Best Car Gps Tracker with Kill Switch

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1. ADPOW Disconnect Voltmeter Universal CamperTrailer

ADPOW Disconnect Voltmeter Universal CamperTrailer

160 Feet New Style Scrub Remote Control is included. You can control it in your house with one button on your dash. The car battery can be disconnected automatically if the car battery falls below the shut off voltage. The green button is not necessary to use the remote control. When there is no remote control, the function is applicable when the battery negative column is connected. The Remote Control Wireless battery switch disengages when you're not using it, so you don't have to pick it up. The state of your battery between full charged and discharged, real time monitoring battery of vehicles, remind you of charge or replacement in time, better avoid emergent dead battery at starting car engine! There is a new style remote control. You can control it in your house with a button on your dash.

Brand: Adpow

👤My son works on cars and I have a battery. Part of it broke. He said it was cheap but the design was better.

👤It worked well until the first rain storm filled the control box with water and the wires ran through it. The small board is not protected at all. I would only use this if it is completely protected from the elements. I like the idea but it should have been thought through a little better.

👤It's easy to install and allow my battery to be kept clean.

👤It was put on my car as a security measure because my head unit was having an issue of draining the battery when the car was off. It works. It's a good thing. It's never going to let your battery drain to where you are out of luck and something is draining it. I can only say that it works as advertised and the install is easy.

2. LTE Hardwired Real Time Simultaneous Coverage

LTE Hardwired Real Time Simultaneous Coverage

The tracker can be installed quickly and permanently with a strong magnet. Attach it to any iron surface in one second. The 5000 mAh battery has a maximum 90 days of use. Track your car or device using internal gps and sgma antenna and get a detailed report. For anti-theft purposes, it's perfect for tracking new drivers, teenagers, employees, and deliveries. It's easy: 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches, 1.76oz. There is a nationwide connection with a sim card with AT&T and T-Mobile service included. There is a worldwide service available. You can find information on their website for activation and installation. There is a nationwide connection with a sim card with AT&T and T-Mobile service included. There is a worldwide service available. You can find information on their website for activation and installation.

Brand: Trackmategps

👤August 2020 is an update. I own two motorcycles with this device. The tracking has always been great. They have updated their application so I can stop using the motorcycle. The customer support has been great. This system is very good. I got my unit installed in a motorcycle and it worked perfectly. The feature did not work after several hours of hooking it up. I worked with two different TrackMate Engineers and found their schematic of the relay was incorrect. They seem to be providing ground, not power, when either fuel pump or ignition disabling is activated. The green wire will go to ground after being activated via the Web Interface. The web support for killing the fuel pump is now available on the mobile app. They have worked diligently on the issues and sent me a second unit to help resolve the Ingnition/Fuel Pump cutoff feature. Don't hesitate to contact the support crew if you have any issues with the unit.

👤This was installed in my car. I added a circuit through the fusebox. The fusebox is in the back of the passenger's car. The drivers side has a stereo and the passenger side has a fuse box. It's easy to get to from the trunk. It took me about 20 minutes to find the right spot on the fuse box. I dropped the negative wire on the ground because the nut was clearly a ground for other components. I tested my contact points with a multimeter. I double checked my multimeter after completing my connections, because the unit has a multimeter on it. Everything looked good. I put the unit in to the open panel. I want it to be hidden, so it was easy to hide it behind the panel. There is an indicator on the device to tell if something is working. The mini unit had no light. I signed up for an online account. It says it takes about an hour for the unit to come online, and that you would get an email. I didn't get an email for an hour. I looked online, and there was nothing. Maybe I did a bad cable job. I noticed my car was in front of my house after I noticed it online. All good. I went ahead and did a few things, and the tracking was perfect. The website seems to be broken, but I don't think that's a problem. I can't change my unit's name to something friendlier. The serial number is what it is shown as. I only have one, so I would like to swap a more descriptive name. It would be very helpful if I got another for a different car. The website didn't want to show statistics and history. It worked well on the iPhone app. It might be that my device needs to be online for 24 hours before it works. I'll check tomorrow and call their tech support to address the website issues. This device works well. It's really well priced. Anyone with knowledge of car electrical systems can install it.

3. Garmin Solar Powered Specialized Compatibility 010 02357 10

Garmin Solar Powered Specialized Compatibility 010 02357 10

The solar charging lens uses sunlight to extend battery life. Carry out the mission and train with a sophisticated watch that has a black DLC-coated bezel. There are ski maps for 2,000 ski resorts worldwide, multi-GNSS support and advanced navigation sensors. Jumpmaster mode, waypoint projection, dual-position format, stealth mode and kill switch are some of the tactical features. The power manager will allow you to access battery modes.

Brand: Garmin

👤I think a lot of people rate products without actually using them. If you are going to spend $1200 on a watch and not give it a review until after the honeymoon, then you should. I have had this watch for a couple months now and I am completely underwhelmed by the price. I bought it because I work in blue collar crummy conditions that ruin my glass and cause me to watch with dirt, dust, high chlorine water, herbicides and insecticides all corrosive. I don't want to charge a watch with Frequency. I am outside for 5 days a week. As I type this review, I am charging my watch. The battery life is under 21 days. I have a HR monitor that is always on, without a gps or pulse ox. The watch band is terrible. It will leave a rash if you put it on too tight in the first month. If you wear it in the shower take it off. You will get a nasty soap rash if you don't. Do not buy this watch if you want accurate altitude measurement. I don't know where garmin gets its altitude measurement maps, but they are not accurate to anything I have in my area, based off our actual elevation land study. I don't trust the heart rate monitor as it is unreliable and unreliable to other methods of measuring heart rate. The app and software calculations for the calories burned is something I wanted the most with garmin. I use it to calculate against my calories for the week to see how far I've come. I believe it to be consistent. The notifications make the watch better. I can't get my phone out of my pocket fast enough. I like to see if a text will stop me from doing what I am doing. You can make your own responses. It should have the same ability as an apple watch with phone calls and voice text. I don't think the watch is very intuitive and it could use a refresh on the OS. I don't use the app as there is so much garbage. It needs to be more tailored to what I want. I think this watch is a hot blonde. She looks good and everyone is jealous, but she's mostly useless and comes with a price tag. I give it 3 stars if you have $1200 and are impulsive.

👤It was over priced for what it would do.

👤Only charge this once every two weeks. It seems to track health metrics better than any Apple Watch. I use the maps and the gps while hunting. I haven't tried the app yet. I am very happy with this watch.

👤A beautiful designed watch that does a lot and lasts a long time. It is a bit pricey. It is well worth it. I'll have this watch for a long time. Thank you for that!

👤I only wore it for a few hours. I have a small wrist. About 150. I did a few tests on the watch and it was very accurate. It looked like a frisbee on my arm, as much as I wanted to keep it. It is big. I liked it more than the Apple Watch, but I looked like a fool wearing it. For those who can rock it, a great watch, but for small guys like me, it's a bit too much. It was a quick return. For a watch of this value.

4. Switch Vehicle Tracker Disable Ignition

Switch Vehicle Tracker Disable Ignition

The kill switch relay in the 4G hard wire kill switch allows the vehicle to be remotely disabled from a smart phone, tablet, or computer. TheGPS Tracking portal provides real-time updates such as the miles per hour, location, satellite view, street view, and six month history log. Installation can be done behind the dashboard at any audio shop or auto repair shop. There are instant notifications if the vehicle enters or leaves a certain area. The system works in the US, Canada and Mexico. No contract is required. When the year is paid in advance, the monthly service is as low as $18/month. When paid in 6 months, it's $20/month. When paid 3 months in advance, it's $22/month. When paid monthly. It can be canceled at any time. Tracking now works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. When the year is paid in advance, the monthly service is as low as $18/month. When paid in 6 months, it's $20/month. When paid 3 months in advance, it's $22/month. When paid monthly. It can be canceled at any time. Tracking now works in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Brand: Spyspotgps Tracker

👤The location of the vehicle is not always accurate. The app doesn't do much. It doesn't work very well in the real world if you're always sitting at a desktop. Do not report geofence breeches. The app doesn't work to report selected activity. Not available in the app. Doesn't send activation code to set it up. I paid $150 to have a shop install the hard wired version. The lack of support, undeveloped app, and lack of reporting are all reasons for total waste of money. Terrible product. Terrible app. A mistake, a mistake, a mistake.

👤I got this for my husband because he allows people to rent out his car online. He uses it when people don't bring the car back or are just riding around when they should be heading to the location. The car won't be disabled until they shut the car off, and he can shut it off with his phone. You can't see anything after 250 stops, the only thing that is accurate is the gps. I'm not sure if you have to upgrade to see more. For the price, it is great.

👤I bought a spy spot to be able to control my car while my daughter is in the house. The kill switch can be disabled by my phone app. Audio Express did a great job installing it. I'm very happy with the product.

👤For Christmas, I got this for my dad. It's not obvious where it is because he was able to install it. He likes it. He hasn't connected it up yet for the kill switch mode, so I think it will show if the bike has been moved. There are a lot of tourists here that don't pay attention and would easily knock a bike down in a parking accident and take off. It's great for bikers. The satellite shows you where your bike is at all times.

👤It works perfectly and customer support is very helpful, why people give this low rating? You can use a cell phone or computer to monitor your vehicle from the tips of your fingers.

👤I haven't tried to install the unit yet. The instructions are not good, there are no mounting diagrams and they are bland. The unit is solid but don't inspect the models for hard wiring. I might take it and have it professionally installed.

👤I had a professional install this on my teen's corolla, including a hidden switch, if the starter function cannot be enabled. Works well. Customer service is responsive. I am not sure what the negative reviewers were talking about, but I would not try to install this on my own.

👤It is possible to track Spy Spot via both laptop and phone. The Spy Spot app gives a consistent location and is similar to the maps on the internet. The kill switch feature is important for our CarRentals business. The Spy Spot support staff was quick to respond to our questions. The product was great. Highly recommended.

5. Tile RE 21001 Pro 1 Pack

Tile RE 21001 Pro 1 Pack

Attach the powerful Pro to keys, backpacks, purses, or anything else you need to keep track of regularly and use their free app to find them. If you want to find your Pro, use the Tile app or ask your Smart Home device to find it. Tile works with a number of digital assistants. If you are outside of the range of the Tile app, you can use it to find your Tile or use the Tile Network to find it. Even when the phone is silent, use your tile to find it. Premium or Premium Protect provides enhanced services such as Smart Alerts, and Free battery replacement.

Brand: Tile

👤I was excited to try out Tile, but I was disappointed when I got one. The Tile app can only be used on a device that has the Tile app installed on it. Tile can't connect via the internet because it can't use the internet's wi-fi. If you leave your Tile somewhere away from your phone, it won't communicate. You have to remember where you left it, then get close enough to the Tile to connect via bluetooth. This is not the same as "find my phone", where you can communicate with your phone over the internet. It was limited practical use.

👤I bought a Tile Pro after my keys went missing. It was a little odd to get it to work from my phone in my apartment, but I was certain that it would get the job done if I ever lost my keys. I woke up two days later to find that the tile was no longer attached to my keys. The app tells me that it was last seen 8 hours ago near where I had been. I went to look for the tile but couldn't find it. I think traffic destroyed the bicycle if it fell off on the road. I don't know how the tile came loose. The rest of my keys are still in tact. I will be able to figure it out if it turns up. I don't think I'll buy one again. I could make a few sets of spare keys for the price. I feel foolish for not doing that instead of buying a Tile. If you're in the market for a cheap solution to lost keys, I'd suggest copying your keys and buying a tile. Unless your keys can be copied cheaply, I wouldn't recommend a tracker.

👤This was supposed to be a tile pro. I opened the package after it was delivered and it was the original tile, which looked like it had been colored with a sharpie. The package had a color that was coming off. The package has a sharpie coming off in it. I didn't want to pair it with my phone. This is ridiculous.

👤Garbage. I bought $115 worth of their product in 3 different packs, because I had a lot of applications for it. They don't work. All of them can be activated with no issues. They refuse to connect after that, claiming the Tile is out of range even when the phone is in contact with it. My girlfriend and I both have phones with the latest updates, and neither of us has any trouble with any other devices. I decided to return them because I noticed the large amount of help on the Tile website. If you can't connect to the Tile, they said to hold the button for 10 seconds and see if it works. I don't know how I'll do that if it's lost, and what the product is attached to. A stupid design team and a useless product.

👤I have been using the standard white and gray tiles for about a year. I had to carry a second set of keys because I didn't want to lose them. I decided to upgrade to the tile pro. There is no reason for this newer, more expensive model over the old ones. 1. The pro tile is larger than the original. It gets in the way. 2. The pro model tile button has less force than the pro model, which leads to my phone being called by the tile. 3. The speaker is loud and unpleasant to listen to. The only upgrade is the aluminum one. I have never been worried about the plastic eyelet breaking, so this upgrade is superfluous. It is not that great as a stand alone product. I would buy the standard mode if they were available.

6. BrickHouse Security Magnetic Resistant Cellular

BrickHouse Security Magnetic Resistant Cellular

The smallest gps tracker. The design of this location and speed tracking tool makes it perfect for attaching to any mobile asset or vehicle. No one has to be aware of it. There is. But you! Travel across state and country lines with fast 4G coverage. There are 4G networks in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The magnetic waterproof case is specifically made to hold the Spark Nano 7, keeping it securely attached to cars, trucks, RVs, and high-dollar assets, continuing to record through rough conditions. The location of the tracker is in real-time. You can access reports from anywhere via any web browser. There are 3 plans to choose from. Quarterly / Monthly. An Annual subscription is as low as $17.98 a month. You have to subscribe for $17, $22, or $29.99. No contracts are needed to cancel. There are 3 plans to choose from. Quarterly / Monthly. An Annual subscription is as low as $17.98 a month. You have to subscribe for $17, $22, or $29.99. No contracts are needed to cancel.

Brand: Brickhouse Security

👤I am very impressed with the device. I'm dealing with someone who lies more than a politician so this device is useful. You can choose which map setting works for you. The location is not an exact one, but if you pay attention to the landmarks you will find what you are looking for. You can see the movement on the map. The company's website has some helpful instructions. They help a lot with understanding how to use the device. It has been worth the money so far. The monthly subscription costs a bit. busting a liar is priceless.

👤In case of theft, I ordered this to track my car. It will have to be done every 5 to 7 days if you charge it for 5 hours. They will bill you $215.88 per year for a one minute refresh and more for real-time if you sign up for the gps tracking. They will not deliver on their promise of a free month. They tell you to take the car for a 20 to 30 min drive with the device on the top of the dash to get your car. They tell you where to put it. I couldn't drive it under the car. When it was in the interior space, it worked well. If you want to hide and expect it to perform, then this is not for you. I returned it to Amazon after 4 days. They hung up on me when I called to cancel my gps service which they had already billed to my card. I had to get my bank to open a dispute. I am still waiting for my money back. If you are looking for a tracking device that integrates with your cell phone, I would encourage you to look for another product that does not use your own car. The location of the gps device.

👤I can't say enough good things about this gps. It works well. The battery lasts for a while. Huge bonus! The magnet is strong and stuck under my car. My daughter wanted to go shopping on Black Friday. Without her knowledge, we were able to track her every move in my car. At one point it tracked her at 86mph. We had a discussion about that.

👤This is a great product. I can track the location of the vehicle, as well as the average speed, distance traveled, time travelled, and time the vehicle is parked on location. You can see it in a number of maps. The battery in the vehicle is about 65% remaining, and it has been installed in one vehicle. You can go back and check previous days and see activity reports. The app is very complete. I use it mostly on my phone app, but I also check it from a desktop with a lot more details to choose from. They recommend putting it on the edges of the vehicle under the car for maximum exposure, in every instance except once, it has picked up the signal and sent messages back. The one time it didn't pick up the signal was probably because the tracking device was still adjusting to the environment. Since that time, I have had no issues. No need to contact customer service for any issues, it's easy to install. Excellent product! I would recommend it to a person that is seriously considering it. There are online apps that don't require aGPS device, but they have to have the user's consent to be tracked, and have a lot of battery drainage. That is not an issue with this product, as you will know the location no matter what. It requires a monthly subscription, but I think it's worth it.

7. Wireless Disconnect Latching Anti Theft Electromagnetic

Wireless Disconnect Latching Anti Theft Electromagnetic

There are 4 bolts in the package. This is a system that can remotely kill your car power system to prevent it from being stolen or to stop the old car power drain. prolong your car battery life by 2 to 3 times. The Remote Control Electromagnetic Battery Switch Disconnect allows you to move the Trigger from under the hood to your hand so that you won't need to open the hood to turn on power. It's easy to press the remote button. You can come with a nice remote control. You can control it in your house. It is a universal for the 12V vehicle power system. The remote receiver's Standby Current is very low. The package includes a car battery switch, a remote control, a remote receiver, and a manual. Customers should install it in a professional car shop. The manual and instructional diagram are included in the box, please refer to them when installing. There are wires larger than 22AWG needed for installation. The lifetime of use is 100,000 times. The car hood space is important, so please check the size of the main switch. The Linko-Tech Amazon Store is unique.

Brand: Ekylin

👤I used a remote switch to fix a slow drain on a battery on my car because I didn't have time or patience to fix it. I am happy to report that the switch is working great, and the seller deserves a shout out for the longevity of the product, and the initial support to get it working properly once I received it. I've used the switch 4 times a day since purchasing, and have seen highs in the 100s and lows in the 0s. Hope this helps someone in the same situation.

👤I am very impressed with the switch so far. It's a clever and well-made solution to battery drain problems. The battery on the plow truck has been dead on us for a long time and we purchased this for it. It's a wiring nightmare because of all the extra plow and light wiring that's been added, and we can't find the source of the drain. A simple battery switch would have done the trick, but we have a remote starter that allows us to warm up the truck before plowing, and a manual switch would have meant trudging out in the snow, clearing off the hood, and throwing the switch in the engine compartment. We can connect the battery and start the truck with this switch. All from inside the house. It is much nicer. I was worried that the switch would fail in the disconnected position and the truck would be disabled. If I'm home with tools and able to use them, it's not a problem, but if I'm out of town and trying to talk to my wife over the phone, it's a real problem. I bought an inline knife-type switch and a couple short lengths of battery cable and lugs and wired them to the electric switch as a bypass. If the switch fails in the disconnected position, we simply flip the knife-switch closed and open it again to connect the battery. The wiring instructions for the switch are easy to follow. It can be difficult to find suitable mounting locations, and the wiring can be a bit of a rat's nest. I chose to mount the switch, receiver, and bypass switch on a small piece of board. This gave me a convenient mounting surface close to the battery, and also kept the wiring a bit more manageable. See the photo. You will need to open the white plastic receiver box to pair the additional remotes with the one you already have. The description on the remotes page doesn't tell you that you can switch from two button operation to single button operation if you hold the button for more than 5 seconds. I thought the switch had failed when I got into this mode when trying to pair my extra remotes. The seller told me how to change the switch after I contacted him to replace it. It would be great if they sent out full programming information with the switch. The red light is hard to see in full daylight, and it's easy to accidentally change modes if you hold the button too long. The product is great so far. This is a latching relay, so it isn't using power to hold the switch open when the battery is disconnected, which is very important. It uses a small amount of power to keep the receiver powered up. Will change the review if the switch doesn't hold up over time, but so far I'm pleased with it, and the seller was prompt and courteous in helping me sort out the problem with the programming.

8. TrackmateGPS Vehicles Optional Contract Activation

TrackmateGPS Vehicles Optional Contract Activation

Receive a notification when the batteries are low. Track your car or device using external gps and sgma antenna and get a detailed report. For anti-theft purposes, it's perfect for tracking new drivers, teenagers, employees, and deliveries. Lock/unlock vehicle door and kill instinct remote are ideal for rentals. The "Accessory Bundle" includes the optional wiring harness and relay. Don't get tied down with long-term contracts. There are 5 affordable plans with no cancellation fees. Their monthly plans start at a low price. Every 5 seconds, their plan updates. There is a nationwide comparison of companies. The option to provision a world-wide sim card is available with their custom card. You can monitor your vehicle on your computer or mobile device. There is a nationwide comparison of companies. The option to provision a world-wide sim card is available with their custom card. You can monitor your vehicle on your computer or mobile device.

Brand: Trackmategps

👤It worked well because I used it to keep track of an employee who was never hired. The first system I purchased was a plug and play that didn't stay in one place for long, and I couldn't keep track of where he was or when he was there. The whole purpose was defeated by that. I had another employee install it for me. I'll have to take his word that it was very easy to do. I don't know if it's because I didn't have the same issues with this system as with the last one, but it worked and did what I needed it to do. I would recommend this if you're trying to keep an eye on your child or employee. I fired the nephew.

👤I like the tracker. I blacked out because of the issues with my bank blocking the charge. I did not move forward with the re-instate because my car was down for major repairs and I was a little upset with the cost. I need this now since the car is operational and I can't even get help to get it back up and running after sending emails asking for explanation of the charges. I have an expensive piece of equipment that is not usable. I didn't feel like the person on the other end was friendly when I called. I did not feel comfortable as a customer of their product. I'm not sure if I can recommend it. There is an update for 3-14-22. It's back up and running. My account was unlocked after the previous charges were removed. I started a new service and so far it's working well. At least I'm keeping track of my previous customer service comments.

👤This tracker is easy to install if you are mechanically inclined. Find a ground connection, find a constant 12v power location, and hide the tracker and wires. I used this to power the Audio Head Unit in my 2015 mustang, which is powered by the #33 Fuse in the passenger cabin. The instructions state that the gps "puck" needs to always face straight up and down, but that is not correct. I drove around with the puck dangling from the location and it tracked just as well as it did when I first saw it. You can choose from 4-5 different subscription options. You pay every 3 months. If I remember correctly, the most expensive option tracks every few seconds. I set my vehicle to be in motion for 30 seconds and then off for 30 minutes. The wiring harness has a lot of wires. It also comes with an "SOS button" which has a power and ground that is already hooked up. There is a brown wire for connecting to something that only comes on with the ignition, and then you have multiple accessory wires that you can use to cut fuel and cut ignition on a vehicle which you can control from trackmate's website. If you need to rig it up to a battery, you could use this to track it. If I ever need another one of these, I would recommend this one.

9. LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

LandAirSea Waterproof Magnetic Personal Location

Tracking people, vehicles, and/or assets with a personal gps device. Ultra-compact design, built-in Super Strength Magnet. Attaches to vehicle are hidden in a backpack, case or purse. Track and map in real time on web-based software or SilverCloud App. Text and email notifications, location reporting, and historical playback are included.

Brand: Landairsea

👤I bought this because I suspected my boyfriend was unfaithful. I caught him doing the dirty with his ex-employee in his car the day it was delivered. Once you get to the point of wanting to find proof, you will find what you're looking for. It's funny thing... I didn't get to use the tracker yet because it was still on the charge.

👤The product is perfect. The case doesn't need to be strong. I was looking to find out where my husband was and it tracked the vehicle to the location. Evidence of his infidelity has given me peace of mind. Thanks for your help.

👤If you don't want to know the truth about a cheating person, don't buy this. I agree with that statement. This device will lead you straight there, so be sure to stop denying and be prepared to see the hard facts. The 30 second plan was too slow for me. The 10 second plan worked well for me. The company's people are amazing. The tech support is great. In the US. Very helpful and responsive. I only used it for a couple of months. Simple. You can use it under the vehicle. I found putting inside the truck to be just as accurate as putting outside. It's All True was the previous review. I am not a techie type person. I don't use tech whenever possible. I have to step up to the plate in certain situations. I have read at least a hundred reviews of this unit and many others in the same price range. The product is what was advertised. There is a It was easy to open an account on my phone. It took under 5 minutes. You have to pick a plan. There is a monthly fee. It's a small price to pay if you're serious about tracking someone. It was easy to get it up and running. It took 10 minutes. Max. It was partially charged out of the box, but it needed to be fully charged. The baby is accurate. I took it with me to run my errand and it showed me my location. At every stop. I know it has more features when using a computer, but I haven't had time to check it out. It is well constructed. The directions were easy to follow. It has a magnet in it. You don't have to buy a separate case. It seems like the battery life is good. It looks at all the boxes.

👤When it works, it works well. At times, the tracking does not update until the device is a long way away. Both of the gps units I purchased had the same issue. Better units out there are not reliable or safe in a covert situation.

👤The product was garbage, I put it on the car, and after one drive it fell of the car, and the battery died even though it was supposed to be at 60% life. $50 was wasted on the product and another $25 was spent on it. It was the worst waste of $75. Don't buy!

10. Reiwour Magnetic Vehicles Subscription Motorcycle

Reiwour Magnetic Vehicles Subscription Motorcycle

The gps tracker is magnetic. There is no monthly fee or activity fee. The service includes a sim card. In the second year, the renewal wasUSD 69. Cars, trucks, equipment, fleets, track trailers, and cars. There is a real-time location app for the iPhone, iPad, and Web. The technology is advanced. With 2G,3G coverage coming to an end, now is the time to upgrade to 4G. There are mallet-smart alert and historical track playback. The Hidden MagneticGPS tracker keeps a 180 day history and can be used on any computer, phone or tablets. It is built to last. This 4G gps tracker is built to last with heavy-duty materials and has an extended 10000 mah battery which can last up to 20 days on a full charge. You can change the settings according to your needs. Tracks and maps with the help of Google Maps. There is fleet management. The car tracker device is more convenient to use. There is fleet management. The car tracker device is more convenient to use.

Brand: Reiwour

👤I bought this device to keep an eye on my motorcycle. I hid the tracker in a place where it wouldn't fall off. The battery life is not good. Either you have to access the device or leave the cable attached. I decided on the latter. The instructions are poorly written. The features on the command menu are things you have to figure out on your own. The Power Saving Mode and Normal Power Consumption setting are not clear. The owner's instruction manual needs to be written better. The prompt is written in Chinese. I didn't know what I was doing when I pressed it. I am not sure if I will be renewing the annual subscription that they will hit me with after a year. I think it's $48. They don't advertise set up or subscription fees.

👤I was hesitant to get this since there were no other reviews. The support team responded quickly after I posted a question. I decided to get it based on their response. That is a good sign. This is an early review of the product, I only had it for 2 days. The product was packaged in a small package with a single quick start instruction sheet and a detailed small manual. The sim card is ready to go. The enclosed box seems sturdy and well designed with a cover for the sim card ports. The email was sent to their support line overnight. I was able to log in to the unit with the tracing app. The location accuracy is very good. The sleep feature works well, since the device turns on vibrates and will save battery life when not in motion. The alarm and notification work well. It took a couple of seconds for the alarm to send the alert after I set ageofence around the house. I expected high accuracy and fast response from this device, which is a 4G device. I will review again in a month, but so far no issues.

👤I have used the unit for about four months and I will be satisfied if it keeps performing like it has. The unit is activated via email and works within 10 minutes. I have not been asked to pay a monthly charge, and there is no activation fee. The setup is easy to use once activated. The computer tracking website and the phone app have the same accuracy in real time. The price is reasonable. The price of 129.00 is higher than the lower priced units which are around 32.00 but it is cheaper when you consider that the units need at least a 15.00 monthly charge and some have an additional activation fee. The 2nd year fee is about 50.00, but even if it is only 60.00 a month, we will see what the actual charge is in 11 months. When using the computer website tracking, it only shows kilometers-per-hour, while the phone App allows you to choose kilometers or miles-per-hour from the initial log-in screen. I was told by the support staff that they will be asking the technical staff to look into the issue, so maybe at some point there will be an MPH option for the computer website viewing. The battery life was an issue in other reviews. The battery seems to last a reasonable time but does go down the more you use it and the more frequent it shows positions, such as 5 seconds as opposed to 120 seconds, so depending on how much actual tracking/driving you do plus which battery usage system we choose I can anticipate. I do not believe this is unreasonable with a self-contained battery. I secured the unit under one of the seats and then purchased a 5-voltusb power point and a 12-volt power point extension cord from a local electronics store. The power point of my vehicle is only powered when the key is on and the engine is running. I am still experimenting with this, but it seems to work well because the unit is only receiving a charge while the vehicle is running, but not while the vehicle is parked or off. I still monitor the app to make sure there is no overcharging. If you have a vehicle that sits for a while, you may need to add charging. The alerts are very loud and can be annoying, but on the app, you can choose to ignore them, and there is an icon that allows the alert to be silenced.

11. GPS Tracker Vehicle Discover Monitoring

GPS Tracker Vehicle Discover Monitoring

The discover it has given me peace of mind. Children, teen drivers, multiple vehicles, and important cargo are where your most precious assets are. The Discover It gps tracker can be used to keep them safe. The Discovery gps tracker has a battery life of up to 256 days. You can move it for multiple uses. Tracking accuracy is going to be unparalleled! There are amazing results without all the mistakes. You can see where your kids are on the "iTrail" app on both Apple and Google. Whenever a text message arrives and leaves any of the unlimited number of zones you create, the Discover It iTrail tracking software will send a text message alert. Simply set up your Discover It gps tracker and you will see the results. Experience the benefits of superior design and construction. If you're looking for a 4G Real Time gps tracker that comes with a waterproof, crushproof, dustproof,ABS plastic case with dual magnets that have an 80lb direct pull force rating, you can attach the case to any magnetic surface and never worry about it falling off, Families with elementary school age children who may not be under constant supervision are ideal for the Discover It 4GGPS tracker. The new driver needs to be accounted for by the parents of teen drivers. Minors need more behavior monitoring. People who own 2 or more vehicles. Corporations and individuals need peace of mind. It's perfect for employee and fleet tracking. Discover It 4G gps tracker is the best way to track your valuables. You can setup your required data plan for only $9.99 a month with no cancellation fees. You can click the yellow "add to cart" button today with total confidence in your ability to track what matters!

Brand: Discover It

👤So far, so good. Track my experience tools at work. I must buy.


What is the best product for car gps tracker with kill switch?

Car gps tracker with kill switch products from Adpow. In this article about car gps tracker with kill switch you can see why people choose the product. Trackmategps and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding car gps tracker with kill switch.

What are the best brands for car gps tracker with kill switch?

Adpow, Trackmategps and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for car gps tracker with kill switch. Find the detail in this article. Spyspotgps Tracker, Tile and Brickhouse Security are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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