Best Gps Bracelet for Kids Safety

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1. Dtylean Airtag Necklace Kids Children

Dtylean Airtag Necklace Kids Children

Air tag compatible necklace, secure and minimalist look fit both boys and girls, offers great protection. The length is 20 inch and the width is 0.08 inch, it's friendly to sensitive skin and no burden to kids neck. You can use it with their Airtag cover or your own charms. The necklace can be used as a bracelet. The Airtag case for kids can be clipped to a car key, backpack, luggage, or a key chain. If your kids fit this length, you should choose it.

Brand: Dtylean

👤It is not metal. The case is painted silver. She just got it and there is some paint on the rubber case that has turned black. We may have thought it was a locket. It is a rubber case that you put your AirTag in. The star isn't fixed on the case. It is not worth the money. Very cheap. The pictures are not clear. I provided my own pictures so you can see what I'm talking about.

👤How do I use this necklace if it's a gps tracker? There are no directions at all.

👤My teen likes wearing a necklace. She wears it when we travel.

👤There is only one thing that holds onto my airtag.

👤The part that holds the air tag is cute. I had to get another chain since this one was broken. Had to happen before it was shipped because the packing bag it was in didn't have anything wrong with it.

👤My daughter knows the rules of wearing AirTag. She is 6. She doesn't listen. She was able to tag out the air tag.

👤It comes with no instructions at all. If you can't use it, it's just a cheap necklace. There are instructions that are needed.

2. JrTrack Smartwatch Precision Flexible Tracking

JrTrack Smartwatch Precision Flexible Tracking

The brand kids and parents love is back with the all-new and better-than-ever COSMO JrTrack 2 smartwatch for kids! The JrTrack 2 features a new interface and software, and a whole new look with five bold colors. The 4G JrTrack 2 is a cell phone alternative for children. It's the perfect first device for kids to use in a digital world, and it's also good for parents. Every JrTrack 2 comes with a pre-installed universal sim card, which can be used on COSMO's Family-Safe nationwide network for reliable coverage anywhere. Their plans are affordable and can be canceled at any time. You can call their friendly customer service team if you have any questions about the plan, it's simple to set it up. The JrTrack 2 has new and improved gps tracking, so no more heart stopping moments! You can see your child's exact location with the refined Mission Control parent mobile app. Their enhanced gps features help you keep an eye on your child when they leave a designated area. The JrTrack 2 counts steps to help kids stay active. Two-way communication with just the touch of a screen! The crisp, clear audio chat on their 4G Family-Safe Network brings your child closer to home. You can manage your child's contact list in the COSMO Mission Control app. You can send text, photo, and audio messages with the JrTrack 2. Their software is protected against internet browsing, social media, and adult content. Your child's safety is always top of mind. You can give the gift of independence with the JrTrack 2. Safety features for parents include custom safe zones, a trusted contact list, and auto blocking of strangers. The JrTrack 2 has been rigorously tested for compliance and material safety and is fully COPPA compliant.

Brand: Jrtrack

👤I got for my daughters for Christmas, but haven't activated yet. I wanted to let you know about the app and service options. You have to pay $20 per month for the phone app and the minute plan after 3 months of free service. You can choose your own app and plan, but you need to set it up. I was surprised that there is a subscription for the app. I don't know if I'll continue after 3 months.

👤The watch has stopped working. It can get my calls from my cell, but the cell phones can't hear anything from the watch. The microphone on the watch stopped working, as any phone it calls cannot hear anything on their phone, from the watch. The receiving phone cannot hear anything because the watch cannot send a voice text. I called my T-Mobile provider and they checked everything. I will update after I speak to COSMO about what they are willing to do. I decided to go with this one after doing a lot of research. I wanted my child who breaks and loses everything to be cheap. I already had a mobile plan with T-Mobile, so I don't have to use theirs. The reviews were mixed. I was willing to try it. I also bought the accident protection. The watch was in good condition when it arrived. I followed the instructions in the booklet, but went to their website for more detailed instructions. After 3 days of calling 611 customer service and going to the corporate T-Mobile store, they gave me a new sim, paid $30 for assigning a new cell# as a "wearable plan" to the existing plan. I had to uninstall the micro sim that came installed, install the new micro sim, and have T-Mobile look up the IMEI to make the watch work, because it's important for a watch to work. It's a pain in the butt. But it worked out! I set everything up according to the instructions on the website. I like all the features so far. The couple of downers have a cord that is 8 inches long, so it's easy to reach anything to charge it on a desk. The watch cannot text normally, only with audio and emojis. Unless a specified contact has the app, they can only call to you from a restricted manner. You can't allow anyone from the outside to call the watch. Read more about this. It has a calculator, a pedometer, a basic camera for pics and vids, alarms you set and is easy to operate on/off. I'm happy. I will keep you updated in a couple of months.

👤I chose the COSMO after a lot of research for my daughter. COSMO had positive reviews and was at an amazing price point, but many others had mixed reviews. This watch has a camera, alarms, and school mode. The main reason I bought the watch was the accurate gps. I make sure that she is not playing in the other yard. I can see where she is when she is on the bus. The voice chat is clear and nice. This is the feature that we use the most. The sim card was on the watch. I pay a low monthly fee to keep it active. There is a The watch's mobile app is very easy to use. You can control the child's contacts on the app. The school mode is one of the features you can control from the parent app. The spelling and grammar of the app are the only things I would change. There are a few dialogue boxes that are not consistent with what the alert is. I really like this watch. It's worth the money. I have not had any issues with it.

3. Personal Emergency Self Defense Security Keychain

Personal Emergency Self Defense Security Keychain

You will get a free bonus, a video guide, and a lifetime guarantee if you do business with them. You will get a video guide and printed instructions with their baby cabinet locks. They only give you the best product or service, and you can get your money back if you don't like it. Their guarantee is 30 days for the bonuses and a lifetime for the locks. Add their childproof cabinet locks to your cart and you'll get fantastic customer service. The Personal Security Alarm is an easy way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. An alarm that emits 130 decibels of noise can cause a lot of disorganization. You can escape if youorient an attacker with a personal alarm. The noise will alert other people of your location. It's safe. The emergency alarm comes with lights for areas that aren't well lit. It can be used to find keys in your handbag or the lock on the door. Light illuminates dark areas and reduces fear. It's suitable for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The SafeSound Personal Alarm is easy to use and can be used by anyone. The ear-piercing alarm will sound for up to an hour if the hand strap Pin is pulled. Plug the pin back into the alarm to stop it. It can be used again and again. The design is modular and portable. The Safe Sound Personal Alarm keychain is small, portable and perfect to clip onto a variety of places, whether on your belt, purses, bags, backpack straps, or any other place you can think of. It is suitable for people of all ages, including elderly persons, late shift workers, security personnel, apartment dwellers, commuters, travellers, students and joggers. This safe sound personal alarm comes with 3 pieces and can be shared with friends and multiple family members, so you can meet the needs of different preferences. It's an ideal gift for birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas, and other occasions. This safe sound personal alarm comes with 3 pieces and can be shared with friends and multiple family members, so you can meet the needs of different preferences. It's an ideal gift for birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas, and other occasions.

Brand: Vigoroad

👤Nice little noises. If you leave one with your husband, he won't know you can't pull the cord out in a waiting room. He couldn't quit because he lost the cord. He went to the parking lot and stomped it to death. It did not die easy. A very tough device. I would buy again but not from my husband.

👤The man ran away from me because I pulled the tail on the cat. You can't see that he also pooped his pants. Victory!

👤It is very easy to use. It takes a little bit of effort to pull the string out, as you can see in the video. I was worried that it would get pulled out by accident, but I don't think that will happen. It is louder in person than in the video.

👤These are amazing. My daughter, her best friend and I bought these. I had one a few years ago and it saved me from being raped. When my daughter started driving, I made a vow that she would never be without one. Its cute and loud. She doesn't feel like carrying it. Across the board. If it was sprayed with mace, it would make it better. My daughter and I never leave home without it. It was the best purchase I have ever made.

👤I have seen similar products, but they were all around $30 each. I saw how cute they were and decided to try them out. If it didn't work, I figured. I didn't spend a lot of money on it. They are great! All three did their job. It was an amazing deal. They are easy to use. You shouldn't have to worry about the pin going off when unexpected because it doesn't come out very easily. Overall, I highly recommend them. I wanted my younger siblings to be safer riding bikes and such so I gave them one. They love how easy they are to carry with them. It's highly recommended to test it when it arrives to make sure it works.

👤I bought these for my daughters. They are very loud. The pull cord is hard to pull but it is easy to replace. I like that they look like cute keychains. I highly recommend these to people who think carrying a personal alarm is not cool. They saw these and had no issue with it.

👤I only gave 3 stars because I bought a 3 pack and only 2 work. I bought these for myself and my children to feel more safe when we are alone. It's better to be safe than sorry with the way the world is now. I bought other self defense items for us to feel more at ease. It's something we hope we never have to use, but it could be used to save a life someday. I tested all of them and only two of them worked, you pull the plastic out and the string out to sound the alarm, place it back inside to stop it. I tried to contact the seller but couldn't figure it out. It's a great product for safety, except for the one that isn't working.

4. Wristbands Infobands Bracelets Activity Adjustable

Wristbands Infobands Bracelets Activity Adjustable

This safe sound personal alarm comes with 3 pieces and can be shared with friends and multiple family members, so you can meet the needs of different preferences. It's an ideal gift for birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas, and other occasions. The wristbands have child-proof buckles. They are designed to stop a small child from removing it. It requires two hands. When it is closed properly, there will be clicking sound. If the child still wants to remove the bracelet themselves, tape over the buckle is a good idea. It is possible to write important contact information on a wristband. Their wristbands are waterproof, and will not rip or tear in water. The ID wristbands are made of plastic. Size 10 in. Due to the fact that there are a lot of pens and markers out there, it is hard to know which one works and which doesn't. "Sharpie Permanent Marker" is what they recommend. You can apply a piece of transparent tape over the written surface to make sure the ink is safe.

Brand: Kina

👤After reading a number that said even a sharpie wore off quickly, I was concerned, but I knew they were plastic, not a sharpie's best friend. I gave them a chance. I sanded the ID portion before writing on it. The ID band's performance and appearance were unaffected by lightly polishing the smooth surface with 200grit sand paper. It made writing on them easier. It also allows the ink to settle into the grooves below the surface, so the sharpie never wore off! I wanted them for the airport, beach, pool, and any busy place with my 2 kids, so I bought them for a big family vacation to Hawaii. On the first day, my 2yo got off after the flight, but he was lost during the CarRentals pickup. I think it's a single faulty unit, because another one lasted the rest of the trip. My kids wore them for over 12 hours a day and never complained of them bothering them. They liked them so much that they asked to wear them every morning. The bands spent 20 hours in the water, most of it in the pool, with 2 beach excursions totaling 7 hours in the water. The writing on those bands was still legible even though they had faded. After a week, I would probably use a Sharpie. I would show you, but posting my kids names and my phone number publicly online doesn't sound like a good time. They were easy to take on and off, and lasted more than a week each. I like that they are comfortable and stylish. Not all bands are at the highest quality, so have a spare.

👤I bought these for my twins to wear while they are at preschool. I needed a reliable way to be sure that my boys were receiving the correct therapies when they attended their special needs school, because my boys are not responding to their names yet. They did not like having the bands on, so they chewed on them, but they were able to get them off. I put on the same two bands for over a month after the school took them off and they are still working great despite a little wear and tear from the boys chewing. If my guys could not get them off and destroy them, they will be perfect for anyone who wants to go on a day trip, vacation, or other day trip. Despite using a Sharpie, the name fades. I have had to rewrite that a few times, but that is not something that would deter me from using them, buying them again, or recommending them. It was a great buy for what I needed, but too hard to manipulate by small children, and it was easy to get on and off for adults.

👤I took my grandson to Disneyworld. The designs appealed to a child. I had to use a fine point marker because the ballpoint pen doesn't work in them. The clasp is not easy to use. Make sure the clasp is firmly clipped and that the band is lined up in the clasp. It is not hard to do, but you need to pay attention to getting it right or the band will fall off. We got through four days with the bands, without a problem. The clasp on the band was still working as well as day one, even though the marker was fading a bit. I think I could have gotten another couple of days out of them. He didn't complain of sweatiness or anything when he was in FL. The part where you put a name and number are visible to everyone, but I had conflicting feelings about that. The writing on the band held up well because it wasn't exposed to sweatiness or rubbing on his arm. I didn't like putting something on him that allowed anyone to see his name and number. Anyone considering these should decide how they feel about that.

5. GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

A multifunctional digital watch. The smart watch supports a lot of things, including calling, step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera, and album, 3 screen styles, alarm clock, class schedule, contacting friends, flashlight, camera, games, and more. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is perfect for parents who don't want to buy a mobile phone for their kids. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4g smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. The Kids Safety Tracker has a 4G gps location system, more precise positioning than a 2G net watch. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds and then call the numbers you set for help. If you are outside of the US, please check with your carrier. Global Network Support This is a phone watch for kids. It can be used in a lot of countries. The network frequencies are 4G, 2G, and 3G. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk are the places to purchase a sim card. Don't purchase a smartwatch with a sim card. The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤I've tried a few kids watch phones and this one works. The 4g is necessary. The 4G on this works. The watch fits well. The band is perfect. I kept the plastic cover on the screen that came in the package to protect it, but after I removed it, I realized the screen had a small bubble under it. It's better than the others. The app for this works well. It's not made in the U.S., but SE Tracker shows me where my child is. When he goes to his friends house after school, I can see that they've arrived by following him on the map. I can see if he's inside the building or outside at recess on the map, so it tracks location well.

👤I bought this watch and a pink one for my children and their families. These were supposed to be used as an emergency contact. The Asurian insurance plan was purchased for each. As long as you were inside the house, the watches would work. These are not user friendly. We tried and tried, so I had a employee set them up. The gps didn't work. The watches were under warranty for a year so the insurance company couldn't do anything since we were past our 30 day return policy. I reached out to the seller a number of times, but didn't get a response. I was willing to pro-rate the return because they don't do what is advertised. The seller said to mail it to China. The postal fee for sending them up to China was over $100. The vendor won't help since I'm past my 30 day return. Lesson learned. Do not buy from people who will give you a return to China. The vendors are selling cheap items. I bought these for the peace of mind that the kids were out and about on their bikes. It's junk!

👤This watch works. I gave it to my 13 year old to use in an emergency. It can use the app to make calls. It was easy to set up. Make sure you order the start up card from Speedtalk first. You will need to update the APN on the watch after that. The call quality is clear. The watch has a flashlight and can take and send pictures. We used to have a Gizmopal through the company, but it didn't work for us. This was cheaper and works better. I think it's a great idea.

👤After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to buy this watch, but I'm glad I did. The watch arrived at my house a day earlier than I anticipated. I bought this watch for my son so he could take a family vacation. The instructions were not written in a native-English language and it took a bit of fiddling to get it to work. I got everything set up in about an hour. The watch works well so far, but the tracker is off, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. In Pennsylvania, gps is off by half a block but the location service is off by an hour and a half. My son has no issue with the small screen, even though I had a bit of a time working it. I can use the app to set up most things. It takes about 30 seconds between calling and the phone ringing. This may be something with the carrier, not the watch. We only had a few days. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The seller answered any questions that I asked in less than 24 hours. I'm happy I bought this.

6. GeoZilla Location Utilizes Cellular Lightweight

GeoZilla Location Utilizes Cellular Lightweight

The monthly service fee is $19 for regular sim or $29 for secure sim card. When you first pair your device, service plans are available in the app. Monthly fees range from $19.USA and WORLDWIDE COVERAGE with an iPad/Android app - track PRECISE location of children, spouses, elderly, seniors, Alzheimer's patients, kids, teens, pets, dogs, bicycles, equipment, tools, business assets, trucks, motorcycles, You can connect your mini tracker to the app to find your loved ones and valuables anywhere in the world. The location is broadcast via app notification, email or via 888-548-5870 if you press the button. When the vehicle tracker enters or leaves the areas that you define, you can set upgeo-fence zones. Up to 5 days on a full charge with location updates. When not using, use battery safe mode. The mini gps collar tracker is small and lightweight and can be clipped onto clothing, backpack or leash. A tiny gps tracker for pets. When you first pair your device, service plans are available in the app. Monthly fees range from $19.99 to $4.4 for long term plans. There is a short time deal. 30 additional days of service are free when you purchase a service plan. Over 5 million customers of the U.S. company, GeoZilla, trust their family and valuables safety to their apps. If you have any questions, please contact the support team. When you first pair your device, service plans are available in the app. Monthly fees range from $19.99 to $4.4 for long term plans. There is a short time deal. 30 additional days of service are free when you purchase a service plan. Over 5 million customers of the U.S. company, GeoZilla, trust their family and valuables safety to their apps. If you have any questions, please contact the support team.

Brand: Geozilla

👤When my son goes to school, I bought this product to trace him. The main intention was to know when he leaves school and when he gets on the bus so that his wife could pick him up. The lag is about 2 minutes. The machine would send a message saying he left after 2 minutes. It was fine with us. The machine was working well for us until I got a message on my phone saying my son left home while I was watching TV, and it just started giving wrong information. I got a message from your son saying he left the school. He was in school when I called. I got a message saying your son is in trouble. He was fine when I called school. Only those who want to have a heart attack can use this product. :

👤I received the tracker. I am not very happy with the way it works so far. I am giving him a chance to respond. I will update this review as soon as possible. The app is good. It's easy to pair the tracker with the app. There are 3 more The cost of the data plan is reasonable. The instructions for speed alert and movement alert seem easy, but I can't set them up in the app. There are two more The settings on the app allow for email addresses and phone numbers to be specified. There are 3 more You can only email or send an online message and have to wait for a response.

👤Likes: Size of device, options to wear, and 2 other buttons for custom messages Dislikes: 1. No phone number to call for help. The only way to get support is through their app. You don't get a quick response even if you select "Urgent" in their options. I mean within 48 hours. Since I asked for help four days ago, I haven't received a single message from the customer support team asking more questions. There is no notification when they respond. You have to check the app. 2. The device I purchased comes with a one year data plan, however, if I go into a feature it will prompt me to upgrade to their premium service. I'm not sure why I'm getting a 1 year data plan. 3. The tracker doesn't give updates on the time intervals you choose. I got nothing for 20 minutes, then got 3 updates within 1 minute. I didn't get any updates for 4 hours when I set it to every 15 minutes. We left the house at 8:29am, 20 minutes later, and I got a notification that we left. 4. The buttons work occasionally. 5. Sometimes the tracker doesn't send a notification when you leave orarrive at the set places. 6. Customer support may be able to resolve this, but you can't get in touch with anyone.

👤This is the second tracker I've tried and really wanted to like, it is pretty cool and could serve a purpose depending on your needs. It's so small and portable that I love it. I had a problem with the tracker, I put it in a rental car, but the battery died and the unit was shut down in 1.5 days, despite the fact that the tracker was connected to a charging station. I figured it wouldn't last the advertised 5 days, but 1.5 days with additional charging is pretty sad! There are two more The basic data plan is the cheapest I've seen for 3 years, and it's also very affordable. If you want to get driving reports, location history past 1 day, task alerts, or any other things, you will need to upgrade to a premium plan. I contacted customer support for clarification and they answered my questions 3 days later.

7. Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Tracker

The watch uses an advanced waterproof design that will not be damaged while the kids wash or swim. Make life simpler for your children. When your child is in distress, they can use the smart watches to inform you. If you press the button on the kids watch, the preset numbers will be called until someone answers the phone. You can set up a bunch of numbers. You can take selfies with a camera and kidsGPS tracker watch with a location base on a cell tower means double safety for children. Parents don't need to worry about whether the watch will bother their kids when they are in class. Parents can set time periods on ''Do Not Disturb'' mode. Functions like game, camera, and call will not be allowed. When the child is beyond the safety zone, the APP will send a reminder to the parents. The minimum safety area is 500 meters. The watch only supports 2G data traffic and you have to purchase a compatible sim card to use it. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Tykjszgs

👤Cute. It's worth the money. My only concern is connection issues. If the watch's face isn't on some of the functions, they won't work. I want to know how this will work when she leaves. There is a She loves it, the calls work, and the messages are actually a voice chat between her and the number used to set up the app.

👤A 10 year old shouldn't own this kind of watch. The charge wire was one of the things that a seller had on the return. If the one that came with the watch didn't work, you may need to buy a new one, according to the instructions. Really? I just bought a new watch and I want to buy a new charging wire. I don't think so. Adults don't have to be constantly fixing this watch if it is used by a 13 year old or older.

👤I am not sure why they would recommend getting a 2g sim card from t-mobile. I chatted with T-mobile customer service because the watch wouldn't recognize my card. The watch is not compatible with the $5/month plan and they will refund us. It is not an easy set-up and only has one game. I would return it, but it was a Christmas gift for our daughter, so we are stuck with it. Disappointing.

👤My daughter likes to call me. It's just a watch. The gps is off.

👤I couldn't get this to work after buying a separate sim card. It was difficult to connect and work. Not a good product. Very disappointed. I had to take it back from my little girl because it was a present from Santa.

👤It's very hard to find a sim for this.

👤Does not work with my phone.

8. Safe Personal Alarm Keychain Emergency

Safe Personal Alarm Keychain Emergency

Due to the fact that there are a lot of pens and markers out there, it is hard to know which one works and which doesn't. "Sharpie Permanent Marker" is what they recommend. You can apply a piece of transparent tape over the written surface to make sure the ink is safe. Personal safety is their top priority because the world can be dangerous and vulnerable. The Personal Security Alarm is an easy way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. It is a small but loud device. The 130db ear-piercing will scare off attackers. You will get away from danger with the hep of the personal alarm. The personal alarm is easy to use and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability. To stop the alarm, pull the pin out and insert it back. It can be used as a small emergency led flashlight. You can get the light by turning the button on the side. Each weight of the personal alarm is 0.1LB. The small, portable, and perfectly designed keychain alarm allows you to take it anywhere. It can be attached to a purse, backpack, keys, belt loops, and suitcases. It's great for traveling, hotels, camping and other things and you can take it on the plane. Wherever you go, you won't worry about your safety. The personal alarm is powered by 2 pieces of batteries that can last 6 hours and 20 hours. The final high quality personal alarm is ensured by the high qualityABS material cover. There is no need to worry about the personal alarm not working when you need it. The personal alarm is a perfect defense mechanism for Students, Elders, Kids, Women, Joggers, Night workers, etc. It's a good gift for your firends, parents, lover, and children. It's an ideal gift for a birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas, and other occasions. If you have a problem with their personal alarm, please contact them.

Brand: Tuaknoo

👤I was very pleased with this personal alarm. If I get attacked or need to summon help, I will often be by myself and this will get attention. Attaches to my chin so it is always available. The flashlight in the unit is bright enough to help you find your way in the dark.

👤It does what it says it will do. I like that it doesn't have that extra string hanging out of the side. The only downside is that it is not very loud. I told everyone to cover their ears before I pulled the pin and it was not loud. You don't have to cover your ears. I will use it because it is better than nothing.

👤This is a great item to give someone as a safety tool. I advise caution as I have done it myself and it is loud and67531, it is diffult to put it back together and it could potentially damage hearing. I have learned to wrap the alarm with thick material and then reassemble it to make it sound better. This doesn't happen a lot, but it does happen when I catch mine on something and pull it apart. This item is a safety tool. Comes in nice colors.

👤The alarm is attached to a purse, pouch or keyring. It's loud enough. The light has to be held to stay on. You don't have to hold the light in position if it's on and off.

👤It works well and startsle's people. The flash light does a good job. Sometimes I pull it and it goes off.

👤It's not easy to pull for the sound when you farm it out to friends. It should be simpler to operate.

👤The design is beautiful. It is too sensitive! The alarm will go off with a slight pull. It was always unexpected. We were scared to carry it because it was too sensitive.

9. Beacon Pet Intelligent Smartwatch Birthday

Beacon Pet Intelligent Smartwatch Birthday

The Anti Lost ID Wristband is suitable for multiple situations, such as kids parties, school excursions, zoo trips, theme parks, shopping, festivals, sporting events, outing with grandparents, trips to the beach and other public places for kids anti lost. The Smart Phone Watch has a location based technology. When kids are outside, location tracking can be provided. If a child is in danger, they can click on the "SOS" button. Parents can check the position on their phone, website, or app. Remote Voice Monitor & Camera Set the voice monitor number in the app and the watch will answer without reminding. The children can be heard by the parents. The camera is built into the device and parents can use the app to remote the camera or the child can use it on the watch. Kids also take pictures. The watch is water resistant, but not for washing or bathing kids. The soft strap and anti-sweat matt surface treatment make wearing more comfortable for kids. You can reach your child anytime with the Clear LCD phone watch. You can set the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls through the application for the IOS andANDROID platforms. The package only included a smart watch, but without a sim card. You need to buy a 2G sim card to use the "E" service. Only support the Micro sim network. Not supported. The phone companies are: Sprint, Verizon, Att. Please tell them your country and sim carriers. Each of their watches is wrapped in a beautiful gift box and can be used as a birthday or holiday gift. Their kids smart watches are new with a 90 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

Brand: Beacon Pet

👤I cannot connect my watch to any service in my area because AT&t and T-Mobile no longer support 3G devices. My son can't make emergency calls because the time won't sync correctly, which was the point of buying it. A 9 year old is not very interested in playing a mathematical game.

👤The product could not work and did not work very well.

👤This watch is garbage and does not work, so do not buy it.

👤This piece of plastic is useless. Basic things like set time are not possible.

👤Is there a trick?

👤This watch is not useful. The seller should not be selling on the platform. First it doesn't power on. I can't charge it because the screw cover is missing. Garbage. Stay away.

10. ZEERKEER Magnetic Anti Theft Anti Lost Important

ZEERKEER Magnetic Anti Theft Anti Lost Important

You can track the device in real time on the internet. When your family is in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds, then mini trackers will send a help alarm to protect the safety of the family. The mini tracker devices need to be kept out of a district. When APP leaves the district, you will get alarm information. Mini trackers have built in strong magnets which can be attached to metal. The weight of the micro gps tracker is 25g, which is easy to hide. The usage is wide. Tracking the location of the elderly, children, pets, luggage, wallet and vehicles is possible with a mini device.

Brand: Zeerkeer

👤The product is useless in Hong Kong. One wonders why the supplier wants to sell an outdated product. Maybe to sell an outdated supply to consumers. When the product was returned, Amazon gave a quick refund.

👤Does not say you need to purchase a separate card.

👤I would like to express my gratitude to the customer. The instructions for the set up are automatically sent to me by the seller. When we have questions or problems, they have a number that we can call to get help. Excellent response and instructions. The device is being used. There is some off but it is within the bounds. If you're looking for a reasonable price for a gps device, recommend it to others. We just bought a new battery and used it for a few days.

👤The setup with mobilenet 2g service seems accurate, but unsure on battery life, but the device is passive so it should last a while. Good entry level device for tracking assets.

👤The instructions printed on this product are so small they are hard to read. If I knew the problems I would have, I wouldn't have bought this product.

👤I wish I could have used it, but I couldn't figure out how to program it.

👤Does not work. What are I doing wrong?

11. Wristband Compatible Protective Adjustable Watch Band

Wristband Compatible Protective Adjustable Watch Band

The AirTag wristband is made of high-quality nylon material. The watch band is more skin-friendly. The positioning function will not be affected by wearing a protective cover. The air tag can be damaged by falling. The size of the AirTag strap is compatible with AirTag. It is easy to install and disassemble. You can easily track any content you bring. The AirTag can be easily worn on the wrists of babies, children, and the elderly without worry about it being thrown out or damaged. This nylon watch band can be used as a gift. Babies, children, and the elderly should not be lost.

Brand: Qonuiy

👤My daughter had a silicone wristband for her airtag. I found this band that was better for us because her airtag fell out during recess. The airtag rests against the skin, which reduces the chance of it falling out. The airtag won't fall out because it's plastic and not Silicone, I love that. I prefer a wristband with a watch on it. I like that the band is light on my wrist.

👤I bought two wrist bands for safety at the airport. It was comfortable for my kids and they fit well. We pushed it up on my 1.5 year old's arm to make it fit. I didn't worry about them falling out because the airtag was in the holder.

👤It is nice to have this for children and adults. The wrist was so small that it would not fit in a suitcase. We have four children.

👤The item is described. It is very simple and well suited for its purpose.

👤My daughter is very small, and this wristband fit her well. The AirTag is protected inside and it has a Velcro strap. She wears it everywhere and doesn't complain that it's uncomfortable. It is worth the price.

👤Looked cute and worked as we hoped. My 3.5 year old has a small wrist.

👤There are photos of the product on babies. Babies with giant arms and wrists are required. I don't think it fits my 4 year olds wrist. Photos are very misleading if you measure your kids wrists.

👤No, no, no La actividad normal, seguro, por la parte interna. Sper is very good.


What is the best product for gps bracelet for kids safety?

Gps bracelet for kids safety products from Dtylean. In this article about gps bracelet for kids safety you can see why people choose the product. Jrtrack and Vigoroad are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps bracelet for kids safety.

What are the best brands for gps bracelet for kids safety?

Dtylean, Jrtrack and Vigoroad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps bracelet for kids safety. Find the detail in this article. Kina, Pthtechus and Geozilla are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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