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1. Garmin 25MCX Profile Remote Antenna

Garmin 25MCX Profile Remote Antenna

It is installed in minutes with just one hole. Includes all the necessary hardware. Completely waterproof. A low profile gps antenna.

Brand: Garmin

👤The previous owner of my plane didn't install an external antenna but did install a Garmin area 510 in the panel. It was spotty and not very well connected to satellites. The antenna can connect to seven or eight satellites in less than 60 seconds. I am very happy with this product.

2. IFlight Antenna Quadcopeter Multicopter Cyan Blue

IFlight Antenna Quadcopeter Multicopter Cyan Blue

The new sigma iFlight rhcp fpv antenna has a UFL interface. Excellent workmanship, manufactured and tested to highest standards, better in class range and signal quality. Body can use imported PC+ABS material. The smallest, lightest and best performing antenna in the world is 60mm. Sigma is a perfect suit for pilots of love drones to mount on their love drones.

Brand: Iflight

👤I have a different setup than you do, but I have never been happier with an analog signal, even at 25mw. + After a crash into concrete, the lightweight + 3 dbi + thin, flexible coax survived and was completely protected and flapping in the wind. There is a If not secured, a lack of a rigid support for the lollipop end can lead to it shifting around during flight and affect flight dynamics, especially on light quads.

👤The best, and I'm not kidding, these have the best transmission quality out of anything I've used, and I've been flying quads for years.

👤My video reception is great with these antennas on a tadpole. This is better than the axii, but it is not as durable.

👤Have survived many crashes. The range is acceptable.

👤Great antenna. One stopped working.

👤The improvement of the vtx on my Gep tinygo was remarkable. It was easy and worth it.

👤I like these. Light and great performance. I need more.

3. Proxicast Active Passive GPS Antenna

Proxicast Active Passive GPS Antenna

There is no exposed cable in the pierce mount. The right angle SMA connects into tight spaces. The gps antenna is a 1 MHz center Frequency for the USA. The low noise amplifier is compatible with 2.25V DCGPS Receivers. Weatherproof is perfect for external gps antenna for cars, trucks, vans, boats and RV's.

Brand: Proxicast

👤The product is useless and unable to be used.

4. Vehicle Waterproof Active Antenna Connector

Vehicle Waterproof Active Antenna Connector

Sigma is a perfect suit for pilots of love drones to mount on their love drones. High Gain LNA Gain 28dB waterproof gps antenna. Frequency: 1575.42MHz 3 MHz The magnetic base allows attaching it to the metal surface. 10ft extension cable allows you to place the antenna. The low loss RG174 cable has a gold-plated connection. The SMA male is a pin. Before purchasing, please check the connector.

Brand: Coronir

👤The antenna works well with the transmitter that determines location and syncs time. I was very happy with the purchase.

5. Tosuny Antenna Ceramic Navigation Interface

Tosuny Antenna Ceramic Navigation Interface

1. The ceramic antenna cable is used for navigation. 2. Pressure resistant and super durable. The high gain ceramic gps antenna has a great connection. 3. The built-in Active Antenna has a great connection. 4. The antenna is easy to install. 5. The antenna is great for navigation.

Brand: Tosuny

👤There are no specifications for this part on the internet. Nothing about Tosuny. I can't tell if the antenna is broken or if it needs a different voltage level because it's not working at 3.7Vdc. I switched over to a similar antenna made by Cirocomm and it's doing fine, so I know my gps parts are working. I asked about the specifications but never heard back.

👤Really pleased with the antenna. It is usually locked onto between 9 and 11 satellites when connected to an UltimateGPS unit.

6. Highfine Wireless Extension Bulkhead Repeater

Highfine Wireless Extension Bulkhead Repeater

We believe that you will love their product. They offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don't. They want you to be happy. Brand new and high quality. IPEX Cables have a Bulkhead Gold Plated Connection. Also, note: Do not use for M.2 interface. Quality is controlled prior to shipment of parts.

Brand: Highfine

👤I bought these dual band wi-fi antennas to extend the range between my home and WyzeCAM. I found a video on the internet that showed how to extend the Wyzecam range by installing one on an external camera enclosure. I had been wanting to do this for a long time, but was unsure what would be needed. The video made me want to buy the antennas and modify them. Within a short time after I received my antenna order, I installed it on my camera enclosure. The connecting cables were exactly what I expected. I believe that the 6 dbi gain listed in the antenna specifications is accurate, as I have seen improved performance. Since the Wyzecam internal antennas are so small, it is necessary to modify them with an external antenna like these to get better performance over short distances. Wyzecam is 80 feet through several walls and the roof, according to my estimate. A recent check of my device signal strength showed 70%, which is a lot better than it used to be. The warranty is voided by the antenna modification. These antennas are recommended.

👤I did not use this product for an actual routers. I own a Mavic Air. If you own any drones, you can understand how frustrating it can be to be flying a bad boy around and not have a signal when you're on someone else's property. It makes my blood boil when I see that signal lost on my screen. There is a In order to keep my signal better for longer, I cast a wide net onto how to make the remote controller for my drone increase its range. This is not an easy task if you own a drone. I was left feeling even more sad after I found out that the solutions were worth $100+. I didn't need my drone to be able to fly from coast to coast, and I certainly didn't want to spend the better part of two afternoons re-wiring my remote controller so that I can fly. That's when I found this product. The little IPEX cables that snap onto the main component board are used by most routers. My drone runs off of the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands, so win. There is a The crappy little antenna that comes with the drones remote controllers was taken off and replaced with something else, and I was off again in the air. What a change! I extended the radius of my signal by double, and since then I have no worries about losing signal at all. All of this is for about $10 Can beat that.

👤I'm not sure of the new rating system on Amazon, but it's a 5-star product. It's not easy to modify a PS4 Slim console even if you install it perfectly, because the warranty is voided if you open the console in the first place. I don't know when these ratings were started, but the nature of the product suggests it's not going to be the easiest. "Value for my money?" 5-stars for me. It's a great price for doubling my connection speed. "Material quality" is an industry standard. I would say five stars. It's exactly what I expected, and that's good for me. It's a standard antenna at a low price and it works, and you get two in the package. If you modify any console, be careful because you could violate the terms of the warranty. Once the internals are in the PS4 you have an antenna terminal, if that boat has sailed for you. If you need to try out a different antenna, just remove the old and screen the new on. I've tried several different antennas and they are just as good as the ones I have around the house. This should be very easy if it's a tinker board or something like that. It's a good product.

7. Ceramic Antenna Female IPEX Connector

Ceramic Antenna Female IPEX Connector

5. The antenna is great for navigation. Good quality antenna.

Brand: Ozzmaker

8. Waterproof Active Antenna 28dB 3 5VDC

Waterproof Active Antenna 28dB 3 5VDC

It's compatible with the NETGEAR MR1100. The SMA male connection is on the waterproof ActiveGPS antenna. Attach it to the roof of your car with a magnetic base. It has a gain of 28 dB. 3 meters is the length of the cable.

Brand: Qgp Supply

👤I bought a car stereo that I really liked and it came with a gps antenna, but in my SUV I was getting poor gps reception. I downloaded a gps signal app and it showed a small connection to 3 or 4 satellites. I don't think the gps antenna that came with the car stereo was the cause of the terrible reception my phone had. I decided to try this antenna instead of the one that came with my stereo after reading the reviews. Wow, the signal strength to 12 satellites is very strong. The signal improvement was night and day compared to the one I replaced. Couldn't be happier.

👤The products work as they should. I use it with an amateur radio project. I am concerned about the quality of the SMA cable. I already see a loosen of cable when in use, and they are of a cheap stamped crimp build. I had to secure the cable to keep it from moving. I think this is to lightweight of cable for the device and not enough for a proper connection. When the product arrived early, I was concerned that the device would not work or be in one piece. The package had been badly damaged and left concern. I will keep my previous comments after using this gps puck for several months. I have two of them. One for home and one for truck. I have been living in the desert and have been able to test this. It went through a lot of precipitation. It is still working. The magnet is not moving. I am able to see about 17 satellites at most times. This is connected to a radio station. 73, de KF6NFW.

👤I have a cheap gps module and three antennas, but a small ceramic antenna on a roof with a great sky visibility is non-working, and a larger sim39EA antenna that gets a fix within 3-6 minutes outdoors is not always reliable. Within 5 seconds, the module can fix the sats. Absolutely worth it.

👤I need to integrate an external gps antenna into my electrics kit. The cable is long, the antenna is covert, and the magnetic base is nice. The unit was tested in the basement of my house, which is not the best location for gps reception. The antenna had a lock on it. Very impressed! The antenna will not work on its own. You need to connect it to the SMA.

👤This is a good unit. It seems like it would be water resistant. And be strong. Nice SMA connection. Pulls in signals very well. This is not a dual band antenna. Galileo will not be picked up by it. This is not a fault of the unit because it did not pretend to do so. The cost of dual band antennas is high.

👤The SkyTraq Venus838FLPxGPS is working very well, thanks to this antenna. The wire length provided is going to allow me to wrap up the datalogger/lap timer project that I just finished, and I am in the process of mounting this antenna to my motorcycle. I was able to pick up the signal from the inside of the house without any issues. I would recommend this antenna to anyone.

9. Proxicast Professional Low Profile Combination Vehicle

Proxicast Professional Low Profile Combination Vehicle

A single streamlined weatherproof enclosure is used to combine 2 wireless networks and a gps antenna. 2x2 MIMO is available on all 3G, 4G, and xLTE systems worldwide. The radome is 1.26 inch high and vandal resistant. Extra long leads for large vehicles. It is compatible with multi-radio routers and modems from companies such as CalAmp, Sierra Wireless and many others. It is installed in minutes with just one hole. Includes all the necessary hardware. Completely waterproof.

Brand: Proxicast

👤I liked the length of cables provided but they complicated the install and tested a Nighthawk using this in dual MIMO and I noticed a gain of 0-1db with this connected and mounted. I have a hole in my wall and a useless antenna.

👤I wanted to like this antenna, but it didn't give me the results I was looking for. I was going to use this in a conversion van project with a MoFi router. I liked the low profile nature and the fact that it would allow me to have my 4G/LTE all from one antenna. All of my tests showed no improvement in my connection. I assumed my connection would be garbage because my MoFi antennas are inside the van. They are performing better than I thought, because this Proxicast offered no improvement. I'll be returning it and maybe looking into some of their other products.

👤The product is slim. Pre made connections are nice.

👤It works as advertised. There are a few channels in RV parks. There are as many as 36 channels near towns.

👤This is the standard antenna for fire responders. It is easy to connect to our devices with the appropriate cable lengths.

👤It works a bit, I think it is related to spectrums. The antennas don't say what they do other than "lte" or " wifi". Is it 700, 850,1900,2100,2600? It doesn't work with the local carrier.

10. Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity Navigation Positioning

Microcontroller Compatible Sensitivity Navigation Positioning

The link to use the template is in the description. The gps module will not search for signals when the weather is bad and it will not search for stars indoors. Please make sure that the gps module is in an open location when using it. The main module of the GT-U7 needs to be set to 9600 instead of 4800 to drive a hardware high precision clock. The phone data cable can be used directly on the computer point of view, and the default distribution of active antenna can be quickly positioned with the IPEX antenna interface. The host computer-owned serial port function allows for the sending of IPX interface active antenna without the need for an external serial module.

Brand: Makerfocus

👤The U-Blox Neo 6m is a clone of this chip. There is a It's a device that uses 5 volts. Both 5v with Rx and Tx. The Baud rate is higher than typical modules. Once you are connected, it works with TinyGPS and AdadfruitGPS libraries. The U-blox U-Center software can be used to interface directly with the chip. The U-center is complex and daunting. Since the device is a clone not every feature is guaranteed to work through U-Center but many useful settings do. The software is a direct software. The baud rate may be different for the serial and theusb connection. It costs me a lot of pain to learn, so I'm going to try it out. I am using several of this module. It gets a fix very fast.

👤The unit is a great value. It appears to use an authentic U-Blox chip under the metal can and white label. Most U-Center software functions seem to work. I made an NTP time server using theRaspberry Pi 2. Accuracy can be reached down to a few 10s of seconds. This requires configuring the Pi to accept a signal from one of the pins. I used the "GPSD" and "NTPD" packages to interface with the unit. When first powered up, the gpsd appears to update the time and other parameters that allow a quick "cold fix" when the TX and RX serial lines are connected. There is a word on power and levels. The module on the board is 3.3v. The board has a 3.3volt regulator that can be used to power theusb port. The Vcc pin is connected to the input. This is the updated version. The Vcc pin is the only one that can be used to power the module. The Vcc pin on the onboard voltage regulator is not functioning properly. It appears to function normally, but will be subject to very frequent dropouts of 3D lock and other erratic operation. Also. If a computer is connected to a computer and the board is operating from 3.3v on the Vcc pin, the device providing power to 5v on its 3.3v output would be required. Be careful. 3.3v is the logic high input/output levels of the TXD, RXD and PPS pins. The link in the listing clearly states these interface pins are not 5 volts. If you use a device that uses 5v as its logic "high" to connect to an input on this device, you will damage the chip. It may work for a while, but it's stressing the chip beyond the maximum ratings. The data on the receiving device will be very sensitive to noise and corrupted data, so the data on the outputs is not damaged. It may seem like it works, but you should invest in a cheap 3.3v level conversion chip for a few dollars if you want to connect to an auderc. The device is exactly the same as the pi.

👤I love these things. It works beautifully with the TinyGPS library and is 5V friendly. You can modify the ublox u-center software if you hunt it down. I've been using them for custom clocks. Don't set the time! Even from a cold start in the basement, aGPS lock can be achieved in minutes.

11. Passive Gps Antenna Ufl 2dbi

Passive Gps Antenna Ufl 2dbi

The SMA male is a pin. Before purchasing, please check the connector. It's perfect for the FONA 808. There is a standard UFL connection on the end.

Brand: Adafruit

👤I can only pull in 2 satellites when they are overhead. I switched to the 15mm active and it found 12. I am using this on a UBlox8 so it may need an active antenna. Was hoping to get away with something small.

👤The smallest antenna I could find was the IPEX. It works as advertised, but may not be a good match if your project is indoors and requires fixes from multiple satellites. I use it to set an accurate RTC module in an unattended location, so an occasional time fix is enough. YMMV. Cheers, Tom.

👤As long as they were acquired outside, it works great, still tracking 12 sats inside a tin building.


What is the best product for gps antenna ufl?

Gps antenna ufl products from Garmin. In this article about gps antenna ufl you can see why people choose the product. Iflight and Proxicast are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps antenna ufl.

What are the best brands for gps antenna ufl?

Garmin, Iflight and Proxicast are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps antenna ufl. Find the detail in this article. Coronir, Tosuny and Highfine are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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