Best Gps Case 8 Inch Carrying Case

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1. Digicharge Drivesmart Overlander Catalyst Magellan

Digicharge Drivesmart Overlander Catalyst Magellan

The dimensions are 7.5 * 4.5 * 1.2 inch internal and 8.6 * 5.7 * 1.96 inch exterior. The weight is 165g. The Hard Clam Shell Carry Case is a genuine one. The box style shell case is shockproof. The soft cover is designed to protect from scratches. 7'' 7 inch gps including garmin drivesmart 76 86 65 and RV 785 890 770 are compatible with the Digicharge. Sunways Aonerex Junsun Shenen Xgody is the owner of the RV9145. It is not possible to store the mount in this case.

Brand: Digicharge

👤I switch trucks nearly every morning, and I am a day time truck driver. I need a case to keep my gps safe. I was excited to get this case as it was for my 785. The reviews said it fits the accessories. There isn't enough room for the mount. I have tried everything, but it isn't enough room to zip it up. I have to return it for something that has a deeper side.

👤This is a great case and I use it to hold my Garmin 785. The outer shell looks like it will hold up when hit or dropped. You can use the screen protectors that are included to put the gps facing out or in. I have accessories on the inside that make me face out to the shell. The case holds all the accessories that came with the gps, but in addition I have added a longer cable and a different charging port due to where I want to place the gps, and not all our company trucks have 2. I like to keep things that go together together, even if I can't remove them. I think this is a great case for my needs. I don't see how replacing the case at one point in time is worth the time, even though I thought about it at one point.

👤I recently purchased a new gps which is 8 inch and wanted to purchase a new case for it, but some of the reviews said it wouldn't fit in there, but it was nice and snug, and the extra flap covers the screen, which makes all the difference. I believe it will work well for me. I leave the mounts on my windshield so they won't fit in this case.

👤I bought this item to protect my gps. The unit is lined with soft fiber and straps to keep it in place. The outer shell is more resistant to damage than the inside. It is better than a soft case. There is room for the charging cord, but not for the mount that comes with it. The case would be a little thicker if it was. I 3D printed a mount that fits in the case and it doesn't bother me. If you're looking for a good case to store your gps then this is the one for you.

👤I needed a way to safely carry my gps to and from work in a book bag, so I bought this case to protect it. It has a flap that protects the screen from scratches, and is dual-sided. There are straps that hold my unit in place. I use an elastic net on the other side to secure the gps and cigarette lighters. The case is well built, study and durable, but it is a bit bulky.

👤It was bought for the gds. The case does not accommodate the mount. There is a The elastic bands that are supposed to hold the gps in the case are not even long enough to hold it in the case. People are buying cases to protect their investment.

2. MoKo Tablet Polyester Compatible Samsung

MoKo Tablet Polyester Compatible Samsung

COMPATIBILITY: The bag is compatible with most 7 inch tablets, such as the iPad Mini (6th Gen) 8.3" 2021, iPad mini 1/2/3/4, Tab 4 8.0, and the Samsung S2 8.0, Tab E 7.0/8.0. Tab A 8.0, Tab 4 8.0, Y88X Plus/Y88X/Y88, NeuTab 7, etc. The sleeve pouch case is made of high quality material and is dust-proof. Protect your device from being scratched. The sponge pad is built to prevent your tablet from being shocked when it falls. The design of the zipper is smooth and durable. Provides more protection for your device. It's accessible. You can carry the stylish sleeve cover anywhere, it's slim and lightweight.

Brand: Moko

👤A new iPad Mini 5 was purchased for use while flying a drone. Needed a protective cover for the iPad when taking the drone to different locations. The cover is stylish, fits the iPad Mini 5 perfectly, and has a soft lining to prevent scratches to the iPad. It is thick enough to protect the iPad from bumps in transit, but not too bulky. The iPad is being removed from the case because of the wrap around zip at one end. It's what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend.

👤The new iPad Mini 6 is perfect for this. The material is well-padded. An excellent purchase.

👤My iPad mini 6 has a pencil stuck to it. The case is light and well built. I would like more protection on the edges and corners, but padding is good on the flat surfaces. The nylon zip is easy to use, but only time will tell. You get a good product for the price. I would pay more if it had an outside pocket. I already have a case and it is a good value. I think it is a good deal and would buy it again.

👤I own some MOKO sleeves. They work well, fit well, and the zippers seem to hold up. The Gen 5 mini is compatible with the smart cover.

👤This is for the ONN tablets. The ONN tablet has a wider aspect ratio than other tablets, so it fits its length. It's soft on the inside and I would like more padding. It's a really good price.

👤This is an inexpensive sleeve for my Fire HD8+. It's soft and provides some protection, but a hard shell cover would probably provide more.

👤I bought this case for my truck. The case fit my gps like it was made for it.

👤This is very well padded and protects the tablet. It's a little big for a 7" device but not sloppy. I was surprised at the quality to cost ratio. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this pouch to protect my iPad mini 3 and not have to separate it, and I really can't fault it. It is a well made, well proportioned, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well made, well I will use it in my hand luggage. This product is very good.

👤I had an iPad mini cover for years and it was starting to break. That was a really nice design. This is not particularly attractive in comparison, but does the job effectively and was great for the price and quick delivery.

👤The materials used to make up the front and back of the iPad mini 5 case are surprisingly thick and soft. If placed in a bag with other bits and bobs, it will keep it safe.

👤I have a sleeve for my book. It is perfect width and slightly taller than needed. It is well made for the price. Nice inside too. I think my book will be protected.

3. Garmin Carrying Case Zumo 010 12953 02

Garmin Carrying Case Zumo 010 12953 02

This sleek carrying case is great for travel. It is built to endure the elements and protect your navigator. The case is made of thermo-molded exterior and padded interior. It's compatible with zumo XT.

Brand: Garmin

👤The case should have been included with the Zumo because of its price.

👤Nice case that will protect my unit. The price was not bad, although I was hoping the case material was more heavy; the ease of a zip up does make it easy to access and store.

👤It would be better if it had an outer strap and an internal divider. It's not very big.

👤It's a good case to protect my bike when I'm off the bike.

👤The case is made to fit the Zumo. When the device is removed from the bike, it must be protected.

👤It's a nice case, but I wish it had a pouch for the cable and card.

👤The item arrived as advertised and it held and protected the Zumo XT very well.

👤Aunque tiene buenos acabadas, el dispositivo no ajusta y por dentro se mueve.

👤Correspond la description. Mais condition limitnement et paquet ouvert. Heureusement qu'il n'y avait pas de gps.

👤J'ai ajout√© le dragonne la fermeture √©clair. a a s'est sur la selle de la moto.

4. Carrying Protective Navigation Magellan Roadmate

Carrying Protective Navigation Magellan Roadmate

The Smoothy case body is both fashionable and fine. The stiffener design of the inside and outside of the case will help reduce the stress of your devices in it. This is the size that can hold 7 devices. Simple design for protection. Extra protection is provided by the soft internal fabric. It was made from anti-shock polyurethane. Access to your device is easy with a full zip. You can carry your memory cards with you without the risk of damaging them. You can carry it in your hand with the steel buckle. The TEASTAR Brand gps case is soft inside for extra protection.

Brand: Teastar

👤It works perfectly with my Drivesmart 61. The inside is lightweight and the exterior is hard shell. It will keep it safe from bumps if I drop it off a building. It has a pocket on the inside with an elastic strap to keep your gps in place. The pocket is good for paperwork.

👤Haven't traveled with this case yet. This fits only the gps unit and the charging cords, and it was put in on the first day. I don't plan on putting anything else in here, and I will put your mounts out of site when not in use. I have the screen facing inward to prevent drop damage because there is no padding between the cases exterior and interior. I wonder why they built a case with no padding. I might put a piece of bubble wrap or furniture bumper pads on top of my house. The mesh pocket is just over half the size of the cases shown in the picture. The lanyard is nice.

👤It is a standard hard-shell zip-up case. I needed a new case for my new screen because it is larger than my old one. I prefer a thin case like this because it is easy to fit in my glove-box or backpack. I almost chose another one that was 2.5 inches thick, but I decided on this one because I think it's easier to fit. I just put the dash mount in a bag that I label with masking tape. One bulky item is more difficult to fit among my glove-box or backpack. I want to protect the screen. If you already have a car's power supply, there is room for a flatusb cable. It has a light to moderate chemical smell to the exterior hard shell. I'm sensitive to smells, but for something I store in a bag or glove box and use once in a while, it's fine, and I expect it to go away. I wouldn't want it on a watch band or shirt, I would be constantly in contact with it. I just got a case that looked like it was made of the same material as the one I got with my camera. I think it is common and not specific to this manufacturer. It is larger than my device, and thus takes up less space. I show it in the lower corner to give perspective. It is a generic case that fits many things, not my device, so nothing really to talk about.

👤The hard case is perfect for the gps device. The hard case has an elastic strap that holds the Garmin in place, and a mesh pocket that holds small items, like the manual andusb cord. Would recommend this case to others.

👤This case holds my gps. It would probably hold up to 8 inches. It is angry with the plastic. The clam shell case has a gps on it. The same amount of room is available on the other side for small items and papers if they are not thicker than a gps. If the gps is dropped it should be protected from getting damaged. All impact is absorbed by the other case if you drop. I wanted a case to protect my gps if I remove it from my car and need to carry it around with me, and this should do that for a low cost.

5. Garmin 010 10231 01 DELUXE CARRYING CASE

Garmin 010 10231 01 DELUXE CARRYING CASE

Storage and Portability for Gps device mounting. Dim 4 75"h X 7 75"w X 4 25"d. It's great for all your needs. The carrying case for the gps systems is attractive. The gps receiver is protected from bumps and scratches. Holds batteries and data cards. Storage area for extra data.

Brand: Garmin

👤This is exactly what it looks like. It is made from a thick material and has a reinforced bottom. It's cute. There is a I found it to be lacking in functions. I thought there would be a pocket on the inside of the bag to keep the gps device separate from the other accessories. Something should be built into the bag to protect the screen. No luck. There are two pockets. One of which is the right size to slide in your device. Again, it is not lined or reinforced. If you slide in the device, you are at risk of damage. I had to buy a clam shell style hard case to hold the gps device in order to use this bag. Then put the cords and accessories in the bottom of the bag. Problem solved. I'm really disappointed that the boat wasn't on this. How could they make a case for their own products?

👤These bags are disappointing. They claim that you can fit a 6-7 inch device in these bags. I couldn't fit my device in it. You have to struggle to get it in because it is a tight fit. Within a short amount of time, the zipper will break. Not all of the accessories will fit in the bag. There is no soft protective lining in the bag. I spent the money on the bags. I thought it would be better than they are.

👤The product dimensions are not what they are described to be. Look at the picture. The true dimensions of the product are shown in the picture. So small. I have to send it back because it won't hold the cords, mounting brackets or base unless the Garmin is the size of a deck of playing cards. The item dimensions are 11 x 7 x 3. Not correct. Don't return it to the seller. You have to pay for it to be shipped back. What a rip off.

👤I measured my drive. It is a large screen. I knew it would fit inside. Most people were concerned about the lack of padding inside the carrying case. I bought a piece of foam rubber from my local upholstery shop and cut it down to the interior size. The base mount should be placed on the foam next to the gps face. The side cord has ausb cord in it. Everything is inside the bag. I like the size of the bag where some reviewers did not like it. I think it is a bit pricey, but not these days.

👤I deliver to a floral shop and use different vans. They are so different that I brought different mounts to carry everything. The bag barely holds the gps, cable and mount. A small bag would have been better.

👤The case is disappointing. It was too small to accommodate anything other than the StreetPilot. Save $25 and buy a small bag from Sears. The StreetPilot, Dash Mount, sunglasses, and wallet are all included in the price. It reads Sears and not the other way around. The StreetPilot and Dash Mount are not compatible with the Nuvi. As poor as the carrying case is, the Dash Mount is the same price as the little bag. Forget the bag and spend your money on the Dash Mount and the small tool bag. The Dash Mount for the StreetPilot 5 Stars, 5 Diamonds is a good new addition. You can buy it through Amazon.

6. KIZUNA Shockproof Water Resistant Samsung Protective

KIZUNA Shockproof Water Resistant Samsung Protective

It's compatible with iPad mini 6, iPad mini 5, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2. The Tab A7 of the SAMSUNG company. The lite is 8.7" Tab. The New Fire 7 is an 8.0-inch. The exterior and interior sizes are: 9.45 x 7.87 x 0.78" and 8.85 x 6.10" x 0.78". It is compatible with 8 inch tablets, 7.9" iPad Mini, and the new Galaxy Tab. A Tab S2 8 and Tab E 8 are included. The internal dimensions are 8 x 5.5 x 0.6 and the external dimensions are 8 x 6 x 0.8. Please check your device dimensions against the case dimensions to make sure you get the right fit. Water Repellent is a type of water resistant Neoprene that protects your device from splashing water or rain. Soft fluff can absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by bumping and scratches. There is enough space in front of the zipper to keep accessories. The sleeve has a top-loading zip. Convenient access to your tablet is allowed. It's easy to carry, it's portable and lightweight, and it's perfect for business, school or travel.

Brand: Kizuna

👤I didn't rate it as durable because it's new. The iPad Mini 5 and a keyboard with a pencil holder are fine. Very doable, but snug. More than enough room for iPad alone. It will fit an Apple 18W charge in the side pocket, but the iPad/keyboard combo makes it very tight. It works despite being tight for a 10000mAh battery and iPad/keyboard combo. If I leave the office with a full charge, I can get a couple days out of the package. I don't know what the reviewers were talking about, but it's fine. It is a great deal for 12 bucks if it holds up.

👤This case is great for protecting iPad Mini and accessories. It fits perfectly, is easy to carry around, and is comfortable to use. It looks great.

👤This is made well and seems durable. The material on the outside feels good and the padding on the inside is great. I feel like it will protect my iPad mini when I put it in a backpack or bag. The small pocket has a small zip down into it which makes it a bit harder to open and close. The iPad mini 6 fits in my super slim case, even though it is small. It is a bit of a challenge to pull it out. The Apple Pencil has to live in a weird spot off the charging port. I want to keep the case. I am not sure if I will since it is so tight. I hope it lasts a little bit over time. I don't know if it will but we'll see!

👤I had a bad experience with the case of the Tab M8 FHD. The open-lid-to-wake feature on my tablet is not something I use often. I decided to wear an attractive sleeve. This sleeve is made of a tough canvas and has a soft and padded interior. I was concerned that the material of the sleeve could be soft, which could cause the camera to be damaged. Not true! The padding makes the camera look small. The only concern I have is that the side pocket might put pressure on my screen. The Kizuna logo is on the inside of the tablet. I have a screen protectors, so I'm not too worried.

👤The case is made of grey cloth and brown cloth. It looks sturdy and has a soft fleece like lining which protects my gps screen. The front compartment is too thin to hold power cords and mounts. It's a perfect fit in the main compartment of the RV, so you can load the gps into it and take it out. The extra front compartment isn't large enough to hold power cords or mounts, and it's for thin items like credit cards, boarding passes, and tickets.

👤I have had some cases where the tablets are hard to get in and out, this is just right for my 'Lenovo tab 4' 8 inch tablets. It seems solid and well made. I would have paid more for a better quality material, it was nice to the touch, but nothing wrong with it. If you're reading this review and you have a 7 or 8 inch tablets, just get it if the color doesn't work. I don't usually write this same day as receiving, but I will revise later. I did not get paid for my review.

7. BOVKE Navigation DriveSmart Bluetooth Accessories

BOVKE Navigation DriveSmart Bluetooth Accessories

The internal dimensions are: 8.46 x 5.2 x 3.27 inch. This hard gps case will fit many brands. The TomTom Truck, Tomtom Go, and Tomtom Go Via are all equipped with aGPS devices. The anti-static, shockproof layer and fluffy fabric inner layer of the gps bag can effectively absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by accidentally bumping. The hard case travel bag for the gps navigation navigator and accessories is made of premium hard EVA to give it a long- lasting performance and to protect it from scratches. The garmin gps case is shockproof and water resistant, it has a mesh pocket for DC cables and other garmin gps accessories. The double zip design makes it easy to insert and remove the navigation device. The comfortable handle of the gps case makes it easy to carry on the go. Only a case can be made. GPS and accessories are not included. The gps cases have dual zippers that make it easy to access your gps units.

Brand: Bovke

👤If you want a roomy case, this is the one for you. It has enough room left over to hold everything that came with the gps, plus the portable gps mount. The case is of good quality. I would recommend it. If you are looking for the most compact case for this gps, you should probably choose another case. The maker's name is upside down when you set the case down with the lid on top.

👤I needed a protective case for the new Nuvi because I need to change vehicles daily. I bought a Hippo grip because I'm not allowed to have anything on the windshield. I wanted a case that would fit my things. This case will fit both the Hippo mount and the windshield mount. It's a tight fit, but it works. I don't need to close the inside zip up. The Hippo mount holds the other parts. It's a hard case and it's great protection for my gps. It's large enough to hold what I need, but small enough to fit in a large handbag, and it's easy to carry around. The product was delivered within 2 days. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I finally found a protective case for my navigation device. Even though the description doesn't specifically mention this navigation, it fits it and accessories, unlike many others that are marketed for the 770 dezl. The ability to carry a charging/ power cord, a navigation head, and a windshield piece was the most important reason I bought this Bovke case. The navigation head and all accessories are compatible. The handle is nice and it protects navigation and accessories from falls and bumps. I don't think there is a way to secure the navigation head inside of the carrying case. You have to pull it tight and secure it in its compartment. This is not different from other protective carrying cases, and I'm not critical of this feature too harshly. I think they should improve this feature, although I've made it work as is.

👤The case is acceptable, but could be better. I use my nuvi 2797 with my gps and it works well in the top compartment. I'm sure it will do a good job of protecting my nuvi. The portion that is supposed to hold my power adapter and other accessories is not deep enough to hold the mount. It's difficult to close the case with the mount. It's not possible to make it fit, so you have to force it in a way that stretches the divider and makes the cup bigger. My suggestion would be to make this case longer and create a slit to accommodate the mount. The mount room can be extended into the space in the lid where you store the gps. They could make the case more shallow. Other accessories don't need that much room. It would be easier to store and transport. I would buy a slimmer unit for the nuvi and a separate pouch for the mount and the adapter if I were buying again.

8. Amazon Basics Travel Carrying Black

Amazon Basics Travel Carrying Black

There is a hard carrying case for gps devices. The slim design of the case makes it easy to fit into a backpack or briefcase. The hard shell case protects your devices. The dimensions are 6.5 x 2.0 x 4.7 inches. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The case is advertised as a hard case, but it is not. The product can comfortably hold a five inch gps and cables, but the case won't protect against the weight of a suitcase. I will keep it in my carry on bag.

👤The fabric coated cardboard case was disappointing. It is easy to use and does not offer much protection for my gps device. The case is very cheap and the cords fit into it, but the mount for the gps unit is not compatible. I could have bought a similar one from Hong Kong for half the price, but I would have to wait a month for it. It's not a big deal. I'm going to keep it, but I wanted to warn others who would want more. I was looking at the Caseling Universal Electronics/Accessories Hard Travel Carrying Case, which was a bit more expensive, but it looks to be better made. I would have bought it if I had known about the poor quality of the case.

👤I needed a case so I could put my new device in my purse when not in use. I went with the Amazon Basics because I have purchased an Amazon camera bag in the past and it was very nice, and this gps case was no different. It has a hard case on the outside and a soft material on the inside to prevent screen scratches. It has a mesh pocket inside. I put the cord in the main section and the gps in the pocket. Initially I wasn't going to purchase it, but I am glad I did. The price and quality are excellent.

👤I was expecting a bigger case for the nuvi. I've found that it can hold both the nuvi and the power cord.

👤It was a perfect fit for my gps device. I kept my gps mounted all the time, so I rarely used it. I used it for my glyph blackbox plus 7200rpm hard drive. It has found a good use for it. It holds the hard drive in a pouch for connecting cables. I am writing this review because I just bought a Glyph for my wife and I want to write a review now. Five stars!

👤The hard case for the Nuvi 1300 series was being replaced. The case is larger than the one for the gps device. It's better suited to a small device. It's not a hard shell. The case has a stiffened outer shell, but a gentle finger press can compress the case's outer surface. If you put a glove box or a car cubby in this case, you could possibly crack it. We'll keep it because we can mitigate all these issues for it's price, but you're not getting a well-curated case for what it's described as being.

👤I bought this carrying case for a navigation device. If you fold the cord so that it isn't against the glass, it will fit in the bag. Only the attached cord will fit, it is small for the piece that goes on your window. The description says it could still be crushed. Be careful with how you pack it. I wouldn't put it on top of anything heavy. It is a good carrying case, it kept my Garmin from getting scratched or cracked, and it has held up well in my travels.

9. Ramtech Neoprene Carrying OverDryve Protector

Ramtech Neoprene Carrying OverDryve Protector

Up to 8-inch gps and Tablet gps/PC can be protected. The neoprene sleeve case is perfect for protecting your tablet from scratches and dust. It's easy to fit in a bag or suitcase. The function is reversed. Can be worn on either side. The External Flat Size is Approx. The 9.25" x 6.5" is in the W.

Brand: Ramtech

👤Seldom do reviews, but hopefully they will save you the hassle of returning an item. The material on the sleeve is so thin that it might not be able to protect against scratches. Get something of higher quality if you save time and money. Looking for something that provides real protection.

👤It was soft. It protects my 8 inch gps.

👤It was a good decision to purchase this.

👤It does the job you need it to do. It protects against glare and keeps your screen free.

👤The sleeve does not fit a Tab A. It's too wide and too long. It works but is not perfect.

10. HESPLUS Shockproof Compatible Navigator Accessories

HESPLUS Shockproof Compatible Navigator Accessories

Material. The HESPLUS gps case is made of premium material to provide excellent protection. The External and Internal dimensions are 9.1 x 5.8 x 3.9 inch and 8.6 x 5.2 x 3.3 inch. The perfect fit is for 4-7" InchGPS: Drive 61 / 50 / 51, DriveSmart 61 / 65 / 51, and the Nuvi 2797LMT. 65LM. 2757LM 2689LMT, Drivetrack 70 71, Tomtom Go Via Mio, and other accessories are included. The shockproof case is all around protection and prevents any damages or scratches caused by bumping. The speaker is protected from shocks on the go with the rugged shock absorption foam. The mesh pocket is easy to use, and the smooth zip allows easy access. It's easy to juggle when you have a comfortable hand grip.

Brand: Hesplus

👤I like to take my own gps with me when I travel and you can never trust a company to have one on hand when you need it. You have to take mounts with you if you don't know what car you will get. I have a dash pad, an AC vent holder, and a few other bits and pieces. I have a power cable, a 3.5mm patch cable for audio, and a phone charging port. I don't want to have to find all of these things when I'm packing for a trip, so I would like to have them all in one place. I got a new gps that is much larger than my old one. It was time for a new case because it was the largest one they make. It would keep the screen free of scratches when traveling. This did the trick. The screen is protected from all of the other stuff in the case, and a pocket in the bottom of the case for the cords and mounts. I'm able to get the base to point up and the mounting arm to poke into the cord compartment by taking the dash pad out. It all zips up nicely and is ready to go!

👤I bought this to protect my navigation device. They all fit together. My display is a 62.95 inch display and it fits in my display perfectly.

👤I needed a larger case afterUpgrading from a 5" to a 7" gps. I noticed this case after some time and am happy that I bought it. I can carry all of the following: the RoadMate 9612T-LM, Quick Start Guide, stylus, cloth screen cleaner, AC Adapter, and a standard windshield mount. The case zips closed when packed neatly. The case is very tough, and does an excellent job of keeping everything safe. There is a If you travel a lot and need a tough case to keep everything safe, but also have accessories that you need to keep together, then I highly recommend this case.

👤The case is made of high quality material. The partition flap holds the gps in place. I have a generic 7-inch gps. The larger bottom compartment has no need for the mesh and zip up access. When the partition flap is closed, the gps is protected from the larger compartment. You have to seriously distort the case in order to get the mount into the lower area. It will go in, but it is a pain. The mesh will be removed soon. It is easy to open the main zipper with the "lid" or smaller depth half on the top and the item in the boots will not fall out. It is still a 5 star value. The attached handle is of the highest quality.

👤The travel case is made of very high quality shell materials. The dimensions fit this 7'' screen TomTom GO Discover navigation system unit. The compartment for accessories is large enough to hold all of the accessories that come with the unit, but the mounting device of the unit causes a tiny bump because it is a little too large.

11. Extra Garmin 2757LM 2797LMT 760LMT

Extra Garmin 2757LM 2797LMT 760LMT

It's 8.25 x 4.75 x 1.5 inches. The case has a soft interior to protect your gps.

Brand: Mfx2

👤This is a nice case, but I think it has a major flaw. I bought it for my large unit. The case is not designed to accommodate the mount when it is attached to the unit. The case is hard to open when the mount is attached, and it appears that the case is bulging, even though you can close it. The extra pressure on the unit is not good for it. There should be some room for the mounting piece. If you leave the mounting piece on whatever it is, you don't have to worry, but if you use a mount that's $40.00, you have to carry the mount with you. If you are going to store the mount with the gps, be aware that there are other cases like this.

👤The case is well constructed but lacks the utility that I thought it would have. I bought this case for the Nuvi. It does not fit well and there is no room for anything other than the cord. I gave it two stars for the construction. Caution, Caution. The review was removed from public view by Amazon. They would only reply when I questioned the removal. Your review is being reinstated after it met our guidelines. Had I read a review like mine, I wouldn't have purchased this product. Make sure your Amazon product reviews are not removed. I use the negative reviews more than the positive ones when I'm considering purchasing a product. Thank you.

👤The hard shell case protects my device and is space efficient. The previous one I bought was too big and bulky, and the section for the gps has a small strip of Velcro to keep the divider lid and device in place. The device was not secured after it tore off and would fall out every time I opened it. I use this case for my device. I think the car charging cord may fit in it. I decided to leave the gps device in my purse, and just carry the accessory storage box between the driver and passenger seats, because it fits in my purse just fine, unlike the other one. The price is very light and sturdy. I love it!

👤I've written this review many times. The case holds my cell phone and has room for everything but the kitchen sink. Excellent construction. After a good month of service, I know that it's serving me well. There is a lot of room after my phone, even after a protective case with a carbon fiber skin and a case similar to an otter box was installed. I have a bottle of ear buds. Screen cleaner sprays a couple of micro fiber cloths for wiping the spray, three pencils, 2 pens for notes and a pad of note paper. There is still room. I have a 6' tape measure. I have a small voice recorder. They protect your phone. As I ran over it with my Permobil C300 power chair, it weighed over 250#'s and my 155#'s. There is a person named PanamCris.


What is the best product for gps case 8 inch carrying case?

Gps case 8 inch carrying case products from Digicharge. In this article about gps case 8 inch carrying case you can see why people choose the product. Moko and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps case 8 inch carrying case.

What are the best brands for gps case 8 inch carrying case?

Digicharge, Moko and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps case 8 inch carrying case. Find the detail in this article. Teastar, Kizuna and Bovke are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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