Best Golf Gps Rangefinder

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1. Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Green

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Green

If you have any questions, they will reply to you within 24 hours. They provide a one-year warranty as a brand seller, and they are full of confidence in their products. The course can be updated with wireless course updates. Play up to 2 rounds before charging. There are 36,000 courses in 30 countries. The interface is easy to use. There are up to four hazard distances per hole. Automatic course recognition.

Brand: Bushnell

👤Writing reviews is not my play since I read them and they influence my decisions, but I suppose that's ok. It's fantastic for a hundred bucks. I took a chance on the manufacturer. The early days of binoculars and their founding are what they do. After reading some of the not so great reviews, trust in this history was the most important factor. I suppose value is always important, and maybe others expect more for their hard earned 100 bucks, but all bundled up neatly into a $100 price point. This isn't going to happen. My rebuttals on the negative points found in other reviews are not so great. 1. The magnet is not bad, but it does not have powers. I use the clip on a side pocket on my trousers and directly onto the cart inner frame without any issues. I can't support the other review claims of failure because the player needs to be aware of the potential dislodging. The idea of the magnet is very interesting. 2. It's made of plastic. It is made of plastic. Everything is made of plastic at this price point. No problem. 3. Again, the object. Okay. You are only on the cart path for a few days. I have not experienced such dislodging of the magnet. Take the unit to your ball position, get your yardage, and pull your club. Attach the unit to the inner cart frame. I don't see what's going on. 4. No, it doesn't give pin placements. With all respect, your game may need perfect yardages. I would question your critical thought process on how a unit for $100 is going to meet your expectations. The unit gives a reasonable accurate distance to front and back. I hope we all agree that when using the scoring clubs, you'd be in a better position to see the pin placement. Is it front, middle, or back? 5. The phone app is terrible. I'm at a loss. I think the app is great. The hole is completely covered. It's sensitive to the landing spot you want to give yardage to. There are all the dangers represented. It keeps you updated on your location. All good in my book. 6. It doesn't account for slopes. It's a hundred bucks for good people. If your home course exceeds the US 113 standard datememe rate, this might not be the best product for your game. You are going to have to pay. This is a small device. The read out is clean. It's easy to see shot distance by club. There are markers that are clean. For a hundred bucks, I'll take the front hazard info and plan accordingly. I'm a 7 all day. I shaved down to 2. I think it's for the person who likes the way things are. The front, middle, and back are shown. Go get it. I did an A/B test against my friends. It was close to 2 yards. That's reasonable for a hundred bucks. Our game requires a lot of effort. I would like to cut down my scoring average. This device allows more opportunities for putting. Maybe I don't have enough for $100. The unit should have a magnetic power source for $100. We should live in a place where all features are available for $100. I have no idea of this world. The device is well worth the hundred bucks for it's reliability and solid data. There is a I have had 2 glasses of wine. Maybe 3. I hope this will benefit. Be well.

2. Acegmet Rangefinder Vibration Continuous Magnification

Acegmet Rangefinder Vibration Continuous Magnification

It is a lifetime battery replacement. Lifetime battery replacement is included with the product registration. The care package includes a 2-year warranty, trade-in allowance, industry-leading support, and more. The laser rangefinder is one of the few modes that can accurately find and lock onto the pin to help you adjust your shot. The golf rangefinder with slope will always show the distance to the closest target, so there's no danger of accidentally getting a yardage for something behind your intended target. You can lock onto the pin and get immediate feedback, so you know you have the right target. There is no hole too large for you with a total measuring distance of 650 yards and an accuracy of less than 5 yards. The slope feature of the range finder makes it easier to add or subtract from a measurement. You can get accurate yardage regardless of elevation on the golf course. You can use the golf distance rangefinder to help you pick the right club. It's as easy to grab and shoot with their one button design. Their range finder golf is small and easy to carry. Their batteries make it easy to charge up between rounds. If you have to, you can charge up the golf balls in your car. With an easy-to-use device, you'll have no problem finding your distances before each shot. They want to make sure you're getting the best deal. You can use the golf laser rangefinder to feel more confident. This is a perfect choice if you are new to the world of golf distance finder and want something simple, small, and easy to use. Their golf range finder golfing completes with a 5D diopter adjustment function, and you can set the golf range finders in tune with your eyesight. You can see your shot with clarity with the 6x optical magnification. What if I don't like the use of the golf yardage rangefinder? They offer a worry-free 24 months warranty.

Brand: Acegmet

👤I replaced a lost Bushnell with the Acegmet and I am very happy. A big clear view with an adjusted diopter ring is provided by the viewfinder, which is easy to see through. It is much faster than my lost V3. It has a slope feature that lets you get the top reading as actual distance and the lower reading as slope adjusted. I have used the rangefinder for 32 rounds of golf and it is still working. I haven't seen the low battery indicator yet. I charged the rangefinder just once after I bought it in 2020. I wanted to know how long it would last. The rangefinder is a great buy with 32 rounds and still going. I would like to see how much charge is left in the battery. The finish is smooth and the quality is good. It is small but has a great window. I had tried another brand, but I preferred the big, clear viewfinder on this unit. Excellent value for money. Don't be fooled by its low price and the appeal of other brands. This is a review from a golfer.

👤The product is great at a cheaper price point. My father had a $300 bushnell. It's easy to use and the directions are short, but it has a 2 year warranty. It calculates the slope of both vertical and horizontal areas. I am amazed that this product costs less than it does. This is a great option for weekend warriors because I play once a week.

👤I have used the new range finder for a few rounds of golf and it has been good for the price. I was able to compare it to the TGW Range Finder. I wouldn't say my TGW was as good as this one, it was more than twice the price. It is slightly more accurate but not much. It is very easy to use. The case it comes in is very nice and it has a rechargeable battery. The carrying case has a bungee cord and a zip to shut, which is nice when you are pooping it back in the case after a long distance. It was very fast to lock and give a distance, but the battery wouldn't move in my only 3 rounds with it, so I would need to shoot 2 to 3 times to confirm. Pin Seeker can be difficult to figure out.

👤It's disappointing that a product like this would receive glowing reviews. I will no longer trust reviews from Amazon. Historically, I have found them fairly accurate. Something has changed and it's very strange. You will see my point if you read the other negative reviews. If you need to rely on Amazon reviews, start with the critical ones. Negative reviews for good products are usually related to the shopping experience, delivery delay, or a product damaged in transit, not the product itself. I bought a gift card just to see if a cheap one would work, and tried using it twice, once at range and once on course. It's almost impossible to lock on a pin over 100 yards. I have owned others that have been lost or stolen. The product did not work after being bought via Prime. It does not work as usual and is too good to be true.

3. Callaway Laser Rangefinder Slope Measurement

Callaway Laser Rangefinder Slope Measurement

If you're not happy with their products, you can contact them and they'll give you a full refund or a new one. Slope adjusted distance is calculated from the angle of incline anddecline and the elevation changes that are accounted for. The range of their golf rangefinders is up to 1000 yards with a range of 1 yard accuracy and even measure in both yards and meters. Pin-locking technology is used. Their laser measure with Pin Acquisition Technology allows you to lock onto a pin up to 300 yards away. When the laser locks onto the pin, the range finder will emit a short vibrating burst to confirm you have the correct distance. The External Slope On/Off switch is legal for tournament play. The hard carry case has carabiner and elastic band.

Brand: Callaway

👤So far, so good! The slope feature is easy to use, accurate, and it is nice that I don't have to guess how the slope is affecting the distance. It saved me from overshooting because I think there is slope too. Only used for one round so will be updated in the future. My friend gave me his old bushnell at the end of last summer, and it was unreliable in warm weather, and it was at least five years old. The callaways are twice as much as the bourgens. I decided to go with the less expensive callaway because it has great customer service and the product had a lot of positive reviews. Quality is good. Two years ago, I tried a Japanese brand. You never know what you will get from the cheapest brands. I wouldn't go for Bushnell unless you don't use money in your calculations. Hope this helps, happy golfing!

👤This product was diassapointed. I compared the system to other players and found it to be very inaccurate, with only 50% accuracy on the first two shots. I regretfully saved $150 and now have an expensive paperweight.

👤After two rounds of golf, it started to go bad. The battery is quick. The tech put a note on the unit when I sent it back, that it worked. He gave me a different unit than the one I sent. Not sure why? I bought a range finder that works from Leopold.

👤I have never used or bought a rangefinder before. Very impressed with the simplicity of this device. The button is easy to use. If you press it once, it will do a 3 second Scan and you just have to move the aiming square back and forth across the flag pin. It's to EZ! The strap on the side is nice as well. Drop and break it is the last thing you want to do. The magnet is great! Strong magnet and mounts firmly. The case that it comes in is fantastic. The Callaway logo on the outside zips up and has a D clip on the outside to connect to your golf bag. The display on the outside is nice. Callaway did a great job with this product. It doesn't seem cheap. I am very satisfied with this and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a nice quality rangefinder that is easy to use.

👤After about 8 years of use, my Bushnell V2 stopped working. The price of a new Bushnell was not justified. Amazon said it would be delivered in 7 days, but it was only 2 days after ordering. I've used it for 2 rounds. It was more difficult to get a reading with the Bushnell. It might be just a matter of getting used to the new unit. I seem to be getting better at getting my readings. I am still taking readings to make sure I get the pin and not the background. I am happy with my purchase and comfortable with the unit. Good value for money.

4. Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder

Their golf range finder golfing completes with a 5D diopter adjustment function, and you can set the golf range finders in tune with your eyesight. You can see your shot with clarity with the 6x optical magnification. What if I don't like the use of the golf yardage rangefinder? They offer a worry-free 24 months warranty. The first integrated Laser/GPS display. The CR2 is a dual battery source. The Pin Seeker is with Jolt Technology. The range to a flag is 400 yards. There are 36,000 courses in 30 countries. Front/center/back distances are included in the exterior gps readout.

Brand: Bushnell

👤This is the latest version of the hybrid gps and laser golf device. It is lighter than the previous version, but has two improvements over the prior version, one of which is the addition of their 'jolt' technology to the model. The unit works well and is easy to use. I have only used it for a few games, so I might change my rating. The gps battery life and rubber eye-piece are things that I don't like. If you put the unit in its case with the eye-piece up, you risk it coming off as you pull it out of the case. It is a minor annoyance. It is concerning that the unit has a two battery system instead of the single battery that was used before. The gps and CR2 battery in this unit are replaceable, and the built-in rechargeable battery is the one that powers the gps. The unit used to be powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, which would allow it to play 3 or more games before needing a refill. Even if the gps stopped working, you could still use the laser to finish the round. The built-in rechargeable battery in the new version is supposed to last 3 rounds, but so far it barely makes it through 2 rounds.

👤Many people say that this product will not power up, and I read many reviews about it. Bushnell made the "select" button front and center in red. Most people associate RED with power. The RED button is used to power the gps. The design team decided to use a bland Grey button as the power on for the gps and that does not make it very clear in the instructions. The range finder gets a bad rap due to a faulty user interface design and poorly written instruction booklet, and many returns for refunds due to this. You will love it if you can turn it on.

👤I like the combination of range finder and gps. The clarity of the eye piece is what I like. Even at a distance, things are clear. I don't like having to refill the battery every time I use it. It doesn't have slope or elevation correction. Some users may prefer those features, but I don't mind at all. There are no hybrid range finders with these features. I use this range finder almost every day.

👤They need to make improvements to the concept. 1. There is no slope capability. 2. The shut off timer doesn't work when there is no off button for the gps. 3. Even if the backlight is on, the display is hard to see. You have to reset it when it loses the course a few times. I like the idea of having green distances. I hope they make improvements to future models.

👤I gave this 5 stars despite the poor battery life for the gps. The price point is close to one that only has a line of sight finder. The battery wears down when the gps is running. They could make this better by putting the screen to sleep until you use a button or shacking it. Since the screen is on the side, you will have issues using the sleeve with a magnet. The view finder shows it, but your buttons are on the side. Good luck with remembering to charge your battery. Cool approach, but design needs work. As you progress from hole to hole, it finds the course well and moves around the course.

5. Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder

It's a must-have golf accessory. The scope comes with a hard shell carrying case for easy access. The microfiber cloth is included in the package. There is a money back guarantee. It's a good idea to make sure you have crystal clear. The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Range finder is the best of its kind. With 6x magnification and a sturdy handheld design, you can play at the top of your golf game. The yard is longer. Measure tour-level distances with ease by using the 800 yards range. Get those winning puts right by selecting golf clubs with confidence. A target lock is PULSE-VIBRATION. The scope emits short, vibrating signals to confirm the lock onto your target. It's perfect when measuring distances on courses with multiple subjects. Tournament is legal. The laser distance finder is legal for use in tournaments as per USGA rules. It is a must have accessory for your golf bag, whether you are practicing your game or moving up on the tour. It was built for the course. The scope's sturdy exterior makes it great for all weather conditions. The Blue Tees Golf laser range finder can be used for hunting, archery, and golf.

Brand: Blue Tees Golf

👤It has been great since I bought it. It is easy to lock on the pin from even as far as 250' yrds, it is advertised, and it is provided very accurate numbers. The battery access cover is loose. Not sure if that is common. I will email the company and ask if there is a common issue and if they can provide a new battery cover. I don't lose it. This 5 stars is still given due to how well it works. I wrote this on my own, not being asked to write a review.

👤It was very hard to find a range finder for tournament use. After two rounds, the range finder had multiple black flecks in the view finder. The range was not close to the actual range of 20 yards. Will try and find an older model. Do not recommend this unit.

👤It does not lock onto targets or register distances as quickly as a Bushnell does, but it works pretty well. It seems to be correct.

👤I took my blue tee out for the first time yesterday. A friend of mine has a similar product that we compared. Yardages were very accurate. On some of the par 3s, we would both stand on the tee box and race to get distance first. I won some and he won some. This is a top of the line product.

👤It's great for golf. Slope calculations are not necessary unless you don't know your club yardage.

👤It was a nice size. Great sight. Accurate information. The price is great.

👤It seems like it might be used, since it hasn't been used yet on the course. There are a few marks on it. It is strange for something that is supposed to be new. I was able to test it out yesterday. I could not get it to focus. So far, I'm pretty disappointed.

👤Excellent value! Pick up the target quickly. It has helped me dial in my approach shots. I've never used a better one. Thank you guys!

👤It is a Christmas gift, so no results yet.

6. PEAKPULSE Compensation Rangefinder Technology Vibration

PEAKPULSE Compensation Rangefinder Technology Vibration

Innovative design. The range finder and battery cover are inseparable. Don't worry about missing battery cover. The built in slope technology of the golf range finder allows you to adjust the distance based on the hole's incline anddecline. The golfer can easily use the slope function for legal tournaments. It is a great choice for outdoor applications. Even for those with shaky hands, flag acquisition with pulse vim technology makes it easy to lock the flag. The golfer can get the right distance with a short vibrating to verify the laser has locked the flag. The Fast Focus System allows you to adjust the focus to shoot the target clearly and turn the eye pieces to focus on your target. After 8 seconds, the rangefinder will shut down to save battery power. To turn it on again, you need to press the power button. It is a perfect combination of size and speed. It was accurate to a +2 /-1. The yard is 6 to 500 yards. The warranty is for 2 years. If there is a problem, leave it on the Amazon and they will ship you a new one directly or a full refund is optional.

Brand: Peakpulse

👤This was on a deal so I bought it as a backup. It was just as good as the Coolshot, but at $100 less, and with a little pin confirmation lock, I like this one better. We still seem to lose even though we know the correct distance to hit, because I used an extra $100 for golf balls after returning the Nikon. It's a good thing.

👤The PEAKPULSE 6Pro Golf Range finder has accurate yardage measurements. It works great and I have used it for a week. During a round of golf, I was able to compare the PEAKPULSE 6Pro Golf Range finder against a friend's Range finder and found that the two were within one yard of each other. The Bushnell has more features but I'm more interested in the accuracy of the distance, the vibrate when locked on to target, and the slope for less than the Bushnell. It is far beyond what I expected.

👤My husband is hard to buy for. I ordered one for Christmas because he was talking about wanting one. My husband liked this range finder. A lot of bells and whistles but still user friendly. He told me that he bought the same one last year. He loves it! I returned it. The return was easy and painless. The good news is that there is a battery in this and return shipping is more expensive. Just make sure you don't own one first.

👤Everything worked well once I figured out how to change from meters to yards. The slope adjustment seemed to be correct. The hole was slightly downhill on one hole, but it was less than the actual distance. I was saved from shooting the green.

👤I was surprised to see a ranger finder that had all the features for the price. I'm completely satisfied with the product at this point. In the next few months, we will know more.

👤I wear glasses and it was easy to find your target, it locks on quickly and gives the vibration. It gives me everything I need for the price.

👤I have used it for a few rounds of golf. It works as advertised and is a good value. I like the white color and won't forget it in a dark golf cart cubby hole. It's great when visiting a course for the first time and don't know how much to club up or down, because the slope feature can be turned off for tournaments. The finder is also cool.

👤My daughter is a member of the high school golf team and enjoys using the golf ranger to find distance. So far, it has been working well.

7. Izzo Swami 6000 Handheld Golf

Izzo Swami 6000 Handheld Golf

The Wingman is one of the products that comes with the Bushnell Golf App. The app gives you a full-color aerial view of the hole layout. Their handheldGPS units come with over 38,000 global course maps, no subscription fees, and include free updates. Their golfGPS devices give accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green as well as layup and carry distances to the front and back of the doglegs. Automatic functions include auto-course recognition, auto-hole advance and individual shot distance measurements. The ultimate golf cart accessories, their handheldGPS units are equipped with an integrated magnet designed to attach to the cart frame for hands-free, eye-level viewing. The digital scorekeeper and the large, vibrant color display are included in the golf gps.

Brand: Izzo

👤I'm 69 years old. An avid golfer. I spent $349 on a laser range finder two years ago to get more accuracy with the distances I had to hit. The slope reader was included in this thing. They don't tell you what to do when you buy one, you better have a steady hand, or at least be able to brace yourself against something. The "cross-hairs" bounce around like rabbits. It was more frustrating than anything else. The brand name was lousy. There is a I bought the Swami 6000 from IZZO. Imagine a technology that does what it says it will do for under $100.00. It's easy to use, with 40,000 courses in their library, and it's magnetic so it sits right on the frame of my golf cart. The distance to the green front is shown to me when I get my ball. I wanted it to do that. I could keep my score on it, but I need to know how far to get home, I've played many courses before. IZZO, keep it up!

👤The product is great. The new charging system is better than the previous ones. The yardage is always on the front and back of the green. The gps is reliable. You have to wait until you get 60 yards away from the previous hole to record your score. Sometimes it can be a problem. The other things about this gps are great. I would recommend this product to anyone.

👤I bought this to replace a device that stopped working. I was told to send it back with $90 and they would rebuild it. I jumped at the $129 price when I saw it. It has more than I need for my 14 handicap game and does not have a lot of features of the G6. When you wonder to far off the fairway, it tends to switch holes but you can't go wrong. If you are that far off the fairway, how good can you be if you can either go one way or the other? The battery life is amazing. The battery was only 50% down after almost 12 hours of play.

👤The reason I didn't give 5 stars was because when I get close to another hole it jumps ahead and won't stay on the hole I'm on even if I change it. Even though I have a rain cover on the post, the strong magnet has never fallen off my cart. I can play multiple rounds between charges if you change the plug in charge from the magnet charge. This is my third Izzo. I like them. For a lot more money, work as well as others.

👤This is what I wanted. I decided to go with this instead of spending a lot of money on a good one. The gps is off in the area. After two rounds of golf, the battery life is excellent. I only lost one bar as I was on the last hole. The hazard feature is pretty accurate, but I have seen two holes that were missing water hazard. Maybe that's why, both were small creeks. The buttons are easy to press but for me they are fine. It won't come on while in a bag. 100% satisfied.

8. Gogogo Sport Rangefinder Magnification Correction

Gogogo Sport Rangefinder Magnification Correction

The hard carry case has carabiner and elastic band. Normally Scan Mode can be used to range measurement of all items within the scope of application. The mode design for golf sports is pin-seek(170 Yard),flag-lock(350 Yard) and Slope Distance Correction. This mode is ideal for hunting or other outdoor sports. Great quality products but at an affordable price is what the great value is. Their customers should pay less and get more. The most effective on the market. They provide outstanding pre/after customer service, and also provide a one-year warranty, so if you have any questions, they will reply to you within 24 hours. Excellent golf mode. The GS03 Golf Range finder has the most advanced golf technology. You can know the exact distance to swing with pin-seeking and flag-lock tech. The data will appear in front of your eyes when you lock to the target, pin, flag, or anything else. The Slope Distance Correction function would help you swing in the right direction. Accurate distance and slope data give you information to adjust your swing strength, improve your skills and help you to win. It's a great present for golf and outdoor sports kids, and it can be used for hunting, hiking, and any range measurement. Fast and accurate measurement with 1-yard accuracy, one-button meter, and yard switch on button mode is easy to use. The small mini size: 106 x 40 x 71mm is very convenient to carry with a strap and after-use storage with a small waterproof pouch. Full packing includes pouch, strap, clean cloth and operation manual.

Brand: Gogogo Sport Vpro

👤After 3 years, my Bushnell died. I decided to use this GoGoGo unit because I didn't want to spend that much money again. It works well. It's slightly cheaper to build and use batteries instead of using a computer for charging, but it still gets the job done at a quarter of the price. Accurate where I have comparison data. Pinseeker technology. The same operation was done by Bushnell. Good communication. Having a laser rangefinder improves my golf game because it helps me pick the right club to avoid a hazard or reach the pin. I say that as a senior golfer, not a young pup Rickie Fowler. Why wouldn't you have it in your bag?

👤The view of the target is bright and clear, and the eyepiece is great, it can be adjusted to focus on the target. It is easy to carry. I use the RF for archery target and 3D and have a 30 yd course taped out using landscaping measure and this RF was dead bang on at 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 yds. I think that accuracy will hold out. It has a slope compensator and angle indicator which are essential for uphill and down hill shots. 1/6 of other units don't do any more. I'm only concerned about the fact that it doesn't say water resistant, which might be of concern in the rain. The range finder was a good purchase for the money and does exactly what I need it to do.

👤My wife surprised me with a gift. She was surprised since I told her I got it. There is a What a thoughtful gift! This thing is smaller and lighter than I expected. The carry case it comes with is simply amazing. I had expected it to be a little brighter, but so far, I have only used it in the house. I think this thing will be a lot of fun.

👤The GOGO G503-900Y is reviewed. I looked at all of the rangefinders on Amazon and they all did the same things and had similar reviews so I chose this one because of its low price. I was satisfied with its performance because it does what I expected. The description said it came with a pouch for storage, so I was hesitant to order it. I liked the price. I bought it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and saw a beautiful hard case. It has an elastic strap for secure closing. It is easy to access during outings if I use the elastic closure and don't have to zip the case while carrying it on my belt. I thought that potential buyers should know about this before making a selection so I have included photos to show what the "pouch" looks like.

👤We both target shoot and the husband is an avid hunter. I don't think there is a flat area in New England. He paid a lot for a range finder, but recently it bit the dust. I thought I would clean it. Being a great price was worth a try. It's correct. There is a buck in the garage. It has a really sturdy case. It zips closed if you run it through your belt. If you're not using it, you can just drop the range finder into the case, pull the elastic onto the knob, and secure it quietly. Its very light. For hunting it's a win, but we don't golf so can't speak to that application.

9. Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder Magnification

Precision Pro Golf Rangefinder Magnification

The warranty is for 2 years. If there is a problem, leave it on the Amazon and they will ship you a new one directly or a full refund is optional. There is a golf range. The precision pro golf range finder is the ultimate golf accessory to locate precise distances. It was built with high definition options and brighter resolution. The built-in magnet is used to keep the golf cart's rangefinder secured. The shock-proof design of the range finder makes it more durable and strong. The NX9 Slope golf rangefinder has a 22mm viewfinder that shows crystal clear optics with 6X magnification. You can choose between elevation slope and non-slope modes with the adaptive slope technology. The golf laser range has a 600-yard capacity and is accurate within one yard. When the target has been acquired, it is water resistant. It is a lifetime battery replacement. Lifetime battery replacement is included with the product registration. The care package includes a 2-year warranty, trade-in allowance, industry-leading support, and more.

Brand: Precision Pro

👤This is not a cheap range finder. It is not a high end one. From a functional standpoint, you get what you pay for: Accurate ranging. My playing partners' distances and my course's range find to the flag from the Par 3s made my NX9 seem to be a yard or two different. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. I'm not a handicap player on the tour, so a couple of yards inaccuracy over 150yds is not here or there. After a slight delay, pin finding works well. I use a finder that lasts 3-4 times a second and the power button is depressed. Sometimes a good thing and sometimes a bad thing, when it's harder to keep steady when the distance is longer. Yards or meters are two modes. The button is easy to use. It was too easy. I was always changing modes until I changed how I held the device. This proves annoying because most users want one or the other and not switch between them. I think a little switch in the battery compartment would be a better way of choosing the mode. The main reason I bought this finder was the magnetic holder. It's great to be able to use the range finder on the golf cart. It's even better if you don't have to buy a separate case. I had a place for my glove on the other side of the velcro. I only had a problem with the device. 3 rounds a week after a month's use. The on-off switch started to work. It was hard to turn on and off. If I didn't have a spare battery on me, I couldn't use the device because it discharged on more than one occasion. I've stopped using the device for this reason. I can't return it through Amazon. I hope the manufacturer makes things right.

👤I didn't get to use the unit until I came to Florida in February, after I got this unit as Christmas. The unit was very easy to use and I was able to stick it on the golf cart. The unit measured less than it should on every use. It was compared to my gps system, a partners gps system and another players range finder. My range finder was different every time, but the two gps systems were always within 1 yard of each other. I can't tell you about customer service because I haven't contacted the company yet. I will update when I know if they have answered or sent a replacement. A bone head mistake was made. I knew the unit did meters and yards. I didn't pay much attention to which one was there. It was off by about 10 yards when I realized it was on meters. No problem...switched to yards. 5 stars!

👤I already own an NX7 Pro and wanted a Precision Pro. One would stay on my cart and the other on my hip. I believe the slope matches my friend's X2 with accuracy. The HD was 10 yards away. The NX7 Pro is great, but the NX9 HD is not. I didn't notice a difference between the NX7 Pro and the one I was supposed to be clearer with. The case doesn't have a belt loop in case you want to have the rangefinder on your hip. Very disappointing. The NX9 HD was not as good as the NX7 Pro. I suggest that those looking for a new rangefinder consider the NX7 Pro. I think it's a more cost effective alternative to the X2 with a clearer and easier to read viewfinder. Both the NX7 Pro and the X2 were correct. The NX7 Pro is $250 less than the other one. The review was not accurate because it was on the NX9 HD.

10. Garmin Approach Accuracy Overlays 010 02260 00

Garmin Approach Accuracy Overlays 010 02260 00

The most accurate laser range finder is within 10” of the flag. It is easier to find and range the flag for precise distances when image stabilization is used. More than 41,000 courses are mapped in full-color on the courseview. You can see everything in play at a distance with the Laser Range Arc feature. You can quickly scroll through the map with the hazard view.

Brand: Garmin

👤I was torn between the two. The X2 has a battery that will last a year or more, but it was too tempting to pass on the built in gps feature. I am glad I bought the device. I felt like I was cheating when I played at a really challenging course with crazy elevation changes. When you get a graphic on your camera showing where the hazard is, blind areas are not a concern. The pinseeker mode saved me. The "plays like" mode helped me choose the right club with elevation drops of over 100 ft. The oled screen is very sharp and accurate as a rangefinder. I returned the older version of it because I had to factory reset it 3 times in the first week to get it to work. I took the risk because I am a bells and whistles guy and I am glad. It has a feel to the controls that is similar to a video game, but it takes a bit of playing around to get it down. I will probably end up charging this after 2 rounds of play because I am at a low battery, but the downside is that after playing 18 holes, using frequently, I am at a low battery. If you have a cart with a slot for ausb, you can prevent it from draining. I wish this thing had a magnet for the frame of the golf cart, or the ability to clip onto my pants. I don't like having to put the clip in and out of the case every time.

👤I saw an ad on Facebook for the Approach Z82 and impulsively purchased it. I used it for seven rounds. I have had a Leupold GX-4i3 and a Bushnell Tour V4 Shift in my range-finding golf career. The accuracy of this device is the same as it was in the past. There is no fear there. Even without a steady hand, you will definitely get the hang of targeting the flag even if it is a bit cumbersome. It has the same technology as most others. It is roughly the same size. The embedded gps helps bring the laser range arcs to the front. This feature will make sure that you never second-guess yourself when clearing ponds, fescue, or anything. The switch to green view when you are shooting to the pin is also really neat, with front and back-of-green yardages. Do you think that the Bunker is close to you? You can use the hazard view to scroll the hole you are playing. It is not easy to take it out of its carrying case and put it back in. It's almost like you have to leave it out. The good thing about the case is that it is solid and protective. You have to practice going through all of the menu options before you play. Do it many times. I did it once. If you are not prepared, you will hold up your partners. Be prepared to be amazed by what the Z82 can do. If you accidentally power it down while entering your scorecard, there is no easy way to resume your round. There is a price. I have sold my other two to cover the cost and I think it is worth it. You won't be sorry if you pull the Trigger. This product is a five-star product. I will move this to five stars if it comes down to $500 and a case that is easy to remove and return. I am ready for a hot day on the course tomorrow and am having a lot of fun with it.

11. Blue Tees Golf Sport Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Sport Rangefinder

The Blue Tees Golf Series 1 Sport Range finder is the next step in evolution of their distance scope for golf. The selection of clubs has never been easier with the HD display. Take your golf game to new heights by playing with confidence. The slope laser rangefinder is a good way to measure distances. The system takes into account the incline to give you the true distance between you and your target. Pinpoint a target as far as 650 yards with an accuracy of 1 yard using long range, flag lock technology. It emits a short vibrating pulse to confirm that you locked on to the target, not what was behind it. It is built for the outdoors. The scope's sturdy exterior makes it great for all weather conditions. The Blue Tees Golf laser range finder can help you measure the distance to the golf course. It's a must-have golf accessory. The scope comes with a hard shell carrying case for easy access. The microfiber cloth is included in the package. There is a money back guarantee.

Brand: Blue Tees Golf

👤I live in northern Michigan and finally got to use this on the course. I was excited to purchase this, but I was disappointed after using it for two rounds. I would get readings with 5 or more yards different if I stood in the same spot as I was shooting. It was different from my partners. It's difficult to lock onto the target. Slope reading was more widespread. I really wanted to love this, but I can't. I should have spent the money on their newer model as I'm guessing they worked some of the links out.

👤The range finder I took to the course broke. Whenever not in use, I had the item inside of the soft case. The second time I used the range finder, it was light rain, but now it is impossible to see the lens because the water ruined the item. The quality was really disappointing.

👤This is one of the better ones I have had. It doesn't allow you to turn off the slope. It works well, other than that. It has been very accurate, I and my friend can get very analytical about these things, and actually take the time to test it out. It was within half a yard for us.

👤A friend has a more expensive model. I have to read 3 times a day. It's spot on once I get a consistent answer. The case is great. I have a caribiner that clips on my bag. This thing is great for the price.

👤My previous one didn't have slope and I wanted an upgrade so I bought this one. This is not consistent. I've used it for two rounds. I never get the same number of yards twice in a row. I can shoot the pin three times and get different numbers, but it varies by a few yards. I don't think the slope works correctly as there have been more times where the pin is above or below and it doesn't change slope.

👤It was hard to keep steady with an old range finder. This is a great value. It will give you the distance based on your lie or slope. It's always hard to do. My son wanted it so I gave it to him. I bought one for myself because I liked it so much.

👤I thought it would be hard for me to lock in on the flag being an older man. I had no problems with the lock in mechanism. I'm keeping it.

👤It does the job well for the price. You can zoom in on the flag with slope technology. A great purchase.

👤I've only used it once, and it seems to be pretty good for the price, compared to $400 and up gps range finders only the magnetic strap for your golf cart is way overed priced.

👤It doesn't seem to work. The yardage in the lens says 0 and I don't know a distance. Disappointed with the product. I wouldn't recommend spending money on this.


What is the best product for golf gps rangefinder?

Golf gps rangefinder products from Bushnell. In this article about golf gps rangefinder you can see why people choose the product. Acegmet and Callaway are also good brands to look for when you are finding golf gps rangefinder.

What are the best brands for golf gps rangefinder?

Bushnell, Acegmet and Callaway are some of the best brands that chosen by people for golf gps rangefinder. Find the detail in this article. Blue Tees Golf, Peakpulse and Izzo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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