Best Gps Collar for Dogs Hunting

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1. Cube Tracker Replaceable Battery Waterproof

Cube Tracker Replaceable Battery Waterproof

Attach CUBE to anything and let the community be your search party. Are you taking family photos? CUBE is a shutter button for your phone. Did you misplace your phone? Even if the app is not running, use your CUBE to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash. There is no need to replace CUBE every year. You should replace the battery once a year. Extra battery is included. CUBE will ring if you press find and use the app to show last known location on a map. If you leave something behind, there is a separation alarm.

Brand: Cube

👤I didn't want to pay 120 for a cat specific tracker because my cat is a house cat, however I would always get scared if I couldn't find her, or if I needed to put her away. She is a kitty. I can walk around with the cube and see the signal strength as I get closer. You can make the cube do a ping sound if you have at least one bar of close proximity. It's funny.

👤I lost my keys this week when I put them into a chip bag and then into the garbage can. It wasn't garbage day. I ripped apart my house to look for them. I was frantic because my house and car keys were on the ring. When you don't know where you lost your keys, good security sense says that you have to prepare for the possibility that someone will break into your home or steal your car. You can't know. It would have cost me $350 to reprogram my car's electronic locking system. I would have had to re-key my home. If my wife hadn't thought about it, I would have been out hundreds of dollars. This was the most anxious and close to miss I've had. I usually misplace the keys in 3 or 4 places. Each time is a hassle. I began to look at key finder technology. I started looking for reviews after finding a lot of companies that make these things. The Tile is the most well received unit. They last for a year before the battery dies. I don't want to be tied to a company's cash register just because of a battery, so I'm not buying new ones at a discount. The other key finder products had good and bad reviews, but I chose The Cube. Let me tell you what happened. I installed the app on three devices before receiving The Cubes. The Cube could only be used on one device. That has changed. I had created a Cube login so that I could see my devices on The Cube's web page, and I had also created a Cube account so that I could log on to each of my devices. When The Cubes arrived at my home, I linked them with my wife's phone and tested them. I opened The Cube's app on my phone and tablets and there was no extra hassle. I tested them on each device and they worked. I used The Cubes to ring the phones and tablets, and then used them as a remote shutter release to take photos. You will want to know how they work. They only use one device at a time. When my wife looks at The Cube's app on her phone, it tells her that my Cube is on my phone. She can't ring my cube. It can only be done with my phone. If I turn my phone off, I can take my phone out of the range or I can turn it off in a minute. She can ring my cube if it is lost. I had a cube that disconnected from a phone, but there was no apparent reason. The cube was touching my phone. The receiver may have been "swamped" by the phone. This is not a new occurrence. Within a minute or so, my phone found the cube when I separated the two. It wasn't instantaneous. If you lose your keys while your phone is away from The Cube, they will be disconnected. As you look for the keys, you need to proceed slowly so that the two have time to talk. Some people complained about The Cube's volume. Unless the surroundings are loud, it won't be screeching. The little button on the unit lights up when it goes off in the dark. I think the update when I affiliated The Cubes to my device apps may have fixed a lot of what others had complained about. Each unit can now be used with different devices. If you report your lost item to The Cube Community through the app, others will find it. I've been testing these things all day and they seem to work. I'll use the little tool that came with The Cube to open the case and insert the spare battery when the battery dies. I'll update this if I discover something I don't like. Today is July 14.

2. SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Remote Trainer

SportDOG Brand YardTrainer Remote Trainer

The e-collar supports training a dog. You can train with 8 levels of static simulation. DryTek technology is used to waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. A low battery indicator lets you know when to charge, and the batteries have a 2-hour quick charge. The neck sizes are 5" and 22" for dogs 8 pounds or larger.

Brand: Sportdog Brand

👤Two years ago, I adopted a black Labrador. He was thrown in a backyard as a puppy and never trained. He was 140 lbs of bad habits when I got him. Biting, jumping up, pawing at me and not listening. I took 20 lbs off of him and improved his health, but I could not break his bad behaviors. I have had dogs for over 30 years. I had a bag of tricks that I used to train my dogs. The guy ignored every single one. I was put at the urgent care twice in the first 6 months. He was not socialized, so he is fence aggressive. He wants to eat my neighbor's dogs. I only played in my backyard when I ran him. Car rides were not pleasant. I couldn't take him anywhere without putting myself or others at risk. I had given up on doing the best I could with him. I wanted to give him more. My neighbor is getting a dog collar. He is near a puppy. Her dog is very happy with her collar. I tried on her collar. Holy cow! It got his attention. He was encouraged to attack the fence and listen to me. The "Stubborn Dog" version of the collar was what I noticed when I looked at it. I chose that one. The collar has been on for about 3 weeks. The quality of life for both of us is vastly different. I was able to take him to the river. It is hard to see that he has the collar on, but both are black. I am the Alpha Wolf again. There are 3 features of the collar. There is a tone on his collar. He knows the tone means come. There is also a static that buzzes. We are trying to pay attention to me. I had no problems at the river with the collar being waterproof. The collar is life changing.

👤I'm surprised the collar is ranked as high as it is. I was willing to pay a lot for its waterproof nature and range, but it was missing a basic safety lock, which is something most remote collar have. If you want to put your remote in your pocket, most remotes have a sliding safety lock. If you have an active lifestyle with a mostly behaved dog in need of only occasional correction, I would have returned it if you didn't have to cut the hard plastic collar. Again, do not buy this COLLAR. If you don't want your dog to be hit for no reason, then you should.

👤This is the bet collar. When I see a squirrel or other dog, my dog is off the leash and won't run away from me. If you need your dog to learn what no/stay/come means, you can have that in a week. You can get all the important information in a few hours if you learn how to use the collar. The collar stopped working after a few weeks. My dog only uses it 2 times a day. I exchanged it for the same one because I like how it works with my dog. The remote is dead in less then 20 hours. I'm not sure if this is normal or if I should try to exchange that one again. The collar is pricey and it won't last us long, so I worry about the quality. My collar is not working again after 2 months. Money was wasted.

3. Garmin Pro Dog Training System

Garmin Pro Dog Training System

The range is 1 mile and the radio frequencies for PRO 70 are 27MHz. A remote control of beacon lights on a dog device is visible up to 100 yards away. The battery life is 80 hours. BarkLimiter is built-in with advanced Bark Correction Technology. It is possible to float. The dog device has a battery life of 60 hours. The stimulation levels are easily controlled by using the top-mounted selection dial on the handheld. Includes - PRO 70 handheld, dog device, black collar strap, AC adapter, charging clip, contact point set and manual. The design is classic and rugged. Train with stimulation and tone.

Brand: Garmin

👤The collar is fine with me. It worked well and helped me keep my dog happy. I have a beagle mix who is very vocal, but a little too excited when visitors call. I don't use this collar for hunting because I am not a hunter and I can't vouch for its usefulness. I don't use the shock setting. When my dog gets testy, I use the tone to keep him in order. I wanted to warn the Amazon community to be careful and to save some money and grief. Don't buy the protection plan on Amazon. You must be saying something. It is a waste of money. After a few months of gentle use, I unplugged my collar's charging port from the outlet and one of the metal prongs was stuck in it. The only flaw with this product is a tiny one. I don't rip chargers from outlets with brute strength. My entire set was taken down by a metal piece. I thought it would be simple to thank my lucky stars for foresight and purchase the protection plan. Not in the least! The wait time for me to speak to three nice people was very short. They told me that their protection plan doesn't cover charges. You heard that right? If you spend $300 on this system, your protection plan won't help you if the charger quits. I searched the internet for the right charge but couldn't find it. I used alternative training methods and dealt with a dog that barked all day long. It has taken a toll on me. I train him, but he still barks. I reached out to Garmin and they quickly sent me a replacement that was free of grief. The collar is great. Smart Guard and their protection plan are not good.

👤I decided to spend the money on a nicer bark collar after trying many cheap ones. It could be used with the remote or BarkLimiter mode. An automatic bark/shock collar. The product seemed to shock a few people on Amazon, but I bought it anyway. I observed a few times that other people didn't get the impression that BarkLimiter worked. I was walking my two dogs and one of them grewled as we passed another person walking a dog. No barking at all. It took me 15-20 seconds to get the collar off of her as she received multiple shocks in a matter of minutes, and she started to cry in pain. The other dog started getting shocks after the first dog, and also started getting shocks multiple times. The feedback loop was created by the pain and it kept shocking them. I don't know how long this would have lasted if I hadn't taken off their collars. The dogs were shocked 12 and 11 times when I saw on the counter that I had just turned on the collar. I will probably return to Amazon since I'm still in my 30-day return window, but there is no way I am putting these back on my dogs in BarkLimiter mode. This is an extremely well made product, so it's a shame. I read the manual and had the units in place. These work well in remote mode, but something needs to be worked on for BarkLimiter mode.

4. My Pet Command Waterproof Rechargeable

My Pet Command Waterproof Rechargeable

The Xtra Collar is only available without a remote and long battery life. The My Pet Command high quality training kit can be used remotely to assist in everyday training. It's as simple as pressing a button with Long battery life when you want to train your dog to stay or return. The training shock collar is safe and effective. It is important to make sure that your dog won't be harmed. You can choose from up to 10 levels of shock and sound levels to suit your dogs and Breed Types. The Plastic Prongs can be used to turn the collar into a non-SHOCK function. The collar fits the neck sizes. There are bright BEACON lighting night lights. If you turn on the beacon flashing night lights from your remote, you will be able to see and keep track of your dog up to 300 yards away. IPX7 waterproof COLLARS are highly durable and fully waterproof. The My Pet Command dual training collar makes it easy to take your dog to the beach or lake. Your dog can swim and play in the water up to a depth of over 3 feet. The Remote Control is waterproof and can be used outdoors. There are four pairs of metal prongs and a pair of plastic ones in this package. This is the extra collar. You need the remote to operate. You can get the remote kit for this collar by using the Amazon My Pet command.

Brand: My Pet Command

👤I received a 2 collar package. The selection of the collar works well. It shakes good. Beep is good. It will put a smile on your face. The dogs are training well. We are using a lot of things. The rubber caps have been used. The distance has not been tested but so far the dogs respond quickly and come back running. We like the simple setup on the remote easy charging and the easy to charge collars. The battery life has been good so far. The collar has a light on it that will help you spot fur babies out in the dark. We are happy with our purchase and recommend this model.

👤I have a few of these and think they work well. The extra collar does not include the remote that you will need to change the settings of the collar. If you don't have a remote, you can look at the item from this seller that includes both the collar and the remote. You can pair the extra collars with your existing remote once you have the remote. The video I attached will show you how to pair the remote and collar. I have two black labs and I use these on them. I read a review where a customer said the collars were bulky, but I didn't find that to be the case. Over the years, I have tried a lot of different sizes of collars and found the one that was perfect for my dogs and they don't mind wearing them. It's easy to pair and setup, it has a long battery life.

👤I have different brands of training collar. I use them when trapping in the bush. I could grab my dog by the collar and drag him away. I think this collar would hold up when I have to grab something to get control of my dog when moving fast in the bush, because others seem week and are just to hold the training device onto the dog. The collar is made of nylon reinforced plastic. The little clip has to be pushed into the collar hole with a little force so it feels secure. The tail of the collar is held down by a small part of the buckle.

👤I like it and it works. I had trouble connecting the collar to the remote. I was expecting them to have a connection to each other. That is my only complaint. It is the best training tool you can get. I have a 160 lbs guard dog that jumps our 7 ft fence when we get a predator. I've never found another one with this range.

👤The $30-50 training systems must have a line of sight over 100 feet. I haven't fully tested this unit over a mile. Only my hunting collars have further range. They will control 3 collars. It's a good trade off for a quiet beep, but it's not really waterproof, so it's not a complaint.

👤I have two of these for my dogs, they both work on the same remote. They work for a long distance. I have not had to use the shock as my dogs respond to the function and keep them focused. When they are in the woods. I don't see them, but I do see one of them running. I am very happy with the product.

5. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker

Pinpoint the real-time location of your dog when it's most important and see the history of places he's visited. There are monthly, 1 year, 2 year and 5 year plans available. You can try risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee. If your pet leaves the area, you can get an instant notification. Tracking a dog has never been easier. ACTIVITY MONITORING The integrated dog fitness tracker can be used to keep your dog healthy. In over 150 countries, you can use the TractiveGPS pet collar attachment. You can manage all features via the free app. All Life Stages is an age range description. The included components are a gps tracker and a manual.

Brand: Tractive

👤I had originally given this product 5 stars. A picture of my cat wearing a product was posted. Within 2 weeks, the tracker stopped giving me the right area at the right time to find and secure my pet. At one point, the tracker showed my cat was 4 miles away. I was trying to find him in the dark woods. He was in the yard. I almost had an attack of hyperventilation. I called customer service after trying to reset. None. I sent it back to Amazon after having 3 events like this within a few days. Get this! You can't cancel the subscription when you send it back. A whole 114 dollars was gone. They won't refunds. Don't purchase before you think. Thank you for reading. I hope this helps someone else.

👤It's a waste of money. The live tracking is useless, our dog ran off and it displayed where he had been but not where he was real time as it claims. I used email to contact customer service. I'm on day 6 waiting for a reply, I think I should get a refund for this product, it's not good, but I'll see if I get one.

👤We bought this for our cat. My goal was to keep an eye on where he goes and how often he crosses a busy street so we can decide if he should stay. We might use this tracker permanently going forward, since it was not the original plan. You can set a very precise digital fence. It was important to me to know when he crosses the street on our block. I was surprised that I could drag the fence lines up to the sidewalk. You can set any shape along any road or property line you need. You can see a heat map of where he went during the last 24 hours, and see where he spent less time. It's funny. I use this to find out how often he goes into areas that are less safe. See the picture. Live tracking works well if he's in a wooded area, but you get notifications when he enters/exits the digital fence. If I'm trying to bring him inside and need to know where to look for him, this helps. I don't worry about the physical tracker coming off because it has a secure connection piece to his collar. It is easy to charge, and I find it lasts a few days. I let my cat in and out. I can check the battery life before I let him out. If your cat has a door to come and go, I can see the battery life being a little annoying to monitor. The app sends a notification if the charge is low, so I think battery life and charging work well here. It's easy to use and gives me the information I need. His position doesn't always update for 30-40 minutes. I have to turn on Live Tracking to get a more current read if I check on where he is. I don't know if the app would have known if he crossed the fence. I worry I might not be able to call him back when he's crossing the road. The app doesn't seem to have gaps on his position when I look at his historical heat map. The tracker is big for a cat. I was worried that it was too heavy for his neck, but eventually I was comfortable connecting it to his collar. He doesn't seem to care about it anymore. My cat is about 12 pounds. See the picture. The activity/exercise tracking features are not necessary for an animal. I only use historical heat map features. When he went into a treed area, I lost signal for 45 minutes. It took me an hour to realize he was off the grid because the app didn't tell me a signal had been lost. I panicked because live tracking wouldn't work, since it hadn't happened before. After I walked the block calling for him, he popped out on the app close to home after ignoring my calls. I don't think that area is "heavily wooded." I have a lot of evergreen trees and mature landscaping on the block. If you live among a lot of trees, you could lose signal often. There was a gap in his historical heat map tracking for that period. I don't like paying for gps tracking. I'm willing to pay for it because the app works well and I get a precise location on him to solve my problem. The tracker's up front cost was low enough to cover the ongoing cost.

6. PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

There is no monthly fee for the Petfon gps tracker. The small, durable, and rainproof device allows you to track your pet's activity and location in real time. The Petfon gps tracker uses a variety of wireless technologies for accurate positioning. The Rada serching feature can help you find the lost dogs. Petfon is easy to use and install. Follow the instructions to download the Petfon app. You can see your pet's activities and see his location at any time with the app. The ranges can be up to 3.5 miles in an open environment. It will be effected by surarroundings. GEOFENCING,MULTICOLOR,CUSTOMIZABLE VOICE COMMAND: If your pet leaves a safe area, you can get notified instantly with the Petfon gps tracker. The lights on the gps tracker can be turned on to locate your pet in dim light or at night. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker to communicate with your pets. The weight and the rainproof are included. The Petfon is small and durable. It does not work for swimming in wet weather, thanks to the rainproof feature. Petfon's battery can last up to 8-16 hours and comes with a charging station. It's perfect for going off the grid. Petfon2 is a different color than Petfon1, and it is dirt resistant. Petfon2 software has been changed so it is more stable. The initial positioning time is 10 seconds shorter than Petfon1, which makes the tracking quicker and more accurate.

Brand: Petfon

👤I bought this device for my Border Collie because she was bad about crossing the road to chase deer. We live on land. The main point is that it works, so you should take it off and charge it at night. I get a notification almost instantly on my phone when she is 100 yards away, and within 60 seconds I get a second notification that she is back in the leash perimeter. I was able to record my voice saying "Come" which freaks her out and sends her running right back towards the house every time it rained despite all the negative Amazon reviews that said it doesn't work in bad weather. It's great for us. I love the remote control, but there have been a few times when she didn't turn right after exiting the perimeter, that I pushed the button on the remote. She turned around and went back to her house. Maybe others are not charging. I want to make sure it works during the day. The device has helped us. I had tried some of the top products and they didn't work for me. The device is a lifesaver, it keeps my dog on my property, without the need for a fence. I highly recommend this! Thanks to the engineer who made this, it is easy to use and works well in Montana.

👤It has been upgraded several times since the initial review. I can see which direction my cat is moving as it is shown in real time. It is convenient to go out to get the cat. My cat is now registered as a cat, not as a beagle, because it has a cat category. I love the added features of the device, like the radar and almost real time tracking. It shows where my cat likes to hang out. It has improved the lives of cat owners. Thank you! We live in a suburb. My cat is in the garage. He goes out in the morning and comes home by 4:30 pm. He is about 11 lbs and active. The device is slightly bigger than I wanted, but my cat doesn't seem to care. It picks up the signal 80 percent of the time, but then it goes offline because my cat got under a deck. It works great when it works. I opened the door to the garage because I saw that my cat was on his way to my house. It shows its daily trails in a nice way. It gives me peace of mind to know where my cat is. He was a stray and is happy when he is outside. I have been looking for other tracking devices and this one is the best so far. You have to update the app to add a cat. My cat is registered as a beagle, which is not fair.

👤I received a gps tracker in the mail a few days ago and I am very pleased with the device. The app is easy to install and use, and I didn't have any issues with the tracker and receiver beingsynced to my phone. I was excited about this product because my dog likes to run the neighborhood and we live in a rural wooded area. The tracker seems to loose connection easily. It has been done while I have been in my house with the receiver and outside with my dog. I don't know why it is losing connection. The device is powered on. I wanted it to work for us. I decided to keep it because it seems to work better after we shrunk the safety zone. My dog went out of the "geo-fence" and the receiver wouldn't let him go. Our house is situated in the middle of 15 wooded acres and our dog is allowed to go outside without being on a leash or inside a fenced in area. He would wander off and visit neighbors before I knew he was gone. I wanted something that would allow me to be a lazy dog owner. The app was able to notify me when he went beyond the safety zone because of the size of the fence around my house. I pushed the button outside and my dog ran after me. The tracker and receiver disconnected when he went to lie under the greenhouse to get out of the heat. I was able to put the receiver outside on the porch railing and have my phone inside with me, the connection didn't seem to have trouble staying connected. I think this would work well with him on hikes. There is a new update on 9/23/19 that is not waterproof. We went kayaking on the river and my dog swam with a tracker attached to his collar. We tried to put it on the top of his neck, but he must have gone under to get the tracker wet. After drying out, the tracker stopped working. I've been unable to get a replacement tracker from the company. I was able to purchase a new tracker after contacting Petfon tech support.

7. PetSpy Training Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

PetSpy Training Vibration Rechargeable Waterproof

If you want to get your Money Back Guarantee, use the popular dog training collar. Tone, static shock, and vibration are training aids for dogs with different weight and sensitivity. It has a 1-year replacement warranty and a 24 hour customer support guarantee. REMOTE COLLAR ACTIVATION allows you to wake up the collar by one push of the button, and you can get a free dog training guide with your order. AVOID SKIN IRRITATION with soft rubber contact points technology, remote collar range is up to 1000 yards, and train up to 3 dogs with 1 controller.

Brand: Petspy

👤I ordered 2 sets of these and both have stopped working in a few months. I reached out to have them replace the product because it is covered under a lifetime guarantee and the first collar they replaced did not have a problem. They wouldn't replace the second one because they said it was one replacement per product. This was the second set that I bought and it was a different product, but a lifetime warranty isn't one replacement per product. They have been reported to Amazon.

👤I loved it when it was working. It stopped this week. I got it in December and it's not worth it now. I've tried everything to make sure I charged it correctly. The light indicated that it was fine, but it wouldn't take signals anymore. I was disappointed that this didn't last a year because I didn't go with a cheaper model because of the main complaint. I will no longer be spending my money on this kind of product. I would have given it to all of them if it lived more than a month and a week. That lifetime is not very good.

👤The bark shock collar was horrible. It happened on the highest power, and my dog was shocked when she woke up. You know. I immediately sent it back. I bought this based on a recommendation from a friend who uses it with his dogs. I love it. I only had to shock my dogs once when they wouldn't stop barking, after allowing them to hear the audible beep, I pushed the beep and kept saying no.

👤It fits a 160 lbs. Newfoundland neck. The functions work well. It's very flexible for your dog, with 100 different levels of intensity for the functions. The vibrate function is very effective. The collar is easy to charge. It is waterproof. The remote is easy to use and hold. The buttons light up in the dark. The remote has a charge. It's not responsive, so you have to hold down the button to connect. Do not do this with the shock. A longer battery is what I would prefer. For very thick coats, the prongs are not long enough. I would like to be able to change the intensity levels on the functions, but that's not possible.

👤The shock does not work on the beep and vibration. I thought it was my Australian hair. I finally got brave and tried it. One of my Aussies uses the vibration. My other boy is completely independent and will show you that it's his way or the no way. When he's focused on where he's going and not on where he's going outside. I need the shock to get his attention, but it doesn't work.

👤I don't know what I'm doing. It worked for a few days, but now it doesn't work at all. The shock setting stopped working after I charged the dog multiple times and made sure it was on. The setting works. I haven't looked at the others yet. This is very annoying. We can't shock our dog because he likes to fight with the neighbors dog. I think I should have gotten the insurance on the collar.

8. Dog Expedition TC1 Border Trainer

Dog Expedition TC1 Border Trainer

It's a great collar for tough tasks for indoor and outdoor sports. The first portable, wireless, gps based containment system of its kind. The range is up to 800 yards. It's perfect for use at home, on trips, or anywhere else. Also has remote trainer capabilities. While you keep your peace of mind, allow dogs freedom.

Brand: Dog Expedition

👤We bought the system and collar to keep two large Pyrenees dogs on a large calf operation next to a busy road. The system and fence have worked well for us. The puppies/dogs are rambunctious and have lots of fun in the pond on the property, the collar has held up really well. It took me a while to learn how to use the system and set up the fence. It was easy to operate. The manual that the system comes with is helpful and was used a bit in the beginning. After 8 months of rough puppy/dog life, I experienced an issue with one collar not acquiring a gps signal, but the tech support I experienced for the company was amazing. They replaced it with no problems. If you bought the item with "Condition: new", you need to keep a copy of your receipt. I recommend this for anyone who wants to keep their dogs on a small or large property.

👤Our dog is now on 10 acres. The gps signal wasn't consistant so it was difficult to set the exterior flags. It can be give or take 3 yards. The lag is not ideal because our dog is fast and powerful. It is a good range. The batting charge is good. Plug them in at night. The set up was easy to follow. It would be easier to sync the collar with the monitor. The monitor doesn't detect the collar even though the paw sign is on it. This type of system is an option for my dog. I like that you can set a buffer zone or warning zone, and either vibrate, nick, or beep before he crosses the line. I like that the collar will shock for a designated distance past the line but only for a limited period of time and that he will not get shocked again when he comes home. There is one house and one barn on the land.

👤I wanted the positives to be more correct than the negatives, so I read all the reviews before I got this. They are so far. I got a collar with a more robust antenna than the one in the picture, and it has survived roughhousing and diving through fences. Most of the negative reports are because people didn't read the instructions and didn't think about setting up the center point of the fence. I walked out to where I wanted the boundary, but when it wasn't what I wanted, I re-did it. I think this is better for larger areas than a circle is. I like how I can turn off the fence but still have the collar on to keep my dog out of harms way, so I can find her when I need to. I use a cattle ranch on my cattle dog to give you an idea of the area I am working in.

👤This seemed like a lot of money at the time, but I couldn't be happier with the system. We live on 15 acres with a thick grove of trees. Within a week, my dogs learned where the boundaries are. I have not had a time when they penetrated the perimeter in the last 2 years. I collar them every day. I'm sure I wouldn't need that either. 60 cents per dog per day is what I have been paying for the last 2 years. The system is still going strong and that will keep going down.

9. Garmin Handheld Tracking Training Smartphone

Garmin Handheld Tracking Training Smartphone

A compact design with multi-GNSS tracking and training. Up to 20 dogs can be tracked with the T 5 and T 15 dog devices, and additional dog devices can be purchased separately up to 9 miles. Each dog will be trained with 18 levels of stimulation and tone. To view your dog's location from a vehicle, connect to a drive track gps navigator. It's compatible with select Garmin watches.

Brand: Garmin

👤The little unit was great. I use to hunt and hike with my dogs. You and your dogs are tracked through the app. You can see where you are on the map.

👤It takes a little getting used toggling back and forth.

10. PetSpy Training Waterproof Vibration Electric

PetSpy Training Waterproof Vibration Electric

Train up to 3 dogs at a time with three different training modes. The remote collar range is up to 1000 yards and the blind operation design makes it easy to train a dog with Touch Distinguishing Buttons. The premium XPro 3 dog training collar is good for all dog breeds from 10 to 140 lbs. Dog training services are included with your order and include e-book, dog training videos, read articles and chat with their professional dog trainers. A 1-year replacement and customer support.

Brand: Petspy

👤I have 3 dogs that are just wild and love each other. I thought it would be great for them to be able to keep them out of the trash. It was for the first couple of weeks. 2 of them stopped working and 1 leaked battery acid on my dog's neck, which was eating his flesh. It smelled terrible. I don't recommend this product to anyone. I know some will still purchase even though it's cheaper, but I would advise you to check each device regularly because of what happened to my dog's neck when it was wearing a collar.

👤This is for our three dogs. One who yaps. A person jumps on people. Our problem child was a fanatical poop eater. Our 1.5 year-old Frenchie was our biggest concern, and we tried everything we could to cure her, from treats to adjusting her diet. She was going to eat it, as it was still coming out of one of our other dogs. I can say that one correction with this collar fixed everything. We suffered for so long.

👤My order of dog leashes with remotes is very helpful. The only problem I have is that the collar is too tight against the neck. I don't want the prongs to hurt them so I take the collar off when they aren't outside and put it back on when they go out. My dogs listen to the vibrate mode on the collars and they do what they're supposed to do, so I don't need to use the shock function. The charge lasts a long time on the collar.

👤I settled on this collar because I needed three receivers and there's not a lot of options out there. I had old collar with long prongs that I swapped out because the short ones don't work with a heavy coated shepherd. One of the collars failed about a month after I got it. The company sent me another receiver after I contacted them. Another one failed a few months later. They sent me another receiver after I contacted the company. The remote stopped taking a charge 8 months after I bought it. The "contact the seller" option is no longer available. They win. The petmate collars are cheap and last forever.

👤I like it so far. These were delivered today. I have two golden retrievers. and 80 lbs. It seems to work well on both of them. The orange collar was wound in the wrong direction, so the cut end is a candidate for biting, which is annoying. I will update this review once we get more use out of them. I am disappointed that the actual recovers are not in the pictures. The two ends of the collar have an opening in the plastic so that you can slide it in. The receiver has closed ends, so you can't use your own collar unless it's a belt style. I think the product images should be changed to reflect reality.

👤I was surprised they work. The receiver is only under one lip because the collar is too thick. The collar needs to be charged every 4-5 days and you only get a single collar plug and receiver plug. I have to charge the collars. Push the plug cover in so they don't get wet. It is easy with 3 dogs. It takes a few days to get used to selecting a dog. Call their name with the first letter of the alphabet. If they ignore the sound of the bell. Reward them when they are on the air. I have only had to shock a few times. We had shock on 5 and vibrate on 16. The collar needs to be tight to shock. You would put a collar on. The small round lights were attached to the collars. I can see them. The top number on the right shows the vibrate intensity while the bottom number shows the shock intensity. The dog head on the left shows the collar you are wearing, and the head moves down in sequence. They were easy to pair. Call their name first. When they are rewarded. Add a reward and a vibrate if they don't pay attention. They are close to teach them. These do not work far from you. If they are ignoring you, you may need to chase them down a bit to shock them. If your collar is tight enough, they will shock you. Ours responded quickly to the sound. If you abuse the shock button, you will waste money and build a tolerance to the whole concept.

11. Garmin Tracking Collar Sporting Device

Garmin Tracking Collar Sporting Device

Track up to 20 dogs with the 2.6” color display and T 9 dog devices for a range of up to 5 miles. When dogs are on the run, the update rate provides a faster location tracking. The ability to track in more challenging environments with high-sensitivity gps and satellite reception. There is a free 1-year Birdseye Satellite Imagery subscription for better location awareness. Dog data from Hunt Metrics can be used to review and train more effectively.

Brand: Garmin

👤I researched all the collars before choosing this one. Blocks of land are about 2 miles away from where I live. There are no roads leading into the blocks of pine plantations, hardwood forest and cutover land. During hunting season, I wanted to keep my dogs at home. Redbone coonhounds are hard to keep up with because they are a natural hunter. The first day, the three collars paid off. The dogs came out on the road after a 1.5 mile chase. I could see on the unit where they were, how fast they were closing the distance and waiting in the road when the deer came out behind them. If I had not caught them, they would have been 2 miles away. I can't tell you the range they work in but they worked well in the brush. The phone reception in this area is pretty bad, but the gps product does not depend on it. It will take me awhile to figure it out but the unit does what I need it to do. Tell me where the dogs are. Setting up a border lets you know when a dog is leaving so you can stop them before they get far away. The unit and collar are well made and worth the money.

👤It was very easy to use and I was happy that I did not have to learn how to use it. I don't hunt, but I have a dog that loves to wander far in the woods and this makes me feel better if we're hiking away from our home.

👤It works well for keeping track of our dog.

👤The Astro 900 is malfunctioning. The unit will not start.

👤This is a great product that I use to keep track of my husky when I am at work. He is tracked by a few feet with a ten mile range. I have to charge the coller every night because of how I am using it. I am really happy with the product.

👤Amigos equipos. Un nueva forma de la cacera.


What is the best product for gps collar for dogs hunting?

Gps collar for dogs hunting products from Cube. In this article about gps collar for dogs hunting you can see why people choose the product. Sportdog Brand and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps collar for dogs hunting.

What are the best brands for gps collar for dogs hunting?

Cube, Sportdog Brand and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps collar for dogs hunting. Find the detail in this article. My Pet Command, Tractive and Petfon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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