Best Gps Antenna for Alpine Car Stereo

Stereo 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Xtenzi Navigation Antenna Compatible Kenwood

Xtenzi Navigation Antenna Compatible Kenwood

The vehicle fit is 100% standard size and rich ports. It is a perfect match for most cars. Please confirm that your dash opening size is suitable before ordering, if not, you need to buy a suitalble dash kit. Extral features include pre-amp and subwoofer outputs, steering wheel controls, built-in preset and 16-band EQ, 7 color LED buttons, ID3 tag, and a max power output of 4x 60W. The Xtenzi ActiveGPS navigation antenna is compatible with the Select Kenwood navigation receiver. Ready to plug in and use magnetic base that can adhere to any metal surface. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. Excellent temperature stability,Compact construction, and low noise figure. If you don't have a gps antenna, it's an ideal replacement for lost or damaged one. Also compatible with DDX5042, DDX504

Brand: Xtenzi

👤Plug and play, it took less than a minute for the head unit to find the satellites, and that was with it sitting on the dashboard. I drive a van that has a big windshield, but it's still impressive.

👤It works well. I think the gps is the head unit, not the pick up, when it is blank on start up.

👤It works perfectly and has improved the capabilities.

👤Fast shipping worked well. Excellent product.

👤Works great with an older unit.

2. Xtenzi Cable Compatible INA W900BT Nve N055ps

Xtenzi Cable Compatible INA W900BT Nve N055ps

Also compatible with DDX5042, DDX504 The Xtenzi ActiveGPS navigation antenna is compatible with the Alpine navigation receiver. Ready to plug in and use magnetic base that can adhere to any metal surface. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. Excellent temperature stability,Compact construction, and low noise figure. If you don't have a gps antenna, it's an ideal replacement for lost or damaged one. Also compatible with INA-W900.

Brand: Xtenzi

👤The item was late but great, but I won't buy here anymore because of the signature ups.

👤The plug isn't very strong and it broke making the gps useless.

👤Better than expected! This is the new antenna for my Alpine I Ne-W940. It works better than the unit did. The reception was amazing.

👤This was plugged into my radio. It was perfect.

👤It works great if you put it in.

👤The price is awesome, and this is a great Gps antena wire. I bought it for my Alpine INA-W900, which I put in my honda pilot. It works well and gets satellite recepcion everywhere. The price is less than stores and I'm very happy with it.

👤It was on time and great.

👤It works well with my ina. The quality of the unit impressed me. Great signal strength. It's very recommended if you need a gps antenna.

3. Eightwood Connector Compatible Navigation Receiver

Eightwood Connector Compatible Navigation Receiver

The LNA Gain is28+-3db, the DC voltage is 3V to 5V, and the impedance is 50 ohms. The package includes a Pioneer AVIC gps antenna. Excellent temperature stability, low noise figure, and a strong magnetic base are features. It is compatible with Pioneer AVIC F7010BT,F900BT,F90BT,F700BT,X910BT,X710BT,Z-110BT, Z 120BT, Z130BT, X7115BT, F310, F70, X920, X It's compatible with the Pioneer AVICEVO1-DT2-C-GR,EVO1-DT2-C-OE,EVO1-G72-BBF,EVO1-G72-DMD,EVO1-G72-QYI,EVO1-OC2-MTB, and It's compatible with the Pioneer AVICEVO1-DT2-C-GR,EVO1-DT2-C-OE,EVO1-G72-BBF,EVO1-G72-DMD,EVO1-G72-QYI,EVO1-OC2-MTB, and

Brand: Eightwood

👤I replaced an older antenna on my car. I put double stick tape on the center upper air vent above the radio head. It works great now.

👤The plug was broken. It was quick to return/refund. You might get a good one.

👤The order only worked for a short time before it stopped working and wouldn't recognize the antenna.

👤The antenna was placed on a Pioneer receiver. It worked well.

👤It didn't fit right. I had to take it off.

👤I'm sure it fits, but not the Avic8000NEX.

👤It worked properly when plugged into the stereo.

4. Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

Eightwood Antenna Fakra Female Extension

The package includes a male and female cable. The V.S.W.R is 2.0 and the LNA Gain is 28. The antenna extension cable is called the RG174 3M/ 9.8Ft. Fakra c blue female right angle; Size: 1.77"x1.42"x0.55; package includes 1 pc Fakra gps antenna. Excellent temperature stability, low noise figure, and a strong magnetic base are features. VW works for the following models: Golf 5, Golf Plus, Touran, Touareg, T5 Multivan, RNS300 310, RNS315, and RNS500. Works for Chrysler:RB3; Becker:RB3; and MMI DVD 2G,3G,BNS low line.

Brand: Eightwood

👤Works on Harley Boom! 6.5 GT radios! Look no further.

👤Works well for my harley installation.

👤I bought the RNS-315 unit because my car didn't come with gps, but the dealership wanted me to take apart my roof liner and install an antenna there, and they gave me a quote of $300. I put the antenna on the side of my dashboard corner with some double sided tape after plugging it into RNS-315. I didn't have to have my headliners taken apart.

👤Every startup had a navigation fault message. Only about 75% of the time is accurate. Another unit that works 100% of the time was bought. I'm going to return both and buy a new one, though I'm not really happy with the performance.

👤I tried removing the bottom sticker to allow the magnet to touch the metal, but it didn't work. The larger metal plate didn't fix the problem.

👤I upgraded to a sync 3 system in my Ford Flex and the clock wouldn't change, it just reset to the incorrect time when I tried to adjust hour/minutes. Within a few minutes of starting up the vehicle, I was able to reset the clock on the back of the unit. And it showed correctly. I can now manually adjust the clock. Highly recommended!

👤I used this antenna to upgrade my car. After trying another antenna that gave a fault every time I started the car, I swapped to this one and I have no more issues. There is a The blue Fakra connector has a rotating wire connection at the back that allowed me to route the wire over the obstacles in my car.

👤So far, so good. The piece of junk antenna that came with the Ford F-150 sync 2 to sync 3 conversion was replaced. The problem with the time change on the unit seems to have been solved. It was mounted with strong double sided tape.

5. Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Receiver Antenna Gmouse Laptop Navigation

Menu is used to get the data from the gps receiver after instialled U-CENTER V8X. The software can be downloaded from the official website. It's compatible with Win 11/10/ Win 8/. Win 7/Vista/XP/98/CE. The software is free. All-in-view tracking on 56 channels. The U-BLOX 7 Chipset has a Magnetic base, high sensitivity and Strong Singal. Tracking sensitivity is high. IPX4 water resistance, dust-tight, cable length is 6.5 Ft. OpenCPN can be supported on the Raspberry Pi. One year warranty.

Brand: Vfan

👤I was able to get the gps receiver to work with OpenCPN on my cheapo Windows 10 tablets. I plugged the receiver into the port that was provided for it. The driver was installed by Windows 10. I opened the "Option" menu, selected "Connections", and then clicked to look at the available COM ports. In my case, I chose the newCOM7 for me, and chose a buad rate of 9600, which is the same as the standard 4800 default. I clicked "Apply" and voila! The satellite logo in the upper right corner of the screen turned red to green when my boat appeared on the chart. The Ublox program is not needed. The big take-away is that Windows 10 will automatically download the right driver, but it is only for the serial tousb part of the receiver. It shows up on Windows 10 Device Manager as a new COM port, not as a "GPS Receiver" or something similar, but as a new port under the "Ports (COM & LPT)" header. OpenCPN can receive and decode the "GPGSV" and "GPGLL" sentences if the receiver spits them out.

👤I wanted to use Open CPN as a navigation software and install the U-Blox 7 gps sensor. Not this year. The "sensor" is not compatible with Windows 10 without uploading a Virtual Comm Port. On the U-Blox website, they offer the VCP with an.EXE extension, but it is not an exe file, but something called a 10 file. I think you understand the picture. The internet is full of people who are experiencing the same issues. All necessary charts are downloaded and plug-ins are available. If your computer isn'tGPS enabled and you are using OpenCPN, I would suggest you use another antenna. Why 2 stars. I was able to get the software they give to see antenna performance to work, and the lat and lon were correct. I have been trying to work around the difference between a device and a sensor for over four hours. I sent emails to both of them with no response.

👤This device was bought with the intention of cannibalizing it. Attach it to a port and read the output for accuracy. The device I tested used a /dev/cu* device instead of a tty. The time and gps information was accurate. The internal device was in the shell. I had to destroy the shell. There aren't any screws. The RF shield fell off. It had to be re- soldered back on. There are five The Ubx-G7020-KT is the "standard" grade device. The more rugged G7020-KA is not what it is. There is a small battery on the board that can be used for a real time clock. This would allow for quicker signal acquisition. I would expect this device to fail after a few years. I wouldn't recommend this device for harsh environments. The manufacturing process used is flawed and no gasket are used to stop the flow of water. The manufacturing process was not enough to keep the shield in place. There are three The chip is not rated for harsh environments. It was a bargain, but don't trust it if safety or cyber security is ever going to be an issue. The battery was a pleasant surprise, but I wonder why the low end device has this.

6. Antenna Active Aerial Connector Stereos

Antenna Active Aerial Connector Stereos

Help your gps to get stronger signal by using a waterproof active antenna. It picks up your position quickly with a 28 dB of gain. The magnetic base of the gps antenna can adhere to any metal surface. 3M cable length is 9 feet, SMA male plug is 3V to 5V, and Frequency is 1575.42. A-1ux are confident in the quality of their products. If you need assistance, please contact them.

Brand: A-1ux

👤The IC-9700 will drift if the gpsDO is not added to it and many decode failures will occur if that is not done. One would think that with such a 'feature rich' transceiver it would have a standard complement. I have a correct crimping tool, but I didn't want to buy a new SMA Male because I already have a replacement antenna assembly. The new antenna has a 90 degree connection. Is it a better antenna than the one I replaced? I can't comment on that. The lock light on the gpsDO went off in less than 10 seconds after the new antenna was attached. I worked several Russian and Ukrainian stations using Q65-60A mode after I confirmed it's operation.

👤I have an antenna that is the same style as this one, but it does not pick up as many satellites as the one on the same receiver does.

👤This is a great product. The longer wire gives you more freedom of placement.

👤I use it with a ham radio. It works. Comes up quickly.

👤The antenna was not used for an automobile application. This is being used with a network device. Working well.

👤This is a great gps add on. It works well. You should definitely buy this.

7. Active Antenna Fakra Audi RNS510

Active Antenna Fakra Audi RNS510

The Xtenzi ActiveGPS navigation antenna is compatible with the VW audi navigation receiver. Ready to plug in and use magnetic base that can adhere to any metal surface. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. Excellent temperature stability,Compact construction, and low noise figure. If you don't have a gps antenna, it's an ideal replacement for lost or damaged one. It's compatible with Select brand and models.

Brand: Xtenzi

👤I did a conversion on my Focus ST. The old style gps antenna in the car is incompatible with the sync 3 system. I bought this one. It works well inside the dashboard. I deducted one star because it wasn't possible to mount it. A small strip of double-sided tape would have sealed the deal.

👤This was used instead of the original gps antenna. Simply put it in the back of the car and put it in the trunk. It found 9 satellites after 30 minutes of driving. It's hidden under the trunk and found through the rear window and shelf, nice and hidden away.

👤I didn't like the one I had so I bought this. It was never in place. Not even using a hook. This one was stuck to the metal frame under the dash. It was perfect! My gps is working perfectly.

👤It's a perfect fit for the RSN-E. I bought one of these because the Vagcom said it was an antenna problem. The cable on the old one snapped when I went to install it. The wif remembered moving it. The cable was very brittle because of sitting out in the sun. The problem was explained to the wif and I put a foil jacket around it. Satellite reception is back to being top notch after this. I kept the cable on the front dash because it was long enough to be used for a back window install.

👤A simple fix for the factory antenna that stopped working in my car. To install, you'll need to remove the radio, plug the blue factoryGPS antenna into the plug, and find a spot to put the antenna. I was able to route the wire for the new antenna below the mesh "vent grille" on the top of the car. A new VW antenna is much more expensive.

👤I upgraded from 4.2 to factory SYNC 3 for the 2016 F-150. Fast. The satellites were mounted under the front center of the car.

👤I bought this antenna to replace a weak signal glass mounted one that came with my radio on a F10 BMW 5 series. The plugs are the same as the oem. I mounted the signal under the dash for a hidden from view installation. After a few weeks of testing, it was not a problem.

👤This was used when I did a Ford Flex conversion. I used double sided tape to run over the gauge cluster.

8. Xtenzi External Antenna Navigation VM9312N

Xtenzi External Antenna Navigation VM9312N

Ready to plug in and use magnetic base that can adhere to any metal surface. Help the gps to get a stronger signal. Excellent temperature stability,Compact construction, and low noise figure. If you don't have a gps antenna, it's an ideal replacement for lost or damaged one. Also compatible with NAV101.

Brand: Xtenzi

👤If it is mounted outside the vehicle, it works great. I was told by my install guide that I could put this inside the truck behind the head unit, but not at the location I was told. I mounted it on the roof. Don't just use the magnet on the bottom of the antenna, use some high quality double sided tape. 3M makes a tape for mounting on car bodies. Your antenna will fly off in a car wash.

👤The product was perfect. I lost the one that I got with my stereo, so I bought this. This worked well, and at a great price.

👤The wire had to be taped to make it work.

👤Did not fit my radio. The navigation attachment requires a plug in. I wasted my money.

9. Anina Antenna Kenwood Navigation Compatible

Anina Antenna Kenwood Navigation Compatible

It is compatible with: DNX6180, DNX6960, DNX6980, DNX7000EX, DNX7020EX, DNX7120, DNX7140 and DNX7160. It's compatible with: Nx 700, Nx 600, Nx509, Nx409. Alpine NAV-200,NVE-N751A,NVE-N751AS,NVE-N851A,NVE-N852A,INE-NAV30,INE-NAV38,INE-S920HD are compatible with. It's compatible with: Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Camry, RAV4,Corolla, Yaris, Prius, Matrix, 4Runner, Avalon, hybrid, Venza, Highlander, and the like. It's compatible with the Honda Accord. It's compatible with the Nissan Rogue Titan. Including but not limited to the above models. The GT5-1S female is waterproof. The magnetic base of the gps antenna can be attached to any metal surface in your car. Plug and play is the best way to install the gps antenna. Your car's gps signal reception can be increased by an external active antenna. You can get your location by connecting your aftermarket head unit to the gps antenna.

Brand: Anina

👤This unit works well on a daily basis. The unit fails to acquire satellites until it warms up. The unit was located under my dash by the climate control vents. I can warm the unit up quickly by being close to the vents. I can't say how long it will take to warm up without the help of the heater vents.

👤It doesn't work for the Toyota Highlander. The connection doesn't work. The connection won't be made. The radio flashes "Antenna" when it's not connected.

👤It was professionally installed in less than 15 minutes and worked perfectly.

👤It works well. I don't have an antenna placed outside of my car, it still has full bars.

👤The KENWOOD receiver is just like the original one. Thanks.

👤It works like a champ. To fit in the standard Toyota head unit, you need to trim the square edges. The sides of the moving latch need to be shaved down. The rounded edges are not the square edges. If you look at the face, it is shaped like a U, so trim the tops of the U. It's perfect and fixed my gps.

10. Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Stereo

Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Stereo

Dimmable illumination for buttons and display, updated dancing lights, and added function are included in the next generation 616UAB. Answer calls and be hands-free. The built-in microphone and car speakers let you hear someone else. You can play and control your music on the go. You can play music through your device or use the port. Digital media can be supported with file formats. You can listen to the AM/Fm radio stations for up to date news and music. The auxiliary is compatible with the audio output from the mp3 players. The option to have a huge library of audio files at your fingertips is provided by theusb port. You can use the auxiliary input to hook up your mp3 player. A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP are advanced profiles that are supported by Bluetooth. The front and rear pre-amp outputs can be used to hook up your speakers. 50 watt x 4 max power is what you can get from the 616UAB. Make sure your speakers are powered by an amplifier.

Brand: Boss Audio Systems

👤Two years ago, I bought this stereo. For the price, it was fine. The sound quality is good. It was next to useless. The different categories of input have no bearing on what you actually do, and sometimes it is possible to change the volume in the opposite direction that you intended. The maximum volume is 43, which is a crime. This stereo's final day matters more than anything else. It was removed from my life while I was driving on the highway. Smoke started coming out of the edges while the music was playing. I pulled the unit out and could see the flames inside. The smoke went away after I unplugged it. You can see the smoke in the picture, but you can't see the flames. It was pretty bad. I feel lucky that I was calm enough to unplugged it and not jump out and let my car catch fire. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. For the love of god. Don't buy this.

👤I bought this for my work truck as I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a company vehicle but wanted to have a radio that was hands free. The wiring was straight forward. The truck worked for about a week after I started it. The display rarely works as it should. Sometimes it doesn't show anything but the other lights on the left still light up. It's not possible to know what radio station you are on or what function you are using. It will display pieces of the image but they are scattered and hard to see. It's impossible to know what you've selected. Maybe one out of 20 times I start the truck and the display is correct and I can actually see what I am doing rather than just guessing what station I'm listening to. I've wondered if it was getting hot, but that is not the case, as it is cool to the touch and if I turn it off and on enough times it will work correctly, or if I stop at a gas station and start it again, it will work correctly.

👤A piece of equipment is very cheap. The blue tooth makes it worth the money. The microphone is exceptional for making and receiving calls. Attach the auxiliary plug in and theusb connection. What do you want for cry eye? There are a lot of preset on AM FM. I am very happy with this purchase. Installation is what it is, no matter what you buy. I solder all my connections and then run a ground wire to make sure they don't pop or static. The choice of CDs and cassettes was not a big question because they are a kind of thing of the past.

👤I think this is the best radio you can buy for under $30, the sound quality is better than radios I have paid over $100.00 for, the blue tooth pairs with my phone instantly for hands-free driving, and it works great! The sound quality through this radio is phenomenal, I put my entire CD collection on a small thumb drive, and did not even fill up a fraction of it. I will never use my phone for music. The radio is only about 3 inches deep so you can get it into places other radios won't fit. The first radio I received had an intermittent problem, but I contacted the vendor and they sent me a new one. I would recommend the installation kit and radio. The digital screen will go crazy from time to time, just pull the radio fuse and let it reset, the screen should be fine for a while. I have been using the radio for a while now and I still love it even though I have had to pull the fuse a couple of times. There is a method for this.

11. Herdio Waterproof Antenna Flexible SPA Black

Herdio Waterproof Antenna Flexible SPA Black

The range of the Marine Band Car Home radio frequencies is up to 10 miles. The mast has a 180 degree base for maximum mobility. You can install the antenna in the most convenient locations. It is resistant to the marine environment. The mast and cable are included.

Brand: Herdio

👤The basic design is poor and should work just like connecting a bare wire to the radio. The black model has two pieces of the joint painted, which means that only a very weak signal will pass from the antenna to the radio. I checked with a multimeter and there is no continuity unless you remove all of the paint, which would cause the metal to rust. The 180 degree bending at the joint will only work if you have a screwdriver, and theFlexible mast:180-degrees Swivel base is easy to swing back and forth, unless you didn't tighten it down all the way. It also claims that it is a dipole antenna, but I don't think it is, the base is not shielded, so it negates any advantage the dipole would give you. There are lots of places for water to get trapped in the antenna, which is held together with a zinc coated threaded rod. Don't be near the antenna, there is nothing correct about it. The designers don't have a background in radio or electronics design. This will apply to all of the identical models for sale. You should buy a better antenna.

👤I used this on my car. I didn't like the radio reception with the antenna in the rear window of this particular car. I installed an antenna on my car in under an hour. The gasket and plastic support piece were covered with RTV. I never trust anyone alone. The antenna mast is very flexible, so I wonder how much it will move on the highway, since it was designed for a boat. If I have any issues, I will update. This improved a lot of signals but didn't help some. I have a signal booster that I can pick up. The signal strength indicator on my stereo shows that the antenna with the booster easily doubled every station signal.

👤If you have a mounting surface that is thicker than 1/2 inch, you will run out of mounting thread. It was around 1/3 and did well. I adjusted the pivot feature to follow my view of the boat. The cord is plugged into the standard antenna jack on the back of my marine stereo head unit. Radio stations are clear.

👤As title states. It's easy to take off and replace it because it comes apart in different places on the mast. If you're worried about a little more stability and seal when mounting, I would recommend getting a fender washer of the same size. The rubber mast on my car is cracking and the antenna is no longer black. It has to be replaced because it is now stained and gray. It barely lasted a summer, fall and beginning of winter on my car, which is supposed to weather the elements on a boat. Won't buy again.

👤I've tried a number of different antennas for my new radio, but no one would pick up the stations I wanted. Being designed for boats, I took a risk and tried this one out. The signal strength is higher. I don't listen to the stations that are now clear and crisp. My stations are not what I wanted. I can still hear them and they pop in and out. This antenna is a lay-up win for me. It's not perfect, but at least giving me something. I can say for the other antennas I've tried. The antenna comes in white, instead of the standard black or chrome. If you're in the process of making the truck all white, this helps a lot. It's very upsetting that it's hard to find a decent antenna for a modern radio when my truck's default radio had better reception. The review addressed minor spelling errors.


What is the best product for gps antenna for alpine car stereo?

Gps antenna for alpine car stereo products from Xtenzi. In this article about gps antenna for alpine car stereo you can see why people choose the product. Eightwood and Vfan are also good brands to look for when you are finding gps antenna for alpine car stereo.

What are the best brands for gps antenna for alpine car stereo?

Xtenzi, Eightwood and Vfan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for gps antenna for alpine car stereo. Find the detail in this article. A-1ux, Anina and Boss Audio Systems are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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