Best Garmin Zumo Xt Motorcycle Gps Mount

Zumo 7 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Motorcycle Handlebar Waterproof 4 5 6 75 EXplorist

Motorcycle Handlebar Waterproof 4 5 6 75 EXplorist

It is easy to install. The motorcycle phone mount is compatible with any 1 inch handlebar on any bike, motorcycle, scooter, snowmobile, or car. Remove the case from the bike cell phone mount for portable storage and outdoor use. You don't need to re-insert your phone or gps in the case. At the perfect angle. The bike phone mount is always at the best viewing display. Don't attach your eyes to your helmet or visor. There is a clear protectIVEWINDOW. The motorcycle phone holder's touch sensitive screens give you full use of your phone or gps, while ensuring durable, waterproof protection for your device. They included foam inserts for various sized devices to help keep your gps device secure and against the access panel. 3.50 x 2.50 inches.

Brand: Usa Gear

👤This product is only for small motorcycles and mopeds. The mount doesn't fit my motorcycle handlebars even when they are fully extended. I had to wrap foam from a mouse pad to get it to fit on the mirror post. I tried to mount it but it would bounce around on me. The window is not made of plastic. It is supposed to be designed so that you can use it with a car gps, but the gps was barely visible in the sun, which makes it unsafe because you can't just glance at it to see where you are going. The mount moves downward when you hit a bump because you can't see it. I have to keep moving it back into place. The ball mount broke on me when I tried to put it back in place after I tightened it. Strike three. I wouldn't recommend it for motorcycle use as it's not safe, it's just not fit for the gps, and it has all of the mounting issues. I brought an alternative way to mount my gps because we would have been lost. I put it in a hunting license carrier and pinned it to my back so my wife could get directions. If you only drive smooth roads at night, this would work just fine. I'm going to avoid getting a garmin or tomtom motorcycle gps, but it looks like that's just what I'm going to do.

👤I forgot about it since I wasn't going to ride my motorcycle for a while. It was after the cutoff. I went to attach it to my motorcycle when I was ready to leave. I tried to zip it closed, but it broke off. I wonder if buying stuff on Amazon is worth it. Over the years, I have received many inferior quality products that were just plain junk. I will not be buying non high name brand products. If Amazon doesn't have the high end item I need at a reasonable price, I'll just drive 5 minutes down the road to buy my higher name brand electronic and photography items.

👤I've been using multiple USAGear products for years. I like the fact that the company stands behind what they sell. There is a This one is an upgrade for me from the previous one. Attaches very securely and easily. Water is resistant to rain. I use my phone for a lot of things. I don't have a problem using the phone's screen while my gloves are on, except for a slight loss of dexterity caused by the gloves and not the case. I would only report the issue of removing the case from the backplate as an issue if I had to. This also means that it is securely attached to me.

👤One might think that the zip is waterproof, but it isn't. The plastic for the cover blocks the faceid. Some cases don't have this issue, but don't have the other features. Life is about compromise. There is a lot of room to mount a coil. I might void my warranty and permanently mount a wireless charging point. The battery can be eaten by the gps device. It can be awkward to have a longer loose cable. It's ok for faceid if you have a gland for some wire. I would pay more. The 17mm ball was good. The bike has a ram mount system. The 1 inch to 17mm adapter is on sale at Amazon. They supplied a mount. Popped it in. It was good to ride.

2. Garmin Suction Magnetic DezlCam78 010 12771 00

Garmin Suction Magnetic DezlCam78 010 12771 00

The magnetic mount is powered.

Brand: Garmin

👤I drive two trucks. The additional mount was needed to make moving the gps simpler. The only complaint is that it should have a power cord.

👤A very good replacement.

👤If you are looking for a genuine product, look no further. It was the part we needed. Thank you!

👤The piece I was trying to replace had a square shield in the MAGNET. My mistake is not guns or Amazons.

👤The amount that failed bought a replacement that worked perfectly.

👤My husband has one of these in his semi.

👤The item was described. The item arrived quickly and was thankful for it. My gps broke a month ago and I was upset. I use my gps everyday and I am glad this part was available. The side wire that comes with the gps is not included. I paid a good price for the mount.

👤I replaced my original with this one. I have to take mine out of my truck every night because the glue gets weaker. I want to avoid it falling off the window while I am driving.

👤Exactly what I needed for the second vehicle. All I have to do is take the actual Garmon gps from vehicle to vehicle. Works well.

👤Conforme la commande. s rapide.

3. Garmin International Inc 010 12673 03 Echomap

Garmin International Inc 010 12673 03 Echomap

Superb Quality is made of aluminum alloy. A rubber pad on the top plate will prevent camera scratches on the bottom. L*W*H:57*38*13mm is the base mount. L*W*H:38*38*8mm The mount tilts for optimum viewing when mounted on the bail mount with knobs. Plugging the cables into the mount's quick-release cradle allows you to seat/unseat your device with ease. The package is 9.1 L x 33.6 L. H x 19.9 W. The package weight is 0.774 kilograms. The country of origin is Taiwan. It is compatible with ECHOMAP. Plus ( 92sv, 93sv, 94sv, 95sv, 97sv) Panoptix has a bundle of ice fishing equipment.

Brand: Garmin

👤A picture of the inside of the unit would have been helpful. There is a area in the center that will not allow the 94sv to mount. As I have passed the 30 day window to return it with free shipping, I have changed my rating to a 1 star. I was able to explain my situation to customer service and they graciously allowed me to return it at my local Whole Foods pick up site. It wasn't a total loss, but still smarting that it didn't fit.

👤I bought two more of these. There are three in my ice fishing setup, one in my Bowfishing boat, and one in the pontoon boat. Go to the ice fishing boat with the head unit out. Use my device now! The 93sv+ is from Garmin.

👤What to say, it's a cradle. My other one has rubber washers that help with adjustments. This one didn't have them. I'm not sure if they were looked at from the factory or not.

👤When I want to use the unit for ice fishing, I don't have to remove the original brackets from the boat. It's much easier to clip the head unit into the portable set up than it is to pop it out. It's worth it.

👤The full brackets are not included in this. It's useless without the mounting brackets. I'm coming back.

👤It's nice to have an extra mount so I can have it on my boat and kayak.

👤Quality and fulfillment were as expected.

👤It was what we needed to fix.

👤It's great for an extra one.

4. BRCOVAN Aluminum Mounting Rear View Suitable

BRCOVAN Aluminum Mounting Rear View Suitable

The motorcycle rear-view mirror frame and mini round rail are connected to the motorcycle rear-view mirror frame with a 0.4''/10mm hole design. The base for the ball mount is made of aluminum for reliability in the most demanding environments. The ball has anti-slip performance. This 1 inch ball mount is compatible with the RAM B size 1'' ball and sockets component. It's suitable for installation on bike, bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, mountain bike, dirt bike, trek bike, road bike, golf cart, electric scooter, ATV, etc.

Brand: Brcovan

👤I use the phone for navigation and to listen to tunes on the road, but I don't have multimedia on my bike, so I need a solid mount for the phone. I would like the Clamp to be tighter on my mirror post. There are three plastic collars that are supplied for different size mirror posts. The mirror post is still able to be turned a little bit with the tightest fitting one. It takes a little bit of hand pressure to change the position of the clamp. I haven't had any issues with my mounting system rotating because of this. I wrapped a couple layers of black electrical tape around the mirror post to make sure it was tightened. Your mileage may be different. It's easy to install and works great with the RAM Mount Size B neck and X grip holder. The price was on point and I was satisfied with the purchase.

👤I couldn't use it because I didn't read the description. I needed it to fit on the handlebars. It was easy to return it.

👤It is a good quality, but it only fits a mirror on a dirt bike bar.

👤I used it to mount a gps on an ATV. The bolt was loose enough to slide off the collar about 3 hours into the trail ride. I asked a lot of this mount while on a very bumpy ride, but it was chosen for something else. I will spend double and try RAM Mount. It may work well for lighter applications.

👤This is a high quality product. I used it to mount my car.

👤It will fit many different mirror shafts. It is sturdy and holds my phone in perfect condition.

👤It works on my Vespa for the ram mount system. It would fit a skinny mirror. I used the middle one. I don't have to use the claw mount on the handlebars anymore because I don't have to worry about losing my phone.

👤I put it on the NCY stand. It would likely survive a crash.

5. Replacement Additional Motorcycle Handlebar Satellite

Replacement Additional Motorcycle Handlebar Satellite

It's compatible with devices with a 4 hole pattern, including vehicle specific mounts, cameras, gps devices, audio/video receivers, or satellite radios. The handlebars have a diameter of up to 33mm.

Brand: Arkon

👤I bought this on a whim to hold my vision device. It holds my DynoJet just as well as it mounts. I only rode with it once, but I shouldn't have any issues with it. I can clear codes after I do a burn out, which is a plus. I think so.

👤This was delivered in less than 24 hours. It's easy to install and fit on the myjet power vision.

👤It's mounted on my 13” mx tbars so it's not a problem to get it stolen since you need a screwdriver to take it off. The value is great.

👤I needed a mount since I wanted to mount my Power Vision tuner to the bike. I didn't know it was coming with the tuner. I bought this one. The mount Fuel Moto USA sent with the tuning is the same mount. It was mounted to my sportster's bars and has held up well for a few hundred miles. Very safe. It was a good purchase.

👤Lives up to the description. Hardware to install is included. I have about 300 miles with my car and it hasn't shifted position at all. I would buy again.

👤Arkon is the only brand I buy because it is thick and lasts a long time. There are a lot of different options to choose from.

👤It works perfectly with my power vision tuner. And mounts to the monkey bars.

👤It makes a great base for my motorcycle camera viewer.

👤The ball in the brackets is very smooth and it was not possible for me to secure my Montana gps in one position. It's not suitable for bikes with gps or Tom Toms, but for phones with gps. When I asked to return it as unfit for purpose, I got no reply from Hamdis, I had to ask Amazon to help, this eventually got a response. I had to pay for the postage. If you want to buy from Amazon, I would recommend it.

👤I bought this mount to fit on a pole mount in my car and it fits well and holds the radio securely. It is difficult to mount and you have to disassemble it to get it to fit.

👤The tornillos se rompi, el plstico no es tan resistente. The sugiero tienes rondanas en el tornillo y rosca para ayude.

👤Put it on my bike. Holds it just right and doesn't move much. Going to get another one.

👤It was pretty good. The mount arrived quickly and was easy to install.

6. Garmin Motorcycle Mount Bracket Zumo

Garmin Motorcycle Mount Bracket Zumo

This mounts to a motorcycle mount. This mounts to a motorcycle mount.

Brand: Garmin

👤I think it's a good fit, it hasn't fallen off yet, I ride off pavement most of the time.

👤The mount holds the gps firmly in place, so it doesn't matter how rough the terrain gets. You will need to purchase the harness separately.

👤Was not sure if it came with all the bolts and screws to attach to the RAM mount. Maybe it should be added to the description. It was bought for a docking option on another bike. I've used the docking system on my adventure bike and it's been great.

👤The original Halter is passt.

👤Schnelle Lieferung is a song. Ware wie erwartet. Passt perfekt.

7. SP Motorcycle Motorcycles Accessories Cell Phone

SP Motorcycle Motorcycles Accessories Cell Phone

The magnetic mount is powered. The scope of delivery is stated. The Moto bundle has a phone case, a weather cover, and a stand tool. Whether you're riding a motorcycle or not, the best solution for connecting your phone to your motorcycle is with SP CONNECT. There aremounting POSSIBILITIES. The mount can fit on standard and oversize handlebars in portrait or landscape orientations. You will be prepared for any weather, whether rain, sweat, dust, dirt or mud, with the included SP CONNECT Weather Cover. The cover is designed so that you can use your device. The fastest and most secure way to mount your phone is with the SP CONNECT. It is a complete eco-system of mounts which allow you to attach your phone and accessories. There is a potential mounting interface. You can attach/detach with one hand with the 90-degree Twist to Lock. This setup will allow easy access to navigation, apps, and important messages, all within the riders reach.

Brand: Sp Connect

👤Poner y quitar el celular. No hay necesidad. La instalacin fue. As el forro de la calidad. La funda o case adapta a teléfono de manera perfecta.

👤I need it for a 12 pro max.

👤Amigos articulo y calidad.

👤The Handyhalterung ist robust and mein. Motorrad perfekt. Wechsel des Gefhrts ist so mglich. There is an blichen Handyhalterungen, das ist per Arretierung 90 Drehung. 1 Sekunde ist "ab", 1 Sekunde ist "dran". The Alltag problemlos benutzt, so das Motorrad-Ausritt jederzeit ist. The Anschluss von Stromversorgung ist der Unterseite. Ich ist die Regenschutzdeckel passgenau. Ich ist die Erschtterung, das ist die Ersatzteil. The soll ist das Erschtterungen. Insgesamt, Ich bin hoch. The Preis ist hei.

👤Im Halterung ist das hochwertig verarbeitet. Im groen und ganzen. Einziger war on the 2. There is a 3. Im Motorradlenker meine Kamera hatte. Them ist das Kamerabild wackelte. Deekt vermutlich. I am aber sehen ob's. Ich is natrlich.

👤A super Produkt. Es befestigt alles, wie das Telefon. Allerdings ist in der fehlendes Modul. Sollte is diesbezglich, gerne 5 anstelle von 3 Sternen.

👤No compres! Si tienes the iPhone 11 and 12. El primer da tienes una pieza interna de la cmara, por las pequeas vibraciones. Me pasa, Es la primera. As y al parecer, lo mviles son delicados. Debera de comunicarlo, lo sabe.

👤Muchsima calidad!

8. Garmin 010 12110 00 Zumo Motorcycle Mount

Garmin 010 12110 00 Zumo Motorcycle Mount

Mount Zumo is near your motorcycle. Includes hardware and bare wire cable. It's compatible with the travel edition of Zumo 590LM.

Brand: Garmin

👤This is great. It was overpriced. If you need it, you buy it. The power outlet that I use to power my phone only works when the mount is on. I can't charge my phone because the Garmen unit is installed in the mount instead of in my car. The Garmen unit should have been bypassed in order to make theusb connection hot regardless of the Garmen unit. The mount is bombproof. I bought the plastic cover to snap onto when the gps unit is not on the motorcycle. The pins are vulnerable to rain dust and dirt.

👤The Zumo 59O series is mounted by it. The supplier does not supply the complete kit. The ram ball and the handlebar mount are missing. This is the second one that I have purchased. Everything needed to install was included in the item purchased earlier this year. Disappointed.

👤There is no rain cover or instructions. Don't try to order a cover from them, their site is a joke. I got mine from the company. It used to come with everything but now it is 10 dollars. RRRRRRIIIIIIIPPP.

👤This will keep your zumo safe off road. The ram ball fitting is a separate item.

👤The base works with my Zumo 595lm. Installation was easy and straight forward.

👤It's easy to install on the motorcycle. It would be great if it came with a weather cover.

👤The mount is for the Zumo 500 series. Does not fit the zumo 600 series.

👤The part was the same as the one in the box.

👤It's essential for mounting Zumo 590 for long rides. It's a shame that it doesn't come with a RAM mount, but it's the same mount as before, so you can use it on a second bike.

👤I bought this to replace a unit that was damaged in a bike accident. It was easy to install on the r9t. It is easy to hide the excess length under the tank.

👤Good for using satnav on more than one bike. The satnav was securely held on the bike. It can be easy to steal a weather cover from a bike if you don't have one. Other star was lost because of poor design features, such as not being waterproof on its own and lots of dangling wires. If you want a mounted satnav, you need one of these.

👤Solid mounting for your Zumo. There are a lot of extra cables and connections that you can use if you need them. The mount is very capable.

👤I bought a piece of equipment for my motorcycle. I can put the satnav in it. It was a great product and very happy with it.

9. Mount Composite Double Socket 1 Inch

Mount Composite Double Socket 1 Inch

A low-profile design with an overall length of 2.42" and a sockets-to-socket length of 1.75". Attaches to any B size RAM ball component, including mounting bases and device holders, double ball and sockets technology allows for near-infinite adjustability. It is made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum for its reliability and resilience in the most demanding environments. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ram Mounts

👤I also bought the Circular aluminum drill base accessory and the rubberized ball from Amazon. I chose this arm because I needed to extend the Garmin in my kayak, and I like to set my cooler in the front of my kayak. I could see it over the cooler. The setup worked out well for me. The Ram mounting gear is lightweight and my Garmin is 8 ounces. Everything is secure and tight. I don't think it's a good idea to use this for heavy items. The Ram pieces are probably less than 1 lbs. It's attached to a dashboard system that can be removed from the kayak so I can leave it as one piece. It's really easy to setup my kayak for a day on the water and it's a fast tear down when I'm ready to load up my gear and go home.

👤I found Ram mounts a few years ago. My review is copy and pasted from my previous purchase, since I just purchased a couple more pieces. The best mount I've found is the RAM mounts. Not going to find anything better. The design is very simple. I have never been satisfied with other options such as double sided tape mounts. At some point, they'll fail. I discovered Ram mounts a few years ago. I couldn't have been happier with my purchase. Over the years, I've purchased multiples of the 1" ball for camera mounting. My most recent use was to mount a cell phone on the dash of a 2012 Camry. I wanted it to be easy to remove. Ram fits the bill. I used the following products for this setup: Ram Mount 1-Inch Ball with 20 Male Threaded Post for Cameras, Ram Mount 2 x 1.7 Inches Base with 1-Inch Ball Ram Mount, and Short Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball Part. The whole thing is very easy to open. I disconnected the clock from the trim piece. I marked out my holes for the Ram mounting plate. The base plate was mounted with black bolts. I sandwiched a piece of black rubber liner on the shelf. There is a slight curve in the dash where I mounted it. The ball mount for cameras is attached to the upper part of the Vastar Universal Smartphone Tripod. I drilled a hole in the clock trim piece to run ausb cable behind the radio. I used the phone/fax grommet to finish it off. I am very happy with how this turned out. If I don't want to leave it in the car, it can be quickly removed. The mounting plate that's bolted to the dash is the only thing that stays behind. I think the car should have something similar to this. It's not too far from my view. Ram Mount 1-Inch Ball with 1/2-Inch 20 Male Threaded Post is a product.

👤The arm looks like it has been sitting in the sun for a long time. The arm looked faded even though it was in a sealed package. I tried washing it with warm water, but it still looked faded. The arm was still able to move when the arm was tightened all the way down. The ball was screwed all the way down. I attached my camera to the handle bar and it held it in place. The arm was discolored and almost returned it.

10. Garmin 0101165407 Handlebar Montana Monterra

Garmin 0101165407 Handlebar Montana Monterra

Attach your device to any standard bicycle handlebars with the 22 tomm 32 rugged mount. The rubber cushion protects the handlebars.

Brand: Garmin

👤The product part number is not compatible with a new device. The new Montana 5” screens are only for the older models. It came with 4” screen protectors, which would have been a nice surprise if I had a 4” screen. This was the only problem. The new series of 5” 700 are compatible with part number 012-12881-01. I just ordered one from the site. Had to send this one back.

👤It's huge and well suited for the job, but it's somewhat over designed for a Montana, but it's still great. The packet of anti-glare screen protectors for the Montana was not mentioned in the product description. It seemed odd to provide a locking feature since the mount is attached via thumb nuts. A thief can remove both the gps and mount it in a matter of minutes. I replaced the thumb nuts with 4mm nylon insert lock nuts, which cost less than 8 at Lowe's, so that it now takes a 7mm or 9/32 socket wrench to remove it. I couldn't keep the thumb nuts from being loosened on rough roads without further tightening with pliers, so they didn't work out well for me. The lock feature has a screw in it. It's a good idea to use a torx driver as a key because it's easy to replace if you lose it and few people will carry one even if they knew it was preventing the gps from releasing. If the nuts are switched out, I'll raise the rating to 5. For short trips away from the bike, I use the locking feature and place my helmet over the gps to make it less obvious.

👤The diagonal length of the four bolts that hold the garmin cradle to the garmin mount is a match for the bolt pattern that RAM uses for its ball mounts. I was able to remove the four bolts, separate the garmin cradle from the garmin mount, and re-bolt a RAM ball mount to the back of the garmin cradle so that it could be used with other RAM products. The reports of the roller popping out made me not want to use the RAM cradle. The cradle is very strong. I had to purchase two new bolts to bold the garmin cradle.

👤This is the standard mount for a handheld gps unit. It has 2.5mm mono audio and a few power wires from the mount down the line to your battery, audio hookup, whatever. This is my third and all of them are very simple to do, just screw the thing to your RAM mount or something and off you go. I have installed them semi-permanently on two Tiger 800s and a quad and they work great, even in vertical rain, where my Son and I were running a pair with no problems. There is a tip. The box has a silver knife in it. If you want to fix the unit to the mount more permanently, you can use a small Torx wrench. It's handy for quick trips to the potty where you don't want to pack everything off the bike.

11. Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Power Cable

Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Power Cable

You should put up a mount to your motorcycle. Includes hardware and bare wire cable. It's compatible with the zoom 350lm, 395lm and 390lm. The mount sold separately. The package has dimensions of 6.096 L x 17.272 H x 14.478 W.

Brand: Garmin

👤I have no problem with the product, but beware the description. This is only for the newer Zumo models as it is a 2 pin design, not a miniusb as was used by the earlier zumo's. Despite the fact that they were sold less than 4 years ago, the miniusb connections are not made anymore by the company.

👤After a week on the bike, stopped working. Had to get another one.

👤I bought this as a back up. The main power wires are a bit short, but the wiring is of good quality. I think it should be just a foot longer for the price.

👤Exactly what I needed and it was shipped quickly.

👤The cost was high. It works well. It works well with the Zumo Bracket. Attaches easily to the battery. No other options are available. If you have to snake the cable through the motorcycle inner panels or under the gas tank, the Price High Transformer block is large. Think about how to run the power cable without moving the transformer box.

👤The unit arrived in perfect condition, and the seller noted that it was a genuine accessory for a motorcycle Satnav. The cable lasted two years before letting me down. The pin connection isn't rugged enough for all the bumps and weather that should have been designed into the unit. The satnav was not usable once the battery had drained because one of the pins on my original cable had worn down. The cable itself is not particularly well designed for a motorcycle, with a large Suppressor and Regulator that is difficult to fit neatly onto modern machines where every bit of spare space is used up with other components. Most modern bikes have behind the headstock. I will keep going. Maybe I should order a spare now.

👤A plastic cradle and a separate power cable are all that's needed for the 350. The cradle had some electronics in it, which was not good if the water got inside. They have had to put a step down power conversion in to the power cable, which is slightly smaller than the one on the cradle, because they have taken out all electronics from the cradle. The price of the power cable is inflated by this. I don't know why they couldn't put the step down voltage electronics inside the gps, unless they expect these components to fail at some point. The 350 cradle/power setup is still preferred over the previous 550 arrangement.

👤This is the third cable I have purchased. The cables do not last very long due to the poor design and the fact that they are vibrated.

👤It is very expensive for what it is. This is not a criticism of the seller, they made a flimsy mount that had obsolescence built in. I'm considering changing my loyalties and buying a new device after using the same device for over a decade. There is a Two small pin connections are sprung on the charger. My advice is to try and improve the lifespan with the use of WD40 on a regular basis. The pins may be replaced without this expense.


What is the best product for garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount?

Garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount products from Usa Gear. In this article about garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount you can see why people choose the product. Garmin and Brcovan are also good brands to look for when you are finding garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount.

What are the best brands for garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount?

Usa Gear, Garmin and Brcovan are some of the best brands that chosen by people for garmin zumo xt motorcycle gps mount. Find the detail in this article. Arkon, Sp Connect and Ram Mounts are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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