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1. Samsung SmartTag EI T5300 Bluetooth Tracker

Samsung SmartTag EI T5300 Bluetooth Tracker

Need to keep an eye on something? Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy, there it is! Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a version of the operating system called Android. The app is required.

Brand: Samsung

👤The smart things app is free and is more accurate than gps alone.

👤It works when it's near my phone or my husband's phone. It doesn't work as soon as it's not working. It was easy to connect to my husband's phone and take a small army of tech genius to connect it to mine.

👤I know that the product is sent with plastic that separates the connection so that it doesn't empty over time. There is a I received it without the separation plastic so the butter will probably end soon. The shipping was very fast.

2. Tracker Designed Vehicles Real Time Tracking

Tracker Designed Vehicles Real Time Tracking

Sextant accessories: The delivery includes a AirTag mount, 4 safety screws, a mounting tool, and 2 cups for easy opening. The most advanced technology. This product can locate and monitor any equipment using the internet and mobile phones. There is a need for a 2G/GSM sim card that has a subscription plan for data traffic that is no less than 30 million monthly. If there is 2G cellular coverage in your area, you can get a sim card which supports 2G cellular from your country. It's perfect for bike tracking,moto, trolly, baby carriage, wheelchair, small vehicle, etc. You can call the phone number in the tracker or send a message to the phone number in the tracker and get a link to the position on the map. The alarm is over-speed. The unit will send an alert to the admin number when it is in over-speed alarm, shake sensor alarm, or low battery alarm. geo fencing Get text or email when a person leaves an area. More function. The device will send a help alarm to the SOS number if you press the button for 3 seconds.

Brand: Winnes

👤I just bought a bike and bought this unit to use on it. You are not told that the device requires you to have a sim card. You must call an international number to use it. If you want to change your phone plan, you need to buy the right type of sim card. I'm going to go to my phone carrier to see if they carry this type of phone and see if my network will work after I call China.

👤It's a cool idea. The device charged up quickly and the battery is lasting for a long time. I was able to set up the numbers. I can text my sim card and get a text back with the coordinates of my bike, and then I can click on the link to track it. I get a text when I press the button. I can't use the app with the set because I can't get it. I'm pretty sure I did it right, you sendgprs to the sims phone number and the device will send me a text saying "gprs ok". I get a text "apn ok" after I send a s t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t I have a light that can track my bike, but not in real time or on my rides.

👤I'm not sure what everyone else's deal is, but I have ordered several of these for my business and have had no issues getting them set up. If you pay attention, the ad says you need to acquire your own sim card, but it's easy to set it up with Speedtalk. I was able to set it up with little to no problem, and it can be controlled by text commands or through the app. The easiest to use bike gps tracker was tested and found by me. I wish it had a map that showed you multiple trackers at once. It's been the best tracker for us.

👤I only used this product on the phone. The application didn't work at all. Lucy worked very hard to help me and that's why I'm giving this rating. We went over scenerio after scenerio for two full weeks. We got the text to work. It was not a complete failure. Lucy will do her best to help you in any way she can, and if your device does not work, she will do her best to make sure you are satisfied. Thank you, Lucy.

👤The bike was the only place where the gps worked on the day. My son was riding his bike when the mount that holds the gps to the bike broke. They found the gps using the app. The seller or the manufacturer contacted me and said they would send a new one. Customer support is good.

👤Don't buy this tracker. Setting everything up will be difficult. You won't get anyone who speaks English to help you. The instructions for setting up the sim card are very confusing. The seller is in China. It's very frustrating to get help setting it up. Don't buy!

3. ZEERKEER Magnetic Anti Theft Anti Lost Important

ZEERKEER Magnetic Anti Theft Anti Lost Important

You can track the device in real time on the internet. When your family is in an emergency, they can press the button for 3 seconds, then mini trackers will send a help alarm to protect the safety of the family. The mini tracker devices need to be kept out of a district. When APP leaves the district, you will get alarm information. Mini trackers have built in strong magnets which can be attached to metal. The weight of the micro gps tracker is 25g, which is easy to hide. The usage is wide. Tracking the location of the elderly, children, pets, luggage, wallet and vehicles is possible with a mini device.

Brand: Zeerkeer

👤The product is useless in Hong Kong. One wonders why the supplier wants to sell an outdated product. Maybe to sell an outdated supply to consumers. When the product was returned, Amazon gave a quick refund.

👤Does not say you need to purchase a separate card.

👤I would like to express my gratitude to the customer. The instructions for the set up are automatically sent to me by the seller. When we have questions or problems, they have a number that we can call to get help. Excellent response and instructions. The device is being used. There is some off but it is within the bounds. If you're looking for a reasonable price for a gps device, recommend it to others. We just bought a new battery and used it for a few days.

👤The setup with mobilenet 2g service seems accurate, but unsure on battery life, but the device is passive so it should last a while. Good entry level device for tracking assets.

👤The instructions printed on this product are so small they are hard to read. If I knew the problems I would have, I wouldn't have bought this product.

👤I wish I could have used it, but I couldn't figure out how to program it.

👤Does not work. What are I doing wrong?

4. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker International

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker International

Need to keep an eye on something? Attach a SmartTag to those things. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy, there it is! Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags.

Brand: Samsung

👤The gift was delivered in 1 day and grandma loved it. She wants to use one in her purse and the other in her suitcase for plane travel. We helped set up her phone and taught her how to use it. My iTag had worse location accuracy. We were worried that her phone wasn't smart enough to use the tags because it wasn't capable of wireless charging. Thankfully they work well.

👤The tags came together and they work well, it's a good kind of loud, and it's possible to change the settings of the tag, the manual is short, but just use the QR code in the back.

👤It was not easy to use.

👤It works great with a phone.

👤I got this for a friend and it was a great gift.

👤If you lose it, it will make you smile.

👤Es facil de usar, la batera no tienes porque.

5. Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Motorcycle

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker Motorcycle

The companion app allows you to get up and running in seconds. It's lightweight, small and concealable. In January 2022. Real-time motion and whistle alert systems are designed to prevent crime. Track down your vehicle and react quickly to attempted theft of cars, motorcycles, bikes, vans, boats, trucks and high value tools. Protect your family and friends. It's easy to hide. You can have peace of mind by being monitored 24/7. Great for people of all ages. Up to 4 month jail sentence. It is the most important feature for protecting against theft. Every 30 minutes, position updates. In 1 hour. There is a 2-year free subscription. No credit card is needed. A built-in card. After 24 months, it was only $2.49/month. The US and Hawaii have 4G networks. After 2 years, the cheapest device on the market is gone.

Brand: Invoxia

👤The first one came with no cell phone. The model I got is restricted in this region. The next one will hopefully work. I will update this review and rating once I find out. There is an update. The second one arrived without a sim. The Monimoto tracker was brought by me. It works. The Invoxia tracker was a shame because it was easier to hide. They might get their act together some day.

👤I bought this because it is the only one that will fit inside a bike frame. The signal disappears as soon as it is put in the frame. Tech support told me that this cannot be in contact with metal. I told them my bike is made of metal. The purpose of putting it in a pouch is lost because thieves can just throw it away. Tech support told me to return the tracker because it wouldn't work for the purpose I bought it for. There is a The battery life is amazing and the 2 years of coverage is awesome. I found another use for it. I will try the swisstrack gps bike tracker.

👤The first device I received was a DOA. The website doesn't have contact info so I used Amazon to exchange the item. It worked as expected. The company is uncontactable. The second device was activated well. It isn't very good at location tracking. I've taken it with me around the Southern California area, where it's very well covered cell services. The device is 60 miles from its last location and has been moving for 2 hours, but still shows the location where it spent last night. This is not good at locating a location. I bought this to compare with my product. Invoxia is very thin and sleek. Light and small. Style points for hardware. The cube is black. Solid, more useful LEDs, but slightly less cool. There is no website. It's a shame for those who want to use a computer. The "web 1.0" style site is how Americaloc works. I can see location data from my mobile browser because it's intended for computers. Invoxia only has "fast/normal/slow" update rates. Something like 15 minutes. There is a lot of practical control here. The update rates for GL300 are very low. This setting helps control battery usage and I have had it for years. It works. Invoxia doesn't work and it has worse features than other trackers. Don't buy.

👤If children travel in cars, this is not a good tracker. That's a good thing because it looks like it uses theLTE. If you are considering buying one of these, please look at the graphic that is provided in the listing that shows a cell phone screen with a map beside a tracker and notice a few things. The dots and time stamps are not stop points. The points where the tracker happened to be are just that. They are on the streets. They are connected with diagonal lines that cross over multiple possible routes. The fastest update setting is 5 minutes and a moving vehicle can go a long way in that time. The tracker will need to be charged more frequently if the updates are frequent. My Invoxia is just a few days instead of months. Imagine that the vehicle that the tracker was in used many of the same streets on the same day. Imagine a map that is cluttered with time stamps and you have to scroll all the way down to find all of the time stamps from a given trip to get a rough idea of the route that was taken. It can get very cluttered if you don't clear the screen before midnight. I have a tracker that updates every 15 seconds and renders the exact route that was taken. I can clear the map between trips with two taps, and I can play a history on the map of the whole day at many speeds. A single charge lasts at least 5 times as long as the Invoxia, even using 15 second updates. It has a strong magnet to hold it in place. I paid $25 for the tracker at Amazon and $9.95 a month for the cellular service that keeps it connected through The service is free. It is nearly perfect because it occasionally logs points that are not correct. They are easy to ignore because they are miles off target and could not have been traveled in 15 seconds. After about 2 months, my Invoxia stopped working. When I open the app, I can see a point near me, but not anymore. There is no time stamp. I've been trying to get this fixed for more than a month. It can take more than a day to send a message to them because of the different time zones. They are in Paris. I made a mistake when I set up my account. I can't get e-mails that are addressed to me because I made a mistake in my email address. I can communicate with tech support using a different email address, but I can't use automated features like password recovery. The fact that they didn't confirm that the e-mail address I submitted was working is a sign of their poor standing with me. If it's not very close by, I only know of the phone app or the Web site. I can send an email to my other tracker and get a link to a map showing it's location in seconds. I can do this from any smart phone. geo fencing is a feature that is supposed to alert me when a tracker enters or leaves an area that I have designated on a map. This feature has not worked well for me on either tracker. Some of the trackers are not compatible withLTE. Those that don't will stop working when there is a future date. There are a lot of gps trackers available. If Invoxia gets my tracker working again, I will post an update. The day after I posted this review, everything started working again.

6. Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof Accessories

Computer Wireless Speedometer Waterproof Accessories

The auto stop-start works. This computer will start recording the riding tracking when it stops for a break or waits for a traffic light. Setting up your gear and traveling more often are both things you can spend less time on. This bike computer has a high sensitivity gps chip and supports three systems. Fast global positioning is possible with the use of gps and GLONASS. The time will be adjusted according to the local time if you set the time zone before use. It's convenient and durable because of its small size, light weight and auto sleep function. The bike speedometer can measure speed, altitude, distance, riding time and etc. It's better for a bicyclist or fitness fanatic to record and manage their cycling data. The computer is designed for day and night. The back and right buttons can be pressed at the same time to change the backlight level. The anti-glare screen makes it easy to see the data. The wireless bike computer is very easy to install. The design of theusb rechargeable makes it compatible with any charging device. The battery can provide up to 8 hours of run time. Customers will receive a three-month replacement and one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have a question, please contact them immediately by email and their customer service team will help you out.

Brand: Meilan

👤The speed of RC cars was checked by this gps. I checked the accuracy against another gps and found it to be accurate. I haven't tested it yet, but it appears to be waterproof. I didn't need the manual to setup this unit because it looked like it could use a little work. I had no setup issues despite the feature that I overlooked. I was told there is a better manual online. I have not looked for it. Most of the functions can be figured out if you have used a multi button watch.

👤I had a wired bike computer before, and even more recently, a wireless one. The bike computer was as practical and game changing as any of those. There are no wires or sensor to install anymore. You're good to go if you just install the computer itself. I was a little worried about this first, but after watching some videos and testing it myself, I definitely saw that, after waiting for a mandatoryGPS signal locking confirmation from the device, it was pretty spot on. You should check the video on YT or on here from other customers to find out how to set it up, as the instructions could be very confusing. You don't have to do anything else complicated with it once it's all set up.

👤I read that there were problems with this during set-up. I owned enough multi button watches to not experience problems. The vendor addressed this by posting instructions. I put this on the e bike folder. I didn't want to calibrate a wired unit. It works great and provides the data I need. MPH is the distance. It was perfect.

👤The device is a good value, but the underlying software needs some work, as it is very confusing and certain aspects of the interface are still unknown to me. When the gps signal is not present, the speed on the speedometer can go down by 40%, but the odometer still works well. This issue could have been mitigated by better software design. The setup button in the back is glitchy. If a button doesn't respond, it's best to give a double-tap and try again. This issue could be mitigated by better driver programming.

👤I was looking for an inexpensive device. Didn't require ANT+ connections. It was mounted on my gravel bike. On a 53 mile ride, it was within 0.1 miles of phoneGPS. It works and was even able to lock onto the gps inside while I was setting it up, despite the lag in displayed speed. There is a Instructions of minimal help can be found on YouTube. If you only want a speedometer with normal things like average speed and max speed, you're done. Get this one instead of the other at this price point.

👤I think the IPX5 rating is BS. I used it to train for races. It worked well for a couple of uses. IPX5 means that it can "sustain a low-pressure water jet spray", which is what it means when it says on the box. It wouldn't be submerged unless it got flipped over, and there would be no pressure. It was all fogged up after one trip out, even though it was splashed more than usual. I let it dry overnight, but when I plugged it in, it shorted out, luckily I didn't blow up my computer. I picked up a 6X instead of the Fenix.

7. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone running a higher version of the operating system. The app is required. Four Pack. There is a pack of four smarttags.

Brand: Samsung

👤It took hours to get 6 tags connected. There are serial number errors. To reset the device, you have to rip the covers off the tags. Since buying, the app has been broke more than working. The server error on Smart Things Find still hasn't been fixed. It is nearly worthless. They repeat what you send. You can see all the troubles on the site. The server error was fixed at 8am on 1/22/22. I notified them because there was no info from support.

👤These are useful. We lost our keys and remotes a lot. No more issues were attached. They've been tested in the world. I left one in my car when I was away for a couple of days and was able to monitor it in a large empty lot for 3 days. The tone is loud enough to be heard even when the tag is inside a bag. The button feature works well. I put a single push on my key tag to turn off our TV and long hold to text my wife. Both work.

👤All four tags that read them received an error code. Requests for information to be sent to customer support, but no contact information is available. Two other tags from other vendors work great. If the next set works as intended, will update the review.

👤It works well. It's easy to use and fast. It is not coming with a buckle. The battery isn't fully charged.

👤I bought this because my memory is bad. I put one in my car and the other on my keyring. I have not used it yet, but when it's not connected to my phone, it says that my car is a block away from where I parked it. The keys are not far away. When setting up the tags, you can change the app icon, name, and ring tone to help you locate your missing item.

👤It has a software limitation that makes it hard to enter. If you're not using a phone, you can't bind this device to the app.

👤I showed up at the location where I lost my backpack. After I activated the alarm, I took me less than 3 minutes. I was in the front office.

👤Es un buen paquete econmico. El proceso de configuracin is simple. Dado tiene acomodar anillos de llavero, es fcil acomodarlo junto con las llaves y otros productos similares. No tiene un buen volumen, pero no tiene para el propsito. Tiene algunas funcionalidades, pero tienen un dispositivo. El material con estn cubiertos, es plstico duro, para acceder a la batera. La no es fcil de manejar para rastrear el producto. constantemente se confunde con las direcciones. No parece detectar la difer, es complicado pues no.

👤One out of four air tags is dead on arrival, so I called the support of the company, but they told me it was not usable and I should send it to a service center. They can't help me with the broken charger, I wasted my time on the phone. I have to send the whole pack back.

8. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a newer version of the operating system. The app is required.

Brand: Samsung

👤One day I came home from work and found my mom wandering off, I bought this device to track her movements, and when I called the hospital, they were amazed that I found her.

👤I bought this to find my phone. If you have opened SmartThings, double-clicking the SmartTag will work. If you're phone has rebooted, it doesn't work, the tag just sits there and beeps, and you can't use it. If I missed placing my phone and SmartThings, I'm fine. I can't tell if there's an option to have SmartThings run in the background or not. Unless you're disciplined enough to remember to open SmartThings whenever you restart your phone, I wouldn't recommend this gizmo.

👤It works well for me. You have to have a working device to use these. Is it possible that I want another brand phone? You're denied. You have only one phone and it is not from the same company. You're denied. I might only ever buy one. I like how much it does. It should be able to do things that the Tile tracker can't do. Since it's a system app, you don't need to have a "enabled" one. I like that. I like that you can still find your phone without the high battery cost, which is something the Tile tracker does. The Tile tracker and this are both three stars because of their usage problems. If you want the same use of it, you should use this tag for the Tile, it has too high a battery cost. The only one that I can recommend is the one that has its own cost of requiring specific phones, the one that has a tag of low battery cost, the one that has a tag of low cost. Its crazy. I like how other phones from strangers can update their location when it's outside of the device range. I haven't looked to see if anything else can be done through their phones. It's not cool to require a device from a company. They should make an app that is more compatible. This would increase their game. They've limited their market and made a disservice to their customers. Three stars is not good. I had to find lost keys because one of the tags was attached to one of the keys, so I tried to get away from the area, but it said all tags where I was. They need to fix something. The phone wouldn't connect to the keys when I got to the area. If you force it to end, it might work. It worked after a restart and found the keys in the mud. Without it, the keys would never have been found, except by chance. Success!

👤I bought one but it couldn't link with my new phone because it had issues with the ID. The paperwork that came with the tag was useless. The issue was researched on the net and found a lot of other people with the same problem, but no one could seem to get help from the company. I'm not wasting any more of my time because my gut feeling is that the real problem is that the tags were mislabeled and mistakenly sent to the US, which is incompatible with the frequencies in other countries. Sending it back. Done.

9. Samsung SmartThings SMV110VZWVB GPS Enabled Nationwide

Samsung SmartThings SMV110VZWVB GPS Enabled Nationwide

There is a separate service plan purchase required. A device with a gps signal. Automatic notifications and real–time location tracking.

Brand: Samsung

👤Couldn't set up the tracker with SmartThings. I was not able to complete the setup because I was very technically competent. You have to pay for the tracker and ThingSpace account in addition to the subscription fee to use it.

👤They no longer support the newer versions of the operating system after you purchase updates.

👤I have two that work. It's not possible to add new trackers to the accounts. It's not clear if it's a problem with the phone or something else. Multiple people have reported the problem to the support of the company.

👤I couldn't setup the device with the other company. I have to create a VZW Biz account through the thingspace portal. The account couldn't be created because I am an individual customer. The device is still supported by the company, but I couldn't get it activated. Will be returning it.

👤Who's phone doesn't get automatic update if you don't work on andriod 11. The products fault should be fixed not the update.

👤I will return this product because it won't work.

👤I wanted this product to work, but it needed to be activated with the phone company, which took me 20 tries.

👤I tried 50 times to get it to connect, but it was a total failure. I'm not sure what's happening with this product. The s10+ of the galaxy.

10. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Accessory Attachment

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Accessory Attachment

If you think your lost item is nearby, tap the ring button on your cell phone and follow the sound to the volume you set. This walks you step-by-step to the lost item, and gives you a unique visual way to locate it with a SmartTag+ attached; it even lets you know you're close with a green sensor light when you're at the destination. Are your tagged item out of range? No problem! Even when offline, the Find Network can use scanned data to find it privately, and you can also switch to other devices, like a smart watch, to locate your items. If you think your lost item is nearby, tap the ring button on your cell phone and follow the sound to the volume you set. This walks you step-by-step to the lost item, and gives you a unique visual way to locate it with a SmartTag+ attached; it even lets you know you're close with a green sensor light when you're at the destination. Are your tagged item out of range? No problem! Even when offline, the Find Network can use scanned data to find it privately, and you can also switch to other devices, like a smart watch, to locate your items.

Brand: Samsung Electronics

👤The search needs a new version of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 and S22 phones.

👤My keys fell out of my pocket as I crossed the street. I thought I had left my keys at home when I took the train to work, until I realized I had lost my keys. I remembered that I had a SmartTag. Thank goodness I checked. My keys were a mile away and I was able to identify them. I used the tracking feature to get back to the area. Everyone is receiving a gift this holiday season.

👤I have a smart lock that is linked to both things. I can lock the door with a single press, open the door with a long press, or find my phone with a double press if I do this. If you don't want to use the AR find on the Note 20, S21, or newer, you can use the 2 pack of the tag+ and a single older tag. The tag plus has better range and battery.

👤I ordered a package for myself and a package for my son. I wanted to try it out before giving my son a Christmas present. It was easy to set up. The dices battery was low the day after I set it up. I only have to replace the battery in one new item because I was worried that the second one would be the same. I can't say how long the battery would last if it had arrived full. I got them because they seem like a good idea for people who lose their keys.

👤It wasn't accurate enough to find my cats. The louder the beeper, the better. The tags on my cell phone were no longer working after my A50 broke and my carrier replaced it with a 21 phone. The tags do not support the a21

👤I get updates from items I've left behind that strangers' devices pinging the location back to me, and these things are phenomenal. Very useful.

👤It was very easy to set up my phone. A very cool tracker. I've used it to find my keys before. I used them on my last two vacations. The peace of mind in knowing the exact location is great, I did not actually need to locate my suitcase. If your bags end up in California when you should be in South Carolina, your smart tag will show it and you can show the airline their mistake.

11. Hangang Tracker Portable Tracking Locator

Hangang Tracker Portable Tracking Locator

The package includes a mini tracker, aUSB cable, and a battery. Real-time tracking, display location information automatically (supportsANDROID/iOS APP, Web/WAP),GPS/LBS mode positioning,GPS positioning accuracy of up to 16ft (5m) are available worldwide. Please confirm that there is 2G cellular coverage in your area and that you can get a sim card which supports 2G cellular from your country before you order. When the tracker is in a designated district, it will send an alarm to the APP or admin number. Within 6 months, you can look back at the route of the device to know where your child or parent will go. Real-time tracking,geo-fence, historical route view, induction sensor, shake alarm, low power alarm, power-saving mode on the APP are all multi-function. The battery has a working mode of 50-100h. The net weight is 0.88oz. The mini design and wide use is a mini gps tracker. The gps tracker is designed for use in a wide range of objects such as purse wallet bags, children's satchels, important documents, pram, bicycles, motorcycle tracker, cars, trucks, boats, vans, and anti-theft construction equipment. Their lifetime free APP allows you to remotely track on the phone, PC, and tablets with your phone. Their mini gps tracking device has a 30-day full refund and a 360-day warranty. Feel free to contact the customer service team if you have any problems.

Brand: Hangang

👤I bought this to put on my bike. If I have it constantly sending gps, it will only last 4-7 hours. This works well for me. When I am riding my bike, I leave it out for a short time. Since I rebuilt my bike, I put this under the seat to make me feel a little safer. I spent $200 on a $150 bike and upgraded it to include new parts. I want to protect my bike and go the extra mile because I have never spent that kind of money on a bike before. It has a few days of spare time. I charge it for about two hours before I leave. Nothing has happened yet. I will be able to track it if something happens. The app is buggy but not useless. It's a cheap device that gives me peace of mind. You will need a Sim card to use it. Buy a phone. I did that.

👤Difficult to use, no one speaks English, and I am a tech knowledgeable person. It would not be a good idea.

👤The tracker doesn't work with the app. I had no luck trying to get it to work. It would be great to see where your tracker is at.

👤It was very difficult to get working.

👤The battery dies in 30 minutes.

👤It's not easy to use. There are instructions that are not clear.


What is the best product for gps bike tracker samsung?

Gps bike tracker samsung products from Samsung. In this article about gps bike tracker samsung you can see why people choose the product. Winnes and Zeerkeer are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps bike tracker samsung.

What are the best brands for gps bike tracker samsung?

Samsung, Winnes and Zeerkeer are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps bike tracker samsung. Find the detail in this article. Samsung, Invoxia and Meilan are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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