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1. Garmin Alpha Track Train Handheld

Garmin Alpha Track Train Handheld

Alpha 100 has a 3-Inch glove-friendly color touchscreen. Track and train a combination of twenty dog devices from up to 9 miles away. The map includes terrain, topo elevations, summits, parks, coastlines, rivers, lakes and more. There is optional map data that supports it. A built-in barometric altimeter and electronic compass.

Brand: Garmin

👤I use this for hiking. It gives me a good idea of what's going on. There are lots of places to take your dog hiking off leash in Seattle. My dog and I enjoy the freedom of hiking. My dog likes to hunt for rodents in the forest while we hike. She gets more exercise and stimulation if she is on a leash. She is in great shape because of it. She knows where I am when we hike and rarely goes off more than a few hundred feet. If she sees a deer, she goes for up to 5 minutes. After the chase, she was able to find me until she got lost. She ran after a deer and I kept hiking, thinking that she would find me as usual. She headed in the wrong direction because she couldn't find me. I was worried that I would never see her again after searching for her for an hour. It's a really bad feeling. I found her waiting next to my car at the trailhead, 2 miles from where we separated. I decided to invest in the Alpha after that traumatic experience. It has been great. Even though she is not always in my line of site, I can still keep track of my dog. If I can't hear or see her, I no longer have anxiety. She is not called out to make sure she is by. She keeps track of where I'm located by not calling out to her. She could hear me from further away if I called out to her. She has not gotten lost since I started using the Alpha nine months ago. I don't hike without it. I gave it 4 stars because it takes a while to lock on to a signal when you first turn it on. The screen should be a bit larger and the hand held part is bulky. The technology seems to be a bit old fashioned. The handheld and collar are waterproof. I'm not sure what the range is. I tested it in my neighborhood and it tracked up to 2 miles. The 9 mile estimate is only possible in ideal conditions where there are no trees, buildings or hills between you and the dog.

👤The older Astro that I owned for 3 seasons broke, but I still own it. The Alpha was bought a few months ago by me. I use it for upland game hunting. The measurement of elevation gained for my own hiking was incorrect, overstating the amount of climb that I hiked on a typical day. The system worked well, tracked the dog well, and the shock function was adequate, but occasionally my pointer would ignore it even at the highest setting. The locator sound on the Dogtra collar is what makes me use both collars. The dog on point feature stopped giving me an alert when the dog first went on point, but then stopped showing the dog's position even if it was on point. It created a lot of confusion because I didn't know if my dog was on point or not. The GO TO wouldn't lead me back to my truck after the malfunction. I was stuck in a zoom out mode that made it impossible for me to zoom in to see myself and my truck on the map. I couldn't navigate to my truck. I found my way back using landmarks and memory. After 3 months of use, I decided to return it to Amazon. This was outside of the 2 month return policy, but Amazon honored the return. I liked the unit so much that I wanted to buy a new one. I will update after I use it.

2. Garmin Pro 550 Training System

Garmin Pro 550 Training System

The range is 1 mile and the radio frequencies for PRO 550 are 27MHz. The built-in BarkLimiter has 21 levels of stimulation and can be used to control the levels on the handheld. The vibrating pro adds a vibration control option for training. The accessory for the Upland Beeper is called the UPLAND BEEPER PRO 550. The PRO 550 handheld, dog device, black collar strap, AC adapter, charging clip, contact point set, and manual are included. The design is classic and rugged. Train with stimulation and tone.

Brand: Garmin

👤Very pleased with the results. I have 2 Dogo Argentinos, one male and one female. They play hard. Rolling around in a rocky desert environment that has destroyed several collar attachment. I like the idea of a training collar that is durable and functional. I need vibrate mode to recall the female. The male is very strong willed and responds well to light stimulation occasionally. It depends on the distraction. The tone is used for praise along with petting and verbal praise. It seems to reinforce what you are doing. I had a less expensive training collar that took forever to replenish. It seems that the charge of the Garmin will last forever. Even when the lights are on! It is very quick to charge them. Never more than 2 hours. It takes a little getting used to finding the right button or switch. The stimulation level is hard to see in low light. The click method was used to choose the correct setting. Count the clicks clockwise to select the stim level. It would be great to have a preset for each dog. When both dogs are on the run, going from one to the other can be difficult. I don't use them for hunting because we have a lot of wildlife around that they like to chase. I ordered a second one that looked the same as the first one. It doesn't matter how well it stays on. If you put them on correctly. They work well. I am very satisfied with this product. Many people think that the collar your dog is wearing is cruel. I want my dogs to experience a life as free as I can make it for them, and I love them so much that I want them to run, play and experience a life as free as possible. It's important to use the product correctly.

👤I have set my mind not to use the shock feature unless I absolutely had to. I give a sound and then vibrate. These features alone can help us train our two pitbull/husky mix dogs. The "V" for vibrate is set by turning the intensity dial to zero. The dial reads v1234. If you have to turn the device up to give a shock, you must turn it back down. I would like to see the vibrate have its own button. I like the bark limiter but it's not something I need right now. I had to put the longer probes on for the dog with the shorter hair because it didn't make sense. After 4 or 5 weeks, everyone is very happy.

👤I have had this unit for 3 years and a third replacement battery. Sometimes the remote doesn't start working, but I get about a year before that. The light on top of the remote is red when this happens. A test with garmin shows a battery issue. My father's version of the same collar has been in his possession for 20 years. I was told by the person on the phone that there was a different battery used for the Garmin version. I have received conflicting instructions from the company. When the unit dies, some say to charge. The batteries always seem to fall out regardless of my charging technique. If you're looking for a long haul unit, go for a different one.

3. Garmin Pro Trashbreaker Training System

Garmin Pro Trashbreaker Training System

It's easy to hold and operate with one hand so you can keep an eye on the dog. Multiple-DOG ability to train multiple dogs at once, with purchase of additional dog devices. Up to 3 dogs. The range is 4 miles and the beacon lights are visible up to 100 yards away. BarkLimiter has advanced Bark Correction Technology. The PRO Trashbreaker has an antenna and keeper, a black collar strap, and a charging clip. The design is classic and rugged. Train with stimulation and tone.

Brand: Garmin

👤I like this dog trainer. It is of very high build quality and works better than the cheaper brand I had before. The range is very good. It works well. If my dog got outside, he was very bad about leaving. The least amount of correction is what I use the Garmin for. After 2 weeks, I can let the dog out on his own. He stays at home. I don't have to use correction on him, just the tone sound will retrieve him. You wouldn't know he's the same dog. The product was worth every penny. The battery will last a couple of long days, the transmitter uses no battery, and it can run up to 9 of the collars at one time. After a long day of use, the collar takes about an hour and a half to be charged and the transmitter takes a few minutes. I don't really need a spare collar, so I'm thinking about buying one to have if I need it. I would buy this product again and I am happy I have one now. I don't have to chase after the dog around the neighborhood anymore since it removed a lot of stress from me.

👤It works well for up to 6 dogs. We hunted with 3 and never had an issue. It's a fantastic product, but I wish the collars for it didn't require the long antennae. Would buy it again.

👤Even when mud is covered, it works. The long antenna that wraps around the collar does not stay in place with the little rubber deal designed to do so.

👤The light and distance it can reach are great. The battery holds a charge for a few days. It was easy to use. Anyone looking for a reliable system should read this.

👤The collar is easy to use. Would recommend anyone.

👤Excellent service. The lights are in the collar. Good range.

👤Excellent quality, sturdy and effective.

4. Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

Long and short changeable contact points are included. There are levels of fertility. There are 36 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation. The range gives you the ability to correct your dog's behavior in the field. The handheld battery has a life of 80 hours. 60 hours per charge is the dog device's battery life. Multi-dog compatibility is 3. Training configurations are used for different behavioral issues. The collar is 0.75 inches long. The bark correction mode is available. BarkLimiter is a built-in device that lets you train in BarkLimiter mode.

Brand: Garmin

👤I bought two of these to use with my labradoodles and have them key to a single controller so my wife can correct one dog while I correct the other. The bands are sturdy and flexible, I have a remote collar on my dogs for 12 hours a day, and the battery lasts up to five days. The correction is consistent when I use it and there is enough levels to fine- tune the stim level. I had the Sport Dog Fieldtrainer and felt limited in stim levels because even a 1 was too strong, but the Garmin has a higher stim level and my dogs are not happy about it. The BarkLimiter function doesn't work and that's the reason I'm giving the collar a low rating. The dogs respond to manual stim reliably with my tight collar. I know it's not a contact issue. I've tried both long and short prongs, and have tried their autorise function, but I've placed the receiver over their vocal cords like the manual says. There was no luck. The BarkLimiter function went off 10 times in 3 months, despite my dogs barking every day when someone comes in the front door. My dogs have been shocked when they growl during play but then go on bark for a long time without any response from the collar. The bark function is too inconsistent and there is no way to make it respond to sound andvibration. The remote collar was good but the bark collar was poor.

👤Absolutely adore this thing. I have a stubborn husky that likes to chase deer but now she stays in the yard and just watches. I haven't had to use it in a while, but that's the goal of the collar, right? My dog has not worn the collar in months. If the collar battery is left on all day and night, it will last 3-6 days. The controller battery lasts a long time. I have had a few times where it hasn't shocked, but I have a thick long haired dog and I don't like it tight on her neck. If you are concerned about the treatment of animals, consider this; I had to keep my husky on a leash because I couldn't let her play. She can play and be happy. I can take her on runs and she is not on a leash. She is happy.

👤I have been a Tri-Tronics user for a long time and have found the changes made by Garmin to be disappointing. It was easy to control multiple dogs without looking at the remote, because you could tell what collar you were on, and what stim level was, by feeling. That is not an option with this system. The only way to tell which collar is active is to look at the display. That slows the process. The same is true of the level. My dogs need a significant increase when they're in a drive or intent on doing something, and some might use the same level almost always. It's difficult to make the necessary adjustments if I don't have that dog. Having to look at the display quickly destroys your night vision. The system was slow. When I hit the button, the reaction time on my Tri-Tronics units is longer than it has ever been. The speed of the signal should make this unnoticeable, especially when we're talking about a hundred yards on a unit with a 1/3 mile range. I've always turned the stim level to 0 when I put my remote in my pocket to prevent it from being activated. It's much slower to get the remote back to work. I could deal with most of it if it were not for the collar selection issue. The G3 and older units were much easier to use than the newer units because they didn't have to look at the remote before using the collar. If you have a problem with an older system, or want to add a dog, you'll be forced to upgrade to another system, because the add-on collars are not backwards compatible. I don't understand why companies feel the need to buy out a successful manufacturer and then change their successful line for the worse. I gave up and returned the Delta Sport after a month. I suspect the unit I received was not up to par. I found myself hitting the button on the remote many times to get the dog's collar on, but I didn't get a response. I would finally get a response when I moved closer, hitting that same button on the same level. It was not a situation of terrain, or competing radio signals, or interference, when I was in a four acre field surrounded by water or woods. I stood next to others who had different brands of collars and others who were not having an issue. The only system that I could find that could provide everything I was looking for, with an intuitive remote, was the Pro 550 from Sport Dog, and since I could get all of the features I needed at a much lower price, I now have a Sport Dog ProHunter 2525. I don't need the Barklimiter since one of my dogs can start over if he stops barking briefly. I have to use the remote to control his barking. My new remote has the same features as the old ones, including a dial, a switch and buttons. There are 17 training modes, 27 stim levels, and tone and vibrate. I can operate it without looking after having it for five hours. I can control up to six dogs. I don't have to worry about the training mode changing accidentally. I had the Delta Sport for a month. The Sport Dog system is more expensive than the Delta Sport, but still less expensive than the Pro 550, and it provides what I need, in a remote collar. If you're considering the Delta Sport, you should look at the Sport Dog collar. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to say that, since I helped get people into a Tri-Tronics collar over the years, but unless they find a way to make something better than what Tri-Tronics put out, I won't be able to

5. Garmin Handheld Tracking Training Smartphone

Garmin Handheld Tracking Training Smartphone

A compact design with multi-GNSS tracking and training. Up to 20 dogs can be tracked with the T 5 and T 15 dog devices, and additional dog devices can be purchased separately up to 9 miles. Each dog will be trained with 18 levels of stimulation and tone. To view your dog's location from a vehicle, connect to a drive track gps navigator. It's compatible with select Garmin watches.

Brand: Garmin

👤The little unit was great. I use to hunt and hike with my dogs. You and your dogs are tracked through the app. You can see where you are on the map.

👤It takes a little getting used toggling back and forth.

6. Garmin DriveTrack Vehicle Navigator 010 01982 00

Garmin DriveTrack Vehicle Navigator 010 01982 00

The dog tracker and navigator have improved internet connections. Pairs with a gps dog system to navigate and track your dogs. 6.0 W x 3.5 H inch (15.2 x 8.9 cm); 62.95 inch diag (17.7 cm) are the display sizes. You can get a 1-year Birdseye satellite imagery subscription with the purchase of a hunt view map. There are detailed road maps of North America. Updating maps and software can be done with wi-fi. Two devices must be in 250 feet of each other to use the wireless technology.

Brand: Garmin

👤The alpha 100 and tracking collar work for me. You can use the trackers while charging if they run out of power. They go into a power saver mode if the power is low. I can see exactly where my dogs are with this display and the tracker plugged in after a restart. The screen is important for that purpose. The resolution is fantastic and it is big and bright. The screen of the gps is the best. I can't say it is all that good, but I would like to use it to an auto gps. There is no other option. punching in an address. Store addresses in advance or use the voice commands which work well. It can take a long time to find an address. Final thoughts. I use an external ham 146 mhz antenna which is slightly below the working frequencies of the dog trackers, and I use an SMA to BNC adapter. This screen and an external antenna are being used by the alpha tracker. I have a system to chase after the two dogs I have. At some point I will no longer need to use the trainer to train them.

👤Western state big game and bird hunting can be used. You can only view 2d topo when you have an onyx maps chip in the unit. They sell another subscription. I currently use onyx and Garmin in reach. Maybe it is a user error. I can't get a good track line on the device. The only fix is to run your dog collar in the sxs and have your handheld go the whole time. If it would track my route the whole ride it would work well. It would be an amazing unit if I could back track easier. The track line is a thin red dash that gets lost easily on the screen. If I figure it out, I will change to 5 stars. I was hoping that this would be a lot of fun. You have to treat it like a map. Most of the marked trails and property lines can be found with the onyx chip.

👤If you sit in your truck all day, this is a good dog tracker. There are a lot of features that are useless to me. It's difficult to set up and you can't put "way-points" on your map. It's not a good idea to use a gps device for traveling. If you put in a destination, it shows a line in the direction of your destination, but it doesn't give you a road map or verbal directions.

👤Connection is loosened randomly and often. garmin's product was expected to be better. I kept the gps. Wouldn't buy again.

👤I use it to keep an eye on the dogs. It works well.

👤The husband loved it. The garmin Astro 100 and tt15 collars are a perfect companion.

👤200 miles from no where, screen turned so dim you couldn't see anything, unplugged it, screen turned bright for 2 seconds, then back to dim. There was no difference between left and right charging. My last navigation device! I'm going to use an iPad instead of a tablet.

7. Garmin Handheld Training Device 1 Handed

Garmin Handheld Training Device 1 Handed

When changing between 10 stimulation levels and controlling auxiliary functions, the quick turn dial on the handheld has positive clicks. Simple, intuitive and no look at all. There are four training buttons for continuous and momentary stimulation. Tone signal and vibration control can be activated by buttons on the handheld. The beacon lights are remote controlled and can be seen up to 100 yards away. The Sport PRO handheld, AC adapter, and manual are included. The levels are settable.

Brand: Garmin

👤We lost this at a trail head a year ago. We only needed to change the remote. It had a charge cable and instructions on how to sync it with the collar. I love the remote and collar combo because it lasts forever.

👤I have been using a dt system collar for a long time. The garmin sport pro package was bought by me. The range was reduced to 8 feet after the warranty period. There is no damage to the remote or collar. It was a backup collar and not used much. This defect was not fixed by Garmin. The unit is not practical for its purpose because it has an 8 foot range. This is not a good product to buy. The dog collar made by Garmin failed. Pick a different brand.

👤Not what I wanted.

👤It works with Pro 550 collars. I accidentally left the handle on the trailer on a road trip with my 2 dog pro 550 system. I wanted the security of having my dogs on their electronic leash but the replacement handle was more than I wanted to spend again. I worry about my dogs more than my kids. I like to keep them safe. I use the tone as a warning and they usually head back towards us when out in the sticks. The handle is just as effective as the Pro 550 because it has 10 vs 21 intensities. I can turn on the bark collar from the handle, instead of having to hold the button on the dog collar. It is much easier than it was on the Pro 550.

👤Great for those training sessions when they want to take off. It was just enough to get their attention. It's right for reminding manners.

👤For the last 6 years, I have had a collar and remote for my hound. We couldn't live without his brain. I had to buy a new remote. It's easy to use. It's easy to pair. And can work with dogs.

👤This will be the second one. One can only hand hold the first one that lost due to no carrying capacity. It is lost if you set it down. The second one fell off my truck bed and broke into a million dollars. Will be contacting the company to find out if they support their products or not?

👤The item was returned. I lost my G-3 transmitter and bought this to replace it. I had to buy a new unit collar and transmitter because it was not compatible with my G-3 collar. Those work well and have a lot of additional features.

👤The electrical stimulation increases too much with each turn of the dial. I have a Cane Corso that is 150 lbs. She thinks setting 3 and 4 is too strong. I can't imagine using it higher than 10. The light is nice. The vibe function is used to communicate with coco. She doesn't need to be stimulated or shocked to get her attention. The collar was with the Garmin.

8. Garmin Accessible Sunlight Readable Capacitive Touchscreen

Garmin Accessible Sunlight Readable Capacitive Touchscreen

Features a button-operated, dog-focused design for quick and easy adjustments, and a 3.5” touch screen. Set up and monitor up to 20 dogs with additional dog devices sold separately from up to 9 miles away, and use multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS and Galileo) with a 2.5 second update rate. You can keep inactive dogs in the system for easier setup. There is a built-in 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter in the device. The battery can last up to 20 hours. There are 18 levels of correction. Transfer location data between compatible devices so you can keep your Alpha devices.

Brand: Garmin

9. Garmin PT10 Dog Device Collar

Garmin PT10 Dog Device Collar

Two lengths of insulated contact points are included for reliable performance in wet conditions and extended comfort for any coat length. BarkLimiter is built-in with advanced Bark Correction Technology. 0.75 inch is compatible with the collar. The range is 1 mile with 27MHz radio frequencies for PRO 70 and PRO 550. There is a dog device, a red collar strap, a charging clip, and a contact point set. 60 hours is the battery life.

Brand: Garmin

👤I decided to spend the money on a nicer bark collar after trying many cheap ones. It could be used with the remote or BarkLimiter mode. An automatic bark/shock collar. The product seemed to shock a few people on Amazon, but I bought it anyway. I observed a few times that other people didn't get the impression that BarkLimiter worked. I was walking my two dogs and one of them grewled as we passed another person walking a dog. No barking at all. It took me 15-20 seconds to get the collar off of her as she received multiple shocks in a matter of minutes, and she started to cry in pain. The other dog started getting shocks after the first dog, and also started getting shocks multiple times. The feedback loop was created by the pain and it kept shocking them. I don't know how long this would have lasted if I hadn't taken off their collars. The dogs were shocked 12 and 11 times when I saw on the counter that I had just turned on the collar. I will probably return to Amazon since I'm still in my 30-day return window, but there is no way I am putting these back on my dogs in BarkLimiter mode. This is an extremely well made product, so it's a shame. I read the manual and had the units in place. These work well in remote mode, but something needs to be worked on for BarkLimiter mode.

👤I like the features of this collar. The "headlight" is a great feature. It's great to be able to remotely turn on the light at night. It is easier to tell that the collar is on and working with audible sound. You had to put your ear next to the collar to hear it, even though the dog could hear it. The collar is cheap and not as robust as the previous version. The old remote would last for a long time on a 9-volt battery, even though I like the fact that the remote is able to be charged. The remote and unit are cheap and light. The previous version of the collar would last anywhere between 4 to 7 days with continuous use, but the new version only lasts a day or two. The previous version came with a re-charging cradle, while the new one is just a wire with a plug. The garbage collar material is the worst part of the whole deal. The previous version had a very solid plastic or rubber collar, but the new one is junk. It looks like cardboard that is encased in plastic. The end of the collar is getting more and more damaged and will need to be replaced quickly. I am not a photographer. After only 6 months of use, you can see that it is getting worse. When we retired the older Tri-Tronics collar material, it was still in perfect condition. Overall- The original Tri-Tronics version of the headlight feature is better than the new one. I hope this is helpful.

10. Garmin Technology Sunlight Readable Touchscreen 010 02230 50

Garmin Technology Sunlight Readable Touchscreen 010 02230 50

Features a button-operated, dog-focused design for quick and easy adjustments, and a 3.5” touch screen. Set up and monitor up to 20 dogs from up to 9 miles away by using multiple global navigation satellite systems. You can keep inactive dogs in the system for easier setup. There are two-way messaging via the 100% global Iridium satellite network. BirdsEye Satellite Imagery downloads and built-in three-axis compass and barometric altimeter are included in the TopoActive maps. The user-replaceable battery can last up to 20 hours. There are 18 levels of correction.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Alpha 100 was upgraded to the 200i. Very happy. The screen is a bit larger and easier to read than the 100, but it is not as bright or colorful. The touch screen works better than the phone. It's nice to have extra buttons to set up various functions. It's a winner if you use the internet to download Birdseye views. It seems to work better than the 100. Using Birdseye to help see where the dogs are is more initiative than trying to interpret a topo map. The layout of the screen and function is better than the 100. The integration of the iPhone is the game-changer for me. The app displays map and dog tracking information on the phone. Works well. I usually carry my phone with me when I hike with my dogs, so I can take photos or talk on the phone. Having the dog data displayed there is awesome. The larger screen of the iPhone makes it easier to use the map/ tracking interface. For how I hike, this is awesome. The form factor is high tech. The soft rubbery surfaces of the 100 are replaced with plastic. It has a nice look. It was nice to have in hand. It's hard to describe. The upgrade was worth it for me. The upgrade cost was cut to $400, because I sold my 100 on eBay. This is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to choose between the 100 and 200i. Hope this helps!

👤This is a dog finder. The cows hide pretty well in the dense forest, bush, marsh and as big as they are when we go out. If the dog collar is less than 30 feet from you, the Alpha 200i will not work correctly. Is the $1000 dollar device useless when you are near the collar? Really? We've been doing practice runs and it doesn't find her when I'm on top of her. It said she was 94 feet away. We've done practice runs where she is far away and it says I'm on top of her. My dog's life is too important for the tracking accuracy to be so wrong. I want to be able to find my dog if something happens to her. I don't have to guess where she is after spending a lot of money.

👤The purpose of the unit is lost when the dog tracking compass is not always accurate. The dog needle will point in a different direction under a clear sky. The locking tray for the microSD card is very flimsy. I have been very gentle with my mine. The unit is supposed to be rugged. This unit is not compatible with the OnX Hunt chip. Only the 100 receiver is reviewed.

👤I have two Alpha 100s and one Alpha 200. The Alpha 100 is a great product, but there are a few things that have been fixed with the Alpha 200. If you only have one dog, the alpha 100 is a good choice, but if you have more, the Alpha 200 will work better. The Alpha 200 has a bigger screen that is easier to see in the sun. I feel the Alpha 200 is better than the other maps because of the inability to use ONX maps.

11. Garmin 010 11873 00 Adapter Cable Alpha

Garmin 010 11873 00 Adapter Cable Alpha

The Alpha or TT10 device can be charged. It is compatible with Alpha. Includes an AC adapter and a cable. The package is 15.494 L x 5.842 H x 7.366 W.

Brand: Garmin

👤The after market AC charges don't work correctly when charging the gps's. I bought two different ones that didn't work and I was afraid they would harm my gps, so I contacted Garmin and they recommenced this unit when charging with AC. I don't have to worry about my unity being fried by some piece of junk because it does what it is supposed to do.

👤Does not fit in the listing.

👤It's a perfect replacement for my handheld gps. Just matched up the part numbers and it was good to go!

👤The last one was eaten by the new puppy.

👤Only used once so far. It worked out great.


What is the best product for gps collar for dogs garmin?

Gps collar for dogs garmin products from Garmin. In this article about gps collar for dogs garmin you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps collar for dogs garmin.

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