If you're ok with only two features, you may find this e-collar worthwhile. If you want an e-collar that can shock, you will not want this as the rubber stubs are glue into place and there are no metal studs for shock. I'm returning my collar because it can't shock. I docked my rating for a misleading product description and for loose plastic in the phone.

👤This isn't a typical collar. Our dog does almost everything we ask of her, but she has a barking problem we can't seem to get her to stop. She has a possessive streak that hasn't turned mean yet, but we don't like it. We've been using this for two weeks now and we've seen a huge difference. She still barks at people and cars, but is using a softer voice. She's letting us take anything she has in her mouth or favorite napping spot without any resistance. The change is remarkable, but there is still some hesitancy. I think we'll have to use it a little longer until we see that she's listening to the voice commands the first time, or that she's stopped doing the behaviors. She's a sweetie and loves to please, so those two behaviors were disturbing. The collar seems to work without us having to use the "shock" setting.

👤I loved the product but the remote got stuck and now Amazon is giving me a hard time with replacing it, it sucks anyone who has a dog.

👤The collar worked well. One of the electrode's broke off in a month. The collar was not put on tight. Poor workmanship.

👤The collar I got for my Pyrenees husky has changed the behavior of the dog. I ordered the Australian shepherd when we added him to the mix. They play without biting, they listen when the prey drive to go after a stray cat is high, and they have improved their behavior. We are working on recall off leash and so far it is going well. Would definitely recommend.

👤I accidentally shocked my Australian Kelpie on 99 the first time I used it. I only had to use the warn after that. I think it works well. For me, the only way that my Keeshond can feel the shock or vibrate is if it's turned up high.

11. Wireless Perimeter Containment Waterproof Adjustable

Wireless Perimeter Containment Waterproof Adjustable

Bhcey Intelligent Electric Fence System combines function of Wireless Dog Fence and Remote Training Collar, Bhcey adopted the most advance 2.4G signal resources which provide much more stable and accurate signal transmission to avoid your dog be shocked accidentally caused by the bad signal. Help to train your pet. Under Training Collar Mode, it can control 3 dogs at the same time. There are 3 functions that can be chosen from the screen. Sound, shock, and vibration. There are 3 intense levels to adjust. 4PCS of Silicone caps, 2 small ones for short hair dogs, 2 large ones for long hair dogs, as well as 4PCS ofconductive posts, come with them. Under Wireless Fence Mode, one transmitter can connect with several receiver collars. You don't need to pair them manually, they will be connected after power on. The signal range is from 30ft to 1000ft. When your dog is out of range, the receiver collar will make a noise and send a mild electrical shock to your dog. The transmitter and receiver collar can be charged. The receiver needs 1-2 hours to be fully charged and the transmitter needs 4-5 hours. You could take the battery out to any place you need. The size of the collar belt can be adjusted from 8 to 28 inches, which makes it suitable for all size dogs. It is made of reflective fluorescent TPU material, which improves the safety of dogs at night. Aweec designed a holder that can hold the transmitter on the desk or on the wall, and they suggest to place it above the ground. Hang on the wall for the best signal transmission. The electric fence transmitter and receiver collar are made of waterproof material, which means that your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain.

Brand: Bhcey

👤Even though I can see some improvements that could be made, it works well for the price and I shared that with manufacturers. We live on almost 2 acres and I was able to get it to cover our property and the surrounding woods. I like to keep the collar loose and allow the dog to just hear and feel, as I think shock level 1 is too strong. The signal is affected by walls hills but the bottom line is it still works and creates a boundary. It takes a lot of walking and listening for beep to figure out what setting works for your property, but once you get it figured out it serves its purpose well! I think it's a good training collar, but there's room for improvement. It is definitely worth the cost compared to similar products.

👤It vibrates but doesn't shock. My dog keeps running until it gets out of range. Will return the item.

👤The wireless fence was not perfect. The collar would stop working. Even though he was standing next to the transmitter, my dog got shocked. Absolutely ridiculous that they would sell something that was so dangerous. Would not recommend.

👤This invisible fence and dog training collar is something I am very happy to have. I was attracted by the fact that it could be hung on the wall of our house or placed on the desk. The wireless system is using a better signal than the WIFI signal. When I hang the transmitter inside my house, the signal is still very strong and can penetrate through the walls, even though the seller told us that it is better to use an open area. It's very easy to set up, just test the range and put the collar on the dog. The Western Highland dog that we have is 2 years old and has learned to stay in her safety area instead of running outside on the road. The customer services advised me to loosen the collar to avoid my dog being shocked. She will run back when she hears the beeps. When my dog is playing outside, she seems to enjoy a new freedom and peace of mind. Our dog wears the collar all day long and we charge it once a week, it is good because it is a good size for different dogs. When the battery of the transmitter box is running out, the receiver collar will sound. It could be charged while using. The system has everything we could have hoped for and we love it. Plug in and press the button to change the size of the range, this product doesn't need installation, digging, or buried lines in the ground. If you register your product by email, it will be extended to two years. Highly recommended!

👤I tried to like this product because I needed it, my dogs chase vehicles and go into other peoples yards. I want them to stay here. It was nice to hear that it set up a wireless fence, but it was also a remote and you could change it back and forth. The wireless fence would allow me to leave them outside while I was not at home and they would stay in the yard. The first setting is supposed to be at least 30 feet and it wouldn't let them go past 5 feet without being yelled at. I tried to turn up the setting to see if I could make it a further distance. I tried to change the distance but they stayed the same spot. I would have to turn it off if they were walking next to me because I wanted my dog to be able to see me. I hated it because I had to hurry up and get it turned off before it started shocking them. I had the remote above the ground and followed all the directions. It would not be a good idea.


What is the best product for gps collar with shock?

Gps collar with shock products from Luoymbe. In this article about gps collar with shock you can see why people choose the product. Rojeco and Ispecle are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps collar with shock.

What are the best brands for gps collar with shock?

Luoymbe, Rojeco and Ispecle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps collar with shock. Find the detail in this article. Dogtra, Pet Control Hq and Bousnic are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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