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1. Stratux Receiver Aviation Weather Traffic

Stratux Receiver Aviation Weather Traffic

A unit with an apostasy The dual band ADS-B receiver includes a puck, a battery pack, a strap, and an EFB. It has a 30 day return policy and technical support. LIABLE INFORMATION: You can receive and display air-to-air traffic, data, and FIS-B weather with high-gain dmurray14 antennas. It's accessible. A window mount is included in the portable receiver. Provides traffic and weather information using a portable gps puck with an internal GPYesWAAS gps receiver. It's perfect for iPad and tablets. The most recentware: The latest version of the software is loaded on the card. Plug in the battery pack for 6 hours of flying time. COMPATIBILITY: Scout prices have the features of the stratus 3. The project was built using parts from the founder. It supports ForeFlight, FlyQ EFB, Navigator, WingX, Avnav, and other. Does not work with a navigation device. COMPATIBILITY: Scout prices have the features of the stratus 3. The project was built using parts from the founder. It supports ForeFlight, FlyQ EFB, Navigator, WingX, Avnav, and other. Does not work with a navigation device.

Brand: Crew Dog Electronics

👤I'm impressed. The accuracy seems perfect. I used the gps puck antenna to test it out on the ground. The parking spot next to the handicapped spot was found by the unit when I was in Foreflight. It's worked well in flight, though I haven't used all the capabilities yet, but I have confidence that I've bought an excellent device. This connected easily with my IPad and Foreflight, and I was able to use it immediately. It was very easy to use. It's hard to find a good recommendation or review for a storage case for the Stratux, but I included a pic of the case I'm using, not the first one to discover it. I'm going to make it clear here. This case works fabulously. In a hard-side case that protects the unit in my flight bag, the unit, the gps puck antenna, and the antennas all fit, in a space no larger than it needs to be. I might drill a few holes to make the antennas stick out. The case is solid.

👤The unit has become useless for about a month because it constantly connects and disengages from the iPad. I am not sure if it always restarts, but I have tried different cables and things, but nothing. I have a suspicion that the microusb plug is loose, along with the ADSB antenna chip, which I get disconnected a few times as well. The case's microusb input needs to be changed to make it easier to guide the cable. It is a hit or miss when trying to plug-in without looking at it. We will see what happens after I contact the company. If you're a weekend warrior, this might work for you. If you want to use it a lot, I don't know if it can stand that kind of demand. The unit works well and shows traffic. The seller is very responsive. I can't get it to a resolution of less than 10 m. Constantly ignoring warnings is probably not a good idea for me. The internal iPad antenna has a resolution of 2 - 3 m. Not a big deal, but I would like the "SmartWiFi" to work. I don't know what it does, but I think it allows you to connect to the internet while also being connected to the stratux, and I didn't find any documentation on it. To make that happen, one needs to get to the configuration of the WiFi and the address of the internet to set it up as a pass through device. There was no instructions or guidance from the seller. The power button on the battery doesn't seem to keep the Stratux turned off. Unplugging is the only way to go. I turned off the power button on the battery and put the Stratux in my bag, but it didn't turn on. The mini-usb plug might be loose. I'm going to buy another device that's close to twice the price. I hope it fits my needs better.

2. QWinOut Universal Folding Quadcopter Multicopter

QWinOut Universal Folding Quadcopter Multicopter

The package is 12.2 cm high. Black. The rod has a diameter of about 4mm and a height of about 16.2 cm. The brackets for the gps folding antenna base are made of aluminum. It's compatible with most WKM Quadcopters. For durable use, adopt aluminum turning and CNC manufacturing. It is easy to install and use. The F450 F550 is a good choice.

Brand: Qwinout

👤Per montare il gps su un drone. Come da descrizione.

3. TECOTEC Windshield Universal Gooseneck Cellphones

TECOTEC Windshield Universal Gooseneck Cellphones

TECOTEC has a double Clamp Broad Compatibility. Double clips can be expanded up to a max of 3.96 inches, they are compatible with all kinds of phone cases, including wallet case, ring holder, battery case, and thick case. TECOTEC's vacuum cup with sticky gel and locking lever mounts securely onto all flat surfaces with the help of the extra round polished plastic and 3M VHB sticky dashboard pads. No more wobbling your phone when driving on rough roads is what TECOTEC's phone holder is for. The gel can be washed with warm water, air dry, and re-attach. TECOTEC always care to keep safe when driving. It's compatible with all of the phones. It is easy to use. They offer a one year warranty on this car phone mount. The team always takes customer. The package includes a phone mount holder and a dashboard pad.

Brand: Tecotec

👤This works as described. I've been using it for 3 weeks and it's been a good price. The sticky cup holds up well and can hold my 12yr old TomTom gps. I still use a gps device. The TECOTEC Cell Phone holder is a replacement for the original gps arm that was destroyed from constant use. I don't leave it in the car because the summer heat will shorten the life of the plastic. We will see how long it will last. The suction cup is not really a cup at all, it's more like a sticky type material that sticks to the glass. The hold is very strong and difficult to detach. Dust can be easily removed by running it in warm water. The spring tension on the clamp is enough to hold the old gps securely. The plastic claw is holding up well. It's not bad at all. That's all!

👤I bought this for my home, not my car. It's a good holder for my new antenna. I put it on a bedroom window. Great buy at a great price.

👤The grab clips support both mobile phones and my gps unit, and the stable rod length positions it over the dash lip. I remove it when it's parked.

👤This is how to mount an antenna in the attic. The antenna is in place and it is doing a great job.

👤It's great for a lot of applications.

👤I just love it because it was bought for different purposes. It is easy to install and use.

👤We put it on the dashboard because I bought it for my mom. Don't recommend.

4. Uxcell Antenna 90 Degree Connector Magnetic

Uxcell Antenna 90 Degree Connector Magnetic

A-1ux are confident in the quality of their products. If you need assistance, please contact them. The SMA Male has a voltage of 2.7-5V, a length of 0.1 meters, and a gain of 28dB. Faster gps signals capture, lower power consumption, stronger anti- performance and wider working voltage range are some of the benefits. You can attach it to any metal surface with the magnetic base. The head unit is powered by the power. Recording your speed, location and latitude. The data can be seen in a player. Recording your speed, location and latitude. The data can be seen in a player.

Brand: Uxcell

5. USAQ Antenna Folding Anodized Aluminum

USAQ Antenna Folding Anodized Aluminum

This at&t signal booster them cellular t mobile signal booster verizon extender repeater jammer amplifier kit is approved by the FCC and comes with a 3-year warranty. The approval was approved by the FCC. 30 days money back, covered 3 years warranty by Fustar. Replacement for a faulty unit. Please contact them if you have questions or have a less than perfect experience. Enjoy it with your family. Carbon and lightweight construction. Simple assembly and mounting. It is effective at improving the gps signal. There are aluminum and carbon design isolateds.

Brand: Usaq

👤On impact, broke. The star shape mount has a bottom shaft. The shaft popped out when the drone was flipped once. It works if you keep the greasy side down.

👤The long pole part is a wooden stick that comes too long and may need to be cut down to fit your needs, and this comes not assembled like in the picture. It's nice that they make it longer so you don't have to. I don't like the way it's mounted on a fpv drone, it's easy to break, and I think a 3d printed solution would work better.

👤After a couple of landings, the two pieces completely separated. The silver parts that are visible should be secured to the baseplate, but they have parted company.

👤The enclosure couldn't be put together because the screw wouldn't tighten all the way. It's flush and assembles correctly, but won't be able to get that sucker out of there in the future.

👤The mast is made of carbon fiber. I mounted it with tpu parts.

👤Works as expected but is heavy. I went back to the basic mount which was half the weight.

👤The first day was not very productive. It was definitely poorly made. The Weld at the base snapped.

👤There is false advertising. The product did not come with a retention nut for the base, it did not come with a 3rd set screw and it did not come with a top base plate. Spend your money somewhere else.

6. Shakespeare 4711 Nylon Flange Mount

Shakespeare 4711 Nylon Flange Mount

The package includes a phone mount holder and a dashboard pad. The standard 1in-14 thread is used.

Brand: Shakespeare

👤This is the mount you will need to install a shur Flo faucet in a Vanagon, it does require some modification, but it matches the white trim of the faucet in the factory location.

👤I made my own antenna mount out of it. It worked out perfect.

👤The product is smaller than advertised. It is not 6x5x2. More like 3x2x1.

👤It was used to raise my gps antenna.

👤It worked out well for what I needed.

👤As described, it arrived promptly.

7. Raymarine Mount A80370 RS150 Antenna

Raymarine Mount A80370 RS150 Antenna

There are aluminum and carbon design isolateds. The package is 10 cm in length. The package width is 11.6 cm. The package is 12.2 cm high.

Brand: Raymarine

👤I needed this product for my boat.

8. HYS Mobile 8 8inch Triangle Coaxial

HYS Mobile 8 8inch Triangle Coaxial

The SO-239 Connection Style W/6M is a Coaxial Cable. The SO-239 Mount Magnetic base has a diameter of 231mm. The size is 90mm*3 The magnetic base Pull Strength is 66 lbs. It's suitable for all types of mobile radio. Plug and play installation is easy with the magnetic base.

Brand: Hys

👤Where do I start? It was barely long enough to install the mag mount. It should be a full 18 feet after it comes in at 16.4 feet. A full 1/2 wave length for the chicken band. There are two more I need a double-ended PL-259 before I can add my HD spring. The weak point in this setup is the PL-259. I would have given this a higher rating if the unit had an antenna accessory built into it. I tried to tighten the said PL-259, but the bottom of the mag mount began to turn. It still did not get tight enough even after using a wrench. I will take it apart and put a washer in between the hardware to keep it from spinning. This should have been done at the factory. There are four This product would be improved a lot by adding a little coax and a tighter connection. It would be worth it to make your customers happy and possibly have them say good things about your product and increase your sales if it cost a little bit more. Everybody says don't buy things made in China. There are five I am available to give an honest opinion of the products that they sell.

👤The product was not good. Communication was difficult. The vendor's English was written poorly. I had to return the entire product, not just the cable portion. Amazon came through with a flawless return policy, which averted a standoff. The replacement product worked well.

👤I bought a heavy duty necklace from you the. There is aBLE MOUNT. The Ozark band is great. I rode on a ride and went to the HI way. The way to theANTENNA FELL. Right on the way off my car. I had it in the middle of the car. There is proof. MyANTENNA is gone, and the Macintosh TRIPPLEMOUNT are gone, so I'm looking for it. I couldn't find it. The mountain and the astronomer were there. I don't have anANTENNA or a MAGNETIC TRIPPLE MOUNT. It could have been a driver's window.

👤My old single mag mount would blow over at 65 mph, a problem on the interstate. This thing stays the same. You will be disappointed if you waste money on single mount.

👤I removed the rubber boots.

👤I put it on my roof and it was doing 45 mph when one of the magnets broke.

👤There are negative posts for this item. There are 1 fake posts that said this thing will come off their vehicle. It is hard to take off once put on. 70 miles per hour in wind. I have an antenna on this mount that is very heavy duty. 73 KL5GI is a high recommend from the Comet UHV-4.

👤I bought this antenna mount because it wouldn't be moved by the wind. It works very well and stays in place. If you need a strong Mag Mount, recommend this product.

👤The rubber pads on the bottom of the car are falling off and I have lost one that would protect the paint work.

9. Proxicast Professional Low Profile Combination Vehicle

Proxicast Professional Low Profile Combination Vehicle

A single streamlined weatherproof enclosure is used to combine 2 wireless networks and a gps antenna. 2x2 MIMO is available on all 3G, 4G, and xLTE systems worldwide. The radome is 1.26 inch high and vandal resistant. Extra long leads for large vehicles. It is compatible with multi-radio routers and modems from companies such as CalAmp, Sierra Wireless and many others. It is installed in minutes with just one hole. Includes all the necessary hardware. Completely waterproof.

Brand: Proxicast

👤I liked the length of cables provided but they complicated the install and tested a Nighthawk using this in dual MIMO and I noticed a gain of 0-1db with this connected and mounted. I have a hole in my wall and a useless antenna.

👤I wanted to like this antenna, but it didn't give me the results I was looking for. I was going to use this in a conversion van project with a MoFi router. I liked the low profile nature and the fact that it would allow me to have my 4G/LTE all from one antenna. All of my tests showed no improvement in my connection. I assumed my connection would be garbage because my MoFi antennas are inside the van. They are performing better than I thought, because this Proxicast offered no improvement. I'll be returning it and maybe looking into some of their other products.

👤The product is slim. Pre made connections are nice.

👤It works as advertised. There are a few channels in RV parks. There are as many as 36 channels near towns.

👤This is the standard antenna for fire responders. It is easy to connect to our devices with the appropriate cable lengths.

👤It works a bit, I think it is related to spectrums. The antennas don't say what they do other than "lte" or " wifi". Is it 700, 850,1900,2100,2600? It doesn't work with the local carrier.

10. Verizon Booster Carriers Network Extender

Verizon Booster Carriers Network Extender

Cell phone signal booster for home improves cell reception and data speed. You can enjoy faster uploading and download. Cell phone signal booster work for all carriers. All carriers get boosted, saved monthly internet fees, if you buy an all-in-one kit. The verizon cell phone signal booster home cell signal booster effectively makes phone call signal faster and clearer,boosts voice quality on Volte/HD 4G and 5G, no longer need to be near the windows. Say goodbye to the weak signal. The cell booster is compatible with all cellular devices. Cell signal coverage can be extended up to 5,000 sq. Ft. is a large area. The signal strength of the cell phone can be improved by using a signal booster. After installted properly, boost spotty signal from 1-2 Bars to strong 4-5 Bars, and extend large signal coverage up to 5000 sq.ft. The houses are inside. Good signals are used to cover multiple rooms. Great for use at home, office, basement, garage, metal building, cabin, village, camping, remote area... All the buildings. This 65dB gain cellular signal booster verizon cell phone booster for home has excellent features such as good quality, low noise, auto gain control, eliminate interference, mini sized, portable, waterproof outdoor antenna. The included 50ft cable is soft and can be extended to 100ft. The cell phone antenna Lpda can be pointed at the Cell Tower for the best reception. This at&t signal booster them cellular t mobile signal booster verizon extender repeater jammer amplifier kit is approved by the FCC and comes with a 3-year warranty. The approval was approved by the FCC. 30 days money back, covered 3 years warranty by Fustar. Replacement for a faulty unit. Please contact them if you have questions or have a less than perfect experience. Enjoy it with your family.

Brand: Fustar

👤My cellular 4g signal went from -109 dBm to -74. My house has a range of 1200 sq ft. I couldn't make or receive calls before, because the signal inside was so low. This repeater is very effective.

👤The first product worked well for a few weeks but stopped working recently and was replaced by the seller.

👤I have a poor signal in my story house because the 4g signal always goes away and comes back, but my outdside signal is available for 3 and 4 bars. I am able to receive -90dbm inside the house thanks to the help of my brother who mounted the antenna above my roofing. The little booster was very effective for my location. It is a solution for people who had bad cell reception.

👤We tried for 2 weeks to get it to connect with our phones. We couldn't get help from every number we called.

👤I had to pay $30 per month for a telephone accessory. The deadline was last month. I hope to avoid that. We really need an amplifier like this because our phones are getting amplified from 3 bars to full cell service. The amplifier seems to be a great solution to fix my reception.

👤It's easy to install. The booster keeps flashing green light. The signal from my cell phone is back to normal. I moved the outside and inside antenna. Carefully read the instructions.

👤It works well for my house in Florida. Cell reception can be received from 1 bar to 4 and 5 bars.

👤I like the solution for my cell phone service. Highly recommended!

11. PROcise Outdoors Tournament Universal Electronics

PROcise Outdoors Tournament Universal Electronics

A high quality product by MMOBIEL. Each part is tested before shipment. Get the ultimate fishing edge. Brandon Palaniuk has been approved by the bassmaster. If you want to be the best bass master on the water, you need this mount. Don't risk your electronics with cheap mounts, Protect your expensive fish finders with the most sold mounting solution, made using high quality, rock solid 1/2” thick aluminum for durability, stronger than a ram! It was designed to take on punishing runs. This will work on your boat or money. Installation can be done in many different situations with theadjustable mounting feet. The mount is 15 inches wide and 4 inches high. Hole patterns for multiple brands of electronics will fit your fish finder. You can drill your own holes if you need them. The 22.5 Dek-It is tilted back so that you can get your graph out in front of you a bit more. The Dek-It Mount's will allow for Humminbird, Lowrance, and the like.

Brand: Procise Outdoors

👤I mounted the Simrad units on the dash of my car. The units were mounted with a bar across the top. The quality and look was very good.

👤The listed dimensions are not accurate. Its length is 10/16" according to the specifications. The product is 10 3/4" and that can make or break your application. I returned it because it wouldn't work for me. I don't know if they have corrected the information yet. If you have a room, this will give you a solid surface to mount your sounder on, but I think it's a little pricey.

👤This is nice. My second piece was from PROcise. I have the Dek-it mount, which is awesome. This is on my Ranger Z series. The dash plate on the Ranger is flimsy. I had to order a second plate. It needed more support for the screws and weight. My dash and unit vibrate when I drive the boat. I would have rather bought a dash kit from Precision Sonar, but I am not affiliated with them. This has nothing to do with PROcise. It is still a quality product and may work better for your boat.

👤It worked out perfect. The mount is solid. Holds my HDS 12. It fit perfectly on my nitro. If your dash isn't big enough for flush mounting, it's the best option. It could be moved out a little for easier viewing.

👤The product was good but the runs in the clear coat made me angry. It's not important to some people. It is an eye sore for sure. The product is good.

👤Well made, works as expected. The mounting holes were not close to lining up when I put a Helix 7 on it. Simple to drill new holes, but advertising copy says the Helix 7 is compatible. I would buy again.

👤I put it on my boat. It was perfect on the front check. Very strong. Well made.

👤The boat deck looks clean because of this thing.


What is the best product for gps antenna mount?

Gps antenna mount products from Crew Dog Electronics. In this article about gps antenna mount you can see why people choose the product. Qwinout and Tecotec are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps antenna mount.

What are the best brands for gps antenna mount?

Crew Dog Electronics, Qwinout and Tecotec are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps antenna mount. Find the detail in this article. Uxcell, Usaq and Shakespeare are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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