Best Garmin Gps Usb Charging Cable

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1. UGREEN Charging Controller Players Receiver

UGREEN Charging Controller Players Receiver

The included items are a Mini Camera recorder, front clip, rear clip, camera mount, screws, instruction manual, warranty card, card reader, and reset pin. A mini b cable is used to connect your computer or hub to a digital camera, game controller, dash cam, old phone, and other devices. The UGREEN miniusb cable supports the speed at up to 480 Mbps for data transfer and provides 2A power charging for devices with a mini port. A male to mini b cord is compatible with a lot of things. Ultra-durable jacket with 10,000+ bend test. The miniusb charging cable has been reinforced with a special strain relief design that will never cause it to break. Premium aluminum housing is more reliable. The gold-plated connectors provide the miniusb charger with optimal signal clarity and shielding to minimize data loss and interference. Also, note: This is a miniusb cable, not a microusb cable, please be aware of the type before you buy it.

Brand: Ugreen

👤I should have read the 1 star reviews before buying this, but I thought I would be fine, given the high number of 5 star reviews. What could go wrong with ausb cable? The cable on the first inspection appears to be sturdy and well made with a couple of notes. - The connection is a little loose. The device is recognized and records when I use it with my Blue Yeti microphone. I have picked up interference when using this cable. I'm not sure if this is a problem with my old cable or not. There are littleticks in the picture. It cleared up after a while, but it seems to be intermittent. I can't trust the cable, but I would like to use it. I need a clean recording.

👤Well made cable. You need to be sure which end you need. The'mini' is the middle size plug. There is also a small one. At first, it was confusing to me. I included a chart.

👤It says it is a charging cable, but it won't work on a gps device. The data cable will not work for the Garmin. It will connect to the computer. It is probably a fine cable. It won't work as a charging cable on some devices. I'm updating my review. If you take your pin number and remove the power cable from your start up requirements, I can get the Garmin to recognize it. It will take a couple of minutes to run through the computer data icon screen, but once it finishes it will go back to the operational screen. When you use your pin number, you have to enter it again and again, and it won't work, so just turn the pin number requirement off in your settings. It will work even though you lose some security. The description says charging cable, so it's only giving a 3 stars. Unless you turn the pin off, this cable will not work for some newer Garmin's.

👤I was looking for a long time before buying this cable. The quality is great, but I found the same cable on eBay for the same price. Wait... The cable would be shipped from China and the delivery time was 45 days, according to the fine print. L. There is a boat from China. No, thanks! This is a very good product. I'm pretty sure it will last for the rest of my life. It works great on my old HP Photosmart 720 camera. I'm happy I spent more money.

👤The cables will not connect unless I hold them. The vendor sent a new cable but the same issue occurred. The vendor should state on their product listing that this cable is not compatible with the Yelti microphone. Attached are photos. Disappointed.

👤I put a crowbar in my wallet and bought a better cable after going through a lot of grief with cheap ones. I was losing connection with the camera frequently with the other cables. This bad-boy was broken out last night and there was no problem at all. Never dropped a connection. If you're going to use any cable for more than a couple feet long, you should spend the money on a Good One. The cheap ones are not worth the grief. This cable is perfect for the job.

2. USB Cable Garmin GPS Navigator Nuvi 2555lmt 2595lmt Streetpilot

USB Cable Garmin GPS Navigator Nuvi 2555lmt 2595lmt Streetpilot

Don't support data transfer. The mini-usb tousb cable is long and can be used with tablets, phones, mp3 players, and digital cameras. There are some things that areSPECS. It supports Hi-Speed Universal Data Transfer Speed of up to 480 Mbps. Pwr+ cables are manufactured with the highest quality materials. It is certified by the FCC. PWR+ has a 30 day return and 24 month exchange warranty. Customer support experts. COMPATIBILITY: The Nuvi was 50lm 2595lmt 140 200 200w 205 205w 215t 250 250w 255w 260w 265t 270 275t 295w 300

Brand: Pwr+

👤I bought this because I wanted to use a multi-port "cigarette" adapter instead of the one from Garmin. Some cables will only transfer data, some will only charge, some won't do anything, and some will only charge. This will allow you to use your gps device while driving in your car, if you give a helpful answer to those asking questions. It works the same as the one it came with, but without the bulky plug that takes up your entire 12v port. I have no doubts about the cable's longevity. I knew these were a dime a dozen, but I didn't mind paying a little more for something that would work with Garmin Devices. I've encountered cords that don't function correctly with the gps units.

👤I bought this because I needed to update my maps, but I couldn't find myusb cord. I wanted something that would get the job done. I always put off updating my gps because the cord is so short that I have to hold it up to the computer to use it, and I have to use one hand. I haven't and won't be returning to the cord I found after I updated the maps. The 6 ft length is amazing, and the cord fit my gps perfectly, which was one thing I was nervous about. It's amazing that it's possible to plug it in and not have to hold it. This is the cord that will fit the Nuvi 40LM.

👤It was great to arrive quickly. The info center in our Jeep told me that it was a "nonSTANDARD CABLE DETECTED". The cable was able to power up the Nuvi 1490 for a few minutes, but then it reset itself and rendered it useless. The original cable does not work with the new one. We are out a small amount because it was cheap. The people contacted me immediately and issued a full refund without me having to return the product. They have redeemed themselves as they truly believe in the product. The lesson is to buy the real deal.

👤Here it goes. I'm not very tech savvy. I was able to update my gps. I think I have a nuvi. This thing worked on my old laptop. My gps is updated. It took ten plus hours to complete. I didn't know it would take so long. If you have never done this before, be warned. I don't know what I'll use it for. It was cheap. It didn't work for many people. Did you make any changes to it? It wasn't the cables fault that I had trouble with. I didn't know what was happening. I'm not tech savvy. I had to click on "add a device" after I realized that at first they were just loading something on to my computer. It started to update my gps. It took ten hours. I had to keep checking my laptop to make sure it wouldn't shut down while the update was loaded. I'm not sure who the woman that talks on the thing is. She sounds serious all the time. She is a typical woman, but also an unusual one. She is always telling you what to do. She never gets mad at you even if you disobey her many times. Thank you for reading this review. Hope you didn't feel like you wasted your time, when you could have been doing more important things. If a bad storm hits the New England states they call it a Nor'eastern. When a storm hits Florida, they don't call it a Sou'eastern. I thought I'd throw it away.

3. JXMOX Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

JXMOX Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

2 Pack 10 feet. VOTY mini-b charging cable is long. The mini b to mini b type A to mini b cable is used to connect your computer or hub to a digital camera or other portable device with a mini B 5-pin connection. High Speed Transfer miniusb cable supports the speed at up to 480 Mbps for data transfer which is backwards compliant with full-speed USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1.5 Mbps) and provides 2A power charging for devices with mini port. A male to mini b cord is compatible with a lot of things. The Miniusb Cord is more reliable than others in its price range. Premium nylon braided cable is tangle free. The miniusb charging is made with nickel-plated connections and nylon braid shielding to minimize data loss and interference.

Brand: Jxmox

👤The cables are made from high quality materials and should last a long time.

👤I brought these for my daughter because her old wire stopped working and we were having trouble connecting to her computer, and the tablets work perfectly for her.

👤Neither cable worked. It would be a POS if they had known something with 18 ratings.

👤I can't transfer photos from my camera to another because it doesn't work. Guessing the cords are shorting out.

👤I wanted to use the cables to transfer data, but they only charge. Apparently not compatible with my camera.

👤Amazon is trying to get me to return something that they did not send.

4. Charger Navigator 2557lmt 2599lmthd Streetpilot

Charger Navigator 2557lmt 2599lmthd Streetpilot

Theusb mini b has a gold-plated connectors, nylon braid shielding, and bare copper conductors. This data cable is bend tested and has a safer and more reliable charging option. For use with gps navigation systems. It allows the user to connect a gps device to a pc, transfer routes and waypoints from a pc to a gps device, and download map detail from a CD-ROM. The mini 5-pin type B is used for theusb 2.0 cable. It supports Hi-Speed Universal Data Transfer Speed of up to 480 Mbps. There is a compatibility with the Nuvi 140 200w 205w 215t 250w 255w 260w 265t.

Brand: Scovee

👤I've bought three different charging devices from different vendors in the past two years. The name "Garmin" is on all of the chargers. I will not charge my Nuvi when I plug them into my gps because I need to use the charger that comes with the device. The model is six years old. It has been used about three times. I would prefer to email Garmin and explain my dilemma. I give up.

👤When buying specific cables, be careful. This one was advertised as working with a gps device. The incorrect cable is what it does not work on. I think it doesn't work for the other models. If you want to find the correct cable for your model, you need to go to garmin.

👤The item was described as a high speed data transfer cable, but it was just a charging cable. When I plugged my gps unit into my computer to update the maps, it showed that it was not an external device. I got my money back quickly.

👤I was impressed with the speed of delivery. I need to transfer geocaches. Works well. When I plug into the computer, it says unrecognized, but in a minute it recognizes and connects to the computer to download waypoints. Thanks! Will buy again if I need them. These are the cords that work for gps updating. A good one.

👤Both cords worked to charge and update two different gps devices.

👤The cord is advertised as a charge cord for my gps. When attempting to charge my GARMIN Nuvi hooked to my laptop, it states that it doesn't recognize the cord. I will return it for a refund.

👤I wanted to update the maps because I couldn't find the original package. The gps was updated and at a great price.

👤I don't know if it's durable. Time is short. It works and is useful. Good material.

5. Charging Vehicle Charger GPS、Rearview Cam、Backup

Charging Vehicle Charger GPS%E3%80%81Rearview Cam%E3%80%81Backup

This isWide Compatibility. A male to mini b cord is compatible with Canon's products. A70,Garmin Nuvi 50 55 2589 2557 2599, blue snowball mic, PS3 controller, hard drives, mp3/4 players, and TI 89 Titanium. Please confirm the port type of your device before ordering the miniusb power cable for dash cam. 90 degree design saves space. The miniusb cable is 90 degrees and compatible with dash cam, garmin nuvi gps,rearview mirror cam, andbackup camera. Can keep your devices fully charged. Don't support data transfer.

Brand: Yqmajim

👤The seller of this item requested that I remove my one-star review. I read the reviews on Amazon in order to make the best decision when buying on the site. If I deleted the review, the seller would return my money. The item was not returnable at the time of my purchase so I could not remove my review. The seller has returned my money and is sending a re-designed replacement cable at no cost if I were to remove the review. The seller says that the replacement cable does not display data mode with the Dash Camera. The replacement cable is being shipped from China, so I have not received it yet. Upon receipt of the replacement cable, I will update this review. The seller has re-designed the cable so that it will work with the camera, even though he returned my money. The sellers effort resulted in me changing my rating to four stars. There are no data wires to cut in the original cable. I own a newer GM pickup truck. New vehicles have electronics. It seems that everything is computerized. I want to connect my dash cam but don't want to use the electrical system in an unconventional way that might give GM a reason to reject a warranty claim. The glove box does not have ausb port. I can route the cable from the glove box to the center console without the cable hanging out in the cab. I bought this cable because it says "Don't support data transfer" and it has a right-hand angle on the miniusb port. When I connected the device to the car's data port, the notification on the screen said that the device had the option to enter data mode. This cable is not what you are looking for, if you want to power your Garmin 20 while not entering data mode. I will open the insulation to see if I can cut the data wires to make it work that way.

👤The dash cam I brought was for a 2020 Mazda CX. The plug/cable angling the wrong way when plugged into the camera isn't the only thing. The camera display on the center console indicates that it's in media mode when you plug in theusb sockets. It won't function as a camera when plugged in. You can't find a way to remove that mode through the camera instructions and menu. The dash cam in the 2020 Mazda CX-30 doesn't work with the cable. The company reached out to me saying they changed the internal cabling construction to be able to work with more devices. The cable was not compatible with my dash cam. They offered to replace the cable with a different one. The first cable worked the same as the replacement cable.

👤Since I installed this cable in my car, it has worked perfectly. I used the cigarette lighter in the front seat of my SUV to connect the dash cam to the tailgate window. With 15 feet of cable, I was able to route it through all the nooks and crevices of my car, and then tuck the cord behind the seats and the interior pieces so it was out of sight. The cost of dual camera dash cams was out of my budget and I realized my ultimate goal was to record events in front and back of my car. Instead, I bought two inexpensive dash cams, one mounted to the windshield facing forward and the other to the tailgate window, to record events behind me. The rear dash cam is powered by this 15-foot cord. I saved over $100 on the price of a dual camera dash cam compared to what I spent for two inexpensive dash cams and the 15-foot charging cable.

6. Mini USB Charger Controller Charging Playstation

Mini USB Charger Controller Charging Playstation

What you get is a mini b cable. VOTY mini cable data charging cord is used for data transfer. VOTY miniusb cable is a small cable that can be used to connect your computer or hub to a digital camera or other portable device with a mini B 5-pin connection. It is compatible with Gopro HERO HD, HERO 3+, Hero4, PS3 controller, Garmin Nuvi Receiver, Astro A40-50, mp3 players, and Digital Cameras. The miniusb tousb cable is backwards compatible with low-speed and full-speedusb 1.1 and 1.0, and supports high speedusb 2.0 devices. The Canon PowerShot ELPH Rebel EOS Digital Camera has a miniusb tousb cord. You can transfer your camera pictures to a computer. The cable connects your camera to the computer. 2 Pack 10 feet. VOTY mini-b charging cable is long.

Brand: Voty

👤I was hesitant to buy this because there weren't many reviews. I bought this one because I didn't have a charging cable for my mp3 player. It works for a Sony mp3. The cord is very long, so it won't fit in my travel pouch. At least I will be able to use the mp3. The product description says "10ft", but it's not a unit of measurement I'm familiar with.

👤It is very long and sturdy. I ran this through the top of my SUV to get a dash cam power source. I thought it would tear in half because of the hard tugging I did. It never happened and worked well.

👤It's perfect for my controller. The controller is plugged in for unlimited playing time and I can sit on my couch with these cables.

👤I moved my old GP3 and its accessories to another location. Inexpensive way to find out if the camera still works. It did, much to my surprise.

👤One of the two failed to open the box. It wouldn't work. The second one worked well. I think they send you two.

👤This was what I needed. I wanted two cables to run a gps and a dash cam in my car, and these fit the bill perfectly. They work great after they were squared away.

👤It feels like good quality. I use them for my blue yeti mic and so far no one has complained.

👤It's reasonably priced to have nice long cables 2. The package is good for neat storage.

7. Adapter Charging Charger PowerShot Players

Adapter Charging Charger PowerShot Players

EDO Tech Supply owns the trademark and logo. The 90 degree miniusb cable allows you to access your miniusb devices while keeping the cable out of the way and stress away from the port. Super Speed, supports high speed USB 2.0 devices, Data Transfer Speed at up to 480 Mbps, and is backwards compliant with full-speedUSB 1.1 (12 Mbps) and low-speedUSB 1.0 (1.5 Mbps) The 90 degree miniusb cord is compatible with many devices. Plug and play is a way to transfer pictures from the camera to your computer, laptop or Mac in less time than it takes to download them. The two camera cables are 90 degree.

Brand: Scovee

👤I got an error message saying the cables weren't compatible and wouldn't charge the unit, but I was able to plug them into the Nuvi. I couldn't use them.

👤They work well. I bought it to power my dash cam. The camera's built in battery won't be charged by it. It's annoying that Garmin is picky. I still use it to run the camera because of the lighter plug cord.

👤The Nextbase has a power outlet with a long cord, but it doesn't have a charger. I wanted to use a 6 foot cable to power this, but it needed to charge and sync with this one. I had to sand/shave the plastic from the Miniusb end because it was too thick. Highly recommended!

👤To allow better access to the cam when installed on the windshield, I was ordered to replace the factory charging cable. The 90-degree angle of the cable is perfect for fitting in a cramped space between the cam port and the windshield. Have not had any issues with the charging capabilities.

👤I needed a 90 degree connection to fit my dash cam. A straight cable connection wouldn't fit because the car was in the way. The perfect length was six feet.

👤I have a cable that is only for charging. I needed one that could handle data transfers as well. This one does it. I used it to do a map update.

👤I got this to fix a garmin unit on my motorcycle that couldn't keep its power on, and it seems to have fixed the problem perfectly.

👤It worked great when I used to talk to my 3D printer.

8. JSAUX Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

JSAUX Charging Compatible Controller Receiver

2 pack microusb cable with 24 hour customer service. They will resolve your issue in 24 hours if you have any questions. This is a type-ausb 2.0 tousb-mini b cable. A port can be used to connect to your computer, PC, and a mini B port can be used to connect to your digital camera. The high speed sync max is up to 480 Mbps and the mini cable is backwards compatible with the full speed of the internet. Premium nylon braided design makes the cable more tangle-free. They give you two-pack of cables for your use. The 3.3-ft cord can be used for both the Nuvi 50 and the drive 52 55. This isWide Compatibility. A male to mini b cord is compatible with Canon's products. A70,Garmin Nuvi 50 55 2589 2557 2599, blue snowball mic, PS3 controller, hard drives, mp3/4 players, and TI 89 Titanium.

Brand: Jsaux

👤Good quality. Looks good. The clear designer was a nice touch. My mic works. I finished plugging it in, but it delivered sound before I did. The value is great. There were two cords.

👤If you need a cable like this, I recommend this one. I only needed the short one when I bought them, because there were two cables of different lengths in the package. The cable is 6.6 feet. The cables work well connecting an old hard disk to two different laptops. The Mini B end is more powerful than the cable it replaced and it is not gorilla tight. The strain relief is longer in the aluminum cases than in the plastic ones. The braided cable jacket is strong. This was a great purchase for me. I expect these cables to last a long time.

👤The cables that came with my microphone got damaged. I've tried the three-foot and 6 foot cable, but neither of them work. When I plug them in, my computer recognizes the microphone. The light on the button goes off for a while. It's disappointing because I'm out of the country and have no way of getting them back, even though I bought them on Amazon. It seems like these cables don't work, unless I'm doing something wrong. I use an older cable that powers the Blue Yeti and allows me to use it for what I need. It's disappointing, but it seems like the cables worked for other people.

👤These seem to be top-shelf cables. The interface between the cable and the terminators is very smooth. You would be hard-pressed to find better cables if you need this type of cable. Highly satisfied.

👤I threw all of my old cables away because I didn't think I'd ever need another one. The original one was damaged by me. I bought this 2 pack just in case. There are cheaper cables around. I've had good luck with Jsaux in the past, so I decided to go with them again. I like the color so I can tell it apart from the cables behind the television. This might be my new strategy to understand the mess back there. The cables are a little stiff, but they can be carried around. I don't think a lot of people are still using miniusb.

👤I bought them for the colors so I could pick them out from the micro-USB cables. They are sturdy, with features like flexible strain relief at the plugs and a velcro strap for neat storage and dressing. One of my devices has a deep sockets that won't allow this cable to connect. I didn't downrate for the problems I had with other cables on the same device.

👤I was going to use the 6.6ft version to power the miniusb port on the Roku 4k media stick. The original cable was too short for my needs. The cable hangs on the roku. Went back to the original. The remote will not respond if the cable hangs the roku. It's not worth the hassle to come back.

9. SCOVEE Charging Controller Receiver Playstation

SCOVEE Charging Controller Receiver Playstation

Data sync charging cable works with the Nuvi 65, 66, 66LM, 67, and 68lm. The miniusb cable connects your computer to a digital camera with a mini B 5-pin connection, such as an mp3 player,PDAs, old phone,Dash cam accessories,ps3 controller. The miniusb cable is compatible with many electronic devices. High Speed Transfer: Up to 480 Mbps data transfers speed for USB 2.0 devices, the SCOVEE USB Mini B Cable is backwards compliant with full-speed USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1.5 Mbps). The miniusb tousb cord has a maximum conductivity and minimize data loss, thanks to the Premium Connector and Cable Quality. What you get is a mini b cable.

Brand: Scovee

👤I bought this as a back up after I lost the charging cord for my mp3 player.

👤We replaced our PS3 charging cable and it works perfectly.

👤I tried plugging in a laptop or a playstation. The first two did not work, with the first two saying something along the lines of "to much power being pulled".

👤It's a good price for 2 chargers. One of the phone charging cords broke within a month. The other one is holding up well.

👤The quality of the item is important.

10. Garmin 010 10723 15 USB Cable

Garmin 010 10723 15 USB Cable

The package is easy to install, please refer to the installation video in the listing before your installation. Amazon ships in Frustration-Free Packaging.

Brand: Garmin

👤This is not a mini version of the old style connector used by modern devices. It is not made by the company. A waste of money and a misleading product description.

👤I'm not sure why there are so many reviews that say it won't transfer data, it's not a Garmin cable, and it doesn't work. The cable I received is not the same as this one. It works the same way as the original Garmin cable, transfers data, charges the gps, and works in every way I can think of. It was tested on aGPSMAP 64SC. There are a few reviews from people who thought their inability to buy the correct cable meant that there was something wrong with the cable itself, and therefore rated their competency in buying the correct product instead. Don't buy it if it isn't the same as what you use. It works for the rest of us.

👤Don't pay attention to the reviews. I believe that Amazon applies reviews to any product they want. The cable won't download data. Only the power input will be used. I had many of these. The reviews said the data transfer cable would do it for me. Wrong! This will charge your device off of your computer. Don't bother updating your maps if you want to.

👤This won't work with my nvi® 2597LMT. I tried on different computers and no one would let me use them. I was very disappointed with this cable. Not a product from the company. It seems like a generic imitation.

👤I bought my NUVI in November of 2015. Had no problem doing updates. I wiped out the programming and reinstalled it. It worked a lot faster when I did that. I tried to do an update a week ago but couldn't. The problem I was having was that my computer would show the device in Explorer, but the software wouldn't recognize that it was connected. Oh my! The cable could have gone bad. I ordered this because I crossed my fingers. The software was fired up when it was plugged in. Away! I am updating my maps. It will only take 30 minutes, not 2 hours. I have Windows 10 now. I don't know why they want us to rate sheerness and thickness. It's possible. I didn't give a rating to "Sheer" and only gave a star to show it was thick. I think this is a better cable than the one I got when I bought the device. It is larger. Both ends were correct for the connections. I was glad the description said GARMIN CABLE, but I was not sure if it was right, so I canceled my previous order and got this instead.

👤The purpose of buying this was to charge/download maps to my navigator. The attached power cable can't charge your device. Use the cable that was provided. I don't have that cable anymore.

👤This cable was a perfect replacement for my devices. Most of the " will not charge..." comments are the result of inadequate power source. 5 Amps is required to charge my Drive 61. The majority of autousb receptacles deliver 2 or 2.1 Amps. Some wall chargers have the same limitations. The cable is not to blame. The device can't tell the difference between the power source and the limitation. It blames the cable for its lack of food. The only problem I have is the longevity. These cables can't handle vibration and have very fine wires. My car vibrates because the engine can't be balanced like modern cars. This cable is a perfect replacement if you don't have enough power. I wish the wire strands were heavier.

11. Cable Charger Compatible Garmin Navigation

Cable Charger Compatible Garmin Navigation

The miniusb charging is made with nickel-plated connections and nylon braid shielding to minimize data loss and interference. Data transfer and image download from your digital camera to your PC, computer, and notebook can be done with ausb cable. Data transfer speeds can be up to 480 Mbps. The Canon IXUS series cameras have a 5-pin plug. The miniusb cable is designed to be replacements for the original charger. Add more for home, work or travel with a 5000+ bend lifespan, which is several times longer than standard cables. The data cable is approved. Provides protection against short circuit.

Brand: Keple


What is the best product for garmin gps usb charging cable?

Garmin gps usb charging cable products from Ugreen. In this article about garmin gps usb charging cable you can see why people choose the product. Pwr+ and Jxmox are also good brands to look for when you are finding garmin gps usb charging cable.

What are the best brands for garmin gps usb charging cable?

Ugreen, Pwr+ and Jxmox are some of the best brands that chosen by people for garmin gps usb charging cable. Find the detail in this article. Scovee, Yqmajim and Voty are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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