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1. Garmin Mountain Performance Monitoring Popularity

Garmin Mountain Performance Monitoring Popularity

The computer has a map and a touchscreen. When coupled with compatible sensors, dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training balance, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more. The dynamics of the ride include jump count, hang time and hang time, as well as Grit, a measure of the ride's difficulty, and Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time. New bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, assistance and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights are some of the cycling safety features. Includes a cycle map with popularity route, plus off-course recalculation and back to start, as well as trail difficulty ratings. The Connect IQ Store has free apps, data fields andwidgets. Up to 20 hours with the gps, and up to 40 hours with the charge power pack.

Brand: Garmin

👤The Edge 530 is a good bike computer. It did everything I expected, and did better than any previous one. There are people who don't understand what they are buying. A consumer electronic device is what this computer is. It will need to be updated and is not perfect. There are two more A fancy computer. No two ways about that! It isn't the top of the line, but it is more than a speedometer. I don't have anything bad to report, so I will move on to the good. My Edge 520 was good for 7 hours. The 530 ran for over 12 hours on the Seattle to Portland train. Good communication. There are no issues connecting to HR, power meter, phone, speed sensor. I had to upload maps of the area on the Edge 520. It's all built in. There are four There was no touch screen. That is a good point for me. The interface is very similar to the 520. GLONASS has added accuracy. There are improvements to the Strava segment. It is not for everyone, but it handles favorited segments very well, and it is a nice feature. The possibilities are taken to a new level. This is part of the connect IQ and allows you to download custom data fields and make your device work for you.

👤I thought buying a navigation device would make me not have headaches. I was wrong. I can't pair my Edge to my phone because it doesn't recognise my sensors, and I have to keep reseting it to turn it on. The 530 was terrible according to a review I read. I didn't trust him. You should stick to the 520. I called Garmin Support and they were nice, but there was no solution for me. They told me to wait for an update because they already had some issues with the phone. When you buy a $400 device, it's not what you expect.

👤I don't have an issue with the bike computer but the bundle is supposed to come with a Silicone case. The box has it listed on it. The bundle did not include a case and when I contacted the seller, they said their bundle did not include a case. This is BS because the case is listed in the box. I can only assume the seller got the bundle and then took the case with him. The price is the same as on the site, so I am missing a case that I paid for. The seller is not trustworthy.

👤It is very complicated. I took the unit to my local store. The Garmen unit is one of the models they sell. I asked a sales person to help me set up the navigation system. He was familiar with the system. His first words were, "This is going to take you a while to program and to figure out how to use". We spent 45 minutes trying to set up the system. It became confusing which button did what. We weren't able to have the unit save our choices even when we selected them. This was just the beginning. He was telling me how easy the touch screen system was to use. I didn't want to spend more money on another system. I paid $2,000 for my bike and now we're talking about a Garmen accessory that was going to cost $500 or more. He told me how to download and create my own routes. I had enough. I would like to ride my bike and get some information about my speed and location. I can get this from my phone with an app, which is cheaper and less frustrating. This piece of equipment is sophisticated and provides the best and most detailed data, but it is also very frustrating and time consuming to use and setup.

2. Garmin Performance Touchscreen Monitoring Popularity

Garmin Performance Touchscreen Monitoring Popularity

When coupled with compatible sensors, dynamic performance monitoring provides insights on your VO2 max, recovery, training load focus, heat and altitude acclimation, nutrition, hydration and more. New bike alarm, group messaging and tracking, assistance and compatibility with Varia rearview radar and lights are some of the cycling safety features. The mountain biking model has integrated Trail forks data, and the cycle map with popularity route helps you ride like a local. The Connect IQ Store has free apps, data fields andwidgets. The dynamics of the ride are measured by the jump count, hang time, and Grit, as well as Flow, which tracks the smoothness of your descent so you have a score to beat next time. Up to 20 hours with the gps, and up to 40 hours with the charge power pack.

Brand: Garmin

👤I just got a computer. The size is perfect. The touch screen works well. The display is responsive and easy to see. You can plot your course by using the app on your phone and then push the course to the gps device. It gave me a lot of off course warnings when I first rode it, as when the route was created, it sometimes had me on the highway. The gps was set to save battery life. The pictures of my ride cut corners. I will see how it goes when I change the setting every second. The speed sensor and the cadence sensor are the ones I like the most. I couldn't tell you the size of the tire by the speed sensor on the wheel. You can see different pages of data on your ride. One of the screens has a nice picture of the elevation changes so you know in advance if a hill is coming or if you will be going down a hill. Adding the heart rate data field was one of the changes I had to make. Even though a HR strap is included in the box, the heart rate is not included on the screens. It was easy to add during my ride. My ride was assumed to be a Mountain ride by the 830. You can change your Default RideType under the Activity Profiles setting. I am very pleased with the new model and I highly recommend it. The price hurts a little.

👤I did a lot of research before making a decision. It has more features than I will ever use but it has everything I need. It is difficult to setup. The pair kept failing. The issue was fixed with a simple reboot of the phone and garmin. The touch screen works well, but it is slow to respond to touch. It's not terrible. The battery life seems good, but I think about 8 hours of use is the most you can get out of a new unit. I would recommend charging after every 5 hour ride. I only ride my bike on the road. I use a map and a HRM. For my display, I have miles, time, HR, and 5 mile laps. It's easy to Upload courses from garmin connect. The map feature has worked well for me and let me know if there is any advance notice for upcoming turns. It warns of upcoming curves. The notifications are a bonus. Seeing texts come in and knowing the weather is a nice feature. The emergency feature is nice. My family responded immediately after I accidentally sent an emergency response while trying to turn off the unit. Oops. The upper left corner of the screen cracked after I dropped it. I had no issues with the unit, but I was worried about the water getting into it and ruining it. I contacted garmin support to let them know I would be willing to pay for a new screen. They said they would cover the unit. Wow! That is how you do it. garmin support is something I can't say enough about. Topnotch. Within 10 days, I had a new unit. They have my business.

3. LEZYNE XL GPS Computer Black

LEZYNE XL GPS Computer Black

ANT+ TECHNOLOGY Track your bike route or create a new one, measure personal statistics like pace, altitude, and more. ANT+ Technology support allows you to connect additional devices. Designed and engineered in-house using the ultimate in cycling gps technology. 48 hour max, high-resolution screen with the option of vertical or horizontal viewing. In addition to compatible electronic drivetrains, you can pair with power meters, heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors and other devices. The Lezyne Ally V2 app provides turn-by-turn navigation and phone notifications when you pair it with an iPad or an iPad mini. Ride data can be auto-synced to other platforms.

Brand: Lezyne

👤Everyone has noted that the Mega has a good sized screen, easy to read, and good battery life. The mapping is basic. Time, speed, and distance are all good. Customer support is very responsive. There is a There are unresolved problems after using it for 2 years. The altitude reading is variable. On my regular ride that has a gain of 480 feet, the Mega shows as low as 350 to 1325 feet. It tries to correct the barometric reading with gps data as you ride and makes it unreliable. The corrected gain is not the same as my other units, but you can upload the ride to their site and it will correct this effect. Who would want to go to this trouble after every ride? This is a problem since altitude gain is a key metric for mountain biking. 2. I stop when it says that I have stopped, even though I'm still moving. It restarts in a few seconds. Only after they provided a wheel sensor did they resolve. 3. The temperature reading is always higher than the other units. 4. You won't get an accurate reading on shorter hills as compared to others because it responds slowly to changes in grade. 5. To turn it off, you need 7 presses if the phone app is not connected. 6. If you don't wait for it to acquire satellites before starting, it will just say movement detected and you will have to record it. You don't need to sound a alarm so you can record a good part of your ride. I have demoted my Mega to a backup and now use a Hammerhead instead.

👤Maybe I got a lemon. Maybe it's just junk. I came from a dog. I bought this hoping it would live up to the hype. The first problem I had was a faulty upload. I moved on. It rained here in Florida. The unit started flickering in the rain. The screen would stay out longer and the flickers would get more frequent. The ride was 63 miles. It only rained for 5 miles by that time. I uploaded my ride and went home. When I got home, the unit never turned back on. I can hear the tone when I try to turn on the screen. The unit is not waterproof. If I can't get caught in the rain, what's the point? This is the first time I have had a problem with my animal. Before anyone mentioned this, the cover was completely closed. When I noticed it was about to rain, I checked that. You can see the condensation under the screen in the pictures.

👤I got a bike computer that would display text messages and other things. It integrates with the Lezyne Smart lights. The display of ride parameters is very visible. The price is cheap. The good parts are that one. The bad. The push buttons are very stiff and awkwardly placed. The mapping function doesn't show street names. When I power off the computer, it loses its map files and no map will show. It's much easier to turn on and off the lights manually. The LezyneGPS Ally app only works on the phone. It is difficult to shut off the computer and save the ride recording. The software is glitchy. The computer will often show a weird screen when it's turned on. When the battery is charged, it will do the same thing. Recovery requires you to hold down the 2 button for 30 seconds and then restart. Save your money and get the Edge 830, you won't regret it.

4. Wantacme Computers Waterproof Bluetooth Speedometer

Wantacme Computers Waterproof Bluetooth Speedometer

The gps bike computer. The bicycle computer can give you an accurate fast positioning, don't worry, it has a high-sensitivity signal receiver. The gps bike tracker supports connecting with both ANT+ and the XOSS app. You can make your riding more professional by recording more cycling data. The large screen and battery give you a better cycling experience. The XOSS app can be used to save and share cycling data. If you don't take your phone when you ride, you can save file and send it to Strava. Push to beat your goals with analysis of your cycling data. The gps setting is 1. Make sure to search for the gps in an open area, and press the left button to start, otherwise you will miss it. If it doesn't work, try again by connecting the APP to the factory settings. The gps setting is 1. Make sure to search for the gps in an open area, and press the left button to start, otherwise you will miss it. If it doesn't work, try again by connecting the APP to the factory settings.

Brand: Xoss

👤I'm torn about this device. It can communicate with your phone and ant+ devices. That's more than a basic cateye or sigma bike computer can do. The display is the problem. The viewing angle is not good. It lacks contrast when you look straight at it. It seems to be adjusted in a way that the contrast is better when you look at it from a different angle. I thought it was set this way because the device could be mounted out front on the handlebars, but I realized it could still be out front. I asked the seller and Xoss if they knew of a way to adjust the contrast. The seller thought I was talking about the backlight when Xoss didn't reply. You can't download data directly from the Xoss app or device. You can have the data sync with Strava after the activity has been uploaded. You can download the data from Strava. There isn't health kit integration. If there was health kit integration, the Xoss app would ask for your age, sex, weight, height, and other information. I'm not sure why that data is needed by the app, it doesn't use it for anything.

👤If you only want to ride outside, this is a good unit and a good deal. It's well made and accurate to my watch. The mount is very stiff, so the rubber bands stretch a bit. If you don't want those bands to stretch out and lose the device, you should look for an out-front mount. You have to restart the app to get it to connect. If you are using an indoor trainer or spin bike all winter, there is no way to show/sync this info because it will only calculate elapsed/total distance and time via gps. The product description didn't mention it, and the manual didn't mention it because the answers on the product page were inconsistent. I tried to get in touch with XOSS via email and social media, but never heard back. Their entire social media presence is just pointless posts that look automatic and scheduled, with comments full of people begging for support. It's sad that this company doesn't have real customer support because their app is more popular in China. I'm returning the device and running the free Wahoo Fitness or Velodash apps on a phone instead, with a battery pack connected for long rides. In the spring I'll probably break down and get one of the similar, better-supported offerings from Lezyne which allow indoor training because they are more trustworthy than a phone in wet weather.

👤If you don't want to spend a lot of money but want to be able to access sensor data or just tra k distance and speed, this is the thing for you. A good deal for the price. Not for pros but a good choice for a hobby that wants to collect ride data.

👤The display is readable during the day. 6 hours is the life of the battery. I could live with a battery life of 12 hours. The time is on the low side. I encountered a glitch where I configured my device to use the Imperial system, but it switched to the Metric system while I was on a 50 mile ride. The elastic rubber bands were used to hold the device to the handle bar. The charging port is not accessible when the unit is mounted. It would be helpful if the charging port was on the side where the unit could be mounted.

5. Bryton Computer Bread Crumb Satellites Accuracy

Bryton Computer Bread Crumb Satellites Accuracy

BLE supports more reliable data transfer, alternative data page layout, and more. A 2.3” B/W display. There is a clear view in the day and night. The follow track has turn-by-turn navigation. 3rd party GPX/FIT routes can be supported. 35 hours of battery life. Satellite systems support for faster and stronger signal. BLE heartrate, speed and cadence sensor compatibility is compatible with ANT+. ANT+ Power Meter and power meter pedals can be used. Automatic sync to TrainingPeaks and Selfloops is compatible with the Bryton Active App. Modification of device settings and data pages are possible.

Brand: Bryton

👤This is more of a first impression than a full review because I have only had it for a short time. The VDO MC1.0 was replaced by the Bryton Rider 420. I thought the VDO looked a bit small when I first upgraded from a basic Cateye. The VDO is small, but it's mounted on the handlebars next to the Bryton Rider. It's the same size as my old flip phone. The screen is large, even though I think the size of the screen is small. The screen is not a high resolution screen, so I would prefer to display up to 10 fields per screen. The placement of the buttons is not nice to me. It's also annoying that there's only a down button for the menu. I think the main buttons should be placed on the bottom of the screen, so that you can memorize which button does what. The wired speed sensor of the VDO is not as accurate as the gps speed. When it's windy, the altitude on the Bryton varies a lot. The VDO is usually 45 degrees cooler than the Bryton, but we don't know which one is off. It's weird that when they're next to each other on my desk, they display the same temperature, but outside, it's different. Sometimes the auto-pause on the Bryton takes half an intersection of distance before it starts recording again. It can be up to 1.5 miles lower on the VDO on a 50 mile ride. I can only attribute the mileage difference to the auto-pause feature since the speed is very close to the VDO. I was able to ride for 16 hours on my first full charge, but I didn't record a ride because the battery was low. That was not connected to any sensors. It's a bit short of 35 hours. The battery life is still shortening despite the addition of a power meter with a cadence sensor. The battery dropped after I did a century ride, but I was able to complete the century in about nine hours. I'm waiting for my heart rate monitor to come in, so I think it will shorten the battery life. There is still plenty of battery life for all day riding. The app/web is limited because of their use of OpenStreetMap. Even though some of the streets are used by cyclists, it will not route to them. Sometimes it won't route using the street you've chosen. The OpenStreetMap feels limited after you're used to it. I don't bother using the bread crumb feature of this Bryton... I memorize the route. I should have gotten the 320 and used the money to purchase the Bryton Sport Mount. I think it's still a good value, since it was 10% cheaper than usual, since I purchased it on Prime Day.

👤I bought a new bike gps unit. The essential functions and data of the Bryton Rider 420 made it my choice. The battery life is good. I took it for a long ride and I don't think it changed much. I used to have to replenish my head unit after every long ride. The hardware of Rider is built to last. The unit is sturdy. The screen is easy to read. The back light can be kept on in low light situations. The head unit is very accurate and fast. I connected it to the Assioma pedal power meter. The unit syncs easily with 3rd party apps. I'm quite happy with this purchase. The unit is pretty adequate for most riders. There are no fancy software functions like live segment. This unit works well for providing route direction and capturing all the relevant ride data.

6. Bryton Computer Powerful Satellite Systems

Bryton Computer Powerful Satellite Systems

A 2.3” screen with a powerful backlight and a changeable contrast will fit 8 data per page. 35 hour battery life with 72 functions and 5 satellite system support for faster and stronger signal. BLE heartrate, speed and cadence sensor compatibility is compatible with ANT+. ANT+ Power Meter and Power Meter Pedals can be used with calibration. It's compatible with the Bryton Active App. You can set up the new device and view workout results on the app. BLE supports more reliable data transfer, alternative data page layout, and more. BLE supports more reliable data transfer, alternative data page layout, and more.

Brand: Bryton

👤I like this device. I used it to track my rides and send the information to the popular app for cyclists and swimmers. I can confirm that the battery life has lasted at least 20 hours with no charge needed. It is backlit so you can read it while riding your bike. It was illuminated until when I returned from a place 60 miles from home. The device is similar to the device in that it uses a light highlighting of speed, but it does not use the dark highlighting of speed as the device does. You can set the fields visible on the data pages using your phone. It pairs with a variety of devices using both theANT+ andBLEAK protocols. I bought the device itself and added the sensors later as separate purchases, so you can buy a more expensive and inclusive version of this product that comes with Heartrate Monitor. You can display that data along with the time, the detected temperature, the hill gradient, miles traveled on the trip, and various other items of data you may want to monitor on your ride. One Caveat. Some people like to use these devices for navigation. The 320 will not do that, I know that the other models are capable of that. I don't use turn by turn directions on my phone, so the 320 is great for me, as I don't need that feature as I use a lot of maps on my phone.

👤I was a user of the bolt and I was impressed when I tried the Rider 320, because of the price it was really affordable. The bike computer is very fast and the display is very clear outdoors. They have done a good job of improving their software over the years. I used to be a user of Bryton a few years back. The setup is similar to wahoo and real time change whats on the screen, my favor is the bike computer screen layout directly setup on the phone knowing exactly which display field you are setting. I would love to try this unit in a color version.

👤I didn't need a colour screen or map navigation. The b&w display is clear even in direct sunlight. There is plenty of battery for multiple rides. The gps connection seems stable. It was easy to connect a heart rate monitor to my phone. You can use the app on your phone to set a few data options, such as speed, time, distance, HR etc, and switch between them when riding. Depending on the type of ride I'm on, I choose between a minimal speed info and pages with more in-depth data. Text messages, in-coming calls, emails and other things can be displayed until you link to a phone. If you need it, back-light is optional.

👤My wife just got into cycling and we bought this for her. The bike computer adds to the experience of training. Some features are not explained in the instructions, but so far it works great. I was able to get it set up after a little tweaking, it only came with a small booklet. The unit fits nicely on her Specialized. The battery life is not good. Multiple rides in and it hasn't damaged the battery. 35 hours seems to be an accurate estimate. The first time we brought it outside, it took about 5 minutes to get satellite connection, but it went much faster the second time. There were no gaps or bugs in the rides where the speed was lost. I think it was a great purchase. The numbers are large which makes it easier to see while riding.

7. Wireless Smart Sport Bicycle Computer

Wireless Smart Sport Bicycle Computer

CYCLING ASSISTANT: The Smart Bicycling Computer is your personal cycling assistant. It motivates you to train harder. The included items are a power adapter, a power cable, and a handlebar mount. A built-in smart sensor. Features built-in smart sensor for accurate and reliable results. You can record your fitness exercise and training performances. Provides timer, calories burned, speed, and distance readings. When the set ranges are reached, there are alarms. The software for the gps device. Includes built-in gps navigation recognition and recall data from your bike ride. You can view graphs and charts of your performance. Saves the data so you can use it. Ghost feature allows you to challenge your best time and distance. Up to 80 hours of performance records can be saved with built-in memory. The mount is for attachment to the handlebars. ANT+ TECHNOLOGY Track your bike route or create a new one, measure personal statistics like pace, altitude, and more. ANT+ Technology support allows you to connect additional devices.

Brand: Pyle

👤Power is displayed as a raw number, but not recorded to a file. I/O is not ideal. I think it would be fine for someone without a power meter who doesn't need a lot of connecting with the outside world. By the time I got to this point, I already had more capable gear, so I could make a go of training myself or coaching someone with just this computer and a HRM. garmin is a good example of a fitness watch that has cycling modes. If pyle could write power data to the file and make it easier to move data to other services, it would be easy. I don't know anyone who would recommend this computer. I'm not sure if it works for everyone. When I looked at this for my wife, I realized how hard it would be to get her data out. I gave her my old edge 520 and gave her the new edge 820. There's not much in between. My wife doesn't need the head unit now that she agreed to get a garmin watch with cycling mode, so I'm disappointed that I spent so much. I wish there was more space for the entry level stuff. The computer is close to being good enough for me, but it lacks key abilities. It would need to be a standard file format for me. It's easy to access data, even if it's on a drive via a computer, with the option to write power data to files and display zones and percentages for all data.

👤It isn't compatible with Map My Ride and it isn't compatible with Strava. You can send a GPX file to MMR. It only picks up your HR once or twice for the whole ride, so it's not really useful for performance monitoring. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't picking up the HR of someone I was riding with. The third-party software that it comes with has better support than the actual device. The biggest reason I don't like this thing is the number of times it has lost data. I'll have a great ride. I save the ride and drive home. Plug it in and you will see a message that there is no data on the device. There is no record of my ride. I can see that the memory says 54%. When there is no data on it, how can it use half of its memory? I'm over it, it happened on more than one occasion. Save your money because you're going to have to replace it after a few months. I was too cheap to buy the device before Christmas.

👤The Pyle Bike Computer is a full featured unit at a good price, but it's quirky user interface makes it a bit let down. It does the job once you get used to it. The mount was easy to attach and I was able to link it to the sender unit. It works with my Minoura heart monitor, but it takes a long time to sync-up whenever I use it. You can replay your ride with the supplied computer software. I had no problem loading and running it on Windows 10. There is a For someone who wants all the bells and whistles but doesn't want to spend hundreds on a device, this could be a good option.

8. WAHOO ELEMNT WFCC5 Computer Single

WAHOO ELEMNT WFCC5 Computer Single

The garmin edge mount replacement is easy to install. Turn by turn navigation. GPX files, and routes imported from Strava, Ride WithGPS, and Komoot will be automatically generated by the ELEMNT BOLT. You can see what your next turn is with the top LEDs and audible cues. Take me to (on-DEMAND ROUTE GENERATION) includes global maps. Take Me To allows you to create a route with turn-by-turn directions by selecting a location on the ELEMNT BOLT map page, using its pan and zoom, or by selecting from one of your saved locations. If you enter a destination, address, or point of interest in the ELEMNT Companion App, you can generate a route with turn-by-turn directions. ANT+ RADAR INTEGRATION - Pair your ANT+ Rearview radar to your ELEMNT BOLT to get the real-time proximity of vehicles approaching you from behind. The vehicles are represented on the screen of the computer when you pair the BOLT with it. The Elemnt Bozt is integrated with other programs. You can quickly find training plans and execute workouts on any smart trainer. It's easy to set, track and achieve your performance goals with your workout data automatically sent back to the apps. When you sync with compatible accounts, your saved routes will be automatically downloaded to the ellipse. All authorized third-party accounts will be uploaded after rides are completed. On-screen pop-up notifications and LED indications to notify you of calls, texts, emails, and telegrams are provided. Only available if you have a Do Not Disturb mode on your phone. You can share a LiveTrack link with the ELEMNT Companion App. Become the Local Legend in your favorite riding spots. When the ELEMNT Companion App is authenticated, it will alert you when your saved Strava segments are approaching on your route to give you real-time progress and you can race for the KOM/QOM.

Brand: Wahoo Fitness

👤The Bolt V2 ist verfgbar war, and er is endlich in kleiner Stckzahl. Ihn ist er gerade, und ist er 300 erworben. Kann jeder selbst. Im Farbdisplay ist immer gut, ob bei direkter Sonne und im Schatten. Man ist besser orientieren, und ist das Re-routing (zurck zum Strecke) besser. Fr ist das beste Fahrrad-Navi.

👤The Fahrrad computer war in gut angekommen. Weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin alle, weiterhin all

👤Zakup I dostawa. sprawdza w treningach. I bdzie test na zewntrz. Fajnie, e ma 2 mocowania w zestawie.

👤The original Halterung ist leider. Notlsung ist ok, aber fr so viel Geld ist. Jetzt ist das Extra in das Halterung.

👤Es ist inzwischen, die begleiter ist.

9. Garmin Computer Navigation Connected Additional

Garmin Computer Navigation Connected Additional

The bike computer has comprehensive navigation, performance and cycling awareness features. Billions of miles of ride data is used to show the best on- and off-road routes. New navigation alert and turn-by-turn directions can be found on the pre-installed Garmin cycle map. New rider-to-rider messaging lets you stay in touch with your friends. There is a display resolution of 282 x 470. Challenge yourself every ride with the newly updated Strava live segments feature.

Brand: Garmin

👤I don't usually write reviews. I thought potential customers would benefit from hearing my experience, as I saw so many negative reviews on this site. I purchased this product for my Edge 810 after owning it for about 2 weeks. If you write to me, I can make comparisons. Initial impressions were 1. The screen is easy to read. The model uses a backlight when it is dark, which is a huge improvement over the 810 model. 2. You can read the waypoint and other map items on this device, as well as the screen size, which is nice. I own a device that pairs easily with this one. I pulled the device out of the box after setting up the device. The other feedback was 1. I can say that the battery longevity is excellent even with the backlight 2. I use this with the other navigation devices and my trips are uploaded automatically. 3. I can track HR, speed, distance and time to destination with the expanded training screen display. It was easy to use. This model is easy to set up and use. I am very happy with my purchase. Yes. This is not a bike computer. You can't go wrong if you have the cash to buy one of the best. It should last a long time and give excellent service. I haven't owned this model long enough to make that statement. I can say that the quality and robust design of the products they make is consistently good.

👤I am frustrated with the 1030 I upgraded from the 800 to Live Tracking because the wife could know I was okay. It worked for one ride. Since then, it has not worked. The live track works for a short time, then it stops working and you lose connection to the phone. Even though the phone acknowledges it is connected to the Garmin, the phone can't establish the connection. There is a problem and support claims to be working on a solution. Many people have the same issue, and have been experiencing it for months, according to a search on the internet. Getting ready to return it.

👤I upgraded from the Edge 1000 and the cadence is too high. I put my running watch on with the Edge and it works. I was told to take the sensor from the bike. I've owned a lot of Garmin products. Their support used to be exceptional, but in the last few years they seem to be okay with their products not working. They have a monopoly because I'm just one customer. Very disappointing.

👤The switch on my 1000 failed after almost 4 years and 15000 miles of use, so I upgraded to 1030 The 1030 screen is larger and easier to read. The 1000 screen was not activated by sweat, which was a problem. I can go 100 miles without the battery dying.

👤The screen is large and easy to read. Livetrack has never worked on this model. It still works on older models. It would be baffling if it was not a critical safety function on the most expensive device. My device is only 6 months old and will no longer charge. I live in Houston, so the cold didn't kill the battery. It's a ripoff, savesay

10. Garmin Computer Suggestions ClimbPro 010 02424 00

Garmin Computer Suggestions ClimbPro 010 02424 00

The ultimate gps cycling computer has a 3.5" color touchscreen display. Get ready to ride without the hassle with prepopulated custom ride profiles based on your previous Edge computer, ride types or your sensors. Receive ride and workout suggestions based on your current training load and VO2 max. ClimbPro shows remaining ascent and grade when you're climbing a route or course, and you can manage your efforts with it. If you want to get training guidance, you can sync your workouts to your device from the TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad apps. Track jump count, jump distance and hang time with mountain bike dynamics; other features include Grit, which rates the difficulty of a ride, and Flow, which measures how smoothly you descend a trail so you have a score to beat next time. If you want to get inReach satellite communication compatibility, you need a active satellite subscription.Cycling awareness features give loved ones peace of mind, incident detection and assistance, which send your location to emergency contacts, feature limitations exist. When you're ready to resume, you can pause off-course notifications and get directions back to the route. The Edge cycling computer can last up to 48 hours if you power it with up to 24 hours of battery life.

Brand: Garmin

👤I've been using the Edge computers for about 6 years. I owned the Edge 1000, Edge 1030, and Edge 1030 now. Plus. I've used those devices for hundreds of rides, and I've also used them with a variety of sensors. I've used them with a lot of websites. Here is my final opinion. These are the best cycling computers I've used, but they are not up to par. I feel like I'm using technology that was developed in 2005. If you compare the user interface and responsiveness of an Edge computer to any smart phone produced since 2007, the Edge feels inferior. I was willing to accept that for a long time because of the good battery life. Edge computers have some challenges that cell phones don't. They need to work with gloves. I'm afraid that I have run out of patience. The hardware andUI in these devices need to be upgraded. I'm willing to use a bike computer that feels like it was built in 2005. I like the Edge 1030 Plus. Excellent battery life, lightweight, attractive, durable, and good. It's readable in the sun. Automatic backlight works well. There is a I don't like the Edge 1030 Plus because it doesn't work with a wide variety of sensors. It took me 3 hours to pair it with my phone. I was going to throw it out the window. There is a I decided to unpair it and try again because I wanted to know if this would be a recurring problem. It took me about 15 attempts to pair it. The Edge 1030 Plus is not compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro. I'm going to send this unit back to Garmin. I don't like what the Edge series has to offer. The opinions are based on the Edge 1030 and 1000. They most likely apply to the Edge 1030 Plus as well. The screen isn't very responsive. It's worse than any smart phone I've ever used. The original iPhone was better than the one we have today. There is a The interface is slow and clunky. Sometimes taps and swipes are not always detected. There is a Sometimes taps are detected when you don't actually tap. There is a It's difficult to find settings. There are many options. You don't know how many times I've helped friends find a hidden setting. There is a It takes a long time to scroll through lists. There is a Sometimes the devices don't connect. There is a Sometimes my heart rate sensor stops working. There is a The device will restart in the middle of a ride. There is a Sometimes the device locks up. There is a During a ride, my lights and radar can be off and on at the same time. There is a Sometimes I have a track that is messed up even when I have a clear view of the sky. There is a Sometimes I get a constant noise about satellites being lost. There is a The screen stays on when I plug it in to charge. There is a Sometimes it won't connect with my phone even though it was previously used. There is a Sometimes rides aren't uploaded automatically. I have to manually start uploading. There is a It charges with a micro port. Adding new routes is difficult. I usually end up mounting it as a hard drive, digging through the folder structure, and dropping a FIT file into the correct folder. It works, but it seems like an old way of transferring files. There is a There is no easy way to stop the device. There should be a button that is silent. I would like to silence the warnings from my Varia Radar while biking on a busy road. There is a If you have several routes that start with the same name, and those names are long, you can't distinguish between them because the names are truncated. It's possible that there is something wrong with my Edge computer on 50% of my rides. Every time I start the device for a ride, I think about what will go wrong. I think it's time to look for a new device. I ordered a hammerhead kerau. Let's see how it goes. I'm crossing my fingers.

11. Bryton Computer Version Touchscreen Navigation

Bryton Computer Version Touchscreen Navigation

Automatic sync to TrainingPeaks and Selfloops is compatible with the Bryton Active App. Modification of device settings and data pages are possible. The touchscreen has a graphical user interface. Online navigation with pre-installed OSM maps, voice search, and follow track. ANT+ FE-C support with Virtual Track Simulation and Smart Trainer workouts. E-bike ANT+ LEV. The steps, batt., range, and rear gear position are all part of the shora. Radar System support, 20 hour battery, 16 gigabytes of storage, and electronic shifting.

Brand: Bryton

👤I was looking to replace my aging Garmin Edge 1000 battery and was researching other units when I stumbled upon the Bryton. It looks like a replacement. The screen size and resolution are the same. I don't know if they pair with ANT+ radars or ANT+ sensors. "turn by turn" navigation is included. That's the stickler with this unit, so I put that in quotes. I love the unit. It is easy to pair a sensor. I used it with my heart strap. The lag time with the screen seems to have been resolved, as the unit seems much faster than my old Edge 1000, especially locating the satellites. I like using the app to set the unit up. The way I do configuring screens on the Edge 1000 is the same way I do it on the unit. The app syncs with services like RideWithGPS and pulls your routes directly from them. Great! The charging port and screen contrast during bright daylight could be better. I can't recommend this unit for what it's being marketed for - turn by turn navigation. It's very cumbersome, and doesn't work like any of the other units. It is a shame. I use my gps device instead of cue sheets to lead group rides. To make turn by turn instructions, you have to process any routes you pull from Ride WithGPS or Strava. The unit won't do it on its own. You have to use one of those services to create the routes, and using the Bryton app to do so is terrible. The app doesn't allow you to draw a route along a minor road next to a major road. One route segment that I use is one that comes off a major road, uses a small side road and then turns left to go across the major road. It's much safer to make a left turn on the major road. The app won't let me make this segment, but RideWithGPS and Garmin connect do it. It is nearly impossible to navigate while riding. The unit doesn't give you turn warnings. You can get a mini-map showing the turn from the Garmins and Wahoos. The map screen is left up all the time because the Bryton doesn't do that. You can add "turn info" data to one of your main screens, but you're forced to use a large data section to do so - the data pages can be split to display up to 12 sections. Only screens with 7 or less sections can display graphics, and only 6 screens with 2 graphic sections can show turn info correctly. The turn info generated by the app is not always accurate. I have had several turns where the arrow showed to go straight, but it was actually at turn or a slight turn. You will miss the turn unless you pay attention to the street name. Re-routing when you go off course is problematic. Good luck if you ride in rural areas with spotty coverage because you must have your phone and data with you. I've found it to confuse the unit and try to route me away. On a recent metric century, we went off route to make a rest stop. To get back on course, we had to travel down one road and make a left, but the unit tried to re-route me to a spot before we went off course. It wasn't until several miles later that it realized I was back on course. If you're looking for navigation, look elsewhere. I would recommend the unit if it was fixed. I'll probably return it and get a new one.


What is the best product for gps bike computer with navigation?

Gps bike computer with navigation products from Garmin. In this article about gps bike computer with navigation you can see why people choose the product. Lezyne and Xoss are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps bike computer with navigation.

What are the best brands for gps bike computer with navigation?

Garmin, Lezyne and Xoss are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps bike computer with navigation. Find the detail in this article. Bryton, Pyle and Wahoo Fitness are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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