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Case 24 May 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. RiderMount Waterproof Sunshade Satnav Garmin

RiderMount Waterproof Sunshade Satnav Garmin

Sunshade is where the Integral was built. Well made case with waterproof zip. There is a cable port on the bottom edge. The internal dimensions are 6.3 x 3.75 x 1.5. You will need a ball and arm for your bike. You will need a ball and arm for your bike.

Brand: Ridermount

👤There is nothing I don't like about this case. The quality and workmanship is excellent. The sunshade is sturdy and holds up to wind. I bought a sunshade but it leaked and the glare was not covered. Spend a little more for this one. It's worth it.

👤My tape measure shows a 1 inch ball. Very disappointed! The ball is attached to the mount for the handlebars, not the holder. The holder won't work with my arm. Don't buy this product unless you can fit the small ball over 1/2 inch. Correct item sent and works great!

👤I use two of them on my dash and one on the steaming wheel.

👤The ball snapped off the case and sent my gps to the ground after 30 minutes. It's not made for bumpy roads.

👤This was mounted on a ball mount. The layers of rubber were used to create the snug fit. The power cord needs to be trimmed around it. The Hood makes the screen visible. It's much cheaper to use standardGPS than it is to use a rugged Garmon.

👤I am using it and I am happy with it.

👤This isn't completely water proof. I got my gps damp.

👤I needed something to block the glare on my motorcycle.

👤I order the wrong size when I order this product. I received excellent customer service when I returned my product. I was looking for a product that I could not find in the store. It is well made and looks great. I can't say enough good things about this product. Thank you.

👤The view was great and the ship was fast. I could use my glove to work on the gps. I did not use it in the rain.

2. Universal Carry 5 Inch Compatible Brands

Universal Carry 5 Inch Compatible Brands

Universal is compatible with any 4.3 and 5-inch gps device. It is lightweight and durable. It protects your device from bumps and falls.

Brand: Tomtom

👤I am very pleased with the protection that this product gives. It is easy to open and use and is closed by a magnet. It serves the purpose well and I believe it does a better job than the clam shell cases that fail, making the product useless. This type of case is well made.

👤I found the case easier to use with the 2595. The magnetic closed case is easy to open with one hand, but not as easy to open inside other bags because it stays closed when needed. The convenience is important and I remove the gps from the car every time. The side opening makes it easy to hold the device in portrait mode with the gps sticking out when I'm walking. I'm always afraid of dropping the device. The case is a little big because it is slimmer. I returned my TomTom out of frustration because it didn't work well.

👤The Universal carry case by TOMTOM is an excellent case, however it is not compatible with the1535series TOMTOM, which has a great mount on the rear. That's the problem. The fit is very tight because the mount is not replaceable. The case is too small to allow the 1535 to be easy to open. It's worth 5 stars for anything that's 3 cm thick. It works for the 1535. Don't expect anything else in there. You should go for something that will hold a car charge.

👤I purchased a TOMTOM start 50m and needed a carry case, but I have to remove the mount on the back of it to use my gps. The mount on my TOMTOM unit can be removed, but for other models that can't or you don't want to remove the mount, it won't fit. If this is an issue with you, I would suggest buying something else.

👤This is a great solution for the storage of my TomTom VIA 1535. I am fine with that because it doesn't have room for the cables. I was worried about the fit from other comments, but found it to work perfectly. If you want to have an all-in-one carry solution, then you should buy a big and bulky bag. It's great for storing in a glove box or backpack. Couldn't be happier with it. The flap is held down by something I think is a magnet. It snaps shut, but does not clip it shut. I don't think it's a concern for me, but others may have an issue with that aspect. I like and recommend.

👤I bought a case for my car. The quality of the case is excellent and it provides a secure and protected enclosure for those times when you don't want to leave your gps in the car. The case can be put under the car seat or in a purse. The case is made to fit those models that do not have an integrated mount. The mount is a perfect fit for those without a mount. I would recommend this item to anyone who has a gps without a mount who wants to protect it while not in use. Great purchase!

3. BOVKE Navigation DriveSmart Bluetooth Accessories

BOVKE Navigation DriveSmart Bluetooth Accessories

The internal dimensions are: 8.46 x 5.2 x 3.27 inch. This hard gps case will fit many brands. The TomTom Truck, Tomtom Go, and Tomtom Go Via are all equipped with aGPS devices. The anti-static, shockproof layer and fluffy fabric inner layer of the gps bag can effectively absorb impacts and reduce damages caused by accidentally bumping. The hard case travel bag for the gps navigation navigator and accessories is made of premium hard EVA to give it a long- lasting performance and to protect it from scratches. The garmin gps case is shockproof and water resistant, it has a mesh pocket for DC cables and other garmin gps accessories. The double zip design makes it easy to insert and remove the navigation device. The comfortable handle of the gps case makes it easy to carry on the go. Only a case can be made. GPS and accessories are not included. The gps cases have dual zippers that make it easy to access your gps units.

Brand: Bovke

👤If you want a roomy case, this is the one for you. It has enough room left over to hold everything that came with the gps, plus the portable gps mount. The case is of good quality. I would recommend it. If you are looking for the most compact case for this gps, you should probably choose another case. The maker's name is upside down when you set the case down with the lid on top.

👤I needed a protective case for the new Nuvi because I need to change vehicles daily. I bought a Hippo grip because I'm not allowed to have anything on the windshield. I wanted a case that would fit my things. This case will fit both the Hippo mount and the windshield mount. It's a tight fit, but it works. I don't need to close the inside zip up. The Hippo mount holds the other parts. It's a hard case and it's great protection for my gps. It's large enough to hold what I need, but small enough to fit in a large handbag, and it's easy to carry around. The product was delivered within 2 days. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤I finally found a protective case for my navigation device. Even though the description doesn't specifically mention this navigation, it fits it and accessories, unlike many others that are marketed for the 770 dezl. The ability to carry a charging/ power cord, a navigation head, and a windshield piece was the most important reason I bought this Bovke case. The navigation head and all accessories are compatible. The handle is nice and it protects navigation and accessories from falls and bumps. I don't think there is a way to secure the navigation head inside of the carrying case. You have to pull it tight and secure it in its compartment. This is not different from other protective carrying cases, and I'm not critical of this feature too harshly. I think they should improve this feature, although I've made it work as is.

👤The case is acceptable, but could be better. I use my nuvi 2797 with my gps and it works well in the top compartment. I'm sure it will do a good job of protecting my nuvi. The portion that is supposed to hold my power adapter and other accessories is not deep enough to hold the mount. It's difficult to close the case with the mount. It's not possible to make it fit, so you have to force it in a way that stretches the divider and makes the cup bigger. My suggestion would be to make this case longer and create a slit to accommodate the mount. The mount room can be extended into the space in the lid where you store the gps. They could make the case more shallow. Other accessories don't need that much room. It would be easier to store and transport. I would buy a slimmer unit for the nuvi and a separate pouch for the mount and the adapter if I were buying again.

4. TomTom 9UUA 001 63 Protective Navigation Device

TomTom 9UUA 001 63 Protective Navigation Device

If you use the Protective Classic Carry Case, you can prevent your gps navigation device from getting bumps and scratches. Premium material has a hard shell on one side and a soft internal lining. The flexible material on the back makes it possible to store devices with integrated mounts. The Protective Classic Carry Case is lightweight and easy to fit into your glove box, backpack or briefcase. The dimensions are w x h and d. When you're on the go, use your original TomTom manufactured protective carry case to store your device, other accessories or valuables. The original accessory is compatible with all 4.3 and 5. Via 1525, GO 520, GO Comfort, Supreme 5'', Trucker 520, etc. are gps navigation devices.

Brand: Tomtom

👤There is no screen in this pouch. It's perfect for my car. For the amount of money you spend on a device, it should come with this pouch. If you damage the screen, you need to store the gps in a case. Don't leave your gps in the car in winter. You need this pouch because condensation can ruin the gps. It's perfect.

👤I would have liked for the Tom Tom device to be able to fit in this case. Sounds like it's not right? It would have been convenient for the hardware to be in the same place. The case is strong and sturdy, and the zip is open and close.

👤It's a good fit for my go gps. I can't place my power cord in the same protective case, that's the only thing I don't care for. This is a small issue.

👤Attaching a clip to it would make it more portable. The product was advertised and a good one.

👤The fit is really tight. It is snug and nice. I feel better knowing that the screen is protected and easy to carry.

👤It works perfectly, great protection.

👤The case fits my 6 in tom.

👤This seems like a universal case. It fits the Tomtom.

👤The case works perfectly, but the device has a design fault that the on/off button is not in the center of the device. It's easy to switch the device on when you don't want to. This is made worse by a protective case like this, because if you press the on button, you get voice directions as you leave your car. The solution is to get a rubber washer from a hardware store. You can't accidentally press the button. This beautiful case was recommed by me.

👤This is a cheap and nasty case. I received a Tomtom product that was flimsy, badly made and felt like it was poor, instead of the quality product I was expecting. It is seriously overpriced for what it is. My personal item arrived with a scratched outer packaging and a partially sealed item that had marks on the outer surface. I don't know if it was the way it came from Tomtom or the way it was treated at Amazon. Once I raised the issue, Amazon gave me a refund. I can still write this review. Would I buy this again? Is it possible that it was perfect and mint condition? No way. It is a hard case at one side. The other is floppy. It is cheap and badly made. The item is not per the photos on the website. The images still show a bright green inner case, which is incorrect. The inner is grey. It's not soft to protect the satnav. Its like a rough cardboard texture. It's not good. This is my review of the hard shell case, don't confuse the other products, I know a number of different ones listed on this page. I'm not sure if the others are any better than I was, but if you're tempted to order this particular one like I was, don't, save your money and buy something else, because whatever you choose is bound to be better quality. I wonder if the design has changed recently to make it worse, with the inner liner being different. If you found this review helpful, click below.

5. Universal Leather 5 Inch Compatible Brands

Universal Leather 5 Inch Compatible Brands

Universal is compatible with any 4.3 and 5-inch gps device. The case is compact and stylish. It is lightweight and durable. The design and finish of your device protects it from damage.

Brand: Tomtom

👤I have a Tom One that is great, but I don't agree with it. This model of Tom has a carry case. The price was so low that this item sells for over $30 on the Tom site. The cover had some glue left after you take a price tag off of an item. I cleaned it off and it was fine, but I don't know what it was. The leather is very nice and looks good. I think the price is great for what you get, and I recommend this product.

👤The case is very rigid. I don't have to worry about the gps falling out when I put it in the case. It serves its primary purpose. The proprietary cord with cigarette lighter plug is not available for my GO 2435. It does a good job of protecting my gps, but I was hoping for something that took less space in my bag. The ideal case would be thinner and have a separate space for the charging cord.

👤I have a newer and more up-to-date Garmin and the same type of accessories I prefer the newer one over the older one. I usually buy name brand accessories for small electronic items because of the fit, but I wish I'd bought the knock offs. It is more difficult to fit this case into that same area of space in your purse as the Garmin's case is. I end up taking the outdated device instead of the new one.

👤It is compatible with my GO 630. A little bigger than I wanted. The leather is a little stiff but not shiny, it is kind of matt and not glossy. If it is dropped, it should protect my gps from damage. It's a great value for the price. My order arrived on time. Thank you.

👤You have to remove the windshield part to fit the TT 1515, but it was easy. The slim case is stiff enough to protect the unit and it can fit into a backpack or jacket pocket.

👤The cover is a little larger in depth than the TOMTOM cover it is replacing. The gps works well.

6. Caseling Carrying 5 Inch Screens Magellan

Caseling Carrying 5 Inch Screens Magellan

Hard Shell EVA Case protects your device from scratches, dust and damage. It's 100% safe with water resistance, shockproof and dustproof. The case is lightweight and compact with a mesh pocket for small accessories. The device and accessories are sold separately. The material is black. DIMENSIONS Click the orange button if you want to order yours now. DIMENSIONS Click the orange button if you want to order yours now.

Brand: Caseling

👤I received this case in the mail and it was great. I put the charging wire in the pocket of my DriveSmart 50 LMT. It was a perfect fit. I spent a lot of time looking for a case that would hold the mount, because I will need to use it for travel, and I wanted a case that would hold the mount. People asked about most of the cases I looked at. The answer was always no. Some people said no to this one as well. If you put it in the right way, a few people said yes. Correct, they are! If you put it on the side, you can close it and zip it closed. It works if you move the top of the case around a little. The pictures I have attached show how to do it. I agree with the person who said the case is semi-hard, but unless you plan on throwing it around or putting heavy objects on top of it, it is sturdy enough.

👤M. Carter mentioned that the Shinobi is similar to the Atomos Ninja external monitor. The monitor would fit if I attached a larger battery than the one I have. The mesh pocket has a 1M long HDMI cable. The lanyard is useless.

👤A carry case for aGPS is $25.00. This caseling gives you twice the storage area, and it goes for less than half that. It's not hard sided, but it's cleverly designed with reinforcements where external impacts could damage the contents. It is nice looking and has two separate chambers. Behind the net side, or under the strap, the Zumo XT fits perfectly. You can decide based on your dexterity.

👤This fits my gps perfectly. It's sturdy enough to fit in the trunk of my off-road vehicle, and it holds a bit of extra stuff if needed. There are some small items. It is definitely worth the price.

👤I was looking for a smaller case for the radar detector. The case works well. The cable can be stored in the other half of the case. This case is what you need if you want to store a similar sized radar detector.

👤I bought this case after reading all of the reviews. My concern was the proper fit of the gps navigator. I'm happy with the purchase and the product of the Zumo XT.

👤The case is very flexible. It is supportive. It's perfect for a 5” screen. The case is too tight for all of the extras.

👤The case holds all of my electronics. It has too much room, except for the dash mount that won't fit. The dash compartment door won't close because the Camry's case is too long. It seems like it is a type of pressboard that has a spray on it. I would expect the wear and tear to be average.

7. Rand McNally 528002775 Hard Case

Rand McNally 528002775 Hard Case

The hard-shell construction has a wraparound zip. Provides the best protection from cracked screens. There is a mesh pocket for extra memory cards. A hard shell and spine. The case has a pocket for memory cards.

Brand: Rand Mcnally

👤I am very satisfied with this case as it doesn't look cheap and it doesn't feel hard. The case is a little thicker than I thought, but it also allows you to store more stuff if you need it. It offers great protection for my car.

👤Save your money and use the maps from Google. Customer support is not good after two weeks.

👤It should cost about $5. It's not a hard-sided case, but it holds up fine after a few months of use. It's a soft case with cheap sides.

👤You will be disappointed if you expect it to say "rand madly" on the outside emblem. It works and fits fine if it isn't.

👤This case is a lifesaver for me, I drive trucks for a living.

👤The as-advertised compartments and padding made the construction well constructed. The case is actually a good fit for the product it was advertised to fit in.

👤The product did not work for me, but it was what you said it was and I would recommend it.

8. Carrying Drivesmart Driveassist Driveluxe Accessory

Carrying Drivesmart Driveassist Driveluxe Accessory

The Hard Clam Shell Carry Case is made of hard shell. The box style shell case is shockproof. The straps hold the Sat Nav. The soft cover folds over the screen to protect it. It's compatible for 5assist' Drive 51, Drivesmart 51, Drive 51, and Drive 51 50. Driveluxe 52 52LMT-S 51LMT-S 50 40 Zumo XT . Nuvi 57 is five inches. The case's dimensions are 7.3 x 5.1 x 2.5 inches.

Brand: Digicharge

👤I had the device in one case and the charging/power cord and window mount in another. The case allows me to have all three pieces in one case. It's a convenience for me when I travel because I don't have to keep track of the car. The case could be a little bit deeper when closed because the diameter of the cup slightly changes the case's shape.

👤This case will protect your product but it takes up a lot of room in the glove box. The snap lock that holds the Garmin to the window mount will fit all. The old snap in slots on the older units made it easier to take off the window mount and store out of sight. The slots were a lot better. I don't have room in my glove box for that.

👤It's a nice case for the unit and cords. I wish it was big enough to hold the dash mount pad and angle mounts. I found a box that was 8x8x4. This case and all the accessories were in that place.

👤The power cord is in this case. The case is strong and protects my device. This case is definitely recommended by me. If you are limited on space, it is a flaw. It works for me and fits my console.

👤I'm very happy with this case. There are straps to hold down the screen and a protective flap that folds down on top of it. There is a place for the cord. Zip it up, and it fits in my Accord. Out of sight. There is also a carry strap. What's not to like about it?

👤The case is sturdy and holds the unit. It's useful when traveling and one needs to consult the unit at night. It was padded and sized just right.

👤This fits my new device. I have a similar one for our Nuvi. It is large enough to hold the cup, but not large enough to hold it. I think you should leave it on the window. It is not a problem because I don't intend to stick it to my window.

👤As described. The 396LMT is perfect. It could fit two and have enough space for the chargers. I use the space to carry a lot of things.

👤The 'burger box' is made to give good protection. It does work better when you use the box to house a TomTom with their built-in window attachment, because you get everything in the case, where-as when you use the box to house other devices. If you leave your window sucker in your vehicle and just remove the Satnav plus charge lead from your vehicle, the downside wouldn't affect you, but if you swap vehicles a lot, you need to transport the window sucker. It is a very capable case for the Satnav unit and charge lead.

👤Avis wants more than £12 per day to hire their gps. I have had a few of the gps devices from Garmin. The same device is used. This time, it's even better when you key in the postal code. It works like magic. There is a The front clip on the mount does not want to stay on the circular mount, and sometimes it comes off. I like the colour screen and routes. The voice prompt can come too late. When you are already at that point, it says to turn left/right. Something to fix?

9. Amazon Basics Travel Carrying Black

Amazon Basics Travel Carrying Black

There is a hard carrying case for gps devices. The slim design of the case makes it easy to fit into a backpack or briefcase. The hard shell case protects your devices. The dimensions are 6.5 x 2.0 x 4.7 inches. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤The case is advertised as a hard case, but it is not. The product can comfortably hold a five inch gps and cables, but the case won't protect against the weight of a suitcase. I will keep it in my carry on bag.

👤The fabric coated cardboard case was disappointing. It is easy to use and does not offer much protection for my gps device. The case is very cheap and the cords fit into it, but the mount for the gps unit is not compatible. I could have bought a similar one from Hong Kong for half the price, but I would have to wait a month for it. It's not a big deal. I'm going to keep it, but I wanted to warn others who would want more. I was looking at the Caseling Universal Electronics/Accessories Hard Travel Carrying Case, which was a bit more expensive, but it looks to be better made. I would have bought it if I had known about the poor quality of the case.

👤I needed a case so I could put my new device in my purse when not in use. I went with the Amazon Basics because I have purchased an Amazon camera bag in the past and it was very nice, and this gps case was no different. It has a hard case on the outside and a soft material on the inside to prevent screen scratches. It has a mesh pocket inside. I put the cord in the main section and the gps in the pocket. Initially I wasn't going to purchase it, but I am glad I did. The price and quality are excellent.

👤I was expecting a bigger case for the nuvi. I've found that it can hold both the nuvi and the power cord.

👤It was a perfect fit for my gps device. I kept my gps mounted all the time, so I rarely used it. I used it for my glyph blackbox plus 7200rpm hard drive. It has found a good use for it. It holds the hard drive in a pouch for connecting cables. I am writing this review because I just bought a Glyph for my wife and I want to write a review now. Five stars!

👤The hard case for the Nuvi 1300 series was being replaced. The case is larger than the one for the gps device. It's better suited to a small device. It's not a hard shell. The case has a stiffened outer shell, but a gentle finger press can compress the case's outer surface. If you put a glove box or a car cubby in this case, you could possibly crack it. We'll keep it because we can mitigate all these issues for it's price, but you're not getting a well-curated case for what it's described as being.

👤I bought this carrying case for a navigation device. If you fold the cord so that it isn't against the glass, it will fit in the bag. Only the attached cord will fit, it is small for the piece that goes on your window. The description says it could still be crushed. Be careful with how you pack it. I wouldn't put it on top of anything heavy. It is a good carrying case, it kept my Garmin from getting scratched or cracked, and it has held up well in my travels.

10. Garmin Inch Universal Carrying Case

Garmin Inch Universal Carrying Case

Premium materials were used. Protection that is scratch-resistant. It's compatible with your nuvi device. The package weight is 1.0 lbs.

Brand: Garmin

👤I don't think it's a good idea to buy this for 5" screens. I have a Driveluxe 51 LMT-S and the case added more than one inch on all sides making pocket carry impossible. The case fits like a glove. I was worried that the partially covering strap on the open side of the case would fall and hit this side of the ground. I think a edge impact would destroy the unit. The case is sewn leather and has a flap that covers the entire side. Pick your poison. This case could be used for a purse, backpack, or luggage carry.

👤It requires a bit of effort to remove the gps model from the case because it is very tight and requires a lot of force between thumb and index finger. My hands are too large to easily remove it. I like the construction and design. It's possible that it could stretch a bit and loosen up, but I decided to return it.

👤The case is too big for my device. I thought they sent me an iPad case. I would think a custom fit leather case for a top of the line gps model would be made by Garmin.

👤Everyone else says this case is huge. I was hoping my drivesmart 55 would fill the case. garmin should make a couple of different sizes of this case. The quality is nice, but it's too big for me. I will look for something else.

👤Since I have a bigger phone and stick it into my purses, it works out great. It becomes a little less tight to allow me to toss my cell in/out. Good purchase for my own purposes.

👤I bought this for my car. The reviews were not unanimous on fit. Although tight, it fits! There is no problem with quality. The quality of the accessory is excellent. I have a leather case for my Nuvi that is the same size as the one he has, but it is not an 'envelope' style. I love that case!

👤This fits my car very well. It is not tight. It isn't bad. I needed this case and it does a great job. A magnetic strap. The screen should be put away from the magnet. You can pull it out if you reach under the edge. It is suppose to fit like a glove.

👤The envelope-style pouch was a year or so ago. It fit the gps's better and felt more high-end. This is a sleeve that doesn't have a gusseted side, so it's oversized to compensate for the thickness of the gps. Not crazy but not worth sending back. If you can find anyone selling the old envelope-style case, you should buy it.

👤A slip-in pouch with a felt-like inner lining protects the screen. It is designed for both 5 and 6-inch Garmins, with the smaller ones it will be an easy fit, and there may be space for the data cable if placed to one side and away from the screen. The outer is impressed with the logo. There is flexibility to allow different closing positions as it is Magnetic and does not use a button. The case is tight and it will be difficult to get the SatNav out if the case is pushed almost to the end. The screen will be covered with prints from the effort. It's best to ease it out a few millimetres at a time until a couple of centimetres is exposed. Unfortunately, there is no alternative case. This is a disappointment, but it is less expensive than the real leather case for the 255W, which was the model that I own. The fit for 6-inch models could be improved.

11. MoKo Carrying Portable Protective Navigator

MoKo Carrying Portable Protective Navigator

PreCISE fit is a simple design for protection. There is a hard carrying gps case for up to 5-inch screens. 52LM 55LM 55LMT Tomtom Via T M 1400 1405 1415 1500 1505 is a 1450LMT. The Well-Provence is made of quality anti-shock Oxford cloth and soft internal velvet for extra protection. An additional compartment is an interior mesh pocket for more stuffs, such as mp3s, cable, key, change, coin, battery, memory card, and so on. ZIPPERED ENCLOSURE protects your gps and accessories from wet, dirt and dust. The dimensions are 5.6 * 3.5 * 1.2 inch internal and 6.9 * 4.5 * 1.8 inch exterior. The weight is about 3.8 ounces.

Brand: Moko

👤The case has a pocket for cables and elastic straps to help secure the gps. I am sure it would protect a gps from most dangers. The space for the device is larger than advertised, especially in length. The elastic straps that hold the gps in the case don't provide enough tension to keep it from sliding back and forth in the compartment. The problem is worse if the screen is facing the outside of the case, as the gps is thinner in the middle. If the screen is placed with the interior of the case, there is a chance of damage to the screen from contact with the metal ends of the cables in the other side of the case. My solution was to wrap a short length of bubble wrap around the gps and place it in the case with the screen facing the interior of the case. The elastic straps provided enough tension to prevent sliding and the screen was protected from scratching, because of the thickness of this. I store the bubble wrap in the case when the gps is on. There is a little extra hassle and protection. Only 4 stars were given for this reason.

👤I ordered the Amazon brand carrying case. I can't believe that this is better than the others on here. Fantastic case. I own about 10 name brands, $20+ cases I get at Best Buy for my photography supplies and this far exceeds their quality and for under $10. It's not cheap about it. Quality all around. It fits inside like it was made for it. I'm happy to have my gps protected and away from spills and dust. I feel safer leaving it in the car, tucked under the front seat, rather than on the dash or under something on the seat. I want to protect other things so I'm ordering more. It has a strap on the case that I can use to secure it to a hook or my backpack. This would make a great tackle box for fishing when you only need a few items to carry. It's wonderful, love it! I'm ordering more cases for First Aid, Diabetes supplies, cooking supplies, and my sockets sets. There are so many possibilities. The dual zip that glides smoothly all around is a pros. Two elastic bands hold your gps unit in place. The mesh pocket won't break under stress. The case is cover in fabric and crush resistant. It's going to survive anything an airline monkey can throw at it. I think it is water resistant. I wouldn't worry about anything getting wet if it were in a backpack, left on a table outside during a rain, or something similar. I wouldn't say it's water-proof, but it's going to protect your stuff from being messed with. I can't see anything wrong with this case. I think I picked the right case for my needs. Highly recommend it.

👤It fit well with about an inch of space, top, sides and bottom. The opposite side of the net pocket side has more room for mount and cable than the Elastic straps or net pocket sides. Everything is black. Sturdy enough to protect your electronics.


What is the best product for gps case 5 inch?

Gps case 5 inch products from Ridermount. In this article about gps case 5 inch you can see why people choose the product. Tomtom and Bovke are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps case 5 inch.

What are the best brands for gps case 5 inch?

Ridermount, Tomtom and Bovke are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps case 5 inch. Find the detail in this article. Tomtom, Tomtom and Caseling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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