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1. Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

The package includes a male and female cable. The V.S.W.R is 2.0 and the LNA Gain is 28. The antenna extension cable is called the RG174 3M/ 9.8Ft. Fakra c blue female right angle; Size: 1.77"x1.42"x0.55; package includes 1 pc Fakra gps antenna. Excellent temperature stability, low noise figure, and a strong magnetic base are features. VW works for the following models: Golf 5, Golf Plus, Touran, Touareg, T5 Multivan, RNS300 310, RNS315, and RNS500. Works for Chrysler:RB3; Becker:RB3; and MMI DVD 2G,3G,BNS low line.

Brand: Eightwood

👤Works on Harley Boom! 6.5 GT radios! Look no further.

👤Works well for my harley installation.

👤I bought the RNS-315 unit because my car didn't come with gps, but the dealership wanted me to take apart my roof liner and install an antenna there, and they gave me a quote of $300. I put the antenna on the side of my dashboard corner with some double sided tape after plugging it into RNS-315. I didn't have to have my headliners taken apart.

👤Every startup had a navigation fault message. Only about 75% of the time is accurate. Another unit that works 100% of the time was bought. I'm going to return both and buy a new one, though I'm not really happy with the performance.

👤I tried removing the bottom sticker to allow the magnet to touch the metal, but it didn't work. The larger metal plate didn't fix the problem.

👤I upgraded to a sync 3 system in my Ford Flex and the clock wouldn't change, it just reset to the incorrect time when I tried to adjust hour/minutes. Within a few minutes of starting up the vehicle, I was able to reset the clock on the back of the unit. And it showed correctly. I can now manually adjust the clock. Highly recommended!

👤I used this antenna to upgrade my car. After trying another antenna that gave a fault every time I started the car, I swapped to this one and I have no more issues. There is a The blue Fakra connector has a rotating wire connection at the back that allowed me to route the wire over the obstacles in my car.

👤So far, so good. The piece of junk antenna that came with the Ford F-150 sync 2 to sync 3 conversion was replaced. The problem with the time change on the unit seems to have been solved. It was mounted with strong double sided tape.

2. Bingfu Waterproof Navigation Connector Tracking

Bingfu Waterproof Navigation Connector Tracking

Power Supply DC Current: 10mA Max; Frequency:GPS 1575.42MHz 3 MHz; LNA Gain: 28dB; Power Supply DC Current: 3V to 5V; Power Supply DC Voltage: 3V to 5V. SMA Male Connection: 3m Cable Length: 3m The package includes an antenna and a double-sided piece. It is compatible with: Vehicle Telematics; 4GLTEGPS tracker locator; Vehicle Real Time Tracking Mobile DVR Video recorder; Bus Truck RV Van security alarm system; and Vehicle Amateur Radio Mobile Radio. The internet of things is compatible with: Machine-to-Machine M2M; 4GLTE Industrial Gateway Modular Modem Mobile Router; 4GLTE Cellular RTU DTU Terminal. The internet of things is compatible with: Machine-to-Machine M2M; 4GLTE Industrial Gateway Modular Modem Mobile Router; 4GLTE Cellular RTU DTU Terminal.

Brand: Bingfu

👤I bought this product because I wanted to replace the faulty speedometer antenna that ELING sold me, and I was expecting to buy another one for $18.49 + $18.00 shipping, and the fastest they could have it shipped to me would be sometime in the future. I thought about it when I saw BingFu's product for $9 with free shipping. The product was half the size and easy to install, and it got a gps signal within seconds of start up. If you need a gps antenna that is compatible with your device, then look no further. The one to get is this one.

👤A small gps antenna was included with the gps module. I went from poor reception to good reception by only locking on 3 or 4 satellites and locking on to 8 satellites.

👤I bought it and the accessory for the UltimateGPS. It has worked well. So far, so good, but still doing some testing between it and the built-in antenna.

👤This thing is amazing. It comes with double sided tape to mount it. The magnet is strong. It does not move or fly off. Definitely recommend.

👤I had a head unit that worked intermittently, but the gps antenna that came with it did not. The Bingfu antenna worked well, even in my closed garage.

👤Good quality. It is sensitive. Within a few minutes, the satellites were locked on.

👤Everything worked as it was supposed to. If you're looking for a good antenna, this is it.

👤A window with a 30 ft SMA cable extension gave us good reception for a time server in our server room.

👤I have two of these for my digital mobile radios. The cable is long and easy to use. Good magnetic grip.

👤acheter en remplacement d'une antenne.

👤Good quality, good price, and good signal, recommended.

3. Superbat Combination Connector Navigation Telematics

Superbat Combination Connector Navigation Telematics

2 in 1 antenna for a gps navigation system module The antenna's center Frequency is L1:1575.42MHz and it has a band width of>9MHz. The 4G LTE Antenna Specification has a Frequency Range of 698960/17102700MHz and a V.S.W.R of 3.0. The cable is 3 meters in length. SMA male is used for mounting Don't worry about security problems. They are willing to provide a 1 month replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their 4GLTE +GPS Antenna. Please contact their customer support if you get a faulty one.

Brand: Superbat

👤It was well packed and arrived quickly. A bar was added to my reception. I am happy.

4. Mega Racer Bullet Antenna Trucks

Mega Racer Bullet Antenna Trucks

The package includes Fakra gps antenna and double tape. Avoid hearing static noise when changing stations. Mega Racer's Stubby Antenna Bullet is made with Solid 6061 aluminum which is 500% more conductive than Steel to ensure crystal clear music without unwanted radio noise. This cool antenna replacement is a must have for your truck. You will get people's attention when you drive by. They will see how cool your antenna is. You won't have to worry about finding the right antenna for your truck because there are over 10 screws to choose from. Pick the right screw for your truck. The car wash is safe. People want their trucks to be clean. You won't need to worry about damaging your car antenna when you get a car wash with their super durable anti-theft car antenna 50 cal bullet. It is easy to install. You can replace your radio antenna in a few minutes. Pick the screw for your vehicle antenna, then screw on your bullet trucks antenna. It is easy to install. You can replace your radio antenna in a few minutes. Pick the screw for your vehicle antenna, then screw on your bullet trucks antenna.

Brand: Mega Racer

👤I like the way it works and the easy installation. I don't have a lot of reception from any of the local radio stations.

👤I put one of these on my car two days ago and took it off today, but I couldn't pick up any stations with it and I got at least 30 stations. JUNK

👤I was going to swap out my 21 year old antenna for something more aggressive on my old car. I changed it in the rain. I want to see that bad ass. The reception is not called fare. I haven't used fm radio in a decade so that doesn't matter. Installation took only a few minutes, and they provided all the necessary equipment for the car. Make that baby aggressive with your whip.

👤The base of the bullet is too wide for the side-mount antenna location on the Hummer H3T, so this doesn't fit.

👤The package looked great. I had to buy an accessory for my chevy because it only fits certain vehicles. The paint is gone and the silver is gone. I wouldn't do that again.

👤I couldn't install it because it didn't have female ends. The stud on my antenna is too big and cannot be removed. It's a paper weight now.

👤It fits perfectly on my 2001 Jeep cherokee classic. I had no problem with the sound quality.

5. Superbat Combination Connector Navigation Telematics

Superbat Combination Connector Navigation Telematics

The gps is included. 2 in 1 antenna for 4G. The gps Frequency is L1:1575.42 MHz and the gain is 5dBic. The Frequency Range is The cable is 3 meters in length. SMA male is used for mounting Don't worry about security problems. They are willing to provide a 1 month replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for their 4GLTE +GPS Antenna. Please contact their customer support if you get a faulty one.

Brand: Superbat

👤The item was connected to my device but no luck. I wouldn't tell you to buy this product. The delivery was on time.

6. Bingfu Waterproof Adhesive Dashboard Recorder

Bingfu Waterproof Adhesive Dashboard Recorder

The car has a waterproof active gps navigation antenna with 3.5mm audio connection. LNA Gain: 28dB; Frequency:GPS 1575.42MHz 3 MHz. There is a feature: Adhesive mounting. The cable length is 6 feet. There is a package list with 1 x antenna. There is a package list with 1 x antenna.

Brand: Bingfu

👤BingFu brand 3.5mmm audio stereo plug. It works great with my car. This one has 2 rings, so make sure you get a gps antenna that has that. The 3.5mmm mono plug is used by other gps. I made a mistake buying a cheaper one and intermittent gps and most of the time it didn't work. I have tried many times to use the plug. This will help anyone in the market for a gps antenna.

👤I can't comment on the accuracy since I haven't looked at any of the gps files, but it does find satellites in under a minute usually and the reported speed and heading seem right on. It took forever to get a fix, but after it saved information about where the satellites would be and charged up the little built in battery, it was able to get warm fixes quickly.

👤It was excellent, effective and instantaneous.

👤It works... This was added to my rear view mirror cam.

👤Make sure you check the input on your dash cam before ordering as there are several different types.

👤I like working with my Sony A7s.

👤It's easy to install. A small size. Works with a mirror. Good price.

👤The power adapter for my car was faulty and I needed to replace it with ausb cable. All of the recorded on my cam are directions of travel and speed. Love it.

👤It didn't fit my car.

👤Does what it is supposed to do. It's easy to install. The cord is long.

👤The features on my dash cam have been opened up.

7. Active Antenna Fakra Audi RNS510

Active Antenna Fakra Audi RNS510

The Xtenzi ActiveGPS navigation antenna is compatible with the VW audi navigation receiver. Ready to plug in and use magnetic base that can adhere to any metal surface. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. Excellent temperature stability,Compact construction, and low noise figure. If you don't have a gps antenna, it's an ideal replacement for lost or damaged one. It's compatible with Select brand and models.

Brand: Xtenzi

👤I did a conversion on my Focus ST. The old style gps antenna in the car is incompatible with the sync 3 system. I bought this one. It works well inside the dashboard. I deducted one star because it wasn't possible to mount it. A small strip of double-sided tape would have sealed the deal.

👤This was used instead of the original gps antenna. Simply put it in the back of the car and put it in the trunk. It found 9 satellites after 30 minutes of driving. It's hidden under the trunk and found through the rear window and shelf, nice and hidden away.

👤I didn't like the one I had so I bought this. It was never in place. Not even using a hook. This one was stuck to the metal frame under the dash. It was perfect! My gps is working perfectly.

👤It's a perfect fit for the RSN-E. I bought one of these because the Vagcom said it was an antenna problem. The cable on the old one snapped when I went to install it. The wif remembered moving it. The cable was very brittle because of sitting out in the sun. The problem was explained to the wif and I put a foil jacket around it. Satellite reception is back to being top notch after this. I kept the cable on the front dash because it was long enough to be used for a back window install.

👤A simple fix for the factory antenna that stopped working in my car. To install, you'll need to remove the radio, plug the blue factoryGPS antenna into the plug, and find a spot to put the antenna. I was able to route the wire for the new antenna below the mesh "vent grille" on the top of the car. A new VW antenna is much more expensive.

👤I upgraded from 4.2 to factory SYNC 3 for the 2016 F-150. Fast. The satellites were mounted under the front center of the car.

👤I bought this antenna to replace a weak signal glass mounted one that came with my radio on a F10 BMW 5 series. The plugs are the same as the oem. I mounted the signal under the dash for a hidden from view installation. After a few weeks of testing, it was not a problem.

👤This was used when I did a Ford Flex conversion. I used double sided tape to run over the gauge cluster.

8. Anina Antenna Kenwood Navigation Compatible

Anina Antenna Kenwood Navigation Compatible

It is compatible with: DNX6180, DNX6960, DNX6980, DNX7000EX, DNX7020EX, DNX7120, DNX7140 and DNX7160. It's compatible with: Nx 700, Nx 600, Nx509, Nx409. Alpine NAV-200,NVE-N751A,NVE-N751AS,NVE-N851A,NVE-N852A,INE-NAV30,INE-NAV38,INE-S920HD are compatible with. It's compatible with: Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Camry, RAV4,Corolla, Yaris, Prius, Matrix, 4Runner, Avalon, hybrid, Venza, Highlander, and the like. It's compatible with the Honda Accord. It's compatible with the Nissan Rogue Titan. Including but not limited to the above models. The GT5-1S female is waterproof. The magnetic base of the gps antenna can be attached to any metal surface in your car. Plug and play is the best way to install the gps antenna. Your car's gps signal reception can be increased by an external active antenna. You can get your location by connecting your aftermarket head unit to the gps antenna.

Brand: Anina

👤This unit works well on a daily basis. The unit fails to acquire satellites until it warms up. The unit was located under my dash by the climate control vents. I can warm the unit up quickly by being close to the vents. I can't say how long it will take to warm up without the help of the heater vents.

👤It doesn't work for the Toyota Highlander. The connection doesn't work. The connection won't be made. The radio flashes "Antenna" when it's not connected.

👤It was professionally installed in less than 15 minutes and worked perfectly.

👤It works well. I don't have an antenna placed outside of my car, it still has full bars.

👤The KENWOOD receiver is just like the original one. Thanks.

👤It works like a champ. To fit in the standard Toyota head unit, you need to trim the square edges. The sides of the moving latch need to be shaved down. The rounded edges are not the square edges. If you look at the face, it is shaped like a U, so trim the tops of the U. It's perfect and fixed my gps.

9. Bingfu Vehicle Waterproof Navigation Compatible

Bingfu Vehicle Waterproof Navigation Compatible

The Frequency:GPS 1575.42MHz 3 MHz; Features: Magnetic Mount, LNA Gain, 3m, and GT5 Grey Connector; Package List: 1 x Antenna, 1 x Double-sided Adhesive Piece. The factory gps navigation head unit is compatible with most Japanese brands. It is compatible with: Clarion Nx700 Nx600 Nx509 Nx409. The stereo is in the car. DNX6180 DNX6960 DNX6980 DNX7000EX DNX7020EX is compatible with: The Alpine NAV-200 is compatible with the INE-NAV30 and the INE-S920HD. The Alpine NAV-200 is compatible with the INE-NAV30 and the INE-S920HD.

Brand: Bingfu

👤I was looking for an inexpensive replacement for a double din stereo that I purchased that did not have a gps antenna. I took a small road trip recently and only had one hiccup, where my gps unit lost signal for about 5 seconds. Even in a major city where there is a lot of interference, I still had a great signal even though I mounted the antenna on my dash. I would recommend it.

👤I upgraded to a Pioneer P 10067 with built in gps because my radio unit was malfunctioning. I bought this item and the only problem I had was that it was too thick to use the gps port on the stereo. I used some sandpaper to remove the plastic from the plug and it fit. It worked out perfectly. It's a big plus to have a magnet for the antenna.

👤Does not work. Will not receive signal or register that my jvc navigation system has an antenna. My return window was closed. Hay Amizon! Are you looking? This is the second item I've bought that doesn't work because it's garbage for China.

👤I give it 4 stars because it still works despite the error I get about the antenna not being connected. I can't blame the entire product for this because it could be a firmware issue. I would recommend it as well as the price because it is unbeatable.

👤It is easy to install a radio. I used this with a Kenwood and it worked great. It's great to have a working gps device. Simply place the antenna where you want it, using the provided tape.

👤It was put into my DNX996XR and the signal went away instantly.

👤After months of use, it works great. I would like it to be mounted on top of my car instead of running to the back of it. I mounted it next to my rear view mirror by running it through my dash board.

👤This was installed on my Nav unit. It takes a long time to locate the satellites. I have to try to get back in touch with satellites. I'm not sure if it's the antenna or the unit.

👤It's fine as a replacement for the broken and corroded gps antenna on my head unit. There were no issues with satellite acquisition while driving.

👤Works as advertised. The product is amazing. It's a plus that the back has a Magnet on it. A very fast shipping.

👤I was not expecting it to work because of the price, but I decided to try it and it was the best thing I have ever done. I highly recommend.

👤It worked great on my stock screen. The car of the year is the 2013 Scion FRS.

10. Connector Receiver Transmitter Magnetic Navigation

Connector Receiver Transmitter Magnetic Navigation

Many original and aftermarket gps navigation systems have a Blue FAKRA connection. This is a high performance antenna that will give you excellent gps reception. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. The antenna has a magnetic base which can be easily mounted within the vehicle. The long cable allows for the installation of the antenna in almost any car. If you have lost or damaged the original antenna, or if you don't have a gps antenna, it's ideal. If you have lost or damaged the original antenna, or if you don't have a gps antenna, it's ideal.

Brand: Asun

👤The antenna was ok until it stopped working after a couple of weeks.

👤My built in satnav issue was solved. It was quoted £250 to have it repaired by Ford because of the parts needed. After five minutes, I connected the antenna to my sync system and my sat navigation is working. Cheers.

👤The gps antenna is located near the base of the aerial unit on the Ford c max, which means you don't have to get to the back of the sat navigation unit to use it.

👤I put the gps in the car and it picked it up in less than a second, but the satnav seems to be malfunctioning, so I might have been having a problem for a while.

👤Gsp signal was received on the sat-nav. There are 11 satellites and 7 sat-nav connected to them. Cheap fix.

👤The price worked out well for me on my Mercedes CLS, I wish the fixes were as easy and cheap as this.

11. Antenna Active Aerial Connector Stereos

Antenna Active Aerial Connector Stereos

Help your gps to get stronger signal by using a waterproof active antenna. It picks up your position quickly with a 28 dB of gain. The magnetic base of the gps antenna can adhere to any metal surface. 3M cable length is 9 feet, SMA male plug is 3V to 5V, and Frequency is 1575.42. A-1ux are confident in the quality of their products. If you need assistance, please contact them.

Brand: A-1ux

👤The IC-9700 will drift if the gpsDO is not added to it and many decode failures will occur if that is not done. One would think that with such a 'feature rich' transceiver it would have a standard complement. I have a correct crimping tool, but I didn't want to buy a new SMA Male because I already have a replacement antenna assembly. The new antenna has a 90 degree connection. Is it a better antenna than the one I replaced? I can't comment on that. The lock light on the gpsDO went off in less than 10 seconds after the new antenna was attached. I worked several Russian and Ukrainian stations using Q65-60A mode after I confirmed it's operation.

👤I have an antenna that is the same style as this one, but it does not pick up as many satellites as the one on the same receiver does.

👤This is a great product. The longer wire gives you more freedom of placement.

👤I use it with a ham radio. It works. Comes up quickly.

👤The antenna was not used for an automobile application. This is being used with a network device. Working well.

👤This is a great gps add on. It works well. You should definitely buy this.


What is the best product for gps antenna for car?

Gps antenna for car products from Eightwood. In this article about gps antenna for car you can see why people choose the product. Bingfu and Superbat are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps antenna for car.

What are the best brands for gps antenna for car?

Eightwood, Bingfu and Superbat are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps antenna for car. Find the detail in this article. Mega Racer, Bingfu and Xtenzi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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