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1. Keychain Designed Anti Lost Protector Compatible

Keychain Designed Anti Lost Protector Compatible

Only the AirTag 2021 5 Pack Air tag Keychain Protective case is compatible. AirTag is not included. Airtag leather case with sturdy metal snap, make it easy to open/close spring ring clasp, to quick lock/unlock. You can attach the key to your car, bag, child's schoolbag, dog leash, valuables and more. You can easily swap your airtag on things you want to keep track of. High-quality PU leather provides a stylish look and feel. The design for holding Airtags is simple and novel. It is lightweight, protects your airtag and resists scratches. If there is a quality issue with the 5 Pack airtag cases, they will give you a free return. If you have a question, please contact them, their team will be able to help you within 24 hours.

Brand: Rejazz

👤Cheap product that doesn't work. This leather is not possible. I ripped Stitching when I slid AirTag.

👤I am happy with the leather cases. They look good. You can attach them to anything and move them easily. It was what I wanted.

👤The pouch is made of leather. There was no sophisticated stuff in it. Buying 6 cases for $10 is a no-brainer compared to one Apple case for $25. Air tag is expensive. The colors are good and the stitching is good.

👤The second time we used this, the snap mechanism broke and became useless. We were lucky that this didn't happen when the suitcase was away from us.

👤These are plastic and not leather. The latch broke before we used it.

👤The item does not fit my mac pro model. Let me know what to do next.

2. Apple Watch GPS Cellular 44MM

Apple Watch GPS Cellular 44MM

The display is over 30% larger. There are electrical and optical heart sensors. The Digital Crown has feedback. S4 sip has a dual-core processor. The fall detection has been improved.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I am very sad about this experience. I immediately filed a return after I saw that there was a scratch on the face of the watch. It is hardly noticeable. I would prefer to exchange for a different one. When I am taking it apart, I put it back up. I did not use it once. I am frustrated because the fine print says that they can reject your return or charge you a restocking fee, which is up to half the cost of the item. It's a pity. I am out hundreds of dollars because I can't take chance that they won't accept. Lesson learned that I will not buy refurbished again.

👤There are more than seven scratches on the screen.

👤The product was about 150 dollars off. I would say that it is very good because it has very minor scratches that are hard to detect, but it is a renewed product. The cellular function worked well and had no issues connecting to other devices. The battery lasts about 2 days with everything on. I waited for the review to make sure I didn't have any problems with the functions, so far everything is great.

👤I bought this for my wife. She's been wanting one for a long time. It looks like a new one. There was an aftermarket box and a charging point. She is still figuring it out and seems to work well. Not surprised that something doesn't work on the ECG, it's a new watch. The listing didn't say what carrier it was for. We are on AT&T and the carrier we are using is a different one. She is happy with it.

👤The product didn't work at all. Email contact with buyer who did not respond. The number was called for days and only busy.

👤I sent it back in a bad way. The watch didn't work.

👤The product was not good. The package was damaged in transit. There is no replacement. Just a money back.

👤The price for an Apple 4 watch was very good. You wouldn't know it was new because it wasn't visible. I'm very pleased with the way it's worked so far.

👤The watch had a cracked screen protector. I don't know why it was shipped with one installed. There were scratches on the screen. It took me 3 hours to pick at the screen protectors with plastic tools. I used the strongest glue I have ever seen in a screen protector and cut myself a few times. The watch won't charge past 80% despite being on charge overnight.

👤Apple Watch is in first class condition. There is no visible sign of wear and tear. The battery charges to 100% and ends the day around 50%. It cannot be faulted.

👤Very happy with this. There was a new charge, plug and strap. There was a screen scratch on the case. The battery lasts all day. The product was nearly half the price of a new one.

👤I wasn't sure if I should buy a used Apple Watch. The bullet. And went for it. I was amazed at the quality and condition of it. I would recommend this vendor, as I received it the next day, and the battery lasts a day and a bit with heavy use. The ecg is very accurate. Shop at the conference.

3. Leather Keychain Apple Holder Airtag

Leather Keychain Apple Holder Airtag

Only a Leather Key holder or airtags is included in the case. Air tags are not included. The air tag holder is available in two colors. The Airtags holder is made from high quality leather and metal. Safety and protection can be ensured by compact design and size. To your apple tag holder and single pack device. The Air Tag Key Ring is available in two colors. You can feel confident to give this apple airtags keychain to your friends, family and loved ones because of the high quality materials used in the manufacturing. The Air Tag Case protects your Apple Airtags from falling apart. The apple tag is safe with this case. You can attach this AirTag holder or apple air tag case to your car keys, school bag, backpack, dog leash, pet collar, or anything you want to keep track of. You will get a protective apple Air tag with a leather case and collar holder. If you are satisfied with the quality of this airtag case, please return it.

Brand: Muaaz

👤Don't buy this! I had it one day and it detached from my keys, which is a big problem if you want to track something.

👤It's not much to say. The quality seems to be worth more than the price. It doesn't seem like it can slip off easily. Over time, I will be updating.

👤The leather isn't as supple and sexy as the apple website version, but this one is $10 cheaper and they basically look the same. If you're looking for function over luxury, this product is for you.

👤The price is not bad and the key rings are perfect.

👤This was a good sturdy key chain for the price. The color is trying to make the pictures look better.

👤I was skeptical because of the price. It was close to the Air Tag. I like the ring for the keys.

👤It is easy to break when opening the clip because it is made in such a way. I bought a more expensive one from Apple that is more sturdy and will not fall apart. You get what you pay for.

👤It works well to hold and protect the air tag. I bought 4 more.

4. Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Samsung SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Attach a smart tag to those precious things in life. If you misplace your stuff, launch the app and see where it was last. It is easy to retrace your steps. Take it easy. Finding lost items is easy thanks to the smart tags. You can use with a phone that has at least 2.0GB of RAM and is running a newer version of the operating system. The app is required.

Brand: Samsung

👤One day I came home from work and found my mom wandering off, I bought this device to track her movements, and when I called the hospital, they were amazed that I found her.

👤I bought this to find my phone. If you have opened SmartThings, double-clicking the SmartTag will work. If you're phone has rebooted, it doesn't work, the tag just sits there and beeps, and you can't use it. If I missed placing my phone and SmartThings, I'm fine. I can't tell if there's an option to have SmartThings run in the background or not. Unless you're disciplined enough to remember to open SmartThings whenever you restart your phone, I wouldn't recommend this gizmo.

👤It works well for me. You have to have a working device to use these. Is it possible that I want another brand phone? You're denied. You have only one phone and it is not from the same company. You're denied. I might only ever buy one. I like how much it does. It should be able to do things that the Tile tracker can't do. Since it's a system app, you don't need to have a "enabled" one. I like that. I like that you can still find your phone without the high battery cost, which is something the Tile tracker does. The Tile tracker and this are both three stars because of their usage problems. If you want the same use of it, you should use this tag for the Tile, it has too high a battery cost. The only one that I can recommend is the one that has its own cost of requiring specific phones, the one that has a tag of low battery cost, the one that has a tag of low cost. Its crazy. I like how other phones from strangers can update their location when it's outside of the device range. I haven't looked to see if anything else can be done through their phones. It's not cool to require a device from a company. They should make an app that is more compatible. This would increase their game. They've limited their market and made a disservice to their customers. Three stars is not good. I had to find lost keys because one of the tags was attached to one of the keys, so I tried to get away from the area, but it said all tags where I was. They need to fix something. The phone wouldn't connect to the keys when I got to the area. If you force it to end, it might work. It worked after a restart and found the keys in the mud. Without it, the keys would never have been found, except by chance. Success!

👤I bought one but it couldn't link with my new phone because it had issues with the ID. The paperwork that came with the tag was useless. The issue was researched on the net and found a lot of other people with the same problem, but no one could seem to get help from the company. I'm not wasting any more of my time because my gut feeling is that the real problem is that the tags were mislabeled and mistakenly sent to the US, which is incompatible with the frequencies in other countries. Sending it back. Done.

5. Apple MX542AM A AirTag Pack

Apple MX542AM A AirTag Pack

Track and find your items with friends and devices in the Find. My app. A simple one-tap setup connects AirTag to your device. You can ask for help from the built-in speaker or play a sound on it. You can find your AirTag with Ultra Wideband technology. Hundreds of millions of Apple devices can be used to find items further away. My network. AirTag will be notified when it is found in the Find. My network. Communication with the find. The location data and history of my network are never stored on AirTag.

Brand: Apple

👤The pros are: There was no weight issues. There will be no issues with this on keys, bags, etc. A simple design that doesn't draw attention. The software is already on the current version of the IOS. The water has a rating of Ip67. It can take the rain even if it is in a deep puddle. It can hold against Mother Nature. It is painless to replace a battery. There is a Thank you Apple for not making your own battery. The battery is CR2032. These are usually cheap and last a year. You can find them at the checkout lines of both Walmart and Amazon. There is a The highlight of this device is the precision location feature. This feature will show you where the tracker is if you are in the area of your Airtag. I put my Airtag in a book under my bed, and my phone gave me visual directions to where to go. The speakers on it began to make a noise when I got near it. Sight and sound can be used to find your Airtag. One block away from the location, I left my Airtag near my colleague. I was shown where I left it when I turned on the lost mode. My Airtag was able to connect with my colleague's phone because of it. By putting it in lost mode, you can see where it was last seen by other Airtags and Apple phones. There is a My colleague was able to quickly scans my Airtag, revealing the contact info that I approved. The process took less than 20 seconds for him. There is a Your Airtag doesn't store your location data for public viewing. All information about your location is confidential. There is a If someone puts an Airtag near you, your phone will notify you if there is an Airtag nearby, even if you don't have an Airtag. It is the same as the one ring from the Lord of the Rings. There is a If you leave the device in a public place, the speakers on it will grab your attention and strangers will notice. There is a All Airtags that are separated from their owners will play a sound to alert people. There is a You don't need to have it on for your phone. It won't affect the battery usage of the phone. There is a You can have more than one Airtag on your phone. There is a If you borrowed a friend's bag, you can stop the alert on your end so it won't keep bothering you. There is a The Airtag's chime will be playing when I ask my Siri where my Airtag is. There is a The scanning feature works on all phones. The Airtag will reveal your contact info if you have an android device. Cheers to that. There are pros and cons. You will need to accept the scratch on the Airtag. The only advice I can give is to stick with the white color because it will hide some of the worse scratches. There is a It is small enough to fit in a wallet but large enough to be on a key chain. There is a The cost of the accessories is almost the same as the Airtag itself. There is a This will not work if you don't have an operating system. You can find the contact info by scanning an Airtag. There is a The device won't give you real-time tracking, so it's not a device to put on your dog or child. It depends on the connections with other phones to give an accurate location. There is a This device will not work if there is no iPhones in the area or if you travel into the world of nature. The good news is that there are billions of iPhones, but not every location will have one. There is a The Airtag can connect with my phone, but not lose the signal, on average. This is alright, I know it might be a bad thing for some. There is a You will not be able to share your location. If you are not in the area and someone you know is, it would be great to have this feature to help you find your lost item. There is a If you leave it behind, the Airtag won't alert you. You have to realize that you don't have the item, then use your phone to find it. There is a There was no built-in altimeter. If you lose your Airtag in a 20-story building, the Airtag won't be able to tell you the height of the building or the floor, even if they're in the same building. If the Airtag is too far away for my phone to connect with it, you are standing in a dead spot. You need to walk around until the Airtag can connect with your phone. The Airtag only works if there are Apple products in the area. Only the 11 and above versions of the Apple device are able to use the precision location feature. There is a Some countries will not work for Airtags, even if there are iPhones around. I was told that countries like Russia and Indonesia can be updated, but I need to keep an eye out. There is a The less remote you are, the less reliable the Airtag is. There is a If you have an Airtag, good Samaritans will reach out to you. This depends on where you live. The device is helping three types of people. The other is the one that keeps losing their stuff in public places. Two, the ones that lose their stuff at home every day, such as keys, purses, and stuff you can't leave the house with. A mix of both. The Airtag is not a real-time tracker. Don't attach this to your dog because it only works if the iPhones are in the area. You will get scratches on it as well. The tracking technology that is out there is similar to the precision location feature. It has the same flaws as well. The Airtag is an effective tracking device, requiring nothing more than an Apple device, which most already own. The layout was responsive, accurate, and useful. The precision location feature is a lifesaver if you need to find something quickly. I have a thumbs up to Apple in regards to the privacy issue. The fear of someone knowing your location is dead. Privacy is important for a device like this. The device is only built for the Apple community. I hope I helped you. Honest reviewer.

6. Vehicles Compatible Accessory Magnetic Waterproof

Vehicles Compatible Accessory Magnetic Waterproof

The Airtag sold quickly. This is just the magnetic case. The case will not come off a car at 200mph. The twist lock design keeps your Airtag protected. You don't have to pay a monthly fee if you buy your airtag and place it in the case. No monthly fee ever! It's possible to be relocated. The case can be stuck under the car in 1 second, and then removed in 1 second if needed.

Brand: In-cog-neato

👤I had high hopes for this case. When I tried to place the best air tag signal on a metal surface, the magnet became detached from the tracker case and I had to remove it. The tracker case was detached from the magnet and stuck to the metal surface on my truck. I could not tell if the magnet was attached with a glue or not. If you mount this tracker outside to a boat trailer frame or underneath a vehicle it will fall out and become lost, and that is not enough for it to hold. I was able to fix it with Gorilla Glue and the tracker stays attached when you remove it from a metal surface. I shouldn't have to do this. Quality is cheap. I had to glue the magnet back in after looking elsewhere for one that was better.

👤If someone broke into my car, I would have to put my airtag in a place where no one could find it. I like that I can find my car using the airtag.

👤The product works as expected. I don't think this will fall off unless someone grabs it. Audio locating may be difficult because the case is closed.

👤It is not possible to recommend very cheap. I lost my air tag when the magnet came off the housing case. The rest of the unit fell off when Magnet stayed on the bike. I had to go down the drain to find my air tag.

👤Crap product. Magnet came off the holder.

👤It is difficult to remove the AirTag without damaging it because the case is too small.

👤The magnetic case I bought was for my AirTag. I put it inside my truck in case it was ever stolen.

👤100% No sirve la informacin del artculo, no tiene solo el estuche y vaco. The total is 100 percent.

7. AirTag Protective Scratch Resistance Accessory

AirTag Protective Scratch Resistance Accessory

The lock design keeps AirTag safe. The key ring has a reliable attachment to your belongings. The edges of the secure holder are raised. The open design of AirTag keeps personalized engravings visible. Over the course of 35 years, Belkin has created high quality, innovative tech solutions.

Brand: Belkin

👤I agree with some of the previous reviews that say this item is a little high for what it is, but it is still a great alternative to the Apple leather keychains. Once twisted together, the locking mechanism holds securely in place. The AirTag is securely attached to your keys with this. This would be a great choice if you were looking for an inexpensive alternative to Apple leather.

👤I ordered a replacement after my initial order was lost. The original order and the replacement came the same day. The first one would not align correctly. The plastic threads were not straight. I opened the replacement I was supposed to return for and it went well. The first one was thrown in the trash. I was disappointed because I didn't worry about buying an inexpensive piece of plastic for $13 because the products from Belkin are usually so well made. I have an AirTag on my keychain, but I might consider other options if I add more.

👤I am certain that it will cost.10c to make, and that it is close to accurate and less than the economies of scale. A Chinese prisoner made this in 5 seconds at a factory in China where he makes about 50c/day. It is hard to get. If I had a factory that made plastic, I would make them quickly and charge a small amount of what they charge to retire.

👤I need a solution to the issue of misplacing my keys and wallet. The airtag case/holder is perfect for me and my needs. It works perfectly in the case without the risk of falling out, and is quite durable. I will definitely buy more if needed.

👤I admit I throw my keys down at times, but I've had two plastic parts pop open and deposit my air tag of the desk, since I bought four of them for four air tags, and I did put them together correctly. Not strong enough. I didn't lose air tags in the last three weeks.

👤The Air Tag could be popped out with little pressure and little effort, which did not inspire confidence that it would remain with our lost or lost keys. We ordered one of these because of positive reviews and were very impressed with how securely it holds the Air Tag, increasing our confidence that it would remain attached when needed. It's recommended for key rings and similar types of attachment.

👤I love this case. You can slide the halves open if you take the key ring off. The key ring on this baby isn't going anywhere. The key ring will be stuck wherever you put it, so make sure you know where you intended to go. There is a Definitely recommend! The review was helpful, so please hit like to let Amazon know. Thanks for the feedback.

👤terrible product. Not what you would expect from Belkin. The thing is so stiff that it is nearly impossible to lock and open. The hole is too big. The air tags battery cover can easily fall off, so the battery can be easily removed. Certainly not secure.

8. Silicone Keychain Protective Necklace Accessories

Silicone Keychain Protective Necklace Accessories

Only applicable to the year 2021. It fits perfectly with the airtag. The airtag won't slip off. AirTag is not included. The raised rim of the case cover protects it against bumps. The lightweight design adds little to the device's weight. The AirTag holding design is perfect, it has a cute donut shape and a unique curved handle. A set of protective cases in different colors. Quality soft silicone, feel comfortable, sweat-proof, scratch-resistant and durable in use. The key ring is sweat-proof and moisture-proof, and will not rust after long-term use. Each package comes with a AirTag Case and a Keychain. It should be bundled with most things. A backpack, suitcase, wallet, airpods, husky, corgi, rugged, bike, or clip on the collar of a pet dog or cat are examples.

Brand: Thingsbag

👤Three of the four worked perfectly when putting the keyring on, but one split at the seam, but it's not a bad deal even for three out of four, they are nice thick silicone that fit perfectly, and it's less expensive than apple.

👤These are not good and will break quickly. The seam is placed at a thin point and the metal hoop goes through, making it more prone to break. Dislike.

👤The price made me want to buy the keychains. I was surprised that they were priced at $35. The fit is secure, the clasp is easy and the delivery was prompt.

👤I bought this product because of the great reviews, we were not disappointed! This product was an excellent pick and I recommend it. We will be buying from this seller again in the future, as the price is fair, the shipping is quick, and the quality is great.

👤We bought these for our kids to use. I have heard of other brands not holding the tag in the same way, but these worked great. There were no problems at all. Disney won't update a location while your child is moving, but they can have an adult with a phone call to you, if you want. It gave me a general direction to go if I was separated from the group, and was very helpful for finding our stroller because it is common for them to be moved.

👤I bought the cases because I love the colors. I thought the key ring would be a carabiner clip, like most other cases on the market today. It's very difficult to use the air tag for other than keys because of the cheap fake metal key ring. Not practical! I had to spend money on more carabiners. I'm not sure why this product is an Amazon choice product, as you can buy a similar 4 pack with the correct type of key ring for the same or less price on Amazon.

👤These have been lifesavers. My husband has been able to find his wallet in about 3 months. That is saying a lot. Since the update, I have been notified when it is left behind, which is the best, but the only time she is left behind is when she is at school.

👤They look nice and seem like a great fit initially, but after a few months, two of the four tags are falling out. The tag will roll on the ground and we'll be like WTH! This review was prompted by the fact that we lost one tag. It's a shame.

👤Sper, lo mordi y luego luego se rompi, se trag el airtag.

9. Apple Watch Green Aluminum Clover

Apple Watch Green Aluminum Clover

Everything is easier to see and use on an always-on display. The Apple Watch has the most crack-resistant front crystal yet. Measure your blood oxygen with a powerful sensor and app. You can take an electrocardiogram anywhere. Get high and low heart rate notifications. Stay in the moment with the newMindfulness app, and reach your sleep goals with the Sleep app. Track new tai chi and pilates workouts, as well as favorites like running, yoga, swimming, and dance.

Brand: Apple

👤It took me six hours to set up. I have many patents in electronics and have written thousands of lines of computer code in three different languages. This watch is a challenge. The phone told me I had to update the phone to OS 14.8.1 when I tried to pair the watch with it. I have always had automatic updates on my phone. I spent half an hour updating OS. I tried to pair the watch with the phone again, but it said my OS must be updated. I just updated it. I called apple support. They told me to update my OS. I was told to update to 14.8.1 when it was obsolete. It took an hour to update to 15.1. The phone message said that I needed to charge the watch when I tried to pair it. I looked at the watch charge cable and it was not included with the watch. Do you own a charging device? I didn't know there were such charges. I have ten chargers made by apple and they all only accept the original plug, called "USB "A". I recall reading a few weeks ago that apple no longer included a chargers. We all have a lot of charging points. There are 888-282-0465 I ordered a "C" charge. I started the process after the charging station arrived. I called support after the phone stuck for 30 minutes. They decided to install without updating the watch software because they couldn't get it to work by the standard way. It took 45 minutes and I spent six hours getting the phone to work. Is apple lost their mind?

👤The Apple Watch 7 is very nice. If you upgrade from a version that is several years old. The only thing it has is a charging port that isusb C. If you don't already have a power brick or old watch charge, you will not be able to charge your watch.

👤I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that they were going to make all of their chargers and not provide any blocks for no reason other than to force people to spend more money.

👤This is my first watch. I feel stupid for waiting so long to buy one. This thing is amazing. I decided to use the Graphite case. It is more expensive than the aluminum models. The watch is very easy to set up and use. The watch faces are available in a wide range of colors. The 45mm fits my wrist perfectly. It looks great! When you order your watch, make sure to order a charging station. I don't know why it's not included. It is perfect, except for that. Absolutely love it. One of the best things I have ever bought for someone.

10. Anti Lost IZi Way Wristband Protective

Anti Lost IZi Way Wristband Protective

There are accessories for AirTag on wrist for kids. It's made of soft silicone and it's skin friendly. The AirTag edge is covered with a 9mm case holder. A wristband with a hidden design on a lock will prevent fall off from day to day. The wrist size of children is different, please measure and fit.

Brand: Izi Way

👤I thought this was a great idea. He put the AirTag in his mouth after I put it on his wrists. A button battery can cause serious burns and death. I threw it away.

👤Excellent product for keeping up with my grandson. The AirTag fits snug inside.

👤I think it is a great product, but it is too large for children. Their pic is not accurate.

👤It looks cheap and not satisfying with the material.

👤Para un nio (a) de 2 aos, un poco grande, pero con todo. Me encanta.

11. DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

DLENP Protective Silicone Tracking Accessories

Each package comes with a AirTag Case and a Keychain. It should be bundled with most things. A backpack, suitcase, wallet, airpods, husky, corgi, rugged, bike, or clip on the collar of a pet dog or cat are examples. The DLENP airtag cover is specially designed for pets. The AirTag will not shake when it is hanging under the pet's collar. The Airtag dog collar holder can be clipped to school bags and other items that fit its size. You don't have to worry about your pets being lost. Good protection for their pets, kids and parents. The airtag loop is made of soft Silicone material, it is easy to use. The protective case cover can protect your device from damage. You can wash and clean this Silicone cover, it won't change no matter how you knead it. Put the AirTag device to the dog airtag holder and then connect the airtag case to the dog collar. Installation in 30 seconds. There is a cute black color bone pattern Air tag dog collar holder. Airtags and dog collar are not included.

Brand: Dlenp

👤I bought these for 3 dogs. The apple tag is not in place. The tags were lying in my yard after one day. The material is very flimsy. Would not purchase again.

👤The airtag dog collar holder is sturdy and cute.

👤This is a tag that slips in the collar and is not like a normal tag. Within an hour of my dog being outside, the Apple ID tag fell out of the holder and we can't find it in the snow. I have to buy a new Apple ID tag as this was a waste of money.

👤We put one on our cat and dog because they go indoors and out. The dog can break the electric fence's battery line so we can track her. The cat follows her mom through the door and likes to hang out outside. We know where he is with the tracker. I love it!

👤This thing is great. My dog doesn't notice anything. Sometimes hair gets pulled around it, but I don't like that. It doesn't seem like he's bothered by it. He has been wearing the AirTag for 2 months and it has not been lost.

👤The air tag for our dog who has escaped from our yard a few times has helped keep it secure.

👤The airtag is all scratch up because of this holder.

👤Don't buy. Within 48 hours, the $30 iPod tag was gone. It is flimsy.


What is the best product for apple gps tag?

Apple gps tag products from Rejazz. In this article about apple gps tag you can see why people choose the product. Amazon Renewed and Muaaz are also good brands to look for when you are finding apple gps tag.

What are the best brands for apple gps tag?

Rejazz, Amazon Renewed and Muaaz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for apple gps tag. Find the detail in this article. Samsung, Apple and In-cog-neato are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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