Best Gps Bracelet for Kids Android

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1. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker Swim Friendly

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker Swim Friendly

Disney The Little Mermaid kids fitness tracker has an interactive app experience that lets kids explore magical kingdoms alongside Disney Princesses. The fitness tracker has a large color display with multiple watch face options and up to 1 year of battery life, which is replaceable. Disney Princesses are featured in entertaining app adventures, games and icons that are unlocked when kids achieve active minute goals. Parents can use the app to assign chores, schedule alarms and reward good behavior. Track your kid's steps, sleep and activity to see the full picture.

Brand: Garmin

👤I didn't know or took a while to learn a few things. Additional themes cost $30. The watch fits on the wrist of an 11yo. 3. The watch can be used with many devices. 4. The "Family Guardian" can help with chores and rewards. 5. The child's earned points can be adjusted as needed. 6. A half-second press on the button causes the backlighting to go off. I have three different designs of the Vivofit Jr 3 watches. My main reason for buying these is for chore/reward tracking. If you want a fitness tracker for your kids, but don't already use a watch yourself, you can use the latest Fitbit Ace. I've found it to be a better fitness tracker even though it has to be charged every 5 days. The best thing about these watches is the chore/reward tracking. Each child can have their own chores. There are either a single event or recurring chores. You can set a time for the chore to be done. "Take Out Trash" can be set for Monday and Thursday at 7p. You can remind the watch. A short title and message can accompany the reminder. It works like a calendar/task reminder alert from a watch. You're not limited to typical household chore options withchores in the system. You can define your title and task. The "chore" could be 10k steps, 30 minutes on a trampoline, or 4 minutes on a stationary bike. You can assign a point value to each chore, which makes it motivating. Feed the dog might be 1 point; taking out the trash might be 2 points. The child checks in with you to make sure the chore is completed in the app. When you do, the points are returned to the watch. They can see their bank on their watch. The child can spend their points in a rewards shop. The kid is motivated by this. It takes a few minutes to set up the watch. The reward shop took a long time to think through the items. It can look different for each child, and you can be as simple or complex as you want to be. I have about 20 items in my shop that I can give to people for free or at a reduced price. It would be interesting to see other families reward shops. You can find any allowance/rewards idea list and just recreate it as a digital shop here. The battery life of the device takes a hit for the short screen wake time. If you are in a bright area, you can still use the screen even though it is in a dim state. If you're not actively clicking/navigating, you can't turn on the backlighting if you long press on the button. This results in long-pressing to make the backlighting work. I don't see a way to extend this time. It would have been nice to be able to set the backlight duration at the cost of shortening the battery life. Even if we can't define the exact time, having the ability to select a suggested or extended backlighting option would be nice. Everything on this watch is controlled by one single button. The Ace 2 has one button, but it does not have a touch screen. To flip through the screens, you have to short press. To turn on the backlighting, you have to press for a long time. To jump to your Menu, you have to press and hold for 2 seconds, then use the timer and stopwatch, or manually sync with the app. The press-and-hold is how you choose from the menu. It would have been nice to have 2 buttons. I would have liked a second button to control backlighting or a mappable button to start a challenge. Each watch design comes with one of three watch themes and an adventure game, which can be either Disney Princess or a generic World Tour theme. Both watches have the same character options and faces and the band is the only difference. The Disney Princess watches are similar. The watches have a generic World Tour adventure and theme. The only way to change themes is to buy a new band for $30 and use the code to change the theme. I would have preferred to be able to purchase themes separately. The only other option is to purchase the bands directly from the manufacturer. If your kid wants a green band and wants the theme of the movie, then the only way you can get this is to buy an $80 watch and a $30 band from Garmin. There is no unified organizer or a family chore calendar in the app. You can view a list of all the chores a child has for a specific day, or you can see what chores a specific child has for a specific day. You can see that Child01 has "Take out Trash" and "Unload Dishwasher" in a list, but you can't see any details until you drill down into each. Some chores are worth points, some are worth nothing, and some are due at different times in the day. If you have more than one child, organizing chores can be difficult. If you don't make a lot of chores, it's fine. You may need a master calendar or chart elsewhere to keep things organized. It would be great to be able to view a child and family calendar even if it's a week view. It would be even better if we had the option to manage everything from browser. The child can't see the chore list from the watch. They can receive a notification when the chore is done. They can't see a list of chores on the watch, so they need to access the app. They can't plan ahead, complete chores early, or review chores if they can't see the chores. If they get a notification to feed the fish at 5p and dismiss it, there's no way to see it again on the watch. The child will eventually learn what they have to do if you don't change your chores. The daily chore list on the watch should have been obvious to me. The system seems to be designed for children who have regular access to a phone. Those who don't need to rely on a calendar/chart might only need watch notifications to remind them. The "challenges" are categorized into two categories, "Family Challenges" and "Toe-to-Toe challenges." Family Challenges can be set for family members over a period of 1 day. It's not possible to say 15 minutes in a family challenge. The child can initiate a personal best step challenge for themselves or a one-on-one step challenge against one other watch. It's not possible to set a toe-to-toe for more than 2 minutes. It's not possible to do a 10-Minute Family Step Challenge with both options. It seems like a missed opportunity. Since the first Vivofit Jr came out, I've found it surprising that chore/reward tracking on kids watches didn't become more popular. It's basically a fitness wristwatch with a slightly more robust task reminder function, but it works well. It's good enough, but it could definitely be improved. I wish that other companies would offer a chore/reward function because I think that some would do it better than others. It has been awhile since Garmin has been innovative on this front. Those with the Vivofit Jr 2 would find no reason to upgrade. The screen is the only change from v2 to v3. The upgrade from 8-colors to 64-colors sounds better than it is in practice. The screen is dim and the colors are not appreciated. The Jr 3 appears to be a significant improvement over its predecessor, but it still feels like a dot release. The design and pricing choices make this iteration disappointing. Someone waited a year for this watch to be released. I think it's still a decent watch. If you don't own the Jr 2, you can use this as a way to motivate your child to do chores and stay active.

2. Garmin VĂ­vofit Fitness Activity Tracker

Garmin V%C3%ADvofit Fitness Activity Tracker

A year battery life is all that is needed. The display size is small. Swim friendly with 5 ATM water resistance. The display resolution is 64 x 64. The 1 size fits most, non-staining, 1 piece band stretches over your child's hand, and fits comfortably. The bands are regular size and fit wrists up to 146 170mm. The vvofit 3 bands are compatible. The physical dimensions are 5.4 inches. There is a compatible parent mobile app free app that includes fun and educational mobile adventures for kids and chore/behavior management for parents. Refer to the user manual if you have a problem.

Brand: Garmin

👤Two weeks ago, I bought this for my child's birthday. I expected the Vivofit Jr. to be more amazing. I ordered a Vivofit Jr. for my children the day after her birthday. Each child is into all the functions, steps taken, daily activity time, chores complete, coins received, the timers and stop watch. My children like to read the trail before bed. We sat down as a family to design rewards. If they have earned enough coins, they can get their allowance or bank coins. My five year old is learning. My kids want to use the treadmilll or go for bike rides on rainy days. They are very excited when they have doubled or tripled their daily activity goals. Their chores are done quicker, and they are asking for more ways to help around the house. The best educational practice for teachers is to have students set their own goals and identify their consequences. The Vivofit Jr. allows us to do this quickly and easily. I would like to have an affordable system for tracking positive behavior like this in my school. My mom friends and teacher friends have purchased watches after seeing the watches and app. For their children. My children's friends are asking their parents for money. The Vivofit Jr. fits bands. It will not look childish with a replacement band. I don't write many reviews. I needed to write a review of this cool product.

👤I've never felt the need to give reviews. I want people to think twice before they put in their hard earned money, not arguing but calling this vent out. This product is expensive. .$79. I think it's expensive. I ordered it as a gift for my daughter because I was impressed with its offering. We were very pleased with the product, but I was a little disappointed with the screen size. She was happy when she fit her wrist. It was easy to set the chores. There is a lot of room for improvement in the software. We didn't explore all the features, but it was going well. I was angry when we saw a big blob on the screen. I should have read more reviews to see if it was common and if it was beyond the period for return or refunds. 4th... The last straw... The strap broke. My kid was devastated and I'm very sad. C'mon, it's really important. What were you thinking when you made a product for kids for $79? The first thing should be their band's longevity. Why aren't they giving a warranty for it? I think the external screen has to endure the wear and tear. I can't imagine it on boys. I know they have a screen guard. I made a mistake by not spending another $8 to do that. There is a There is a big black blob on the screen. In a few moments? I wish I had thought about it before I bought it.

👤The reviews seemed to clump together new and refurbished purchases. Don't do it but be wary. This is the only bad purchase that I feel is worth protesting. We only had it for 2 months and it stopped working a couple weeks ago. We tried 6 different batteries and the vaseline trick, but I have given up. My son loves the app, but this is a rip off. There would be a problem if it was refurbished. This is a complete rip off.

3. Tracker Unlocked Birthday Children Smartphone

Tracker Unlocked Birthday Children Smartphone

The best model is the 888-405-7720 It helps you reach your child by using 4G/3G/2G data traffic. You can set the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls through the application for the two operating systems. An extra long battery and an emergency call. For the full safety of your child, you should use a remote camera and voice monitoring. If you press the long button on the watch's SOS button, you will get a message and a call immediately, up to 3 numbers. ACCURATE LOCATION is provided by the gps tracker smart watch for kids, which gives you all the updated information about your child's location. Feel safe. Press "Locate" to open the map in the application. The video call and fun camera for selfies help your child to take selfies and send them to you through the app from the gps smart watch for kids owl Cole. The REMOTE CAMERA can be used to get a picture of the kid without him knowing. A daily schedule and arm and meter. You can raise the responsibility of your child by setting up the daily activities. Their latest fitness tracker for kids Owl Cole has up to 3 alarms per day to check on the steps and calories. Click on the button to add to the cart. A daily schedule and arm and meter. You can raise the responsibility of your child by setting up the daily activities. Their latest fitness tracker for kids Owl Cole has up to 3 alarms per day to check on the steps and calories. Click on the button to add to the cart.

Brand: Owl Cole

👤I was told that T Mobile and AT&T are compatible in the USA, and that I had been in contact with compatible sim cards. I have spoken with both companies and they have confirmed that this device is not compatible. I bought this watch for my son because I thought it would be easy to set it up. I've had problems getting this to work. I am very upset and frustrated with my dealings with this device.

👤The watch uses a sim card. A couple of hours later, we confirmed that the voice sim was the answer after the Tmobile service rep thought it was a watch sim. The watch works well for calls, it is very clear on both sides. The camera is weak, there is no extra game apps, and the gps tracking is a little shaky, but for what it costs, it's a great value.

👤The idea is great but the execution is not. Despite the coverage map being fully covered, phone calls are not clear. The battery dies within a day. The screen is very small. The camera works if you hold it still. I was hoping that this would be a way for the kids to call when they needed to, but it didn't work out that way. The PS phones on the same network work well.

👤I bought this and a TMobile phone card for Christmas. Have been in contact with T-Mobile many times. The problem is not the phone card. I've tried to get in touch with the company that makes the watch, but my phone calls don't get answered. The watch doesn't want to sync to the app. Don't buy for your child.

👤The box was never opened. I was told the watch has a problem.

👤Aunque el vendedor haba respondido, no estrella. No est sido, pero desactivan de 45 das. No fue homologado por la informacin del reloj no coincide con las bases de datos internacionales. The producto devolver.

👤It works well in the service area. Love the features of safety. This is a great way to teach my 8 year old how to use a phone. Definitely recommend!

👤Just need to be able to replace the screens. My son cracked his screen and no one can replace it because they can't find the parts.

4. GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone Waterproof

A multifunctional digital watch. The smart watch supports a lot of things, including calling, step counting, voice/video chatting, weather checking, camera, and album, 3 screen styles, alarm clock, class schedule, contacting friends, flashlight, camera, games, and more. The watch is just like a mobile phone. It is perfect for parents who don't want to buy a mobile phone for their kids. Kids smart watch is the best cell phone alternative. 4g smart watch phone with 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The smartwatch can also send pictures. Video and voice chat interactions are more interesting. This design is great for parents and children. The Kids Safety Tracker has a 4G gps location system, more precise positioning than a 2G net watch. Through the day, it can check location history. Know where your kids are. If your children are in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds and then call the numbers you set for help. If you are outside of the US, please check with your carrier. Global Network Support This is a phone watch for kids. It can be used in a lot of countries. The network frequencies are 4G, 2G, and 3G. T-Mobile and SpeedTalk are the places to purchase a sim card. Don't purchase a smartwatch with a sim card. The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤I've tried a few kids watch phones and this one works. The 4g is necessary. The 4G on this works. The watch fits well. The band is perfect. I kept the plastic cover on the screen that came in the package to protect it, but after I removed it, I realized the screen had a small bubble under it. It's better than the others. The app for this works well. It's not made in the U.S., but SE Tracker shows me where my child is. When he goes to his friends house after school, I can see that they've arrived by following him on the map. I can see if he's inside the building or outside at recess on the map, so it tracks location well.

👤I bought this watch and a pink one for my children and their families. These were supposed to be used as an emergency contact. The Asurian insurance plan was purchased for each. As long as you were inside the house, the watches would work. These are not user friendly. We tried and tried, so I had a employee set them up. The gps didn't work. The watches were under warranty for a year so the insurance company couldn't do anything since we were past our 30 day return policy. I reached out to the seller a number of times, but didn't get a response. I was willing to pro-rate the return because they don't do what is advertised. The seller said to mail it to China. The postal fee for sending them up to China was over $100. The vendor won't help since I'm past my 30 day return. Lesson learned. Do not buy from people who will give you a return to China. The vendors are selling cheap items. I bought these for the peace of mind that the kids were out and about on their bikes. It's junk!

👤This watch works. I gave it to my 13 year old to use in an emergency. It can use the app to make calls. It was easy to set up. Make sure you order the start up card from Speedtalk first. You will need to update the APN on the watch after that. The call quality is clear. The watch has a flashlight and can take and send pictures. We used to have a Gizmopal through the company, but it didn't work for us. This was cheaper and works better. I think it's a great idea.

👤After reading the reviews, I was hesitant to buy this watch, but I'm glad I did. The watch arrived at my house a day earlier than I anticipated. I bought this watch for my son so he could take a family vacation. The instructions were not written in a native-English language and it took a bit of fiddling to get it to work. I got everything set up in about an hour. The watch works well so far, but the tracker is off, but not enough to make me uncomfortable. In Pennsylvania, gps is off by half a block but the location service is off by an hour and a half. My son has no issue with the small screen, even though I had a bit of a time working it. I can use the app to set up most things. It takes about 30 seconds between calling and the phone ringing. This may be something with the carrier, not the watch. We only had a few days. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The seller answered any questions that I asked in less than 24 hours. I'm happy I bought this.

5. Smartwatch Interface Charging PalmTalkHome Waterproof

Smartwatch Interface Charging PalmTalkHome Waterproof

The waterproof watch is compatible with PalmTalkHome. The waterproof watch is compatible with PalmTalkHome. The waterproof watch is compatible with PalmTalkHome. The PalmTalkHome waterproof watches are compatible with the kids Smartwatch. It is compatible with other magnetic charging smart watches.

Brand: Pthtechus

👤My son broke the original phone accessory. It works the same way as an original charge. Since we started using it, we have not had a problem.

👤The car only came with two pins, not four as advertised. It was very disappointing and frustrating.

6. Kids Smart Watch Twinkle Flashlight

Kids Smart Watch Twinkle Flashlight

The kids watch is made from high quality material, anti-fall and durable. The hand strap is made from soft Silicone and it does not scratch the hand. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls. If you have a problem with their smart watches, please contact them first. Within 24 hours, they will reply for you. The kids watch comes with 6 games, mp3 music player, phone calls, camera, photos, video, and alarm clock. Kids watch support two- way call. The package does not include a 2G sim card. Please make sure your area has 2g signal before purchasing this watch. T-mobile and speedtalk are recommended for the US. When the kids are in trouble, they only need to press the button twice. Kids are in an emergency situation. There are 6 puzzle games for children to have a good time. It includes the following: Basketball Shoot Master, Bee War, and Pinball. Hit Bricks, Car Grab Goods, and Ultimate Racing are examples. It helps kids discover things outside of the real world. Kids smart watch has a camera and mp3 player. It supports mp3 songs. You can download songs to the watch via a charging cable, then you can transfer children's favorite songs or audio stories from the PC to the watch. Kids can take selfies too. This will be fun for everyone. It's easy to operate. The smart watches are very convenient for children because they don't need to download an app or connect with a cellphone. It supports 3-7 days of normal use.

Brand: Efolen

👤I have been through two of these and have done everything that support told me to do, but still can't get it to call. Not impressed.

👤The battery life on this watch is dependent on the amount of games my kid plays. I do not use the mobile part of it. The touch feature is cool for my 6yr old.

👤A great watch for kids. It keeps them entertained. My niece likes her watch. The battery life is good. It could be better, but it is ok. The touch screen works well.

👤It was a gift that made her day.

👤Purchasing this item is risky. It was not what I expected. It's cheaply looking, maybe I misinterpreted it, but it's suppose to do that.

👤Will not buy this again.

7. Fitbit Activity Tracker Astro Green

Fitbit Activity Tracker Astro Green

Kids spend less time charging and more time moving with up to 8 days of battery. Kids move more throughout the day, which causes the clock faces to grow. Tracking activity throughout the day shows how healthy habits can add up to a better life. Help kids form healthy sleep habits with sleep tracking and reminders. Fitbit Ace 3 is swimproof and can handle 50 meters of water. Kids can send each other messages or cheer their family on. Kids earn virtual badges when they reach their goals. From one easy place, parents can manage their child's watch or tracker.

Brand: Fitbit

👤We have had the Fitbit Ace 3 since it was launched, and I would like to point out a few of the improvements compared to the Fitbit Ace 2: - More rounded / Curved shape, seems like it would feel more comfortable to wear. The part to tuck in the strap is better, strap doesn't come out as often if your kid had that issue, and the display looks better. It is now 8 days instead of 6 and the battery lasts much longer, with new animated faces and straps coming soon, and no more one button on the left. The left and right side have touch sensors that can be used to go back to the menu or turn on the water lock, but if your kid is going for a swim, they'll have to turn on the water lock. Still connects with the app and kids view mode. The old Alta 2 ones were the best since the last few years, and I think that's the biggest upgrade. The plastic magnetic chargers used by the Ace 2 and Inspire don't hold up well. They added two clips to hold the charger in place. This is a big upgrade from the old Ace 2 charger, which was not easy to hold in place, and it's the same price point as before. The app has been updated to include new animated faces. Kid loves it! It's a good thing.

👤It's stupid. The function is terrible. It doesn't measure heart rate. It's just sleep and steps. I could have bought a third of the price. It leaves a red rash on the arm if you wear it too long. I don't like it.

👤I'm not sure about this tracker. It was easy to set up and use, but the sync with the mobile app was not very good. I bought 3 of them. The black/red, blue, and yellow are the same color. All worked to count the steps. The black/red one didn't want to respond to the touch sensors on the sides unless you took it out of the band. I tried to reset and resync, but it didn't fix anything. I'm not sure if it was just defects or what the issue was, but my kids don't drink or move to drink water in any of the styles. I initially set all reminders via the app, but then 888-349-8884 Some of the reminders were adjusted. There is still nothing. I was really disappointed that the fitness tracker only counted steps for us and only for $60, and only as a pedometer. That is not what I wanted. I wanted something to remind my kids to drink water, but this watch didn't do that for us. The silent alarms didn't work as expected. They have been trying to get them to work for things other than steps. I will return them today. I can get a generic brand for half the price, but it may be less accurate. It was difficult to have multiple kids on the family profile. If you want your other child to switch to kid mode, you have to go to your family, pick a kid, and then you have to enter your password to return to parent view. It was difficult to have to do this many times to access each profile because the kids don't have their own phones. It was rather tedious. It would be great if fitbit made it easier to switch between kid profiles without having to go back to parent view. It seemed like having 4 devices on my family profile made me not want to sync properly. It was rather annoying that I had to connect it to my phone to get it to work. The app allows you to send messages to your family, but they don't have their own device, so they will only get the messages when using the app. Any type of family challenge, or cheers you give, won't be seen until your child looks at the kid view via the app. I thought they would see the cheers I was giving them on their watches to add to their motivation, but they never heard of it.

8. CanMixs Android Waterproof Watches Compatible

CanMixs Android Waterproof Watches Compatible

The smart watch has a square display and full touch screen, which makes the screen clear and bright. The case of the smart watch is made of metal. Lifting the wrist will lighten the display screen. You can set your own photo as the face skins on the digital watch. There is a gold strap and an extra pink strap on the smart watch. A smart watch can be used to track your steps, calories, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. You can wear it when swimming and record data. Protect and monitor your health with a smart watch that can measure Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen, three important indicators of health. You can read them directly on the smart watch, which can help you understand your health and make adjustments to your life-style. A fitness watch can provide comprehensive analysis of your sleep. Light sleep and awake time. You can display your information on the smart watch, such as incoming call, text, and email, with the help of the smart watch. More practical features include sedentary reminder, pedometer,remote camera control, music controller, check the weather, find smart watches, brightness adjustment, andvibration alarm clock. The smart watch can be used for up to 7 days if fully charged. It depends on individual usage. Most phones can be supported by the Wear os smartwatch. It's compatible with the following phones: iPhone 11/11 pro/X/8, plus/7/7, plus/6, plus/6s/6s, plus 5, plus 5s, plus 5s, plus 5s, plus 5s, plus 5s, plus 5s, plus 5 The smart phones support the following:

Brand: Canmixs

👤I read all the reviews and wanted to try it out. I am blown away. The reviews are accurate. I have already recommended it to three people and I am very happy. I don't want to spend $300 on an iWatch, but if I broke it, I would feel better about it. The watch is sleek and has a very fashionable look to it, you can also replace the straps if you want a different color. The app on your phone tracks all of the functions on the watch, which is really nice. You can get notifications for a lot of things. You can see them pop up even though you can't reply. People have a hard time getting their texts on their phone. If you don't have your textspreview locked or unlocked, you won't get notifications on the watch. No need to come back. I kept it on for five days without turning it off, and I was not disappointed that it stayed on for so long. Well worth it! I charged my watch every three days because I didn't want it to die when I was at work. I wear it almost every day for up to 15 hours a day and sometimes weekends. Nothing has changed. It works as if I got it yesterday.

👤I didn't know how to adjust the gold band to fit on my wrist so I switched to the pink band. The screen is completely touch screen. I don't have to worry about receiving calls, text message notifications or social media notifications if I'm near my phone. You can reject and answer calls, even though you can't text back or talk through your watch. The watch tracks your sleep pattern, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, steps, etc. It's a pretty watch.

👤I love this watch. I had a Fitbit Versa 2 before this, and I can tell you that it's better than the one I have now. It has more features than the tracker. I get more notifications from my phone than I did with the tracker. The other one did things that it doesn't have the ability to do. My phone and my device stopped working. I wasn't getting to use these features. The price difference is huge. This watch is very good.

👤I buy a smart watch at the beginning for myself, and I like it a lot, it has a good battery life, and I don't miss any notifications when I'm working, I only have to use my phone. The strap band is very soft and you don't have to take it off to charge your phone, that's a good thing.

👤This is a Chinese program. The app asked for my phone number, email, dob, driver's license or passport, and a photo of my face with my Id. I knew it was bad. I wondered if it would ask about my organs. Do not buy this item.

👤It looks good and does what I want. The O2 level and sleep time/quality monitors are the most watched. I haven't been able to check the accuracy of the heart rate yet, but they seem to be correct. The band is so easy to fit on my thin wrist that it's a huge plus for me. The watch face is small for the wrist, so I can wear it anytime. Magnetic tips to a small plate on the back of the watch face is the best way to charge. The watch is running and has a battery that lasts several days. Highly recommend. There is an update. I contacted Amazon support first and she helped me out, then gave me contact info for the seller. I received a brand new watch after I email the seller, who worked for a couple of days trying to get the service to work. Excellent customer service by both Amazon and the seller.

9. Padgene Bluetooth Samsung Android Smartphones

Padgene Bluetooth Samsung Android Smartphones

Smart watch A brilliant 1.54" display with a sleek design. A precision laminating process using astainless steel surface. The anti-sweat matt surface treatment and soft strap make wearing more comfortable. The smart watch surface is water resistant. You can connect the smart watch with your phone via the app, so you can read push messages, make or receive calls, and more. Activity tracker: Pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind. Other functions include: image viewer, sound recorder, remote capture, alarm clock, calendar, camera, and two way anti- lost. The smart watch can support most phones, but it has a limited function. Functions are limited for the IOS system. Answer & call, phone book, music play, camera, clock, pedometer, phone anti-lost alert are all supported for the OS. It's still not possible to support remote camera control, for example. The high capacity battery has a battery capacity of over 400mAh. It takes up to 180 hours to be on the phone and 5 hours to be on the bench. The new watch is easy to use. It's perfect for any age.

Brand: Padgene

👤This is a smart watch. It's useful for music and alerts. I use it to run without my phone. I put my earbuds on the watch while I loaded music to the card. If my phone is in my backpack or I'm working, this watch is great for text notifications. It is doable to reply to text, but not with the T9 multi-tap. The watch and the card make a huge difference. I have a T-Mobile sim and a class 10 sd card. I put the card in the watch to make a folder, then I loaded the music onto the card on the computer. There are lots of videos on how to load and populate your music on the watch so it can be heard on the speaker or headphones. If you have a phone, there are hidden features and games. This is an amazing piece of tech for $13 if you research it and use it. If you like having a smart watch and want to upgrade to a flagship watch that costs hundreds more, this is a great litmus test.

👤I didn't think much of it. I only worked with it for a few days but it works better than I expected. The display is clear. I was going to use ear buds for sound from the small speaker. Since ear buds can't be used while connected to a phone, I decided to use a sim. The watch makes and receives calls with perfect clarity, as well as listening to music from the memory card. I wouldn't use it beyond my wrist because it's up to 30' to the ear buds. Setting up a cell phone was easier than setting up a cell service because the screen is so small, but it was more difficult to enter text for setup. The watch is not water resistant or sweat resistant. I didn't try the built in apps. There is a folder called My Music. The watch has a file manager that can be used to remove or rename files. It has the ability to play music. My grandson does not own a cell phone, so I bought him a watch and set it up. This will work well as a phone and as a music player. It takes pictures.

👤This watch is great for what it is worth. It gets you used to wearing technology. I use it to keep up with the time and notifications. Since my phone is always on my person, I only use it with a bluetooth connection. It gets the job done for a cheap watch.

👤It's a good buy because it's cheap and useful when you need it, and if it breaks you're not upset because it's cheap enough to buy again. Don't expect it to be like an apple smart watch, a lg smart watch, or asamsung smart watch.

👤The sync app is no longer available. Other apps don't work with this watch. Wear OS will give you partial control of the watch, but you have to remove the phone from the watch, power cycle the watch, add a new watch, and choose an option to display all devices. Yeah... Start. The watch is only capable of one way communication. It will get 20% through the setup process. There were no error messages. It will always try to connect if you close out of wear OS and back in. It will push notifications to the watch. I have not been able to get it to send the data back to the phone. You cannot launch any of the messaging apps from the watch. The fitness tracker on the watch won't work with the phone. The speaker on the watch plays the audio from my phone, which is odd since I launch a video on my phone on the watch. I'm not saying that's true. Some people may prefer a decent speaker over horrible phone speakers, which is odd. If you sleep with the watch on, the alarm can be difficult to wake up by. It's useful, but I think there is a mistake on the camera's specifications, it's not 2mp, the highest resolution is 320x240. It is the default. The screen is good. It's not very good, but it's better than what I expected from a $15 watch. The phone has a Sim card that can be used as a cell phone. I haven't tried it, but I'm pretty sure it's too big for a child. I would give a higher rating if the watch syncs with the phone. It would have been great if the watch came out in 2008. It's hard to sell in a price range of 15 to 25 dollars. Without the sync app, you can't change the song you're listening to. You can use the watch like Dick Tracy because it has a speaker and mic. So interesting. It's cheap, and it's primary function is only going to partially work due to software no longer being available. If you don't care about fitness, you can just use it to see notifications without reaching for your phone, and it's worth the cost.

10. UFonding Support Bluetooth Waterproof Android

UFonding Support Bluetooth Waterproof Android

It's easy to operate. The smart watches are very convenient for children because they don't need to download an app or connect with a cellphone. It supports 3-7 days of normal use. It can be used in most countries with the exception of the specific frequencies of B1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12. It is only applicable to AT&T, T-mobile, but not all of them. Please contact them if there is a problem with the matching. The children's smart watch can be washed under water for a short time, it has an waterproof rating of 65. Not applicable for swimming, hot tub or sauna. Parents can video chat with their children, get the latest action of their baby anytime, anywhere with an instant communication card. The best care is a food-grade wristband, a safe and reliable battery, and a one-click SOS function. The wrist size for children over 5 years old is between 4.7 and 5.9 inches.

Brand: Tbidder

👤First things first, manage your expectations. A kids 4G gps watch through my cell carrier was $192, plus $15/mo for insurance. The watch is covered by a 2 year extended warranty. The setup was difficult and took several days to setup, with customer service and waiting for a response all happening at the same time. Customer service was more than willing to help me solve the issues, and in the end we got it all up and running. I set up the safety zone. I took the watch for a drive and was alert when I traveled out of the safety zone. The audio and video quality on the calls is great, and I love it if the parents have the controls. If you are looking for something to turn on out of the box and go, you might want to pay over $200 for a US based cell company watch. There is a If you are like me, and just want an inexpensive way to contact and monitor your child, and are willing to put in a little effort to get it running, this watch is perfect for you.

👤You have to be patient to get these watches going. Within 24 hours, I bought two of these and one was compatible with the SeTracker app. The second watch took a week to sync up with the app. All and all this is a great product for the price. My kids can call me from anywhere with the ninosim card installed, we can video chat through the app on the watch, and you can preprogram phone numbers in the watch from the app and turn off the phone dialer. Your kids are not calling random numbers. It is very accurate on tracking as well.

👤Despite a tricky setup and many bugs, this watch and app once worked as advertised, and I was very happy with it. I don't know what they changed, but it is very buggy and features don't work well. Is it at all? I updated the app, but the reconfiguration of the APN and the change of the IP settings didn't help. It was not performing any promised features, now I can text, and track her again, but there are no notifications for when a text comes in or out. The problem seems to be with the service not the device. No one can call the device. Only in the app can I video call her and neither the audio nor video work to hear or see her. If you fear for your child's safety, remote photos take minutes to show up. Most of the time, location accuracy is very bad and there is no way to turn it off. It randomly pops into GOS mode. I need that accuracy all the time. Forget step tracking and other extras. I still think this was the best option when it came out, but more companies are making products like this and I need one that works to keep my child safe. I ordered the ticktalk4 now that it's out. A much more expensive watch that does everything this one claims to do. Hopefully they actually do them. The extra money will be worth it if it works as promised. When kids reach a certain age, they need phones to be safe, but internet on phones puts them at risk. The ideal solution is this watch. The phone has a great battery life, talk-to-text, video chat, gps location and fencing, and a remote photo capability. You can only accept calls from your approved numbers. Tracks steps. The company replaced it hassle free. The Speedtalk sim is only $5 per month. The mobile app takes a little getting used to, but it works just fine. The product has given our family peace of mind and freedom. I've looked into the similar products and they cost more per device, per subscription, and don't have as many features. I'm very happy.

11. MoreFit Fitness Waterproof Activity Reminder

MoreFit Fitness Waterproof Activity Reminder

From one easy place, parents can manage their child's watch or tracker. The Kids fitness watch has Multi-sports mode, which includes walking, running, cycling, and climbing. Accurately track all-day activities including steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep status. The watch has a time display, heart rate, and blood pressure. There are many things that can be done to monitor, calories calculation, auto pedometer, clock alarm, multi-sports mode, stopwatch, Sedentary reminder, remote camera control, and more. There is a message. reminders, etc. The fitness smart tracker comes with a built-inusb plug and doesn't need a charging cable for charging, just gently pull the band off and insert the built-inusb plug into ausb charging port. The design is comfortable to wear. The tracker watch is perfect for people who are graceful. The fitness tracker is designed with two different color screens to change the theme. The screen is bright during the day and not brilliant at night. It is possible to wash hands, rain, sweat, and even swim with waterproof IP67. Also, note: Don't use in hot springs or diving in hot air. The activity tracker can be used with any operating system or mobile device. You can download the app in the Apple Store.

Brand: Morefit

👤I bought my children fitness trackers so they can compare steps and calories they have burned. They don't have phones, so I'm running them on my phone. The app doesn't support 2 fitness trackers connected at the same time, so I can't keep track of both of their sleep at the same time. I can not shut off the message and call notification on the app, even when it is disabled, because their trackers are able to read my texts. I have tried many things, but nothing seems to work. I contacted the company multiple times through Facebook messenger and e-mail, but with no response, I had to return my kids' fitness trackers and leave a 1 star review. I would leave 0 stars for customer service. It is the last but not least. It is nearly impossible for kids to put the wristband on themselves, so be prepared to help them put it on.

👤I bought this one to replace the one my daughter wore. The previous one was different. The band isn't tight enough for her small wrist so it doesn't always pick up heart rate and sleeping pattern correctly. I gave it 3 stars because it said it was for kids. They should give a smaller band option for kids. The software wouldn't download to her tablets so I had to use my phone. Even though I turned off text and Facebook notifications on the software, it still sends all my text and Facebook messages to her tracker even after I unbind the device from my phone. The last one lasted 18 months, but this one is more colorful. She can't take the bands off to charge it.

👤The teal colored band is perfect for my little girl. I highly recommend. It was bought for her to be more active. It's perfect for her. It was easy to use. The battery is good for a while. I bought myself a one. Excellent customer service. Shipping is quick. Let me tell you why I chose this one. I am glad I did, because sometimes you never know. I bought this for my daughter to start school in September, but when tracker came, guess what? It's worth it, you can pair it with your phone, so no more missed phone calls, and you can read your text messages on time. The alarm clock reminds you of your steps and calories, and you can use multiple sports mode to calculate your heart rate and all day activities. This is what I need for my daughter to be more motivated to do things outside. The touch screen button feels like a smart phone. The band comes apart to expose the half-assed accessory. Since our child is limited physically, we use this tracker to keep track of how much activity has been done. It didn't need a card like many other kids watches do. It's easy to understand and it's comfortable. Will be buying more. It's perfect to keep track of kids health.


What is the best product for gps bracelet for kids android?

Gps bracelet for kids android products from Garmin. In this article about gps bracelet for kids android you can see why people choose the product. Owl Cole and Pthtechus are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps bracelet for kids android.

What are the best brands for gps bracelet for kids android?

Garmin, Owl Cole and Pthtechus are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps bracelet for kids android. Find the detail in this article. Pthtechus, Efolen and Fitbit are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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