Best Air Vent Gps Mount for Garmin

Garmin 3 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. EKIND Compatible 2457LMT 2558LMTHD 2598LMTHD

EKIND Compatible 2457LMT 2558LMTHD 2598LMTHD

The plastic is very durable and strong. It is easy to take from car to car. Extra support leg is added to the clips on the horizontal car air vent. A custom fit cradle for the Nuvi 52. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style.

Brand: Ekind

👤I left the original mount in the rental car. This one is working well so far. The Nuvi maintains its position despite the fact that the "ball" swivel is not as tight as the original. The "ball" was too tight. I have not had any problems with mounting or removing the gps from the mount and the cup has not fallen off since I put it on the car. When the car gets hot, we'll see.

👤There is no quality control for this item and it is cheap. One day, the part broke. I took the car to get washed this morning after fitting it on the windshield last night. The gps dropped from the car as I pulled into the driveway. I parked and looked closely and saw the area that was supposed to be the arm had broken away. It's not even the money but the waste of time.

👤Sometimes you get what you pay for. I bought two different versions of the same thing. I tried it in two of our vehicles. Would not fit in either. I tried using the horizontal and verticle, but it wouldn't hold. The mount in our Nissan was clipped, but if I bumped it or touched it, it would fall on the floor. These are made out of plastic. There is a different type of vent mount.

👤The hooks tips were too long. There wasn't any power to speak of. I tried to remove the hooks from the car vent. I have a model that I would pick over this one any day. If you buy this one, make sure you file the hook first so you don't have to remove it.

👤The product fell apart. It was only mounted for 10 hours. They need to return the item in its original packaging. Who makes the packaging for this item?

👤It kept falling out of the holder, so I ordered this. It works well, no more issues with my nuvi not staying in place. First time attaching it to a stand, it is very tight, but it does fit and works great.

👤This was what I needed. Some reviewers made it sound like it was difficult to fit, but they found it to be just like the original part I received. Good price. Excellent shipping with Amazon!

👤It's a win-win situation when you buy this item, you save money and you get an awesome product.

👤The original snaps into place.

👤This product is just as good as the original, mine had fallen off all the time.

👤The model mentioned in the description doesn't fit with the device.

👤I was able to use it on a Nuvi. It snaps into the Nuvi back half-heartedly, so I hope it stays. I had to sand down the ball on my mount because the receptacle is too tight. You will need to hold the parts firmly and press hard to snap them together. Would not order again and would go for the real part.

👤La calidad es mala, pero se aseguran al dispositivo demasiado gruesas, por lo. Anteriormente, ped el otro modelo, para poner en el parabrisas. No, no, I don't think I'll be able to get demasiado, because we are not talking about the Dremel para lijar las lenguetas para dejarlas ms delgadas. No tienes fcil de hacer, requiere mano firme. No, no, no y usar la parte oficial.

2. EKIND Holder Cradle Compatible Garmin

EKIND Holder Cradle Compatible Garmin

The plastic is very durable and strong. It is easy to take from car to car. Extra support leg is added to the clips on the horizontal car air vent. A custom fit cradle for the Nuvi 2xx Series. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style.

Brand: Ekind

👤I bought this holder for my Nuvi so I can see a map while riding. Even though the bar begins to bend while under the clamp, using one of the two rubber strips is holding it securely. The Nuvi is secure and not sloppy. The screw that others complained about is holding up well, and I can turn the lock without interference. The unit isn't flimsy and doesn't feel cheap. There were no issues at all. If it does break or crack, I'd just buy another one.

👤The holder doesn't fit my device. It's too small. This is my fault, not yours. I'm ordering a different model. I hope it works.

👤The gps I bought had a missing mount. This fit perfectly, and was shipped at a decent price.

👤The handle bars on my Can Am were too big for it, but I was able to fit it securely. It holds my gps unit.

👤It seems sturdy on my car vent. I only gave it 4 stars because the clips are made of plastic and it works very well.

👤Within two months, the lever that releases the suction has broken. The plastic used with the device was not good.

👤We ordered it for the Nuvi, but it didn't fit. The grip ends do not fit the shallow brackets. Returned.

👤Unfortunately, I couldn't get a second one. I decided to replace the thumb-screw with a nut to make it easier to fit the clutch cable. Good product. Hope it's available again.

👤It's not possible to get the satnav to srick to the car.

👤I used a BMW motorcycle to hold my Nuvi 250. No complaints about the product.

3. Arkon Removable Swivel Holder Garmin

Arkon Removable Swivel Holder Garmin

The nuvi gps devices have a 17mm ball mounting pattern. Extra support leg is added to the clips on the horizontal car air vent.

Brand: Arkon

👤The clips that grab onto the vent fins are long for best flexibility of mounting configuration, as you can see from the build of this item. This configuration does not provide a stable latched platform and will allow the mount to rock left and right as the car is subject to any turn forces. The solution I have applied is to get some sticky tape to create some tension between the clips and the fins. This protects the fins from being scratched. If the mount included a coating or wrap on the rest surfaces, it would be a 5 star product. I used a soft and thick clear Silicon tape to address the issue and it has worked well while being completely invisible. The product is called "B08NYVSZB6/" and it is available on the store.

👤The reason I didn't give this one star is that it works somewhat poorly. It did the job required, but not well. I couldn't find my accessory. I ordered the Ball Head Vent Mount because I knew it might not be perfect, but I was hoping it was better than it was. It does not fall off, step one is ok. It is hard to push the touch screen without wobbling the gps because there is no way to tighten it on the vent. I knew that it was not expensive, and I didn't have high expectations, but it did work for our 1,100 mile trip until I could find a replacement. The Arkon was adequate, but the APPS2 Car vent mount was better. It goes on and off easily. The APPS2 car was purchased on Amazon. has a description of "Crimson Rowryp."

👤I own the Nuvi. The stand it came with is a joke and worthless. I have rigged up my own device after buying stands at Autozone. My garmin is flying out of the cup holder and shooting at the car while I'm trying to drive. It has been making me crazy. I like to put my drink in the cup holder because it's more secure and the garmin is too low if I want to look at it. Everything was changed by this mount. The ball is in my device. I was worried that the mount would break, but it did. I can tell you that I will be able to remove it. I can see that it can be removed and re-positioned. I like the placement of the device, it's high enough to see, but low enough that I don't have to look at the road. It is completely secure, it never jiggles or wobbles when I tap the screen to enter my destination. This mount is awesome! I would have paid a lot more if it was under $10.

👤I recently purchased a 4.3" nviĀ® 3790LMT from Amazon and I know that you could have delivered it in a more timely manner. I needed a better way to attach the power cable to my car. I bought the more expensive mount based on the recommendation of the salesman. The Mini-Ausb to Cigarette adapter is great for a cell phone form factor, but useless to me because it adds a bulge. If I didn't have a T, I would use the included Micro-B, which is a smaller version of the Type-A cable, and a cigarette-USB accessory at Walgreens. The cigarette sockets would need to be very close to each other. Measure distances for cable reach with the help of the internet. I decided to do the most logical thing and read all the reviews, some of which were very useful to me. I didn't want the cup holder to fall off. The cigarette to ball adapter was my first choice, but the Micro-Busb connector was the model I looked at. I didn't think vent heat was a big deal. If you are a very careful person, you should never use a vent setting that expels hot heat when it's cold. You might be able to shut off individual vent in your car if you are lucky. In the dry Rockies, condensation from air conditioning is not an issue. I had to offset the Akron unit to the left or right because of the vent knob. The "ball" end of the adapter snapped into position on the quick attach/release adapter and did not move with the road noise I encountered. I still have a long cable that I use to snake beside a seat cushion, but that has nothing to do with my opinion of this mount. I'm willing to buy it again if I need a replacement. I found the Arkon GN047 on the Amazon website. I'll be using my old Palm TX padded case for the time being, but I'll look for a thin pouch to protect the screen but still fit easily in a shirt pocket. The 5-stars have been demoted to 3. I bought a second one after the first broke. The second one lost its grip after a big hit. I need more clips that won't break. I will try the GARMIN 010-11952-00 Air-Vent Mount next.

4. I Trek Mount Spring Compatible Garmin

I Trek Mount Spring Compatible Garmin

The metal spring clip is more durable. The spring clip can be adjusted to support both horizontal and vertical AC vents. The ball joint can be moved in any direction for the best view. The bottom support can be left or right. Vent mount compatible with but not limited to: Nuvi. 42LM 2595LMT 65LM. Vent mount compatible with but not limited to: Nuvi. 42LM 2595LMT 65LM.

Brand: I.trek

👤I didn't get a factory gps in my Honda CRV EXL, so I saved $1,300. I picked up a gps that works fine, but it was difficult to see when using the mount, even when trying it out inside the data window scoop. It was very frustrating that the sun wiped out the screen. I got a nice sun shield for it, but I was still not satisfied with the location. We looked for a different kind of mount and found this one. I was skeptical when I saw this mount. The larger screen size interfered with the work in the left or left-center vents. We tried it in the right-center vent. Excellent! The location is perfect. The bottom support fits my dash perfectly, the gps is easy to see on the ball mount, and it is well secured. No interference with the data windows, no problem with the sun, no cord dangling around the steering wheel, and so easy to read. It's not noticeable from the outside. I'm satisfied in every way. I am so happy I got this. Thank you Trek and Amazon for a great product!

👤The lower extension is too short to allow the mount to sit even, so it tilts down quite a bit. The profile of the vents doesn't allow for much adjustment. I wanted it at the center of the side vents, but had to put it on one of the side ones. In my situation, you don't have enough flexibility in twisting the gps unit up on the ball mount. It would have been perfect if the lower support arm could be adjusted to make it level with the dash face. There is a different mount that doesn't have this issue. If your vent is vertical, you may want to look at something different.

👤I got this hoping that it would keep the gps off the driver's car. I just got back from using it on a long trip and I am very happy. It's easy to install in the dash center air vent on my Honda cr-v, and it's also easy to remove and place out of sight. It is installed in the vent to make it easy to reach the gps. It's easier to see in daylight because it's out of the sun. It hit a compression ridge, like a speedbump, on the interstate when it came off the vent. It was solid. It held the gps in the correct position. I'm very happy with this device.

👤The mount is small. I have only used it on horizontal vents so I am not sure about vertical ones. The metal part of the attachment will not break. I ordered two, one for my device and one for an older one. The tomtom had a ball mount. The tomtom had a smaller ball configuration. It was a challenge. I was able to reduce the size of the ball by putting it into a lathe, and now it works on my tomtom as well. I don't think you should do this unless you can disassemble and reassemble small parts with little springs and catches. It projects out from the vent a little further than I like. This is not a deal breaker and I may even find it to be of a pro nature after I have it for a while. The parts seem to be made from plastic.

5. EKIND Holder Compatible Compare 010 11765 02

EKIND Holder Compatible Compare 010 11765 02

The plastic is very durable and strong. It is easy to take from car to car. Extra support leg is added to the clips on the horizontal car air vent. A custom fit cradle for the Nuvi 50 Series. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style.

Brand: Ekind

👤To fit the clip in the holes at the bottom of the knife, you have to use a utility knife to adjust the two ridges. It was a lot cheaper than an exact fit.

👤It was difficult to get the replacement brackets onto the ball from the mount.

👤The lower part was a separate item that didn't do a good job of holding the base to the vents. The whole thing is unstable because the "legs" can't be kept close. I can't recommend to buy it. I had a similar item from another manufacturer that was so stable that it was hard to take it off from the vents. I will try to find that one and post it here.

👤It is too small. For my dog. I can try again for $6.

👤I had to disassemble it before I could fit the ball in the sockets. The compression ring made the sockets too tight. To fit the 17mm ball. Remove the silver ring, slip over the arm, and insert the ball to get the compression band back on. It was within a millimeter of returning it. At least give instructions if they are hard.

👤It works well, but in hot weather it falls off the window. I am very happy with it.

👤The information said it was compatible with the Garmin 50 LM. It did not come close. It is too small. I'm not going to send it back because it's not worth the gas. It might be ok for a large gps, but not my one.

👤It was what I needed. The gps and cupholder are in perfect condition. Came quickly.

👤I didn't really need this, but to return the item nearly equaled the cost, I was unaware that one was provided with the Sat Nav. Have kept it for the future.

6. Arkon Removable Swivel Holder Garmin

Arkon Removable Swivel Holder Garmin

It is secured onto horizontal and vertical car air vents with a support leg. The clip design has two cord catchers. The nuvi gps devices have a 17mm ball mounting pattern.

Brand: Arkon

👤It worked, but only two things kept it from being a 5. One of the clips is very hard to open. It takes some finger strength to get it on. Nothing can be fixed because the ball is a little smaller, but the gps unit is not as tight as it should be. The product was very good. It was used for a G6 which had circular vents. It works great.

👤It was much more compact than I expected. Sturdy and doesn't let the phone flop around. It's nice to be able to angle the phone in all directions. The 17mm ball is popular for lightweight mounts so I was able to find a good magnet attachment. The clip on the back will allow for vertical mounts.

👤A useful air vent mount is simple, compact and effective, but you need strong fingers. The redesign lasted one use in my car.

👤Don't waste your money, it broke the first time I used it. I was happy when I first saw the Volvo station wagon, I thought it might work. The whole thing fell apart when I put it in my glove box. It was like I got it out of a gum ball machine.

👤A replacement has worked well after an initial problem with the item. The first issue may have been caused by a manufacturing defect. The company and Amazon were great. When not in use, the gps can be seen when needed. Thanks to Arkon and Amazon for their help.

👤Holds the device well! It's awkward to clip on.

👤I found it works well and keeps my gps device off the road. The attachment clip is a bit difficult to use, but once you get used to it, it's not a problem.

👤I have owned a lot of the best mounts. The lower 'leg' or brace keeps it from giggling. The air vents have a strong grip on it, so I use needle nose pliers to spread it.

👤The product broke after about 7 months of use. I had to remove it from the vehicle after every shift as I used it for work. It worked well during the summer. The rubber on the vent grip started to melt as the weather got cold in Canada. The rubber was gone over a few months. I tried to attach it to the vent at the start of my shift, but the spring loaded vent grip snapped. It is useless now. It was a great product, but it cost $25 for 7 months. It worked great and held up during the warmer months, so I gave it 3 stars. I am stuck with a broken device as the return policy has expired.

👤I like the fact that you don't rely on the cup to fit in the window. The gps fell to the floor when mine fell off. I like that the gps is no longer blocking my line of vision and that it is not on the car. The vent clip is at the top left in the picture. The piece is at the bottom. The mount is stable if it rests on the edge of the vent. We wondered how we were going to stop the vent from rolling down with the weight of the gps. Everything was thought of by the makers. The car mount holder is not to blame for the fact that the gps sits a lot closer to you than it did before. We bought a bigger gps. If you know you want to mount your gps this way, think about that before you buy it. I love this mount. It would be a good idea to use the suction cup.

7. Universal Vent Mount Compatible Brands

Universal Vent Mount Compatible Brands

It's universal, compatible with most gps devices and phones up to 5-inches. Attach your device to the air vent of your car to keep it clear. It has a clip-on mounting system that allows for one-hand docking.

Brand: Tomtom

👤I have a gps unit that works well on this mount. It holds the unit firmly and has no effect on the vent. There was one major issue. The gps has about an hour of use left on it's battery. There is no way to connect the cable with the unit. The plug sockets are completely covered with the gps centered up in the mount. I decided to fix the mount myself. I used my Dremel grinder to make a small notch in the back of the mount that was directly over the plug sockets. Problem solved. I would have thought that someone at the mount would have seen the issue. A nice vent mount.

👤Over the years, I've tried a variety of ipod holders. Most of them are terrible quality, and often have springs that fall into your ductwork when they inevitably break. If you leave the springs in, they are very loud and annoying to fish out from. No springs in this bad boy! You can use it upside down or 90 sideways, extend the side bars, or flip the bottom bars in and out, all of which are very flexible. You could probably use this for almost any small device and not have to worry about the grippers. It works great for my ipod classic and my phone, and great in my Honda Civic, which has a sloped and odd shaped vent. If you don't push the clips all the way in between the vertical ducts, they won't hook on securely. It hasn't budged one bit after I figured that out. The price is ten dollars less than Target, the only other place, so I'm happy. I found it. The cost is more than the Chinese generics, but it is worth it because it is similar in quality to the generics you can get for less.

👤The legs of the clips broke off, just like the two that were bought, and both had the same problem. Tom Tom doesn't offer replacement parts. The plastic clips on the back of the dashboard unit are too steep for it to be positioned to overcome the angle. The screen isn't visible because the unit is sloped upward. Even with re-positioning of the vent louvers, the clips can't take the stress. The viewing angle doesn't work because I glue and wire-tie the clips back together. The metal, spring-loaded clip that I bought is much better than the one I had before.

👤I wanted to like this product a lot. I need a device that can hold my gps and my phone. The product did not do it. The kit consists of the gps holder, the air vent arms, and the swivel plate mount. The gps was not a great fit as the round part on the back had to be pushed hard into the cushion of the holder, and the holder held both the phone and gps fairly well. My 2 stars came from there. The gps holder was not securely held by the swivel plate mount. It fell off the floor of my car and underneath my brake pedal while I was driving, even with the most gentle touch. This was barely a click, it was supposed to click into place. It didn't hold. I tried to adjust the holder, but it fell off. The arms that were supposed to hold my air vent did not do that. It hung there precariously. They fell off of the air vents when I tried to adjust them. I have a mount that is falling off my air vent and I have to hold it in place while I adjust the gps so I can see it. This scenario happened many times. I'm returning the product. It seems like it would be a good idea. The thing isn't designed to do what it's supposed to do. I need a holder for my gps.

8. ISaddle Garmin Vent Mount Holder

ISaddle Garmin Vent Mount Holder

It's perfect for all of the Garmin devices with the 17mm Swivel Ball mounting pattern and also for most of the cell phone air vent mount holder. There is no need for a user manual, just screw the knob to the base of the air vent. The iSaddle Air Vent Mount is made of high quality plastic and steel and has a built in Silicone Pad. The ideal replacement for the original garmin mount holder is more flexible and better viewing position. Purchase now, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤Solid and not likely to break. The anchor and stem are made from metal. The range of motion on attached devices makes it easier to get the perfect angle. The vanes of your vent will not be marked by the rubber coated clamps. If you have vents with narrow vertical slots, the clamps are going to be wide to fit. I think most modern cars will be okay, they are about an inch wide, so you will want to measure before buying. They put the vertical vanes behind the horizontal vanes. It wouldn't be stabile since the feet are facing the wrong way, but it would work on a vent where the outer vanes are vertical.

👤If you buy mini 2 for its compact size, the mount is too big for it, as seen in the photo. The photo shows the original mount. I use this on a small sport shield on my motorcycle, but the mount is too big for me.

👤I was impressed by the number of adapters included in the box. I thought this was great. I found the correct accessory for my dash cam, and I was ready to go. The thing won't stick to the window with the cup. I didn't use the pad because I wanted to be able to move the device between the two vehicles that I drive. I can't use it because I'm not happy with it.

👤I wanted this to hold a powered cell phone holder in my car and they keep falling. Gave this a try and so far it holds, but I noticed I had to tighten the tightener to hold the weight. The only base that sticks with double sided tape is not a fan. Pick and choose your battles.

👤Does not work with the Dash cam. The balls are too big. The little barbells I got were the same size and didn't fit the smaller joint.

👤I have tried many similar products and all have broken in a short period of time. The hooked edge makes it catch the vent lip better. The minicell foam gives the clip a good grip on the vent lip. This seems like a better model than the ones I've used before.

👤I was able to install my Uniden R3 Radar Detector on my rear view mirror using this product and pieces of the suction cup mount that came with it. $10 Yes, ten bucks! After driving around for a couple of days, the mount is adequate but my Radar Detector is shaky on bumpy roads and highway speed. I added a support between the top of the RD and the bottom of the rear view mirror to eliminate the vibration. Will get a more appealing support. Lowered from 5 to 4 stars. It's still a good value. You will be pleased if you spend the money on a Blendmount.

👤I needed to modify the concept with my broken gps mount to get it to work. The gps was blocking my mirror and was facing downward. After removing my old gps mount and adding an extra pivot point, I was able to use my gps along with the mirror and dim the mirror at night. It's a lot better than using a suction cup and it falling off the window and leaving those annoying marks, with some modifications it's a lot better.

9. APPS2Car Holder Compatible Garmin Adjustable

APPS2Car Holder Compatible Garmin Adjustable

The mount pattern for the 17mm ball is not included. An alternative to dash mounts won't block your view of the road. It's easy to use, just pop the ball joint into your existing caradle. The air vent grip is improved and you just need to tighten the nut. There are no tools required. It's compatible with the Nuvi 2450. 2455LM 2455LMT 2460LMT 2475LMT 2555LMT 2547LMT 2558LMT 2595LMT 2597LMT 2599LMTHD30 3450LM 3490LMT 3590LMT 50LM 52 55LM 55LMT 57 57LMT 58. 58LMT is a gps device.

Brand: Apps2car

👤Have never been a fan of the mounts. This is my 4th vent/dash mount and it's the best. The mount I used to have was broken and replaced by this one. The mount is simple to use, you just tighten the knob and the 2 sturdy arms will fit around the vane in the vent. It seems very stable once it's tight, unlike some of the other mounts I've had. Since there aren't all sorts of spring- loaded clips and complicated mechanisms, there's less of a chance that this one will break. It was impossible to use in a rental car with very deep vanes because of the hook on the end of the arms. It looks like it will work on anything. I like that it keeps my gps off the top of the dash and puts my gps in a better position against the other instruments in my car.

👤I wanted to try this out since it was so small, and since I use a large weighted stand for my vehicle at home, it's great unless you have to carry it around in your carry-on at the airport. Even though the car had vertical vents, it worked great, even though I only used it once so far. I used the mount's tightener to snug it up to one of the vents, and never had to touch it again. It worked like it was supposed to, it never loosened up, and it didn't bounce too much. It took 10 seconds for me to loosen it and remove it from the car's vent. It's small enough to fit in the Amazon Basics gps case I have. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤It's important to rate the function of an attachment, not just its form. This holder seems to be made well and snaps onto the Garmin easily, but it seems to hold it well, albeit somewhat loose. The function is dependent on the strength of the vents that it is attached to. The vent on the dash on 3 different vehicles were not strong enough to hold the 6 inch device and with every turn the device flopped about the dash. It was useless because it never let go and stayed attached. It was difficult to see the face of the device when it pointed out the passenger window. I kept the device for future use, but will not be using it now. We now have 6 portable friction dashboard mounts, which I reverted to.

👤The heat and humidity in Florida made the cups not to hold my device on the car. The plastic invention solved the problem perfectly. Once it's secured, I can tilt the gps to adjust to where I want it. Simple idea and answers the need.

👤Very low profile. I was unsure if the Drive 60 was strong enough to hold it, but it works great! It works better on a straight vent than the vent on the dash that is slanted because the gps is so big. The straight vent has no vibration, but there is a slight vibration on the angle vent due to the gps touching the dash. Very small. I bought a spare one so I don't have to take it off the vent.

10. ISaddle Garmin Drive Drivesmart Holder

ISaddle Garmin Drive Drivesmart Holder

The package does not include the gps and mobile phone brackets. It is perfect for all of the Garmin devices with the 17mm Swivel Ball mounting pattern and also for most of the cell phone air vent mount holder. There is no need for a user manual, just screw the knob to the base of the air vent. The iSaddle Air Vent Mount is made of high quality plastic and steel and has a built in Silicone Pad. The ideal replacement for the original garmin mount holder is more flexible and better viewing position. The mount brackets for the 40 and 50 were 2499 and 2499, respectively. Purchase now, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a year. Purchase now, risk-free, 100% money back guarantee if anything goes wrong within a year.

Brand: Isaddle

👤This is the first mount that stays in place.

👤The lip is thick and it does not fit the device. I should have spent more money on the genuine part as it is headed for the trash. A useless purchase.

👤It doesn't fit the garmin 61. The reviews will say the same if you head over to other similar products. I sanded it down and it will fit now. It is a bit later.

👤It's easy to install. Does the job involve putting the gps in perfect view. Buy it.

11. EKIND Compatible 2545LMT 2555LMT 2595LMT

EKIND Compatible 2545LMT 2555LMT 2595LMT

The plastic is very durable and strong. It is easy to take from car to car. Extra support leg is added to the clips on the horizontal car air vent. A custom fit cradle for the Nuvi 25xx Series. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style. Keep your gps in a safe place by using a ball-and-socket style.

Brand: Ekind

👤I had no way to mount the original clip when I traveled because it was lost. I found the two-pack and thought I'd have a spare if I ever lose one. It's still working after over 3000 miles and several times mounting and removing the gps.

👤I was disappointed after buying this product. After my garmin wouldn't stay attached, I discovered that the plastic parts that hold it to the stand cracked and broke. I only use and store this product in my vehicle, so I will try another one.

👤The replacement works the same as the original. Durability is unknown. There is nothing wrong with this product.

👤This is a good fit for my Garmin 2595. It's too early to say how long it will last, because I just received it. I will update my review if I have any problems with the brackets. This was available to purchase and I am very thankful.

👤The original cradle that broke was a perfect replacement for this one.

👤I ordered two of them. One for each car. Doesn't fit either one. The plastic is brittle. It won't stay in the air. Both cars had the gps on. I tried both horizontal and vertical positions. Neither worked.

👤The perfect replacement for a broken mount.

👤Unfortunately, I have an audi that has round free moving vents in the dashboard, which is why this thing is awesome. When fitted, I go round a corner and the satnav puts the back out. I could slow the car down and not blindly cut across lanes and go sideways at roundabouts. It is an audi. I have to drive it like I left BMWs when I graduated to the audi level.

👤I'll keep the original one as a spare, because it's an exact copy of the one I lost.

👤It wasn't the same size as my device. It was not obvious from the information in the add. I'm looking at how I can get this piece back.

👤Excellent replacement and fast delivery.


What is the best product for air vent gps mount for garmin?

Air vent gps mount for garmin products from Ekind. In this article about air vent gps mount for garmin you can see why people choose the product. Ekind and Arkon are also good brands to look for when you are finding air vent gps mount for garmin.

What are the best brands for air vent gps mount for garmin?

Ekind, Ekind and Arkon are some of the best brands that chosen by people for air vent gps mount for garmin. Find the detail in this article. I.trek, Ekind and Arkon are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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