Best Gps Collar for Dogs with Shock Training

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1. Wireless Perimeter Containment Waterproof Adjustable

Wireless Perimeter Containment Waterproof Adjustable

Bhcey Intelligent Electric Fence System combines function of Wireless Dog Fence and Remote Training Collar, Bhcey adopted the most advance 2.4G signal resources which provide much more stable and accurate signal transmission to avoid your dog be shocked accidentally caused by the bad signal. Help to train your pet. Under Training Collar Mode, it can control 3 dogs at the same time. There are 3 functions that can be chosen from the screen. Sound, shock, and vibration. There are 3 intense levels to adjust. 4PCS of Silicone caps, 2 small ones for short hair dogs, 2 large ones for long hair dogs, as well as 4PCS ofconductive posts, come with them. Under Wireless Fence Mode, one transmitter can connect with several receiver collars. You don't need to pair them manually, they will be connected after power on. The signal range is from 30ft to 1000ft. When your dog is out of range, the receiver collar will make a noise and send a mild electrical shock to your dog. The transmitter and receiver collar can be charged. The receiver needs 1-2 hours to be fully charged and the transmitter needs 4-5 hours. You could take the battery out to any place you need. The size of the collar belt can be adjusted from 8 to 28 inches, which makes it suitable for all size dogs. It is made of reflective fluorescent TPU material, which improves the safety of dogs at night. Aweec designed a holder that can hold the transmitter on the desk or on the wall, and they suggest to place it above the ground. Hang on the wall for the best signal transmission. The electric fence transmitter and receiver collar are made of waterproof material, which means that your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler or play in the rain.

Brand: Bhcey

👤Even though I can see some improvements that could be made, it works well for the price and I shared that with manufacturers. We live on almost 2 acres and I was able to get it to cover our property and the surrounding woods. I like to keep the collar loose and allow the dog to just hear and feel, as I think shock level 1 is too strong. The signal is affected by walls hills but the bottom line is it still works and creates a boundary. It takes a lot of walking and listening for beep to figure out what setting works for your property, but once you get it figured out it serves its purpose well! I think it's a good training collar, but there's room for improvement. It is definitely worth the cost compared to similar products.

👤It vibrates but doesn't shock. My dog keeps running until it gets out of range. Will return the item.

👤The wireless fence was not perfect. The collar would stop working. Even though he was standing next to the transmitter, my dog got shocked. Absolutely ridiculous that they would sell something that was so dangerous. Would not recommend.

👤This invisible fence and dog training collar is something I am very happy to have. I was attracted by the fact that it could be hung on the wall of our house or placed on the desk. The wireless system is using a better signal than the WIFI signal. When I hang the transmitter inside my house, the signal is still very strong and can penetrate through the walls, even though the seller told us that it is better to use an open area. It's very easy to set up, just test the range and put the collar on the dog. The Western Highland dog that we have is 2 years old and has learned to stay in her safety area instead of running outside on the road. The customer services advised me to loosen the collar to avoid my dog being shocked. She will run back when she hears the beeps. When my dog is playing outside, she seems to enjoy a new freedom and peace of mind. Our dog wears the collar all day long and we charge it once a week, it is good because it is a good size for different dogs. When the battery of the transmitter box is running out, the receiver collar will sound. It could be charged while using. The system has everything we could have hoped for and we love it. Plug in and press the button to change the size of the range, this product doesn't need installation, digging, or buried lines in the ground. If you register your product by email, it will be extended to two years. Highly recommended!

👤I tried to like this product because I needed it, my dogs chase vehicles and go into other peoples yards. I want them to stay here. It was nice to hear that it set up a wireless fence, but it was also a remote and you could change it back and forth. The wireless fence would allow me to leave them outside while I was not at home and they would stay in the yard. The first setting is supposed to be at least 30 feet and it wouldn't let them go past 5 feet without being yelled at. I tried to turn up the setting to see if I could make it a further distance. I tried to change the distance but they stayed the same spot. I would have to turn it off if they were walking next to me because I wanted my dog to be able to see me. I hated it because I had to hurry up and get it turned off before it started shocking them. I had the remote above the ground and followed all the directions. It would not be a good idea.

2. SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

SportDOG Brand Tracking Collar Collar

Adding a dog collar to a gps tracker is only possible. The SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 and TEK Series 1.5 are compatible. Purchase the Add-A- Dog Collars to expand your TEK Series 1.5 or TEK Series 2.0 system to track and train up to 21 dogs. This collar uses HopTek technology to track and train your dog up to 10 miles away, and it reports the direction each dog is headed, the path they took to get there, and whether they are moving or stopped. This collar is waterproof and can be used for dogs of any size with neck sizes of 10.75" to 23" SportDOG has become the most recognized brand in the electronic tracking and training categories because of the heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind that they design in the field.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤I love it! Well made, durable and works well. Customer support is the best.

👤I loved it! It works well to add to our collection.

👤I don't recommend this product for search and rescue. The screen is nice, but it's not easy to stop and start, and you can't download tracks to a computer for a search report. The system would easily beat out the alpha gps collar if those were fixed.

3. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

Dog Care dog training collar has three training modes to correct bad habits. The dog training collar can adjust from 1 to 99 shocks. Gradually adjust the shock intensity from the lowest level. The 8-hour automatic shut-off function reminds you to check the collar in time to avoid dogs wearing it for a long time, and the security keypad lock of the dog shock collar with remote for medium dogs prevents accidents from pressing the shock button wrong. The strap of the dog training collar with remote is 27 inches long. The range of the collar is 4 to 27inches. The dog shock collar with remote can be charged in two hours, and it is convenient for travel. Dog Care shock collar is up to 1000ft control range and can be used with large dogs in any outdoor space.

Brand: Dog Care

👤My 8-month old lab is around 65 lbs and he is a very active dog, so this training collar is great for him. She likes to run out of the back yard whenever she can. The bad behaviors were almost gone after 2 weeks of using the training collar. It is a life-changing product. Highly recommended!

👤I have a loud voice. I didn't like to say "No!" whenever she did something. In a strong tone. She can be taken on bike rides in a busy downtown with a leash. There are many dangers to her. She would be hurt by other things. Om'gosh! I'm addicted to this collar. It's changed my life. Teddy used to pull on her leash during walks, but now she rarely does that. I only use the vibrate mode, but it has been enough to break the bad habit. The collar has an auto retractable mechanism that will not cause irritation to your dog's neck. The security keypad lock is used to prevent misoperation on the remote. It's important to build a dog up instead of breaking them down. The collar is supportive and encouraging. A great trainer!

👤This product arrived very quickly. This is the same model as the previous one. There are pros and cons to this item. The previous model had a battery level icon on the remote, but this is not a con for me. I think this collar is worth the money. I haven't had to use the shock yet because my dog responds to the beep and vibrate feature.

👤I think this is the best bang for your buck training collar on Amazon. It's already started to end my mini bull's bad habits after a week of using it. I tried it out on my thigh and it turned my lights on, because the collar shock level was at 43 of 99. I use a collar that lets the dog know to listen, so he doesn't have to look up reviews. There is a The strap used on the collar is good, but for 35 bucks it's still great. The remote is very user friendly.

👤Aggressive behavior at feeding time can be prevented with this training collar. The collar worked well. It only took a few sessions for the collar to work. The strength of the remote was not increased. We will work on barking late in the night. The collar will support this effort as well. The battery charge does not last as long as I would like. The goal is to stop the behavior without using it often. I am happy that the collar and remote charge using theusb connection instead of expensive batteries.

👤Do you want your dog to be more obedient? The dog training device is suitable for your dog. I have a keki, and it is naughty, I heard from a friend that he bought a dog training device, so I bought a whole set, which is a remote and a collar. I bought a separate collar so that I can control two dogs at the same time, after I found that both of them can be used. My friend will put her dog in my house when she is away. They are very cooperative and can know what I don't want them to do. They are not just biting things anymore. I will recommend this dog training device to my friends who have dogs.

4. Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

Dogtra Pathfinder Remote Training Tracking

The WaterProofGPS training collar is perfect for dogs over 35 pounds. The system requires a smart cell phone and a free dogtra app. E-collar and gps are all in one. The gps function requires a cell phone to work. The phone must be connected to the internet. Expendable up to 21 dogs. The brush has a bright orange color. 100 levels of stimulation ranging from low to high, Momentary Nick, Constant Stimulation, and Non-Stimulating Audible Tone modes are available. Dogtra's technology filters out interference with other electronic devices. The device is a great choice for long range hunting. Dogtra's dog training collar unit gives you an ability to track up to 21 dogs as well as other sport hunters, create custom Geo Fence, always have precise and up-to-date terrain maps, 3.5-hour rapid charge batteries, extendable enhanced contact points, and refresh. The quality of the gps dog collar is unparalleled in comparison to the cheaper alternatives. Dogtra Collars are used to modify dog behavior. The USA based customer service is reliable and can be reached by phone or email. Positive reinforcement can be achieved by using the PetsTEK training clicker along with your dog's favorite treats. The collar should not be used with aggressive dogs.

Brand: Dogtra

👤A 50 pound pit/Shepard/Heinz dog that was a rescue from the city loves to explore and run. We live in the woods and he has a lot of room to roam. He wanders to far at times and is a bother to his neighbors. We were afraid of installing an underground fence, but felt we had to do something else. We bought the supplies for the underground 1500' fence on Amazon after coming up with a plan. The late spring weather did not allow us to bury the fence kit. I was worried that it would not work out for us. A friend of mine told me that his friend had bought a dogtra collar and was very happy with it. I decided to send the underground stuff back to Amazon after a few hours of research. The path of the underground fence was going to cost more to install than the Dogtra collar. I had a good idea how to use the product after watching several videos on the internet. "Brock" was already familiar with wearing a training collar, but the cheaper collar only worked in a close proximity so when he got out of sight he knew it." He is a very stubborn dog and has no fear of anything. He knows when the collar is on when he gets a tiny bit of juice. We let him outside to test drive the new collar after we setup it. I set up the area around a year ago. The lines are close to the neighbors to the west and east and parallel to the road. We watched his live path as he traveled around and the maps on the internet are amazing. I got an alert on the phone and yelled at him to retreat when he got close to the fence. Brock knows what will come after the beep if he is still wrong. The neighbors to the east are ok with him playing with their dogs. We had to keep him home. He went out of the fence last night. I can see that and call him back. I gave him a mild tickle after he ignored the call, but he came back on a dead run. We work with him every day and the training gets better. The unit is a great alternative to underground fence. The long range is up to 9 miles. The unit will perform well within a couple miles of our woods, but I don't expect that. The app and collar work perfectly with no issues found as of yet and would recommend searching out videos on the internet to learn more.

👤If you're like me, you might be wondering if this collar could possibly be worth $400, and if it works for all that. I am here to tell you that it is worth it. Every time. A penny. I have a German Shorthair Pointer that I want to be able to find when I'm working, but I also want him to be able to wander my fields without being seen, and have the peace of mind that he wasn't going onto roads or other people's property The range works exactly as advertised, the battery life is great, and the shock delivery works from miles away. Everything works offline when I'm out of range of cell service. This collar has made it possible for me to be in my house and not worry about what my son is doing. It was just brilliant. I wish I'd gotten the collar sooner. There are a few notes. The dog statuses can be a little oversensitive, as I have found that 20%- 30% of the alerts for 'pointing' and 'treed' have been inaccurate while directly observing Jeager. I've learned to look for "clusters" of status alert to let me know if he's really located something. 2. This is a sophisticated set-up but as long as you skim the manual, it's pretty easy to use. Don't be a moron like me and throw the manual away because you don't like getting snowed with papers every time you buy something. 3. The "geo-fence" feature can't shock or play a tone when the dog leaves, but you can get an alert if the dog leaves. This has been perfect for me. If you want to teach your dog where the new boundaries are, take your dog for a walk around the perimeters of your fence. If he breaks the boundary, I keep my phone handy and send a push notification.

5. PetSpy P620B Training Vibration Waterproof

PetSpy P620B Training Vibration Waterproof

Dog training collar helps to convert your dog's behavior, prime collar for expert trainers and first time dog parents. The trainer has 16 levels for dogs with different sensitivity and weight. Good for all dogs from 10 to 140 lbs. A remote collar range is up to 650 yards and a blind operation design for easy and effective dog training. Dog training guide and videos can be ordered with your order.

Brand: Petspy

👤Petspy, I appreciate the replacement collar. You get what you paid for. " I don't expect another collar replacement as it's not financially viable to keep replacing these for your entire customer base. The small quad copters have a 3.7v lipo that is not easily accessible. If you have these, you know that the batteries are dangerous. The good news is that the collar has a protection board on the battery. Taking a look and doing some basic testing. I could be wrong. My gut tells me that the protection module failed. I didn't remove the tape to see if I could see. Going by elimination. 3.7v was charged by the battery. They look similar to this one at I'm going to fix the collars until they fail. That is a good value for me. Accept this as a short life collar for others. If you want to live longer, put in more cheese. If you want a trial run to see if this is right for you, then you should explore this product. It is an introduction and won't last. A collar with replaceable batteries is what I would recommend. Petspy asked if I would give a good review for the replacement. I'm giving them an honest review. It's a good value for me as a nerd. Not for people who can't fix it. I am giving an honest review. We have a good product if we make the battery compartment replaceable and charge more. The guy who green lit this... I will not buy another product from you. You knew what you were doing.

👤I recently adopted a beautiful dog from an overcrowded shelter. She helped herself to anything that had white stuffing inside of it when I brought her home. You should chew this. Take that. Put her outside. The plants should be chewed. Don't stop until you let her back in. Constantly biting and clawing. She's very playful, which is good. Not all the time. I bought this product to stifle the constant braking in my neighborhood, but I didn't recommend it unless you are as curious as I am. I wanted to know how bad it would be before I tried it on my dog. The collar is on, so don't make me shock you with the vibration. I could not stand a 5. And it's pretty awesome. There is a I don't put my dog past a 3. She let's out a small "yelp" which hurts me a little inside. It's all about a good goal. She has stopped barking at nothing, stopped jumping on me and my guests, and stopped chewing on everything. She destroys herrows within a fee hours. It's a good thing. I am happy with this product. Consistency is required, but it works. I remembered that while I brought the lawnmower from the back yard to the front. She ran out of the yard without her leash on. In my neighborhood, big no no. I tried to chase her but she kept running and I was worried someone would see her outside with no leash. I called her "come here now" again. She stopped running and began to listen. I was able to get her back inside.

6. Paws Furlosophy PF651 Shock Collar

Paws Furlosophy PF651 Shock Collar

The bark collar has a memory function that will keep the same training mode and sensitivity as the last time used. The bark collar can be used for dogs from 15 to 100 lbs, and the nylon strap can be used for small, medium, and large dogs. There are three levels and eight adjusted levels. The dog trainer collar has 3 training modes, including Vibration, Beep, and Beep, which help you achieve your training goals with less stress. Communication is improved, feedback is reliable and a positive relationship is created between you and your pet. No electrical shock or irradiation. The design of the non-electrical shock does not harm puppies. The remote and collar can be charged with the generalusb charging cable. The collar and remote can be charged after 2 to 3 hours. The time lasts to 180 days. There is a wide range of remote control. The remote control has a range of up to 1000 ft and can be used at the beach or in a park. The 2-dog controlling system allows you to control 2 dogs at the same time, while the rechargeable design provides added convenience for outdoor uses, no more worry about battery life. All of their dog training collars are manufactured in strict quality-control standard and have a 12 month warranty and a 24 hour customer service. If you need assistance, please contact them.

Brand: Paws Furlosophy

👤I bought this collar to help recall my dog, who is blind. The collar has a very confusing sound. When the button is pressed, it causes multiple vibrations. The more intense it is, the more times it vibrates. I was expecting a single vibration with a single button press, but not a more intense one with the number increasing. This is not the case and did nothing for my dog. It wouldn't have been bad; it wouldn't have had uncomfortable prongs, and it wouldn't have had any light. I had to return it because it was useless, and the fact that it vibrates multiple times for one button press is the biggest downfall. My dog wasn't sure if the multiple vibrations were a sign or not. I have to keep looking for a single collar.

👤We were very excited to try the collar on our pug. He barks relentlessly. The collar seems to be working. In the video, you can see that he stopped barking when someone walked past. He would bark until they were gone. It is gentle at the highest setting, and the vibration is more of a distraction for our pug, but he does need it at its highest level to get a response from him. He is so stubborn. Our husky responded with just the noise and complained when we added the vibration. She wasn't happy. The collar has enough slack to fit a variety of neck sizes. Our dog will need continued training.

👤I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. I have a 150 LB English Mastiff who is 3 years old and starting to pick up some bad habits thanks to his new owner. He has not had any issues with the collar. I don't feel like I need it because I don't. The vibrate will do the job when the beep doesn't work, the response to it is really well. I was told to try this by a friend. My boxer and Mastiff are both wearing the collar. The charge was held for almost a week. I turn it off the second I keep it on him. I take it off. I bought 2 different types of collars to see which one I liked the best and I'm going to say this one is the winner. The other one is a shock collar that I have never used, but the vibrate set at 100 works at a 4. On both, the beep is the same. You can't change the sound volume. It is a lot easier to use this one. The remote and collar can be charged at the same time with the other collar's charger. This one doesn't. That is the only thing they have over this one. I usually don't buy products that are sponsored because I don't believe the reviews, but I gave it a try because a friend recommended it. I will probably buy a second one for my other dog. I will recommend this 100%. I will update my review if something changes.

7. NBJU Rechargeable Adjustable Sensitivity Intensity

NBJU Rechargeable Adjustable Sensitivity Intensity

Small medium large dogs with 7 sensitivity levels have a bark collar. 64 training methods are provided in 3 training modes. Two Silicone sleeves can protect the dog's skin. The bark collar is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors. The bark collar works for about 12 days.

Brand: Nbju

👤I've used a lot of different bark collars, more than the three that are in the pictures for this review. I recommend you read over my cons to make sure it will work for you, even though this is a very good one. We have two dogs and one barks excessively when we are out taking walks, so this collar is helpful in reminding him to relax and not cause a scene that scares he acts like a nut job. I don't mind the occasional barking, but he goes into fits and this collar has worked great. If he doesn't stop, it vibrates and emits a small shock. It doesn't go off due to other loud noises, which is important since I live in a crowded apartment complex. I can't have a collar that goes off with car alarms or shouting and it makes me feel like I need to apologize to strangers for torturing my dog or something - the sequence of response is great. It vibrates if barking continues. It will send a shock if barking continues. If your dog is sensitive to shocks, you can set it to never shock. My dog has thick fur and a bigger skull. He doesn't like the zaps, but they don't bother him. Two of my mom's dogs get very upset by shocks no matter how mild, so it's good to have a collar where that's changeable, they'll just get emotionally upset if it's not. Special batteries that are expensive are required for many collars. I have had collars that won't hold a charge for a day. This one has held a charge for a week. I usually charge it daily, but I brought it with me to my mom and she never had to charge it the whole time. The response sequence can't be triggered after a few times in a row. It won't shock a dog more than a few times. This is important because shocks can make the dog panic. They're yelling in panic because the collar won't stop pinching them. This is an important mecahnism, and it might annoy you, but it waits an interval before it can be retriggered. There are Collars that don't have this. I can't keep using them. They don't help train the dog more, they just make the dog think they're being attacked, and once your dog is in a panicked state, that reasoning goes out. This might not be a big deal for most dogs, but mine has something called post-traumatic stress disorder, which I got because his previous owners couldn't handle his issues. The regular collar response is a great reminder to not bark and it comforts him most of the time. I will handle it if there is a problem. He doesn't need to yell. He has to protect me at all costs now that he has the ability to attack him at a distance and he also has the ability to remember. It's a bad thing that collars can be retriggered. The collar isn't busted because it won't go off after a few responses, but because it's programmed to wait for a short interval before it's capable of being triggered again. I'm very happy this collar does this. The settings are really easy to change and this thing is very easy to use. I never learned how to change any of the settings on other collars because they were so hard to program. If another dog barks next to your dog, this collar will go off and you will have to pay for it. If the dog is a few feet away, it knows that the sound is coming from another dog and won't go off. This is how most of the collars work, and this one is especially good at distinguishing between barking and other noises and barking that is coming from another dog if that dog is far enough away. If your dog barks or vibrates its vocal cords, there are collars that will go off if they are not on your dog. The one collar I had was very expensive and the battery replacements for it were also very expensive. It is an option, but you will be giving out more money. This is one of the best sound-exclusive collars I've ever encountered. It has gone off due to another dog barking, but this is rare, they have to be shoulder-to- shoulder for this to happen, and the leash is a little longer than I'd like. My dogs are small but not outrageous. If there were alternatives shorter than the default for littler dogs, the device would be less bulky and the prongs would be less ridiculous. I replaced the strap with a strap from a different collar so that the loop for the leash to clip on to would be there. The hole for the strap to go through is very tight. I don't recommend replacing the strap if it's not necessary and it's long enough. I would have added a leash hook loop to the original strap. I removed the original strap. I had to squeeze the strap back through. I looped electrical tape back and forth between the strap and the back of the tape, so that the strap could be extended with this thin smooth tape. I had to pull the rest of the strap through behind me. The one I'm reviewing is on the far left in the first picture. The collar on the far right is the most expensive one that can detect vocal cord vibrations, and it looks like a bomb strapped to my dogs neck. The collar on my dog is low profile and does not look like I strapped a bomb to my dog's neck.

8. COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

COVONO Containment Aboveground Underground Rechargeable

The old version of boundary wire was 650 feet long, but this new version is more flexible and thicker, so you can cover up to 1/3 Acre. You can put wires in any shape you want. Dog training is effective. The signal from the wire is what creates the boundary. The receiver sends a sound as your dog approaches. The closer your dog is to you, the more intense the shock will be. Support multiPLE RECEIVERS. The receiver is waterproof and can be used for all kinds of dogs. You can have as many pets as you need at the same time with the purchase of additional compatible COVONO receivers. There are more amazing features. The fence system allows you to change the signal strength. The function of the speed detection is that the stronger the shock intensity, the faster your dog runs. There is a wire break warning as well. There is a lifetime warranty. They take good care of their customers. If you don't like the item, you can return it and get a full refund within 90 days. Lifetime warranty is also available.

Brand: Covono

👤The installation was very easy. The wire is easy to snap and could be a bit thicker. The warning is loud enough to keep my husky in check after the first shock. I had to trim my dog's neck all the way around because it was hard to get to him. It worked well after the trim. It was worth it to keep my escape artist.

👤Two months ago, I bought a 12/2020, but it was broken. The support department shipped me a brand new email address. Next day! It is amazing. My dog, my wife, my son and I are all happy.

👤We are excited to try it. Our little girl thinks that she doesn't have to follow the rules like the other dogs. After buying new furniture for the backyard and a new stain on the cement, I decided to build a gated play land for our dogs. They have a mini pond and an outdoor cooler. She won't have it. Nobody puts a baby in a corner. I think so.

👤I just installed it and it says there is a break in the line and it is brand new out of the box. I was able to test about 20 feet of cable at a time. I woke up this morning to a machine that said there was another break. When the cable was working, my dog would pass it and it would stop allowing him to go outside, because it was cheap. This isn't a big backyard. I am not happy with this.

👤This product is packaged with something that could be described as 28AWG wire. The glass fiber core helps prevent breakage, but the wire is too thin for this application. The smallest wire in a car is half the size of this wire. This is about the size of one of the 8 wires inside a cable. Imagine how small the wires are in your ethernet cable. That is what these wires are similar to. The break in the wire is pictured. The warning and shock are almost simultaneous. The dog doesn't have enough time to reverse course before being zapped. I will uninstall the product.

👤I have a German Shepard and the first time I used this with her, we walked around the yard and as she got close, she back off. I took her out the next day and turned on her collar in the same area that we were before, and she was terrified of going in the back yard and just running to the front. She has had accidents in the house because she won't go in the backyard. She has tons of room to run, but now won't because of the new house.

👤Works well! It's nice to not have to put up a chain link fence.

👤I am waiting to see if the company will give me a refund because I watched a video on someone else's experience with the product. I watched a video that showed the setting of the collar/fence reverting to a higher level once electricity was restored. The poor dog was being shocked at a high level for a long time because of the auto reset. If your electricity ever goes out and your dog has a collar on, the dog will be shocked for an amount of time that is not known. It was dangerous and upsetting.

9. FunniPets Training Upgraded Waterproof Vibration

FunniPets Training Upgraded Waterproof Vibration

Extra silicone for the contact points can protect your dog from skin injury. If you don't need the shock mode, you can remove the contact points and reduce the amount of tension on the dog's neck. It's easy to train your dog in the park or backyard if it runs too far. You can control each collar with a remote. A built-in light and reflective collar. The receiver and remote have a built-in light that can be used to locate your dog in a dark environment. The reflective strap on the collar can reflect the light at night to ensure the safety of your dog. The receiver is waterproof. Your dog can play near the water or bathe without the collar on. Please make sure to close the charging port when you immerse the receiver in water and don't put it in the water for a long time. There are four training modes: static shock, vibration, beep, and light. Can be used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, sitting, pee, aggression, and other behavior.

Brand: Funnipets

👤I like the reflective collar at night and the option of a blinking light for night walking is waterproof. I might need to try a glass of water to see if they are in the water or not. I was hoping that with the upgraded model, they would change the reviews and people said they lost them, but I just checked them every day when I put them on and off. We had this one for a couple of weeks after trying different brands the first time. I have not had any issues. The dogs know that if they fight, they will get the attention of the beeping noise and the vibration to stop them from doing something they shouldn't be doing.

👤The product was described so there were no issues with it. If you registered the product with the company, you could extend your warranty coverage. I put the receiver on the collar as I read the directions. The transmitter and receiver were charged when they arrived. I thought the second receiver was dead. The dead one did not turn on the led light to show charging, unlike the fully charged receiver, when I hooked it up to charge. It wouldn't turn on even after I left it charging for several hours. I filled out the registration information when I got online. The seller asked if there were any issues. I told them that one unit was malfunctioning. I received a reply email thanking me for the registration, but I didn't address my issue. I sent a response email asking about exchanging the single receiver to correct the faulty product, but have yet to receive a reply. I don't want to have to return both of them as I have one dog that really needs the E-Collar to start training. I only need the older dog to reinforce some basic commands because he now has selective hearing. If the company makes this right, I will update my rating.

👤It has been great working with my dogs. I was using another brand on them. I like having a single remote. It is an adjustment for me. I felt a sensation on my hand that felt like a sensation. My dogs respond well to just the vibrating mode. I like that the receiver has a light on it so I can see them at night. I found the light on the transmitter very useful. I don't know if the automatic off with the remote will work. It does turn on easily. The price is fantastic and everything is in perfect working condition. It arrived on time, and would definitely recommend it!

👤Today, I received it. The 2 dogs who need training are just playing with the noises. The control was already set to the highest levels. Before putting the collars together, I changed that.

👤The blinking green light makes it easy to spot dogs in the dark, and the battery lasts a few days. A white light can stay on. The collar is the only issue with this product. The collar can slip off if it isn't checked regularly. Make sure the animal is full before sewing the collar together.

10. SportDOG Brand SportHunter Remote Trainer

SportDOG Brand SportHunter Remote Trainer

The half mile range e-collar can support up to 3 dogs with the same remote. For larger dogs with neck sizes of 5" or more. It is designed for ease of use and no look operation while offering more levels of stimulation which allows for more tailored training. There are 21 levels of soil. There are 21 levels of static stimulation with this electric collar. The option to train with both sound and vibration is also available. Waterproof: Theubmersible is using DryTek technology. Rechargeable batteries. The batteries last 50 to 70 hours per charge. The system has low battery indicators. Also included: A basic training manual and a test light tool are included.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤We moved from a 50 acre farm in Missouri to a small lot in Oregon. Our GSP became a serious door runner after not adjusting well. I was afraid we would lose her to traffic, so we helped her put some weight on, but she was still very anxious to leave. She wouldn't come back so I couldn't let her off-leash at the beach. Everything has changed because of this collar. I have always believed that people were in-human if they had a pet that didn't do what they wanted. Hunting and safety are different. Our baby has been freed by this collar. She can run off leash at the beach, and she has a smile on her face. It only took one easy afternoon to teach her to use the function, and two big shocks to get her attention. She doesn't have to have anything more than a vibrate. I am thankful for this trainer.

👤There is an update on April 16, 2019. Customer service is one of the best I have ever spoken to. I used the chat to speak to a representative who assured me that the collar is fine and that the remote is waterproof even without the rubber covering over the charging port, she also offered to send me a few extra mud plugs completely free under my warranty. It's a good thing. I put the long prongs on the collar and made sure it was tight. I don't seem to have any more issues with him not feeling it. He responds that I can use a level 2 on the low range, something I couldn't even feel when I tried it on my arm. If you have a small dog or a sensitive dog, try to lower the static stimulation level. If your dog has long or thick fur, use the long prongs. The original review was not a good one. I bought the 825X collar. My dog is 20 lbs. I live in an apartment building that has a big yard, but it isn't fenced and I don't have the option to fence it. My dog loves playing outside. I've been using a 50 ft leash and letting it drag, but sometimes I can't grab it fast enough, and it's annoying having to deal with that much leash all the time. My dog is obedient until he sees another dog, then he is not. He's not aggressive, just wants to play, but it's annoying because whenever my neighbor brings her dog out he tries to run to her. I would love to let him off-leash, but he has shown me that he can't do it until he learns how to obey. I decided to purchase an e-collar after doing research. Customer service is excellent. I wasn't sure which products to buy since SportDOG has so many. I used the chat on their website to talk to one of the employees because I didn't feel like looking through all of them. He was very helpful and led me to the 825X. The shipping was very fast. I received free shipping on a Sunday after ordering it. I was very pleased when I received the collar. The 825X has a remote, collar, charger, short contact points, long contact points, a lanyard, belt clip, and a test light. I didn't know it came with a lanyard. It makes the remote hands free but easy to grab in case of an emergency. I figured out how to remove the belt clip after initially being confused. The piece of cake was the lanyard. I was confused as to what the test light was at first, but it ended up being a useful tool for me to make sure the remote and collar were working. There are a few issues with the design, but they are mostly minor. The remote doesn't have an on/off button. I was confused when I first opened it. I can't get the rubber covering to close over the charging port on the remote. The remote closed but not on the collar. I don't know why. It's really annoying, but it doesn't affect the function of the product. The collar is too long for my dog. My dog's neck is 13 to 14 inches. He's left with a large object. It is very long. I would like it to be adjusted or come in different lengths. I will probably have to cut it. That is disappointing for a $200 collar. The collar's functions are what we're going to discuss. The 825X collar has different levels of static stimulation. There are 7 levels of stimulation on the dial. The collar can be set to medium range. I used the collar on my dog after testing levels 1-8 of medium range on my arm, but level 7 hurt a little bit. If you want to use static stimulation on your dog, you should try it on yourself first so you know what your dog is getting. I haven't tried high range yet, and I doubt I'll use it. The page 9 of the operating guide shows how to change the range. The 825X has seven modes outlined on page 10 of the operating guide. There are seven modes for one dog. Modes 3 and 4 can be used for more than one dog. Some people complain that you can't use vibrate/tone when you have more than one dog. You can. To deliver a tone or vibration, vibrate the dial to V/T. Even with 3 dogs, you can do so much with this thing. It takes 10 minutes tops to read the guide. It comes with a basic training manual. As with the operating guide, read it back to back. If you haven't used an e-collar before. It tells you what to do. I wanted to add more information. I think the wording is a little bit misleading when it says you shouldn't use your e-collar until your dog is 100% obedient. "Your dog should know what you're asking of it with each command" is what it really means. I don't think my dog is 100% obedient, he sucks at it with canine distraction. He knows what I want when I say "sit," "lay," "come," etc. Don't use your e-collar until your dog knows how to use it. The manual is very useful. I've never used an e-collar before, but I feel like it gave me the knowledge to do so. If you're not an experienced e-collar user, read. It is. There are a couple things I disagree with in the manual. I don't have the desire to give verbal/physical praise. If my dog is doing well, I will let him know with a click from the clicker. Good boy! ", and pets." I like to see his tail wagging, and the praise didn't seem to affect his obedient behavior. It might have helped. I agree that you shouldn't give your dog food at the e-collar stage. They should be able to respond to their commands reliably with or without food. I used the e-collar the same day I received it, despite the training manual's recommendation not to use it immediately. I put the collar on him for a few games of fetch and walks so he could associate it with good things, and then I just left it on inside. He would get used to it. I used it once for a training and play session outside with a tennis ball and clicker. I know my dog knows what "drop it" means, but he still doesn't drop the ball when I tell him. I used static stimulation to correct this twice. The method was kind of inspired by the manual. I would say "drop it." I would praise and throw the ball if he did it. I would say "No" and then "drop it" if he didn't. I would say "No" again if he still didn't do what he was told, so he would associate the feeling with disapproval. I gave him the first no because I wanted him to know that something bad will happen if he doesn't listen to me. I don't want to shock him all the time. I used it for the first time outside and he responded with a kind of shocked jump after I went through the vibration. I made sure to give him a lot of praise and keep my attitude positive. He responded to the second time I bumped down to level 2. I had to go through a series of vibrating objects before he responded with a shock. I made sure he was okay after I felt terrible about it. I'm assuming it startled him a little because he wasn't hurt or anything, and his tail wasn't even between his legs. I'm assuming that the difference between levels is because he has long fur and I was using short prongs. I hope the collar switch will help. I don't think he was afraid of me. He was very excited to retrieve the ball while we were playing. I think he's acting better after one day of wearing this collar. While we were outside, a neighbor arrived home and my dog didn't act in his usual manner. As the neighbor pulled in, my dog gave his attention and I commanded him to sit and stay. I could wave and say hello to my neighbor. I usually hold back my dog and apologize for it. I can't wait to see how my dog's training progresses, I'm hopeful about this e-collar. I just wanted to let you know my initial thoughts, but I'll likely update the review after I've had more experience with it. If you want your dog to have the freedom of off-leash play and exploration, the 825X is for you. It's a good thing.

11. NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

NVK Shock Collars Dogs Remote

There are three training modes with the Beep. A maximum of 4 dogs can be trained with a shock collar. The security lock prevents the remote from malfunctioning. The training collar takes about 3 hours to charge and will last about 15 days.

Brand: Nvk

👤The device is terrible. I tested the collar on my husband again because the dog has been going crazy when she feels the shock, so I wanted to make sure it worked. He said the shocks are stronger and travel through your body at a level of 1 to 3. Over time, the shocks become more intense and painful. You can test it on yourself or someone.

👤This is the worst remote collar I've seen. Level 1-99 is enough to kill a small dog. Click the button if you put it on your arm. Garbage. Dogtra and Ecollar technologies areReputable companies that I use other collars from. You get what you pay for. You can't feel on your arm at 15-20. I tried 50 with this unit and I have to say, it was very difficult to test myself before putting it on your dog. I swore so loudly that the neighbors could hear me. I was zapped with a stun gun. The delay is the next issue. The time from when you click the remote to when the collar goes off is 2ish seconds. If your dog is in a dangerous situation, it could be life or death. I bought this to try. I'm glad I did because it confirmed my suspicions. If you care about your dog, you should spend the money on a Dogtra or Mini Educator. Yes. They're close to $200. Is hitting your dog with a stun gun worth it for barking at a neighbor? Talk to your trainer. Be fair to your dog. Don't put it in this garbage!

👤There is no fence in the back yard. Our dog would run off and ignore the commands to come back. We never use the shock feature with this collar because he comes right back to us. The sound of a sound will get his attention back. We give him a treat when he comes back. He has been doing well so far. The device is easy to use and has been successful so far. We bought it about 2 months ago. Our dog is 100 lbs.

👤I have a puppy that is high energy and likes to chew. I bought this collar because of the situation I was in. My dog has improved a lot, only using the sound and the. This has made my life easier. If you fully charge the battery, it can last for several days. I can tell when I don't use the collar. She still responds positive. You have to train your dog fairly. If she didn't respond, I moved to the mode and gave her 3 opportunities. You can adjust the mode and get a positive response. The lock feature can be used when resting or doing other things with the dog. This review is helpful to me.

👤The batteries are cheap and wear out very quickly, so quit accepting charge after 3 charges. Do not buy this item. The charge design is poor since it doesn't plug in like the remote does. This was a waste of money for me. If I wrote a 5 star review on this item, I would get a $25 Amazon card, but this item was off of Amazon for a while. If you buy this, your pet will be shocked all the time because the button is so large and easy to use, and it will probably start peeing all over when it gets shocked, like I did before. I will spend a bit more and buy a better unit if you pay for it. Be careful! I love the audio and vibrate which is usually all I need, the shock is a lot even at the lowest setting for my pug, I wish the shock buttons were more stiff to avoid accidental discharge. I can't leave it in my pocket because it deploys the shock every time, but it works as long as you are careful and only turn it on when you need to use it.


What is the best product for gps collar for dogs with shock training?

Gps collar for dogs with shock training products from Bhcey. In this article about gps collar for dogs with shock training you can see why people choose the product. Sportdog Brand and Dog Care are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps collar for dogs with shock training.

What are the best brands for gps collar for dogs with shock training?

Bhcey, Sportdog Brand and Dog Care are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps collar for dogs with shock training. Find the detail in this article. Dogtra, Petspy and Paws Furlosophy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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