Best Gps Collar for Dogs Apple

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1. HPHRE Airtags Adjustable Accessories Protective

HPHRE Airtags Adjustable Accessories Protective

The design is multiuse. This case has a front loading design so that you can easily insert or take out your AirTag and apply to your ID tag holder, small leather goods, bag purse strap, skinny belt, child's schoolbag, dog/cat collar or pet loop holder, leashes and harnesses. You can easily keep track of what you want. The size of the product can be perfectly compatible with Apple AirTag 2021. The touch screen and shield signal will not be affected by the cover. The watch band for airtags is made of liquid silicone. The case is skin-friendly because of the unique process. The Airtag Protective cover has a watch holder. The Airtags case is easy to use. The watch straps on both sides are easy to wear on the child's wrist, so you don't have to worry about the AirTag being thrown or broken. The Airtags case with watch bands is suitable for kids. The soft texture is very skin-friendly. The Silicone protective case with watch strap is made of high quality silicone and has a solid bottom circular case cover with raised rim that protects your Airtags from bumps. gps tracking is a special feature.

Brand: Hphre

👤These are great. The AirTag is held firmly in place, and the product will thread through most cat or dog collars. In the event that our pets lose their collar, we can locate and retrieve it via our phones. It was a good purchase.

2. Compatible Silicone AirTags Tracker Childrens

Compatible Silicone AirTags Tracker Childrens

The AirTag protective cover is made of high-quality Silicone material, which is waterproof and scratch-resistant, and has a good protective effect on AirTag. It won't affect signal transmission. Great for pets. The AirTag pet case is great for pet accessories. The protective case can be used to avoid being bitten by pets. The latest Apple AirTag design can fit with AirTag for all-round protection. It protects your AirTag and your pet. The AirTag case can be used on items with ropes such as school bags, backpacks, and belts. It can be used as a gift for friends. If you have any questions about the AirTag collar case, you will receive a 100% satisfaction service. They will give you a 100% satisfactory solution if you contact them. Their motivation is to be better.

Brand: Yunaeduo

👤My dog doesn't notice it because it has a slim profile.

👤A very active dog that loves to run. The holder can be used to track him when he goes AWOL.

3. Reflective AirTag Collar Ivienx Accessories

Reflective AirTag Collar Ivienx Accessories

The Apple Airtag was designed for it. The reflective dog collar is not applicable to any other devices. The integrated AirTag dog collar holder is more cost-effective than other Air tags case accessories. The heavy duty dog collar is what you need to keep an accurate track of your pet. AirTag is not included. It is safe and secure. This apple AirTag dog collar has a built-in pocket that is compatible with the Apple AirTag 2021, and it has a secure fit. The AirTag can be easily removed and installed with the help of a screwdriver. The reflective stitching and fully reflective edges improve your dog's visibility at night or in the dark. It's safer for you and your boy girl dog when you're outside. Each Apple Air Tag dog collar is lined with a soft neoprene padding that will protect your dog's neck from irritation when being active. The AirTag dog collar holder is waterproof and gives maximum comfort to male or female dogs. There were no sharp edges or unfold sewing joint. Heavy duty stitching adds strength. The quick release buckle of the dog collar is made of sturdy plastic and can be released quickly with one hand. The D-ring they use is made of anodized aluminum and has an attachment point for your dog leash. You will get a dog collar with an Airtag holder and a screwdriver with the purchase of this product. Medium and large dogs can be accommodated by the heavy duty dog collar. Large: 17-20; X Large: 19-22. If your dog's neck is less than 12 inches, it's not recommended. Measure around the neck to make sure the gps dog collar is comfortable.

Brand: Ivienx

👤The collar is heavy duty and fine, so only giving 1 star. I bought this to hold the AirTag. I bought this collar for one of our puppies because the slip on AirTag holders couldn't hold up in the horseplay. When I saw the seller answer a question about it being able to tolerate dog bites, I thought it would be perfect. The AirTag is attached to the collar by a loop, and I noticed that when I opened it. The back part of the compartment was flat to the collar, but the front part was a flap. I think it is designed so that you can easily screw the compartment closed, but once our other dog realized that it flapped back and forth, she continued to go for it. She removed the AirTag within an hour and the entire compartment was off the collar after 4 hours. The AirTag compartment didn't last a day with puppy horseplay.

👤The other ones on here are not large enough for my dog. This didn't last at all. I don't know how the air tag fell out as I secured it inside the holder with the screw, but my dog somehow got it loose and it is now lost! I can't get a refund or return a complete waste of money.

👤One of my dogs wanders. There are a lot of buildings. The airtags holder has a screw to secure it. When by building, the distance is 45 in open. I wish there was a separate ring for tags and leash on the collar, which is a con. The ring is over 1.5 dia.

👤The collar feels soft for the dog. I was disappointed that the apple air tag fell out. It is easy to put the air tag in and secure but the material holding it doesn't stay tight for very long. I will not buy it again as it only lasted a few months. I bought the air tag because the collar is still good.

👤The threads are so thin that it is easy to tore them.

👤I tried the medium on my dog. Too large per se. It looked like the tracker would come out. Not an option for small dogs.

👤I saw how the collar was used after watching the video. I have a dog that likes to chase cars while on her leash. The collar is comfortable for her. The Air Tag fits securely and I am confident it will not fall out on its own.

👤The only improvement I can make to this collar is to put a small ring next to the AirTag mount so that a name tag, dog license, and a vaccine tag can be put there. It's less convenient to put them on the leash ring.

4. Peachy Bums Holder Collar Collars

Peachy Bums Holder Collar Collars

Apple Airtag holder for your dog or cat. The holder is designed to keep the Airtag on your pet's collar while they play. The Airtag is held in place by thick silicone. The Airtag holder is a great addition to your pet's safety. If your pet is curious, it can be tracked. The range is dependent on Airtag capability. The Peachy Bums Apple Airtag holder is easy to attach to a dog or cat collar. It slides on for small collar sizes, eliminating the need to buy a new collar for your dog or cat. The Peachy Bums Airtag holder is made of thicker silicone material. It is easy to clean. The Peachy Bums Apple Airtag holder can be used for more than pets. It can be used to take advantage of Apple Airtag tracker technology. There are other uses for backpacks, laptop bags, children's bags, etc.

Brand: Generic

5. FindMyPet Premium Silicone Protective Tracker

FindMyPet Premium Silicone Protective Tracker

The air tag holder case is non-toxic. It's soft and comfortable for your dogs and cats, unlike other pet collar airtag holders. The holder is waterproof and easy to wash. There is no negative impact on your Apple Air Tag's gps tracking capabilities from your dog or cat wearing this small loop case holder.

Brand: Findmypet

👤It works well on Kong collars. The air tag is firmly in place. I put it on the collar so that the air tags are facing the collar to make sure they don't fall out of the holder. The accuracy of the air tag is not affected by this.

👤It works well with my dogs.

👤I need something for my peace of mind, but I haven't needed to track my puppy yet. This is a very good deal, it is soft enough to be comfortable, it is strong enough to be secure, and it is easy to connect the AirTag to his collar.

👤It was made for what the product was for.

👤I put the air tag on my dog's collar.

👤It works. My puppy dropped her AirTag more than I wanted.

👤I have a Great Pyrenees.

👤It works perfectly on their collar and is not too bulky on my 7lb kitten.

6. Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

Pup Culture Protective Waterproof Trackers

You can protect your Apple Airtag from your dog by covering it. Is that a thing? The easiest way to find a dog is with an Apple Airtag, it doesn't have to be a new collar. Is that a thing? The location of your Apple Airtag can be seen by using your phone. If your dog is wearing it, you will be able to find them easily. Is that a thing? People who find your dog can use their phone to contact you. Airtag is not included in the dog collar holder. Is this true? The business is owned and operated in the USA. gps tracking is a special feature.

Brand: Pup Culture

👤Water-proof is a relative term. Is it water proof? Yes. It doesn't absorb water. There is a There is a 1” hole in the back of the holder. There is a The thing is on my dog's collar, and it looks pretty cool. Not waterproof.

👤I bought air tags to keep track of our dogs. Our big dog is new and we want to make sure he doesn't wander off. I had been looking for a similar type of tag holder that could hang like a dog tag. I was pretty sure that the kind that slips on the collar would be better for a large dog. The silicone collar holders I found looked cheap and thin. The reviews were not great. I decided to give them a try after seeing they matched our existing collars perfectly. They feel solid, but I don't know if they are durable. I have no doubt that they will hold up to the wear and tear of our dog. The tag fits securely. It is highly recommended to anyone looking for a well made dog collar holder. The holder is on our large 95 lbs dog and on our small 11 lbs dog.

👤If your dog scratches the airtag holder, it may break. The ones for my older dogs are holding up well, the one for my young pup didn't last more than a couple of weeks.

👤Works great! The product was designed so that the air tag wouldn't fall off, I was a little worried. Highly recommended.

👤This AirTag holder is very good for my dog. I like how secure and streamlined it is. I don't have to worry about the AirTag falling out. It stays where it should and doesn't hang down. Highly recommended!

👤We had this on the collar of our small dog for four days before it was torn apart and was dangling from one side. Our dog did not fight or play with any other dogs in that time, so it had to be ordinary wear and tear that caused the tear. This doesn't seem to be durable enough for daily wear by a dog.

👤It was difficult to choose from hundreds of options. I'm happy I went with this one. I have two small-ish terriers who are mostly house dogs. These holders will not get the same wear and tear as a dog who goes hunting or a dog who attends doggy daycare. I have had these for a couple of months and haven't lost an airtag. The rubber is holding its shape. I'm happy. The skinny types of dog collar won't work with the holders. I think the collar my dogs have is about an inch wide, that seems to be a perfect fit.

👤The holder arrived on time. The holder is made of Silicone and I was worried that it would break easily. This is not the case. My dog's collar is a little larger than the recommended width so it was difficult to get the holder onto the collar. The holder was tolerant of pulling, tugging, and stretching. This is how I know it will hold up. The back of this holder is open in order to insert the Airtag, so I gave it a 4 star rating. The back of the Airtag is open and not water resistant, but it is protected by Silicone, which is facing outward. The case will give good water resistance if the dog is outside, but it won't protect the Airtag if the dog gets submerged. This is an excellent product that is worth the money I spent on it.

7. Lopnord Compatible Waterproof Silicone Protective

Lopnord Compatible Waterproof Silicone Protective

The special design for Apple Air is better than the ordinary holder that hangs on pet collar, it is safer and stronger. Airtag tracker not included. It is easy to install and carry the airtag protective case. Don't let anything get in the way of you being able to track easily. It's better for pets to be collared. Air tag protective case is made of high quality material and is waterproof, comfortable, and scratch resistant. The best design for your pet collar. The airtag is protected by high-quality silica gel, which prevents the tracker from scratches. No signal blocking, airtag tracker works as usual, no longer have to worry about not finding your pets, backpacks, or anything else. The airtag dog collar is practical. You can apply on any place with rope. When you take your pets on vacations. You can contact them at any time, and their most friendly customer service team will reply to your questions within 12 hours.

Brand: Lopnord

👤The product is sturdy and does what it is supposed to. It protects the tag so it doesn't fall out. The black material on the paw prints was peeling off by day 2.

👤It seems to fit well on the collar.

👤It's easy to put in and works so far.

👤My large dogs are holding up well.

👤I expected it to be worse.

👤I needed a collar with a tag holder. These are too large. It's a 1-1/4” wide collar. Quality seems good.

8. Whalezon Collars Anti Lost Accessories Luminous

Whalezon Collars Anti Lost Accessories Luminous

The holder is specially designed for small collared cats and puppies. It is lightweight and sturdy. There is a secure case for apple tag. It can hold the tag tight. Attach the tracker device to the collar. It's good to know where your little guy is. Improved all-round protection. Bigger wrapping area and thicker material have been made. They are scratch resistant and shockproof. The tag could be better protected. The Soft Silicone protective case is made of clean Silicone. Responsible for the environment and healthy for your pets. It's easy to adjust. The collar is replaced with a stretchy holder. It's a snug fit on a small collar. Cute gifts for animals.

Brand: Whalezon

👤It was perfect! Before this one, we ordered a different tag holder. Our cat looked like a gangsta rapper when it hung down. The clock face decals were all it needed. The tag is snug against her body. She is wearing a cat collar that fits perfectly. Highly recommended!

👤I bought this to use as a tracker. I had to bring him home with me because he picked me as his person after 8 months outdoors. I have two dogs who have a door, but the cat didn't know how to get back in with them, he would go out side and get scared, and no one could approach him. I can use the tracker to know his exact location, as well as use the find feature to find him. It seems sturdy, the AirTag has not even come close to slipping out, they are light weight and small enough to not bother your pet, and they glow in the dark.

👤We put this product on our cat's collar so she can roam around the neighborhood. She doesn't mind that it's a comfortable material and not bulky. It lets us have comfort that she can play outside and we will be able to find her.

👤I got this for my cat who likes to hop in and out of bushes and such, I take him outside almost everyday. I haven't had an issue with the tag falling out of her collar because she has a 3/8th inch collar. I can't see it on her, she's a king hair cat. She gets matted easily with her winter coat, and this Silicone holder caused her to get a big ol matt. I had to cat out, but that is not crazy for her. It works better than I expected.

👤This is something that I love. It makes him look like he is wearing a bow tie.

👤It fits right onto the collar and has no issues. My cats have been wearing these for months and they have performed exactly as they should.

👤As described. I think I might buy the key chain style.

👤I found this product after reading reviews of similar products that said they were not designed for a smaller collar. It's a great airtag holder for a small collar.

9. Waterproof Protective Anti Lost Compatible Accessories

Waterproof Protective Anti Lost Compatible Accessories

The Protective Case is compatible with Airtags. It's made of soft silicone, which is suitable for collar with a diameter between 0.8inch and 1inch, and is comfortable to wear for your pets. All-round Protection is sweat-proof, scratch-resistant and washable. Protection from scratches, drops, and bumps. When you take your pet with you, never worry about losing your pet. Find them when they are lost. It's widely used for dog collar, pet loop holder, school bags and anythins with a strap. It is a perfect gift for friends and family.

Brand: Panzzda

👤I have tried two other ones before. I didn't like the ones that dangle because they seemed to weigh down on his neck and he seemed off balance. He doesn't look uncomfortable with it, it's compact and doesn't dangle, it's perfect. Definitely would recommend.

👤My cat often door dashes, so I got an Apple AirTag for her. This is too big for her. I assumed it would be much smaller, so I rated it poorly. It's too big for her tiny collar. If you have a small dog or a cat with a thin collar, this is not the product for you.

👤I wanted to attach an airtag to my cat's harness. It is lightweight and secure. It didn't affect the harness's fit. I took my cat camping and it stayed on the whole time.

👤This is a great product in theory. It works well and can't be chewed on because it doesn't dangle. It rubbed the fur off of a dog's neck, so it only got three stars. Her collar fit perfectly, snug with a finger of room all around, but that movement rubbed the fur off her neck. I had to take the dangle out of the end.

👤The AirTag signal is impeded by the thick silicone.

👤Excited to use the Air Tag on my dog, who is known for taking off into the unknown. A squirrel! I'm not sure how this will hold up in water and with daily hikes, but I like the way they look so far!

👤I was looking for a dog tag that wouldn't let the air tag slip out. I had these tags for a few months and they haven't slipped out yet. The air tag Play Sound is hearable. They should have a pink/blue combo. I think it looks a little funny if you have a small dog collar, but for our chihuahua it holds up and does its job.

👤This works well for my big cat. My short hair was cumbersome and ended up ripping off her collar. The purpose of a pet collar is not accomplished by this material's ability to be chewed on.

10. PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

PETFON Tracker Real Time Tracking Monthly

There is no monthly fee for the Petfon gps tracker. The small, durable, and rainproof device allows you to track your pet's activity and location in real time. The Petfon gps tracker uses a variety of wireless technologies for accurate positioning. The Rada serching feature can help you find the lost dogs. Petfon is easy to use and install. Follow the instructions to download the Petfon app. You can see your pet's activities and see his location at any time with the app. The ranges can be up to 3.5 miles in an open environment. It will be effected by surarroundings. GEOFENCING,MULTICOLOR,CUSTOMIZABLE VOICE COMMAND: If your pet leaves a safe area, you can get notified instantly with the Petfon gps tracker. The lights on the gps tracker can be turned on to locate your pet in dim light or at night. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the tracker to communicate with your pets. The weight and the rainproof are included. The Petfon is small and durable. It does not work for swimming in wet weather, thanks to the rainproof feature. Petfon's battery can last up to 8-16 hours and comes with a charging station. It's perfect for going off the grid. Petfon2 is a different color than Petfon1, and it is dirt resistant. Petfon2 software has been changed so it is more stable. The initial positioning time is 10 seconds shorter than Petfon1, which makes the tracking quicker and more accurate.

Brand: Petfon

👤I bought this device for my Border Collie because she was bad about crossing the road to chase deer. We live on land. The main point is that it works, so you should take it off and charge it at night. I get a notification almost instantly on my phone when she is 100 yards away, and within 60 seconds I get a second notification that she is back in the leash perimeter. I was able to record my voice saying "Come" which freaks her out and sends her running right back towards the house every time it rained despite all the negative Amazon reviews that said it doesn't work in bad weather. It's great for us. I love the remote control, but there have been a few times when she didn't turn right after exiting the perimeter, that I pushed the button on the remote. She turned around and went back to her house. Maybe others are not charging. I want to make sure it works during the day. The device has helped us. I had tried some of the top products and they didn't work for me. The device is a lifesaver, it keeps my dog on my property, without the need for a fence. I highly recommend this! Thanks to the engineer who made this, it is easy to use and works well in Montana.

👤It has been upgraded several times since the initial review. I can see which direction my cat is moving as it is shown in real time. It is convenient to go out to get the cat. My cat is now registered as a cat, not as a beagle, because it has a cat category. I love the added features of the device, like the radar and almost real time tracking. It shows where my cat likes to hang out. It has improved the lives of cat owners. Thank you! We live in a suburb. My cat is in the garage. He goes out in the morning and comes home by 4:30 pm. He is about 11 lbs and active. The device is slightly bigger than I wanted, but my cat doesn't seem to care. It picks up the signal 80 percent of the time, but then it goes offline because my cat got under a deck. It works great when it works. I opened the door to the garage because I saw that my cat was on his way to my house. It shows its daily trails in a nice way. It gives me peace of mind to know where my cat is. He was a stray and is happy when he is outside. I have been looking for other tracking devices and this one is the best so far. You have to update the app to add a cat. My cat is registered as a beagle, which is not fair.

👤I received a gps tracker in the mail a few days ago and I am very pleased with the device. The app is easy to install and use, and I didn't have any issues with the tracker and receiver beingsynced to my phone. I was excited about this product because my dog likes to run the neighborhood and we live in a rural wooded area. The tracker seems to loose connection easily. It has been done while I have been in my house with the receiver and outside with my dog. I don't know why it is losing connection. The device is powered on. I wanted it to work for us. I decided to keep it because it seems to work better after we shrunk the safety zone. My dog went out of the "geo-fence" and the receiver wouldn't let him go. Our house is situated in the middle of 15 wooded acres and our dog is allowed to go outside without being on a leash or inside a fenced in area. He would wander off and visit neighbors before I knew he was gone. I wanted something that would allow me to be a lazy dog owner. The app was able to notify me when he went beyond the safety zone because of the size of the fence around my house. I pushed the button outside and my dog ran after me. The tracker and receiver disconnected when he went to lie under the greenhouse to get out of the heat. I was able to put the receiver outside on the porch railing and have my phone inside with me, the connection didn't seem to have trouble staying connected. I think this would work well with him on hikes. There is a new update on 9/23/19 that is not waterproof. We went kayaking on the river and my dog swam with a tracker attached to his collar. We tried to put it on the top of his neck, but he must have gone under to get the tracker wet. After drying out, the tracker stopped working. I've been unable to get a replacement tracker from the company. I was able to purchase a new tracker after contacting Petfon tech support.

11. Petbiz G1 Long Lasting Lightweight Waterproof

Petbiz G1 Long Lasting Lightweight Waterproof

A dog has a gps tracker. Only for the US. AT&T uses the latest communication technology, which is called NB-IoT. If you don't know if there is signal coverage in your area, please contact them. The 30-day battery life is notmatched. Other 3G trackers last less than a week. When power is less than 30%, send an alert. It takes 2 hours to charge from zero to 100%. It's time saver for busy life. Pet activity and feeding recommendations. Track your dog's daily activity, distance traveled and calories burned. It sets daily exercise goals and feeding recommendations for your companion based on age, weight and breed. Share the data with up to 10 accounts in the app. Proactive dog finder. There is a safe zone alert and lost dog mode. Get notification when a dog escapes from a safe zone. When lost dog mode is activated, location data will refresh every few paws, a timely way compares to refreshed by minutes, will help you find your escape artist as soon as possible. You can try a one month trial. The dog's gps tracker requires a cellular network to pull location data. They offer a free trial. There is no need for a sim card. From the second month, it will be as low as $2.99/mo.

Brand: Petbiz

👤The full review is here. I don't know how to setup the plan. I contacted them and asked if they could help me setup my plan. I received a message that said "I no setup". If you are trying to find your pet and need help, you will not get it. There are few problems with the product. 1 - The accuracy is not good. It could be 75 to 100 feet. It only changes occasionally. It's hard to know how old the last update is, and your pet could have already moved on. There is a close search option that will take you from one bar to three bars in a few feet and back to one bar. It is not real time. It is unreliable. Our pet showed up on a map 1500 miles away in Florida after being outside for 15 minutes. It happened twice. It will fix it on its own if you wait 30 minutes. It's not good if you want to find a pet. Very bad support. Sometimes unreliable. It takes more detective work to find a pet than you think. If I could have gotten the plan, I would have kept it. I will go with a name brand option.

👤I started with Fi because I wanted a collar for my fence jumper. These guys got with AT&T after Fi couldn't get theirs to work. The other guys failed where they succeeded. I like how the location can be shown on maps. I am happy with my choice. P.S. It's less money as well.

👤It is amazing! Works as advertised. I was skeptical because this is the only gps tracker on Amazon that promises a 30-day battery life and inexpensive service via 5G. After using it for a week, I am very happy with it. It requires a 5G network. You need to look up coverage map in your area. ATT is the carrier for the Los Angeles area, according to customer service. When I was in a rural area with no 5G coverage, it was not possible to relay its position to my phone, even if it was within 20 feet. The promised 30-day life is believable if 75% power remaining is reported after 1 week. Straight forward. It took 10 minutes to install the app. It was connected to the 5G network 20 minutes later. It takes a few seconds for the device to be pinged for a location update. In a two-story house with a tile roof, you can get a signal from the downstairs. I used the live chat feature within the app and my question was answered right away. Both seem good. My 7 pound puppy doesn't seem to care about his collar. The first position fix of a walk can be off by half a block, but a second ping will always nail it. The service plan price is for three years, two years and a year. Even when it is hours or days old, it labels the last position as currently located. The time of the fix would be better listed. You don't know where your dog is until you click to update the position, or it is periodically updated because you are moving. The feature for finding the device is only available for 20 feet. If the device was lost in the house, it would be useful to find it, but not for finding your dog.


What is the best product for gps collar for dogs apple?

Gps collar for dogs apple products from Hphre. In this article about gps collar for dogs apple you can see why people choose the product. Yunaeduo and Ivienx are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps collar for dogs apple.

What are the best brands for gps collar for dogs apple?

Hphre, Yunaeduo and Ivienx are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps collar for dogs apple. Find the detail in this article. Generic, Findmypet and Pup Culture are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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